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Freshman Dorm by Fratbear

Note from Justin. Though I can find a number of the stories in this collection on the internet, I have been unable to find the entire collection in one place. This part is posted here because it is relevant to the topic of the Blog.

"Sloan Cosgrove, Confessions of a Teenage Bear" is a 45-
chapter novel in which a certain bearish college football player/
frat boy recalls his many sexual adventures and encounters.

"Sloan Cosgrove, Confessions of a Teenage Bear"
by fratbear

Freshman Dorm

"What are you, a football player?" Those were the first words I heard from Justin Spakowski, my freshman roommate.

It was the end of August, and I'd driven down to Southern Texas University, my pick-up loaded with just about everything in my bedroom. My dad had wanted to make the trip down with me, but I'd mumbled something about needing my independence or something, and he left me to make the trip alone.

Freshman orientation began a week before the upperclassmen returned to school, letting us newcomers adjust to dorm life through a series of lectures and seminars with titles like "Alcohol and You: You Ain't Legal Yet" and "Free To Be You And Me: Racial, Sexual, and Social Diversity In Dorm Life." I marveled at how such long titles could convey so little information.

Making my way through a myriad of lines and offices, I was finally directed to my dorm, a butt-ugly beige bunker constructed from what looked like concrete blocks. My room was a two-bedder located just about midway down the second floor hallway.

I was unceremoniously dumping my clothes out of my suitcase onto my bed. I chose the bed on the left because I figured the sunlight wouldn't hit it directly in the morning, when the surly voice sounded off from the doorway.

"What are you, a football player?"

I turned to find a stout, mop-headed bulldog of a young man squinting at me, as if he were trying to figure something out about me. He looked like he could be a wrestler, with taut, thick muscles on his hairy arms and shoulders, but a developing paunch around his midsection told me that he probably hadn't been to the gym in a while.

With his squint and stubble, he looked really mean, and his question could've been interpreted as hostile, but for some reason I sensed that he didn't intend it to sound that way.

"Yeah, actually I am. Name's Sloan Cosgrove." I offered my hand, and he shook it.

"Justin Spakowski," he said, finally cracking a smile. "Guess I won't see much of you during the season, then."

"Looks like I'll be at practice most days," I replied.


And that was it. That amounted to our introduction. He learned that I was a football player. I learned that he was thrilled at the prospect of having the dorm room to himself so often.

When you're a freshman on a college football team, especially a team like the Southern Texas University Bears (how's THAT for irony), you really don't have much to do except train and develop yourself for the day when the coach- in my case a colossal prick by the name of Coach Stan Johnson- decides to put you on the starting roster. Entering college, I was already six-foot-three and over 300 pounds, but during our first afternoon practice Coach Johnson took one look at me and declared in front of the everyone on the field that I needed to hit the gym big-time.

As a result, I didn't spend a lot of time in my dorm room, and I got to thinking about what Justin did when he was left alone. The one thing I was certain of was that he was straight as an arrow, having passionately screwed some blonde he'd met at a party one Friday night while I was lying half passed-out on my bed nearby.

Still, that hadn't stopped me from casting sideways glances at him as he returned from his showers, a towel wrapped loosely around his waist, his muscular, furry torso still damp. He was a good-looking kid, and his tough demeanor only excited me more. I hadn't told Justin that I was gay. I could never seem to find the right time or place to tell him, and it didn't seem like he cared to know, so I decided that it would be better to leave it alone. If he asked, I'd reveal the truth. Otherwise, we'd keep this type of information to ourselves.

This strategy worked for about three weeks. Because that's when I found out what Justin was doing whenever I was at football practice. It happened pretty out of the blue, actually. I was just getting back to my dorm room a little earlier than usual, and I opened the door just in time to see Justin lying in bed shirtless, scrambling to pull up his shorts as I walked in.

"Hey, you're early," he exclaimed a little too cheerfully, trying to act casual by picking up a magazine lying nearby.

