Wednesday, 27 August 2008

True Story from College by Mark B.L.Simon

I was a college sophomore and still living in the dormitory. Across the hall were 2 really good-looking freshmen. Both were straight. I thought I was too back then.

One night, after a party and too much beer, Mike (the Italian freshman) told me he was in the mood to watch an Arnold Schwartzenegger movie. As luck would have it, I had one in my room right across the hall. My roommate was out. We both swayed across the 4 feet into my little cell, and Mike collapsed onto my bed as I got the video rolling and turned off the lights. He passed out almost immediately.

Curiosity overpowered my better judgment, and I tentatively touched the crotch of his shorts. I was shocked and overjoyed to find him completely aroused. Touching his fabric-sheathed erection instantly sobered me and forced me to continue my manual exploration. I untied the drawstring of his shorts and carefully maneuvered them down past his hips. I could smell the musky scent of him as his cock was unleashed from its cotton prison. Like a man possessed, I drew nearer to him and allowed my tongue to caress the swollen head of his more-than-average sized dick. That wasn't enough. I pushed my mouth over the warm and sweat-sticky skin of that gorgeous piece of meat. He moaned and tried to put his hands on my head to guide me, but he was still trashed and not in complete control of his arms. I sucked his cock slowly at first and then more furiously. I was having a great time!! My dick was about ready to push its way out of my jeans, but I knew I'd blow a wad if I touched myself, so I kept my attention on this great man before me.

Emboldened by my lustful trip down Gay Street, I moved off his dick and licked and sucked his nuts into my mouth. They weren't huge, but I loved the taste and feel of them. My mind wandered to his lips...what would his lips feel like against mine? Why wait? His balls popped out of my hungry mouth, and I moved up his dark, hairy body until my face hovered above his. I had my hand wrapped around that inflated prick and brought my lips down upon his in a soft, whispering kiss. I received a minor response to this, but he just fell asleep again. I moved down his body, kissing his neck, his shoulders, stopping at his nipples. Engorged and demanding attention, I licked...then sucked...then bit those nubs of skin. A quick intake of his breath alarmed me, and I backed off. Only seconds later, when I realized he was still out did I go back to his cock, which was still hard and eager for my return.

Like I was born to it (and I guess I was) I threw my mouth over his fat dick and sucked on it like it was my last (it wasn't). It only took a few minutes until I was blessed with a loud moan and an enormous gusher of Mike's cum hitting the back of my throat. Hot and salty, I would never lose my love for that nectar. As his convulsions subsided, I heard a key being inserted into the lock in my door!! I had only seconds to yank the sheet over Mike's nearly naked body and collapse on the floor before my roommate walked in.

Later that week, as Mike and I were shooting pool, he made a really terrific shot. Hurling the popular phrase, "Fuck you!".

I made a whispered reply, "only when I'm drunk!"

Monday, 18 August 2008

On the Plane by William Wolfsbane

This is a true story which happened only recently.

I was on a red-eye flight from L.A. to N.Y. and the flight was just about fully booked. A few minutes after I got into my seat (54-J) alongside the window, the next two seats were taken by the two kids of a couple in the middle section. One kid was about 18, tall and skinny and pretty average looking, and the other was his younger sister, about 6 or 7.

About an hour into the flight (which took off at 9pm), the movie began and the lights went down. The 18 yr. old next to me settled down to watch the flick and the sister was out like a light. To clarify the scene, the kid was wearing a jumble of clothes consisting of a zippered sweatshirt, at-shirt and army-green shorts. Not much time passed during the film before he also dozed off and shifted his position in the seat so that he was half-way turned towards me with one leg lifted up on his tote bag and the other stretched out.

The pay-off was that in this position, and from my viewpoint, his shorts parted at his thighvery widely. The sight was memorable. Even in the dim light I had very close and very direct view of blue checkered flannel boxer shorts protruding beneath the shorts and pretty much the bottom half of his penis laying against his inner leg. As he slept I reclined my seat to the point where I had the best view and when he eventually sprawled out a bit more, the side of his leg pressed against my hand on the arm-rest we shared. At one point he coughed and shifted more in his seat and reached down to pull down the fabric of his army shorts which had bunched up. In doing this, the boxers were also un-bunched and the view increased.

