Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Metro Encounter by dk2891

(High School) Metro Encounter
(MMMMM/sleep/orgy/anal/oral/1st time)

"Whoa! Look at that dude!", whispered Colin as he pointed at this businessman napping on one of the metro benches as the train hurtled along.

It was the end of an apparently long day for him, but, unlike the normal ride home, there were just a few people on the train and no one but he and a few high school kids in this car. He'd gotten stuck working on an almost universal holiday and consequently was the only guy heading home from work this late. The five boys were impressed though, he was a very good looking man. He looked to be in his early thirties, thick brown hair cut short and still gelled into place after a long day, his five o'clock shadow darkening his jaw a bit. His lips were red and parted as he snored lightly, his eyes fluttering under their lids. He was dressed professionally, his jacket already off, but still wearing a light blue shirt and a dark tie,the shirt tucked neatly into his black slacks, where his crotch appeared to be quite well packed.

"Damn", muttered the youngest boy, Joseph, at only 17, "he's cute."

The five teens stood and gawked at him for a bit, before 18 year old Colin chuckled, "Dude, he's got a boner."

He was still asleep, but they were dead on, his tight slacks were starting to tent as his big cock awoke from some dream he was having. The boldest of the five, Patrick slowly started rubbing his own prick through his baggy shorts, "I want a piece of that."

"Don't be stupid", admonished Colin, the semi-leaderof the group, "we're on the fucking metro."

The boys were basically just a loose collection of skaters and punks from the local private school. They were social outcasts in the Catholic school that their parents had forced them to attend. It wasn't that they were stupid, they simply didn't care and the change in venue from public to private school hadn't changed that. It helped too, that they were all into dick. Colin was tall and thin, with very short bleached hair. He wore dark framed glasses along with a steel stud just below his bottom lip and had a little dark stubble growing on his chin where he hadn't shaved in a few days, considering school was out. He had on an ugly retro button-down shirt, left untucked and hanging over his black jeans. Patrick was the looker of the group and in some ways, Colin's rival. He was tall, like the other boy, but had a more muscled build. His dark brown hair was done into long, wild spikes, which matched well with his skater garb. He had a steel choker around his neck and dressed in almost all black, his tight-shirt fitting the contours of his chest like a glove.

He kept rubbing his dick as he scoffed at Colin, "So what? Nobody's around."

Daniel was the next one to weigh in, "Hell, he'd probably beg us for it if he was awake."

Daniel was the only natural blonde of the group. His hair had the appearance of being unwashed and unkempt, as if he'd simply gotten up out of bed this morning thrown on some clothes and hit the door. He wore a black wife beater, which hugged his lean body and showed a few stray strands of blonde hair peaking out from under his arms.

"Look at his mouth! Fuck, he's probably dreaming of sucking cock right now."

His comment drew their attention to the man's mouth as he exhaled deeply in sleep and flicked his tongue out over his lips, wetting them and parting them a littlefurther.

"Come on Dave", sighed Colin, "tell them this is idiotic."

He sighed, the growing bulge in his shorts belying Dave's feelings.

"I don't know Col, he's a fucking hottie. I'd love to get a taste of that."

Dave was probably the most far out of the group, with several earrings adorning his ears, a small nose ring, and a similar stud to Colin's. He wore eyeliner, which made his eyes stand out. His hair was disheveled, but in a purposeful manner, unlike Daniel's, standing out inseveral different directions. He wore a tight red t-shirt, which showed his perpetually hard nipples, which he hadn't gotten pierced yet.

"Come on", whined Joseph, "it'll be fun, Colin."

His hair was dyed black and formed into a mohawk of sorts,though the sides weren't shaved and it was a little short to look totally right. Though he was young, Joseph had a nice body, short, tight, and somewhat built.

Colin threw his hands up, "Whatever guys. I'm not the boss of you", his expression displaying his annoyance at being unable to rein them in.

"Hell yeah", grinned Patrick throwing a wink in Colin's direction. "Why don't you get him started Dave?"

Dave answered without hesitation and sauntered over to the sleeping businessman, quietly kneeling next to him. He laid his hand on the guy's hard cock and massaged it lightly through his fully extended slacks. A quiet groan escaped from his mouth, but he didn't wake up. The pierced skater deftly unbutton andunzipped his slacks, and carefully dragged them down his body, leaving him only in his jockey shorts. Dave licked his lips and then lowered his face into the hottie's musky crotch, licking his hard length through the material. He continued that action as their victim's breathing started to increase slightly.

Patrick smiled, "Come on dude, suck him all the way. I want him to wake up with your fucking nose in his pubes."

