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My Sleeping Cousin by Mikeyt19

My Sleeping Cousin by Mikeyt19

    Being just shy of eighteen, I have long had a crush on my cousin
Brian. He was twenty, a handsome jock, with curly hair and a great body. He
played football in college and it showed. He was the type of guy who was
always dressed the same way, jeans and a T-shirt. He liked to go out and
party with his friends, but had no steady girlfriend.

     I'll never forget the time he was staying at our house. We were
watching TV and he was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, when all of a sudden he
just reached down and began scratching himself through his shorts. Being an
athlete I just assumed he had the requisite "jock itch," but I couldn't help
but stare and wonder how it must have felt to be touching his dick right
then. I got so hard, I had to excuse myself to go upstairs and jerk off. I
vowed then that one day I would have his dick.

     A few weeks later, it was my turn to stay over his house. He was out
one night with friends, so I took the opportunity to excuse myself to his
room (where I had been sleeping on the floor), lock the door and go
exploring. The first place I looked at was under the mattress, where, sure
enough, I found clippings and pictures from a straight porn magazine. I got
excited just thinking about my cousin lying here and jerking off while
looking at the pictures. I then noticed a pair of his briefs by the side of
the bed. He must have gotten changed in a hurry. I picked up the briefs and
looked at them, imagining what it must feel like to have his dick in them. I
held them to my face and inhaled, breathing in a mixture of pee, sweat, and
cum. I took my shorts off and slipped Brian's briefs on. The feeling of my
dick lying against the fabric where his dick had been made me so hard it
hurt. I began stroking myself through his briefs and in a few moments, shot a
huge load in them. I panicked for a moment thinking Brian might notice, but
calmed down after a while, took them off and put them back where they were.

    The following month, Brian was, again, staying at our house. I was
sure by now that he never noticed the "little something extra" I had left in
his underwear. When he stayed at our house, Brian slept on the couch. I was
there one night watching a movie, when he came back a little buzzed. We made
some small talk and then he lay on the couch where he slept, fully clothed. I
kept watching the movie until I began to hear snoring sounds coming from
Brian. I turned to look and saw that he was completely unconscious, a
combination of booze and just being exhausted. I stared at his sleeping body,
focusing my eyes on the bulge in his jeans, when a plan dawned on me. I
walked over to him and made sure he was sleeping. I decided that if he should
awaken, then I would just tell him that I was trying to wake him up to get
undressed for bed.

    I sat on the couch, right next to Brian and slowly unbuttoned his
shirt, exposing his chest. I reached down and gently placed my hand on his
crotch, feeling the bulge that was his dick. It felt hot and ready for
action. I gently massaged my hand on his bulge, looking to see any movement
from Brian. There was none. I slowly unzipped his jeans, exposing the white
fly of his briefs. I reached in and felt his dick through his briefs. I was
already hard as a rock, but this wasn't enough for me. I reached up and
unbuttoned the top button on his jeans, so I could get a better look at my
sleeping cousin's underwear. They were classic white bvd's and I noticed that
his dick was pointing a little up. I began massaging his dick through his
briefs. I looked over at Brian, who still had not awoken. I lay my hand on
his stomach and slowly and gently began to slide it down, lifting up the
waistband of his briefs and sliding my hand on top his crotch. I felt the
curls of his pubic hair and then took a deep breath. There was no turning
back now. My hand slid down further and I felt the shaft of his dick, then
the head. I was in such ecstasy, I almost let out a moan of my own. I felt
his balls and began to slowly stroke his dick, very gently at first, feeling
his jock dick in my hands. Brian was oblivious to this. With one hand I was
playing with his dick, and the other was massaging my own dick through my

    After a few minutes, Brian's dick was starting to get hard. I thought
about just stroking him off, but that wasn't enough for me. I looked one last
time to see if he had awakened, before I lifted the waistband of his briefs,
exposing his hard dick. I closed my eyes, smiled and moved my head down,
opening up and taking his dick
into my mouth. It was the first time I had ever tasted another man's dick...

    I knelt down and took my cousin Brian's dick in my mouth. It tasted
sweet and salty at the same time. I swirled my tongue around the head of his
dick and felt it getting harder and longer in my mouth. I took my mouth off
it and looked at Brian to see if he was still sleeping. He was. I looked down
at his dick, now glistening with my saliva. It had grown much longer and was
now at least 8 1/2 - 9 inches long. My own dick was hard as a rock and
straining to get out of the confines of my shorts. I took his dick in my hand
and began playing with it. Feeling bold, I wasn't sure if I wanted to jerk
him off and watch him cum or blow him and swallow his cum. Such decisions to

    I stroked his dick from top to bottom using my saliva as lubricant. I
took my other hand and began playing with his balls. My cousin was well hung
in the balls department. His were particularly huge, with a lot of hair
around them. I fondled them gently with my fingers, feeling the heat that was
generating from them. I leaned back down and took his dick in my mouth again
and decided to really concentrate on giving him head, just like I'd seen in
my brothers porno videos.

    At first, it was hard to get my throat all away down his dick, but I
took my time and gradually I adjusted. I moved my mouth up and down over his
dick, moving my tongue all over. I couldn't get enough of his dick. His not
moving made me even more determined to enjoy this experience. I wrapped one
hand around the base of his dick and stroked him, while I licked and sucked
him. The other hand went to my crotch where I began rubbing myself to give me
some relief from this intense moment.

    I looked up at my sleeping cousin and saw that while he was still
asleep, his breathing was getting heavier. I saw his washboard stomach rising
and falling and I knew he must be close. I decided that as much as I wanted
to taste his cum, I wanted to see him cum, so I took my mouth off his dick,
which was now coated with my saliva, and I slowly began jacking him off. I
was afraid to do it too hard, in fear that he'd wake up, but with his dick
all wet and lubricated with my saliva, it went pretty quickly.

    I stared intently at his dick, looking at the pre-cum that had begun
oozing. I began making more of a fist and jacking him quicker and harder. I
was afraid to take my eyes off his dick in fear I would miss the moment. In
the corner of my eye, I saw him begin to stir. His legs separated and his
back began to arch. I looked down and saw the eruption from his dick. Cum
began shooting out of the head, landing all over his chest, legs, and
dribbling onto his briefs. It was quite an impressive load. I let out a small
moan, watching the cum land all over him.

    Sensing no more movement from him, I stood up and dropped my shorts.
I reached under his dick on top of his briefs where a nice load of his cum
landed and used it as lubricant while I jacked off. I looked for a place to
shoot my load, but it was too late. All the excitement of my experience had
been too much for me. My entire body shuddered, as I arched my back and shot
the biggest load of my life...all over Brian. My cum landed all over him, his
chest, legs, briefs, and a small amount even landed by his temple.

