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Freshman Dorm by Fratbear

Note from Justin. Though I can find a number of the stories in this collection on the internet, I have been unable to find the entire collection in one place. This part is posted here because it is relevant to the topic of the Blog.

"Sloan Cosgrove, Confessions of a Teenage Bear" is a 45-
chapter novel in which a certain bearish college football player/
frat boy recalls his many sexual adventures and encounters.

"Sloan Cosgrove, Confessions of a Teenage Bear"
by fratbear

Freshman Dorm

"What are you, a football player?" Those were the first words I heard from Justin Spakowski, my freshman roommate.

It was the end of August, and I'd driven down to Southern Texas University, my pick-up loaded with just about everything in my bedroom. My dad had wanted to make the trip down with me, but I'd mumbled something about needing my independence or something, and he left me to make the trip alone.

Freshman orientation began a week before the upperclassmen returned to school, letting us newcomers adjust to dorm life through a series of lectures and seminars with titles like "Alcohol and You: You Ain't Legal Yet" and "Free To Be You And Me: Racial, Sexual, and Social Diversity In Dorm Life." I marveled at how such long titles could convey so little information.

Making my way through a myriad of lines and offices, I was finally directed to my dorm, a butt-ugly beige bunker constructed from what looked like concrete blocks. My room was a two-bedder located just about midway down the second floor hallway.

I was unceremoniously dumping my clothes out of my suitcase onto my bed. I chose the bed on the left because I figured the sunlight wouldn't hit it directly in the morning, when the surly voice sounded off from the doorway.

"What are you, a football player?"

I turned to find a stout, mop-headed bulldog of a young man squinting at me, as if he were trying to figure something out about me. He looked like he could be a wrestler, with taut, thick muscles on his hairy arms and shoulders, but a developing paunch around his midsection told me that he probably hadn't been to the gym in a while.

With his squint and stubble, he looked really mean, and his question could've been interpreted as hostile, but for some reason I sensed that he didn't intend it to sound that way.

"Yeah, actually I am. Name's Sloan Cosgrove." I offered my hand, and he shook it.

"Justin Spakowski," he said, finally cracking a smile. "Guess I won't see much of you during the season, then."

"Looks like I'll be at practice most days," I replied.


And that was it. That amounted to our introduction. He learned that I was a football player. I learned that he was thrilled at the prospect of having the dorm room to himself so often.

When you're a freshman on a college football team, especially a team like the Southern Texas University Bears (how's THAT for irony), you really don't have much to do except train and develop yourself for the day when the coach- in my case a colossal prick by the name of Coach Stan Johnson- decides to put you on the starting roster. Entering college, I was already six-foot-three and over 300 pounds, but during our first afternoon practice Coach Johnson took one look at me and declared in front of the everyone on the field that I needed to hit the gym big-time.

As a result, I didn't spend a lot of time in my dorm room, and I got to thinking about what Justin did when he was left alone. The one thing I was certain of was that he was straight as an arrow, having passionately screwed some blonde he'd met at a party one Friday night while I was lying half passed-out on my bed nearby.

Still, that hadn't stopped me from casting sideways glances at him as he returned from his showers, a towel wrapped loosely around his waist, his muscular, furry torso still damp. He was a good-looking kid, and his tough demeanor only excited me more. I hadn't told Justin that I was gay. I could never seem to find the right time or place to tell him, and it didn't seem like he cared to know, so I decided that it would be better to leave it alone. If he asked, I'd reveal the truth. Otherwise, we'd keep this type of information to ourselves.

This strategy worked for about three weeks. Because that's when I found out what Justin was doing whenever I was at football practice. It happened pretty out of the blue, actually. I was just getting back to my dorm room a little earlier than usual, and I opened the door just in time to see Justin lying in bed shirtless, scrambling to pull up his shorts as I walked in.

"Hey, you're early," he exclaimed a little too cheerfully, trying to act casual by picking up a magazine lying nearby.

"It's cool," I replied. "It was only a matter of time before one of us caught the other whacking off."

He chuckled. "Why, how often do you do it?"

I smiled. "Back home, I was a machine. At least once a day. Sometimes twice. Here, though, not as often."

As I glanced down at him, I noticed a splotch of white cum on his neck, and I realized that I hadn't interrupted him in the middle of a jerk-off session, but rather at the end of one. "You
missed a spot." I pointed to my own neck to show him where.

Justin nodded and wiped his neck with a wad of tissue he had hidden in his fist. He stood up and tossed the soaked tissue into the trashcan on his way out to the bathroom.

I contemplated the trashcan for a moment, then walked over and looked in. My dick was already stiff and pounding as I reached in and picked up the dripping tissue. Even holding it at arm's length, I could smell that pungent scent of sperm.

I dropped the tissue back in as I heard Justin returning from the bathroom. He walked in and sat down at his desk as if nothing had happened.


The next night, Justin and I ventured out together to some dorm party on the other side of campus. The party sucked, but they had booze, and by the end of the night, I was buzzed and Justin was plastered. I ended up having to half-carry him back to our room, dumping him on his bed, where he clumsily stripped down to his boxers and dozed off. Nothing unusual, except
for the position he was in. He'd fallen asleep with his hand tucked into the waistband of his boxers.

I stared at Justin's body for a long while, looking over his furry body, packed with muscles into a compact frame. I knew what I really wanted to do, but I didn't know if I had the guts. The buzz from the alcohol was just beginning to wear off, and I still wasn't thinking quite straight.

I knelt on the floor next to his bed and stared at the alcohol-induced, docile expression on his face. I nudged his arm, but he didn't respond.

"Justin?" I called his name pretty loudly. Again, no reaction. He was out cold.

I took a breath and made up my mind. I was gonna go ahead and do it. Hands trembling, I reached out and slowly slid his boxers down around his knees, exposing his soft penis resting in a nest of coarse dark hair. I gently caressed it with my fingers, and within a few seconds it began to harden and swell in my hand.

Justin let out a little moan, and his hand shifted down, coming to rest on my hand. Holding my breath, I stopped rubbing his dick for a moment, and he settled down, still sound asleep.

Relieved, I carefully pushed his hand off mine and resumed massaging his now-stiffened six-inch shaft. The skin on his dick was like velvet, and his body shuddered as I stroked it. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and started pumping on it, watching Justin's red cockhead poking out of my hand over and over again.

"Uhhhh," Justin let out a long sigh as a glistening drop of clear precum seeped out of his dick.

I stood up and shed every piece of my clothing, then knelt back down over Justin's body, taking his hot slab of meat into my mouth. As I bobbed my head up and down, sinking his delicious cock into the warm depths of my mouth, I started jerking on my own dick with my hand.

I strained my eyes to look up at Justin's body, which was now writhing in pleasure on his bed. Soft whimpering sounds came out of his mouth as I sucked eagerly on his dick. I closed my eyes and let my mouth engulf him in a soothing, continual rhythmic motion.

"What the fuck're you doing, Sloan?" The sound of Justin's voice jolted me from this living fantasy.

I looked up suddenly, his throbbing cock slipping from my mouth. Justin looked back at me, tough-looking as ever, but with a confused daze in his eyes.

"Aw, shit," I fumbled with my words. "I'm sorry." I was busted. This was not gonna be good for my reputation on campus. I started to stand up.

"Wait, don't stop." Justin put a hand on my bare shoulder. "It felt really good."

Oh, man, I thought. This was too good to be true. I just nodded and got back down on my knees, taking his dick into my mouth again. I looked up at him and saw that he was staring down at me intently, eyes fixed on the sight of his slick penis slipping past my lips.

Justin started moaning again, this time slipping in a few words of encouragement. "Yeah, suck me, Sloan. Suck that dick."

I climbed up off the floor onto Justin's bed, which sagged beneath our weight. I pulled his boxers completely off and spread his legs so I could suckle on his cock, massage his balls with one hand, and jerk myself off with the other hand all at the same time.

I felt Justin clench my hair in his fingers as he started thrusting his hips, fucking my mouth as he grunted. His breath became more labored as I felt his dick growing stiffer and stiffer in my mouth.

With a sharp gasp, his body convulsed, and steaming bursts of cum squirted from his cock into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of it happily, savoring this inaugural load of Justin's spunk being deposited down my throat.

"Oooohh, man," Justin growled as he continued trembling, and I continued sucking out any juices still flowing from his penis.

As soon as his climax ended, I pushed myself up and climbed up onto his weakened body, straddling his stomach before he could even register what I was doing. With my eight-and-a-half inch dick fully erect before his content face, I started pounding on my shaft with my fist, furiously masturbating over his sweaty body.

Justin reached up and pushed my hand away, wrapping his own hand around my hard cock and jerking me off with more frenzied energy than I would've thought possible.

"Come on, Sloan, your turn now," he moaned as stared at my large body looming over him.

"Aw, fuck, Justin," I groaned back. "I'm gonna shoot..." It didn't take long at all before I could no longer hold it back.

My body heaved as long white strands of cum streaked across Justin's hairy chest and splattered his neck. He kept pumping on my shaft even as his hand became sticky with my cum. His eyes just remained focused on my body, as if he were studying how my bearish body behaved during an orgasm.

"Awww, fuck," I moaned as the waves of ecstasy subsided, and I could only hear our heavy breaths and the sound of cum squishing on Justin's hand as he kept massaging my dick.

"Thanks, buddy, that was awesome," Justin mumbled, his speech somewhat slurred. He was still drunk, a fact that was made more obvious when he closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep, his sticky hand falling away from my softening dick.

I wondered if he'd even remember this in the morning. I went back to my bed, and the last thing I saw before falling asleep was Justin's naked body lying in his bed, splattered with my cum as a reminder.


When I woke up the next morning, the sun was pouring through the blinds, and Justin was nowhere to be found. For a moment, I thought I might've scared him away. He was probably reporting me to the R.A. or something. Telling the administration about the pervert that he'd been stuck with as a roommate.

But then I found the note lying on my desk. "Hey, Sloan. Last night was really cool. Maybe we can do it again sometime. J."

And then, at the very bottom: "Please tear up this note. It's our little secret, right, buddy?"

- fratbear

Drunk Roommate by Derek Phillips

All participants are 18 or older, and no suggestion of underage sexual
activity is intended.


Drunk Roommate by Derek Phillips

In my freshman year in college I shared a dorm room with my high school buddy Josh. I had such a hardon for Josh that I almost didn't take him up on the offer to room together as I wasn't sure I could handle being that close to him all the time.

Once I got used to it, it was OK. Josh and I knew each other well enough and had been friends long enough that it was easy to get along, and if I just ignored his naked body parading around our room after his shower each night I could handle it.

The Saturday before the Thanksgiving break some guys down the hall had a party, and Josh and I went. There was lots of beer and several guys were passing around bottles of harder stuff, so a lot of guys got pretty shit-faced. I don't like to drink, afraid what I might do, for one thing, so I had a couple of beers, then stretched out on a couch to relax.

After I'd been on the couch for a few minutes, with my eyes closed, I felt the couch bounce, then felt someone slide onto it next to me, felt a hand on my shoulder, and heard Josh's voice, "Hey Brad, move over so I can sit next to you."

For some reason I did nothing, just pretended I was asleep. Josh poked me harder. I didn't respond.

I heard someone else say, "He's passed out man, better get him out of here before he hurls all over the place."

Josh swore. "How about helping me," He said, and the next thing I knew there were hands all over me, and I was being carried out of the room and down the hall to our room.

I got an erection almost right away and felt a hand in my crotch, feeling me up pretty good. Another guy had his hand on my ass, probing my crack. I'd have cum if the ride had lasted longer. I sure wanted to know whose hands those were, but I kept my eyes closed and pretended I really was out cold. I felt myself being dumped on a bed, and heard laughing and joking as they left. I heard the door close.

I was about to get up and turn on the light when I heard someone in the room. Then the bed shook and I heard Josh's voice. "Hey Brad, wake up!"

He shook me gently. I remained motionless. He shook me again. "Fuck, man, you never get drunk."

I was about to leap up and grab him and wrestle him to submission when I heard him say, "Maybe I'd better undress you." I couldn't believe he meant it, but I decided to wait and see.

The next thing I knew he was taking my shoes off. I was lying across the bed, with my feet hanging off the side, so that was easy. Once Josh had my shoes off he moved up onto the bed next to me. I felt him start to unbutton my shirt. One voice inside me was saying that I should
let him know I was just fooling around, but another was saying 'wait and see how far he'll go.'

Slowly my buddy unbuttoned my shirt and spread it apart, baring my pecs and abs. Then nothing for what seemed a long time, except the sound of Josh breathing hard, like he'd been running.

"Shit man, you're faking it," Josh said. "Let's find out!"