Now I could see half of his balls and all of his penis laying down the side of his leg although nothing actually hung out of the shorts to his knowledge he didn't realize what could be seen from the right angle. The ultimate was soon to come. Maybe 1/2 hour later he moved his pillow from under his head and put it on top of his lap. Maybe he felt something coming on? Little by little, within the space of five or so minutes this snoozing kid developed a semi-hardon. Again, nothing poked out, but it elongated and raised upwards.

After a minute he instinctively put his hand over his crotch under the pillow and squeezed it a couple of times before pulling his hand back out. It soon shrunk down to normal but what a sight!! Not huge by any means, maybe four inches but the head went from a pale pink to a deep red and all around it were stray strands of jet black pubic hair. Soon after his hard-on vanished he changed position again and reached between his legs to tuck himself back up inside his shorts. Before landing when the lights went up and everyone was awake we exchanged a few words.

Very innocent. But as we spoke I was zoned out by the inner-thought that this awkward dull kid had no idea that I had seen everything that he usually kept so hidden.

Sleeping Booty by Darren Hill

Sleeping Booty

by Darren Hill

The first time I ever slept with a guy, or with anyone for that matter, was last year just after my eighteenth birthday. I barely even knew the guy. He was my brother's roommate. His name was Tim and my brother threw a going away party for him.

He was starting college and would be moving out next week. Although I didn't know him very well, I knew I would miss him. I had had a crush on him since I first laid eyes on his beautiful body.

It was quite a party. Everyone was really drunk and I'm not even sure when my brother said he was staying over at his girlfriend's place. Everyone seemed to leave at once and I found myself alone with Tim.

I remember being so tired (or drunk) that I could hardly keep my eyes open. I had spilt an entire punchbowl-full of tequila sunrises all down my chest earlier that evening and I decided to take a shower before I went to sleep.

Once under the hot, rushing water, I quickly lathered my body with thick suds and at the very moment my soapy hand found its way to my crotch I realized who I was in the house alone with.

I heard the stereo in the living room turn on. The music was different from the loud "party-music" that had been playing earlier. The melody that drifted into the bathroom was soft and sexy. I got out of shower, toweled off and shook my hair. I wrapped a towel around my waist and made for the bedroom, which Tim and my brother shared.

In the room were two beds, just a few feet away from each other Tim was lying sprawled on his back, wearing only a pair of white underwear. His eyes were closed and I assumed he was asleep. I stepped closer to him and he made no move. I must of been pretty drunk because I then took off my towel and moved closer to his hunky sleeping form.

He was gorgeous. His 5'9" frame was tan and muscular and his blonde hair was smooth and silky. His face was unlike any I've seen. Boyishly handsome, his jaw was strong and squared-off and his lips were full and luscious.

My cock swung as I stepped closer to him. His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow and even. I wrapped a fist around my dick and began to jerk, not really thinking about what I was doing. My eyes captured the vision before me and translated the sight into pure lust.

The thought which seized me at that moment was that, if I hurried and was really quiet, I could shoot a wad just inches from the face and body of the most handsome guy I'd ever seen. That thought really turned me on.

I spat into my palm and rubbed it around the head of my cock and down the shaft. I worked the slick juice rapidly up and down the length of my swollen pole, faster and faster. I knew I could cum with just a few more strokes. The face of my idol never left my gaze as I pumped away at my meat. In just a moment I would be there, reveling in my lewd display, my hot cum flying out of my cock to the floor below his bed.

Suddenly his eyes came open and he lunged for me. I probably cried out as my heart leaped into my throat. For a minute, I thought he was going to beat the shit out of me but as soon as I felt his hot lips close around my cock, my fear rapidly turned to delight. I had fallen back on the bed, with his handsome face buried in my crotch, when I realized that he hadn't been asleep at all.

Frenzied hand, his and mine tore off his underwear and I felt the searing flesh of his hard cock press against my leg. His mouth was like a stoked furnace. He swallowed my rod with vengeance, all the way down to the root.

He worked his perfect lips up and down my shaft and I felt my cum burning in my balls. I ran my hands across his back. His body felt as perfect as it looked. His skin was hot under my fevered touch and when I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold off much longer, I pulled him up off of my cock.