    My legs were weak and I had to sit. After a few moments, I saw that
Brian’s dick had gone soft. I gently put it back into his briefs and covered
him with a blanket. I went upstairs to get some sleep, with all these
thoughts racing in my mind...What if Brian was awake and only pretending?
What if he wakes up and wonders how his pants got undone? What if he realizes
that he is caked in cum? As I rolled over to go to sleep, it no longer
mattered. For I had seen another man, my cousin Brian, cum. And I had been
the one to make it happen. I had made him cum. I knew then that there was
truly no turning back. I would have him again. I would watch him and make him
watch me. And one day, one day, he would come to me and we would be together.
My eyes grew heavy with slumber and as I drifted to sleep, I dreamed of ways
that I would seduce my cousin...

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Stag Party Reunion by kewtieboy

The Stag Party Reunion
by kewtieboy

MMM/sleep/drunk/voyeur/1st time/anal/oral

We had been friends since school days. There were originally eight of us guys who had played football together for the school team and formed a fluid “gang.” There was always three or four of us together at any one time. We socialised within the group and spent summer together playing football when we could or simply just hung out with a few of the other guys. That group had diminished to four as we grew up. We still hung out from time to time. Two guys had moved away and two were married. It was one of the guys who had moved to London who was getting married and had asked all eight of us to meet one last time for his stag night. All of us would be together once more.

I had also let the friendships slip as well. Since 19 I had realised if I wasn't gay I was certainly bisexual. Recently men had interested me more than woman and my quest for sex had meant less time for heterosexual friends. I hadn't told them, of course. Nevertheless I was looking forward to the trip from Newcastle to London for three nights. It was going to be fun meeting the others and I had remembered the guy who was getting married. Peter had been a stunning guy with red/blonde hair, blue eyes and a smattering of freckles. He was as straight as straight could be. However before he moved, he had put on some weight and my original lust for him had diminished as the pounds had piled on.

We booked two twin rooms at a budget hotel which still seemed to be expensive as he had decided to organise the event in the height of summer. The other guys had all booked into the same hotel so we could do the whole thing properly. When we arrived the other guys were all there and the first striking thing was Peter. This cygnet, who developed into a duck, had turned back into a swan. He was stunning. I felt my heart thump when I saw him and could hardly string two words together. He had lost all the weight, had a body to die for and the looks of a model. He hugged me!

Dave it's so good to see you again,” he said.

You too Peter, obviously London has been good to you.”

You look good yourself. Haven't gone to the dogs quite yet.”

We started to check in when there was a hoot of laughter from my two Newcastle friends.

Ricky turned and said,” They've gone and booked us two double beds not twins and the fucking place is packed. I'll tell you now I ain't sharing a bed with no one. I snore anyway!”

There was a bit of haggling and as I was sharing with Ricky I wasn't too keen on sharing a bed with him either as his hygiene habits were not of the best.

The confusion carried on until Peter said, “For fuck's sake I'll share with you Dave if you don't mind and Ricky can share the twin room with Harry, my best man. Is that ok, Dave.”

I nodded dumbly and for the first time wondered if I would get to see him in underwear, or better still, nude!

The luggage was swopped around and Peter and I went up to get ready for the first of the lad's nights out. I didn't get a chance to see more than a naked top half but even that had me erect.

Soon we were out on the town. The London based guys knew their way around and we were soon downing shots and pints. By 11pm the ones with less stamina were beginning to wain, myself included and I realised I wasn't going to last much longer.

Peter I'm going to have to get back to the hotel or you'll end up carrying me,” I said.

There was some banter but four of us headed back and left Peter, his best man and two of the Newcastle lads to carry on.

I showered to try to sober myself up but to little avail and eventually ended up asleep in a t-shirt and briefs.

My dream was a pleasant one. I was in bed and could feel someone trying to climb on me, trying to mount me and stroke my body. It was a lovely feeling. I groggily came around and was aware of a stiff cock between my legs in a fucking motion from behind. I was instantly awake! Put my hands between my legs and a moist cock head was sliding in and out. It responded immediately to my touch, pushing all the more urgently.

I slowly moved forward allowing the cock to withdraw. It moved back and forth a little but without my legs to give it purchase, the movement stopped and a gentle snoring began. I slowly turned and in the ray of street lights, saw Peter lying on his back, the covers pulled down to his waist and his mouth open, snoring.

I pulled back the covers and found him completely naked and a stunning eight inch cock standing straight up in the air. He was obviously used to sleeping with his fiancée and had continued to hump me without realising what he was doing. I clicked on a bedside light as though getting up to the toilet and there was no movement from him at all. It was around 3.00 am in the morning. I called his name. Still no reaction.

Getting bolder I lifted his arm and let it drop. He was like a corpse. There wasn't even a break in his snoring. Emboldened by his position I pulled the covers firmly back and exposed his stunning body. Sliding my briefs down I raised on to my knees and put my mouth over his cock. His foreskin slid back and apart from a slight change in his snoring pattern he started to hump my mouth. His cock tasted slightly of piss but I didn't care. I had Peter's dick in my mouth at last, and sucked his eight inches with enthusiasm. I gripped his shaft with one hand and held his soft balls with the other while sucking his cock firmly. His erection was brick hard and I wondered what kind of dream he was having. I stroked my own cock and then raised it up to press my cockhead against his lips. He licked unconsciously and I managed to get a little of it in but there was no way he was going to suck it. I lay full length beside and facing him and kissed his soft lips. There was a taste of booze and his tongue came out automatically. I licked it and kissed his lips again.

I wondered how far this could go. I slid out of bed and went to my toilet bag. I always had some essentials when travelling including a small container of lube and a few condoms. I brought these back to the bed and ripped open a condom to stretch on his cock. Whenever his cock felt the pressure of the latex it responded by returning to full hardness. I swiftly lubed my hole and rubbed some over his cock. There was no way I could sit on him so I walked around the bed and gently rolled his with his back to the bed edge. I then went back around to my side and slid into bed backwards, my arse in a spooning position. His hard cock pressed into my buttocks.

I reached around and gripped it firmly aiming it to my hole and gently started to push back. The head popped in and as soon as he felt that, he started to fuck like a randy dog, mumbling some incoherent words of pleasure. He then slowed back down again and started snoring once more.

While his cock was still hard I started to gently push back against him and gradually there was a gentle push in return. I managed a soft fucking motion with his big hard cock now inside me fully. The feeling was amazing. I gripped my own cock and slowly fucked backwards into the rigid flesh of my friend. I was able to do this for over thirty minutes with his reaction varying from snores to mumbling to animal-like grunts. At no stage did it feel like he was going to waken.

Emboldened by this I started to really fuck hard, back on to his cock. I was getting close to cumming and wandered if I might manage to get him to as well. When it happened there was no build up and no warning. I was suddenly aware that his cock felt even harder and there was a pulsing sensation inside my hole. When that stopped there was a small grunt. I slid off his cock and turned to find his cock dwindling fast with the condom bulging with warm cum.