He reached inside my shirt and started tickling me. Normally I am very ticklish, especially when Josh does it to me. When he wants me to do something all he has to do is get his hands in my sides and tickle me and I'm totally helpless and at his mercy. That's even when I have a shirt on, if he can work his hands inside and get my abs and sides bare I'm totally gone. So he had every right to expect that tickling me now would get a reaction, and I don't know why, but I had no trouble at all. His hands felt good on my bare skin, but I wasn't convulsed with laughter and helplessness the way I usually was, I just lay there like a log.

Josh kept the tickling up for a while, but soon he wasn't tickling me.

"Fuck it," I heard him say, and felt his hand softly touching my bare

I have a real good build from working out with weights a lot, and my pecs are pretty awesome. I knew Josh sort of envied my body, he was always commenting on it sort of sarcastically, calling me muscle-stud and stud puppy and I had just taken it as good natured kidding, but now I was starting to realize it was something more, Josh had a boner for my muscles. He started out feeling me up very gently but when I still didn't move he got bolder and pretty soon both of his hands were giving my pecs and abs a real workout. I could hear him panting and it was clear he was turned on and getting off on feeling my naked body. My cock started to swell, and as he continued I soon had a full hardon. His hands got bolder and went lower and lower and soon he was groping my crotch through my pants, feeling my hardon.

"Fuck yeah, man," He breathed, "You're digging this."

He was groping my cock with one hand while he worked my pecs with the other. Then his hand left my crotch and I heard a zipper go down and I let my eyes open a crack so I could sneak a look at him and saw my buddy Josh kneeling over me with his tee shirt pushed up and his pants open and his hard cock in his hand. He was jerking off while he felt my naked body and played with my hard cock.

I couldn't believe this was happening , my best Buddy Josh was groping my hard cock and digging it. My boner throbbed and twitched as he squeezed it.

Then he said, "Shit, dude, I can't stop now, I've got to have you," and he undid the waistband of my pants and unbuttoned the fly and moved off the bed so he could pull my pants off.

I didn't help, I still didn't want him to know I was awake, so he had to struggle a bit, but soon he had my pants all the way off. He moved onto the bed next to me again and pushed my shirt out of the way some more, then resumed his exploration of my now nearly naked body with his hands. I could hear him breathing heavily.He was really turned on by what he was doing to
me. I figured he was probably not looking at my face so I let my eyes open a bit again, just enough to see him. He had his tee shirt all the way off now and his pants pushed partway down and was working his hard cock with one hand while with the other he explored my body. He was really paying a lot of attention to my pecs, rubbing and squeezing them and when he started working my big hard nipples I couldn't help moaning, it felt so good.

He froze. So did I.

"What the fuck," He muttered.

I guess he figured at this point if I was awake he'd gone too far to turn back and slowly his hand started working my nipples again. My cock was throbbing and swelling and oozing fuck juice like crazy, I was so turned on by having Josh feel me up.

Josh's hand moved down my abs, tracing the cuts of my six-pack. Then he slid his hand inside the waistband of my briefs and gently explored my crotch bare, slowly wrapping his handaround my huge hard cock.

"Shit yeah, dude," He breathed.

I have a big one, about nine inches, and thick, and most guys look envious when they see it hard. It's pretty awesome. Josh is pretty well-equipped too, I'd seen him hard lots of times, but I was bigger than he was, bigger than most guys I've seen hard, which is not that many.

I felt Josh pulling my briefs down to expose my erection. He pushed the tight white cotton shorts down just far enough to expose me completely, then hooked the tight waistband undermy balls. I loved that, it's what I do when I jerk off, I like the tight elastic cutting into that tender spot under my balls at the base of my cock. Then Josh spread my legs apart as far as they would go and explored my thighs with his hands, rubbing his hot horny hands up into my crack through my shorts. He was making sounds that told me he was really turned on and getting to the point where he didn't care what happened. I felt both of his hands on me, one rubbing my pecs and abs, the other stroking my cock. If he kept that up I was going to cum and I was thinking it was time to wake up.

Then just as I was about to let him know I wasn't passed out I heard Josh say, "Shit, buddy, I can't help it I gotta have you," and the next thing I knew I felt his warm wet mouth on my cock.

My best buddy Josh was sucking my huge hard cock! I moaned involuntarily and he just kept
it up. He had one hand on my balls and the other on my pecs and was sucking my cock for all he was worth. I don't think he'd ever done it to anyone before, because he was having trouble taking it and I could feel his teeth a couple of times but I was still in heaven. I'd never dared dream such a thing, my buddy Josh as queer for me as I was for him and now he was sucking me off. I started cumming, my balls churned and my cock swelled and spurted huge gobs of hot sticky fuck juice and Josh moaned and panted and kept on sucking, taking it all and swallowing it. I opened my eyes a little again and saw him grab his own cock and start pumping it as he continued to suck mine and right away he started erupting in huge spurts of cum all over me and the bed. When he finished shooting he released my still-oozing cock and fell onto the bed beside me, panting and moaning. He was still rubbing his hands all over my
naked body, digging my muscles.

"Shit, yeah, fuck, oh Brad, dude, I love you.

He crawled up beside me then and I felt his lips touch mine and then he was kissing me. I was so stunned by what he had just done that I didn't know what to do. If I kissed him back the way I wanted to he'd know I had been faking it and that would piss him off. So I just laid there and let him hug me and rub his naked body against my naked body. My cock was still hard and oozing cum and he was playing with it and his own cock was still hard too and poking me in the leg, feeling wet and slippery.

Finally Josh got up from my bed. I realized I was stuck now, I had to lay there and fall asleep and wake up in the morning and act as though I had no idea what had happened but I really had to piss. I opened my eyes a little and saw Josh open the door and go out. He was wearing
just his briefs, but that was OK, some guys walked down the halls buck naked. Maybe he was going back to the party. Naw, he wouldn't do that, dressed like that. Did I dare get up and go down the hall to the can?

I was feeling almost like I was really as drunk as I had pretended, what had happened was so awesome. I lay there for a couple of minutes, then sat up on the side of the bed. My briefs were still the way Josh had fixed them so he could suck me off, and my cock was still hard. I
reached down and stroked it idly as I tried to decide what to do. That's when Josh came back in.

"Dude, you're awake!" Josh said in surprise.

I looked at him with as much of a pretense of bleary-eyed drunkenness as I could manage. "Gotta piss," I said, slurring my words, and lurched to my feet.

I stumbled against the wall and stood shakily, looking at my roommate, my best buddy who had just sucked my cock. He had a wet cloth in his hands and I realized he'd been intending to clean me up. I started towards him, lurching around as much as I could without hurting myself.

"Gotta piss," I repeated, heading for the door. I managed to lurch up against Josh, and he caught me. I looked blearily into his eyes and mumbled, "I'm drunk,
buddy, I'm drunk."

"No shit, dude," he replied, clutching my naked body to his. We were both wearing nothing but our briefs, and mine were still hooked under my rock-hard cock. I reached down and groped myself.

"Gotta hardon," I slurred.

"Yeah, Brad, you've got a hardon. Here, let's get that thing back in your shorts," he said and reached down and pulled my briefs up and managed to work my big hard dick back inside.

My cock almost spurted another load of hot cum all over the two of us when he grabbed it and pushed it down into my briefs.

"Good old Josh," I slurred, "My buddy Josh."I lurched towards the door again. I was starting to
have a plan. "Gotta piss," I said again.

Josh helped me stagger down the hall to the johns. We shared a giant bathroom with all the other rooms on the floor. It had twelve sinks, ten urinals, fifteen johns, and ten shower stalls. I could never figure out how anyone had decided what the right number of each was for the
sixty guys on our floor, but the place was never so full you couldn't get whichever implement you needed, so apparently they had known how to do it. At this hour on a Saturday night it was usually empty, aside from some drunk college boy taking a piss to get rid of all the beer he
had drunk, so Josh and I had the giant room to ourselves. I let him guide me to a urinal and I managed to get my cock out and fortunately it had gone soft enough that I was able to piss. That was real at least, and I gratefully emptied my bladder. Josh tried to support me without
looking too much like he was interested in what I was doing.

When I had finished pissing I broke away from my buddy and staggered away from the urinal and looked around. "Gotta take a shower," I announced, and headed towards the door leading to the shower stalls.

That caught Josh off guard, and I was through the door by the time he caught up with me. I wanted him in the shower with me though, so I staggered even more, and let myself slam into a wall. It hurt enough that I wasn't faking it when I recoiled and stood there moaning. Josh
caught up with me and grabbed me to keep me from hurting myself further.

"Gotta take a shower," I slurred, stripping my briefs off and leaving them on the floor as I staggered around.

"Jesus!" Josh swore softly. "OK, come on, here's a shower."

I think he expected to just shove me into one and then leave me while I sobered up, but I grabbed him and pulled him in with me. I reached for the faucets and turned them on before he could get out and the two of us were showered with ice cold water.

"Fuck, that's cold!" Josh yelled, and reached to adjust the spray. He got it to a comfortable temperature, and by that time I had some soap in my hands - there was always at least half a bar that someone had left behind and usually I would have avoided even touching one of those,but I grabbed it and reached out and started soaping up my buddy's almost naked body. Josh fought me briefly, then decided to give in and go along with my drunken antics.

I soaped him clumsily, in keeping with my supposed drunkenness, and when I encountered his wet briefs I let out a whoop of discovery "Hey, my buddy isn't naked, gotta get naked to take a shower!" and I sank to my knees and pulled his shorts down before he could do more than make a brief protest. His cock flopped out, half hard, and I reached up with my soapy hands and started lathering up Josh's cock and balls. He was hard right away and fell back against the wall of the shower, obviously loving what I was doing to him. I tried to maintain the pretense that I was drunk, but feel him up real good, play with his hard cock and churning balls until he was moaning and panting with passion. Then I stumbled to my feet and fell against my naked buddy, my hands rubbing his hard pecs and rippled abs. Josh has nothing to be ashamed of in the muscles department - he's a really hot stud.

My buddy Josh has a boner, I mumbled as I felt him up, letting my hands slide down into his crotch. I got one hand on his balls and the other wrapped around his huge hard dick and started stroking him as I nuzzled his neck with my mouth and started licking his neck and cheek. Josh was making ineffectual efforts to stop me, pushing me away very feebly, but when I put my mouth to his and started kissing him he stopped resisting and kissed me back.

We parted from that kiss finally, and I put my lips to Josh's ear and in my normal, sober voice I said, "If you'll wash the soap off of that boner, I'll return the favor and give you a blow job even better than the one you just gave me!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Ozark Mountain Boys by Tanda2000

copyright by Tanda 2/2001

Billy rolled over in his sleep. Dread filled his belly and his face flushed with mixed feelings of shame and excitement. He could hear Uncle Buck and Ma goin' at it in the other room. She was yellin' at him again. Yup, he was drunk.

Billy lay there listenin' to the two of them, wonderin' why he was still livin' at home. Why hell, he was 20 years old now and he should be out getting' his own claim settled and startin' a family of his own and he couldn't figure why Uncle Buck was still stayin' with them. He had
to be at least 23 or 25 by now, a growed up man and should be out on his own. Billy knew the reason - whiskey, and Ma always said that Uncle Buck was just a wanderer.

There weren't no reason at all why he was still here exceptin' that he had figured he'd stay on and help Ma ever since Pa has passed on. That's just the way it was done up here in the mountains. Folks stuck together and Billy didn't feel right leavin' Ma with just Seth, who was just turned a young 18, to tend to the land and all the chores. Hell, it was almost more than they could handle even with Uncle Buck's help.

Uncle Buck was Pa's younger brother and that's why Uncle Buck had come to live with them, to help out but sometimes he seemed to be more bother than he was help. If he wasn't so scared and worried, Billy reflected, it would be downright funny. Uncle Buck could be a real hoot and even Ma loved him 'cuz he always made us laugh and somehow they always ate. Pa had
always demanded that there be food on the table, no matter what. He contended that if ya didn't eat there was no way in hell ya was gonna be able to work. Ma carried on the tradition even though sometimes all it was rice and beans and Uncle Buck always somehow got us some kind of vittles. He also knew how Uncle Buck could be when he'd been hittin' that brew.
He could hear Ma and Uncle Buck goin' at it now in the other room as he laid in the makeshift mattress on the floor.

"Buck, damn ya. You been hittin' that jug again?"

"Yeah, so what?", Uncle Buck stated beligerently.

"Well," Ma chided. "You know'd that you're a worthless lard ass when you been drinkin'. We got things to be done 'round here. And we don't need ya all juiced up."

Billy lay there in the dark with the light streaming in from the cracked open door. There was silence in the other room now. Seth laid next to him sound asleep. Lucky fucker, Billy thought. That boy could sleep through a friggin' tornado.

Billy could hear the fire being stoked in the other room and knew that Ma was bankin' the fire like Pa had taught him to do. It would keep the coals hot all night so's it wouldn't be so damned cold in the mornin'.

The silence was broken by Ma.

"Now, get yer ass in there and get some shut eye, Buck. We got a full day tomorrow in them fields and I'm gonna need all you men folk to be workin'. And don't wake up my boys!"

