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The Sleepwalker by kewtieboy

The Sleepwalker
By kewtieboy


The apartment block I lived it had around 16 flats in it. Most were 2 bedroomed except for the grandly titled “penthouse” flats. Both of them had 3 bedrooms and open roof space. The majority of owners were older though there was a sprinkling of younger couples, some who rented from absent landlords. I was a 29 year old gay guy who enjoyed the block as it gave me a fair amount of anonymity.

One of the main attractions was that, though the elevator was entered from the main hall, the stairs were behind them and to the rear. Any casual trade could be brought in without any nosy neighbours commenting on my choice of sleeping partner.

I was staring out of the window from my flat on the third of the four floors when I saw new neighbours move in. Though the removal men were doing most of the work I could see a couple in their forties and a pretty young boy who looked like he might be their son. It was difficult to judge his age. His image looked to be about 14 or 15 but there was a chance he was older. The skater boy image and soft curly blonde hair played tricks and he was horsing around with one of the removal men making him look quite young.

It was 2 days later when I bumped into the couple. They were taking a suitcase out to a top end Mercedes E-Class, I introduced myself and they reciprocated. When I offered help if they needed it, they pointed out that they were not, in fact, staying and they had bought the flat for their son who was going to be at University and would be staying on his own unless they came to visit. Their flat was on the floor beneath mine and on the opposite side.

“I’ll go and get Sean for you,” said Mum, “so you can say hello.”

With that she popped upstairs and came down with this apparition of beauty. Sean was obviously 18 but small and slim. His blonde hair was a mass of curls which though untrained, somehow seemed to form a style. His eyes were so piercingly blue that they almost looked like coloured contact lenses. He wore surfer shorts and a white vest and he had little freckles on his arm and his nose.

“Hi, I’m Sean,” he said putting out his hand and flashing dazzling white teeth.

“Rick,” said I. “Feel free to knock on the door if you have any questions about the neighbourhood.”

He said he would and ran back upstairs.

Any doubts I had that Sean could be gay, were sadly dashed within a week of his parents going. He had a steady stream of friends, male and female and, though there were no noisy parties, there were quite a few “gatherings” of friends with some staying overnight and cases of beer being taken in. I was left as a randy spectator, feeling particularly old. I have to say that fantasies about what I could do with Sean featured heavily in my late night wanking sessions.

One Saturday night I was out moderately late. It was around 12.30am and as I walked into the small estate, I saw Sean ahead of me weaving his way towards the house, the worse for drink. I caught up with his and gave a quick “Hi,” keeping pace until we reached the apartment block and we used the lift, him getting off at the floor below mine.

It must have been around 1.30am when I went out to put some newspapers down the rubbish chute. I heard a voice in the stairwell at the rear of the flats. The stairs were reached through a door and were carpeted but rarely used because of the lifts. I gently pushed the door open and walked down the first flight to see Sean sitting on the steps talking to himself.

“…..bitch wouldn’t put out. Frigid cow!”

I walked down and said a quiet “Hi Sean.”

He kept rattling on about the girl he had made a pass at and been rejected by as though I wasn’t there.

“Are you ok, Sean?” I asked.

There was still no response. His eyes seemed open and he looked into the middle distance. I touched his arm and he lifted it to put his hand on mine, still mumbling. I realised he was asleep. I tried gently waking him but to no avail. I couldn’t remember what one was meant to do with a sleepwalker so I gently took his arms and asked him to stand, trying to get him back to his flat. He stood.

“So you’re going to come back then,” he said.

Playing along, I said I would. I assumed he was talking to the girl in his dreams.

He stood and I took him down to his flat. His door was on the latch so I pushed it and took him inside. He walked in and turned to the bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed and started to strip. I was getting nervous as I didn’t want him to waken and find me there but I also wanted to see how far he would go. His trainers slipped off, his t-shirt pulled over his head, socks slipped off and then his shorts pulled down to reveal white Armani hipsters with a blue band and a nice package. He pulled back the bedspread and climbed into bed pulling a single sheet over him.