"It's cool," I replied. "It was only a matter of time before one of us caught the other whacking off."

He chuckled. "Why, how often do you do it?"

I smiled. "Back home, I was a machine. At least once a day. Sometimes twice. Here, though, not as often."

As I glanced down at him, I noticed a splotch of white cum on his neck, and I realized that I hadn't interrupted him in the middle of a jerk-off session, but rather at the end of one. "You
missed a spot." I pointed to my own neck to show him where.

Justin nodded and wiped his neck with a wad of tissue he had hidden in his fist. He stood up and tossed the soaked tissue into the trashcan on his way out to the bathroom.

I contemplated the trashcan for a moment, then walked over and looked in. My dick was already stiff and pounding as I reached in and picked up the dripping tissue. Even holding it at arm's length, I could smell that pungent scent of sperm.

I dropped the tissue back in as I heard Justin returning from the bathroom. He walked in and sat down at his desk as if nothing had happened.


The next night, Justin and I ventured out together to some dorm party on the other side of campus. The party sucked, but they had booze, and by the end of the night, I was buzzed and Justin was plastered. I ended up having to half-carry him back to our room, dumping him on his bed, where he clumsily stripped down to his boxers and dozed off. Nothing unusual, except
for the position he was in. He'd fallen asleep with his hand tucked into the waistband of his boxers.

I stared at Justin's body for a long while, looking over his furry body, packed with muscles into a compact frame. I knew what I really wanted to do, but I didn't know if I had the guts. The buzz from the alcohol was just beginning to wear off, and I still wasn't thinking quite straight.

I knelt on the floor next to his bed and stared at the alcohol-induced, docile expression on his face. I nudged his arm, but he didn't respond.

"Justin?" I called his name pretty loudly. Again, no reaction. He was out cold.

I took a breath and made up my mind. I was gonna go ahead and do it. Hands trembling, I reached out and slowly slid his boxers down around his knees, exposing his soft penis resting in a nest of coarse dark hair. I gently caressed it with my fingers, and within a few seconds it began to harden and swell in my hand.

Justin let out a little moan, and his hand shifted down, coming to rest on my hand. Holding my breath, I stopped rubbing his dick for a moment, and he settled down, still sound asleep.

Relieved, I carefully pushed his hand off mine and resumed massaging his now-stiffened six-inch shaft. The skin on his dick was like velvet, and his body shuddered as I stroked it. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and started pumping on it, watching Justin's red cockhead poking out of my hand over and over again.

"Uhhhh," Justin let out a long sigh as a glistening drop of clear precum seeped out of his dick.

I stood up and shed every piece of my clothing, then knelt back down over Justin's body, taking his hot slab of meat into my mouth. As I bobbed my head up and down, sinking his delicious cock into the warm depths of my mouth, I started jerking on my own dick with my hand.

I strained my eyes to look up at Justin's body, which was now writhing in pleasure on his bed. Soft whimpering sounds came out of his mouth as I sucked eagerly on his dick. I closed my eyes and let my mouth engulf him in a soothing, continual rhythmic motion.

"What the fuck're you doing, Sloan?" The sound of Justin's voice jolted me from this living fantasy.

I looked up suddenly, his throbbing cock slipping from my mouth. Justin looked back at me, tough-looking as ever, but with a confused daze in his eyes.

"Aw, shit," I fumbled with my words. "I'm sorry." I was busted. This was not gonna be good for my reputation on campus. I started to stand up.

"Wait, don't stop." Justin put a hand on my bare shoulder. "It felt really good."

Oh, man, I thought. This was too good to be true. I just nodded and got back down on my knees, taking his dick into my mouth again. I looked up at him and saw that he was staring down at me intently, eyes fixed on the sight of his slick penis slipping past my lips.

Justin started moaning again, this time slipping in a few words of encouragement. "Yeah, suck me, Sloan. Suck that dick."

I climbed up off the floor onto Justin's bed, which sagged beneath our weight. I pulled his boxers completely off and spread his legs so I could suckle on his cock, massage his balls with one hand, and jerk myself off with the other hand all at the same time.