As Dave worked to pull the soaked jockeys off, Patrick unbuttoned his own shorts and slid them down his body along with his cum-stained underwear. He finally wrapped his hand around his long, thin prick and sighed lightly, slowly jacking it as he watched. The rest of the boys, save for Colin who wouldn't admit to being turned on bythis, followed suit, exposing their diverse cocks. They ranged in a number of departments, from Patrick's long, thin one, with an average patch of black hair crowning it, to Joseph's fat 6 inches with almost no pubic hair, to Daniel's 7 incher with a sweeping curve to its length. Dave finally got the businessman's cock free as he slid the jockeys down. He didn't take any time to admire it's 9 inches, quickly taking the spongy cockhead into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the leaking head rapidly, bringing a groan from the sleeping man. He closed his eyes and sucked hard, sliding down the length. It took him a moment to swallow down the whole length, but he had practiced with dudes this big, so it wasn't that tough. Hell, just last week he'd coerced the school chaplain into fucking his face and he was just as big as this guy. With his nose buried in the guy's pubes, as Patrick had instructed, he sucked hard and bobbed his head over the length, his hard member shining with his saliva. Still nothing but moans. Frustrated at not waking him up, Patrick brought his hand up and tickled his hairy nuts, lightly massaging them as his saliva trickled down, pooling on the wrinkly sack.

"Come on, man", muttered Patrick, now flogging his dick and desperate to get in on some action.

Still not getting the desired response, Dave trailed his hand down the man's balls and into the crevice of his ass, buried between his thighs. His fingers pushed past his muscular thighs and dipped into his ass crack, finally finding his hole. He prodded it lightly and caressed the edges with his bony fingers.

"Oh fuck", muttered the businessman, instinctively taking on of his big hands and pressing it into Dave's thick, disheveled hair. His eyes fluttered open and he gasped, making eye contact with Patrick as he beat his meat. "What...?", he began sleepily, taking his eyes off of Patrick and sliding over to cute, grungy Daniel and then Joseph who was jacking his thick cock with the vigor of a 15 year old.

"Good morning", Patrick said sarcastically. "Are you enjoying Dave?"

"Ugh", he groaned as Dave jammed one of his fingers up the man's tight asshole, "Yeah... I don't understandthough... Who are you?"

"It doesn't matter. We're just some boys looking for a good time. We thought you could help us out."

Before he could answer, Daniel, clad only his his black beater, stepped towards him. The businessman's eyes followed him as he approached, Dave still crouched at his crotch sucking away at his tool, while fucking his ass with one long finger. Daniel, climbed up on the bench with him his long, curved cock pointing directly at his red lips.

"I'm not ga-", hebegan, but was interrupted when the 18 yearold's cock pressed into his mouth, silencing him.

"Suck my dick, bitch!", hollered Daniel as he pushed his cock almost all the way in. His gag reflex kicked in quickly and Daniel pulled back mercifully. He just kinda sat there for a moment though, Daniel's hard cock resting on his tongue. "I said, suck my dick. If you don't, I'm gonna fucking rape your throat. You know you want it."

He got the message and tentatively began nursing on the pulsing head of Daniel's leaking cock.

"Oh yeah,fucker", he cooed as the cocksucker's ability gradually increased as he sucked. He pulled his dick from the man's mouth and taunted him, "Come on, try and get it. You love my big prick, don't you?"

He didn't answer, but desperately tried to get it back in his mouth while the blonde batted his prickly cheeks with his dick, leaving sticky patches of saliva and precum all over them and on his lips. He finally grabbed the head of Daniel's swinging dick with his lips and sucked it in, earning a groan from the throat of the grungy teenager. By now, young Joseph was ready to get in on the action. He yanked his shirt up over his head, making him the first person totally naked. His entire body was a creamy white, that clashed harshly with the golden cross hanging between his pecs, the stark black hair on his head, as well as the lighter brown hair which dusted his underarms and crotch very lightly. He stepped over to the businessman and immediately stripped open his shirt, sending buttons scattering over the floor of the metro train. He barely even noticed, never missing a beat on Daniel's big cock. His chest, broad and lightly haired heaved from the treatment he was getting from Dave, who had released the man's heavy prick and had sunk down to his ass, tongue-fucking him in a frenzy. Joseph loosened the man's tie and pulled it from his collar, leaving it hanging around his neck while he stripped the shirt all the way off. Using one hand to twist one of their victim's nipples, the other pushed up his arm and Joseph sank his face into the furry recesses of his sweaty armpit. His thick tongue washed over the rough hair and tasted his salty sweat, he inhaled the manly scent while lapping up the musky fluids.

It was too much of a scene for Colin, who had given into his hormones and now found his hand eagerly stroking away at his meat. Here was this random dude, probably in his thirties, getting his face fucked by an18 year old skater. Meanwhile, with only his dark blue tie over his sweaty chest, he's getting his fucking nipple twisted off by this18 year old punk, who's face is buried in his armpit. Then there was Dave, with all his piercings, sucking out this dude's sweet ass. What more could you ask for?

"Dave", Patrick began, "get your tongue out of his assand fuck him". Dave pulled out and looked over at the cute senior.

"But I..."