I spoke again to him with no response. I sat for about 15 minutes and spoke again - still no reaction. I gently pulled back the white sheet to reveal his body and he rolled on to his back as I did so. I looked at this beautiful creation and knew I had to try something. I put the palm of my hand on his bulge and pressed ever so gently. I then rolled it slowly back and forth over the head of his cock. There was little reaction. I gently tried to pull the band of his briefs down but it was proving difficult when he suddenly lifted his bum off the bed and stripped them down and off before flopping back down on the bed.

His cock was only about 3 inches soft with sagging balls, a little redder that his cock. His blonde hair was reddish and his cock was uncut. I lifted it with my fingers and slowly stroked it. I then knelt beside him and slowly placed my mouth over the soft meat, taking all of it inside. I squished it around tasting the musky teen organ. I felt it slowly fill with blood and once it started the rise to full size was quite quick. Soon it was a little over 6 inches and stiff as only a teen cock can be. The foreskin slid slightly back to reveal his pink head and I was gripping with one hand and sucking with the other. He was pushing upwards as I sucked down.

I cupped his balls as I sucked and I then released my own cock, holding and sucking with my left hand while wanking myself with my right. How I wished I had my camera. I stood up and placed my dripping cock against his lips. My precum dripped on to his lips and he unconsciously licked them. I was ready to cum without even touching myself.

I opened his legs and teased his rosebud with my finger and I heard him moan softly. My mouth found his cock again and I started to suck him quite forcefully now.

“That’s it bitch,” he said, startling me. “Take my load you stuck up cow.”

I had slightly slowed down as he spoke terrified he would open his eyes but he just kept thrusting his hips to push his cock into my mouth. When he came there was no groan, no moan. I just suddenly had a mouth full of teen cum. When I say “full” I mean “full.”

The cum was trickling down my mouth and I inadvertently swallowed quite a lot. I’m not a great fan of the taste of cum but for him I made an exception. He gave no reaction at all as his cock slowly shrunk from my mouth.

I stood up, looking down at him and wanked myself ready to catch my cum in my hand but such was the force that it shot across his balls and soaked his already cum covered pubic hair.

I was scared now. I quickly wiped him with his briefs, pulled up his sheet and slipped back to my flat with heart thumping.

When I next saw him a couple of days later he was his cheery self and seemed to be none the wiser. It was at a community meeting in a neighbour’s flat when an awkward looking Sean, not sure what his part was in such an event, relaxed with a few glasses of wine and confessed that he was an occasional sleepwalker. He told me that he had been so since he was 6 and nowadays it happened when he was stressed and drank too much. He also told me he had once been found a mile from his parent’s house so he tended to always double lock his flat door from the inside to stop himself “escaping.”

I hoped another opportunity might arise sometime.

I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that I hung around on Saturday nights for a few weeks hoping for a repeat but it didn’t happen. Any time I did see him, he had mates or some girl her had picked up in tow. I therefore gave up assuming it was the chance of a lifetime to have my way with a 100% straight cutie and I should consider myself lucky it happened at all.

Things changed one Friday when I heard the obvious ruckus of a party in his flat as I came home. It was around midnight and he was obviously trying to get rid of some mates who had overstayed their welcome. I passed him on the ground floor as he waved his farewells. I caught some of the conversation but it seemed he was dumping everyone because he had a “hot little bitch” waiting upstairs. I also heard the comment that she was already too far gone to be any use to him. How I wished I could be a fly on the wall when he returned to his flat. I would have loved to see him in action, even with a female.

At 2.00am I looked out of the window down into the street and saw Sean sitting on the wall. Fearing something may have happened I pulled on some shorts, a t-shirt and, for some reason, picked up my camera before heading down. I approached him quietly and then asked how he was. There was no response to my question but he stood up and quietly walked back into the block, using his key to enter as though it was quite normal. I knew he was sleepwalking.

I followed, quietly talking to him. “How was the fuck?” I asked.

He mumbled, “Gonna do her right now!”

I kept beside him and decided that under the pretence of making sure he got home, I would go into his flat and see the lie of the land. His door was unlocked but he tried to open it with his key until I pushed it open and we entered. In the flat and lying on the sofa was a naked young girl. Her legs were wide apart and her vagina gaping open. She was out cold. Beside her on the floor were three used condoms, none of which had any cum in them. I got the feeling he had been shagging her but getting little response had given up.