"Yeah, yeah," Uncle Buck muttered. Billy could hear his boots shuffling towards the door. He quickly rolled over on his belly and lay there pretendin' to be asleep. Best this way. Uncle Buck could be downright cantankerous when he'd been hittin' the sauce.

He squeezed his eyes shut and let his brown hair flop over his face and laid there tryin' to control his breathin'. Through his pinched eye lids, he could see the light brighten as the door opened wide. Uncle Buck was in the room. Billy dared to crack his eyes open just a tad and could see the big framed man standin' right next to the bed weaving. Uncle Buck was a big 'ol boy. 'Bout 6 foot 3 inches or so and a good 220 pounds. But beefy like a big side of beef. Uncle Buck was a growed up man but still hadn't found hisself a gal yet. Billy suspected it was mostly 'cuz he was likin' his whiskey too much and didn't have no property to settle on like Ma and Pa did.

A big belch filled the room and a muffled chuckle came from Uncle Buck. Only a crack of light lit the room now since he had closed the door on his way in. In the semi darkness, Billy seen Uncle Buck's overalls drop to the floor as the man stood there weaving. From his position in the bed, all Billy could see was Uncle Buck's muscled calves with the overalls bunched down around his ankles, his boots still on.

Even though he felt a mounting excitement in his groin, he silently hoped that Uncle Buck would just get into bed and fall asleep and leave him alone, but that weren't to be.

Billy heard Uncle Buck quietly slur, "Well, well. What we got here?"

Billy felt the covers being pulled off of him and he suddenly felt kinda naked even though he was wearin' his long johns. He felt exposed and vulnerable to the drunken man. He shivered inside but didn't move a muscle, concentratin' on breathin' deep like Seth who was still sound
asleep beside him.

Billy felt a callused paw rubbin' on his backside through his long johns. "Bastard," Billy whispered to hisself but he couldn't deny the secret longing that was filling his own young manhood.

Uncle Buck knelt down on the mattress next to him with his overalls still around his ankles. Through his slit eyelids, Billy could see Uncle Buck's big 'ol horse cock swingin' between his muscular thighs.

"Damn," Billy thought. That thing was already half hard and he stared at it in the darkness as it swung between his Uncle's legs.

He watched it grow just inches from his face as he felt his young ass being mauled by the big rough hands and almost jumped when he felt Uncle Buck yank open the back of his long johns, ripping the buttons right off.

"Oh, shit," he thought. "Not again."

He laid there not movin', tryin' to fake sleep even though he couldn't fight the growin' of
his own cock.

"Damn, this bastard," he thought, but he laid there not

There was nothin' to be done about it. Not without wakin' Seth up and getting' Ma all pissed off and the whole danged place in an uproar. Billy decided that he would just lie there and let Uncle Buck do whatever he had to do 'till he passed out. Hopin' that it wouldn't be too long. He
was pretty shit faced.

He felt Uncle Buck's hand slip inside his long johns and rub the tender flesh of his smooth buttocks. He watched as the man's huge shaft of meat grew and the big 'ol mushroomed head reminded Billy of the wild mushrooms they picked on the other side of the mountain for vittles and such. The pendulum of meat waved menacingly inches from his face as he felt the big fingers slide between his smooth crack. His own eight inch manhood was lying like a hard tree branch against the mattress. He hated Uncle Buck for getting' him all roused up like this. He had to get some sleep, dammit! But his own cock was achin' in his long johns and wanted

As he continued to fake sleep, he felt Uncle Buck's big hands push his legs apart and go down between his legs, rubbing against his full young balls. His hand wandered even further underneath him and Billy cringed when Uncle Buck's hand touched the base of his rock hard cock.

He heard Uncle Buck snicker. "Ya little faggot. You're likin' this, ain't

Billy didn't move. He just laid there breathin' like he was sound asleep. He didn't know what else to do. He was so pissed that he was sportin' wood and just hoped like hell that Seth wouldn't get woke up by Uncle Buck's goings on.

He felt the hand on his butt push up under his worn out long johns and push them up over his back, rippin' the tired fabric. Uncle Buck's hands were roaming all over his young, smooth muscled back and then down again to his tight ass. Uncle Buck reached under Billy and roughly yanked his hard 8 inch cock down between his spread legs.

Billy moaned in pain, but still didn't move. Through his half shut eyes, he saw Uncle Buck's big cock, leaking pre cum from the slit of the mushroomed head. For some reason, Billy found his mouth waterin'.

Damn, he hated this shit! He had to get some rest tonight or he was gonna be as
worthless as tits on a boar tomorrow.

Suddenly Uncle Buck's hand left his backside and Billy felt nothing and heard nothing. He sighed a sigh of relief. Maybe he had lost interest, too drunk to carry on. But all too soon, he watched as Uncle Buck took both of his hands and wrapped them around his big 'ol horse cock, squeezing it and stroking it right in front of his face.

Then the man scooted closer to the boy and started rubbing the big cock all over Billy's hair and face.
"Mmmmmmmmm," was all he heard as he felt the sticky shaft of meat glide over his face.

Abruptly, he felt Uncle Buck start to lightly slap his face with the engorged organ. Then the man grabbed Billy's long brown hair and roughly pulled his head towards his waiting manhood and felt the big mushroomed head pressed against his full,
tender lips.

"Suck it, faggot," Uncle Buck growled quietly.

Billy defiantly turned his head over and pressed it into the pillow away from the demanding cock.

Billy felt Uncle Buck grab his head and forced it back towards his hard cock. The man held the boy's face in his hands and, again, pressed the leaking head against his closed mouth. Reluctantly, Billy parted his lips and the big cock forced it's way into his unwilling mouth.

"Now, suck it good, faggot boy. Ya wouldn't want yer little brother to wake up and see ya bein' taken like a girl, would ya?"

Billy stated sucking the big piece of meat that was crammed in his mouth just knowing that he would die a thousand deaths if Seth was to wake up seein' this. It's best to do what Uncle Buck wanted and get it over with. But secretly, he was enjoyin' the big piece of meat invading his
mouth and he liked the taste of his Uncle's juice as he tried to wrap his lips around the big head suckin' it like a young calf on a tit.

As he diligently sucked on the big cock, Uncle Buck rolled him over on his side and, yankin' the fly down to his long johns, firmly grabbed his hard cock and began stroking it. Billy moaned in pleasure around the big cock in his mouth. Uncle Buck started sliding his big rod in and out of
the unwilling boy's mouth as he stroked him and squeezed his balls painfully. Billy could barely breathe, his mouth was so full of dick and he could feel his Uncle's big balls hitting against his chin as the man fucked his mouth.

As he laid on his side with his torn long johns hanging off of his young muscled body, he felt used and humiliated but so fuckin' turned on by the way the man was using him for his drunken pleasure. As he was suckin' the big cock, he kept wonderin' what Ma would say or,better yet, what Seth would say if he was to wake up and see his big brother suckin' a cock like a faggot. Billy had often seen Seth's young hard body when they was skinny dippin' and knew the boy had a sizeable cock swingin' between his legs and had often thought about suckin' him off, but was too scared to say so.

These thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of his Uncle's big blunt finger forcing it's way into his small tight asshole without any lube. He winced from the pain, but his cock throbbed in Uncle's hand but kept on sucking. He knew that Uncle Buck could get real mean if he was
pissed off so he just whimpered around the big cock in his mouth while the finger violated his tender young ass.

Suddenly, his worst fears were realized when he heard Uncle Buck
say, "Looks good, don't it, Seth?"

Dread and shame washed over Billy as the man kept sliding his big tool in his mouth and he knew that Seth was watchin' all this.

"Noooooooo," he cried inside.

"Sure do, Uncle Buck." Billy could just hear Seth grinning in the dark.

Billy paused in his sucking. Uncle Buck's hand found the side of his face and smacked him a good one. "Keep suckin' it, ya little faggot bitch boy."

Knowin' it was best not to get Uncle Buck pissed off, Billy obeyed and kept suckin' the man's big cock while his own throbbed between his legs, tryin' to ignore the fact that he knowed that Seth was behind him watchin'.


"Yeah, Uncle Buck?"

"Sneak in onto the kitchen and grab me some lard."

"Yes sur!" Billy heard his little brother say all too eagerly.

He felt the movement on the mattress and knew that the boy was getting' up. With the big cock still in his mouth and his ass cheeks glowin', he saw Seth's naked body snake into the kitchen and when he seen the hard cock between his brother's legs stickin' out like a sword, his own cock swelled even more in his Uncle's hand. He kept slidin' his big dick in and out of Billy's now sore mouth, holdin' onto his head as he fucked the boy.

"Now we're gonna have ourselves some fun, bitch boy," he growled as he pulled his wet organ out and began rubbing it all over Billy's tortured face.

Billy panted for breath as he felt the huge wet organ cover his face.

It weren't no time at all before Seth come back into the room proudly carrying the cask of lard he swiped from the kitchen. He proudly handed it to Uncle Buck as his young hard cock waved proudly between his legs. Billy didn't say a word, just lay there quiet with the big dick
still lodged in his mouth.

"Thanks, boy," Uncle Buck acknowledged. "Now come on over here and watch your brother take care of your Uncle. Jest like I showed ya before."

Amazement ran through Billy as he watched his Uncle Buck grab the boy's cock and pull him next to him so both of them were watchin' Uncle Buck's big cock sliding it and out of his mouth. He was so ashamed. Be he was so hot watching his Uncle stroke and squeeze his brother's hard cock as they watched him. So, Seth and Uncle Buck had done this before? Couldn't be, but must be. Billy's cock was achin' and leakin' like a sieve.

Uncle Buck patted Seth's young backside and said, "Now get on back to bed like a good boy. You're way too young to be doin' stuff like this."

"Bullshit!", Seth declared. "I'm all growed up now. Least wise that's what ya said the other day!"

Uncle Buck slapped Seth's naked buttocks soundly. "Don't sass me, boy! But if ya think ya man enough, come on over here and get some of yer brother's hot mouth. The faggot's got talent.Must run in the family. He does as good as you do, boy."

Billy was stunned. Uncle Buck pulled his still unsatisfied cock from his mouth and guided Seth's 7 inch cock over to his waiting mouth. Billy clamped his lips shut tight as Seth's young cock waved in front of his mouth.

Uncle Buck chuckled. "If ya think you're man enough, then get some, boy."

Seth stubbornly held his cock up to Billy's lips and pushed the head of his smaller dick against his brother's lips.

Uncle Buck crawled down the bed and rolled Billy on his belly. He slapped the boy's firm ass and told him, "Suck the boy's cock, bitch. Suck it now."

Billy parted his lips lightly and felt Seth's young manhood slip into his mouth. It had a sweeter taste than Uncle Buck's which made his own cock throb even more as he gobbled the boy's cock down his hot throat.

While he sucked on his brother's cock, Seth grabbed Billy's hair like he had seen his Uncle do and started to fuck the mouth of his trapped older brother with awkward, inexperienced thrusts.

Uncle Buck knelt between his legs and roughly spread his legs wide like the wishbone of a chicken. Uncle Buck yanked the young man's long johns all the way down around his ankles and Billy felt him slap a big glob of grease between his exposed ass cheeks. Billy involuntarily pinched his buttocks together but Uncle Buck wasn't taking no for an answer. He brutally forced Billy's cheeks open wide, exposing his tight pink hole while Seth filled his mouth with his young dick.

Billy laid on his belly feeling the head of his Uncle's big greasy cock head sliding up and down his smooth, hairless crack. Without any warning, Billy felt the oversized head ease into his tight hole as Uncle Buck held his ass cheeks wide open. He grimaced from the pain and the
humiliation of being used by these two mountain men and ashamed that he was so hot and hard himself, but they weren't caring about that. All they was caring about was havin' their own way with him, and they did.

Uncle Buck stood at the foot of the bed and roughly pulled Billy up by his slim hips and impaled the entire length of his hard cock into his tight unwilling ass. Seth's hard, wet cock plopped out of his mouth, but not undaunted, he crawled up on the bed and knelt in front of Billy and shoved his young, hungry cock back into his brother's hot mouth. Billy grabbed a hold of Seth's firm muscled thighs as he sucked his cock into his mouth and felt his Uncle slamming into his sore ass. He was so hot and felt like he was going to explode all over the sheets, but suddenly, he felt Seth's thrusts go faster and faster and then the boy moaned and he felt his mouth fill up with warm, salty fluid as his brother released his full young nut sack into his mouth. Seth's cum was hot and sweet and Billy sucked it down greedily as his ass was being filled with long stabs of hard cock.

As he was being fucked hard, Uncle Buck started slapping the sides of his hips as his cock pounded deep into his hot tight ass, filling it with his pent up man meat. Suddenly, Uncle Buck pulled out of the hot ass and dropped Billy carelessly on the bed and jerked off his hard shaft all over the rounded used cheeks of Billy's ass. Billy felt the hot spasms of the man's cum fall on his butt and shoot on his back. Billy was insane with lust and his hard cock twitched madly against the mattress.