"No buts. I want you to loosen him up for us." Dave looked disappointed, but listened, quickly stripping his own clothes off.

"Us?" Colin asked, glancing over at Patrick. But, he was interrupted as the businessman pulled off Daniel's slimy prick.

"Hold up, guys. Don't fuck me, please! Jesus! I've got a wife, I'm not gay."

"Aw, fuck you", said Daniel. "You said you weren't gay earlier and you've been fucking hoovering my meatever since. You gotta be the worst hetero I everseen", he spat, forcing the older man back onto his dick.

Joseph, by now, had slid down and had taken over sucking the man's giant cock. He wasn't quite as good a cocksucker as Dave, but he got most of it... surely to the man's pleasure. His deft hand jerked the rest of it hard, spilling an awful lot of precum into his mouth. He hummed around the tortured cock and felt it pulse... he knew that this dude wouldn't last long, but they were all pretty surprised that he had gone this long without blowing his wad. Dave lifted the older man's legs and encouraged him to wrap them around him, which he did. He placed his teen cock at the opening of the man's ass and roughly pushed it in, nearly bottoming out in one stroke.

He probably would have screamed if it weren't for the fact that he was getting a blowjob at the same time...and, of course, the fact that his mouth was full of cock. He still groaned painfully, though, the sound running through Daniel's cock in his mouth.

"Oh, fuck dude. I'm gonna blow all over your face!",exclaimed Daniel as he jerked his cock from it's place in his mouth.

His cute face contorted as the first blast spasmed out of his prick and splattered over the businessman's lips. He grabbed his cock and aimed it, sending another load splashing across the stubble on his cheek, with a third spurting against his chin, with much smaller fourth and fifth loads dribbling down onto his hairy chest.

"Yeah", he sighed, grinning as he jacked a few more drops out of hiscock. Watching him flick his tongue out and taste the teen spunk all over his lips.

Daniel grinned, "Come on Joseph, trade me spots. Feed him that monster of yours and hose him down."

They switched places, with Daniel sinking down into his crotch, while Dave pounded away at his ass. Sweat rolled down the teen's smooth chest as his glistening cock drove in and out of the businessman's tight ass. The dull burning pain in his ass had faded into a pretty pleasurable high every time Dave struck his prostate.

"Oh yeah", he grunted, "fuck me harder",before gobbling up Joseph's slick cock. "Fuck. I'm gonna paint your guts with my cum, dude", panted Dave as he pistoned into his victim.

"Yeah, that's it Dave", moaned Patrick still tugging at his cock, "breed his ass. Make it good and loose for Colin and I."

"Yessir", grinned Dave, his wild hair soaked with sweat. "You ready, bitch? Come on. Flex that ass if you want my load." His fuck chute tightened around Dave's prick like a vice, "Oh, fuck yeah. Ugh! Here it comes!"

He cast his head back and buried his cock into his ass all the way to the pubes, letting loose a torrent of hot cum into his ass. Taking a deep breath from the exertion, he finally pulled his prick free with a slick pop. "He's all yours, boys."

Patrick stripped off his shirt, exposing his well defined body to the group and leaving him naked, "Come on Colin, strip down."

He complied, pulling his pants the rest of the way off and unbuttoning his shirt and dropping it to the ground. He had a patch of dark brown hair in between his pecs, as well as a trail leading from his navel down to the thick forest of hair around his cock. He watched Joseph intently as the young man fucked the businessman's face with youthful vigor, the crossbouncing against his sweaty chest as he thrusted.Dave, ever loving oral action, had positioned himself behind the teenager and was eating out his musky ass, leaving a look of dazed lust on Joseph's face.

"Alright, Patrick. What are we going to do?" "I'm gonna make this mother fucker sit on my cock, andyou're going to get in the same position as Dave was and then we're gonna double fuck him til he's delirious.

Colin couldn't help but grin, "Sounds awesome."

Patrick got him into position, which he did while never losing contact with either Joseph's fuck stick or Daniel's mouth. Still sucking the teenager's prick, the businessman lowered himself down onto Patrick's long cock.

"Yeah", sighed Patrick, enjoying the feeling of the cum-lubed ass enveloping his cock. Colin approached slowly, which made their victim finally realize what they planned on doing. He spat out Joseph's cock, a long line of spit from his mouth still connected to the sex organ.

"No! I can't take you bo--

" Joseph roughly slammed his cock back into the man's mouth all the way down to his sparse pubes.

"Go forit, Colin. Fuck this bitch good." He grinned and spread the businessman's legs once again, finding his already stuffed hole waiting for him. Patrick pulled out a little bit, giving Colin some room to work is prick in. Their heads met, and he groaned painfully into Joseph's groin.

"Oh Christ", Colin moaned, "this is tight."

"Hell yeah, it is", grinned Patrick, his eyes glinting, "now, get in all the way. I wanna feel your cock next to mine."