I felt Justin clench my hair in his fingers as he started thrusting his hips, fucking my mouth as he grunted. His breath became more labored as I felt his dick growing stiffer and stiffer in my mouth.

With a sharp gasp, his body convulsed, and steaming bursts of cum squirted from his cock into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of it happily, savoring this inaugural load of Justin's spunk being deposited down my throat.

"Oooohh, man," Justin growled as he continued trembling, and I continued sucking out any juices still flowing from his penis.

As soon as his climax ended, I pushed myself up and climbed up onto his weakened body, straddling his stomach before he could even register what I was doing. With my eight-and-a-half inch dick fully erect before his content face, I started pounding on my shaft with my fist, furiously masturbating over his sweaty body.

Justin reached up and pushed my hand away, wrapping his own hand around my hard cock and jerking me off with more frenzied energy than I would've thought possible.

"Come on, Sloan, your turn now," he moaned as stared at my large body looming over him.

"Aw, fuck, Justin," I groaned back. "I'm gonna shoot..." It didn't take long at all before I could no longer hold it back.

My body heaved as long white strands of cum streaked across Justin's hairy chest and splattered his neck. He kept pumping on my shaft even as his hand became sticky with my cum. His eyes just remained focused on my body, as if he were studying how my bearish body behaved during an orgasm.

"Awww, fuck," I moaned as the waves of ecstasy subsided, and I could only hear our heavy breaths and the sound of cum squishing on Justin's hand as he kept massaging my dick.

"Thanks, buddy, that was awesome," Justin mumbled, his speech somewhat slurred. He was still drunk, a fact that was made more obvious when he closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep, his sticky hand falling away from my softening dick.

I wondered if he'd even remember this in the morning. I went back to my bed, and the last thing I saw before falling asleep was Justin's naked body lying in his bed, splattered with my cum as a reminder.


When I woke up the next morning, the sun was pouring through the blinds, and Justin was nowhere to be found. For a moment, I thought I might've scared him away. He was probably reporting me to the R.A. or something. Telling the administration about the pervert that he'd been stuck with as a roommate.

But then I found the note lying on my desk. "Hey, Sloan. Last night was really cool. Maybe we can do it again sometime. J."

And then, at the very bottom: "Please tear up this note. It's our little secret, right, buddy?"

- fratbear

Drunk Roommate by Derek Phillips

All participants are 18 or older, and no suggestion of underage sexual
activity is intended.


Drunk Roommate by Derek Phillips

In my freshman year in college I shared a dorm room with my high school buddy Josh. I had such a hardon for Josh that I almost didn't take him up on the offer to room together as I wasn't sure I could handle being that close to him all the time.

Once I got used to it, it was OK. Josh and I knew each other well enough and had been friends long enough that it was easy to get along, and if I just ignored his naked body parading around our room after his shower each night I could handle it.

The Saturday before the Thanksgiving break some guys down the hall had a party, and Josh and I went. There was lots of beer and several guys were passing around bottles of harder stuff, so a lot of guys got pretty shit-faced. I don't like to drink, afraid what I might do, for one thing, so I had a couple of beers, then stretched out on a couch to relax.

After I'd been on the couch for a few minutes, with my eyes closed, I felt the couch bounce, then felt someone slide onto it next to me, felt a hand on my shoulder, and heard Josh's voice, "Hey Brad, move over so I can sit next to you."

For some reason I did nothing, just pretended I was asleep. Josh poked me harder. I didn't respond.

I heard someone else say, "He's passed out man, better get him out of here before he hurls all over the place."

Josh swore. "How about helping me," He said, and the next thing I knew there were hands all over me, and I was being carried out of the room and down the hall to our room.

I got an erection almost right away and felt a hand in my crotch, feeling me up pretty good. Another guy had his hand on my ass, probing my crack. I'd have cum if the ride had lasted longer. I sure wanted to know whose hands those were, but I kept my eyes closed and pretended I really was out cold. I felt myself being dumped on a bed, and heard laughing and joking as they left. I heard the door close.