He brought his handsome face up and looked into my eyes. Slowly, he moved his mouth to mine and kissed me. I was startled by the feel of his lips and tongue. It was very different from kissing a girl. His tongue seemed bigger and stronger than mine and the sensation of the soft blond stubble on his upper lip against mine was the most alien and yet the most exciting thing I ever felt.

He ground his huge cock against mine, still wet from his hot spit, as we held each other tightly. Our mouths worked hungrily at each other, our tongues sampling and consuming every inch of flesh within reach.

As the hard rod between his muscular thighs forced itself against my belly, the thought entered my mind that I hadn't even seen his cock yet. I grabbed the full cheeks of his ass and pulled his body slowly to mine, my tongue tracking the sensuous journey. He allowed me to explore him, seeming to know that this was my first time. I was amazed by the taste of his skin and the way his muscles tightened as my lips carassed his stomach.

When I reached the pale tan line at his waist, I paused, knowing that the moment I took his throbbing spear into my mouth there would be no turning back. As I engulfed his thick cock between my lips, I was glad of the choice. The taste of him was sweet and sweaty at the same time. His dick was thick and I was certain my mouth could not begin to contain his massive bulk.

He rested his knees on the pillow under my head and clasped his hands in my hair.

"Relax", he soothed and he gently prodded the throbbing rod farther down my throat.

When I gagged, he pulled back and scooted his knees a little farther apart. Pushing forward once again, he murmured, "Open wide. Swallow me."

The sound of his voice set every nerve in my body pounding. I took his swollen member into my mouth and was amazed by the size and taste of it. It was steely-hard and I felt the hot blood coursing its length under the firm touch of my tongue.

I grabbed the backs of his thighs and pulled him to me. I felt his muscles tense as the hard crown pried open the tight confines of my throat. He began to pump with a slow, steady rhythm and the weight of his heavy balls made them brush against my chin.

My cock was burning. It ached to feel the touch of him. He slowly pulled his dick from my mouth and scooted down until his bace was level with my dick and balls. He used his tongue liberally, making long wet swipes and with each one I felt my prick grow larger.

"Man, you've got a great cock." he moaned between licks. "I wanna feel it up inside of me."

He staddled my hips and manuvered his juicy ass right above my swollen pole. With a handful of spit he coated the head of my dick and worked the slickness up and down the the length of the thick shaft.

When I felt the hot, moist cheeks of his ass close and tighten around my dick I thought I would shoot right then. He swallowed my cock with his strong ass and began to raise and lower his muscular body up and down on my rigid prick. The feeling was INCREDIBLE! I felt the bands of muscle in his thighs grow taut as he slowly lifted his beautiful butt up. I just lay there and used every bit of self-control I had to keep from filling his ass with my cum.

His huge cock stood straight up against his belly. The head was swollen and purple and I grasped the thick shaft in both hands. As he fucked himself up and down, his cock, huge and heavily veined, thrust itself into my fist. I began using it as a handle, to lower and raise his body up and down on my dick.

I felt beads of sweat fall from his face onto my chest. He reached down and pinched my nipples with his hands. His fingers kneaded my pecs as he bucked up and down, impaled on my rod. The sticky fluid from his cock hand coated my hands and his rod was squished wetly as it pumped into my fists.

I felt the tip of my cock begin to burn. I knew very soon the hot juice in my balls would be shooting into his clenching asshole. He suddenly sat down hard, filling his butt with my dick and began to rock back and forth, clamping his hole around my cock as hard as he could.

Almost in slow motion, I saw the first explosion of cum from his massive cock fire into the air and land on my chest. His head was thrown back and each spurt from his dick made him cry out.

I leaned forward and clamped my lips around the fat head of his cock, catching a hot mouthful of his sweet jizz. Then I came like I never had before. I bucked my ass off the bed, lifting him up in the air time after time as I spewed my load inside him. He braced his hands on my cum slicked chest and rode me like a bronco. His fat cock slapped against his taut belly with each of my intense thrusts inside him.

After my eruption finally stopped, he lay down on my chest, his ass still clamped around my cock and began to cover my face with kissess. I held on to him tightly, sober now, as I realized that this might be the last night we would be together. I never wanted to let him go.

"When are you leaving?" I finally asked, not really wanting to hear his answer.