Patrick reached around and grabbed the older man's furry pecs and kneaded them, before pinching his nipples harshly. Colin thrusted in forcefully, impaling their victim on two cocks at once. He felt like he could cum right then, but held off, and slowly pulled off, the ridge of his cockhead dragging across Patrick's dick in the tight confines of their shared ass. He pushed back in and got into a rhythm with Patrick's shorter thrusts. Patrick grunted, his face flushed with lust, a little sweat beading up on his forehead,

"Jesus, I'm not gonna last... You know, Colin. We don't have to be rivals! Ugh... Yeah... C'mon. Rock that fucker against me."

"I know", moaned Colin, plunging into the tightness again. He cast his head back briefly, what little hair he has matting against his forehead with sweat.

"I think I'm learning that... oh yeah."

At that, Joseph pulled his dick from the businessman's mouth and cried out, Dave's tongue deep inside of his ass. When Daniel had told him to "hose him down", he wasn't kidding. The 18 year old's cock spewed a thick rope of cum straight into his cocksucker's still gaping mouth, a second followed it quickly. He pushed it down, and a third equally heavy load sprayed out onto his neck. Several more huge loads followed, coating his chest and forgotten tie with the teenager's spunk. His mouth free of cock, he cried out, but in pleasure this time.

"I'm gonna blow!" Daniel took his loads easily, scarfing up the olderman's salty load as it boiled out of his tortured dick.

"You ready, Patrick?", cried Colin, his chest slick with sweat. "I'm gonna let it go...!" "Fuck yeah, dude!" he bellowed as their cocks erupted together in the tight confines of the businessman's ass, the thick fluid mixing together and coating both them, finally dripping down their long shafts and on to their pubes and nuts. There was cum everywhere. Everyone was soaked in sweat. The train car literally reeked of sex.

"Jesus", the businessman finally said, "that was fucking amazing."

"See?" Patrick said, kissing Colin lightly in hispost-orgasmic haze, "It was a good idea."

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Party by John from Tampa

Last weekend I went to a Christmas party held for our office workers and a good deal of of our young executives attended. I must say they came dressed very well. One executive was fairly new to the office and I kind of made it a point to check him out. He must have been a little nervous as he was drinking a lot. so I made a point of engaging him in conversation and we slowly made our way away from the crowd and went out on the terrace where we talked and I pumped him with drinks.

As the evening wore on he was really feeling no pain and he asked me if I would drive him home. I accepted with out haste and he told me where he lived in this condo complex. On the way we were almost there when he passed out. As I pulled into his parking space I managed to lift him out of the car and found his apartment was on the ground floor so it was really easy to get him to his condo. I reached into his suit jacket pocket for his keys and unlocked his door. Once inside I locked the door and laid him on the sofa and looking around I found his bedroom. I returned to the living room and carried him to his bed, laid him down, then sat him up as I removed his jacket, untied his tie and unbuttoned his shirt before laying him back down.

As I sat there I lifted his legs and laid them across my lap and I was feeling his dress shoes and sniffed them, smelling the aroma of new leather mixed with his masculine smell. I licked his shoes and then untied his laces and removed one and sniffed it. Then I took his socks off and sucked his toes. After a while I took his shirt off and his pants and underwear. I then leaned over and kissed him and kissed his chest all the way down to his cock and balls where I licked his hole and then sucked his cock. After I fucked him the first time he was starting to come around and as he opened his eyes I kissed him for a long time and he passed out again so I fucked him a couple more times and then wiped his cock and ass clean with a face cloth.

I then went to his closet and looked at his suits and about a dozen dress shoes he had seeing we were about the same size I tried on a suit and some of his shoes then while wearing a suit of his I fucked him again before leaving him with my phone number saying how much I had enjoyed his company at the party and would like to get to know him better .

Well Monday came and he walked past my office and then 10 minutes later he came by my office to thank me for taking him home saying he couldn't remember anything after we were driving to his condo. He asked if he had made a fool of himself and I told im he hadn't. I just apoligized for undressing him as I didn't want him to sleep in his suit and tie.

He told me it was no problem he appreciated my kindness saying he would like to take me out to dinner and drinks later that night. I accepted and after dinner he invited me up to his condo where we had some drinks and to my surprise he kissed me.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Two Sleeping Firsts by karlb7

These firsts are both true.

The first time I touched another guy’s dick and balls was a buddy of mine who had gotten drunk and fallen asleep. I helped him get upstairs to his apartment and helped him out of his clothes. He had been working on his car and had gotten some sun. I woke him enough to tell him he needed to put some lotion on it before he went to sleep. He agreed but just lay there and passed out again.

I decided to be a nice guy and put the lotion on for him. Since he was asleep I started exploring. I was nervous as hell but when I touched his dick through his underwear and he didn't wake up, I got bolder and reached inside to touch the real thing. I pulled the underwear down and decided that if he woke up I would say I was putting the lotion on the line of sunburn around his waist and didn't want to get any on his underwear. I ended up pulling them down far enough to see and fondle his dick and balls and although his dick got semi-hard, that was all that happened. I chickened out and pulled his underwear back up and left.