I took his arm gently and steered him to the bedroom where the double bed had been slept in but only on one side suggesting he had given up and gone to bed only to get up and sleepwalk an hour later. I started to strip him but he took over and soon stripped naked his soft cock hanging over his balls. He just stood there so I took some pictures of him in the nude and then stroked his balls while I took another with my spare hand. He started to push me on the bed mumbling about wanting to fuck.

I stripped my shorts off quickly and let him push me. He kissed my lips and started to squeeze my tits. Thankfully I am not hairy so there were no shocks for him. I rolled him on to his back where he instantaneously fell silent, his cock now slightly erect. I went down between his legs and started to suck him. His cock responded far quicker than last time and I soon had his full 6 inches in my mouth. My own cock was up to the full 7 inches and leaking. I slid out and took some more pictures of him sprawled on the bed with his erect cock sticking up in the air when an idea came to me.

I went to the bathroom and found some antiseptic cream in the cabinet and quickly used it to lubricate my hole. I dashed back and climbed on top of him to sit on his still erect cock. It took a little work but the semi-conscious Sean started to work with me and I assume he thought he was fucking his little friend from the sofa. He grunted as he thrust upwards and his fabulous little cock felt amazing inside my hole. I snapped a few close ups of his entry for future wanking fodder and then laid the camera down to take my own cock in hand. Dangerous or not I wanted his cum inside me. I rode up and down while squatted over his body and Sean’s body moved upwards to meet me. My hands stroked his nipples which he seemed to enjoy and when I could I snapped as many shots as I dared without losing the action.

He grunted and pushed harder than ever and I felt his warm teenage cum forcibly squirt into my hole. My cock erupted in a dangerous volcano of cum which splattered on his chest and lips.

I sat still with his shrinking cock slowly slipping out as his erection faded and followed by the trickle of his copious load. I slipped out of bed and grabbed a towel to mop him and me. I leaned forward and slid my tongue into his mouth as I kissed him. There was a meagre response and he grumbled and turned on his side to sleep.

I dressed and left.

Within a month the Summer recess had started but Sean never did return. His parents eventually sold the flat and I have no idea why he pulled out of college. I may not have another opportunity to get into Sean’s pants but I still have my memories and photos.

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An Interesting Sleepover by Pete

An Interesting Sleep Over
by Pete (address withheld)


A last minute decision by my buddy's friend to
accompany us on a trip turns out to be my first gay
encounter. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, alcohol)


We had spent several weeks planning a trip to Las
Vegas, it was to be myself, 4 male friends and my buddy
and his wife. I chose to get my own room having no one
else accompanying me and as the other guys were long
time friends and usually shared rooms when they

2 days before the trip my buddy Dave, who was
organizing the trip told me there would be one more and
asked if I wanted to cut my room costs and go half with
his friend from work. I agreed and figured it would
free up more money for gambling.

We all got into Vegas at various times and Dave's buddy
Bobby was supposed to arrive sometime after 1 a.m., so
I left his name at the desk with permission to assign
him a key upon arrival.

Our first night was full of eating, gambling and a lot
of drinking. By midnight I was quite drunk and headed
back to my room. I immediately passed out in the large
comfortable bed to the sound of the air conditioning
humming away.

At some point during the night Bobby checked in and
came up to the room. I never heard him come into the
room, but as I lay on my side I recalled a warm,
gentle, caressing sensation on my back. It was just
enough to stir me, but not enough to actually wake me.
I was content to lay still and enjoy the sensation as
if it were just a dream. As moments passed the gentle
caresses moved lower down my back and I could sense
another's presence lying behind me. I was just so deep
in relaxation from the travel and alcohol that I didn't
want to move.

As I continued to lay still I felt the warmth of a hand
slide under the top of my boxers and descend down
across my bottom. I slowly began to awaken further, but
had not yet put the pieces together as to what was
occurring. As the warm, smooth hand cupped and caressed
my buttocks I allowed myself to relax further. Within
moments I could hear someone's breathing deepening
behind me and feel warm, moist breath upon my back.

