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Old Friend by asha_man72

Old Friend by asha_man72


It was unlikely that I would have survived grade 10 gym class were
it not for Cody. He was our TA, and in grade 12. I never really put
a finger on a reason (God knows how different we are!), but we
really hit it off. Unusually well, considering that was he was by
all standards a dumbass (albeit the sweetest, most genuinely good
dumbass in existence). He was tall, blond, and played football and
rugby. Me- well, the less said the better.

Oddly enough, we started talking whenever we encountered each other
in the halls. It was usually brief, but he always had a smile and
some kind words for me. I loved him for it. He was the closest thing
to an older brother that I ever had. Of course, most boys don't want
to play with their big brothers bodies in a sexual way. I was
heartbroken when he graduated, but we managed to keep in touch a
bit, if only through random (and very rare) encounters in town.

I grew up, but I never forgot anything about him. You can imagine
how pleasantly surprised I was when I was walking through the woods
one very hot summer night and was certain that I heard the sound of
his voice. I followed it, and came across a tall figure leaning on a
tree with one arm outstretched, supporting himself. The lighting
wasn't the best, but I could see that it was Cody- and I could see
that he was about to water the tree. Yeah, awk-ward! I watched in
helpless fascination as he whipped his dong out and grabbed it with
both hands. Almost immediately after he did so, he toppled backwards.

I rushed over to him to see if he was okay. His eyes were glassy,
and a little unfocused. I could smell alcohol on him, which told me
that he had really been drinking as if I couldn’t still smell it
through the ever more pungent scent of urine from his crotch.

"Cody, Cody!" I hissed as I slapped his cheeks. "You okay, dude?"

That brought him out of his stupor a little. "Greg?" he said

"Yeah, man. It's me."

"I think I just pissed myself, Greg."

"Yeah, you did. You been partying?"

"Yeah. On my way home."

"Want some help?"

"Sure!" he smiled. Even in the poor light, I was still dazzled by
that smile. "I think I'm done pissin' now."

I helped him up, and supported him. He put his arm around my
shoulder, and off we went. The smell of booze and piss covered me
now, but I didn't care. He needed to get home safely, and that was
all that mattered.

Finally, I got him to his apartment. I helped him get his shoes off,
and I set him on the couch.

"Want me to get you outta those clothes?" I asked.

"Nah, I'm fine," he smiled. "Wanna stay a bit? Haven't seen you in
years, bro."

"Sure," I said as I took a seat on the couch. "How've you been,

His reply was a snore. I looked over, and saw that he had passed out.

"Good night, bro," I whispered as I got up. "Sweet dreams."

I took a look at him before I left, and that changed everything. Sure, I had
recognized him on sight, but it had been a couple years since I had
last seen him. What a change those years wrought. He had always been
handsome, but more a boy than a man. He was just into his mid-
twenties, and he had become a man since I saw him last, and not just
in the face. He had grown his hair out to shoulder-length, and the
length had made it curl. He had gained a few dozen pounds of muscle,
and they were distributed evenly across his chest and shoulders and
in his legs. His face wasn't Brad Pitt perfect- his nose had been
broken, and his jaw was a little too big for his face- but even
though it was red from the alcohol, it was amazing. His clothes were
just tight enough to hint at what lay underneath- and that was what
did me in.

'Fuck it,' I thought. 'I'm 21 and I'm never gonna get a chance like
this again ever!'

I went back over to him. "Cody," I said quietly. "Cody, you awake?"

No response. I slapped his cheeks again, just to be sure. I had
never done anything like this before, and if I was going to do this
then I wanted to be absolutely sure he wouldn't be waking up for a
while. You see, he had seemed to pass out once at a party when he
was in high school, and some other party-goers decided to take
advantage of that by covering the back of his briefs with peanut
butter. He woke up in the middle of that, and well... let's just say
it wasn't pretty. No repeats of that incident, thank you.

First things first. I went into his bedroom, pulled the sheets off
of his bed, and returned to the living room. He was out cold, so I
had to get him on his feet again. It was harder because he wasn't
helping me. I got him into his bedroom, and laid him out prone on
the bed. I took a moment to regret not having a camera on me, but I
knew that I would lose my nerve completely if I left to get one.

I started with his socks. I don't usually like smelly feet, but
maybe his are another grade of smelly foot. Or maybe I'm just
predisposed to love everything about him. At any rate, I started
brushing the soles of his feet with my fingers. He had a reputation
for ticklishness, so this served as both a final test and a form of
wish fulfillment. There was no response. He just kept right on
snoring, completely oblivious.

When I got too impatient to continue with that, I moved on to his
shirt. It was a really nice shirt, but I only noticed that with my
super-ego. My ego and my id both saw it as an obstruction to the
goodness underneath, so it had to go. Once I got the nice-yet-
obstructing shirt off, I gasped with delight. As good as Cody's
chest was before, it was even better now. I was entranced; I
couldn't do anything but rub my face in his pecs, before I started
sucking on his dime-sized nips. As I sucked (they tasted fantastic,
by the way), I ran my hands over his well-developed six-pack.
Clearly, Cody had taken great pains to build up every single muscle
he had. I approved.

Finally, it was time to take his shorts off. I managed to tear
myself away from his nipples long enough to do it, and when I did
all thoughts of those magnificent nips fled my mind. I love an
evenly developed body, so I was thrilled to see that Cody had, in
fact, taken great pains to develop his entire body. His legs were
thick and wonderfully muscled. His mound was perfection, just as I
had remembered it. It was somewhat visible through his white briefs,
thanks to the piss.