Billy was roughly rolled over and Uncle Buck laughed. "Well, well. Look at this, will ya, Seth? The faggot's got a fuckin' boner. Come on down here and take care of it like I showed ya."

Much to Billy's surprise, Seth crawled over Billy's body and, without a word, sucked in his engorged cock like a pro. Billy moaned with the heat of Seth's hot lips wrapped around his hard cock. He dared to raise his head from the mattress and watch as Seth knelt on his hands and
knees sucking his cock while Uncle Buck looked on, absently stroking his own spent cock.

Uncle Buck got another glob of grease and Billy watched in amazement and lust as he saw Uncle Buck slap it onto Seth's upturned ass and start to penetrate him while he sucked Billy's cock. As Uncle Buck finger fucked the boy, he took his other hand and roughly shoved it between Billy's spread legs, forcing two of his fingers deep into his already
violated ass.

Billy couldn't hold back no longer and, as he felt hisself getting' finger fucked by the two blunt fingers and seeing Uncle Buck's fist working on Seth's backside, he shot his load deep into his brother's hot mouth and watched as some of the full load dribbled out the sides of his full lips.

Uncle Buck grunted and laughed a wicked laugh. "That's right, boys. Now I got me two bitch boys. I want you both to lick up this mess and then get some rest. You're gonna need it. I got lots of work for you two boys and I don't mean in the fields!"

Seth and I looked sheepishly at each other and both of us dutifully started towards Uncle Buck as he laid back on the mattress with his big muscled arms behind his head.

"Now, lick it clean, bitches," he growled.

Not quite sure what to do, we both started in on his big semi hard cock lying on his muscled thigh like a big 'ol snake. We licked it clean and our tongue darted over his cock, touching each other's as we worked.

"Kiss him," Uncle Buck snarled.

Our lips met awkwardly and our tongues fought a fight for dominance as we kissed while Uncle Buck lay there watching his two bitch boys suck face like two little faggots.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Playing with Dad by Phil

There he was, sprawled out on the couch again. Drunk, passed out and snoring. I had just got home from soccer practice. I went upstairs being very quiet. I felt sorry for my dad. Mom left us 4 months ago and he had recently been laid off. Depressed and drinking a lot. I stepped off my clothes and rubbed my crotch watching myself in the full length mirror. I am 5'11 trim and muscular. I look very much like my dad. Very dark brown wavy hair. I had black hair all around my nipples that grew to the center of my chest. A thin black line down to my navel and disappeared into my jock. My crotch was covered in hair. I rubbed my sweaty nuts through my
jock strap and sniffed my fingers. I knew I was going to be hairy like my dad. He had jet black hair and sparkling blue eyes. The kind that bring most people to a halt. What I found so interesting was the patterns of body hair he had. It was very soft like the hair in his head. He was covered with it from head to toe. Even on his shoulders and back. He was a muscular man, Working out doors most his life. Deep tan and shirtless most of the time. His buddies teased him.

I laid back on my bed spread out and rubbed my body down. My cock fully erect and trapped in my jock. I rubbed my fingers into my ass cheeks and played with the furry ring. Man that felt good. I heard a thump from down stairs and jumped out of bed. There he was face first on the floor between the couch and the coffee table. I helped up as he babbled something only he
could understand. His robe fell open and I could see his semi erect cock. Man he had a nice cock. almost four and a half inches soft. Black wiry hair covering his large balls. I couldn't help looking.

Dad was walking up the stairs with me arm over my shoulder. I watched his cock the whole time. It swayed back and forth while we stumbled through the hall. I had only seen dad naked a few times in my life.He was almost dead weight when I got him to his bed. His room was a wreck. I smelled like him. Dirty clothes everywhere. I got him to his bed and sat him down on the edge. He immediately laid back. Naked in all his glory. Legs spread out. I could see
it all. He mumbled something and squirmed up on the bed a little further. He began snoring.

My cock was throbbing looking at my dad. He was so handsome. I walked back to room. My cock lead the way. I hopped into bed and started rummaging through my night stand. Cum rag,lube and my favorite poppers. I took a sniff and peeled my sweaty jock off. Hard as a rock my almost six inch cock throbbed in my hand. My nuts contracted and I could feel my pre-cum
coating the head. I fisted it up and down until it was covered. Man I knew I could blow any second. I was so horny thinking about my dads fur covered body. I wonder what it would be like to feel his body from head to toe. I was very close and stretched out. I could hear my dad snoring from his room. I stopped and sat up. What if? I knew he had been drinking all day.
He wouldn't even know.

I snuck down the hall naked. He was just where I had left him. The sun was setting and rays shined on his hairy body. My heart was racing as I approach his bed. Still sprawled out on his back. His robe covered his hairy shoulders. I sat very quietly on the edge of his bed
and stared at him.

He was sound asleep. A very heavy sleeper. I rubbed his furry chest paying very close attention to his eyes. I didn't budge. Very softly I moved my hands back over his chest touching his nipples then down his furry trail to his pubic bush. His body hair was so sexy. I noticed his cock was getting a little thicker. His heavy cock hung loosely over his hairy thick balls. I slowly moved my hand to his cock and gently rubbed his. He still snored lightly as I began to manipulate his cock in my sweaty hand. I looked back at his face. His deep black eye lashes fluttered but he continued to sleep.My cock was rock hard and dripping into my hairy black bush. I was rubbing his furry balls and dad spread his legs and moaned into his new
position. his head rolled to the side away from me. My hand frozen on his nuts I began rubbing again very slowly. I watched his cock grow to a full erection. Throbbing with his heart meat.His uncut cock was now almost seven inches long with a red flared head. A clear drop formed at the head as I licked my lips. He had a strong masculine smell. His arm pits were damp and matted down. A sheen of sweat formed over his body. The smell of beer strong.

I moved down and healed between his furry legs. I slowly rubbed my hands all over his thighs and calves. I rubbed the tops of his feet. His toes were even hairy. I had never really noticed my dad like this before. Dad had very muscular legs. Messaging his muscles I lifted his leg up on the mattress. I could see his dark hairy crack. The hair there must be at least an inch longgrowing in a tight circle around his hole. It looked tight and the same color as his nipples. I rubbed his inner thighs down into the crevasse of his legs. Manipulating his hard cock and balls then up to his knees. I leaned in and inhaled. He smelled like soap and man sweat. I had to taste him. I grabbed his seven inch cock in my hand and admired its thickness. A clear drop of pre-cum landed on my hand. I opened my mouth and placed half the length in my mouth and closed very slowly. I watched my dads face. A slight moan escaped his mouth. His mouth opened slightly and you could see his sparkling white teeth and a slight smile. His four days of beard growth looked so hot.

I began to wiggle my tongue just under the head while jacking my cock. I closed my eyes and could not believe I was doing this. His cock pulsed in my mouth and I could taste his pre-cum. Man there was a lot. It tasted a little salty. He brought both legs up on the bed and moved a
little. Slurring his words about something and began snoring again. My heart stopped. Here I was nealing between my dads legs. Four inches of his cock in my mouth jacking off while he sleeps. I could feel my nuts contract. My load begging for release. Dad relaxed and his legs spread out wide in front of me. I could smell his manly crotch while I inhaled deeply. I let go of his cock and focused my attention to his hairy ball sack. I lapped at them like crazy. His cock bobbed with each swipe of my tongue. Pre-cum dripping just above his navel. His cock bobbed wildly as my tongue went lower and lower. I don't know what I was doing but I could not
stop. My tongue found his hairy crevasse and licked that special spot that I love to rub while I jack off.

Dad moaned again and shifted trying to squirm away from my tongue. I dove deep with the point and hit the target. He was tight and soon began to relax and let me ravage his hairysweaty crack. I licked up his nut sack to his cock and gripped it holding it straight up. More pre-cum ran down the side. I crammed as mush as I could in my mouth and it jerked uncontrollably as he released five thick shots of his seed into my mouth. The next few
shots were not as strong but, tasted sweet as it landed on my tongue. I swirled his cock around my mouth and blew my load all over the bedspread. I was not even touching myself. My surprise and grabbed my cock to milk out the last of my load. We were covered in sweat. Dad babbles out something again very soft. I came back to reality with his cock in my mouth and most of my dad's seed in my gut. I started getting really scared again until dad
began snoring again. He was still asleep. I stood up and wiped my sperm covered lips. Tasting my dads sweet load. I was hooked. I had to have more.

I snuck back to my room and grabbed the poppers. My wet cock still dangling half erect when I walked back in the room. Dad had roll over. His robe trapped underneath him. He was on his belly with his ass cheeks exposed, His moist damp hair parted into his crack. I started getting hard again. I leaned over his muscular ass and licked his fur trail all the way up to his lower back. I spread his ass cheeks and his ring winked at me. I dug my tongue and face deep in between his cheeks. Fucking his tight hole with my tongue. I was scared he would wake up. I was rock hard again eating out my dad's hairy ass. I got on my knees between his legs and pulled his robe belt from under him. I grabbed both his thick wrists and pulled the gently
down his back and tied the together tightly. Still sound asleep I placed my wet cock head to the edge of his furry hole. I knew this would wake him but, I could not resist. I placed my head in the entrance and humped very slow back and forth. His tight ring giving way a little with each stroke. My whole body began to shake as I felt heat surrounding my thick cock head.

Dad began to move a little. I took my poppers and placed it under his nose. I laid gently on top of him till all my most of my body weight was on him. He snored deeply and the poppers took effect. I placed my hand firmly over his mouth and probed deeper with my cock. The heat and
moistness was driving my insane. Dad began to move around trying to escape my cock. I began to fuck him deep and as fast as I could. As I blew my second load deep in him I held the poppers under his nose and I could feel his ass ring contract around my cock milking the last drops of cum. Dad must have passed back out. He laid very still underneath me. I was
dripping sweat and our bodies rubbed together. I stood up very slow. Kinda dizzy and looked at my dads sweaty ass cheeks. His hole starting to tighten back up. A little bit of my load was leaking out. I lapped at his hole a few more times tasting his ass juices and my cum. I could see the cum leaking under his nuts where he blew his second load.

I untied his arms and they dropped to the bed. I snuck back out of his room My mind was going a mile a minute. What have I done. I raped my dad while he was drunk and passed out. I sat on my bed and began worring If he would remember anything. I woke a short while later. Dad was at my door in his robe and said I had a phone call. I watch him walk down the hall
and limped a little. It was my best friend Ron on the phone trying to get me to come over for a while. I told him I was kinda tired and was going to hang out here. Dad walked back by kinda dazed and wanted to know what time it was. I was relived he was not pissed at what I did. He scratched his head and walked back to his room. I then realized I was completely naked
when he walked by. I started thinking of everything I just did. My cock started to grow.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Aaron's New Friend

Aaron’s New Friend
By waratplay

MMMM/seduce/drunk/feigned sleep/anal

This one can be considered a fantasy as not all the sleeping was real. My mate Tony shares his rented house with his younger cousin Aaron. Aaron had caught a guy checkin him out when had passed out drunk, for a short while at a party. Tony had refused to help him get back at the guy, but I was willing to help.

First, Aaron made friends with the guy. This was important to get him to come over and also to work out how gay he was. Next we had to persuade Tony to help even though he had said he wouldn't. Finally we had to get the guy over and play out our game.

The date was set and as evening set in, I was over having a couple of drinks with Tony and talking about old times. As expected he suggested a soak in his new spa pool, so we were soaking, naked, in the pool as it was getting close to the time Aaron was due to come home with his new friend, Carl. Tony started to get sleepy and recognised what Aaron and I were up to. He said some very unkind and untrue things about my parents before he succumbed to sleep. He had gotten heavy since he had stopped role-playing with us, and it took a few minutes to get his body dried and resting peacefully in his bed.

I was 'drunk' in the lounge, dressed in a pair of shorts by the time the boys arrived. Carl was probably about 5'7”, straight jet black hair, brown eyes and ears that reminded me of a pixie. He had an endearing grin and kept looking down at crutch level, never really meeting your eyes. Aaron made the introduction and I didn't noticed that Carl was having difficulty keeping his eyes off where my legs disappeared into my shorts. As he sat on the couch, while he and Aaron had a beer each, I moved my leg so that he got a glimpse further up my shorts. Aaron suggested they take a spa, but Carl declined, his well filled jeans suggested why. Straight to plan B and I 'fell asleep'.

No waiting around, if this was not going to work we didn't want to waste the whole evening. Aaron came over and shook me. I moaned but stayed asleep. Aaron headed out of the room to 'take a piss'. While he was gone, Carl angled to see right up my shorts, but my leg was not quite in the right position so, with a trembling hand, he carefully moved it. His hand felt soft and his touch was gentle, giving me a full-on erection. Aaron came back in and demanded to know what Carl was up to. The poor lad could only mumble something I didn't catch and turn bright red.

