Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hot Brother by Quincy


I'm 30 now. This took place back when I was 18.

I always knew my older brother was very handsome because girls would call him at least every other hour all day long. At that time he was about 21-24yrs old. I too thought he was cute. Anyway one morning I woke up as most guys do with my morning boner on. I jumped down off our bunk bed while he was still asleep and to my surprise he was laying there with only his light blue boxer shorts on! This did not help ease the tension in my boner. I quickly had to decide if I would act on my impulse to touch his soft dick or just leave the room. Being raised in a black Baptist church, I knew this was against what Ihad been taught, so I just left the room went to the bathroom to jack off. However that wasn't the last time I would see him looking as sexy as he did in only his underwear. I soon got my chance about a week later.

I watched t.v.and went to bed around midnight. He went out with his friends to the "nudy-booty" club to see the female strippers and get drunk. He stumbled in after 2am. I'm usually a sound/hard sleeper and don't hear much but I heard him come in only because he turned on the light.I just turned over and kept on sleeping. At around 3:15am I heard this LOUD strange noise and wondered what the hell it was. It was my brother snoring reallyl oudly. He was so loud he woke me out of a sound sleep! I tried to lay there and go back but it was no use. After a few minutes I began to wonder if he was on top of his sheets or under the covers like he was the previous week. I looked down in the dark and could see he was on top of his sheets in his checkered boxers!!! My heart started pounding and I began shaking! I lay there looking down at him and started playing with my dick. I was totally turned on by him. I called his name loudly to see if he would waken. He didn't! He was OUT!!

So I jumped down from the top bunk and flicked the light on. I just stood and stared at him for about 10 minutes listening to his snoring and still playing with myself. I finally got up enough nerve to kneel down beside his bed. I placed my shaking cold hand on his chest to test him. If he had wakened I would've told him he was too loud. Luckily, it didn't bother him. He was really out! My heart was now pounding in my ears! I thought I was going to have a heart attack it was beating so hard!!! I started playing with his lightly haired nipples. My hand really started shaking now!

I was so nervous, excited and horny I couldn't believe it! What a rush! I watched his breathing and it was still the same. I gently placed my hand on his soft cock and applied light pressure. This was the first time I'd seen another dick "up close"! I'd seen guys in gymclass shower but this was different! This was "in myface" up close! His black dick was so soft and spongy under his boxers. Suddenly he twitched and I hit the floor! I was petrified! Not sure what to say if he was to waken! I lay there for 10 seconds and slowly stood up again. He was still snoring like a buzz saw. So I touched his dick again but this time I added a little more pressure. It started to get a little firmer but was still soft. I took my dick out and started jacking my dick off. I looked at his face and there was a sort of smirk about his lips. I knew it was a nice dream he was in. So now it was time. I got a little bolder and opened his fly and for the first time saw his tightly curled pubic hair. I let go of my dick in an effort to hold back and not to cum to soon! I wanted to enjoy this! I noticed my hands were shaking and felt ice cold so I put them under my armpits for a few seconds to thaw them out before I performed this delicate procedure.

Once they warmed up I stuck my thumb and index finger in his fly and took his dick out. IT WAS PERFECT!!!! It looked like it should've been one of those models in a sex ed. class. The tip was pointy like an arrow and underneath he had a little "notch". I guess it was the way he was circumcised. He was about 3-4 inches soft. I bent down and smelled his musky man aroma and was just engulfed by it. I began to play with his dick and it began to grow, & grow, & grow. It grew to well over 6 inches easily and I was fascinated! I played with his dickf or a while, jacking him very slowly as to not alarm him. I licked it a little and then took his dick in my mouth and tasted a little pre cum. It was delicious! I sucked and sucked for a few minutes until I came on a napkin that was already soaked from my own pre-cum. I placed his hard throbbing dick as best I could back in his boxers and just went back to bed. I was too scared to try to make him cum and too scared to find out how he'd react to me if he did.

There were several more times I tasted him during the following couple ofyears. I'm not sure if he ever knew or not what happened. He's never said anything and neither have I, but a sleeping/out man was from then until today is my number one fetish!!!!

My Sleeping Friend

My Sleeping Friend by John

I’ve got a great true story which happened a few years ago.

I went to Pennsylvania with another straight friend for a camping/ volleyball tournament and some other guys he knew. I brought my own tent and got my own site and shared it with my friend who also had his own tent. Well when we got there, it was hot out and there were a lot of guys in shorts. We lay by the pool are we were generally drinking, playing volleyball and sweating. Many of these guys were totally hot, athletic types as you might imagine.

When it was early evening and we set up camp as fast as we could and I got a small cooler together with some beers and went to the pool to meet up with these other guys on our team, have some beers and at least see the talent. I realized that this was a totally straight event and I had no to chance to score, but a guy could fantasize for a good beat off later in the tent. It was already getting dark anyway.

There was plenty to see and some seriously hot guys, hot exposed bodies and my favorite turn on, most were drunk! It seemed that a lot of these guys had arrived the night before and had been drinking since morning. This was to be a 5 day event and it looked like it was going to be rough on some of these studs drinking the way that they were.

Of course there was one guy poolside that really got my attention over all the other shirtless studs. He was talking to a guy from our group so I was able to meet him. He looked like a stud from a fitness magazine. He was just my type, nice tan, dark hair, great athletic body, about 5 feet 9 inches and tight abs with a boyish innocent face. He had on surfboarder shorts exposing the nice thick happy trail on some really low shorts so you could see his natural bush. He had slightly hairy defined pecs. The smile was enough to make me realize that this green eyed guy had it all. He looked around 24 years old.

Anyway, I went over, my heart racing, to meet this guy and said “Hi” to Rob, my friend. He introduced me to Ryan. This stud, Ryan was friendly and pretty drunk. We started talking about volleyball, where we are from the basics. I have a good sense of humor and I joke around a lot so he seemed to get a kick out of it. Laughing a lot and we downed a few more beers with Rob who eventually said he had had enough.

I said, “I need to cool off in the pool” and he said he agreed in a slurred voice.

Who knows how long this guy had been drinking. I said I was out of beers and had to go back to my camp site to refill and he said “No problems bud, have some of with mine,” and we placed the cooler and open beers next to the pool and jumped in.

I was surprised to find him immediately behind me pressed up against me and suddenly he put me in a head lock, his dick rubbing against my ass. I didn’t know what to think.

He then said "You owe me man for the beers. The way I am drinking I'll need to borrow some maybe by the end of the week.”

Then he let me go and I turned around to see his smile.

I said, “Dude, what is mine is yours no prob. Just looking to chill and have a good time.”

Things were looking up. We had a couple more and talked about nothing, joking around with some guys in the pool and then he told one guy he had forgotten to bring his tent and was going to sleep out with his sleeping bag.

I got in and said, “How in the Hell did you forget that man?”

He laughed and said, “Just plain stupid I guess,” as he shoved me.

I immediately offered that he could bunk with me if he wasn’t a snorer.

He said, “Cool man.”

I said “Great, it’s better that then you getting malaria from mosquito bites.”

In a drunken voice he said, “That’s cool man,” and gave me a clumsy hug.

It seemed he was the happy and affectionate kind of drunk. Eventually the alcohol ran out and as it was after nine I suggested it was my turn to fill up a cooler and said I wanted to change to vodka and cranberry anyway.

He said, “Hell yeah!”

We got out of the pool and he almost slipped back in losing his balance.

I said, “You are fucked up.”

He laughed and said, “You haven’t seen anything yet,” or something like that with his now very drunk slurred speech.

On the way out I came across Rob and he was totally trashed too.