"I'm not going anywhere," he said smiling. "I'm just moving out, getting my own apartment closer to school." My arms were still wrapped around is sweat covered back as he continued. "I'll be looking for a roommate..."

My last words to him, as we fell asleep still locked together tightly, implied very strongly that he needn't look very far.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Helping Brother's Wet Dream by Lawrence

Helping Brother’s Wet Dream

As I was growing up my father was a common working man and worked hard to keep his family in good clothes, housed and fed, so whenever possible my two sisters would share a room and my big brother and I had one of our own in our three bedroom house. It started when I was about 9 and Brandon was 17. We had split single beds right next to each other and I always had a clear view of the goings on in Brandon's bed so I would wake up to him jacking off under the covers a lot when we were much younger. We showered together so early on I knew Brandon was much bigger than I was but was forced to keep my hands to myself.

One hot night in June of 1969 I woke up to our room bathed in full moonlight and could clearly see that Brandon although snoring like a bull had a major hard on and I couldn't help myself I had to see it touch it. I gently got out of bed and lowered the already low slung bed spread and his 8 inch cock popped straight up like the Eiffel Tower I was amazed it was so beautiful and awesome in size and shape. I very gently reach out and in closed it in my palm it leaped at the touch I jumped back and lay low on the floor but Brandon went on snoring peacefully so I took it into my eager hand again it was so hot and rock hard. Mine is 7” and thin but Brandon is about 7” around and his cock only looked all the bigger in my hand. I began slowly stroking it and Brandon didn't break his stride so I played with it pointing it left right and pushing it down as close as it's hardness would allow toward his belly and then letting it leap full up right again. There was still no reaction on Brandon's part so I began jacking him off slowly at first but carefully and gradually going faster. It's smooth hot skin swelling in my hand gave me an overpowering feeling and I was stroking my own hard on as well After probably fifteen minutes I saw his bull balls start to creep up tightly at the base of his mammoth cock and suddenly huge globs of sweet smelling sperm shot high into the air and landing on his belly chest and thighs. He moaned and rolled over pulling his cock out of my cum soaked hand. I jumped back into my bed and pretended to be asleep but soon Brandon was snoring again.

The next morning when I woke Brandon was wiping himself off with his dirty socks he looked at me and smiled and said "Fuck must have had one hell of a wet dream last night" as he gave me a little slap on the back of my head, laughed and went on to the shower.

Before that night I never knew what a wet dream was and have never had one guess I jacked off too much but as time went on I learned that when you have a wet dream it wakes you up so here is the deal. Brandon lived at home up until he joined the Navy at 19 and I had made a pretty regular deal of jacking off and playing with my big brothers cock while he was "asleep" but if he knew he never let on

Just after he married his wife had to leave town to see her sister in Bakersfield and he invited me over to stay the night and watch football which he knew I hated but I jumped at the chance when it was time to go to bed I stated to lay down on the couch Brandon patted me on the back of my head and said “No little buddy that fucking old couch is no place to get a good nights sleep so come on you can sleep in bed with me.”

By this time I was 20 and, like old times I found myself awake and Brandon's bedroom flooded in the street light just outside on the corner and good old faithful wasn't quite as high in the air as in the old days but it still posed a very striking erection. I tried like Hell to get back to sleep now, knowing he would know I had jacked him off but I'm very weak when it comes to matters of the cock and I jacked him off with the same vigor as in the old days. He moaned when he shot his still massive load and rolled over and was back to sleep in seconds.

The next morning he shoved me awake and said “Damn little buddy, I guess you’re never too old to have a wet dream huh?”

He winked at me and went on the shower. I still see him often and have visited several times, but now he has a big three bedroom house so at least up to date. the night his wife was in Bakersfield is the last time Brandon's good old reliable cock has been jacked off by me and how I miss those days. Brandon has never said a thing about little brother giving him a helping hand in his wet dreams but I think any rational person knows he knows all about it and I think our love is all the better for it we share a very intimate secret we will both take to our graves.


My Cousin by Don


I was a late bloomer and was really just past full blown puberty at age 16. I didn’t realize I liked guys, but now I was curious about them, especially older guys.