Then Carl said, “Don't play around, if you want to do it, just do it. I do all the time when they are drunk!”

With that he pulled my shorts down and right off. It also pulled me half off the chair. Carl just stared. He was licking his lips and I thought the stitching would burst on his jeans. Here he was, in a strange house for 10 minutes with a quality beer in his hand and a sexy guy stripped naked and so hard he was leaking pre-cum in front of him. Aaron started feeling me up and offered for Carl to do the same, but he declined. He seemed a bit dazed. Then he snapped out of it and asked Aaron what he meant by they – as in they get drunk. Aaron said that his cousin was passed out upstairs and would Carl like to see him. He seemed overenthusiastic in pointing out that Tony was younger than me.

Carl agreed and they headed upstairs, beers in hand. After a few moments I followed. They were in Tony's room. He was sprawled naked on his bed, hard thanks to the Viagra that had been in his drink. Tony's cock is not long but very thick. Aaron was encouraging Carl to touch and wank him. The drinks had been left on the dressing table just beside the door and I dropped into Carl's glass what had been in Tony's. Aaron had moved between Carl and the door, just in case, and slipped out of his clothes. He stood there wanking himself as I slipped back downstairs. They came down some minutes later, both were now naked and hard. They stood wanking themselves in front of me and Aaron started to play with me. Carl's hand joined in and my cock performed brilliantly. When Aaron slipped his fingers into my arse, I nearly shot, but pretended to rouse a little instead so they both quickly backed off.

Then Aaron suggested carrying me upstairs, Carl agreed and they both made a poor job of it, banging my head on nearly every doorpost we went through. Then they laid me on the bed next to Tony and with, some positioning, got his thick cock against my unresisting hole (I was passed out, remember). I managed to get a good view of Carl. His cock was in proportion to his build. Side on it looked so cute. I started to wake up, riding back onto Tony's cock as I did and grabbed hold of Aaron who was leaning over me. I applied a font sleeper hold and he put up a pitiful fight, allowing me to sleeper him. I let him drop onto Tony and my bodies. Aaron has shaved all his body hair to make himself look hotter. In my opinion, he only looks skinnier. As soon as he passed out, his skinny cock shrunk into its foreskin and almost disappeared into his balls. However, his hole was stretched wide open and in full view. Carl did not take advantage of it but just stood there jerking himself off.

As I watched, Carl orgasmed. It went all over the bed and Tony with some on Aaron. Then he saw me watching him and quickly grew nervous. I just winked at him and started to jerk myself off. It was only a few moments later he grew too tired to stay awake and crumpled onto the cum soaked bed. The Viagra had kept him hard, so I had a bit of fun making him fuck Tony and Aaron. Then I had a go. Aaron woke up and we fucked each other, filling Carl's crack with our cum. He had a nice round hole surrounded by cum filled short black hairs but that will keep for when he role plays with us another time. We also jerked Tony off so he didn't miss out and it was also his mess on the sheets.

Monday, 9 November 2009

A Moment of Opportunity

A Moment of Opportunity
By kewtieboy

MMMM/First time/NC/sleep/drunk/gay/anal

It’s tough growing up in the rough side of a city. It’s even tougher when, in your early teens you discover you are probably gay. Not that you have anything to judge “gay” by as gays are talked about as though they are alien creatures who come from somewhere else but certainly not the part of Liverpool I came from. By the time I was 18 the possibility of going to gay bars reared its head but then, of course the danger was that someone might see me there, nearby, or even coming out of a bar. There was also the chance that someone I met might talk.

I wasn’t a gay virgin by any means but I had not had what you might call “satisfying sex” in that everything I had done was a quick fumble, quick suck or a quick wank. I longed for some time to enjoy another guy’s body, to look at his naked form and take my time to enjoy it. Unfortunately the friends I had grown up with were rough diamonds. Thankfully we didn’t actually get into trouble but we went to football, went out on the town drinking and generally did most things together.

The hard core group were Gary, a 19 year old and 6 feet tall skinny guy with a mop of curly dirty blonde hair. Gary wasn’t an Adonis but he wasn’t bad looking even though his main dress code involved track suit bottoms, white trainers, a football top and baseball cap which tended to be on the wrong way round. He was a mad Liverpool supporter. Gary worked in warehouse of a local Tesco supermarket.

Next in the group were the twins. Jack and Len were a different kettle of fish. One description will do both as they were almost identical. Both stood 5 feet 9 inches tall. Both were medium build with a muscular frame from a bit of working out in the local gym. Both had reddish/blonde hair which was almost sandy coloured so both had freckles on their forearms and upper body and a few on their faces. They were the jeans and t-shirt type, no matter the weather. Both were also stunningly good looking with butts to die for. They were individually popular with girls and each had a long score sheet. Jack worked as a bricklaying apprentice and Len moved furniture and anything else he was asked.

The fourth member was Yu. Now Yu was slightly incongruous. His father was loaded as he owned 6 Chinese take-away restaurants and some property in the city. Yu had been working in one of his dad’s units in our run down part of the city when we met him and when we started taking the piss out of him, he gave back as good as he got. We all liked him and soon, he was one of us. His father was not too pleased but as he wasn’t actually getting into trouble he let him be. Yu was actually born in Liverpool of a Liverpudlian mother so had mixed Asian looks which were strikingly attractive. His build was slightly larger than I imagine he would have been with a Chinese mother so he was around 5 feet 9 inches tall too. He had blue black hair which was often styled quite freakishly. He loved his hair gel. He too was slim and had a beautifully developed body and dazzling white teeth!

That leaves me. When dad left mum and took his money with him, we ended up in a council house in this run down area. I learned to fend for myself and my karate lessons in late primary, early secondary school stood me in good stead and allowed me to be left in peace. At 5 feet 10 inches I have a pretty good frame and look like I can fend for myself so it allowed me, and my fellow friends to steer clear of the gangs who are prevalent in the area, and we formed our little crew! My name is Declan, or Dec to friends and being aware of being gay has been with me since my earliest teens. So far I had managed to avoid too many girlfriends without attracting suspicion but the day was coming when I would have to come out or get out and I wasn’t sure how the group would take to it.

So that’s us and now to the main reason for writing this.

Another mate, Lou, was getting married and had decided that a group of guys should go to Brighton for a long, wild weekend party to celebrate. This stag party would have a group of around 20 including our fabulous 5. It was set for mid-November so we all started saving. I was the only one with a white collar job, if you call working in an insurance office an upmarket job.

I managed to find a 3 bedroom flat for the 4 nights we would be there with the rest staying in bed and breakfasts around Brighton. The flat had 2 double rooms and one single one so perfect for us guys to crash out. We were staying from Thursday through to Monday so on the Thursday night we all went out to meet the others for the beginning of our pub crawling weekend.

I won’t stretch the story out too long but needless to say the guys managed to get absolutely trashed. By the time we made pub number six the toll of pints and shorts meant that the group had fragmented and our little gang were splayed along the promenade wall. We all staggered back to the apartment as quietly as we could and crashed out in the lounge. The twins were dead to the world on the sofa and Yu, Gary and I had just one more beer each. I think it was Gary’s idea as we looked down on the snoring twins, to pull their pants off and spray shaving foam on their privates, then to take a movie for YouTube. I wasn’t going to stop him as I had long wished to see the boy’s cocks and was eager to help.

Yu joined in the fun and it amazed me that with all the sniggering and laughing plus the hauling of jeans, neither twin woke. We were able to strip jeans and briefs down to expose two perfectly matching cocks and balls, red pubic hair neatly around each. Yu started filming and Gary suggested getting them hard for the film. I knew YouTube wouldn’t publish these but I wasn’t going to tell Gary.

“I’m not touch their cocks!” he said to me, “You grab them and I’ll hold them if they waken.”

“Reluctantly” I gripped Jacks soft cock and rubbed it a little. I was surprised that it grew almost instantly and by the time I moved to his brother, it was standing 6 inches tall and solid as a rock. His brother followed suit and we all laughed our heads off as we took film of them then covered their cocks and balls in foam. We left them sprawled on the sofa and went to bed. Gary was sharing with Yu. I had done the booking, so I had organised the rooms!

It was already well past 3.00 am when we got to bed and when I awoke with a stiff cock and a need to pee, I padded through the flat and after going to the toilet, looked in to see the two boys still lying where we had left them. I had an urge to fondle their cocks again, but thought better of it.

It took us until midday to surface and it was Len, whose roar woke us.

“Fucking bastards; look what they’ve done to us Jack!” I heard him shout.
There was much laughing and frivolity and we had a light-hearted breakfast while planning the day. There wasn’t really much planning except to go out earlier and to drink longer!

Once more, I won’t bore you with the day but we all managed to meet up with the rest of them and continued much as we had done the previous day. By 11.30 pm, I was much the worse for wear and felt I couldn’t go on. The group had slightly fragmented anyway. I could see Yu and one of the twins but that was all. I headed off back to the flat.

When I got in, I showered to waken myself up and had a few drinks of water to rehydrate myself. I was just heading to my room dressed in my tight little CK shorts when I noticed Gary and Yu’s room door wide open and a shape on the bed. It was Gary.

“Hi mate, didn’t know you were back?”

There was silence. I put on the light and the room was ablaze. Gary had one leg out and one leg in his track suit bottoms. His football top was raised over his head showing his hairless chest but one arm was still in it, and his cotton boxer shorts were half pulled down, a strip of pubic hair visible as the band lay at a 45 degree angle. He had made a feeble attempt to get to bed and failed.

“C’mon mate, let’s be having you,” I said loudly and lifted his body on to the bed.

He was a dead weight and just moved over and started to snore. I don’t know why but I went to the flat door and threw the safety catch on the door before returning.

“I’ll give you a hand Gary,” I said loudly, pulling his football shirt over his head. He flopped back on to the pillow.

I took his trainers and socks off and then pulled his track suit bottoms down. I lifted his legs on to the bed and pondered whether I should go further. I leaned forward and lightly smacked his cheek. No response. I shouted louder and shook his arm with still no response. I took the band of his boxers and pulled them down.

Gary’s uncut cock lay across his heavy balls. His pubic hair was rich, dark blonde and quite thick with a trace heading up to his navel before fading to a hairless body except for a few wisps of hair in the middle of his chest. I went to my room and grabbed my digital camera, setting it to movie status and filmed his naked body for a future wank session and then laid it on the bedside table still running. I sat beside him and gripped his warm cock. It was about 4 inches soft but seemed much thicker than mine. My own cock was already stiff.

I leaned forward and kissed the soft foreskin. The smell of urine was pungent but surprised me by being erotic. I was only going to have one opportunity so being fussy was not an option. I engulfed his cock with my mouth and rolled the flaccid penis in my mouth, enjoying the way it flopped around inside me. I stroked my own cock as I did so. Next I went between his legs and licked his heavy, sagging balls. I took one of the monsters into my mouth and rolled it around before going back to cock sucking. I held his cock with one hand and forced a movement around the head with my tongue.

Gary made a small grunt as though he was aware of something going on, before his breathing returned to its steady pattern. His cock suddenly had some substance. Blood was filling it. I was greedy now. I gripped the base to force his erection and sucked the head for all I could. Once the erection started, its growth was steady and it took around 3 minutes before I had a stunning 7 inch, thick cock in my hand. It was absolutely rock hard.

I devoured it. I grabbed the camera and both filmed and snapped it from all angles including one with my mouth wrapped around it. I pulled off my pants and climbed on to the bed, sinking my hole on to his saliva coated cock. I had never been fucked but I wanted to try. I pushed my arse hard against his cock and even managed to get the head inside me but it was going no further.

I went back to sucking him and frantically wanked him with my face looking into his one eyed monster. I sucked and wanked and his erection was rock solid. He whimpered again, his subconscious mind aware something was happening. I looked up to ensure he wasn’t wakening and, as I turned to continue my attention to his cock, a blast of warm thin cum splattered on my face. I opened my mouth quickly as I wanted some of Gary inside me. When he had shot his final spurt, I wrapped my mouth around his cock and sucked all the cum I could from it. I then stood over him and emptied my own 6.5 inch cock on to his balls.

Panic set in and I grabbed kitchen towel from the kitchen, mopping as much as I could from his balls, his stomach and my face. I grabbed his shorts and pulled them up as far as I could the rolled him into bed and covered him up. I strewed his clothes as though he had stripped as he walked to his bed and then grabbed the camera and ran to my bed.

Once my heart stopped beating I slept like a corpse hearing nothing until the rattle of tea cups at 11.00 am next day. I was scared to look at Gary but he said nothing, apart from saying how glad he was he had left early as a good night’s sleep had done him the power of good. It had certainly done me a power of good.

Yu asked a lot of questions about who had been in first and who was asleep first. He said that Gary had been like a corpse when he got home at 3.00 am and he could do nothing to raise him. He smiled at me when he said it and I must have flushed so I looked away.

Saturday was the big day and we were all meeting at 4.00 pm for a few drinks, then a meal then, drinks, then a club looking for “birds.”