I said, “Are you going to be able to find your way back to camp?”

He said he would crash with a friend of his if he couldn’t make it.

I said, “Cool” and we went off to camp with me already helping Ryan to walk. When we got back it was totally dark by then and I lit a couple lamps and started making some powerful drink for him with vodka and a splash of cranberry. He went off down the woods by 10 yards his back against me taking a piss and in his drunken state had his tight bubble ass showing full on. What I could see looked nice.

He came back and told me he was trashed. I said that we both were. I gave him his strong drink and he gulped in down like beer without saying a thing. We sat out on some chairs and I started a camp fire and then we talked a while as he got drunker and I went for a piss. When I got back he had his empty tanker on the ground and he was asleep, sagging down in the camp chair with his chin down on his chest. He was a beautiful sight!

As I stood there I boned up immediately with one of the hardest cocks I had had in a while. In the dark with exception of the light from the dimming fire and the full moon, this stud looked stunning, his hard built chest with that dark hair and that flat stomach slowly and steadily moving up and down with his breathing. I walked up to his limp, hot sleeping body and stood in front of him. His legs were slightly apart and I got in between them and shook his chest. There was no response. Then I shook him really hard and he barely moved or said anything.

I said, “Ryan, buddy, need to get up before the mosquitoes get you man.”

I rubbed his chest and moved my hands down his tight stomach and his happy trail but still no reaction. Then I had an idea. I went back to my tent behind him and got my toiletry kit and took out some Ambien I had brought in case sleeping in a tent didn’t agree with me. I had brought a thick queen size air mattress and basic bedding and comforter and it had to be blown up in the tent to make it fit. I got some bottled water from the cooler by the bench and opened it and went back to Ryan and shook him semi awake.

“Hey Dude, take these aspirin and water so you aren’t hung-over tomorrow and we can hit the sack.”

He did as I asked and as he did it and I grabbed him under his arms and lifted him. He fell forward onto me, his naked chest touching my naked chest and me with a serious boner, but I knew he wouldn’t notice at this point. I was going to have this stud all to myself all night. I brought him to the open tent flaps and had a tough time getting him in but he finally flopped far enough in on his stomach for me to get in and close the tent up so it could be just him and me. I told him to move over as he was in the middle of the bed but had no response whatsoever.

I scooted over him pressing my hard cock against his firm ass. I could have exploded right there in my shorts but I wanted to save it for something much, much hotter. I climbed right on top of him and whispered his name in his ear. All I heard was steady breathing, unconscious breathing. I started feeling him up without waiting for the pills to take even more of an effect on him. I smelt the chlorine in his hair and over his chest. I straddled him sitting on his bubble butt and fondling his back and masculine arms. I bent down and kissed the cheek that was exposed and moved my tongue over to his slightly open mouth half buried in the pillow and probed his teeth and mouth flexing my cock against his still covered ass. I got off to his side facing his face and struggled to get my shorts off my cock as it flopped hard against my abs as I pulled them below my balls, and then I pushed him over on his side exposing his face and full lips, hot chest and stomach and that trail which went down and showed part of his hairy pubic bush then the rest hidden from me due to his surfboarder shorts.

I licked his lips with no response, sliding against him, chest to chest fondling the exposed ribs and moving the arm on his exposed side over his head, I left it kind of dangling with those hairy dark armpit exposed, his great arms and ribs showing and tight stomach. I fondled and caressed him, licking his nips till they got pointy and hard and taking my one hand down his shorts to feel that bush then damp but meaty cock of about 5 inches totally soft and hairy balls. I felt I could cum at any moment but I wanted more first. I went into his mouth again with my mouth, kissing, licking and fondling his body with my hand and groping his hot ass as I snuggled him close to me. My hand went around him down his shorts to feel that ass, handling his smooth butt cheeks and hairy crack. I knew I had, to have that so I got up over him while he was still on his side and untied the shorts strings and they were loose against that small waist of his. I moved down to his legs and pulled the shorts slowly down. I pushed him on his back with one arm above his head showing his muscled front shoulder hot armpits. Finally I got his shorts off, showing that bush and seeing where the trail ended in a thick soft cock and big hairy balls.

I then slid on top of him, feeling and fondling the whole way up and humping his tight stomach against my pre-cumming cock. I was moving his arms, licking his mouth looking down at his sides and ribs climaxing heavily against his stomach shooting a massive, hot load all across his chest. His body moved from my final orgasm but there were still no signs of waking. He was still totally out. I slumped over on him wanting more from this stud but my drained cock and own alcohol intake prevented any more fun that night. I decided there and then I had made a new friend and I intended keeping in touch with him!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Roomie by Booker3775

Room Mate by Booker3775

This happened to me 3 days ago. I'm 20 and my room mate is 21. We are best mates. After getting totally smashed on beers, my room mate decided to put a porno in the video machine. Our beds are on opposite sides of the room and we lay there watching the couple fucking on the tv. I pulled my shorts off and got under my duvet naked. I could see out the corner of my eye his cock throbbing in his boxers so I lay on my side facing him and shut my eyes so he would think I was asleep.

Peeping through shut eyes I caught him looking my way twice and then he asked if I was asleep - I kept silent. He looked at me again and then pulled his t-shirt and boxers off and lay there jacking his cock. I had never seen him with a hardon only just limp in the showers and the room, and he looked hung then but now -- WoW!! His cock was massive, easily over 8" maybe 9". He lay there stroking and stroking and then ...... he lifted his legs up over his head, pulled his balls and cock tight down towards him and started sucking his own cock - I could hear the loud sucking sounds as he did it. My cock was by now rock hard. This went on for a while then he looked at me again. He then got off the bed, huge cock throbbing out in front of him and came and stood so close to me that from just peeping through my closed eyes I could see his cock just inches from my mouth. I then felt my duvet being lifted and pulled back, exposing my hard throbbing cock.

He stood for while looking at my cock all the while jacking his own dick slowly. Then he moved closer and I felt his hot breathe on my cock. He licked the tip and then lifted my cock and I felt it slide deep into his hot mouth. He worked faster and faster on me and I knew I was close to cumming. He stopped and I watched him jacking his cock over me right close to mine - his arse muscles were pulled in tight as he really beat his cock hard. If elt his cum splash all over me, most on my cock and balls, running down my side. As soon as he was finnished cumming he started to lick all his cum off me and get back to sucking my cock. I filled his mouth so fast, thrusting my hips into his face as he sucked and sucked harder, eating every drop.

He then pulled the duvet back over - got into his ownbed and whispered,"Cheers mate, I needed that!"

The Drunken Wrestler by Boomer3775

The Drunken Wrestler by Boomer3775

It was the mid '70's and I was 21 and just starting college after a hitch in the Marines, when I first met Paul. He was 19 and a New Jersey Italian attending our Western university on a wrestling scholarship. He is a classic Southern Italian wet dream with just a touch of Cro-Magnon. He was six foot three and one hundred and ninety pounds of pure muscle, dark curly hair with an olive complexion, with big brown happy cocker spaniel puppy eyes. The Cro-Magnon is a rather pronounced brow ridge which was accented by a Groucho Marx eyebrow that covered both eyes and a permanent five o'clock, if he didn't shave three times a day you could use his face as a carpenter's sanding block. He shaved from his cheek bones to his collarbones, from his collarbones on down he was about as hairy as Zak Spears was in the "The Coach's Boys".

