Friday, 15 August 2008

My Cousin by Don


I was a late bloomer and was really just past full blown puberty at age 16. I didn’t realize I liked guys, but now I was curious about them, especially older guys.

I was particularly curious about my cousin, Knute, who was 19 and in college. He had emigrated from Norway when he was a baby, so was completely Americanized. He was about 6 feet tall and had very light dirty blondish hair. However his legs were particularly hairy as was his chest, but it was more reddish than blond in those areas. He was athletic and always had a “six pack” and played lacrosse and rugby. I often wondered how soft those leg and chest hairs would probably feel, but never realized I’d find out!

Our houses were nearby and he commuted to college. We didn’t have much money, so I often used my uncle’s computer which was set up in the study next to Knute’s room. One evening, my aunt and uncle were away and I was using the computer. Knute came home from lacrosse practice and said he needed to shower and he had hurt his shoulder. He told me he wanted to go out later, but was totally exhausted. He said he would shower and nap and I should wake him in an hour, but he took a painkiller for his shoulder and since he is a sound sleeper it might be hard to wake him. If I had too much trouble waking him then I should just forget it and let him sleep through the night.

I heard the water running and he popped his head in the study to say he would nap now and to actually let him sleep 1 ½ hours instead of an hour. His long, blondish hair was wet and he had on a light blue terrycloth robe and held his dirty clothes in his right hand. I stared at his bushy legs, trying not to think about what might be under the robe. The time went very slowly, but eventually the time to wake him arrived. I went to his room and the door was partly open and I could see him lying on the bed on his back. I called his name, but he didn’t stir. So I crept to the foot of the bed and knelt down. His legs were spread eagle, so I wanted to try to get a glimpse of his boxers. My heart skipped a beat when I realized he wasn’t wearing boxers at all!! The robe made a dark shadow, so I could barely discern two low hanging large hairy balls. I thought about searching for a flashlight, but I was waking him up a bit late as it was, so thought I better just get on with the business at hand.

I approached him on his right side and shook his arm. “Knute, Knute, wake up!”

There was no movement, only a deep, deep breathing. Now I got a little bold and ran an index finger between the opening of the robe at neck to the area between his nipples. It felt like goose down and my heart started pounding as I got the idea that maybe I could loosen the belt and take a little peek of the part of him I had never seen. My excuse to myself was that I was curious to see what hair he had in case I got as much when I was done with puberty. The truth was that never has my cock been as hard as that evening. My hands trembled as I started to undo the bow. It came apart easy and now all that was left was to open the robe!

My heart was pounding so hard that I thought it might waken Knute. I was shaking so much that I was convinced he would awake for certain, so I quickly and loosely retied the belt and started shaking him on his shoulder.

“Wake up! Time to get up!”

There was still nothing but breathing and then some light snoring began. The snoring made me feel bold and I came up with a plan in case I got caught. I would just say I thought he was faking being asleep and I opened the robe to tease him so he would reveal he was actually awake. I couldn’t undo the belt fast enough and my fumbling hands very slowly opened both sides of the robe as if they were window shudders. The first thing I noticed was his tan line, the shape of the speedo he always wore to the pool. Then I noticed the thick, but soft looking reddish bush and my eyes slowly looked below the bush. I think I might have audibly gasped at what I saw. There were two large, firm looking balls between his leg. Above them was a thick shaft that led to a rather large piece of flesh that curved to the right and lay on his hairy thigh. The head was much larger than the shaft and encircled partly by foreskin, the likes of which I had never seen. I only ever saw cut cocks up to that point. Most of the flesh looked soft and white, but the head was pinker than the shaft. His cock was definitely thicker than a banana and I just didn’t realize they could look so “fleshy” and be so big. The cock was moving a bit as if it was sensing changing temperatures and I wanted to touch it so badly.

Well he was really out cold, so with my flat palm, I just rubbed the hair on his chest. It was so silky and soft, yet at the same time I felt the hardness of his muscular ribcage. I had to feel the flesh, so I started to gently touch it with only and index finger. I was terrified he’d wake and wanted to stop, but I just couldn’t. His cock felt so warm against my finger. I then used several fingers to push back the foreskin, completely away from the head. It was so interesting and it left the head a little wet from where it was covering it. I started to spread the wetness around the head as if it were fingerpaint and the whole flesh at once began to move. It was filling up and straightening out at the same time. Larger and larger it became and started to rise off the thigh and move toward the navel. It was probably 7 thick inches and was too heavy to stay at an angle, so it rested with the head covering Knute’s hairy navel. I continued just ever so gently rubbing the head with my fingertips and it got wetter and wetter and shiny. I wasn’t sure where all the sticky liquid was coming from, but I was really enjoying spreading it around.

Next my attention turned to his balls. I rubbed them, squeezed them and felt the weight of them when I cupped my palm to lift them. Still no sign of waking, so I squeezed the shaft several times and his cock twitched in response. When I wasn’t touching it, it would gently throb and bob up and down on its own. I knew how to jerk off, so I started to rub it back and forth in long, very slow strokes and a large bead of precum emerged from the slit. Suddenly and without warning I came right in my jeans. I didn’t quite understand what happened, but I panicked and quickly closed and re-tied his robe. Later I was very disappointed I didn’t do more, but of course I didn’t realize at that time I would get a second chance.


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