Sunday, 1 March 2015

RE: Google policy on adult blogs

After my last message on the above, Google have apparently had a change of heart and are not now proceeding with the policy of taking down adult sites with nudity after many protests so it looks like it will be "business as usual."


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Trie Life Stories (7) by Dylan

I came home one summer night when I was in college, and my 18 year old brother and his friend Ethan had gotten shitfaced on my Dad’s bourbon. They were sprawled out on the 2 sofas in the den, shirtless just wearing shorts. I turned off the TV and shook my brother awake, but he was so out of it, I had to help him to the bathroom, where he took a leak, and then got him to his bed. 

I went back downstairs and stared at Ethan. God he was such a little hottie. Thin waist, just a hint of a 6 pack, nice pecs. Got him up, and with my arm around that hot little waist and my hand on his hard tummy, helped him upstairs. I figured what the hell, might as well see if I can see what he’s packing, so I lead him to the toilet, and holding his hips told him to take a leak. 

He put both arms against the wall, and I slid his shorts down, and told him again. I looked over his shoulder, and see just a perfect long snake dangling there. So I reach my hand around, grabbed it, give it a gentle squeeze, and told him again to piss. He started going, and  just loved holding his meat. He finished, I pulled up his shorts and got him to the guest room. 

He laid down, and as I started to take care of my now raging boner.

 He slurred “That felt good”. 

I stopped but his eyes were shut, and his hand was lightly rubbing his nipple. I sat down, stared at his crotch, and then squeezed it. I asked him if he liked that, and he just moaned. I slipped his shorts off, and started rubbing him, watching it grow and harden. I jerked him, and he never opened his eyes After a couple of minutes his breathing got heavy, his stomach crunched, his hips pushed up, and he spurted onto his stomach 4 goods loads. I grabbed a tissue, cleaned him up, and pulled his shorts back up. Went to my room, and while sniffing his jizz had a great session. 

Next morning my Dad screamed at both of them, then I drove poor hung over Ethan home. 

As he left the car, he said, "Thanks for the handjob”.

True life Stories (6) by Heller

Me and my cousin have fun all the time now . He knew I was gay and I was asleep and I woke up with him asleep too but his hand was in my compression shorts. Talk about caught..... 

When I actually realized that I was getting hard over it,  I carefully put my hand down in his briefs and slowly stroked him and he started light moans so I pulled my hand out and licked my finger and started rubbing it on his hole and he moaned more. It was kinda obvious he was awake and as his hole loosened up I stuck it in slowly and eventually worked up to two fingers.

The whole time I was doing it he was just slightly playing with me trying to pretend to be asleep. As I did that he shot his load in his briefs so I moved them out so I could lick it up and I also put a little on my finger for lube for my fingers and he kept moaning and I finally came and shot it on his stomach. I licked all his cum off of him and pretended to sleep and waited for him to think I was asleep and when he did he started wiping my cum off and swallowed it.

 When I woke up that morning and went in the kitchen my brother was passed out drunk on the couch with a major Boner. He was about 9 inches hard and he was fuckin hot as hell!! I knew he was a super heavy sleeper when he's drunk and would sleep through a hurricane and earthquake... So I slowly went over and undid his jeans and pulled his cock out of the flap of his boxers and slowly stroked it watching for him to wake up. I slowly started going faster until I was beating his cock pretty hard just like he does it to himself. Within a few minutes he started to shoot so I took his cock as far down my throat as I could and he shot his load in my mouth and swallowed all of it.... I zipped him up, got up and gave him a kiss on the cheek and left back to the room. He's never suspected a thing.

Google Blogs policy on adult blogs

Google have announced that from 23rd March 2015, blogs showing nudity will no longer be searchable and so will effectively be useless to all except members.

Luckily this blog has always followed a policy of not showing frontal nudity on any of the pictures and I have deliberately not published stories about minors. I am hoping that this means the blog is still acceptable within the new policy but one never knows.

We'll just have to wait and see.


Saturday, 14 February 2015

True Life Stories (5) by Adam, Manchester UK.

A while ago I had four friends stay at mine, all in one room. One was on a sofa, one in a sleeping bag, one in a chair and one on a blow up bed, I was sleeping on loads of double quilts on the floor.

We'd all gone to sleep and at like 2 in the morning one of my friends, Luis, who was on a blow up bed by the couch, got accidentally kicked by someone and woke up. I woke up and asked what was wrong, He said he couldn't sleep there and as there wasn't anywhere else he lay down next to me and fell asleep straight away. About five minutes later he rolled over and ended up half on top of me. I asked him to move but he was still sleeping, so I gently pushed him next to me. I pulled up the cover to see where he was and saw that he was hard. He was only wearing tight boxers (which he'd borrowed from me) and it was obvious he was in the middle of a wet dream. He let out quiet moans as his cock twitched.

I pulled him closer and straddled him. He was sleeping heavily as we'd been up the previous night. I pulled down his boxers and began to fiddle with his cock. He had a lot of foreskin and wasn't fully erect so I swirled my fingers around inside his skin and played with his balls until he was. I leaned over and began to lick his lips and tongue him as I slowly pumped him. I licked his bare chest and nipples and then his slit. He came into my hands and I then knelt over him and wanked, using his cum as lube, I came onto his cock and abs and I rubbed it over him. I wiped my cock and hands on the inside of the boxers he had on and pulled them up on him.