I was young enough that I still hadn't admitted to myself that I was gay. I was in denial and trying to convince myself that it was just a phase I was going through. I was in my early 20's and still hadn't acted on my desires until one night I got a "sign."

I had gone to an adult bookstore and was in one of the booths watching one of the clips of 2 guys fucking. I thought I heard a voice say something in my ear and looked up and pictured a face. A moment later the door to my booth opened and a guy walked into the booth with me. It was his face that I had pictured just before the door opened. We started touching each other and finally I reached out and unzipped him and took out his dick. This was only the second time I had touched another man's dick, but this one was awake and reacted much quicker than my passed out buddies had. By now this guy, Robert, had my dick out as well and he whispered to me, asking if I wanted to come home with him.

I said, "Yes, but I have a confession to make. I am a virgin."

Instead of running away, this seemed to cinch the deal. I followed him out and to our cars. His apartment was only a block away so I didn't have time to chicken out. He understood my nervousness and did his best to calm me down and make the evening’s events as sensual as possible, starting with smoking a joint and then taking a shower together. The warm water of the shower was soothing and the idea of finally having a naked body to explore, one that didn't mind my curiosity, became stimulating. My first real kiss was standing naked in a shower. I finally got to feel what a hard dick felt like in my mouth and how it tasted. I also found out what it felt like to have someone’s warm moist mouth suck my dick. Before we ran out of hot water or got waterlogged, we got out of the shower and dried off.

We went to the bed and started kissing again. He laid back and let me lick and suck him all over, taking breaks while he returned the favors. When we ended up in a 69 he started playing with my asshole. It felt good and he soon had a couple of lubed fingers inside me. It felt good enough that when he asked if I wanted to try getting fucked and I agreed. He went slow and although not as pleasant as everything else that we did, it was enjoyable. After he shot his load inside my ass we rested for a few minutes and then he said it was my turn.

He gave me the choice of fucking him or a blow job. I took the blow job, and I wasn't sorry I did. There is probably no need to describe the first time that someone sucks the cum out of you and the feeling that they are about to suck your balls out as well. After I had cum we cuddled up and fell asleep. The next morning was my other sleeping first. In my sleep I had scooted down in the bed and had gotten myself under the sheets. Later Robert told me he thought I was wide awake and knew what I was doing. I found out something that morning, when you wake up and you have your tongue buried about 3 inches in another guy’s ass, it's probably NOT just a phase, you really are gay. I woke up because he was moaning and talking to me, telling me how good it felt.

Slowly I realized where I was, what we had done the night before, and what I was doing. When I finally stopped, I asked him how this had started. He realized before I did that I had initiated all of our morning activities without being awake. When he stopped laughing he filled me in on the joke.

To close the story, Robert and I stayed fuck buddies for the next few years. I was at his wedding a couple of years later and as a matter of fact, he and I christened the new apartment he would be sharing with his bride before she did.

The Festive Season in Australia - anon

I'm a voyeur at heart and my greatest thrill is to feel up straight drunken lads. The urge started in my late teens through an incident I might tell you about but not this time around. This time around it was almost an orgy of feeling up some nice looking lads.

The Festive Season in Australia, like most parts of the world has it's fair share of intoxicated young men. The main difference with most of the world is that it's summer here with hot days and balmy nights. The consequence of these two things is that drunk men sleep outdoors on benches or in parks. Now, if you wanted to you could patrol the outer fringes of the CBD most Fridays (popular drinking night without the females) and find some nice looking drunk somewhere. Maybe I'm not that keen because I don't usually do that. I like to think that I'm getting the maximum benefit and the best time to do that is the last working day before the Festive Season; it helps if it's a Friday too because Friday is anyway the traditional boy's night out.

The last time I did it I ended up setting the alarm for 3:00am and was in the City at 3:30. I did see drunken sleepers within a few minutes of walking around but there were a bit too many people around to take advantage of these young guys. I therefore started looking around the small inner city parks and I found a young fellow, well maybe early thirties, longish hair, well dressed, completely out of it on a park bench. He was on his side with his back to the bench. Although the park was just off the central city shops it was quiet and dark enough to get away with some mischief. What I did was sit in front of his crotch and then begin unbuttoning and unzipping. I was checking all the time if he showed any signs of waking but he was really dead to the world. I'm feeling behind me with glee and found he was uncircumcised, very clean (could smell the talc) and well proportioned, say 4 inches on the slack. Lovely to feel all that wobbly stuff behind you.

There was always the possibility for getting caught but when someone did pass I sat with my head in my hands pretending, obviously successfully, to be a mate of this young drunk. Anyone who did pass never looked at us twice and I didn't feel bad about it since I wasn't robbing him of anything.

