Monday, 21 June 2010

Drunk to Fuck by JonH

By JonH

Sometimes after I've got down on my knee's and sucked a blokes cock I get
this surge of power inside me, I don't know what it is but sometimes I feel
really in control of the situation even if I'm the one giving head.

The one time I had no control left me feeling like a piece of dirt but
somehow whenever I think about it my cock stirs in my pants.

For extra cash I do three nights as a drinks waiter at a function centre
and the night I'm talking about was an end of season social for a local
rugby club. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like football players but I'm
not an idiot, I know that they're straight and I wasn't gonna act like some
fool and get myself into trouble or fired so I kept it professional and
concentrated only on the (huge) drinks orders I was taking to the tables.

The function was due to finish up at 1:00 a.m, at ten to one most of the
parents and club officials were making their way drunkenly out the doors
but most of the players seemed happy to keep on going.

Despite what I told myself I couldn't help having the odd look at a few of
the players, I figured they were so drunk they wouldn't notice and for the
most part they didn't. One of the loudest tables was the one full of the
players from the open age division, basically this division had players 21
years and up and it was while taking an order to them (beer) that I saw
this one guy who was well and truly rat assed. He had a babyish looking
face on a huge, heavy body. I guessed he didn't have a girlfriend as he
was wearing track pants and a rugby top, he was there to drink and I guess
not much else. The shouting was so loud every time I took them a tray of
drinks that I couldn't hear what this guys name was - not that it mattered
I guess - I didn't plan on doing anything as it was clear he wasn't into
guys. He caught me looking at him once but he seemed to brush it off in
the fog of alcohol he was in so I wasn't too fussed.

At one the boss said I could go as they were going to go to bar only
service so leaving the thumping, drunken function room I made my way to the
change room, to get there you had to walk outside and from behind a
dumpster I heard the unmistakable sound of someone throwing up. By the
dull rear light I could make out a large heavy ass with track pants
revealing a small inch or so of ass crack, seeing the rugby top I knew it
must of been the bloke who I'd checked out a couple of times during the
night. Ordinarily I'd maybe see this as some kind of opening but the smell
of beer and vomit kind of put me off so I got to the change room and closed
the door.

The other waiters and waitresses had left around 12 so I had the place to
myself and seeing as it had been a hard night I decided to have a shower.
Stripping down I was soon naked and while going through looking for my
towel I heard what you'd have to call a grunt coming from the door. I had
my back to the door but turning my head I saw it was the drunk bloke, his
lips were still wet from where he'd thrown up and he swayed slightly on his
feet but the one steady thing about him was the way he was staring at my
naked ass.

"You the only one ere'?" he said barely taking his eyes off my ass.

I found my towel and started to wrap it around my waist, he was a good
looking guy but he was too far gone to be attractive anymore. He was now
just a heaving, wet mouthed drunk so it was stupid of me to tell him that I
was the only one around.

With glassy eyed determination he came up to me and straight off roughly
pushed his fingers into my towel covered ass crack, from the violent rise
in his track pants I could see he wanted something. Before I had time to
think of anything to say his warm beer and sick smelling breath was making
my ear sweat.

"Mate, I'm hangin' for it. Bitchshes in there are too much fuckin' work so
I guess you're gonna have ta do"

"Look I ah..."

Before I could say anything more he swung his arm around my shoulder and
got me into a standing headlock. With his other hand he tore my towel off
so I stood there nude my flaccid cut dick hanging between my legs.

"Mate, I'm not ashkin' ya'. I'm a nishe guy when I'm happy orright'. Now,
is this private?"

"No, the storerooms better"

Tightening his grip on my neck he slurred into my hair; "OK, I jus' wan'
some of that ass a' yours then I'll go". Flicking my cock with a finger he
tried to smile.

Pushing me roughly ahead of him I made my way down the corridor with him
staggering behind me. He must of noticed the contrast of my pale pink
naked flesh against the black, grimy walls as under his breath he murmured
approval "fuckin' peach, look at em' wigglin'....mate you wan' it"

Entering the storeroom I flicked on the dim light bulb and locked the door
behind us, as soon as the latch clicked he had his hand at the back of my
head and was pushing it down towards the tent in his track pants.

"Suck it mate, suck ma' cock"

The grit of the floor dug into my knee's as I got down between his legs, I
couldn't see it but his track pants and rugby top smelt of beer and sick.

"Get it out ya' lil' fuckin' slut"

I don't usually go for dirty talk but the way he leered down at me...well,
despite myself my cock started to shift.