Peter, even in his dreams, turned into a normal guy and just rolled over with his back to me. I laid back on the bed and emptied the condom content slowly over my face and lips as I wanked my own cock. It took no more than one minute to explode and cum shot straight over my head, hitting the headboard and my face. I hadn't cum like that since my teens.

When I calmed down, guilt kicked in and I quickly mopped myself up and searched the bed for any evidence. The condom was filled with water and flushed down the toilet along with it's wrapper and I returned to bed, my heart thumping and my hole with a rosy warm feeling having just been fucked by my straight friend a few nights before his wedding. This was a memory I was going to cherish.

Next day everything was as normal. Once we had had a couple of Egg McMuffins we were all fine and planning the next night's fun. Needless to say it was a repeat of the previous one and Peter started hitting the beer just after 1.00pm in the afternoon.

That night Peter, though drunk seemed to be holding his own much better. He was less incoherent and managed to say a sentence without slurring his words too much. The same can't be said for the rest of them. Harry, the best man, in conversation with me during the night said he had had a hellish nights sleep with Ricky who had snored, farted and made so many visits to the toilet, he hadn't slept well. He pointed out that even sharing a bed with Peter would have been a better option with hindsight. I smiled wondering how good an option he thought it had been for me! I was beginning to think I might even get a repeat performance again.

When we rolled back into the budget hotel Peter announced that he had bought a secret stash of cider for a “nightcap.” My gut feeling was that it was more like the final drink of dying men. Ricky went to his room to pee and said he would be down in a minute and Harry, Peter and I all headed to our room. The cider bottles were duly opened and we started to drink them.

Harry again regaled Peter with his terrible night's sleep with Ricky, but Peter was beyond caring and slowly faded into oblivion, bottle still in hand. Harry and I laughed and he took the bottle off him and knocked the whole lot back in one.

I'll help you get him to bed,” said Harry.

We started to strip Peter until he was down to his boxer briefs and I went to cover him.

I wonder what he's got to offer Melanie?” he said.

Melanie was his fiancée.

What do you mean?” I asked, wondering where this was going.

Well he's never going to show us what he's got and he's always bragging about his prowess so let's check out his goods while he's out of it.”

What about Ricky?” I asked.

By now Ricky will be dead to the world and snoring his head off,” said Harry.

Without any further ado, he started to pull off Peter's underwear. I stood slightly back and wondered what he was up to. Harry pulled Peter's pants right off revealing his decent sized balls and hefty, soft cock.

He wasn't lying was he,” said Harry. “C'mon Dave and help me get him stripped.”

He was having difficulty getting his briefs off his legs partly because he was pretty drunk himself so I walked over a little reluctantly and held his legs steady while Harry completed the job, leaving Peter stark naked and snoring softly. I really wanted Peter to myself but Harry was cute. He was smaller than both of us and slightly chunky without being fat. He gave off no vibes whatsoever of being gay and had never registered at all on my “gaydar.”

Harry got to work as though I wasn't there. He gripped Peter's soft cock and started to stroke it up and down. There was little success in getting it hard. I knew what might work but thought I would see how far he would go. He flopped Peter's cock back and forth.

Thought we might have seen him stiff,” he said, “any ideas?”

Oral sometimes works if you're game.”

He looked at me then back to Peter.

Will you do it too?”

I might,” said I.

He slumped down between Peter's legs, pushed them further apart and took Peter's cock in his left hand, his mouth quickly engulfing his cock. He didn't look too much of a novice and he sucked and slurped, pulling Peter's foreskin back to reveal his sensitive glans. He looked at me to see my reaction so I smiled. I saw his right hand slip between his legs to squeeze his own cock.

Do you want a piece of this?” he asked me.

I walked forward and as I went down on my knees, Harry stood up and gave me space. I took Peter's cock in my mouth and gave him my magic and out of the corner of my eye saw Harry unbutton his jeans and let them drop, followed by his hipsters. His cock was an average size uncut cock, about 6 inches in length and stiif as a board with a slight curve to the right. He wanked at he watched me and then moving forward pushed his own cock down towards where I was. I took it swiftly into my mouth.

Christ that's amazing,” he said as I sucked him. “Strip and let's see what you have?”

I stood slowly as he watched me and stripped completely naked exposing my own stiff cock to Harry. Mine was thicker and about an inch longer than Harry's and I got the feeling he was fascinated by the cocks around him. Still on his knees he put his hand behind my buttocks and pulled me towards him taking my cock in his mouth. Not the best suck ever but definitely erotic. I gasped and he took that as encouragement to really start to suck.

Once his jaws felt like they were aching I said, “Let's get to work on Peter.”

I went back to resurrect the wilting cock and Peter, already having started to rise, grunted, tried to turn but couldn't so slumped back and his cock started to gain some girth. I slurped as Harry wanked and watched.

Christ that's big isn't it? What do we do now?”

I said to him, “This was you idea, what do you think we should do. I doubt you'll ever get to do this
again with him.”

I don't suppose we could bumfuck him?” he said.

I think he would waken,” I replied.

Well he can't fuck me, I could never take that.”

He looked at me as he said it and suddenly I was very horny. The thought of my straight friend watching my other straight friend stick his cock up my arse was very exciting.

Do you want me to try it?” I said.

Could you?”

I'll try.”

Fuck this is going to be something,” said Harry, obviously fulfilling a long held fantasy about watching one guy fuck another.

I went to the bathroom and brought back a pack of condoms and lube. I slowly opened the condom and peeled it on to Peter's cock. I then lubed my arse and spent a few moments keeping Peter's cock stiff while I sat astride him facing Dave and lowered myself on his upright rod. I wasn't going to pussyfoot around so just gently sat down taking his cock in one steady downward motion while Dave, now naked, watched and wanked uttering expletives.

I started to ride Peter and like the previous night his cock responded with gentle upward thrusts as I went along. I did this for about fifteen minutes and Dave just looked and wanked.

Suddenly he said, “Can I fuck you?”

You bet you can,” I replied.

I climbed off Peter, turned around and the bent forward over Peter, my arse in the air as Dave pulled a condom on and I took Peter's condom off, engulfing his cock with my mouth. I had to adjust my position but finally, in a standing doggy fashion Dave entered me and took both my hips in his hand as he fucked me hard. He was like a horny terrier. His cock would slip out and he would stab around in the air until it went back in. The speed of the fucking was breakneck and slightly rough. I gobbled Peter for all it was worth and sensed a slight restlessness as he moved, slightly whimpered and his cock seemed to expand in my mouth.

Peter's cock exploded and he grunted, probably coming to consciousness only briefly as his seed filled my mouth with his wonderful, heterosexual semen. I gulped and groaned as I swallowed and I assumed Dave knew what was happening as he tensed, grunted and fired his salvo into my arse. I swear I could feel the force of his cum as it shot up the full length of his cock. It took me no more than five strokes to fire my own load over the bedspread.