I handled that cock for over an hour and in that time it was starting to show the beginnings of a hardon and that gave a thrill. This guy was however still dead to the world and it wasn't through conscious choice. It was still great to me and I handled that semi-hardon for at least another 30 minutes before I decided to move on. As a gentlemen I made sure he wasn't hanging out of his pants before I did.

There's a huge parkland area in my time where the major festivities are held an I knew by 4:45am there would be somewhere worthy of attention. I found this well proportioned, say 20 year old, obviously an athlete of some kind. He had a bit too much Christmas cheer because there was no sign of life. I started opening his very tight jeans only to find the comic touch he had on green boxers with Christmas emblems on him.

I found difficulty getting at him because of the tight jeans so I slipped my fingers through the fly of the boxers and an uncircumcised cock slipped out, 3 inches and sturdy. I tried as I might to get at the balls but to no avail.

I had to be careful where I was because it was now quite light and the slope was on a main pathway. Of course not many people around on the 'day after the night before' but a few stragglers. One couple did pass, late teens or early twenties and the male came back to speak to me - I thought I'd been sprung. It turned out that he thought I was rolling him and wanted a piece of the action. I told this young thug that I was his mate, which I don't think he believed but he did heed my warning not to touch my sleeper.

I had tucked my young drunks cock inside his pants and took it out one more time for a fondle, zipped him up and went back to the CBD so see if there was some more action. I got another two and if your interested I'll tell you about that another time.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

An Evening in the Park by TrevorW2002

An Evening in the Park by TrevorW2002
(nc, drunk, group, molest, MMM/M)

The small park where I live is pretty and sometimes cruised by older
gay men in the evening. I’m 60 but fit and healthy and meet a couple of
friends, David and John in there on a Saturday evening to chat and
catch up on the gossip if the weather is reasonable.

The park is divided in two by a wide tarmac path, with grassed areas,
flower beds and small secluded walks with trees and bushes on either
side of the path. Here and there benches and the odd picnic tables are

In June this year I ventured into the park around 9pm. It was a lovely
evening and I met up with John and David. We sat down the bottom end of
the park close to the toilets to see if anything was going on. We
chatted about the usual, cock, arse, politics and the price of petrol
and food. At half past nine the guy who locks the toilets arrived on his
scooter, went in the toilets and came back into view pushing a very
drunk lad of about 26 from the block.

The lad was not good on his legs, staggering and swaying. He dropped
the bag he had with a clinking sound that said he had more booze was in his
possession. Bending over to pick his bag up, his low riding jeans gave
us all a great view of white pants covering his arse. He staggered up
the path towards the top of the park, trying to pull his jeans up so
he didn't lose them.

John couldn't believe his eyes and said it had been so long since he
had had sex that the sight of the drunk lad’s arse gave him a hard on.
He went on to say that he wished the lad had lost his jeans and given us
all a real treat, a full view of his arse.

We sat a while longer and then walked up the park and turning right
half way up the main path then strolled around the secluded path where the
occasional cruiser could be found looking for sex. Half way round, we
found the lad slumped on a bend next to a picnic table drinking from
a bottle of vodka and smoking from the smell of it, a joint. We walked
past the lad and asked if he was ok?

When he looked up he was as pissed as a fart and stoned, his eyes were bloodshot and his pupils dilated. He still managed to slur a “fuck off” though.

Our drunk lad looked to be around 26 with a blonde mop of hair that
fell forward into his face. On his feet were trainers and his jeans
were low slung Levis held in place by a belt that was not doing a very
good job. This t-shirt was light blue with a picture of Snoopy on it
which made him look like an overgrown teenager. Over the t-shirt was
a fleeced hood.

We walked to the next bench and sat down and carried on talking. This
time it was al about the bloody gas and oil companies ripping us off, but at
least we could look up and watch our young man continuing to get
pissed and stoned.

Over the next hour we chatted and watched our friend drink his way
through a full bottle of vodka, swaying and almost falling off the park
bench. It was still a lovely warm evening and we decided to see if
there was anyone else around. We all wanted sex and John for one said
he would be shagging a hole in a fence at this rate. We wondered off,
up and down the park but no one else was around. We went back and sat
in front of the toilets and John lighting a cigarette, suggested we go
back and see how our drunk lad was. We didn't want him to choke on his
own vomit or anything. We all agreed it was the right thing to do, but
in truth, we all wanted another look at how low those jeans were.

Walking back round the path leading to where we left the drunk, we
found him face down on the bench with the moon light fluorescing the
white material covering his arse.

David, the bolder of us, walked over the lad and patted his back asking
if he was ok. He got no response at all. John and I joined David
looking at the half uncovered arse.

The lad was face down with his legs on the bench but both arms hung
over either side. John picked one of the arms up, shook it and again
asked if he was ok. With response he let the arm go and it fell back to
the ground with no resistance.

