Monday, 12 October 2015

One Time

 Reprinted from

one time

My best friend in HS was on the wrestling team.
I became his opponent when we would wrestle at home all the time.
We’d get to the point of both of us sweating all over until one of us pinned the other.
I loved having him press his body up against mine during these moves.
I would grind on him some too. 
We always did this with clothes on and Jim always came across as str8.
We both had girl friends who were best friends with each other too.
We would go out together all the time and party together.
Jim loved to drink but couldn’t hold his booze too good.
He passed out cold all the time.
So one night I decided to creep on him as he was passed out cold.
I grabbed his cock thru his jeans and gently squeezed. He didn’t move or change his slight snoring.
I unbuttoned his jeans and peeled down the zipper.
I pulled his jeans open and down a little until I could see his bulge in his white briefs.
I reached down and played rubbed his cock with my fingers thru his underwear.
I grabbed his balls and moved them around a little.
Then I got bolder and pulled the waist band of his underwear away from his body.
I could see his bush and his soft cock.
He had no shirt on and his chest was gently rising and falling as he breathed.
I pulled the underwear down and held it there when I reached for his cock with my other hand.
I gently stroked his soft cock with my thumb and 2 fingers.
He got semi hard and I leaned down and sucked his cock.
It really didn’t get hard but I loved sucking on it and I kissed his balls.
Jim was out cold and his cock would not really get hard.
I was hard as a rock and was stroking my cock.
I reached down and grabbed Jim’s hand with mine and used his hand to stroke my hard on.
I also turned around and used his hand on my ass.
That’s when I shot my load. 
Jim never woke up. I kissed his cock head one more time and buttoned him back up.
I messed around with him several times when he was passed out.
He never really got a hard on though - cause he was shit face drunk passed out.
A few years later… when Jim had broken up with his GF, we went camping and ended up wrestling around our big tent completely naked. 
That’s another story.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Eposed by Hammerdog

EXPOSED by Hammerdog

I saw you standing over me. Though you thought I was asleep
Twas my plan for me to see if you would actually take a peek.
With my boxers pulled up tight, I made sure my thighs were wide spread,
And the leg hole I arranged just right so you could see from overhead.

My penis was hard, but not because it was becoming morn.
Nor did I have to piss at all that made my limp a horn.
But to reveal my cock and balls to my best friend's sexy dad.
What made my dick so stiff, was the thought that you'd be bad.

I could tell you wanta touch it, through my peeking eyelids, see.
And I thought, when your head came so close, you would fulfill my fantasy.
It's really quite a surprise and delight to see a man so cute.
To be looking so intently, at my stirring boyhood salute.

I would pretend to not wake up, if you decided to partake.
I'd let you stroke my throbbing cock, and squeeze my nuts that ache.
There'd be nothing sweeter, then to fell my peter slide across you lips, I confess .
I was hoping you would not be afraid, to fondle, stroke, and corers.

But to my deep disappointment, I was sorry to see you retreat.
I wanted, for you, my cum to spew. You would have thought It quite a treat.
But I now do know, you admire me so, your son's friendly young horny lad.
I'll make sure that I show, my desire below, to you, my friend's sexy dad.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Source for some stories

Yuki has asked where one particular story "Dylan" came from. Though I write some, find some on other sites and have some sent to me, that story and a few other short experiences which I don't republish due to the content, were taken from:


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Camping Trip by Yellowfeaver

Camping Trip


My friend's dad had took us camping and he had stay up the whole night trying to catch some fish. I end up sleeping in J's truck cause it was a lot warmer sleeping there. When I woke up in the morning, I saw J had come in some time that morning and slept in the truck with me. He was sleeping straight with his hand crossed and legs slightly apart. He was wearing a jacket and had his hood over his head. I looked down at his bugle admiring how big it was. Knowing that J was a deep sleeper, I wasn't that afraid to do more with him. I slowly unzipped his jeans. The sound of unzipping jeans was music to my ears. I pulled his uncut cock out started to play with it. I lubed his head and played around the edges of his cock. I stroked him slowly until suddenly I noticed his cock throbbed before slowly growing. I continue to stroke him slowly and played with his semi hard cock for a good while. 

When  I  was about to add more lube, he turned to his side. I quickly pull away and  pretended to be asleep. I was so scared he might wake up and say something to me. His back was facing towards me. My eyes were slightly open cause I didn't know what he was going to do. Suddenly, he zipped himself back up. 

I was too scared to notice that he was probably enjoying the hand job. I pretended to be asleep for the next 10 or 15 minutes then as I was about to get up, he got up and moved to the back seat to sleep. His legs were too long so he crossed one of his leg towards the driver side. He was sleeping pretty close to the edge of the seats. I didn't move a inch for the next 20 or 30 minutes. After 30 minutes or so had passed and I could hear him snoring away, I continued where I left off. Now he was sleeping, it was a lot easier put his cock out and play with it. I caressed his cock for 5 to 10 minutes before unzipping his jeans again. His cock was semi hard by the time I pulled it out. I lubed my hand and started to stroke him gently and slowly. 

I pulled his foreskin all the way back revealing the whole head of his cock. I couldn't give him a blow job because of the tight space so I ended up just giving him a hand job instead. I stroked him for the next 5 to 10minutes and with each stroke his cock just kept on getting bigger and harder. He was now near his climax. His face had turned red. and his cock had reach it's maximum growth. All the blood was rushing towards the head of his cock pre-cum was overflowing like a water stream. I stroked him harder and faster. He was edging then suddenly he gave the biggest grunt I ever heard from him. I quickly pulled away as I thought he was going to wake up but he didn't. I waited about 10 seconds before I quickly grabbed his cock and stroked him again. Faster and faster I stroked him. My hand was filled with lube and his pre-cum. Then he gave another grunt and a burst of thick cum came pouring out non stop. His thick cum had covered a good portion of my palm. I pulled my hand away and licked all the cum off. I figured that since his cock was still hard, I wouldn't be able to put it back inside his underwear.