I was particularly curious about my cousin, Knute, who was 19 and in college. He had emigrated from Norway when he was a baby, so was completely Americanized. He was about 6 feet tall and had very light dirty blondish hair. However his legs were particularly hairy as was his chest, but it was more reddish than blond in those areas. He was athletic and always had a “six pack” and played lacrosse and rugby. I often wondered how soft those leg and chest hairs would probably feel, but never realized I’d find out!

Our houses were nearby and he commuted to college. We didn’t have much money, so I often used my uncle’s computer which was set up in the study next to Knute’s room. One evening, my aunt and uncle were away and I was using the computer. Knute came home from lacrosse practice and said he needed to shower and he had hurt his shoulder. He told me he wanted to go out later, but was totally exhausted. He said he would shower and nap and I should wake him in an hour, but he took a painkiller for his shoulder and since he is a sound sleeper it might be hard to wake him. If I had too much trouble waking him then I should just forget it and let him sleep through the night.

I heard the water running and he popped his head in the study to say he would nap now and to actually let him sleep 1 ½ hours instead of an hour. His long, blondish hair was wet and he had on a light blue terrycloth robe and held his dirty clothes in his right hand. I stared at his bushy legs, trying not to think about what might be under the robe. The time went very slowly, but eventually the time to wake him arrived. I went to his room and the door was partly open and I could see him lying on the bed on his back. I called his name, but he didn’t stir. So I crept to the foot of the bed and knelt down. His legs were spread eagle, so I wanted to try to get a glimpse of his boxers. My heart skipped a beat when I realized he wasn’t wearing boxers at all!! The robe made a dark shadow, so I could barely discern two low hanging large hairy balls. I thought about searching for a flashlight, but I was waking him up a bit late as it was, so thought I better just get on with the business at hand.

I approached him on his right side and shook his arm. “Knute, Knute, wake up!”

There was no movement, only a deep, deep breathing. Now I got a little bold and ran an index finger between the opening of the robe at neck to the area between his nipples. It felt like goose down and my heart started pounding as I got the idea that maybe I could loosen the belt and take a little peek of the part of him I had never seen. My excuse to myself was that I was curious to see what hair he had in case I got as much when I was done with puberty. The truth was that never has my cock been as hard as that evening. My hands trembled as I started to undo the bow. It came apart easy and now all that was left was to open the robe!

My heart was pounding so hard that I thought it might waken Knute. I was shaking so much that I was convinced he would awake for certain, so I quickly and loosely retied the belt and started shaking him on his shoulder.

“Wake up! Time to get up!”

There was still nothing but breathing and then some light snoring began. The snoring made me feel bold and I came up with a plan in case I got caught. I would just say I thought he was faking being asleep and I opened the robe to tease him so he would reveal he was actually awake. I couldn’t undo the belt fast enough and my fumbling hands very slowly opened both sides of the robe as if they were window shudders. The first thing I noticed was his tan line, the shape of the speedo he always wore to the pool. Then I noticed the thick, but soft looking reddish bush and my eyes slowly looked below the bush. I think I might have audibly gasped at what I saw. There were two large, firm looking balls between his leg. Above them was a thick shaft that led to a rather large piece of flesh that curved to the right and lay on his hairy thigh. The head was much larger than the shaft and encircled partly by foreskin, the likes of which I had never seen. I only ever saw cut cocks up to that point. Most of the flesh looked soft and white, but the head was pinker than the shaft. His cock was definitely thicker than a banana and I just didn’t realize they could look so “fleshy” and be so big. The cock was moving a bit as if it was sensing changing temperatures and I wanted to touch it so badly.

Well he was really out cold, so with my flat palm, I just rubbed the hair on his chest. It was so silky and soft, yet at the same time I felt the hardness of his muscular ribcage. I had to feel the flesh, so I started to gently touch it with only and index finger. I was terrified he’d wake and wanted to stop, but I just couldn’t. His cock felt so warm against my finger. I then used several fingers to push back the foreskin, completely away from the head. It was so interesting and it left the head a little wet from where it was covering it. I started to spread the wetness around the head as if it were fingerpaint and the whole flesh at once began to move. It was filling up and straightening out at the same time. Larger and larger it became and started to rise off the thigh and move toward the navel. It was probably 7 thick inches and was too heavy to stay at an angle, so it rested with the head covering Knute’s hairy navel. I continued just ever so gently rubbing the head with my fingertips and it got wetter and wetter and shiny. I wasn’t sure where all the sticky liquid was coming from, but I was really enjoying spreading it around.