We actually met in the dorm. The college policy was all freshmen regardless of age had to live in the dorms. We were suite-mates. That was where I first got the itch for his butt, that perfect jock ass, that high tight-muscled cream-colored peach-fuzzed ass. He liked to walk down the hall to the showers with his towel over his shoulder, his shaving kit in his hand, wearing nothing but shower thongs and a Mona-Lisaesque smirk. We became and still are best friends. Something just clicked into a perfect fit. I tolerated his practical jokes and enjoyed his exhibitionism and it didn't bother him that the person sneaking out of my room in the wee hours of the morning was a guy as often as not.

It was his idea that we find something off-campus for that summer and our sophomore year. We ended up in sharing a bedroom in an apartment complex that catered to the college. That bedroom was bigger that some apartments I've had since. The high point of our sophomore year was the two weeks after spring break when he was broke and scraping by on peanut-butter and jelly or toasted cheese sandwiches. I'd offered to give him money for food but he said he'd make do. He got so constipated three days before payday that he asked me if I had any Exlax. I said "No, but I have an enema kit." I gave it to him and after reading the instructions he asked me to help him with. So I told him to get undressed and join me in the front bathroom.

By the time I had the water temperature right and the bag filled, he had snuck in and closed the door. I turned around and there was the butt that had tormented me for the better part of two years. Not only was it bare, but it was spread and begging me to shove something up it. My dick went from flaccid to totally erect in about one second, which really hurt as I was wearing a pair of 501's that were a size small. It hurt even worse when I took a dab of Vaseline and smeared it on that rosebud pucker surrounded by damp little pin curls. Somehow he didn't comment on my hyper-ventilation as I pushed some more Vaseline into his resisting sphincter with the tip of my forefinger. Slipping that enema nozzle up that tight opening made me even harder. I managed to get about two quarts up him. Told him the longer he held it the better. Sitting there on the toilet staring at the twin objects of my affection I realized that I am a bit of a masochist. Asked him why he was so determinedly facing the back corner of the tub/shower. He said he had a problem and I asked what it was, he slowly turned around exposing his stiffie in all its glory. I told him that it was a perfectly natural reaction and in no way meant he was queer. That relieved him so much he almost shit the tub. Just to prove to myself that I was just a much a sadist as masochist, I told him we had do it twice more to make sure we had solved his problem. After filling him up for the third time, I told him to wait a few minutes and then he could finish up and clean up.

I walked across the hall to our room, closed the door behind, ripped my 501's open, shoved them and my Jockey shorts down to my ankles, grabbed a dirty t-shirt out of the laundry hamper, took exactly two strokes on my painfully engorged cock and blew one of largest loads of my life into that dirty t-shirt. I came so hard I nearly blacked out and my knees buckled and I ended up kneeling on the floor, gasping like a marathoner at the finish line. I'd barely got my pants fastened when he came walking in toweling his hair.

Thanksgiving Weekend our junior year was the next plateau. He couldn't afford to fly back east twice a year so he always waited for Christmas and I was an orphan by then and had nowhere else to go. This Thanksgiving all his girlfriends were gone and it was just the two of us. T-day we got royally smashed and were talking about this girl we were both dating and getting real hot and bothered. Somewhere along the line someone came up the idea that if he'd blow me first I'd blow him. Well the only problem was every time he even licked the tip of my dick with the tip of his tongue he'd pitch a gagging fit. He did try though, he tried from every angle imaginable but every time his lips got near my dick he'd about choke to death and I would be damned if I was going blow him without getting blown in return. So we ended up jerking each other off. He had no problem kissing me. Man, is he a good kisser! I taught him that a man's nipples are just as sensitive as a woman and I showed him all the pleasures that lips, fingers, teeth and binder clips can bring to a man's tits. As for his dick, it's about six and half inches long and about as thick as my forefinger and index finger combined (I wear a size 13 glove). He was uncut with a dark rose pink head peeking out of a pale caramel foreskin. He was the first uncut guy I had ever played with. As for him, he alternated between admiration and jealously over the fact that he could wrap both hands around my 8+ inches and the tip would still be exposed. We stayed drunk the next three days. Smooching, twisting tit and pounding pud. Never got on to anything more serious and damn near got caught by one of our apartment mates when he came back Sunday afternoon.

January that year we were at some jock party, I'd spent nearly an hour chatting up a psych major before finding out he was there with his girlfriend. So I drifted into the kitchen to refill my beer, there was about ten guys in there including Paul. One guy was bitching about the proctological exam in his recent physical. Paul immediately chimed in about how he had enjoyed his, backing up on the doc's finger as far as he could. Winking at me he went on that getting a good enema also gave him a stiffie. I realized he was enjoying blowing their minds as much as I would've enjoyed blowing their cocks and as the notorious cunt-hound that he was he could get away with saying such things. We were laughing about the expressions on their faces as we walked home later. I was drunken enough to tell him that I had often stood over his bed and admired his bare butt as it stuck out of the blanket he slept naked under, and about how horny giving him that enema had made me. We ended up rolling on the ground, laughing at my confession. After we got up and started on toward home, he said laughingly if I was that desperate and couldn't wake him up that I should feel free to do what ever I wanted to.

It was the first weekend in March. I came home from my part-time job at about 3 a.m. Saturday morning and as I opened the front door. The only light came from the soundless TV, the only noise was the scratch of a stereo needle in the last groove of a record. There were seven people (two apartment mates and five strangers) passed out in various positions around the room and the place was ankle deep in beer and booze bottles. I stood there a moment wishing I hadn't had to go work and miss the party. I put the tone arm in its cradle and turned off the stereo and the TV and groped and stumbled my way back to our bedroom. I closed the door and turned on the lamp on the desk by the door. I glanced at his bed to be sure he was alone and that I could claim my own bed without disturbing someone.

I'd stripped down to Jockeys and socks and was pulling my socks off when I noticed his perfect peach butt sticking out of the folds of that baby blue blanket. I walked over to his bed and stood there gazing down at perfection. I could smell the Jack Daniels on his breath and the Old Spice on his neck, and the unique smell of him. I hadn't even had time to beat off all week between work and school, so as I stood there smelling him and his butt gleaming palely in gloom I felt an abysmal horniness. Something in me snapped that night. I'd spent the previous weekend on the couch so he and one of his girlfriends could use the room. I reached down and shook his shoulder so hard his head flopped back and forth and then I called out his name just about shouting in his ear. All the while his voice was ringing in head "feel free to do what ever you want to..." and all he did was grunt. Just the heat of his body thru that blanket was enough to give me a hardon, and this time without the restraining Levis it fell out the fly of my Jockeys and waved back and forth as if sniffing out its target.I shoved my Jockeys down to my ankles and kicked them toward the laundry hamper. I jerked his blanket down so that only his left foot was covered. I turned to my bed and grabbed the jar of Vaseline from my nightstand drawer. As I turned back I gasped with lost breath at the beauty spread carelessly before me and at the thought of what I was about to do.