Fucking Hell,” said Dave. “That was the best fuck of my life.”

Thank you, kind sir,” I said.

He smiled and started to look a little awkward. I grabbed some tissue and proceeded to mop up the mess, taking the condom off Dave, it's full load looking very sizeable, and carefully filling it with water to flush it down the toilet. We both pulled Peter into a more sensible position and replaced his underwear.

Dave said, “I'd better get back to my room.”

I thought Ricky snored,” I said.

He does,” said Dave.

I don't,” I replied.

He looked at me for a moment, his face looking very confused, then smiled, took his briefs back off and said, “Good.”

Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Son's Best Friend by kewtieboy

My Son's Best Friend
by kewtieboy
MM/drunk/mistaken identity/anal

A chance overnight stay in my son's flat leads to me being mistaken for him by his drunk boyfriend


It had been a great Festive period. Though my son Ricky hadn't made it for Christmas due to some wild party with friends, he had come home for New Year and, as always it was good to see him. Ricky was at university in York and with us living just outside London he had moved up there and with our help. Susie and I had bought a little flat for him which would hopefully be a good investment for us in the future. It had two bedrooms so Ricky let one out to a friend of his, Brian and that also helped with our mortgage on it.

Ricky was a bright child, attractive, athletic, blonde and well liked. It broke our hearts to lose him to university but in the first few months he had taken to it like a duck to water and seemed to spend a lot of time partying. He met Brian almost instantly on arriving at York and he was a slightly taller, dark haired guy with strong. Almost Mediterranean looks and rather piercing green eyes. Women, including Susie, melted when he spoke to them.

Ricky headed North again straight after New Year with yet another party beckoning. I pointed out that I would actually be in his neck of the woods two days later at a meeting in Leeds, around 20 miles away.

You can stay over if you like Dad,” he said. “Brian and I can bunk up together.”

No need son, it's a one day meeting, up by train in the morning and back at night,” I clarified.

He seemed relieved.

I slightly envied my son's freedom as I had stayed at home until I was 22 and only left to marry Susie. He was an attractive lad and I had no doubts he was sowing his oats. His friend Brian seemed very loyal, almost to the point of always being around. He was even at ours for New Year sharing Ricky's bedroom. They seemed to have lots to talk about as I heard a lot of whispering and giggling during the night.

Any way, first day back at work and I was on my way to the meeting. The train pulled into Leeds Station as a text blipped on my phone. It was from my office telling me the buyer I was to meet at the Queens Hotel, right by the station had had a family bereavement and had left a message on the office answering machine cancelling the meeting. With late opening after New Year, they had just picked it up.

Shit, shit shit,” I thought. “I suppose it's straight back to London.”

I popped into a MacDonalds to have a late breakfast and to gather my thoughts when I little thought crept into my head. I hadn't been away on my own for years. In my late teens I had played the field a little but had most of my excitement from “instant gratification sex.” By that I mean cottaging. Yes, I used to wank men off and vice versa just for the thrill. It was anonymous, gave me a quick fix, let me get my rocks off and didn't compromise my heterosexuality.

I had a quick look on the internet and found a steam room/sauna in town. An afternoon there would be a bit of fun. Usually these places weren't too busy during the day but I only needed one man, or maybe two. It was still only 11.00am so I had a look around town. I wasn't in a suit so didn't look too formal for visiting a sauna. With a bit of luck I would be naked soon enough anyway.
I spent the whole afternoon in the sauna. It wasn't too busy, sadly so most contact was fumbling in the actual cabin and a guy shot his load on my face. This was something I loved as it's one of the things a woman can't do!. I chatted to an older guy who was very complimentary about the way I looked. I agreed with him. At 44 I was slim and still looking pretty good. One child hadn't spoiled MY body shape!!

It was almost 6.00 pm when I left and I popped into the bar for a beer. A sudden thought hit me. I would take Ricky up on his offer of accommodation. Sampling the Uni life would be just like old times. I called him but for some reason his mobile was dead. I had a key for the flat in my wallet anyway so thought I would go regardless. At worst I could have a shower, open a beer and wait for him to come home. It was a silly idea but I was in silly mood.

I phoned Susie, told her the meeting was running late and I was popping over to stay at Ricky's and would take the express back in the morning.

I arrived at Ricky's flat around 8.30pm and it was in darkness. That ruled out my “partying with the lads.” I had bought a few beers and a pack of sandwiches just in case I found myself alone. I let myself in and the smell of teen boy wafted back at me, reminding me of my own Uni days. I put on the light and immediately found a note on the table.

Staying over at Tristan's you'll have to make do without me, Ricky.”

I assumed the note was for Brian. That meant I at least had a bed. I thought I would watch some television and wait for Brian to come in the we could hopefully go for a beer somewhere local. By 11.00pm I realised that wasn't going to happen as I was still alone with a re-run of “Mamma Mia” on television. This idea suddenly didn't seem to be so great.

Eventually I went into Ricky's room and stripped off. I noted the used condom on the floor and picked I up, absent-mindedly sniffing it and recollecting the strong ammonia smell from it's content. My cock sprung up. I hadn't cum during the day for some reason. I discarded it in the bin and opened the side drawer which looked like a sex parlour supply cupboard. There were condoms, lubricant, even a small dildo. Ricky obviously liked to keep his lady's happy. I smiled and looked at the bottle of Paul Smith Men which we had bought him as part of his Christmas. I sprayed a little and smelt of Ricky!

I climbed into bed and dozed for a little while before dropping off into a sound sleep. It must have been around 1.00am when I heard the outside door open noisily and the unmistakable sound of someone drunk entering the flat, bumping into things and cursing. I assumed it was Brian but decided, in his state, to stay put. He went to the toilet and I heard some splashing as though he was trying to waken himself. Then I heard the rustle of clothes being removed in the lounge and the door to his room then opened and a small bedside light send a tiny trickle of borrowed illumination into my room.

I'm fucking horny,” I heard Brian say. “You know what that means Ricky?”

That woke me up!

The door opened and the vague silhouette of Brian appeared in the doorway, the outline of his cock dangling between his legs.

Just give me a little bit, eh Ricky? I'm fucking horned up something awful.”

I lay still not sure what to do but my cock had started to rise and that was going to be a problem if I invoked the stern father routine. I thought he would possibly climb on the bed and pass out. He certainly stood around in silence for a few moments but I could hear the sound of masturbation.

Perhaps he'll wank off and go,” I thought, so continued to breathe steadily.

Quickly and swiftly he stepped forward and slid into bed behind me. I felt his brick hard cock against my naked buttocks. He slid it up and down and nuzzled my neck, kissing it. His hand snaked around me and gripped my erection. I couldn't do anything now except try my best to go with the subterfuge. Thankfully my build wasn't that different to Ricky's and in his drunken state I assumed he would notice the extra pound or two between us. He rolled me over and pulled back the covers, crawling down and taking my hard cock in his mouth. Both Ricky and I were not circumcised and though I had no idea how big Ricky's cock was erect, Brian certainly didn't seem to notice the difference as he slurped and panted. His mouth licked my balls.