I was about to get up and turn on the light when I heard someone in the room. Then the bed shook and I heard Josh's voice. "Hey Brad, wake up!"

He shook me gently. I remained motionless. He shook me again. "Fuck, man, you never get drunk."

I was about to leap up and grab him and wrestle him to submission when I heard him say, "Maybe I'd better undress you." I couldn't believe he meant it, but I decided to wait and see.

The next thing I knew he was taking my shoes off. I was lying across the bed, with my feet hanging off the side, so that was easy. Once Josh had my shoes off he moved up onto the bed next to me. I felt him start to unbutton my shirt. One voice inside me was saying that I should
let him know I was just fooling around, but another was saying 'wait and see how far he'll go.'

Slowly my buddy unbuttoned my shirt and spread it apart, baring my pecs and abs. Then nothing for what seemed a long time, except the sound of Josh breathing hard, like he'd been running.

"Shit man, you're faking it," Josh said. "Let's find out!"

He reached inside my shirt and started tickling me. Normally I am very ticklish, especially when Josh does it to me. When he wants me to do something all he has to do is get his hands in my sides and tickle me and I'm totally helpless and at his mercy. That's even when I have a shirt on, if he can work his hands inside and get my abs and sides bare I'm totally gone. So he had every right to expect that tickling me now would get a reaction, and I don't know why, but I had no trouble at all. His hands felt good on my bare skin, but I wasn't convulsed with laughter and helplessness the way I usually was, I just lay there like a log.

Josh kept the tickling up for a while, but soon he wasn't tickling me.

"Fuck it," I heard him say, and felt his hand softly touching my bare

I have a real good build from working out with weights a lot, and my pecs are pretty awesome. I knew Josh sort of envied my body, he was always commenting on it sort of sarcastically, calling me muscle-stud and stud puppy and I had just taken it as good natured kidding, but now I was starting to realize it was something more, Josh had a boner for my muscles. He started out feeling me up very gently but when I still didn't move he got bolder and pretty soon both of his hands were giving my pecs and abs a real workout. I could hear him panting and it was clear he was turned on and getting off on feeling my naked body. My cock started to swell, and as he continued I soon had a full hardon. His hands got bolder and went lower and lower and soon he was groping my crotch through my pants, feeling my hardon.

"Fuck yeah, man," He breathed, "You're digging this."

He was groping my cock with one hand while he worked my pecs with the other. Then his hand left my crotch and I heard a zipper go down and I let my eyes open a crack so I could sneak a look at him and saw my buddy Josh kneeling over me with his tee shirt pushed up and his pants open and his hard cock in his hand. He was jerking off while he felt my naked body and played with my hard cock.

I couldn't believe this was happening , my best Buddy Josh was groping my hard cock and digging it. My boner throbbed and twitched as he squeezed it.

Then he said, "Shit, dude, I can't stop now, I've got to have you," and he undid the waistband of my pants and unbuttoned the fly and moved off the bed so he could pull my pants off.

I didn't help, I still didn't want him to know I was awake, so he had to struggle a bit, but soon he had my pants all the way off. He moved onto the bed next to me again and pushed my shirt out of the way some more, then resumed his exploration of my now nearly naked body with his hands. I could hear him breathing heavily.He was really turned on by what he was doing to
me. I figured he was probably not looking at my face so I let my eyes open a bit again, just enough to see him. He had his tee shirt all the way off now and his pants pushed partway down and was working his hard cock with one hand while with the other he explored my body. He was really paying a lot of attention to my pecs, rubbing and squeezing them and when he started working my big hard nipples I couldn't help moaning, it felt so good.

He froze. So did I.

"What the fuck," He muttered.

I guess he figured at this point if I was awake he'd gone too far to turn back and slowly his hand started working my nipples again. My cock was throbbing and swelling and oozing fuck juice like crazy, I was so turned on by having Josh feel me up.