His left and lower leg was straight and his right and upper cocked as if mounting some dreamland stair. As I grabbed his right butt cheek to pull it up and out of the way, an almost galvanic shock spread through me almost pushing over brink into orgasm. I had to bite my tongue to keep from blowing my load all over his naked form. When I felt like my normal rabid self once more, I grasped his ass-cheek and exposed that so well remembered rosebud. Another but lesser shock went through me as my finger penetrated its load of Vaseline and made contact with that seemingly incandescent ring of muscle. If anything it was tighter and more resistant than the year before. Yet eventually my finger penetrated into the clinging internal inferno. As I probed deeper and with another finger I discover why the doc's finger and the enema nozzle pleased him so. He has a prostate gland you can't miss and as I stroked it he groaned and moaned in his stupor. His ass squirmed back against my hand of its own volition. The clasping his sphincter on my two fingers almost brought me to orgasm. I had to jerk my fingers from his ass to regain whatever control was left to me. He moaned almost sorrowfully as his empty ass lips puckered and flexed. I grabbed his hip and pulled him over flat on his back and there was that railroad spike dick of his. Suddenly my mouth was as dry as the Sahara and I knew there was only one way to slake my thirst. I knelt between his legs and pried his stiff dick way from his belly to my waiting lips, his precum was strangely bittersweet. As my nose met his pubic hairs I slipped my two fingers back to his anus, which grasped at them like a suckling calf at a teat. It didn't take long with my lips and tongue lavishing attention on his cock and two fingers stroking his prostate like a purring cat to bring him to orgasm. As I lay there with his dick in my mouth and the now relax clasp of his sphincter on my fingers, I was once more aware of the raging hardness of my own cock.Pulling off and out, I grasped his knees and pulled them up and toward his chest until I could grasp his ankles and I pulled them together and pushed them up and down toward his face until his hole was staring back at me. Using one hand to hold his ankles together, I used the other to guide my aching cock to his pucker. At first it was as tight and resisting as ever, then suddenly it was like falling off a cliff until I hit bottom and we both groaned.

I don't think I have ever been in another ass as hot and tight as his. I don't remember whether I fucked him for a minute or an hour. All I know is the sensation was too intense and too brief. I think I passed out briefly. I came too face down in his chest, his legs draped around my waist, listening to a God awful snore. Eventually I was able to pull my still hard dick out and roll him over on his side, which stopped that horrible noise. I snuggled up against his back spoon fashion. As I lay there basking in the heat of body, I realize that not only was I still horny but also slightly chilly. So I pulled up his blanket and covered us both, then I nudged the head of my cock against those gates of paradise once more. Putting my left arm over his left shoulder and under his head for leverage, using my right hand to lift his leg I entered him once more. This time was slower and nicer. If I pinched his tit his ass grasped me one way, if I stroked his dick and pulled back his foreskin and rubbed my thumb over the exposed head his butt would push back against me while his ass would flex wildly around my dick. I hardly had to move all. The last thing I clearly remember was his cock jerking and spitting in my hand and the flexing of his ass in orgasm.

The next thing I remember is the warmth of a butt against my belly and clasp of firm thighs on my hard dick. Then like the click of a light switch I remember whose butt, thighs, and bed. Sunlight was beating relentlessly against the curtains and before I can move a muscle he rolls away from me and into a sitting position on the edge. I lay there paralyzed with fear. My mind chasing itself in circles of "He hates me, he's gonna kill me, he's gonna call the cops, he's gonna get me kicked out of school!" He looked over his shoulder at me and grinned and then twisting around and down suddenly he kissed me on the lips. As he kissed me his free hand grabbed my still hard dick and gave it a couple quick jerks.

As he broke the kiss he said "It looks like someone needs to beat off." Then Paul stumbled to his feet, grabbed a towel and was out the door. We didn't talk about that morning for quite a while, although that wasn't the last time we woke up like that!

Friday, 11 July 2008

The Brother by Joe Borgman

The Brother By Joe Borgman

One summer, my roommate’s brother came for a visit. I had placed an ad on a bulletin board earlier looking for a roommate. A guy knocked on my door and he was basically a slob but I was desperate for the rent money, so I let him move in. He was an "okay" roommate, the usual boring straight guy who talked about fags and cocksuckers and such. I let him alone and basically ignored him. I wasn’t at all attracted to him. He worked ten hour shifts from midnight to 10AM, so we didn’t see each other much. One day, he told me his brother was coming to visit and wanted to know if he could bunk out on the couch for the weekend. I said it was okay.

It was a Friday night and the brother arrived around 10PM. The reason he was visiting was that he had gotten married at age 19 and now, a year later, he was separating from his wife and needed a break, so he wanted to visit his brother. When his brother walked through the door, I nearly shit a brick. He was one good-looking guy, not a slob like his brother. We were introduced and I had problems keeping my eyes off of him. I excused myself to give them time to talk before my roommate had to leave for work at 11:30PM. I could hear them talking at the kitchen table in the distance while I watched TV in my room.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember, Tom (his brother) was lightly tapping on my door frame and I heard him say, "Joe, sorry to bother you, but can I take a shower?"

I said it was fine and directed him to the bathroom and showed him the shampoo and soap and such then returned to my room. I was watching TV when he tapped on my door again and thanked me for letting him stay for a couple of nights. He was dressed in boxers with wet hair. I got up and went out to the kitchen and offered him a beer. We sat in the kitchen sipping beer and chatting. I really liked him, nice guy and friendly and NOT the slob his brother was.

He surprised me by saying, "I knew you had to be a nice guy because having my brother as a roommate would take a nice guy."

Being diplomatic, I replied, "Well, he can be difficult at times."

We both laughed and kept on chatting. Then he said, "Can I talk to you about something?"

I said, "Sure, go ahead, I am a good listener."

He then began telling me about his failed marriage and how that he had been miserable for the entire year. He said that the sex was terrible and they hadn’t screwed for the last 6 months. He said that the morning he decided to break it off, he had gone into the bathroom and she was bent over the toilet vomiting. He asked if she was sick and that was when she revealed to him she was pregnant by some guy she worked with. He said that this gave him all the motive he needed to end what had been a big mistake so they agreed to divorce. He moved out that night. All the time he was talking, I would sneak glances at his upper body and his legs. He would get up to get beer and go to the bathroom to pee and I was able to check out his body.

It was around 1:30AM and he said, "Joe, I am keeping you up. You have to work in the morning."

I said, "Not really, they let me off tomorrow and I enjoy talking with you” (mostly listening and agreeing with him).

He smiled and said, " I needed somebody to talk to and for sure my brother is not the guy for that.”

I don’t why, but I got the nerve to ask him if he wanted to flop up on my bed and watch TV. He agreed and followed me to my bedroom. I found a couple of extra pillows and we leaned back on the headboard. I was running channels on my satellite and told him to stop me when he saw something he liked.

I ran past the porn channel and he said, "Go back to that one."

I returned to it and we began watching it. I noticed a healthy sized lump in his boxers and saw him adjust it several times. The usual, nice tits or good ass comments came out of him. I noticed his leg was slowly getting closer to mine, so I helped things along by shifting occasionally and before long we were touching legs.

He said, "Man, I should have known better than watch porn, it has been too long since I got any action."

I said, "I can get lost in the kitchen if you need some privacy."

He laughed and said, "Thanks man. If you don’t mind, I'll take care of it now while you take care of yours."

I had pretty much been unable to do any hiding of the boner in my shorts. With that remark, he raised his hips and slid his boxers off his butt and off his ankles and revealed a tool much bigger than the average guy.

I laughed and said, "I can’t believe she didn’t want that every night."

He laughed and said, "That was the problem, she would let me get half of it in before saying it was too big and hurt and I would end up jerking off in the bathroom." He started jerking it slowly and I quit watching the porn film and just watched him stroke it. He seemed to enjoy having me watch him and said, "Wanna help me out?"

Not being one to play hard to get, I scooted closer and lent a helping hand. Before long, I leaned over and started giving him head. I noticed he spread his legs wider and would take his hand and rub the area below his balls, so my mouth began the ball licking and then went below and started licking below his balls.

I noticed he was doing lots of moaning and humping when I heard him say, "Eat me, man."

I went between his legs and began rimming him. I did that for a long time and then slowly worked one finger into his pucker and found his prostate gland and it really got him moving and humping.

I had him close to cumming when he said, "Can I fuck you, man?"