While I savored the gentle, warmth of the exhaled
breath upon my shoulders I became aware of a finger
slowly sliding between my buttocks. The feeling was
exhilarating and I fought to control my breathing and
remain still for fear of frightening whoever was
touching me like this and have it end.

I felt my buttocks being more firmly grasped as my
bottom was being parted to make way for that fantastic
finger now searching for my hole. It was like a gentle
current of electricity spread through my body as the
finger found its' mark and slowly circled around my

It was all I could do to stay still and pretend to be
asleep while a slow continuous pressure was exerted
upon my tight, sensitive hole. I began feel the sheets
being lifted and the careful tugging of my boxers down
across my bottom. It was at this point that I could no
longer contain myself and very slowly raised my hips
and began to assist in the removal of my boxers. My
breathing became more rapid and my heart raced. I was
becoming more aware of my surroundings and the ultimate
deduction that it was in fact Bobby sexually arousing
me in the dead of the night.

Neither of us spoke as I slipped off my boxers and
reached down with my right hand to part my bottom
further for him. He responded with quickened breathing
and began to kiss my back as his finger continued to
press harder against my tight, little hole. Bobby began
to lower his head and his kisses worked down my back
and over my bottom.

I took my hand away and allowed Bobby to roll me over
onto my stomach. I buried my face into the pillow as he
spread my bottom wide open with both hands and plunged
his tongue into my bottom.

I could not believe this was happening. I could not
believe that I was doing this with another guy, but it
felt so good I was paralyzed by pleasure. Bobby's hands
gripped my bottom firmly and began to frantically pull
my ass as wide open as possible to expose my hole to
his hot, wet tongue.

I moaned as his tongue found its' way inside me. I had
never experienced anything like this before and it was
incredible. His tongue probed deeper, I got so caught
up in the moment I realized that I now had my back
arched up into his face and was excitedly spreading my
own ass wider to allow him deeper into me.

My ass was soaked with his saliva and my cock was rock
hard......then it happened! I remember hearing the
words, "Please fuck me, I want to feel your cock inside
me!" It sounded like it was it came from someone else,
but I realized that it was me begging for my first
cock. "Oh fuck, please, please fuck my ass!" I pleaded.

"Do you have any condoms and lube?" he whispered. "I
don't!" I whispered back. "Do you still want to fuck?"
he asked. "Yes! Just be careful." I replied. I still
don't know what that meant, but my animal lust was too
far gone to make me hesitate now.

As Bobby began to slowly lick his way up my back I
could feel his rock hard cock graze my bottom. "It's
big." he whispered to me. "And you're tight, is this
your first time?" he asked me. "Yes! Just fuck me,
pleeeaassee, fuck me now!" I moaned. As he pressed his
hips against my bottom I felt his massive cock slide
between my buttocks. "Oh my God!" I thought he is

I arched my back further and Bobby pushed a pillow
under my hips to raise my ass further. I held my breath
as his enormous, rock hard cock began its' search for
my wanting hole. He slid it back and forth across my
quivering hole and I spread my legs further continuing
to pull my bottom as wide open as possible.

A searing pain shot through my bottom as his cock found
its' mark and began trying to force its' way inside me.
I let out a whine and immediately heard him say, "We
need more lube!" Bobby dismounted my backside and
climbed further up the bed, kneeling next to me. I
turned my head to face him and I knew what he wanted me
to do; it was what I needed to do.

I reached out and took his cock in my hand as he leaned
into my face. I felt terrified, dirty and guilt ridden
as I slowly guided this stranger's cock towards my
mouth. I could smell his heavy musky scent and the
light aroma of my own bottom. My lips parts
automatically as my mouth opened to receive him. It was
almost as if I had done this before, "Oh my God, I'm
gay!" I thought.

The thought was not enough to stop me from greedily
taking the massive head of his cock into my mouth. I
felt right; it was kinky, obscene, sinful and somehow
natural. Bobby gently took the back of my head with his
left hand and began to feed me more of his cock. Within
seconds I was gagging from this overabundance of man
meat. Bobby slowly began to fuck my mouth and I fought
to relax and catch my breath.