He flipped around and his cock was placed against my own mouth. I took it eagerly. His cock was big. I would guess, around 8 inches at least, and he too had foreskin. I sucked it hungrily hoping I wouldn't cum too soon. His grunts were the urgent grunts of a horny drunk who knows his staying power may be limited due to his condition. He hammered his cock home making me baulk.

C'mon you bastard you managed all of it last night. Let's hope your arse is more willing.”

That raised my eyebrows! Being fucked was something I had never thought of. The trouble is, I was in too deep (so to speak).

Brian was getting very hot now, his hands rubbing my thighs. He quickly climbed off and for a moment I thought he had cum until I heard the drawer at the bedside table open. I had the immediate feeling he had done this routine many times in the dark before and I realised he was fucking my son regularly. Whether by luck or practice he deftly opened the condom wrapper and seemed to get it on his cock, I heard more fumbling, a couple of curses and then cold liquid being spread on my hole. His fingers slid into me. I tried to relax. Soon there seemed to be two fingers inside me and he was breathing heavily on my neck. He pulled out. I felt something else cold against my arse. I assumed it was the dildo.

God you're tighter than usual tonight Ricky. I need to open you up,” he said.

Being only around 5 inches in length and quite slim the dildo slid moderately easily into me and became actually quite erotic. As the time passed, I began to relax and my cock stood up to attention once again. Brian's left hand found it and squeezed.

That's more like it. Got rid of your brewer's droop at last!” he said.

The dildo seemed to be fully inside me as he worked it in and out.
Now for your favourite little friend. At least I'm bigger than that little poof Tristan. You know you prefer a good fucking!”

I felt the head of his beast against my hole and braced myself hoping I wouldn't squeal and give the game away. I secretly wanted this cock in me. I wanted penetrated by the same guy who was fucking my son. Perverse it may be but at that moment I needed his cock and would do all I could to take it.

Unlike the porn movies, it didn't slide in without any effort. It took time and effort as I pushed back against him and he kept muttering how tight I was tonight. He was desperate to get his rocks off I I was desperate to feel his cock shoot it's load inside me. It was at least ten minutes of pushing and withdrawing before he was holding my hips and fucking me quite royally. All I could think about was this tall dark teenager with a massive cock who serviced my son, also servicing me. I was scared to say anything, or even groan other than the odd grunt when he pushed too hard.

I could feel him build and his stabbing became more urgent until he pushed once more and stopped. His cock stood fully erect on it's own and I could feel it pulse as wave after wave of cum filled the rubber inside me.

Jeesus that was amazing you tight little cunt,” he said as he pulled out.

He flopped back in the double bed and lay quietly. I said nothing. He mumbled a few words about how great it was and fell asleep, condom still on his cock. I quietly slipped the condom off, lay back in the bed and trickled the content on my face as I wanked myself. I have no idea where the cum ended up but the bulk went over the headboard somewhere.

I slid out of bed and went to freshen myself up. I then partly dressed and went to the lounge to sleep in a chair. If Brian woke I could always say I came in later and had no idea where Ricky had gone. Feeble excuse I know, but better than being discovered in bed with him.

I slipped out of the apartment at 6.00am and caught the early train back to London telling my wife I had changed my mind and stayed in a hotel in Leeds. I have no idea what Brian said to Ricky or whether he even discussed the fuck. Being drunk and being students they probably thought it was another pick-up.

I had a memory which flashed back each time I met the handsome Brian and the session rekindled a part of me, long asleep and I returned to my extra curricular fun from time to time in the London saunas.

Ricky came out a year later and though it shocked my wife, I was ready and able to offer him support. He and Brian are still good friends and I am still envious of the pole my son enjoys on demand.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Getting the Chance by b13edy

Getting the Chance by b13edy
MM /drunk/ straight guy/ seduce / passed out/ oral

I have fantasized about other guys cocks since I was around 13 - 14 years old. When I wank I have to think of a guy to get me off. I have never had the opportunity to fulfill my fantasy until last summer break. I had been to a birthday party at a friend's house when the night came to an end most people went home but myself and a few others who decided to stay the night. This was ok by our host who supplied blankets etc for some of us to use.

It must have been nearly 3am before the lights went out. I was sleeping on the floor and this other guy who is the same age as me and although not what you would call a friend of mine (more the friend of a friend who had left the party with a girl earlier) was also there. One other guy was sleeping in the room on a chair. He was the cousin of our host. I was laying on the floor unable to get to sleep as I like my comforts such as nice warm soft bed. Hard floors are not my thing. Any way I am lying on the floor my hand on my cock as always, not quite wanking but playing with my tool.

The guy sleeping on the couch was out of it I could tell by the snoring noises coming from him. I won't pretend he is some kind of sex god or the most handsome guy I know but neither am I but he was hot enough to get my imagination going. His leg fell from the couch coming to a rest almost beside my waist. I just could not help myself so I reached out and touched his leg with one hand while I stroked my now free cock with the other. He had jeans on but just the heat of his skin through the thick material had me going.Slowly my hand moved up his leg until I was touching his thigh through his jeans and under the duvet covering him.

I had to move closer to the couch as my hand searched for his package to my surprise he was already hard when I found it. Then suddenly he moved pulling his leg back up from the side of the couch and turned on to his back. My heart was racing at first as I thought I had wakened him but he started snoring once more. After a few minutes I once again slipped my hand beneath his duvet on to his still hard package. I then got on my knees beside the couch and undid his belt then the top three buttons on his jeans the heat hit my hand as soon as the jeans were open I was so turned on it was a fantastic feeling. It was scary but at the same time so horny. I gently rubbed his cock through his boxers for a minute or so then I wanted to feel the real thing. I tugged at his jeans as gently as I could pulling them down enough to get my hand up the leg of his boxers I was ecstatic as my fingers found the soft skin of his balls damp with sweat. I had a feel then moved up to get my first touch of his hard 6 inch uncut cock I gently began wanking him for a couple of minutes but I so wanted to taste him so as gently as I could I worked his cock out the leg of his boxers and took the tip of it in my mouth rolling my tongue around the tip then pushing my tongue under his foreskin. Little by little I took more of him sucking like a man possessed. I got so carried away that he must have sensed something was going on as he pushed me away and turned on his side facing away from me and began snoring again.

A little while later I tried once again to touch him but he had refastened his jeans. I gave up and fell asleep.