I said, “Sure” and got on top of him.

After lubing up his cock I gave him his first piece of male ass. I had to slow him down often by whispering, "Take it easy. Slow down, use long strokes." He finally erupted in me, which sent me over the edge depositing my load on his tummy. I got up and cleaned myself in the bathroom and brought out a washcloth and cleaned him up. We lay talking and he told me he had never done anything with a guy before but had wondered what it would be like. By then he had rolled over to his tummy and I was rubbing his back and talking. He fell asleep, so I snuggled in beside him and fell asleep also.

I forgot to disengage my alarm, so it went off at 7AM. I had to reach over him to stop it buzzing. I said, "Sorry" and fell back to sleep.

I don’t know what woke me up, but I looked at the clock and it was 10AM. I panicked and woke him up and told him to go to the sofa. I threw him some blankets and pillows and escaped to my room. His brother came in. He was sharp. He pretended to wake up and they chatted a few minutes and then his brother went to his room.

In about a half hour he came back into my room and crawled in with me. I whispered, "Are you crazy, he might wake up?"

He laughed softly and whispered, "He sleeps like a log". Then he surprised me by kissing me and then he whispered, "Now its your turn."

He did everything to me that I had done to him including getting on top of me and riding my cock. We had no more both came when I heard the door to his brother's room open. He put on his boxers and walked out of my door and said, "Well that oughta make the mattress better. It needed to be turned."

Then I heard him walk into the kitchen and say to his brother. "We just turned Joe's mattress want us to turn yours over?"

Then he walked back into my room and said, "Okay, Joe. Help me turn his mattress over."

When we had finished doing the brother's mattress, we walked back into the kitchen. He spent the next night in my bed and then left the following morning after he told his brother goodbye. He visited often after that and the sofa never once was used but for a few minutes each morning. His brother moved into his girlfriend’s house and of course, I made his room available to Tom who found work in our town. The extra bedroom or the sofa was never used again.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Passed Out by

Passed out by

I was out with one of my buddies from work. Steve and I went out for a booze cruise on a night after work. I knew he drank a lot but that night he really overdid it. We were driving all over the country (We live in the country). We took all the back roads and we just shot the shit about anything that came up. To start with there was 3 of us but Bob had to get home, so I dropped him off at his place and Steve and I just rode around. Well you have to know this was about 10 or 12 yrs ago when it was safer to drink and drive without getting caught.

Steve was one of the hottest guys you'd ever want to meet. He was about 5'8, 170lbs, dark hair, and eyes. He was 26 at the time. I was 37. It got to be about 3:00am and by now Steve was shot. We stopped to take a piss and all I could think of was getting in his pants. He's straight as can be so I figured I sure couldn't do anything. I'm married and have 3 kids. He hadn't a clue I loved men. So back to the story. After we got back in the truck, he just kinda collapsed. I was pretty lit but nowhere as bad as he was. I called out to him to see if he wanted to get home but he didn't answer.

Well being lit I started feeling brave. His head was up against the window so his lower body was closer to me and I thought "what the hell" I called to him again but no response. I reached over and felt his crotch....still no reaction. I reached over and undid his belt. (So far so good). I unzipped his pants and opened them up. At least I wanted to cop a feel of his fur - still nothing.

I figured I better pull off the road if I wanted more, so I did. I stopped and moved over closer to him, rubbed his belly and chest. Man I love fur and he had plenty of it. He was still soft so I knew he was passed out.

“Well,” I said to myself "it's now or never".

I opened his pants and there lay the nicest cock ever. I was sure if he caught me he'd not only hate me for life but probably kick my ass big time. I guess I just didn't care. I took that nice furry cock in my mouth and sucked a little. It was felt like a water balloon. I then lifted his cock and sucked on his nuts.Then it happened. He twitched and it scared the Hell out of me so I slipped everything back in place and took him home. It was like 4am now and I had to get home anyway.I got him home and played Hell getting him up to get him in his house. I had to half carry him. I don't think he ever had a clue.

He got another job shortly after that but we still keep in contact. We chuckle about that night but I'm sure he still doesn't know what happened.

Old Friend by asha_man72

Old Friend by asha_man72


It was unlikely that I would have survived grade 10 gym class were
it not for Cody. He was our TA, and in grade 12. I never really put
a finger on a reason (God knows how different we are!), but we
really hit it off. Unusually well, considering that was he was by
all standards a dumbass (albeit the sweetest, most genuinely good
dumbass in existence). He was tall, blond, and played football and
rugby. Me- well, the less said the better.

Oddly enough, we started talking whenever we encountered each other
in the halls. It was usually brief, but he always had a smile and
some kind words for me. I loved him for it. He was the closest thing
to an older brother that I ever had. Of course, most boys don't want
to play with their big brothers bodies in a sexual way. I was
heartbroken when he graduated, but we managed to keep in touch a
bit, if only through random (and very rare) encounters in town.

I grew up, but I never forgot anything about him. You can imagine
how pleasantly surprised I was when I was walking through the woods
one very hot summer night and was certain that I heard the sound of
his voice. I followed it, and came across a tall figure leaning on a
tree with one arm outstretched, supporting himself. The lighting
wasn't the best, but I could see that it was Cody- and I could see
that he was about to water the tree. Yeah, awk-ward! I watched in
helpless fascination as he whipped his dong out and grabbed it with
both hands. Almost immediately after he did so, he toppled backwards.

I rushed over to him to see if he was okay. His eyes were glassy,
and a little unfocused. I could smell alcohol on him, which told me
that he had really been drinking as if I couldn’t still smell it
through the ever more pungent scent of urine from his crotch.

"Cody, Cody!" I hissed as I slapped his cheeks. "You okay, dude?"

That brought him out of his stupor a little. "Greg?" he said

"Yeah, man. It's me."

"I think I just pissed myself, Greg."

"Yeah, you did. You been partying?"

"Yeah. On my way home."

"Want some help?"

"Sure!" he smiled. Even in the poor light, I was still dazzled by
that smile. "I think I'm done pissin' now."

I helped him up, and supported him. He put his arm around my
shoulder, and off we went. The smell of booze and piss covered me
now, but I didn't care. He needed to get home safely, and that was
all that mattered.

Finally, I got him to his apartment. I helped him get his shoes off,
and I set him on the couch.

"Want me to get you outta those clothes?" I asked.

"Nah, I'm fine," he smiled. "Wanna stay a bit? Haven't seen you in
years, bro."

"Sure," I said as I took a seat on the couch. "How've you been,

His reply was a snore. I looked over, and saw that he had passed out.

"Good night, bro," I whispered as I got up. "Sweet dreams."

I took a look at him before I left, and that changed everything. Sure, I had
recognized him on sight, but it had been a couple years since I had
last seen him. What a change those years wrought. He had always been
handsome, but more a boy than a man. He was just into his mid-
twenties, and he had become a man since I saw him last, and not just
in the face. He had grown his hair out to shoulder-length, and the
length had made it curl. He had gained a few dozen pounds of muscle,
and they were distributed evenly across his chest and shoulders and
in his legs. His face wasn't Brad Pitt perfect- his nose had been
broken, and his jaw was a little too big for his face- but even
though it was red from the alcohol, it was amazing. His clothes were
just tight enough to hint at what lay underneath- and that was what
did me in.

'Fuck it,' I thought. 'I'm 21 and I'm never gonna get a chance like
this again ever!'

I went back over to him. "Cody," I said quietly. "Cody, you awake?"