Within minutes my mouth was producing a nice thick,
slippery saliva all over Bobby's huge tool. "That
should work." he whispered as he withdrew his cock from
my mouth.

It was time and I wanted to feel another man inside me
in the worst way. Bobby licked my backside to further
loosen me up and rolled me onto my right side. His cock
slowly slid between my buttocks and I instinctively
reached down with my left hand to pull my ass apart to

His throbbing cock began to press harder and harder
against my resistant little hole. Suddenly, my
resistance gave way and his massive tool began very
slowly forcing its' way inside me. I bit into the
sheets and shrieked through clenched teeth as his
violation of my body began. The pain was sharp and
searing, but I wanted to know what it was like to be
fucked by another man, his cock sliding in and out of
me. Bobby's big cock continued its' slow advance inside

Just when I thought I couldn't take the pain anymore,
the giant, bulbous head to his cock crowned inside me.
I screamed through my clenched teeth into the now wet
sheet in my mouth. My hole resistance was broken as the
thick head of his cock slid deeper inside me. My ass
felt full as his shaft began to glide past my hole and
begin exploring uncharted areas.

I remember thinking, "So this is what it is like, why
does it have to hurt so bad at first?" "Am I going to
hell for letting another man stick his penis inside
me?" "Will I become addicted to cock?" "Should I trust
him to not cum inside me?"

Bobby's cock was long and thick and seemed to be
sliding into me forever. That massive, bulbous head was
going deeper and deeper inside me, until I was
overwhelmed by a deep, dull pain that made my whole
midsection ache. I spit the soaking sheet corner from
my mouth and screamed out in what can only be called a
cry of agony/ecstasy. It hurt so good, my bottom was so
full, the pain so deep, the experience so incredible.
Bobby had gone as deep as my body would allow, but yet
he held me down and ground his hips harder against my
bottom, pressing every last inch of himself into me!
His nest of pubic hair felt like sandpaper against my
soft bottom, his cock was like steel.

He was locked into that animalistic place men go when
they will spread their seed at any cost of pain to
their mate/lover. Our act of sex became an act
bordering on violence, almost a act of rape. Bobby used
his greater size and strength to put every last inch of
himself as deep as possible inside me over the groaning
guttural noises of protest from me.

I could barely make out the large silhouette looming
over me, but I could sense the feeling of rage as I
fought him. My pain seemed to excite him further as his
aggression built into all out rage, fucking my bottom
harder and harder the sound of flesh slapping echoed
through the room. Bobby's grunts became antagonistic
chants of, "You fucking bitch! Take all that cock
bitch! I own your ass bitch!"

I can't tell you exactly what I was experiencing, but
it felt as though my bowels were going to release
themselves all over the bed, I was full and needed to
be empty. By now his cock now slide effortlessly in and
out of my battered hole. The pain in my belly was dull
and harsh, but his grip was firm and relentless. With
one final incredibly forceful thrust Bobby's cock drove
so deep inside me I let out an agonized scream that was
almost drowned out by his primal bellow as his cock
exploded inside me.

I was incapable of moving from Bobby's tight grasp and
watched his silhouette as he drained himself deep
inside me. My pain lessened and I reached out to his
shaking form as he shook and quivered releasing every
last ounce of his cum in my no longer virgin bottom.

Spastic convulsions rocked his body as I tried to
tighten my internal ass muscles around his convulsing
meat. I worked in vain to use my battered ass muscles
to 'milk' every bit of goodness from him. "How did I
know how to do such things? How did I instinctively
understand how to take everything from him? Why was I
such a greedy little whore?" I thought to myself.

Bobby took another 45 seconds or so to completely empty
every last single, little sperm into my broken ass.

Bobby collapsed on top of me and lay there moaning as I
used my muscles to try to hold his cock inside me. My
ass was so battered and he was quickly becoming
flaccid. Within minutes I felt his cock slide out of my
hole. My hole was stretched open and I had no control
of it anymore. I began to fear that it might always
stay loose and open. My biggest concern was having all
that wonderful cum drain out from me. I wanted
desperately to keep every drop of his seed deep inside
me for as long as possible.