All happened in exactly that order. Yu was with me for a good part of the afternoon and also at dinner. He was keeping pace with everyone. I tried not to do the chaser drinks and somewhere in my subconscious, I wondered if another opportunity might arise tonight too. I was as horny as fuck and really wanted some cock awake or asleep! I had also acquired some lubricant and was hoping that if Gary was out of it again, I might get his cock inside me.

The club was reached at 11.30pm and we were all very, very drunk. I lost contact with everyone within minutes of arrival. Actually not everyone as I saw Gary with a bleached blonde, chatting her up in a corner.

“Lucky bitch,” I thought, “She’s going to get it inside her, instead of me.”

I lost him again and decided I would head back to the flat again in the hope Gary wouldn’t score. As I reached the main door of the block I found Jack and Len heaped behind the main door. It looked like one had tripped, the other had fallen over him and neither had the strength to get up.

As with Gary the previous night neither heard a word I said. I tried lifting Jack off Len just as another guy came into the stairway.

“Is there any chance of a hand with these?” I asked.

“Sure mate,” he said, lifting Jack as though he was a child.

I helped a little but we got him upstairs and into his room before dumping him on the bed. We repeated the process with Len before I thanked the guy. I quickly showered well and stripped to my briefs before lubricating my arse in hope!

I once more, put the lock on the front door then entered their room. Following the same process as the previous night, I stripped them down until they lay naked, side my side on the double bed. I shook them again but I knew that three nights of hard drinking had taken its toll. I knelt facing both bodies and held a cock in each hand and was surprised that, like our first night there, the speed the cock rose to full height was amazing. Stiff cocks were in both of my hands in minutes. Once more I filmed for wanking fodder later. I sucked each in turn and the boys were giving satisfied purrs as I did so. I crawled up the bed and pushed my own hard cock in Len’s face separating his lips. I managed to get the dripping head between them and for a short moment he took the head of my cock in his mouth. He started to shake his head so I stopped, fearful I might have to explain why their straight friend was pushing a dripping cock into his mouth!

I lubricated my arse and climbed on to Len. Holding his hard cock I sat astride him and sank my hole down on to it. It slid in surprisingly easily and I started to ride up and down. It was wonderful! My years of fingering my hole had successfully made losing my virginity easier than I expected. I had to have both. I slid over on to Jack and repeated the procedure. His cock slid inside me and I was fully engrossed. This wasn’t some wild erotic session as I was too scared to be really active with them so the actual fucking session was short. Jack started to stir and in his drunken haze he started to get up and walk towards the door. I panicked and pulled my briefs back up then steered him to the room door. He was almost sleepwalking, completely oblivious to my presence as I guided him to the toilet and as he stood, I took the opportunity to hold his slowly dwindling erection as he pissed in the bowl. I found it really erotic. Once finished, he turned and walked back to the room on his own and climbed back beside his brother on to of the covers. I stood at the door and watched and within minutes his breathing had once more returned to the heavy inhale and exhale of a drunken coma. I walked back in and knelt once more between the two guys. I started sucking Len’s cock which quickly returned to its previous excited state. I managed to swallow all of it down my throat, tasting his salty precum as I did so.

“Need a hand with that!”

The sound of another voice in the room really made me jump and I turned quickly to find Yu standing by the doorway in a pair of tight boxer shorts.

“I was just putting them to bed,” I mumbled unconvincingly.

“I like your style then,” said Yu.

“How did you get in?” I asked.

“I’ve been in bed for ages and heard all the movement which woke me up and now I found you having sex with our two good friends. How could you?”

It was at that stage I saw the tent in his shorts and realised he was interested in what he was watching.

“Would you like to help me put them to bed?” I asked.

“If you like,” he replied with a nonchalant look as though he didn’t care either way.

He slipped off his shorts exposing a sizeable cock which was about 6 inches long but remarkably thick. His curly blue black hair was thick but confined to his pubic region and his remaining upper body was hairless though I noticed his legs were covered in dark hairs. He walked over, knelt beside me and took Jack’s cock in his mouth sucking it fervently. It felt so naughty and dangerous with both of us doing it. I looked at Yu as he sucked and he looked at me and winked. I realised the digital camera was lying on the bedside table to my left capturing the whole thing.

We each stroked a cock and sucked in between strokes.

Yu looked at me and said, “I think this one is hard enough to………”

As he said it, a jet of cum shot out of Jack’s cock and sprayed his face. He stuck his mouth over it and caught the rest.

“See if you can get him to cum,” he said, picking up my camera, which I thought he hadn’t noticed, and zooming in as I sucked and wanked Len.

It took over 5 minutes before I received the same reward he had. He smiled as I took my hand off Len’s cock and leaned over, kissing my face and licked the cum.

“Let’s tidy up here and go through to my room,” he said.

We did and I ended up, not only having my first ever real sex session, but being fucked for over an hour my a surprisingly energetic Yu. He fucked me doggy fashion, legs in the air and straight forward up the rear, before spraying his wonderful cum over my chest and then sucking me off.

Afterwards Yu confessed that he had also sucked Gary off the previous night when he had returned back to the flat. He had been amazed how little Gary had cum but noticed dried cum between his legs. It had crossed his mind that perhaps I had been playing around with him but he put it out of his head.

We kept our secret and three months later, I moved into a flat with him. I was one of his dad’s properties from his small empire. I, of course, was a lodger helping to pay the rent.

That’s life to date, a great and still secret affair and an even bigger secret to be kept from our three straight friends. We often watch the footage from that night as we have sex and remember the time we grabbed a moment of opportunity!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Preferring to Go Straight

This is a series of four stories about a young guy's fascination with straight guys and having sex with them. The first story involves a sleeping guy and the second a drunk guy. The remaining two are more seduction than anything else but it was pointless not to post the whole story. I hope you enjoy this one.

Preferring to go Straight
by kewtieboy


I’m sure any straight guys (and girls for that matter) who read this story will be disgusted at me for my deception. I am a confused creature as I really like straight guys. Now I mean straight guys, not bisexual, but really straight. This had led me to a few near misses as straight guys have a tendency to fancy women not other men. I know this sounds odd but they do. I have had to be very devious to get my wicked way since I have no urge to rape anyone and certainly not the strength to do it even if I had the urge. At 25, blonde haired and slightly built with a slim figure, I am not built for taking on the kind of guy that sexually appeals to me.

I haven’t been all that successful but the few successes have been pure heaven so I thought some people out there might be interested in them.

When United won the cup:

I can’t stand soccer but I love football fans. Groups of guys in heat over a subject as all consuming as football, drinking into the small hours while getting themselves excited over anything in a skirt, appeals to me. The trouble is, I may not be very effeminate, but I don’t some across as a full blooded heterosexual football thug. Hanging around in the bars they do, makes me stand out. However I broke my own guidelines one day after the FA cup final.

It was around 8.30pm on a Saturday night and the pubs were really busy. I was heading home for an early night having had a late lunch with enough wine to lower my guard. Walking towards me was a group of six guys, all wearing football tops and jeans. They would be in their late teens to early twenties and they were very drunk. Three were particularly attractive and one really stood out. He was lean, short cropped hair which was a bristle coating of redness as the short fuzz was growing back in. He was weaving and laughing and as he drew next to me he smiled, wandered across and shouted at the top of his voice, the news I knew guessed from their exuberance, that “United had won the cup.”

I smiled back and mumbled something like, “Yeh, great news,” to which he held both sides of my face, kissed me on both cheeks and then the lips and wandered back to his laughing mates.

“Come and join us,” he shouted as they meandered up the street.

I turned, as I tasted the trace of saliva left on my lips and the slight beery flavour, thought for about two seconds and then followed. They didn’t see me but within about 3 or 4 minutes, they had entered a pub and I followed. The pub was really busy and all the talk was football. The atmosphere wasn’t threatening in any way, more of a childish excitement. I bought a beer and stood watching the guys I had followed. They were drinking at a rate that left me agog. When my “target” went to the toilet, I followed and stood alongside him. He held himself upright by pressing his head against the wall while using both hands to hold his cock as he squirted into the urinal. His cock was normal size, and uncut but was enough to make my own cock rise and I had to cover it quickly lest he see.

He did look up and along at me and nodded a bleary “Hiya.” Then he looked again and said, “It’s you again, who are you with?”

I told him I had just popped in for a celebratory drink and he insisted I join his little group. By the time he dragged me back out, his group had diminished to three. The other three had spotted some girls across the bar and were pestering them with offers of drink which seemed to appeal to them.

“I’m Josh, and this is Mike and Sam,” he slurred.

“Good to meet you, I’m Ryan,” I said and gave as firm a handshake as I could muster.

Mike and Sam were as interested in my company as a visit from an old aunt and they quickly went back to monitoring their friend’s success (or lack of it) with the female fans across the bar. Only Josh showed a real warmth and friendliness as he asked me about my favourite players and what part of the game had impressed me most. Thankfully, he answered most of his own questions so didn’t notice that I had absolutely no knowledge of football at all. I could have listed all Lisa Minelli’s hits if he had asked but somehow I didn’t think he would be interested.

His friends, by now, had become involved in a heated discussion about the rights and wrongs of the match which gave me time to look at my little beauty unhindered. He stood about 5 feet 8 inches high, he had delicious red to sandy hair which was trimmed short to be almost stubble. He was slim but had a well defined body and he stood with his football top and faded jeans. His face had a few freckles around the nose, just spreading on to his cheeks and his bum was delightfully well shaped, like two little buns. He looked to be around 19.

“………and I’ll need to go soon anyway as I’m running short of cash and I am kind of pissed.”

I drifted back into the conversation. Josh was speaking to me and I had been so involved in sizing him up I had only caught this tail end.

“I have some beers and cider back at the flat, but not enough for six people,” I heard myself say.

“Who gives a fuck about them,” he said laughing. “Let’s piss off while they’re busy as I’m always up for a free drink.”

We were out of the pub and heading down the street before I had time to think. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing or even letting myself in for. I suppose I just hoped that at some point he would look into my eyes, say how pretty I was and fuck the arse off me but I had a feeling that this lad was just plain friendly.

He was weaving considerably on the way to the flat. I made a point of taking a roundabout route and more than once he said he hadn’t the faintest idea where he was. We got up to my little ex-council flat and he burst through the front door asking for the toilet. When he returned, he slumped on the couch and I put on the television to let him see the football highlights. He said he would love a cider so I opened two. The cider was downed as if it was a soft drink and he asked how many I had. I told him there was a six pack and he seemed happy to help himself to another. His talking was becoming more slurred and he slumped even more on the couch.

“Might need to stay a bit,” he said, “I’m just a wee bit pissed.”

He giggled and his eyes drooped. Suddenly he raised his empty glass and said, “Better be hung for a sheep than a lamb, eh.”

I gave him his fourth, well aware that cider is very potent when mixed and also more powerful than the taste would suggest. It took him almost twenty minutes of sipping, talking drivel, dozing and slouching before he eventually started to breath heavily as though asleep. I sat and watched him. His jeans had ridden up into his crutch and his package was beautifully presented.

“Dare I do anything with him while he was incapacitated,” my brain was ticking loudly and my heart was thumping painfully against my ribcage. One hour onwards and his arms were slouched over the arm of the couch and he was really low in the seat.

“I’ll put you flat on the floor with a pillow,” I said loudly.

No response. I pulled his body until his bottom dropped on to the floor with his back against the seat. I pulled down a cushion and he slumped flat out on the floor, his head resting back on it. I shook him but had no response except for rhythmic breathing. I rested my hand on the front of his jeans, my own cock rising quickly. His soft bulge felt so good. I squeezed it and could just make out the shape of his cock. I unbuckled his belt while mumbling to him about “making him comfortable” though whether he would believe any of it if he woke up, I had no idea.

Soon his belt was open, his flies were down and his grey, tight boxers were in front of me with the soft bulge of his cock and balls clearly visible. I started to pull his jeans down. He was a dead weight but suddenly he lifted his bum off the floor and they slid down effortlessly. He was still asleep, so I had no idea what he thought was going on in his fuddled head. I now had him with his jeans below his knees and his shorts in front of me. I unzipped my jeans and eased my hard cock out, stroking as I felt his bulge. I leaned forward and gently kissed his lips. My cock was leaking pre-cum quite copiously, so I tool some on my finger and traced the residue along his lips. He automatically, licked them. That really excited me.

I started to pull down his shorts until they joined his jeans at his knees and his balls lay before me, loose and hanging between his legs. His beautiful cock was uncut and pale with a red rose of foreskin at the top. The skin slid back and forth easily revealing a moist glans beneath. His pubic hair was a delightful bright orange red and they covered his balls too. I slid down and enveloped the soft cock with my mouth. The faint taste of his urine only excited me more and I rolled the soft flesh back and forth in my warm mouth. I alternated between sucking and gently stroking the foreskin with my thumb and forefinger when he exhaled suddenly in a large sigh. I stopped but he continued back into his sleep. His cock now had some blood in it and I could feel a slow swelling. Considering that getting to this point had taken over 20 minutes, the final stretch to full erection took under 4 minutes. I had a very stiff cock in my mouth which looked to be just over 6 inches in length and a little thicker than I would have expected. His breathing was slightly heavier but still steady, as though he was enjoying his “dream.” The erection gained in strength until his cock was rock hard and sticking upwards towards his navel. I needed his cock in me. I knew it was dangerous but I really needed this straight boy’s cock inside my hole.