No response. I slapped his cheeks again, just to be sure. I had
never done anything like this before, and if I was going to do this
then I wanted to be absolutely sure he wouldn't be waking up for a
while. You see, he had seemed to pass out once at a party when he
was in high school, and some other party-goers decided to take
advantage of that by covering the back of his briefs with peanut
butter. He woke up in the middle of that, and well... let's just say
it wasn't pretty. No repeats of that incident, thank you.

First things first. I went into his bedroom, pulled the sheets off
of his bed, and returned to the living room. He was out cold, so I
had to get him on his feet again. It was harder because he wasn't
helping me. I got him into his bedroom, and laid him out prone on
the bed. I took a moment to regret not having a camera on me, but I
knew that I would lose my nerve completely if I left to get one.

I started with his socks. I don't usually like smelly feet, but
maybe his are another grade of smelly foot. Or maybe I'm just
predisposed to love everything about him. At any rate, I started
brushing the soles of his feet with my fingers. He had a reputation
for ticklishness, so this served as both a final test and a form of
wish fulfillment. There was no response. He just kept right on
snoring, completely oblivious.

When I got too impatient to continue with that, I moved on to his
shirt. It was a really nice shirt, but I only noticed that with my
super-ego. My ego and my id both saw it as an obstruction to the
goodness underneath, so it had to go. Once I got the nice-yet-
obstructing shirt off, I gasped with delight. As good as Cody's
chest was before, it was even better now. I was entranced; I
couldn't do anything but rub my face in his pecs, before I started
sucking on his dime-sized nips. As I sucked (they tasted fantastic,
by the way), I ran my hands over his well-developed six-pack.
Clearly, Cody had taken great pains to build up every single muscle
he had. I approved.

Finally, it was time to take his shorts off. I managed to tear
myself away from his nipples long enough to do it, and when I did
all thoughts of those magnificent nips fled my mind. I love an
evenly developed body, so I was thrilled to see that Cody had, in
fact, taken great pains to develop his entire body. His legs were
thick and wonderfully muscled. His mound was perfection, just as I
had remembered it. It was somewhat visible through his white briefs,
thanks to the piss.

I rolled him over. You see, I had seen half his body, and I wanted
to see the other half. Once he was on his stomach, I pulled his
briefs off and gazed with delight at his naked ass. It was muscled,
much like the rest of him, but with just enough fat to make it
pleasing. I buried my nose in his crack, and inhaled deeply. For the
first time in my life I understood why some guys like rimming.

As great as it was, I became impatient with it in short order. So, I
rolled Cody over again and glued my eyes to the piece de resistance:
the cock. It was uncut, fat, and had to be at least six inches
flaccid. It had that wonderful, sweaty cock-smell to it, which made
me drool. The beauty was completed by two large, firm balls that I
took a moment to heft. They were nice and heavy; clearly full of
juice. And what purpose did juice serve except to be extracted?

I began to tremble when I realized that. I had approached the point
of no return. If he were to come to now, I could just tell him that
I had stripped him for bed. He would have bought it, big sweet
dumbass lug that he was. I eventually managed to get my nerve back.
Like they say, ‘no guts, no glory’ I would never have a chance like
this again. Slowly, savouring every moment, I peeled back his
foreskin and ran my hands up and down his shaft as gently as
possible (seeing as I only had saliva for lubricant).

It took a little longer than I had expected to get a reaction, but
get a reaction I did. It stiffened in my hand, and I restrained from
gasping at the transformation. Some people are growers and others
are showers, Cody was both. As big as his cock was already, it
gained at least half again the length it had previously had. It was
mesmerizing. In point of fact, I stared at it for so long that it
started to get soft again. Why yes- I did kick myself for that. I
waited until he was completely soft again before getting him hard
again. It was every bit as magnificent the second time, but I was
prepared. I took him in my mouth the moment I felt my muscles start
to freeze.

The taste of his cock was indescribable, almost heavenly (it would
have otherwise qualified if I hadn't neglected to wipe off the dried
urine in my haste. Oh well). It made me have an out-of-body
experience. It was as if I could see myself with his cock in my
mouth. I could do nothing but watch- and swirl my tongue around his
shaft, of course. My mind was reduced to random snippets of thought,
but one of those snippets was a good idea. I had read on the
internet that when you jack off, you should jab a finger behind your
balls to stimulate your prostate, thereby making the orgasm even
better. I thought that the same principle should apply in oral sex,
forgot that I didn't necessarily want him to feel his orgasm, and
moved a hand so that I was able to jab an index finger behind his
ball sack. He quivered a bit, moaned, and my mouth was suddenly full
of his sperm. Two complete thoughts raced through my mind. One- the
stuff tasted every bit as good as the rest of him had, and two- I
was completely unprepared for the volume of semen he was producing,
and therefore a half-second away from choking on his wad. I resolved
that situation the only way I could. I swallowed every last drop of

That wasn't the end. The moment I realized what I had just done, I
felt my own balls practically start to boil. I got off of Cody as
stealthily as I could, and sat down on the floor just in time for
the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced to hit me. I
practically lost all control of my body. I required every ounce of
my self-control to keep from yelling out in ecstasy. Finally, the
feeling subsided, and I basked in the afterglow, stretching out on
his floor. Just as I was about to fall asleep, a somewhat foul smell
finally registered in my nostrils. That brought me around. I got up,
and I realized that Cody had farted, probably just after he came. I
snorted quietly. Typical straight man.

My brief moment of scorn was quickly replaced by tenderness as I
looked down at him. He was Sleeping Beauty. My Sleeping Beauty, now
and forever. Of course, I wasn't quite done with him. I found his
bathroom, got a wet rag, and wiped it over everything below the
navel and above the thighs, thereby cleaning the dried urine as best
I could (and conveniently removing every trace of my presence). I
pulled his sheets back over him and turned to leave. A sudden urge
struck me, and I turned back again.

"Sweet dreams," I whispered after I kissed his forehead. "You
deserve them, bro."

I got a blanket from his closet, stretched out on the sofa, and was
out like a light. He did invite me to stay, after all, and I wasn't about
to let the opportunity go to waste.

I woke up early that morning. I wanted to be there when he woke
up/came to, and I didn't have anywhere to be that day. Finally, at
almost 1 pm, I heard a pitiful groan coming from the bedroom. I
smiled, fetched a glass of orange juice and an aspirin (both
conveniently handy) and went into his room.

"Hey Sleeping Beauty," I said quietly, but letting my amusement show.

"…Greg?" he finally asked me, after he stopped gaping stupidly.

"Uh huh," I nodded.

"It's good to see you, bro, but where the Hell did you come from?"
He sat up, and clutched his head.

"Here," I told him gently as I handed him the orange juice and the
aspirin. I continued talking as he partook. "I found you on the way
back from that party you were at. I helped you get home, and you
asked me to stay."

"I did?"

"Yup. Right before you passed out."


"And you were pissing all over yourself when I found you."

"Oh man," he groaned.

"Yeah." I pointed to his clothes, which I had collected in a plastic
bag. "I don't know where the laundry room is in this place. Sorry."

"It's okay," he told me. He looked at me for a moment, and
smiled. "You stayed all night jus' `cause I asked?"


"Thanks, bro."

"Any time, Cody," I smiled. "Any time at all."

Friday, 4 July 2008

Darren by Kewtieboy


By kewtieboy

Don’t let anyone tell you that owning bed and breakfast style accommodation is easy! The trouble is, of course, that you don’t need a lot of staff but you do need help. As a gay couple running a straight business, we usually like to balance ourselves with female part-time help where we can. Generally this was always easy as guys tended not to apply.