The following morning when I woke up he was gone I have saw him a few times since and I just know he remembers what happened because of the way he looks at me not smiling but sort of laughing but as far as I know he has not told anyone.Since then I have explored a few other guys but I will leave those stories for another time

Seducing the Firefighter

Seducing the FireFighter by Danny
MM, straight guy, drunk, oral, seduce

I work at a bar I finished late about 12 o'clock anyway I stayed for one drink now I'm not the best drinker so I got a little bit more confident than i would normally

Anyway before I finished work there was this guy, he is a regular and he is a fire fighter. I would'nt say he suits everyone's' liking but he just turns me on. Anyway he got too drunk as usual and he was asked to leave. He must have left about half an hour before me. I've dropped him of before to his house when he was drunk as the bar where I work is in the countryside and it's about an hour's walk away from this guy's house.

So when I was driving home I saw him stumbling down the road so I stopped and offered him a lift and he got in. When he sat down I had to lean over him to close the door and put his seat belt on and when I did this he put his hand on my thigh just in a way to say thanks. So I was driving down the road and in the corner of my eye i saw him rub himself a little he then picked his balls up which were covered by his blue jeans and dropped them. He did this a few times.

He then put his head back and started to snore. I looked at him and got really horny thinking of all the dirty things I wanted him to do to me so I put my hand on his strong arms and rubbed them until I got even more confident and rested my hand on his leg.

When I got to his house I took the seat belt off of him and opend the door but he was too drunk to stand so I helped him up. I put his strong tanned smooth arm over my shoulder and walked him to his door and when we got there I asked him for his key which he said it was in his front pocket. Knowing he was drunk I put my hand down his back pocket grabbing his arse.

He said, "No, no it's in the front pocket, " so i put my hand down his front pocket nudging against his flaccid cock.

I then got the key out of his pocket and opened the door. I asked him where his bedroom was and he told me so I took him to his bed and took his jeans and polo shirt off. His chest was hard but not toned. After I took off his polo I slid my palm down his chest and to the top button of his jeans and took them off followed by his socks so he was left in his underwear.

Then in his drunken slumber he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me onto him and as I tried to get up he called me so I sat next to him and he put his arm around me. I put my arm around him and with my other hand I rubbed his chest and he laid back and asked me to go to bed with him so I took all of my clothes off and lay on top of him and kissed his chest and nipples then tongued him as I kissed my way down to his cock and began to suck him. Later we had sex although I did most of the work.

I got up early that morning before he did and left him.

I'm looking forward to working late again

Stone Cold Drunk by Woody 110

Stone Cold Drunk by Woody 110

It was a moment I'll cherish forever, standing in that dingy fucking bathroom, holding Nick's massive rubbery cock in my hand while he pissed. The thick tool sprouted from his buttoned-down fly, lay heavily across my sweaty palm and passed between my obliging thumb and index finger with a couple more inches to spare. His helmet drooped over the edge of my hand like the head of a docile snake. I could feel his piss humming along inside his meat and its sharp tang assaulted my nostrils as it shot into the toilet bowl, creating a liquid cacophony. As I watched it, transfixed, my mind backtracked over the events that brought us both here.

I manage a large conference facility-come-hotel on the outskirts of town. Okay, I deputy-manage. Okay, I'm one of four deputy managers, but it's quite a responsible position looking after up to 250 guests and 12 conference suites on a sprawling estate. We deputies all live on-site in various apartments and buildings, working earlies and late shifts, three days on, three off. You know the routine.

I was on one of my precious evenings off when the phone rang, literally as I laid my hand on the bottle of wine I'd been looking forward to. It was my colleague Samantha, the current duty manager, and the bitch had lost her cool. One of the maintenance crew had rocked up in the bar some time ago, already halfway to shit-faced and hassling the bar staff for drinks. Samantha had had him ejected before he upset the guests and she'd thought that was that. Now she'd heard the guy had helped himself to several bottles of Jack Daniels from the store room and was holed up on the grounds.

"Well he's got taste," I commented in a bored tone.

"David!" Samantha admonished me. "He's going to make a scene and you know who'll get it in the neck. Me! I assumed you'd be more concerned."

"Never assume, Sam. It makes an ass out of you."

"'...and me,'" she finished.

"Yes, I said you."

"DAVID!" she screeched. "Please go and sort him out for me. He's in The Cottage."

The Cottage. The Shit Hole, more like. If only it was as interesting as a public toilet. What it was was a dingy bungalow hidden away on the edge of the property. It was too small and ugly for commercial use, too tacky for any of us staff to make it a home, and too irrelevant to bother demolishing.

The maintenance guy in question was Nick, the young buck of our maintenance team. Ah, Nick... This was the one factor that made me at all interested in the whole sorry drama. What can I tell you about Nick? That he's twenty seven? That his strong, capable body fills out his paint-splattered polo shirts in a way nothing short of divine? That the dusky tan of his skin conjures images of sultry nights on a tropical shore? Or that he's hung like a fucking donkey? Such is my belief anyway. Something can often be seen flopping around in his tracksuit bottoms or causing a scene beneath the zipper of his jeans. One time, when he was down on his knees looking at an oven, I saw something extra large running down the leg of his shorts. And there's just something in his demeanour too, a kind of easy self-certainty which comes, I think, from having the undercarriage of Mr Ed.

So off I went to find him. It was almost Christmas and fucking freezing outside. Dark too. I hustled away from the main buildings and through the trees to The Cottage. It didn't take long to get there, and I found the place lit up like a cruise ship. It seemed every light was on.

The front door was unlocked. I let myself in and tried not to look too closely at the rancid '70s décor, all pine and patterns and clashing colours. Somewhere a radio was playing a soft rock love song.

Nick was in the lounge. He was sprawled on the sofa, one hand cradling a bottle of JD, the other out-flung and clutching his battered phone. Unaware he was no longer alone, he was mumbling along with the song and gently sobbing. Pissed as a fart and broken hearted by the look. God forgive me but I took a second to appraise his package, hulking nicely against his left leg and stretching the worn denim of his work jeans.

"Umm, Nick?" I chanced.

He jumped like a 14-year-old caught masturbating, bless him, but then broke down into a damp, shaking mess. I sat down beside him and put a hand on his shoulder, and after a few moments he revealed to me that he'd just been dumped. His girlfriend had kicked him out this very afternoon and was now ignoring his calls. Nick, of course, had done the only appropriate thing and got hammered.

"Please, Dave," he implored me with the gravity only the pissed can muster. "Talk her round."

So I found his girlfriend's number on his phone and dialled it on mine, hoping she wouldn't ignore an unknown number. Sure enough, I was answered but Mrs Nick, or Kelly as she is commonly known, was playing hard ball. She stubbornly refused all my ploys to get her and Nick chatting. Worse still, she somehow persuaded me to go over and pick up his things!

"It'll all be on the street if you don't!" she snarled.