I left him to snooze and went through to the bathroom was wash quickly. I stripped off my jeans and briefs and wrapped a towel around myself, picking up a tube of lubricant and a condom on my way back. He hadn’t moved, though his cock was down to a semi erect state. I moved back to sucking him and it rose much more quickly this time. I slid the condom over the head and his cock responded very favourably with the restriction of the latex over his cock. He had fucked before, probably some tart. I squirted the lubricant on my hole and fingered myself well. My own 6.5 inches was as stiff as a rod of iron. I lubed his cock and pulled my towel off, straddling his prone body. I slowly lowered by bottom down while holding his stiff cock in my left hand to guide it home. I knew I had to be slow and careful as he entered in case the stress on his cock head woke him.

That initial stretch as his wonderful heterosexual cock pushed past my sphincter, and eased its way into my anal passage was wonderful. I slowly lowered myself. It was actually quite painful as I had not taken the time to stretch myself but I didn’t care, I wanted to feel him in me. Soon his entire length was inside me and I started to raise myself up and down in the sitting position, my own cock being stroked in my right hand. I leaned forward and kissed him again. I straddled him for over thirty minutes until my legs ached and I knew I had to get relief before I exploded. I reluctantly slipped my bottom off and returned to his side. His cock was still a stiff as hell. He hadn’t lost any of his erection. I pulled off the condom and decided to try to wank him before actually cumming myself.

His cock responded well to my thumb and forefinger but I had no idea if a sleeping man could cum, and if he could, whether he would waken with the orgasm. I had decided not to try, just in case and was pondering this when a powerful jet of cum shot out of his cock without any pre-warning. The jet arched way above his head and landed on my carpet, and the second, with less force, landed on his chest. His breathing changed but he didn’t waken. I licked the cum off his chest as I stroked my cock. My own orgasm was severe enough to bring flashing lights to my eyes. It shot on his chest with the third squirt actually hitting his chin and lips. He licked the droplets before turning sideways and groaning.

The effect of having cum brought a wave of panic and guilt and the mopping up and subsequent redressing of him took much longer than I would have liked. I really didn’t want him staying so I checked his wallet and found where he stayed along with a photograph of an attractive young girl and a baby. Now I really DID feel guilty! I managed to waken him enough to get him on his feet, downstairs and to hail a taxi. I gave the driver the address and enough money for the fare and tip and waved him off.

It’s funny how the gentle burning sensation in my hole and the memory of the evening quickly faded the guilt and my cock quickly grew again, waiting for a more leisurely release.

The unwitting cross-dresser:

I told you at the beginning of this piece that I was a guy and very much a guy. At 22, I was slightly “soft” looking in demeanour but I wasn’t effeminate. I suppose if a girl took me home to mum and dad, they would suss me out in about 10 minutes but I wasn’t a raging fairy. Now you have that, I can continue with my second adventure.

The fancy dress party was hosted by the firm of accountants I worked for. It was a pre-Christmas bash, held in November because they were accountants and it was cheaper. There was no theme but having just seen Johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean part something or another” and having fallen hopelessly in love with him, I decided to be a pirate. I donned a felt hat, put a buckle in it, and borrowed a frilly shirt from a gay friend much older than I was, who still remembered wearing it when Adam and the Ants were popular. My pants were borrowed from a slightly plump female friend who had some baggy black trousers and also offered a short jacket that with some red stripes on it. Some shiny buckles on a pair of black trainers and I almost looked the part. I finished off with some pale make up, eye shadow (to look like Johnny) and a small, stick-on moustache. My sword was a plastic dagger in a belt sheath and that was it!!

The party was great fun as all parties with a free bar tend to be and the condition of both me and my costume deteriorated as the evening progressed. Sometime through the evening, my moustache disappeared, my hat went awol, and my dagger ended up in some trifle. It was a very tiddly, poor imitation of Mr Depp, who finally called it a day and headed home sometime after midnight. I was a little too embarrassed to go to the taxi rank and needed to clear my head so decided on walking the two miles or so home. The final mile or so, took me around the perimeter of a school playing field and my journey had been quite uneventful.

“Hi there gorgeous,” said the voice.

I turned to face a well built and quite attractive 35 year old, in much the same state alcoholically as I was. He was in a pair of tight jeans, and a white short sleeved shirt. He must have been cold on such a cool evening. I wasn’t sure if he was taking the piss or trying to pick me up.

“Hi to you,” I said, my voice a little higher than I expected.

“Boyfriend left you, then,” he said?

I looked at him quizzically then realised that in my current state, without all the trappings to make me a pirate, I could be a girl. I had girl’s baggy trousers which looked like a skirt, a girl’s jacket, buckled shoes, curly hair and make-up. I wasn’t sure I was a particularly attractive “girl” but then he was drunk. I perked up!

“Yes, he wasn’t up for fun tonight, the bastard,” I said, trying to raise the timber of my voice.

“Doesn’t know how to treat a girl,” he replied. “I know,” he continued, squeezing his crotch.

This looked interesting!

“Want to take a little walk in here,” he said pointing to a slit in the fencing heading into the bushes on the sports ground perimeter.

“If you like and promise to be gentle,” I replied.

“Darling, if I can get my rocks off, I’ll be just as gentle as you want,” he said.

This guy was well built, good looking and straight. Just my type, but I would have to be careful.

He was certainly quite drunk but drunk guys can get pretty angry if they think someone’s taking the piss, especially when they’re randy.

“Suck me sweetheart,” he said.

I pushed him against a tree and dropped to my knees, unzipping his tight jeans with one expert movement. I unclipped them and unbuckled the belt. I wanted to make sure he couldn’t run. I pulled his jeans and briefs down in one sharp tug and a thick semi hard cock flapped in my face. His dark hair covered his balls and he was uncut. The street lights gave me just enough light to enjoy the view. My mouth quickly enveloped his cock. It didn’t suddenly spring to full erection, in fact it took some sucking even to get it half hard though his groans would have suggested differently. It was a lovely cock, but then straight ones always are!

I licked his balls and then returned to his cock. He really started to grow now. This wasn’t a big cock in length but it was nice and slim. I pulled back the skin and licked around the head. He was groaning, his hands running through my hair, telling me what a horny bitch I was. He pushed his hand down the front of my frilly blouse and gripped my nipples. The way I was leaning at least there was a little to grip. The lack of breast didn’t seem to bother him, in fact he took that to be a sign that I was even younger than he thought and his cock jumped as he told me so. I was really worried he would try to finger me before I could suck him off.

Suddenly he lifted me under the arms and as I rose up he whispered, “Let me fuck you.”

“Whoops,” I thought, “this could be tricky.”

“In the arse,” I said, “I’ve never had it in the arse.”

“One hole’s as good as any,” he retorted and I lowered my elasticated trousers, ensuring he didn’t see my Calvin Klein boxers.

I quickly turned my cheeks to him, holding the pants up at the front. He was too far gone to care, but he spat on his fingers and worked them roughly into my hole. I fumbled in my pocket for my ever ready condom.

“Put this on,” I whispered, hoping that was little lubrication was on it might help his entry.

I had to rip the wrapper for him and he stretched it over his stiff cock. I bent over against a tree and raised my hole as I felt his head urgently press against my arse.

“Ow,” I said as his bulbous head pushed against my hole.

I spat on my hand and rubbed the head, holding his cock and steering it into me. That made it slightly easier and the head managed past my entrance. He was keen to get fucking but I was keen to keep my arse intact. He was thrusting like an impatient terrier, all the time whispering randy endearments to this young “girl” he thought he was getting cock up her arse for the first time. His hand wandered around to finger my vagina but I managed to grip and hold it as though trying to press against the pain of entry. He was kissing my neck and holding my shoulder with his left hand as his cock finally made it about 75% of the way in. He started to fuck.

Once he got going, he was like a wild animal. He kept calling me “his teenage slut,” which at least made a 22 year old feel good. His movement became more erratic as he seemed to reach climax until with one massive thrust, his entire cock slipped inside me and he emptied his balls. In typical macho style, he pulled his cock out, ripped of the condom, pulled up his pants as he started walking and mumbled a quick thank you as he left me, bent over, arse in the air, against a tree in the woods.

I bent down, dropped my pants fully, picked up his condom and emptied its contents over my hard cock before using his cum to lubricate a wonderful solo wank. My spunk shot about 5 feet across the ground as my knees buckled. I giggled as the thought “5 points for eroticism and 1 point for technique.”

“My wife doesn’t understand me.”

You have seen the drunk and incapable guy having sex without knowing, the even more inebriated guy who thinks he’s just shagged a girl but by far the most common, is the plain horny, straight guy who is not getting any and seeks any opportunity to get sex. Alcohol has the advantage of allowing guys to dip into their innermost mind and find thoughts that were just there for when they wanted to be really dirty, then and drag them to the forefront where suddenly they seem quite logical. Sometimes though, frustration can be as powerful an aphrodisiac as alcohol.

Early Sunday morning or late Saturday night, I waited then gave up waiting for a taxi home after a fun, but fruitless night at a local, well know gay watering hole. Just as I was walking away from the rank, a cab pulled up and the driver said, “You’re my last fare so where are you heading?”

I gave him my address and sat back.

“Were you in the Atlantis,” he asked, referring to the gay bar and club I had just left?

“Yes,” I replied.

“Busy,” he asked?

“Yes, but not busy enough,” I replied.

“I suppose you guys must get horny when you can’t get sex too,” he said and continued, “But you should try being dumped by your wife and left with a teenage son and daughter who take over your house, reject anyone you bring back and generally decide you’re going to become a monk.”

I looked at his back and side as he spoke. He was of Caribbean decent and seemed to be around 37 or so. His was well built, probably over 6 feet and has amazingly white teeth. He wore a white t-shirt and jeans and has a single gold earring.

“Haven’t had so much as a fuck in 6 months and that was interrupted by my daughter who told me how disgusting it was for people my age to be doing such things. The bird was a slag anyway but at least I got to cum in her before it came to an abrupt end,” he continued.

I found his conversation quite arousing.

“Bet it’s easier for you to find a bloke to shag,” he said.

“Well usually it’s the other way around,” I said.

“What, harder to find…..” he tailed off and then laughed, to continue with, “Oh sorry, I see what you mean, you like it up the back!”

He wasn’t stopping and I was curious as to where this was going. I only had another five minutes or so to see if he was chatting me up.

“Never been into bums, meself, or blokes for that matter, but I suppose they must be powerfully tight compared to cunt,” he said.

“Oh they are,” I said. “Guys like me can take a cock in them easier than woman can take it up the front and the added bonus is tightness. It’s like a velvet glove.”

I was getting horny. I was squeaky clean and had slipped one of these lubricating capsules in when in the bar toilets as I thought some guy was going to give me one but he went off and shagged an 18 year old in the cubicle leaving me hot, randy and moist.

“Listen man,” he said, “we had better change the subject ‘cos I’m like a loaded gun here and you might convert me.”

“Well I’m your man if you ever want converted,” I said.

“You got a few minutes to talk,” he said?

“Come in for a coffee or drink if you like,” I replied.

“Cool, but I haven’t much time,” he said.

Once inside and he had a cool beer in his hand he started to tell me how his wife had been having every guy in town and when he confronted her, she left taking most of his bank account and leaving the kids. Having the kids around had seriously restricted his sex life as they were always around or entertaining their friends. He hadn’t had sex for six months. I told him I couldn’t last six days without it and we laughed.

“What do you guys actually do,” he asked?

I said “It’s just the same as with a woman only we don’t have a cunt and our tits are smaller but we have a bit of extra meat to compensate.”

He laughed awkwardly, his white teeth glistening in the light. The air was hung with anticipation. I could see he wanted to experiment but was scared. I didn’t want to make a move in case it scared him but I also felt sure he wanted me to so that he would have to make a decision one way or the other. His cock didn’t look hard though it was clearly visible lying down his leg in his thin cotton trousers.

“Want to see what a boy’s pussy is like,” I said?

“You mean, like, drop your pants and show me?”

“Well you seemed curious to know how guys could take it up their arses and I thought you might like to see one,” I said.

“Sure, if you’re not embarrassed,” he replied.

I tried to pull my pants down and off, as sexily as I could. His eyes were fixed on me. I stood in my short sleeved shirt and white briefs. I quickly pulled off my socks. He watched and I saw his heel of his hand discretely nudge against a bulge in the front of his trousers. At that moment I realised it was going to happen. I slipped off my briefs and stood facing him, my erect cock sticking out from the front of my shirt.