We had three staff, all part-time. One worked five days a week, one three to four days and one at weekends. This usually gave us two members of staff on the busiest days. When the five day vacancy came up, in amongst all the middle aged married women and part-time students was Darren. He had an evening job in a bar and thought our 9.00 am till 2.00 pm hours would slot nicely in to augment his income.

He was 25 with dark hair and freckles. I assume the hair had some red in it (and he later confirmed that his facial and other hair was actually red). He was plain rather than attractive, well built rather than slim or fat, medium height and had a cheeky, rather than polite personality. Basically, the sort of guy you would probably walk past in the street and perhaps only give a passing glance. He was as straight as they come, talking about his love of football (soccer) and his many girlfriends. In fact his pursuit and failure of girls became the joke of many a Monday morning.

By now, you have probably guessed that we employed him. He had an affable personality and was likeable though he could talk faster than he worked. Within a few weeks, we felt he had worked with us for ever. He would push our limits frequently, walking in just in time to start work, arguing when we asked him to do something he didn’t want to and always leaving the difficult chores to the end in the hope that they might be carried over for someone else to do the following day. We still liked him and his constant tales of “the girl that got away” were quite amusing.

Whether Darren realised that he was working for a couple of gays, I hadn’t any idea. He certainly didn’t let on. We discovered he liked to smoke the odd joint and his grumpy moods some mornings suggested he partook on quite a regular basis. That along with ability to sink 12 or 13 pints of beer on a guy’s night out, were quite staggering. Certainly judging by the state of him on the odd occasion when he went out with friends on a work night, he must have looked like death the night before.

He worked with us in total for about 18 months and sometime about 9 months into the job a couple of things happened. He started to arrive at work in his jeans (which we forbad) and changed into his work trousers. The reason given was that he liked to be in his jeans for after work. Frequently he would stand around in his tight boxer shorts as he changed and, we may not have given him a second glance normally but he earned a few more brownie points from that moment. One day I noticed the seam on the side of his shorts was split and mentioned it. He spent some time looking at it as a little bit of his fly front opened and a piece of flesh and red hair could be seen. An erotic sight I can assure you. Thereafter he made sure we knew every time he wore those shorts.

The second incident that turned me on was story he told about being at a friend’s wedding and getting absolutely blitzed falling asleep in a corner of the hotel and then wakening late at night when the wedding was over. It had been a formal highland dress wedding so he had a kilt. He stumbled out and called a taxi to try some pubs in the city centre and the next thing he remembered was being wakened by a policeman who bundled him home in a taxi. The thought of him lying with his legs open, wearing a kilt with nothing underneath, gave me cause for an erection from that moment on every time he stripped to change trousers.

He would frequently tell us little stories how this girl had sucked him off in the gents toilet in a pub, or how he had smuggled another girl home (he stayed with parents) and shagged her all night. I still could not believe that he had not guessed our sexuality so whether he was underlining his heterosexual status or not, I don’t know. Certainly stripping to your underwear in front of two gays every day is hardly a sign of fear.

Well he announced that he was going to leave and do some round the world travel. By this time, the two of us had the hots for him. Whether or not it would have been wise to do anything if the opportunity had arisen, I don’t know. My partner and I agreed that it would not, but an erect cock has its own mind! We didn’t have time to organise a night out for him before his final day, but brought the five of us together the week after he left on a quiet Winter’s night for a meal. I asked everyone to dress nicely for the evening and the two girls looked very smart, whereas we made sure we wore a collar and tie. Of course I should have known Darren: he turned up wearing his kilt! The excuse was that he wouldn’t get a chance to wear it for a while if he was travelling the world.

Well we live in Scotland so the kilt was not out of place and we had a great meal with a copious quantity of wine. Afterwards, the youngest staff member went home leaving Darren and the other girl whom Darren had been trying to bed unsuccessfully as she already had a boyfriend. She was a serious drinker too and as we headed for another pub, his innuendoes were getting pretty heavy. Drunk she may have been but she was having none of it and by midnight, called it a day and left.

“Fancy a drink back at the house, Darren,” I asked in all innocence.

“You lead,” he slurred.

We got back home and he pulled off his jacket and tie, opened the top button of his shirt and slumped on the sofa. I gave him a wine. Thankfully I can hold wine whereas, Darren pointed out that beer was his drink. The three of us had at least another two bottles and by this time his feet were up on the coffee table and his legs open. I could just see his balls as I sat opposite. Our hormones were firing off in all directions as he talked, moving his legs around, offering brief glimpses of flesh but none enough to form an exact opinion of cock size. He commented on the staff member and her unwillingness to “give out” as he adjusted the front of his kilt.

We put a music channel on television and continued to talk. He asked if he could smoke and I sent him out to the garden where we joined him as he had a couple. I was aware they were “roll your own.” After that he became very slurred and flopped back on the couch saying something like, “I might have to stay” before falling asleep. The two of us looked at him as his breathing eventually changed to a rhythmic in and out. After fifteen minutes or so, I tried to rouse him to get a taxi. He wasn’t having any of it and just grunted before slipping back to sleep.

I looked at my partner, the alcohol we had taken giving Dutch courage, and walked over to him. I gently lifted the corner of his kilt and slowly pulled it back and up. This was done over five minutes or so. At last the prize was in sight. His medium size, soft balls lay between his legs, a three inch soft piece of cock flesh lay on top and a patch of red hair above that. I had to photograph it, if only for future wank sessions. After taking some shots, I lifted the cock gently in my hands as my partner watched and talked in worried tones. It didn’t make a move and neither did he. I knelt between his legs and gently placed the head and most of the flesh in my mouth, squishing the softness around and enjoying the aroma of male flesh. My partner couldn’t hold on so came over and sat at my side, taking a few more pictures then holding Darren’s weighty balls in his hand as I sucked.

I felt it start to grow. It was very slow at first but soon accelerated until I could no longer accommodate it in my mouth and the length pushed its way out and up to 6.5 inches. I pulled back the skin revealing his pink head and the two of us took a side each to lick it. We each released our cocks and I knelt beside him and took his hand to grip it round my stiff 7 inches. He gripped. I started to push back and forward in his hand. My partner did the same at the other side. The view of him, legs open, kilt pulled back and cock sticking straight up, hand on both our cocks, was amazing. It didn’t last long before both his hands dropped back down limply to the sofa.

“I want fucked by him,” my partner exclaimed!

I ran upstairs while he stripped down and I grabbed a condom and lube before running back down. My partner, always ready for a fuck, lubed his hole while I carefully pulled the rubber over Darren’s now pulsing cock. With his back to the sleeping Darren, he lowered his hole on to his cock and I gently guided it in. Initially, my partner had to push up and down while seated on the cock but he quickly realised that Darren was meeting his thrusts. He then uttered a “Yes.”

His hands came up, his eyes still closed, and he took my partner’s hips to push and thrust his cock upwards and into his hole. He suddenly rolled him and turned him sideways to push further in right to the hilt in a flurry of tartan and flesh. His eyes were still closed. I flashed my camera and wanked my cock at this wonderful sight till he grunted and hammered his cock for the final five or six thrusts and emptied his balls before crashing back on the sofa and falling into sleep, the full condom dangling on the end of his cock and a copious quantity of cum in the sac.

I pulled it off and emptied it on to the palm of my hand to finish myself quickly. My partner realised he had already cum just with the fucking. My load was almost painful when it rushed up to meet the fresh air forcefully and shot across to land on Darren’s thighs.

We both sat back and looked at him. He HAD been awake and I am sure he knew what he was doing. Whether he had wanted it too and the drink and hash had allowed his guard to drop, I don’t know. Anyway, he was in no fit state to go home. We shook him awake and managed to get him to stumble to the toilet where I had the pleasure of holding his cock while he pissed. I removed his kilt and placed him on the sofa with a blanket before we retired.