Standing around our drunk bum, David reached down and felt the top of
the lad’s arse. When there was no movement or resistance David pulled
the jeans a little lower to reveal even more white cotton clad arse.

Standing beside David, I asked if he was sure he should be feeling the lad’s
arse when he was obviously unconscious. John said he did not see why
not and moving to the other side of the lad opposite David ran his
fingers over the lads arse as well. Not to miss out, I did the same
thinking, “What the Hell!”

The lads arse was firm, very firm. You could bounce a pound off his
cheeks which I suspected and were lovely and warm.

John, moving towards the drunk’s head, got hold of the hood and lifted
one arm at a time starting to pull it off over his head. I looked at
John and shook my head. We just grinned and said he wanted to see the
lad’s chest. John dropped the hood and grabbing the t-shirt then
proceeded to pull that over the lad’s head as well. Drunk and stoned
into another dimension the lad's body moved where it was put and we
were all rewarded with a smooth white chest with two small nipples
glowing in the moon light.

John said, “Lets lift him on to the picnic table.”

Call me a coward but I didn't want to but then John grabbed
both arms and David both legs and they lifted his unconscious body on to the
picnic table.

Lying face up on the table, his knees bent at the edge of the table,
the lad was really a sight to behold. For all my protests at touching
the lad, my cock was hard and twitched inside my boxers.

John running his hands over the drunk’s chest commented on the fact that he had no body hair and he showed us his armpit which looked as smooth as marble. David still
stood at the lads feet grinning and reached for the feet then pulled off
first one trainer and then the other. As David stood up from putting
the trainers on the ground I could see that he was excited as his
trousers tented to the left.

John, laughing, said, “It looks like you need some relief.

David laughed and pointed to John's similar bulge
saying it looked like we all had the same problem.

John smiled and said, this was his wildest fantasy and he dared David to
pull the lads jeans off. David didn't need any encouragement. He got
hold of the drunks jeans at the ankles and told John to hold his arms while
he proceeded to pull the jeans down the lads legs and off.

We now had an unconscious drunk sprawled over the picnic table in just
a trendy pair of white Y fronts.

I couldn't help myself I moved between the lad’s legs and bent forward
to smell his groin. It smelt clean and soapy. I stood up and adjusted
my hard on which now felt wet with precum.

David reached forward and pulled the front of the white briefs forward
to reveal a cock and two balls nestled in their cotton cocoon. They
were almost hairless. This blonde lad was as smooth as a peach.

I looked up to find John rummaging in the ruck sack he always carried,
from within it he pulled out a bottle of poppers.

David was trying to turn the lad over and with Johns help they turned him
face down on the table so that this white cotton clad arse was at hip

Both John and David knew my liking for rimming and David asked if
I like to sniff the lad’s arse. It was all the encouragement I needed. I got on my knees
and pressed my nose to his arse. The same soapy smell hit me and I
started to lick the lads arse through his briefs.


I had been out to a friend’s party with my girl friend and caught her
snogging one of my mates, Paul.

Furious I had punched him, grabbed a bottle of vodka and
stormed out of the party.

I wondered the town’s streets swigging the vodka until the I arrived at
the local park around quarter to eight. I went into the toilets at the
bottom of the park and sitting in one of the cubicles dropped a valium
and lit a joint. I couldn't believe Sally had kissed Paul. She was my
girl friend and though not an extrovert, I knew I was not ugly. In
fact at 22, with blonde hair, green eyes and a slim body I thought I
was quite a catch. I'd been told often enough from being 15 that I was

I was drunk when I went into the toilets, but after half an hour I was
definitely drunk. I could feel it at the back of my eyes. As I was
thinking that I needed a piss one of the park attendants walked in and
opening the door to the cubical I was in told me he was locking up the
toilets for the night. When I didn't move he got hold of my hood and pulled me to
my feet, staggering I managed to pick up the bag with the vodka
before I felt myself dragged out of the toilets.

It must have been the fresh air, but I dropped the vodka and heard it
clatter on the ground. Bending over to pick it up I almost fell over
and felt my jeans start to drop as I was dressed on my favourite
saggers which sat half way down my arse. Standing up I saw three old
men staring at me as I tried to pull my jeans up and walk up towards
the top of the park.

Everything going through my mind was about that bitch Sally as I
staggered up and around to the right eventually coming across a
bench on which I sat. Getting the vodka out I continued to get drunk
and after smoking another joint I was left warm and detached of my surroundings.

I'm not sure how long I sat there drinking but those old guys
rematerialized and one of them, tall but with a pot belly, came over
and asked if I was ok. I wanted to cry and say I wasn't and that I was
totally smashed, instead I heard myself slur “fuck off!”

The old gits walked past and I picked the bottle of vodka up took
another valium and started drinking, determined to finish the bottle.

I'm not sure how long it took, but I could feel the night closing in
around me and my head felt detached from what I was thinking and could
feel. I knew I was having trouble staying seated and lay down on the
bench and closed my eyes.