“Nice,” he said.

I didn’t think straight guys would look at another guy’s cock and say “nice.”

Soon I was naked and standing in front of him by cock sticking straight out. He pulled me towards him and turned me around. His hands slid up my front and to my two little nipples which he tweaked and stroked. I thought, “Old habits die hard.”

His hand eventually slid down and back to my buttocks which he gently spread revealing my hole. He asked why it was wet and I had to explain it was lubrication. His finger slid inside me and gently pushed inside. He gasped as it entered so easily. I heard his zipper slide down. He sat on a low chair and I was standing in front of him, bending over, my hands on my knees to give his access to my bum hole.

“Let me suck you,” I said,

His finger slipped out and he pulled me around. He was sitting, still dressed, but his trouser front was open and a large cock stuck out of the top of some shorts. I knelt in front of him and eased his cock and balls out until his balls were exposed with the waist band of his shorts under them. I eased them down. He would only let me pull them so far, to his hips, but that was enough.

The cock in front of me was a man’s cock. By that I mean his balls were big, his cock was long and quite thick. He had been neatly circumcised and the head was larger than the cock size would suggest. It was a large brown mushroom. He had dark hair covering his balls and spreading up and around the base of his cock. I figured he had just under eight inches long, way bigger than mine. I enveloped it and he gasped as my warm mouth covered the head and then pushed down to almost take the whole length.

My mouth eased up and down, a gentle suction on each upwards stroke and the cock length firmly gripped in my hand with the other stroking his balls and a finger teasing under them as though trying to finger his arse.

“Oh my God, that is unbelievable. That cow never gave head and no one, but no one, has ever sucked me like that,” he groaned.

I managed to pull his trousers and shorts lower and really went to town. My own, unattended cock was stiff as hell and sticking upright between my kneeling legs.

“Stop for fucks sake, I want to cum in your arse, not your mouth,” he yelled, pulling his cock quickly out with a loud “plop.”

He stood up and I knelt on the floor with him behind me. I gave him a condom as there was no way I was going to be barebacked. I heard the wrapper rip open and the stretch of the latex over his cock and just waited. The head seemed enormous as it teased the entrance to my hole. He pushed. It sunk inside really easily and without any pain. As he started to stretch me, each plunge went just a little further into me. I felt his hand tentatively stretch around and very softly grip my cock. He stroked it very gently up and down as his cock started to really pick up speed inside my arse.

“This is so fucking wonderful,” he said, “and to think I have been wasting my cum up some slut’s cunt all these years.”

His dirty talk had me close to cumming. His wanking technique was not the best but what little movement he was doing was sufficient to bring me to the brink. I begged him to cum in me and he took both his hands to my hips. I quickly replaced his hand on my cock with my own, to try to coincide our orgasms.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming up a queer’s arse,” he shouted!

He wasn’t the only one. My semen felt like boiling water churning from my balls, the full length of my cock and then exploding almost painfully out of the slit in the top to spray across my leather chair like some water cannon. His cock was a full eight inches embedded inside me and had stopped moving as I felt the veins on the side of it pumping as his cum fired into me filling the rubber wrapped around it. When he pulled out, the quantity in the rubber teat on the end was more than I had ever seen in a condom from one orgasm.

He stumbled to his feet, with his trousers wrapped around his ankles and surprised me by lifting me under the arms, to my feet, turning me and kissing me fully on the lips. His tongue entered my mouth and his lips covered mine. His hand went behind my head and he forced my mouth on to his.

“Please tell me I can do this again,” he begged.

You bet,” I said.

He did too and we had a frenetic three month love affair, meeting every week until one of his children saw us together one night and started to ask him some questions. It scared the living daylights out of him and I was dumped with one quick telephone call. C’est lá vie!

Chance encounter:

This initial story of a straight guy is a short and a quick one. It was a Saturday afternoon and I had been buying some new clothes. At the back of the city shopping centre was a park and, when the centre was built, the park toilets had been left, even though there were a number of shiny new ones in the shopping mall nearby. I liked the old 1960’s block as there was often a guy or two hanging about for a quick fumble. On this day, my luck was out and after waiting at the urinals for around fifteen minutes, I hauled myself into one of the three cubicles and dropped my pants for a quick wank. The door locks were long gone but a closed door usually meant someone was inside so I concentrated on working myself up to a nice orgasm.

I heard voices and hesitated but hearing a man and a child’s voice, I realised it was a father bringing his child in for a piss or more, so I continued, images of the assistant who had just sold me my new shirt swimming in my head. I was shocked to open my eyes and see a man of around 35 and a toddler, both standing at the door looking at me in horror. He had pushed the door, obviously wanting the young lad to pee in a toilet bowl, which was set lower than the adult size urinals in the main toilet.

I quickly closed the door. Listening, I heard the man take his child next door to the sound of “What was that man doing daddy?”

Thankfully toddlers piss quickly so the retreating steps left me relieved. I wasn’t sure who was more shocked, me, the kid or the kid’s father! I looked at my dwindling erection and decided that as I couldn’t leave too soon after them I might as well continue. I started to stroke and my cock began to return to original impressive erection.

Suddenly the door to the cubicle opened and there stood the father. I started to apologise, but he pushed in with me and closed the door behind him. His hand gripped my cock and his lips pressed against my lips. Now this wasn’t some ugly old man, this was the sort of hunk that you see in commercials for men’s toiletries. He was beautifully built, around 5 feet 8 inches tall, Levis, white t-shirt, leather jacket and a lovely well trimmed stubble. His tongue was in my mouth and he was behaving like a starving animal. His breathing was heavy and he was chewing my earlobes as his large hands gripped my cock, almost painfully. At one stage he dropped to his knees and I thought he was going to suck me but instead he looked at it and whispered, “Beautiful,” before kissing the sides and then the tip.

As he again stood up, he unclipped his jeans and they dropped. I regained control and pushed him against the back of the door, He stood with tight jersey boxers shorts, an erection plainly visible. I pulled them down and there it was! His cock was short, around 5 to 6 inches it stuck out and upwards from a mass of dark brown pubic hair which trailed up to his chest. His balls were tight to his body and of normal size but the real feature was the thickness. I was struggling to form an “O” around it with my thumb and middle finger. This was one bulky cock and I really would have loved him to fuck me. I pushed his shirt up and chewed his tits and he gasped. I then dropped and opened my mouth to envelop this thick piece of manhood. He was really gasping now and I pulled back his slippery foreskin and revealed the head beneath. Sucking, I took as much as I could in my mouth before sliding back up and down again.

All I heard was an “Ohh” before the warm splash hit the back of my throat and I had to start swallowing for my life. The torrent of cum seemed never ending but I managed not to lose one drop. My own cock was in my hand and I shot off all over his black shoes.

“Tristan’s getting bored Daddy, are you going to be long,” came a girl’s voice from the toilet entrance?

A slightly shaky daddy said, “I’m just coming darling!”

“I think you mean, you’ve just cum.” I whispered quietly.

He smiled as he wiped the cum off his shoes.

“If you want to do more, I’ll be here next week at the same time and we could go to my place,” I said hopefully.

He just smiled as he hurriedly dressed and opened the cubicle to leave with a quiet, “Thanks.”

I heard him walk, then stop. He returned and pushed the door gently and whispered, “Here same time tomorrow,” before walking out saying loudly, “I’m coming Karen.”

I was shaking with residual fear from the initial encounter and excitement from speed and intensity of the session. I shakily left and thought about his thick cock all the way home.

I was squeaky clean and excited as I walked through the park the next afternoon then immediately horrified to find the toilet closed. It was a drizzling Sunday afternoon and there was little shelter. I huddled under a tree as the only person in the park, and waited! The appointed meet was at 3.30pm but he wasn’t there. I was getting pretty damp and very miserable by 4.00pm and decided I had been dumped, or more likely his home arrangements had prevented him from getting out. As I left through the park gates a taxi drew up and I spotted him leaping from the door to shout. He hadn’t paid the driver as we stood and he told me he had very little time so I bundled him back into the cab and gave my home address.

“Ryan,” I said, holding out my hand.

“Damon,” he responded as he shook, his wedding ring seeming to glint even on this dull day.

I quietly thought, “You don’t get much straighter than this guy.”

It took but a few moments to get to my flat and we were inside as fast as I could drag him. He had already told me he had around one hour.

He told me he had been happily married for nine years and though he had sometimes looked at effeminate guys on television or in the street and wondered just what it would be like to do it, he had never acted on the impulse. The sight of my raging cock had been the catalyst and now he wanted more of me. The feeling was definitely mutual. I wanted this guy naked and was stripping him as we spoke. I made him stand while I drank in the view. He was Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise and any other good looking stud you could put into the mix. I stripped too and stood facing him, my slightly taller, paler, hairless skin and fair hair being in complete contrast to him.

He was on me again. His lips found mine and he started to kiss, the way men always do with women. His mouth covered mine completely and his tongue had a mind of its own. When it wasn’t trying to find my tonsils, it would slip out, lick my cheeks, lick my ears and then drop down to kiss my nipples. He had no fear of handling my cock, in fact I think he found this additional piece of equipment a great novelty as he handled and wanked all the time he kissed me. His own cock was a solid, heavy, thick piece of flesh pressing against my thigh and in that moment, I was so pleased that I was going to get to share it with his wife.

He dropped again to do what he had done the previous day, kiss the sides and the tip. I gently pushed as he did so and the head slipped in. He jolted back, looked up at me and then, as though making a split second decision, wrapped his mouth around it and started sucking like a hungry baby. He wasn’t a born sucker but realising this was his first cock, I didn’t give a shit! He started to lick again and was all over my balls, even licking my pubic hair. I sat on the edge of the bed with my legs open and him between them and he started a journey that I hoped would end at my arse. His tongue traced between my legs so I opened further and lifted myself up slightly. He waited, tentatively and then started to lick around my rosebud before eventually sticking his tongue all the way inside. My cock was so hard it was throbbing to the beat of my heart. This guy was all man. He was doing what he probably did normally and took control, and I loved it. He was feeding on a newly found lust and using my body and it was really fabulous.

“Would you fuck me,” I asked?

“What do I do,” he said innocently?

I stood up and squirted some lubricant on my hands, easing it between my cheeks. I lubricated well and then asked him to take over. I was bent over on all fours at the end of the bed and he was lubricating my arse. He took over 15 minutes before he asked what to do next. I handed him a condom. It took a few moments to stretch it properly over the width of his cock. He lubed his cock and took up position at my back. I love being fucked doggy fashion. I always feel that with the doggy position, you know you are being fucked in the arse.

“Take it easy in the early stages,” I begged him.

He was very gentle which was as well as my hole was having real trouble extending to accommodate this flesh coloured cucumber. There was no way it was not going in though and his patience was rewarded when he finally said, “I’m there!”

He started a slow and stead fucking. One hand was on my hips while the other reached around and gripped my cock.

“I love the feel of your cock in my hand,” he said.

“I’m quite partial to yours up my hole,” said I.

He laughed and started to really fuck me. Doggy fashion went by the board as he pulled me on my side and then lifted a leg over his shoulder. I had a feeling this was a “fucking the wife” position but said nothing as he really seemed to like it.

The fucking speed was faster than I was used to and my hand drifted around to feel his thick tube of meat slide in and out of me. His little grunts of effort each time he hammered home, really go me going and it was great to have my cock handled as he did it.

“This isn’t going to last long Ryan,” he said.

“Then cum on my face,” I said.

“Your face,” he said incredulously?

God bless him, he obviously hadn’t been surfing the net much.

“Yes my face,” I cried.

He hammered my arse, his grunts becoming faster and faster then he pulled out and whipped off the condom. I scooted under him so that he was astride my chest and I gripped my own cock.

“Oh my God,” he howled!

I saw the wonderful white jet leave his cock split and arc towards me. I closed my eyes in part but kept them half open. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing warm, wet, fresh, and heterosexual cum heading in the direction of your own face. I opened my mouth too and waited to receive my gift and was not disappointed. It splatted, it splashed and it sprayed over my face, neck and thankfully, mouth.

“I’m cumming too,” I shouted!

“On my face then,” he said and we quickly reversed positions. He just made it as I returned the compliment and basted him in cum. He too, took some in his mouth and the slight gagging suggested he wasn’t at all sure whether he liked it or not. As I slumped, he sat up and kissed me again, our sloppy faces and mouths mingling with the sperm coating both of us.

“Awesome,” he said, “really awesome.”

We met regularly after that. I was determined to keep the arrangement as fun and sex only and at no time allowed it to interfere with his home life. He told me that his sex life with his wife had taken on new meaning and far from our relationship jeopardising it, he felt it enhanced it. That suited me as I had no wish for baggage.

That’s about it. It does prove that there are gay men, bisexual men and straight men but also somewhere out there, are straight but curious men and that is my target.

Wish me luck!