Next my attention turned to his balls. I rubbed them, squeezed them and felt the weight of them when I cupped my palm to lift them. Still no sign of waking, so I squeezed the shaft several times and his cock twitched in response. When I wasn’t touching it, it would gently throb and bob up and down on its own. I knew how to jerk off, so I started to rub it back and forth in long, very slow strokes and a large bead of precum emerged from the slit. Suddenly and without warning I came right in my jeans. I didn’t quite understand what happened, but I panicked and quickly closed and re-tied his robe. Later I was very disappointed I didn’t do more, but of course I didn’t realize at that time I would get a second chance.


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My Uncle Jose by Luis

My Uncle Jose by Luis

At 18, I experienced two life altering events. During my senior year in HS, my dad passed away in a car accident. It was a difficult time for me as I was just coming to terms with my sexuality as well. Of course the entire family came to our home to stay during the funeral. My room went to my grandmother. All my aunts, uncles and cousins took any available space on the floor. As tradition dictated, the men sat in the kitchen and drank beer and Cuervo until we were all drunk.

My uncle Jose, the youngest at 35, and I, decided to sleep near the sofa where my uncle Juan slept. (Yes, even our names are traditional) My uncle Jose was, and still is, gorgeous. Our family is light skinned, more Spanish looking than indigenous. Jose is tall with black, thick hair and dark eyes. His wife is also beautiful to this day.When we were drinking, I couldn't help but stare at him. His big smile was masculine and endearing. When we finally lay down next to each other, I couldn't sleep. I had never done anything like this, but I couldn't help it. After a few minutes, he was sleeping on his side, facing me with no sheet or blanket. My face was inches from his and I could smell his alcohol breath. I whispered his name and there was no answer.

I slowly slid my hand down to my side and reached across to him. No movement. I gently cupped my hand around his crotch area. No movement. His jeans were so tight against his skin. My heart was pounding. I had to figure out how to pull the zipper down without waking him. I gently pushed back the jean material covering the zipper. I was so nervous because there were so many relatives all around us. Slowly I tugged at the zipper. My hand was aching because I didn't want to wake him. I would check his breathing and face, my zipper pulling matching his exhales. Finally, I pushed open the jeans and reached in with my fingers. No underwear! I could feel his pubes and I pushed my forefinger further down. His cock was rock hard. I couldn't believe it. With my forefinger and thumb, I gently positioned it alongside his zipper, my hand cramped from nudging his penis. He stirred and shifted which made his cock pop out, straight out. I discovered that he was uncut. I massaged the foreskin back and forth. I was so hard myself, I felt dizzy.

After checking his breathing again, I slowly slid down. I felt like it took forever. I was finally facing his beautiful thick, 8 inch cock (I gauged the length by how much my hand covered, mesmerized). My heart was in my throat. I pushed my head forward, stuck my tongue out and licked it. It was salty and sour. I carefully placed my mouth over the head. I had never sucked a man before but I was so eager to keep it up. I tried to put more of it in my mouth. I could smell soap and sweat mixed together. I was so hungry for it. As I bobbed my head back and forth for a few minutes, his cock suddenly became even stiffer. I could sense him tensing up and I freaked out because I thought I was caught. I never expected him to cum but it kept gushing and gushing out against my throat and mouth. I started to gag but I couldn't make any noise. I was delirious, anxious, excited. I came in my pants, no hands, no touching. My uncle stirred, coughed and rolled over to his other side .I was freaking out, I knew I was caught. What was he thinking? I slowly slid my way back. I finally fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, he was in the shower and relatives were making breakfast and chatting. It was like nothing had happened. I was so out of it that day, my family thought it was because my dad had died, and that was partly it, but it was mostly because of what had happened with Jose, who was acting normal. That night we slept next to each other again, but this time was different.

After my dad's funeral, we all got trashed. I was so freaked because my uncle was acting like nothing had happened. So I started to question if my uncle had slept through the whole thing. It was late and everyone was making plans to head back to CA and Mexico. One by one, all the relatives started to crash. I casually mentioned that I could sleep in a different area (still afraid that my uncle was playing a mind game with me).

