Sunday, 22 June 2008

While he Slept

While he Slept – anon.

About two years ago, I was on an overnight trip with some friends. A guy in his early thirties (5'9", brown/blue, nice furry chest) chaperoned it. There were 4 of us guys, including the chaperone, so when sleeping arrangements were made in the hotel room, two of the guys took one bed and I got the other bed with the chaperone.

We all went to bed, me in shorts/t-shirt, he in boxers. I immediately thought about how exciting it would be to rub his cock and balls while he was sleeping. I slept for a little bit and when I woke up, he was practically laying on me! He was completely sprawled out on his back, with his left shoulder covering mine. I nudged him a little to make him move so I didn't fall off the bed. After that I laid awake till he was in deep sleep, laying on his side facing away from me.

First I reached down under the covers and put my hand on his butt and started rubbing my rock hard cock. Next I got a bit more daring and reached over him and started to gently rub his boxers where his cock was. He didn't move at all. So I got a little more daring and reached through the fly of his boxers and started touching his cock and balls. That was the first time I had ever touched another guy’s dick.

With all the excitement I was on the brink of blowing my load. He then leaned more on his back, giving my great access to his chest, so I lightly kissed his right nipple. Then I reached back inside his boxers and started using my thumb and index finger to rub his cock in a jacking-off motion...just wanted to get him hard. He started to get stiff so I used my whole hand and kind of palmed his cock. All of a sudden he made a grunt and moved, making me think I had been caught, but he just kept laying there and I stopped, deciding I had pressed my luck far enough.

It's so cool when I see him now because I think about how I began to give him a woody and he has no idea. I'm all hard from thinking about that experience. Think I'm gonna go jack off.

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