I began having weird thoughts about how I would like to
be able to go back down to the casino or walk around
out in public with my secret buried deep inside me. My
secret of having committed a lustful act with another
man. Of letting a complete stranger use me for his own
pleasure and enjoying every minute of it.

I lay awake all night as Bobby slept enjoying the glow
that accompanies having been fucked and filled with
another man's cum! And the knowledge that that dirty
little secret is absorbed deep inside me where it


Dad and his Mates - part 5 by Spirokram

Subject: Dad and his mates ch 5

This is the last instalment of this particular story, my thanks to all you
guys who wrote to me about the story, it was very much appreciated, thank
you, now sit back, unzip, and enjoy this last chapter.

Charter 5

Dad has been at his knew job for 4 months now, he reckons its great to get
home every evening now and just chill out in the comfort of his own home,
we've got ourselves into a good routine, spending our week nights doing
things together and other things we want to do on our own, but the weekends,
we keep to ourselves, those two days are ours to basically just catch up
with each other and to suck and fuck as and when we please.

But on Thursday nights dad always has 5 of his mates over for a card game,
they were all local except Danny, and if I'm not doing anything that night,
I'll usually play the 'gofer' getting them fresh beers and chips etc, the
guys are very generous too, if any of them are on a roll, they'll give me
something for fetching for them, so I'm happy enough, but this particular
night, the guys were restless, I could hear them bitching with each other
about who was cheating, who's wife wasn't putting out, who's kids weren't
doing well at school, just the usual male moans, when I heard dad say.

"Will you fucking lot stop your moaning, Jesus! its worse than playing with
a bunch of old hags, tell you what we'll do to spice things up, we'll have a
game of strip poker, and then at the end of the game, we can have a circle
jerk off, like we used to have in high school, how's that sound, you guys up
for it?

There was a load chorus of yes! lets go for it, and I was thinking to
myself, this could turn out to be a fun night, cards were boring anyway,
that's why I never played with them, but to see the neighbourhood guys
getting all naked like, could lead to a lot of fun, so I waited 5 minits
when I heard the first shout go up for one of them to get there shirt off,
then a while later, another shout for more stripping, and so it went on for
a good 30 minits, I wandered into the room to see if anyone wanted a refill,
and George the guy from across the street was down to his white briefs, and
the others with their shirts off, things were going well, wont be long
before George and Danny are stark naked, from what I could see they were
both useless at cards, especially this game, dad was the only one sitting
with all his clothes on, and he only had a pair of shorts and a t.shirt on.

I went to get more beers and heard a roar, "Get em off, get em off" when I
got back, both George and Danny were naked, and Danny being Danny, was
sporting a huge hard on! George wasn't far behind him either, so now there
was just dad, and a big burly black man who was a construction worker called
Bob, and Jamie a guy not much older than me who lived with his mom down the
street from us, and last but not least, there was jack! he was the dark
horse of the pack, I went to school with his boy though I never knew him,
he's a football jock, all muscle and no brain, OK to bend over and fuck the
arse of him, but no good in a conversation that didn't involve football, but
his dad was totally different, there was something about the guy, something
I couldn't put my finger on.

Next it was Bob who was naked, I got a good look at his huge black body, he
was awesome, muscle everywhere, dad caught me ogling him and winked at me, I
smiled back, we both knew what the other was thinking, so now they were down
to three, and dad still hadn't taken anything off, Jamie was down to his
shorts, he would be the next one naked, and then it would be between dad and
Jack, and Jack was down to his trousers, so I was thinking dad could win
this game easy, but it didn't happen that way, finally it was down to them
both in their underwear and one remaining hand of cards, dad lost, the cheer
went up and dad had to drop em, the guys just looked at dads cock, it was
half hard, hanging down his leg! Bob piped up and said, "Holy shit Doug,
were the fuck did you get that fucking hosepipe from?" a couple of the
others just whistled, and poor Jamie tried desperately to hide his little
dick and got ribbed for it when the other guys noticed, I watched them all
joking and laughing with each other, pulling on their cocks, Danny and Bob
were both rock hard, dad was nearly there too, and my cock was straining at
my jock pouch just itching to burst free, It was Bob who said, "come on guy,
you too, get them shorts off and join us in a jerk off", I didn't need
telling twice, in less than a minute I was naked just like the rest of em,
and my cock in a semi hard state "Fuck me said Bob, it must run in the
family, look at the size of that kids cock, and then I realised that all the
guys were ogling me.