"Do I snore that bad?" he asked.

I felt like a little kid. He headed to the bathroom and came out a few minutes later in sweats, his dick swinging freely. I forgot any sheepishness and thought, "It will be a long time before I can have that piece again."Again, he slept facing me. His alcohol breath reeked, but it was a turn on. He started to breath in a heavy steady way. He was out. I reached out and felt for his crotch. He was rock hard. The sweats were so much easier to handle. I carefully hooked my forefinger under the elastic by his hips. I slowly pulled one side down, then the front, over his cock (just under his heavy balls) and finally struggled to slip his sweats down under his weight. I was sweating from the anticipation. I gently reached forward, tentatively touching it with my shaking hand. He was oozing pre-cum. I rubbed it around the head of his penis and then I tasted my finger. It was so bitter and smooth tasting. My heart was thumping more than the previous night.

Again, I slowly slid down, trying not to stir too much or make noise. As I met his cock, I pulled the foreskin back and took in as much as I could. I wasn't very good at it, but I was so excited, I had to have it all (or most) of it in my mouth. I couldn't breath, it was too thick and I didn't want to scrape my teeth against it, I was afraid he would wake up. I moved back and forth and tried not to slurp. I was so hard in my pants, I had to unzip for some relief. When I unlocked my jaw from his cock, he coughed and rolled over to the other side. I was frozen. I didn't move or breathe. I kept hoping that he wouldn't tell my Mom, or lose it. I was regretting my foolishness and thought I could somehow blame the drinking. As I began to create a story in my head, I noticed that my uncle's ass was closer to my face. He slid a little closer, closer still. My nose was touching his round ass. I was delirious. I didn't care now. I took in a deep silent breath. His ass smelled like Zest soap (I use it to this day). I carefully lifted my hands up and slowly spread his cheeks. I stuck my tongue in and started to lap up like a puppy. He had a fine line of black hair up his ass. I swear he pushed his ass against my face. I was a 18 year old kid, licking his uncle's ass.

After a few minutes, he coughed again and rolled over. I thought, "What the hell!" I was all over it now as I put my mouth on his cock and started sucking full blast. He came in my mouth after a few bobs of my head. I wanted to cum so much. I started to slide back up next to my uncle and then I felt a hand on my dick.

Remember, this was my first experience and we were drunk. When I felt the hand on my dick, I was shocked. In my innocence, I really believed my uncle had been sleeping. I was so nervous, there were no sheets or blankets to spare as I mentioned before. My dick was sticking straight out from my jeans. I had no idea what was going to happen. Since my uncle had pretended to sleep, I thought, "Maybe I'm supposed to pretend to sleep also." So, I just lay there, I even started to breathe heavier to "snore".Slowly, he started to unbutton my jeans. I took in a deep breath to make it easier. He gently opened my jeans and started to pull them down. I didn't help at all and he struggled to slip them under my butt. When my jeans reached my thighs, I thought he would stop. I was aching, my dick actually hurt. But he kept sliding them down, past my knees, down my legs. He carefully slipped them off, first one leg and then the other. Now I was lying there, ram-rod stiff through my tighty-whities. He slipped his fingers under my briefs and started to slip them down also. I couldn't figure it out. If he was going to reciprocate, why didn't he just take advantage of the access he had. He had a tough time slipping my dick back through my underwear to take them down, but he gently, quietly tugged them down, carefully lifting one ankle at a time to take them off. I still pretended to sleep, naked from the waist down.I was so nervous. Every sound was magnified, the clock, the breathing of my uncles all around us, the fridge buzzing in the kitchen. He gently spread my legs apart, and then fondled my hefty balls (back then they were hairless). I couldn't help it. I lifted my head slightly and squinted to catch him sucking his middle finger. I eased my head back down on the pillow and then felt his finger push up against my butt. He massaged and wiggled his finger further and further up. It hurt like hell at first. I was having a hard time breathing and I didn't want anyone to catch us. Then, with one finger tickling my ass, he put his mouth on my dick, swirled his tongue around and took it all down his throat. I wanted to pass out. (I felt guilty; I knew I hadn't the mastery to make him feel the same) He pushed his finger up and sucked, at the same time, with the same movement. He didn't use his other hand to hold my dick. It was only his mouth, one hand working my ass, the other hand resting on my stomach. I had to cum,I couldn't take it. The first blast caught him by surprise, he backed off at first and then plunged back down and took in every spurt. I literally saw stars (Do you guys know what I'm talking about?).