I rolled back over and a few minutes later, when another of my friends coughed, he woke up. I was facing him now and I opened one eye to look. He was wiping my cum on his hands, thinking it was his own, and eating it. He was already hard again and he quietly got up and walked into the bathroom. I got up and went over to the door, I went in and saw him sitting on the toilet wanking, stared at me and said he'd had a wet dream and was cleaning up. I said sorry and left. He never knew!

True Life stories (4) by Andrew Lubbock, Texas

I'm 18 and gay. My best friend's is a girl and her older brother who is 21 is so sexy to me. The trouble is. he's straight. The kind of straight guy that's uncomfortable with gay guys.

One night I was staying at her house and we were drinking. When I get I really drunk I need to suck some dick. Everyone went to sleep and it was like 5:30 AM. I continued drinking alone and was getting horny. Her brother was sleeping on the couch, and I don't know what I was thinking, I could've gotten killed by him. He's very violent but I knew he had drinking a lot and had smoked a ton of weed, so I knew he was gone and in deep sleep. So I walked to him, and tried to nudge him a little to see if he'd wake up. He wouldn't. Then I put my hand under his blanket, and touched his junk over his jeans. I slowly unbuttoned & unzipped them. I put my hand on his dick, boxers still on. My heart was beating so hard and fast. He was still sound asleep. I moved my hand under his boxer shorts, and grabbed his cock. It felt soft and average size. I couldn't feel his balls. I guessed they were pretty big and low. I was so horny at this point and I pull his boxers up, and pulled his dick out of the little slit in them. Then I put my mouth on it and just start sucking. He stayed soft for a bit. Then he suddenly turned on his back. I got so scared. My mouth stayed on his dick. Then I heard him breathing heavily. Like how guys sound when they get head. That excited me, since it sounded like he was awake and letting it happen.

Then he got really fucking hard in my mouth and he pushed his body up, so his dick could go deeper in my mouth. While he did that, he grabbed the back of my head pushed it down on his cock, really hard. I'm going to add that it was pitch black dark in this room. So we couldn't see each other, and I also had really long hair at the time. There were two other friends that stayed there that were girls. Maybe he thought I was one of them? Or maybe he was just so gone that he was just going with it. Anyway. He kept his hand on the back of my head while I deep-throated his huge dick. It was so big and then he started to softly play with my hair while I kept sucking him. It was pretty hot. He stared to tighten up his body, I knew he was about to cum. So I sucked faster. He came in the back of throat. I swallowed it all and I kept sucking after it. He then pulled up his pants and rolled back over to continue sleeping. Now I don't know if he was just thinking it was a dream, or what, but I know he would never do anything with a guy. I'm just so lucky and happy I did it.

Friday, 13 February 2015

True Life Stories (2 & 3), by Curious Me, US.

One time I was at my friends house and we always shared a bed. I was just laying there at about 1-2am but I couldn't sleep. My curiosity kept me up. Gosh his butt was so hot. I don't know why, but it was and I always wanted to touch it and wanted him to touch me. I was already hard just from the idea of exploring. I don't know if he was ever awake or really sleeping, but I started by sliding my leg in between his legs and as far up as I could go and it was so warm! As soon as I slid all the way up he squeezed his legs tightly together and made a whimpering moan. That got me dripping. I do that all the time when I'm turned on for some reason. I finally slid my leg out and was going to stop when he rolled over face down. I got the urge again to feel him so I slowly slid my hand all the way to his dick and he was hard. It was amazing, but the noises he was making made me scared so I slid my hand out and tried to sleep. I couldn't sleep so I just lay there sticking my butt at his side. When morning came he got up and was just sitting up in the bed. I got hard again and acted like I was asleep. I was hoping he was looking at my butt or something. Then out of nowhere he patted my butt three times and sat there for a few more minutes then he went to the bath room. That's the only time I have been in that position. This was years ago I'm in my early 20s but everyone says I look 17. I really want a girl to love and be with and make a family, but I don't mind exploring until I get one.



I hung out with the same friend I mentioned before again. I don't know if he is bi or not, but he definitely acts like it towards me when I'm with him. He will randomly touch my ear or my head over and over when I'm with him and not watching him. Gosh he has the hottest butt I have seen. It's a fem butt with wide hips. 

He stayed the night and he went to sleep pretty fast. I acted like I was sleep moving and rolled over and spooned him then put my arm around his waist so I was hugging him. I then slide my arm up to his chest and caressed his neck with my index finger and then I felt him pick his arm up. His snoring stopped and he began to caress my arm. I know he was awake then. He ending up wrapping his legs around my leg a holding tight. It was so so so hot. After he stopped caressing my arm he picked my arm up and threw it off. 

The next day he wanted to see what I was like when I drank a little so I did. I got pretty tipsy and we wrestled a lot. Then he grabbed my feet while we were on the couch and pushed them over my head while laying on me. He kept getting on me and flexing my legs all kinda ways making my butt stick out towards him. At one point I looked down at his butt and looked back him and said your butt is big. He said oh really or something like that and then flashed his butt at me twice and later used his foot to touch between my legs a few times.

I still don't know for sure, but I think he is bi. He completely rejects the idea though, but all that he does around me makes me think he is. No one knows I'm bi. I think it would cause tension in my family. The way my friend makes me feel leads me to believe I'm bi. I think he is having trouble accepting whether he is bi or not. I wish he would hurry and figure it out or I would just not think of him that way any more. I can't make my self not think of him that way though.... I've tried.