After hanging up, I related this as tactfully as I could to Nick, only to have him throw back his head and howl. God only knew how far that carried! I pictured Samantha sitting at her desk, arse clenching, and so I pacified Nick as best I could. Placing my hand on his knee (okay, thigh!) I told him I'd go meet Kelly and appeal to her better nature. I was sure she must have one. Nick quietened and looked up at me hopefully. That was when Kelly phoned back to change plans. She wasn't convinced I'd turn up at their house without Nick in tow, and so she wanted to meet somewhere neutral, where she wouldn't be embarrassed in front of the neighbours should things get out of hand. She gave me the rendezvous details then hung up. My only contribution to the exchange had been 'hello?'.

Great, all I'd wanted was to ogle Nick and I got lumbered with a late night road trip The things I do for my job. After updating Samantha, I got in my car and went to meet Kelly.

Kelly. What can I tell you about her? Tits and attitude on legs about sums it up. I met her once before when we'd had a weekend emergency and called Nick in on a Sunday. They'd both roared up on flashy motorbikes, him easy going, her with a stick up her arse. We hadn't acknowledged each other.

I arrived at the roadside services a full 20 minutes before Kelly turned up. I spotted her, caught her attention then watched agape as she dragged a bundle of Nick's crap out of her boot and tottered towards me. With little preamble, she dumped the stuff in my car and made to leave. The bitch put my back up, but nevertheless I bit my tongue and did the right thing. I persuaded her to have a cup of tea with me and talk for a bit.

We went into the services and sat at a table in the restaurant. She didn't want a drink so we just talked. It took a while to thaw her but eventually she gave me the story. Apparently Nick had been cheating on her. She'd had no idea until that very afternoon. Someone behind laughed at this and we both turned, poised to strike, but it was just a cute lad sitting alone, amused at himself. He noticed us looking and waved us away. Cute but weird.

I asked Kelly if she was sure she was doing the right thing. She scoffed and painted me a picture then, and Nick didn't come off well. In fact, he sounded quite the pig, inconsiderate, chauvinistic and really quite vain. It was clear she'd loved him enough to see past all that, but she wasn't about to overlook his philandering. That was a kick in the crutch too far, especially after finding out in the worst possible way in that the other woman had confronted Kelly at her workplace and threatened her with violence if she didn't let Nick go.

"How do you know she's telling the truth?" I asked. "Maybe she's just a deluded stalker."

Kelly laughed humourlessly. "Oh I know. He has been screwing that slag. She proved that."

"But how?" I pressed, actually interested now. I guessed where this might be going. My spidey senses were tingling.

"Because she knows all about his fucking b-"

The rest of her sentence was lost in a loud clatter. I span around. That twat behind us had jumped up and knocked over his chair. Cute and annoying! I tutted loudly and turned back to Kelly. "Come again?"

She'd regained some dignity in that brief respite and merely said, "Let's just say Nick has certain... attributes that you'd only know about if you slept with him."

I wasn't going to give up that easily. "Ah," I said in a knowing tone. "Birthmark."

She rolled her eyes and sighed. "He's got a big dick, David. Huge! It's probably like twice yours."

Bitch! I raised an eyebrow, “So do a lot of blokes.”

She smirked. "You wish. Like it fucking matters anyway. All it does is cause shit for everyone."

There was little else to say. Kelly didn't want to discuss changing her mind. She told me she would drop the rest of Nick's stuff off at the conference centre over the next few days. We left the restaurant together.

Before parting, she turned to me. "Don't worry if he's embarrassing himself at the centre tonight. Let him! He'll never remember it, he never does when he's pissed."

And then she left. Kelly, I'd always liked her.

I returned to work and drove round to The Cottage. Nick would probably be living there for a while so I retrieved his things from my back seat, clothes clean and dirty, footwear, wash kit... all the things he could scrape by with, hurriedly thrown together. I wanted to feel sorry for him for the mess he was in but he really had brought it on himself. So instead I felt sorry for him just because he's hot.

I went inside and to my horror I found Nick sprawled on the floor in the hall. Dead! my mind screamed at me, but he was far from it.

"Need a piss," he drawled when I knelt at his side. "Fell over." He was considerably more drunk than when I'd left.

I managed to get him to his feet and together we staggered to the bathroom, which by good fortune was located downstairs. Every two steps forward was countered by a stagger to one side or the other. Nick was heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, but it was a kick having his firm body pressed tightly against mine.

As we lumbered towards the toilet, Nick groaned loudly. "Quick! I'm gonna piss myself!" I positioned him in front of the bowl and held him steady with one arm around his waist.

No time to leave him to do his business then. Oh well!

He fumbled with the buttons of his fly but couldn't muster the dexterity required to open them. Suddenly he became still and turned his mortified face towards me. "Dave, mate, help me!"

I looked down and saw the front of his jeans begin to darken, but I didn't miss a beat. I grasped his denims and yanked, deftly popping the buttons and revealing his white boxers. I grabbed the waistband, pulled it out and down, and a thick coil of cock flopped forwards, spritzing piss as it deployed. My heart swelled at its size. It was truly prodigious even in this sorry state.

Nick seemed to have lapsed further into his drunken stupor. He leaned more fully on me, his arms hung limply and his head knocked painfully against mine. His unmanned dick was disgorging piss all over the rim of the toilet bowl, making even more of a mess of his jeans, and Nick had relinquished all responsibility for it.

And you know what happened next. Think what you will about my motives, but right then I didn't really have much choice. Taking Nick's weight fully in my left arm, I reached out my right hand, took hold of his meat and aimed it. Yeah, yeah, I guess a finger under the helmet would have sufficed, but I'd never touched a straight guy's dick before, that ultimate forbidden fruit, and here I was with carte blanché. So I didn't hold back. I let the full length of his manhood fill my palm and I enjoyed every last second of it.

I turned my head to see how well Nick was processing the turn of events. His eyes seemed to swim in and out of focus, his mouth hung agape idiotically. He appeared on the very edge of consciousness and it took all my strength to keep him upright.

I returned my attention to his dick. It was such a beauty, cut, with a fat head and a silky smooth shaft. I'd never seen something that huge outside of a porn film. It seemed such a pity that Nick only used it for evil deeds rather than the betterment of mankind.

At last his piss tapered. I shook him off and relinquished his cock. Letting go of it would have been a hardship had I not just made up my mind about something.

With Kelly's parting words echoing in my mind, I turned Nick's face to mine. "Come on buddy. Let's get you into bed.