 I gently put his cock back inside his jeans and zipped him back up. Just as soon as I was able to put his cock back, one of J's buddy walked up to the truck and asked if we are up. I was startled because if he had been about 1 minute earlier he might had caught me. I told his buddy that I was up but J was still asleep. About 5 minutes after my conversation with J's buddy, J woke up and got out of the truck. During the whole camping trip, I kept thinking if he was awake the whole time or was he really asleep?

After the Gathering by Yellowfeaver

After the Gathering

It was the night of a family gathering and J and few of his buddies had stayed over at my place cause we still had lots of beer left over. J said that he hadn't had beer for awhile so he drank quite a lot that night. About a hour or two afterwards he was tired and fell asleep on the sofa. It was around 3 or 4am before else everyone finally left.

J was knocked out and he lived pretty close too so his buddy decided to just let him sleep over in my house for the night. As soon as everyone left, I went to sit next to his side. I was in-awe to have J sleeping in my place and all to myself.  I slowly laid my hand on his cock. He was wearing jeans and a button t-shirt. The instant I rested on his cock, it grew.

I continued to squeeze him and his cock grew bigger. As I was about to unzip his jeans, his cell rang. I jumped and backed away as fast as I could but to my surprise, he was still out cold despite the loudness of his ring tone. After the ringing stopped, I waited a few minutes before squeezing his cock again. His phone rang four more times but he was still asleep. Finally when his phone ring again, I took his phone out from his shirt's pocket and hid it under the sofa. It was his wife calling but I didn't care cause I knew that he was out cold so I didn't want to waste any more time.

 I quickly unzipped his jeans and reach down to pull his 7' cock out. It was semi-hard but as soon as I put my watery mouth on it, He instantly got hard. I started out slow then speeded up while gripping him firmly. His pre-cum was leaking like an ice cream melting on a hot Summer day. It tasted sweeter than ever. J fidgeted few times but never did woke up. After 10 to 15 minutes into blowing, deep throat, and teasing his hard cock his left arm fell to the side of the sofa. I was startled but I knew it was still okay.

I moved in a little closer so that my cock would be resting on his left hand and within minutes, his hand was slowly caressing on my cock. I was wearing basketball shorts so when he started to caress me, I instantly got even more turned on and started to leak. As I was stroking him, his hand was stroking and tugging on the head of my wet cock. I stroked him harder and suddenly he moved and woke up! I backed away as fast as I could.

He then said "You're doing this again!? GET on your knees!"

 I was shocked but I also knew what it meant so I crawled over to his side and started to blow him. To my surprise, he didn't stop me or beat the shit out of me. Instead, he was forcing me to deep throat him! No words could describe the sensation I was feeling. All those fantasies about what I want to do to J couldn't compare to what he was allowing and doing to me! He was fucking my face while laying down on the sofa. I was gagging but his cock never left my mouth. Then he grabbed his cock and start to stroke it faster. I knew he was near his climax so I then took control and pushed his hand away and sucked his cock faster and harder. Suddenly a burst of warm cum flowed inside my mouth. I didn't swallow it this time.  Instead I quickly ran to the bathroom and spit it all out into a water bottle. As soon as I came back, He had already zipped himself back up and was heading out the door. I then lay on where he was sleeping and jerk myself and busted an amazing nut.

To those who are curious to what happen to the bottle of J's cum....I still have it till this day as a keepsake.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

RE: Google policy on adult blogs

After my last message on the above, Google have apparently had a change of heart and are not now proceeding with the policy of taking down adult sites with nudity after many protests so it looks like it will be "business as usual."


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

True Life Stories (7) by Dylan

I came home one summer night when I was in college, and my 18 year old brother and his friend Ethan had gotten shitfaced on my Dad’s bourbon. They were sprawled out on the 2 sofas in the den, shirtless just wearing shorts. I turned off the TV and shook my brother awake, but he was so out of it, I had to help him to the bathroom, where he took a leak, and then got him to his bed. 

I went back downstairs and stared at Ethan. God he was such a little hottie. Thin waist, just a hint of a 6 pack, nice pecs. Got him up, and with my arm around that hot little waist and my hand on his hard tummy, helped him upstairs. I figured what the hell, might as well see if I can see what he’s packing, so I lead him to the toilet, and holding his hips told him to take a leak. 

He put both arms against the wall, and I slid his shorts down, and told him again. I looked over his shoulder, and see just a perfect long snake dangling there. So I reach my hand around, grabbed it, give it a gentle squeeze, and told him again to piss. He started going, and  just loved holding his meat. He finished, I pulled up his shorts and got him to the guest room. 

He laid down, and as I started to take care of my now raging boner.

 He slurred “That felt good”. 

I stopped but his eyes were shut, and his hand was lightly rubbing his nipple. I sat down, stared at his crotch, and then squeezed it. I asked him if he liked that, and he just moaned. I slipped his shorts off, and started rubbing him, watching it grow and harden. I jerked him, and he never opened his eyes After a couple of minutes his breathing got heavy, his stomach crunched, his hips pushed up, and he spurted onto his stomach 4 goods loads. I grabbed a tissue, cleaned him up, and pulled his shorts back up. Went to my room, and while sniffing his jizz had a great session. 

Next morning my Dad screamed at both of them, then I drove poor hung over Ethan home. 

As he left the car, he said, "Thanks for the handjob”.