It was too much. I was semi-erect for days. My uncle let me relax and then he carefully slipped my underwear back on. The jeans were too much. (The next day I said it got too hot during the night) I rolled over to my side, facing my uncle Jose. His breath was pure alcohol. (I love that breath on a guy to this day) He patted my ass and then started to snore a minute later. We didn't see each other again until my wedding 8 years later. The night before my wedding, we all crashed at my apartment, no beds and boxes all around.

My uncle Jose slept next to me!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Sweet Dreaming by Whootas

Sweet dreaming
By Whootsas

One of my best mates has looks to die for and as far as I know is totally straight. I had known him only for a short time but we spent a lot of time partying with the boys and chasing skirt. Usually we get so pie eyed that we missed out anyway. This night in question, we had been out until 3am and Brett asked if he could crash at my place.

When we got home we had a couple more Bourbons. At this time I noticed that he had not 'shaken' properly when he pissed and he had a small wet spot on the front of his jeans. This made my eyes focus I and I saw that he dressed to the left and I could see the outline of a nice size cock. I've always wondered what his dick looked like. I thought nothing more of it, knowing that my thoughts were all that I would have. I decided to go to bed as I was spent. I left Brett on the sofa.About 4am I woke up feeling someone lying beside me. I looked over and it was Bret. He was laying on his back but right up beside me. I felt an electric charge run through the length of my body. Here I was with this Adonis on my bed! I had an instant hard on just thinking about it.

I started to think about his cock and my heart started to beat quickly, this was my chance to satisfy my thoughts. Brett was wearing only a brief pair of white briefs. The filtered light into the room allowed me to see the rounded bulge of his cock and balls. This turned me on to no end. I slid my hand over the top of his briefs and my hand was shaking like a leaf. I gently touched him on the side of his leg and called out his name. There was nothing but heavy breathing, no, not me, although I was breathless. I gingerly reached over and felt his cock, it was about 3-4", soft and warm. I pulled down the top of his briefs and his uncut cock rolled out. I was taken aback, as I thought that he was circumcised like me and my other mates. My heart was beating even faster. I had never touched another mans cock before, let alone an uncut one.

Brett was sleeping soundly the thought of pulling a foreskin back electrified me and terrified me. I held his cock in my hand for, what seemed like ages. I decided to go for it and retracted his foreskin, revealing a perfectly formed shiny knob. My cock was rock hard. The more I stroke Brett’s cock, the thicker it got. He moved closer to me and I panicked, quickly pulling his briefs back up. I lay there and started to rub the pre-cum on my knob.I just had to do it. I pulled his briefs down and started to roll his cock and foreskin in my hand. His cock got harder and harder and as this happened I blew in my shorts. Almost instantaneously Brett came, shooting cum all over his stomach. I thought, ‘God, he's woken up.’ but he was still breathing heavily and appeared to be out of it. I picked up the nearest thing lying on the bed and wiped the cum off his tight stomach. I then pulled his briefs up and decided to sleep in the spare room.

In the morning I got up and went out to the kitchen. I heard Brett awake and he came out of the room. To my horror he was wearing a dark blue T shirt and it had dried white cum all over the side of it. This is what I used to wipe him clean! I was mortified. He walked out as if he noticed nothing. My heart was pumping. Brett walked up to me and slowly reached into my shorts..... As I said I was shocked to say the least. Brett hand put his hand down the front of my shorts and grabbed hold of my throbbing cock. He told me, what had happened last night, He said he had always dreamt of happening to him and now he owed me. He told me that he was asleep but woke just before he came.Several weeks later he returned the favour except when I woke I found my cock in his mouth just as I was about to blow. When we talked about it, Brett told me that he was not gay (he is married) but the fact of fondling a sleeping man turned him on. My thoughts exactly!

Anyway since this time I have only ever done it once and the thought of getting caught terrifies me. What I don't know is can a man be so deeply asleep or passed out that he can come? Perhaps I will have to experiment further.