My Sleeping Cuddle Bunny by Tanner55555

My Sleeping Cuddle Buddy by Tanner55555
MM/straight guys/ sleep/oral/first-time
It was the first month I was in college , and I was hanging out with a group of people in the RA's room. It was a 'pajama' party, and we were going to watch a Die Hard marathon as late into the night as possible. It was a Friday night, so everyone had the weekend to sleep it off. We were piled on the floor, the RA in his bed. It was kind of crowded, with the pizza, soda, and freshmen guys all spread across the was kind of awkward, all the guys crammed together. My RA offered to share the bed with one of us to help with the crowded-ness. No one volunteered, so he looked at each of us and asked.
When he came to me, he gave me a weird smile and said, "Tanner, I know you wanna be my cuddle buddy."
"Not really, dude."
"C'mon. You're like a giant teddy bear anyway. Girls are gonna wanna cuddle with you. This'll give you good practice."
Maybe it's just the fact that I'm very shy and awkward and that's why he pushed the issue, but eventually the other guys were encouraging me. It was embarrassing, but I got up and climb into his bed.
"Well, hello there, cuddle buddy." He smiled that weird smile again.
I was kind of nervous, but I turned toward the T.V. screen. He put his arm between my left armpit (I was laying on my left side) and wrapped his right arm around my belly, squeezing me tight. He put his left cheek (face, people) on my right one (so he could see the T.V., too). Some of the guys awwwed.
I know I was blushing, but the RA responded, saying "You guys are jealous. I'm a great big spoon. Don't you feel secure, Tanner?"
I mumbled something and went back to the movie.
Sometime during the night, I must have fallen asleep. I woke up, unsure what time it was, but a lamp was on somewhere, giving me some light. I discovered I was still the RA's little spoon, but I was facing away from the T.V., with my head on my RA's bare chest...which was weird, since he was wearing a white T-shirt and grey sweatpants as his 'pajamas'. I looked down, and saw he was in a small pair of black shorts (running shorts, maybe?). I sat up and looked around the room, realizing none of the guys were anywhere. I wondered why they hadn't woken me up. I looked back at my RA. His glasses were on the nightstand. I was still wearing my contacts, but my eyes weren't hurting. Anyway, I sat there, watching him sleep, trying to figure out what happened. He must have changed when everyone left and, instead of waking me, decided to continue the cuddle buddy experience. I wasn't sure what to do.
I looked at my RA, since this was an unique opportunity. My RA had dark, curly hair over top a long face, with dark lips and long eyelashes (it's weird things you remember). He was clean shaven (no stubble), and his chest/belly were equally hairless. His gangly arms and legs were covered in dark curly hairs. His thighs were long, which made the already short shorts look even shorter. The thigh hair thinned out as it moved up his leg toward his crotch...which, for such small shorts, lacked a major bulge. I watched his undefined chest and stomach (not fat, but not defined...just kind of squishy) rise up and down as he breathed. I touched his shoulder and tried to wake him (I probably could have just left, but...I don't know, I didn't want to be rude...), but his breathing stayed the same. I wasn't sure what to do, but then I got curious...about how we compared...below the belt. Yes, it's weird, but I was just curious.
Gingerly, I put my hand on his crotch, gently feeling for his cock. I instantly felt was soft, but I could tell it was a whole lot bigger than mine. I lifted up his left short leg and was immediately greeted with the site of his purple head. The size of his soft cock was enormous (I'm guessing about 7.5). I remember he told us about his girlfriend letting him have sex with her for the first time...he had said she cried when he finally slipped himself inside. We had thought it was just guys bullshittng about themselves...apparently, I was wrong. I decided to be ambitious and grabbed the elastic waistband of the shorts. I gently pulled them down, exposing everything. His crotch was shaved except for a small ring of curly black hairs around the base of his cock. His balls were kind of small, or maybe they were normal compared to the ferret living in his pants. I admired for a while. His breathing was the same. I noticed I was also hard, so I pulled my cock out. My little 5 inch dick looked like nothing compared to this guy soft. It was embarrassing. I began wanking my RA off, and he got stiffer, not bigger. With every stroke, however, I realized I was unleashing a beast. It got noticeably thicker at first, and then the inches started to show themselves. Finally, it was standing straight up from his body. I could barely get my hand around it. I got out of bed and grabbed a ruler from his desk. It was a little over a foot. Damn.
I put the ruler back and started slowly wanking him again, when I noticed his breathing went from very shallow to deeper, heavier breaths. His eyes never opened. I remembered he had said his girlfriend couldn't fit it in her mouth, and I was curious. I opened my mouth wide and gently put his head in my mouth. I rolled my tongue gently around it (not really sure what to do), while I stroked the rest of the length. The breathing got heavier, but there were no signs of him waking. I started going down further, trying to get as far as possible. His cock fitted in my mouth (I beat his girlfriend at something...haha). I squeezed my lips around his shaft and bobbed my head up and down slowly. The breathing still got heavier. I had no idea if I was doing anything right, so I just focused on the head for a little bit. I gently rubbed his testicles, gently massaging each ball. The breathing suddenly got shorter. I was terrified he would wake. He began to say his girlfriend's name in his sleep, so I stopped.
He muttered "finish me off", so I put my lips back on his purple head and slowly pumped his cock with my hand. His whole body started to tense up. His balls were pulled close to his body. I kept sucking until I felt his cock spasm. Cum shot into my mouth in three major spurts.
"Oh, fuck!" he murmured in his sleep.
His breathing went back to heaviness. I got out of bed and spit his cum into the trash, then covered it with tissues. I should have left then, but I climbed back into bed. His cock was still very hard, but it was starting to return to normal. I tucked it back into his shorts. I took my contacts out, layed them on the night table, and played the little spoon again, returning my head to his chest and his arm around my shoulder. I gently rubbed his chest and belly with my left hand, and ended up resting my hand with my thumb on his nipple. I closed my eyes, and eventually fell asleep.
I started waking up sometime the next morning. I was still semi-unconscious, but I felt a world of pleasure, a warm wet kind of pleasure. I barely opened my eyes, but I saw a curly head going up and down on my dick. I closed my eyes and just let him do his thing (if it was really happening). He let my small penis slip out of his mouth and I felt a hand on my balls. It was a slow pumping at first, then got faster and faster. I eventually came with an unknown ferocity. My cum shot on my stomach, which was exposed for some reason. A hand rubbed my belly, smearing the semen. He put my shirt down and I heard him sigh. I pretended to turn over in my sleep and wrapped my arms around him, making him the small spoon for a change. Eventually, we both woke up sometime that afternoon. I was still the big sppon. He turned and faced me.
"Morning, cuddle buddy. Sleep well?"
"Yep. I was out cold."
"Me too." He climbed over me and got out of bed, stretching. "I feel so damn good this morning. We should do this more often."
"I don't think your girlfriend would approve of you having a male cuddle buddy."
"She also wouldn't approve of the blow jobs."
'The what?"
"You know, the really rough but still fantastic blow job you gave me, and the one I gave you this morning as a thank you."
"That didn't happen. You must be dreaming. I'm not gay."
"Neither am I, but I appreciate a good blow when I can get it and, knowing my size, it's hard to find anyone whose mouth is wide enough."
He walked over to me and put a hand on my face. "You have such a nice mouth, no homo." We both laughed. "I'm getting a shower now. You probably should too." He started gathering his stuff, so I got up to leave.
"We seriously need to do this again. Even the cuddling was nice. You're a good cuddle buddy. You'll make a girl very happy." The weird smile had returned.