Josh's hand moved down my abs, tracing the cuts of my six-pack. Then he slid his hand inside the waistband of my briefs and gently explored my crotch bare, slowly wrapping his handaround my huge hard cock.

"Shit yeah, dude," He breathed.

I have a big one, about nine inches, and thick, and most guys look envious when they see it hard. It's pretty awesome. Josh is pretty well-equipped too, I'd seen him hard lots of times, but I was bigger than he was, bigger than most guys I've seen hard, which is not that many.

I felt Josh pulling my briefs down to expose my erection. He pushed the tight white cotton shorts down just far enough to expose me completely, then hooked the tight waistband undermy balls. I loved that, it's what I do when I jerk off, I like the tight elastic cutting into that tender spot under my balls at the base of my cock. Then Josh spread my legs apart as far as they would go and explored my thighs with his hands, rubbing his hot horny hands up into my crack through my shorts. He was making sounds that told me he was really turned on and getting to the point where he didn't care what happened. I felt both of his hands on me, one rubbing my pecs and abs, the other stroking my cock. If he kept that up I was going to cum and I was thinking it was time to wake up.

Then just as I was about to let him know I wasn't passed out I heard Josh say, "Shit, buddy, I can't help it I gotta have you," and the next thing I knew I felt his warm wet mouth on my cock.

My best buddy Josh was sucking my huge hard cock! I moaned involuntarily and he just kept
it up. He had one hand on my balls and the other on my pecs and was sucking my cock for all he was worth. I don't think he'd ever done it to anyone before, because he was having trouble taking it and I could feel his teeth a couple of times but I was still in heaven. I'd never dared dream such a thing, my buddy Josh as queer for me as I was for him and now he was sucking me off. I started cumming, my balls churned and my cock swelled and spurted huge gobs of hot sticky fuck juice and Josh moaned and panted and kept on sucking, taking it all and swallowing it. I opened my eyes a little again and saw him grab his own cock and start pumping it as he continued to suck mine and right away he started erupting in huge spurts of cum all over me and the bed. When he finished shooting he released my still-oozing cock and fell onto the bed beside me, panting and moaning. He was still rubbing his hands all over my
naked body, digging my muscles.

"Shit, yeah, fuck, oh Brad, dude, I love you.

He crawled up beside me then and I felt his lips touch mine and then he was kissing me. I was so stunned by what he had just done that I didn't know what to do. If I kissed him back the way I wanted to he'd know I had been faking it and that would piss him off. So I just laid there and let him hug me and rub his naked body against my naked body. My cock was still hard and oozing cum and he was playing with it and his own cock was still hard too and poking me in the leg, feeling wet and slippery.

Finally Josh got up from my bed. I realized I was stuck now, I had to lay there and fall asleep and wake up in the morning and act as though I had no idea what had happened but I really had to piss. I opened my eyes a little and saw Josh open the door and go out. He was wearing
just his briefs, but that was OK, some guys walked down the halls buck naked. Maybe he was going back to the party. Naw, he wouldn't do that, dressed like that. Did I dare get up and go down the hall to the can?

I was feeling almost like I was really as drunk as I had pretended, what had happened was so awesome. I lay there for a couple of minutes, then sat up on the side of the bed. My briefs were still the way Josh had fixed them so he could suck me off, and my cock was still hard. I
reached down and stroked it idly as I tried to decide what to do. That's when Josh came back in.

"Dude, you're awake!" Josh said in surprise.

I looked at him with as much of a pretense of bleary-eyed drunkenness as I could manage. "Gotta piss," I said, slurring my words, and lurched to my feet.

I stumbled against the wall and stood shakily, looking at my roommate, my best buddy who had just sucked my cock. He had a wet cloth in his hands and I realized he'd been intending to clean me up. I started towards him, lurching around as much as I could without hurting myself.

"Gotta piss," I repeated, heading for the door. I managed to lurch up against Josh, and he caught me. I looked blearily into his eyes and mumbled, "I'm drunk,
buddy, I'm drunk."