Gripping the waistband of his track pants I lifted them up and over the
huge lump in the front, the fabric was wet to the touch - he'd pissed on
them sometime during the night. His black briefs also were wet and smelt
of beer and piss - he must of been real drunk as I saw his pubic hair was
wet and plastered against his skin as I peeled down the front of his
briefs. Before I had time to decide what I thought about this his hand was
pushing my face hard against his crotch.

His heavy, hot cock wiped across my face, the cut head hard and fully
erect, sweat, piss and beer rubbed into my cheek as I tried to get the
wildly swaying dick onto my lips. Gripping his sweaty balls I took some
control and with a sigh managed to get the cock head into my mouth.
Desperate to wash it clean of the dirt and the smells of his crotch I
bobbed my head up and down on his pole, the swaying and humping of his body
made staying steady on my knee's hard, the dirt of the floor scraped into
my skin as every thrust pushed my along the floor a little.

"Get it wet you lil' bitch. Look at ya', you like my taste, you like my

The squelching sound grew louder as I pounded his cock head against my
throat and my spit slathered the shaft. I knew he was gonna try to fuck me
so I thought I'd suck him to orgasm so he'd lose his urge. I like sucking
cock, I liked his cock to be truthful but I liked it on my terms, not the
terms as laid down by some drunk bloke who'd pissed his pants and thrown up
on himself.

With a hard tug of my hair my mouth lifted up off his shaft, spit coated it
slapped against my chin.

"Nah, mate. I'm fuckin' that cunt a' yours"

His hand pushed under my arm and lifted me to a standing position, if he
noticed my stiffening cock as it swung in the air he didn't say anything.
Clumsily pulling his track pants down to the floor he looked at me with a
glass eyed expression.

"Bend over, show us' ya' ass"

Bending forward I stuck my ass out towards him. The lewdness of this
position has always turned me on so I wasn't too surprised when my cock
grew thicker and harder until I had myself a full erection.

Making no effort to touch me his hoarse voice filled the air.

"Show us ya' cunt"

Reaching back I gripped my ass and pulled the ass cheeks apart.

"Ho yeah, look a' lil' hole, ya' wan' it don' ha. Fuckin' hairy lil' cunt"

I knew my ass was clean but after a night of work it'd be sweaty but I
didn't care, fact was I wish I could of grossed him out a little, show him
that it wasn't a 'cunt' he was fucking but another guys asshole.

I had to hold myself steady as he began to push his rock hard cock head
into my ass crack, time and again he missed, pulling my cheeks further
apart I hoped he'd just get it in there. Pushing my ass closer to his body
I could feel his frustration as he tried without success to hit my bud with
his dick.

Suddenly with a slurred curse I felt his bunched up fingers ram onto my ass
hole, the tips digging slightly into my hole a shock of pain shot through
me as he spread his fingers in an attempt to open me up for his cock. Not
knowing if it worked I gripped hard and painfully onto my knee's when my
hole seemed to burst into flame as his thrusting shaft slid through my ring
and traveled violently into my ass.

Gripping hard against my shoulders he pulled my body onto his cock, my
whole ass filled with the hot hard cock, with a thrust and a groan I felt
his large wet balls slapping against my ass cheeks. Despite everything he
got a drunken clumsy rhythm going so before I knew it I couldn't help but
let out small, throaty grunts as he rammed the breath out of me.

Pushing my ass back to meet his cock I started to pump wildly as my own
stiff, sweat dripping from my brow and the smell of ass and drunkenness
filling the room. My head felt fuzzy and warm as his cock started to
expand, getting close to the end.

"fuck, fuck', fuck" the drunk grunted as he rode into my body.

"Gonna blow"

With two more thrusts and a stinging grip on my shoulder he let out a fart
and his hot cum shot deep into my body as his brow sweat dropped onto my
back and ran in rivers down into my ass crack. As I felt his softening
cock being pulled from my hole I took my hand off my rock hard erection and
turned to face him.

He was tucking his dick back into his pants and wiping his sweaty brow on
his shirt, averting my eyes he gave me a quick affectionate squeeze on the
ass before shuffling to the door and disappearing.

Reaching around to my ass it felt sensitive and raw, some of his cum was
oozing out and I gently rubbed it against my hole to soothe the burning. I
was gonna keep jerking off but I didn't know how I felt. Turned on or not?

I walked back into the change room, quickly got dressed and left by the
side entrance of the centre.


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