I rolled him over. You see, I had seen half his body, and I wanted
to see the other half. Once he was on his stomach, I pulled his
briefs off and gazed with delight at his naked ass. It was muscled,
much like the rest of him, but with just enough fat to make it
pleasing. I buried my nose in his crack, and inhaled deeply. For the
first time in my life I understood why some guys like rimming.

As great as it was, I became impatient with it in short order. So, I
rolled Cody over again and glued my eyes to the piece de resistance:
the cock. It was uncut, fat, and had to be at least six inches
flaccid. It had that wonderful, sweaty cock-smell to it, which made
me drool. The beauty was completed by two large, firm balls that I
took a moment to heft. They were nice and heavy; clearly full of
juice. And what purpose did juice serve except to be extracted?

I began to tremble when I realized that. I had approached the point
of no return. If he were to come to now, I could just tell him that
I had stripped him for bed. He would have bought it, big sweet
dumbass lug that he was. I eventually managed to get my nerve back.
Like they say, ‘no guts, no glory’ I would never have a chance like
this again. Slowly, savouring every moment, I peeled back his
foreskin and ran my hands up and down his shaft as gently as
possible (seeing as I only had saliva for lubricant).

It took a little longer than I had expected to get a reaction, but
get a reaction I did. It stiffened in my hand, and I restrained from
gasping at the transformation. Some people are growers and others
are showers, Cody was both. As big as his cock was already, it
gained at least half again the length it had previously had. It was
mesmerizing. In point of fact, I stared at it for so long that it
started to get soft again. Why yes- I did kick myself for that. I
waited until he was completely soft again before getting him hard
again. It was every bit as magnificent the second time, but I was
prepared. I took him in my mouth the moment I felt my muscles start
to freeze.

The taste of his cock was indescribable, almost heavenly (it would
have otherwise qualified if I hadn't neglected to wipe off the dried
urine in my haste. Oh well). It made me have an out-of-body
experience. It was as if I could see myself with his cock in my
mouth. I could do nothing but watch- and swirl my tongue around his
shaft, of course. My mind was reduced to random snippets of thought,
but one of those snippets was a good idea. I had read on the
internet that when you jack off, you should jab a finger behind your
balls to stimulate your prostate, thereby making the orgasm even
better. I thought that the same principle should apply in oral sex,
forgot that I didn't necessarily want him to feel his orgasm, and
moved a hand so that I was able to jab an index finger behind his
ball sack. He quivered a bit, moaned, and my mouth was suddenly full
of his sperm. Two complete thoughts raced through my mind. One- the
stuff tasted every bit as good as the rest of him had, and two- I
was completely unprepared for the volume of semen he was producing,
and therefore a half-second away from choking on his wad. I resolved
that situation the only way I could. I swallowed every last drop of

That wasn't the end. The moment I realized what I had just done, I
felt my own balls practically start to boil. I got off of Cody as
stealthily as I could, and sat down on the floor just in time for
the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced to hit me. I
practically lost all control of my body. I required every ounce of
my self-control to keep from yelling out in ecstasy. Finally, the
feeling subsided, and I basked in the afterglow, stretching out on
his floor. Just as I was about to fall asleep, a somewhat foul smell
finally registered in my nostrils. That brought me around. I got up,
and I realized that Cody had farted, probably just after he came. I
snorted quietly. Typical straight man.

My brief moment of scorn was quickly replaced by tenderness as I
looked down at him. He was Sleeping Beauty. My Sleeping Beauty, now
and forever. Of course, I wasn't quite done with him. I found his
bathroom, got a wet rag, and wiped it over everything below the
navel and above the thighs, thereby cleaning the dried urine as best
I could (and conveniently removing every trace of my presence). I
pulled his sheets back over him and turned to leave. A sudden urge
struck me, and I turned back again.

"Sweet dreams," I whispered after I kissed his forehead. "You
deserve them, bro."

I got a blanket from his closet, stretched out on the sofa, and was
out like a light. He did invite me to stay, after all, and I wasn't about
to let the opportunity go to waste.

I woke up early that morning. I wanted to be there when he woke
up/came to, and I didn't have anywhere to be that day. Finally, at
almost 1 pm, I heard a pitiful groan coming from the bedroom. I
smiled, fetched a glass of orange juice and an aspirin (both
conveniently handy) and went into his room.

"Hey Sleeping Beauty," I said quietly, but letting my amusement show.

"…Greg?" he finally asked me, after he stopped gaping stupidly.

"Uh huh," I nodded.

"It's good to see you, bro, but where the Hell did you come from?"
He sat up, and clutched his head.

"Here," I told him gently as I handed him the orange juice and the
aspirin. I continued talking as he partook. "I found you on the way
back from that party you were at. I helped you get home, and you
asked me to stay."

"I did?"

"Yup. Right before you passed out."


"And you were pissing all over yourself when I found you."

"Oh man," he groaned.

"Yeah." I pointed to his clothes, which I had collected in a plastic
bag. "I don't know where the laundry room is in this place. Sorry."

"It's okay," he told me. He looked at me for a moment, and
smiled. "You stayed all night jus' `cause I asked?"


"Thanks, bro."

"Any time, Cody," I smiled. "Any time at all."

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