"No shit, dude," he replied, clutching my naked body to his. We were both wearing nothing but our briefs, and mine were still hooked under my rock-hard cock. I reached down and groped myself.

"Gotta hardon," I slurred.

"Yeah, Brad, you've got a hardon. Here, let's get that thing back in your shorts," he said and reached down and pulled my briefs up and managed to work my big hard dick back inside.

My cock almost spurted another load of hot cum all over the two of us when he grabbed it and pushed it down into my briefs.

"Good old Josh," I slurred, "My buddy Josh."I lurched towards the door again. I was starting to
have a plan. "Gotta piss," I said again.

Josh helped me stagger down the hall to the johns. We shared a giant bathroom with all the other rooms on the floor. It had twelve sinks, ten urinals, fifteen johns, and ten shower stalls. I could never figure out how anyone had decided what the right number of each was for the
sixty guys on our floor, but the place was never so full you couldn't get whichever implement you needed, so apparently they had known how to do it. At this hour on a Saturday night it was usually empty, aside from some drunk college boy taking a piss to get rid of all the beer he
had drunk, so Josh and I had the giant room to ourselves. I let him guide me to a urinal and I managed to get my cock out and fortunately it had gone soft enough that I was able to piss. That was real at least, and I gratefully emptied my bladder. Josh tried to support me without
looking too much like he was interested in what I was doing.

When I had finished pissing I broke away from my buddy and staggered away from the urinal and looked around. "Gotta take a shower," I announced, and headed towards the door leading to the shower stalls.

That caught Josh off guard, and I was through the door by the time he caught up with me. I wanted him in the shower with me though, so I staggered even more, and let myself slam into a wall. It hurt enough that I wasn't faking it when I recoiled and stood there moaning. Josh
caught up with me and grabbed me to keep me from hurting myself further.

"Gotta take a shower," I slurred, stripping my briefs off and leaving them on the floor as I staggered around.

"Jesus!" Josh swore softly. "OK, come on, here's a shower."

I think he expected to just shove me into one and then leave me while I sobered up, but I grabbed him and pulled him in with me. I reached for the faucets and turned them on before he could get out and the two of us were showered with ice cold water.

"Fuck, that's cold!" Josh yelled, and reached to adjust the spray. He got it to a comfortable temperature, and by that time I had some soap in my hands - there was always at least half a bar that someone had left behind and usually I would have avoided even touching one of those,but I grabbed it and reached out and started soaping up my buddy's almost naked body. Josh fought me briefly, then decided to give in and go along with my drunken antics.

I soaped him clumsily, in keeping with my supposed drunkenness, and when I encountered his wet briefs I let out a whoop of discovery "Hey, my buddy isn't naked, gotta get naked to take a shower!" and I sank to my knees and pulled his shorts down before he could do more than make a brief protest. His cock flopped out, half hard, and I reached up with my soapy hands and started lathering up Josh's cock and balls. He was hard right away and fell back against the wall of the shower, obviously loving what I was doing to him. I tried to maintain the pretense that I was drunk, but feel him up real good, play with his hard cock and churning balls until he was moaning and panting with passion. Then I stumbled to my feet and fell against my naked buddy, my hands rubbing his hard pecs and rippled abs. Josh has nothing to be ashamed of in the muscles department - he's a really hot stud.

My buddy Josh has a boner, I mumbled as I felt him up, letting my hands slide down into his crotch. I got one hand on his balls and the other wrapped around his huge hard dick and started stroking him as I nuzzled his neck with my mouth and started licking his neck and cheek. Josh was making ineffectual efforts to stop me, pushing me away very feebly, but when I put my mouth to his and started kissing him he stopped resisting and kissed me back.

We parted from that kiss finally, and I put my lips to Josh's ear and in my normal, sober voice I said, "If you'll wash the soap off of that boner, I'll return the favor and give you a blow job even better than the one you just gave me!