We were both up before him in the morning and he was still happily snoozing away when we got to the lounge. We woke him (apprehensively) and he grumpily came to his senses.

“I didn’t make it home then,” he said, stating the obvious.

“Nope,” I replied. “Want some breakfast?”

“Great, can I shower,” he asked?

Off he went. We cooked a few bacon sandwiches and he came down and ate them hungrily.

As he left, he hugged us both and said, “Thanks for a great night, I really enjoyed it,” and left with the promise to contact us when he returned.

He did contact us a few times with promises to pop in and see us but hasn’t yet. Scared of what he might do or just forgotten what he did – I don’t know, but he’s always welcome to come round for a drink…….or two!

The College Roommate by CHP914

College Roommate by

I had been to college for two years, before I decided what I really wanted to do. After some thought I decided to transfer to another college in another city and study Graphic Design.

During the Freshman orientation week, I met some really cool guys, really artsy fartsy types, afterall, we were studying advertising design. The crazier you were the better.I became quite close with a guy named Anthony who was from a small town, and it was his first year of college, and away from his parents. He was 5'10", 170lbs, solid hockey player build, blonde shaggy hair, and blue eyes. He was a character, a small town boy, with a creative side to him...wanting to take in all the city had to offer.It was a ritual for the design students to knock off classes on Friday afternoons and hit the pubs.

There was one in particular that was a favorite of ours. A couple of the students would bring their guitars, and we would all sit around a bunch of tables and sing and drink several pitchers of beer. This Friday night in particular Anthony and I had gotten quite wasted and were hamming it up for the other students, making fun of "fags".

He would run his fingers through my hair, and say, "My god you are one hot stud."

I would reciprocate with my hand running up his thigh, and say, "My what a big boy you are!"

This went on all evening, to great chuckles from the rest of the students. Anthony and I were the last two to leave the pub that night. He was rather drunk, and his apartment was quite a distance away. My apartment was only a couple of blocks, so I told him he could crash at my place. He agreed, and we stumbled our way home.

By the time we got to my place, he had his arm around my neck, to help him walk. I took him into my room and flopped him on my bed. I went to get a drink of water and brush my teeth, and came back to my room to find him laying on his back in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. I undressed to my white jockeys and crawled over him to the inside of the bed. It wasn't long and he was snoring up a storm. I lay there looking at him, with the street lamp dimly lighting my bedroom. I could see his bulge in his boxer shorts, and one of his hands lazily cupping his balls through the thin fabric of his boxers. My heart was racing, I had to see what was inside, I gently moved a little closer to him, and started massaging his bulge through his shorts. He let a soft moan escape his lips, and I could feel his cock growing beneath my hands. He started to stir a bit, so I quickly let my hand go, and his stirring had caused his cock to peek out the button hole of his boxers. It didn't take me long to put my hand back on that hard 7.5 inches of uncut meat. I started jerking his cock and was inspired by the drops of precum glistening on his foreskin. I slowly pulled back the foreskin, as it was very tight around his larege cock head. Once I had the foreskin pulled completely back over the head, I moved down so that I was head to head with his cock, I stuck my tongue out and gently swirled it around his cock head, licking all the precum. He started to moan, I was going crazy at this point!

"What am I doing, sucking my friend's cock?" I thought.

I don't know whether it was the beer or the silly flirtation we were doing at the pub earlier that evening that had gotten me so worked up but I couldn't help myself. I slid my white jockeys off and spit on my hand and rubbed into my ass hole, greasing it up real good, I got up on my knees beside him, and just looked at his beautiful face, sleeping so peacefully. I just couldn't help myself, I needed him inside me, so I straddled him, and gently worked his cock head into my tight ass, immediately he started moving his hips in a fucking motion, all the while still snoring. I bent forward and kissed his lips gently at first, and then began kissing him like a wild man. He was still grinding his hips all the while driving his cock deeper inside my ass. He suddenly opened his eyes wide and just looked deep into mine. I was like a deer caught in headlights,. I didn't know what to do, he didn't say anything, all I could do was whisper that I loved him, this sly grin came over his face, and he closed his eyes and started to really pump my ass. I was grinding my ass down and he was pumping his cock upwards into my tight ass, I was getting ready to shoot the biggest load of my life.

I could really feel his cock deep inside of me now and he was moaning deep from within his stomach. I could feel him getting ready to explode so I gave one last grind of my ass on his hard cock, and he shot deep inside my ass for what seemed like an eternity. As he was shooting, I shot the biggest, thickest, creamiest load of my life, the first landed on his chest, the second and third landed on his goatee and the fourth landed on his right cheek. I gently leaned forward and licked my hot cum off of his face, and collapsed on his chest and let my first load squish between our chests.

After a few minutes, his cock became soft and slipped out of my ass, and I rolled over and went to sleep. The next morning, I could hear him stirring, and I woke up just as he was sitting up on the side of the bed, I was buck ass naked and laying on my stomach.

He turned around and slapped my on my ass and said, "Wake up buddy, and put some damn clothes on. I need some breakfast."

I got up and quickly got dressed and nothing was ever mentioned about the night before, except for how drunk we both were.

Our second year of Graphics proved to be interesting, as he and another classmate all got an apartment together.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

St Patrick's Day by Doc

Subject: St. Patrick's Day by

Here we are again! No action yet today, but there may be achance late night today...This is the day to find drunks galore!A great day and night to find some that otherwise might NOT be drunk. Plan ahead and you may get lucky.

When I was much younger, I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. Yes, it was late in the afternoon on St. Patrick's Day. I was walking on my way to an appointment when I saw 5 or 6 older teens come out of the back door of an Irish pub. They were all wasted, but one unfortunate lad was out cold and they had him on a hand truck that they had borrowed from the bar and were trying to wheel him along the street as he was completely out. He kept falling off of the cart and I just had to help out. He fell off again and I took charge.

"Here, let me help," I said.

They all seemed afraid to put their hands on him. Not having that reservation, once we had his feet well placed on the hand truck platform, I removed his belt and used it to secure his legs just above the knees to the hand truck. Then while one of his friends pushed the cart and not wanting him to get a chill in the cool, overcast night, I covered him with my trench coat. While I held his upper body to the cart this also gave cover to my other hand which had to see how out of it he was. After opening the waist band of his trousers, I eased the zipper down part way. He was out for the count. It seemed they were headed to a Catholic School nearby where they were known and the janitor let us take the lad down to the locker room. They seemed to think that a cold shower would bring him around. It took a while to procure the key and I took full advantage of this time to get to know the most intimate details of this unconscious young man.

He still didn't stir at all when we put him on the cold cement locker room floor and he was quickly stripped out of his shirt and t-shirt. Then his friends removed his socks and shoes and one pulled the already unfastened slacks by the legs and we were left with a beautiful young man, well defined, lean and only wearing his jockey shorts. If only we had digital cameras back then.

Someone said "Let's get his shorts off and get him in the shower."

Someone else reached to do it and then said "I can't do it."

Having already been there, but not had a chance to look, I needed no further invitation, so I reached over and removed his last vestige of clothing and cover. We carried him to the shower and turned on the cold water trying to hold him up without getting wet. Most tried to look anywhere but at the unfortunate violated young man which left me free for some last exploration and it was only on the third time I pulled out some pubic hair that he started to come around.

I made my exit and took his jockey shorts on my way out. They and the pubic hair were souvenirs for years and many jack-offs have been fueled by the memories.