I felt as if I was rising in the air and then falling to earth, not
fast but really slowly.

I knew I was looking up at the stars but was it in my mind? My eyes
felt to be closed, yet I could feel my arms being held and my jeans
felt like they were being pulled down. The night seemed to close in
and then I seemed to be rolling over so that my face was
pressed against a hard surface. What was nagging though was that I
thought I could feel something nibbling at my arse. I tried to move
but nothing happened and I lay there like a corpse with my eyes closed
but my mind trying to work its way though a fog of vodka, valium and


Joe had his nose buried in the drunk lad’s arse and was licking the
it through his briefs. It was so hot. I picked up the poppers
and took and sniff, looking over the David, who sported a dark wet
patch on this trousers. I moved forward and dripped some poppers on the
lad’s briefs. Joe gasped and I could see him pushing his tongue against
the fabric. I told Joe to stand up and as he did I reached forward,
pulled his flies down and pulled his wet cock form his boxers. David
pulling the lad’s briefs away from his arse, suggested Joe rim him and
Joe with a groan of pleasure buried his tongue in his hole. With my hand on Joe’s
cock I jerked him back and forth and with the popper covered arse Joe
couldn't hold on and spewed his load into my hand.

David who had been groping himself all this time said he need to cum
and moved forward to the lad's face which faced out from the picnic
table. I moved up behind David and taking hold of his already exposed
cock I wanked it as fast as a could while aiming it at the lad's face.
David tensed and I moved pushed him forward to that when he grunted
and came his cum landed on the lad's cheek.

Joe asked me if I was going to get my cock out and come as well, I
said I wasn't as I was not ready. It was a lie, but I didn't want to
come like this. As the others wiped their cocks on tissues Joe said we
should dress the lad before leaving.

I picked up the t-shirt and when I moved to his head I could see
that the lad’s eyes were slightly open, though they looked out of it. I
called Joe and David over and suggested it was better to just leave.
David did not like leaving the lad bent over the picnic table but I
said that if he was coming round he would smash our faces in if he
caught us, so picking up our things we walked to the bottom of the
park and went our separate ways.


Somehow, I could feel a licking and nibbling taking place around my
arse. My mind could not locate the source of it, though with my eyes slightly open
I thought I could see something. That something moved and moved
towards my face. With my mind drifting I though I felt it rain as
something fell on my face.


I saw Joe and David head off back home to the centre of town. I took
the opposite direction and walked for about five minutes. The bent
over form of the drunk lad though was clear in my mind’s eye, and I
decided to go back into the park, ostensibly to check he was ok. At least that’s what I
told myself. I knew I was lying to myself. I wanted to touch that arse,
to squeeze and bite it and if I could, I wanted to touch the lad's insides.

I walked around the park and entered it through the top entrance and
walked down and around to where we had left the drunk bent over the
picnic table. I came round the corner and there he was, almost spreadeagled over the table with his briefs covering his arse.

I walked up to him and put my bag down on the bench. I patted his face, and then slapped it. The only reaction was his eyes fluttering a little and then closing again.

I stood behind the lads arse and started to stroke it and then pinch
it. There was no reaction. I raised my hand and slapped his arse hard
three times and moved to his face and looked into a pair of eyes that
were drug-glazed and staring.

I went to the bench and pulled it closer to the picnic table and
pulling the lad around placed him so that his face and chest were flat
on the table and his knees were on the bench. I effectively put the
drunk lad in the doggy position. I slipped my legs between his
and sat so that he could not close his legs. In the moon light, I had
a drunk lad's arse splayed before me covered in only his briefs. I
lent forward and like David before me, I started to lick his arse
through his undies.

I reached between his legs and groped the front of his briefs. His
cock and balls felt soft and pliable under the cotton. Making sure my
friend was still out of it and squeezed the lads nuts through his
briefs hard enough to normally elicit a reaction. There was none.

I must have licked the lad’s arse for 15 minutes and was getting a bit
bored when I decided to move the lad's position again.

I got out from between the lad’s legs and turned him back on his back,
And, taking my belt I looped it around his hands and then looped it
through the slats of the picnic table before fastening it. What a
sight, now how could I tie his legs to the table. I moved the bench
away and took the laces from his trainers and looping them round his
ankles tied each foot to the table with a good four feet between them.

It might have been the missionary position but God the kid looked
sweet with his arse and genitals now easily within reach at the same
time. Standing between his legs I realised my mistake he still had his
white briefs on. I untied his feet yanked his briefs off and retied
his feet. Before his balls hung loosely in their sack and his cock lay
over them. In the moonlight I could see where his arse hole was. My
cock was so hard, but I intended to take my time and enjoy this. It had
been six months since I last had sex and it was years since I had had a
young lad. Here I had a passed out drunk I could do anything I wanted
to and I intended to.

A fun fiction story