I took a seat in between big Bob and Jack, who just sat and stared at me,
stroking his cock and making me very nervous, Bob punched me in the arm
telling me to catch up as everyone now had a hard on except me, but I wasn't
far behind, soon enough my cock was up there with the rest of em standing
hard and proud!

"So is this all were gonna do? said Danny, always the first to get a party
going, just sit here jerking off, Jesus! couldn't we come up with a little
something to jazz up this party"

"Like what? said George, what do you have in mind to get this party off the

I knew exactly what Danny had in mind! and I was all for it, I was getting
hot vibes from big Bob beside me, every now and then he would rub my thigh
and stare at my dick asking if I was alright? I wouldn't mind getting fucked
by him at all, in fact the more I thought about it, the hornier I got, I
looked over at dad and winked, he knew what I was getting at as he slowly
shook his head at me.

"Tell you what guys, I said, why don't we turn this into a 'fuck fest' why
don't we fuck each other since there's no pussy about, and I heard some of
you complaining that your wife's weren't putting out, so come on, are you
game? what bout you Bob, you wanna fuck me here and now?

"You bet your sweet ass I wanna fuck you, why don't you lay yourself over
this here table while I get my cock lubed up"

I did as big Bob said and got over the table facing dad who winked at me,
next thing I knew Bob was rimming my hot hole with his big tougne, digging
it deep inside of me, spitting and slurping all over my hole, the other guys
just sat there stunned! not believing what they were seeing, but not able to
tear there eyes away from the hot scene in front of them, then Bob got
behind me, I felt the head of his cock at my pucker, pushing inwards, then
pop! he was inside me, I knew this was gonna be a good hard fuck and my
cock was rock hard under the table and out of reach, damn it!

"You ready for this youngster? I'm gonna fuck you hard and fast! 'cause
that's the way I like to fuck my pussy"

"Go ahead Bob, ride my hot boy cunt as hard and fast as you like, I can take

Then Bob just slammed his cock deep inside my hot cunt, his crinkly pubes
and big balls tickling my hole, he stayed still for a while and I could feel
his thick cock throbbing inside me, then he started to fuck me, and he was
true to his word, Id never been fucked so hard and fast! dad had to keep
hold of his end of the table, otherwise we would have ended up in the
sitting room, but all to soon it was over, and Bob was shooting his hot load
up my arse! and then he slumped back in his chair giving the cheeks of my
arse a good slap and thanking me for a good fuck.

"So come on guys, who's next, anyone want sloppy seconds? Danny got up to
move towards me, his cock in his hand hard and throbbing! but it was young
Jamie who beat him to it, he was behind me in a second, thrusting his hot
tool up my hole, to be honest, I couldn't feel much, but he humped me hard
and fast and soon blew his load deep inside of me, then collapsing on my
back, exhausted, It was Danny who got him back to his chair while the other
guys cheered him, I lay over the table waiting for number three, now who was
it gonna be? Danny, George, or the quiet man Jack, I didn't mind as long as
I got fucked again, I was really enjoying this hot gang bang, two down,
three to go.

"It was to be Danny, suddenly he was behind me, one hand on my hip, the
other grasping his throbbing cock which he had aimed at my hole, when dad
suddenly stopped him, fuck! what now, surely dad wont stop Danny from
fucking me? not after letting the other two guy's, I needn't have worried
though, dad only wanted to wipe my arse clean of the previous two guys, then
Danny was back at my hole, thrusting his hard cock into me, it went in easy
enough with the minimum amount of pain, Bobs cock had my hole well
stretched, so taking Danny was no problem, but before he started fucking me,
he leaned close to my ear so no one could hear and whispered.

"And don't think this makes up for the fuck you promised me a while back,
when you ended up fisting my arsehole, and making me sore for days! 'cause
it don't lad, so I'll be round later this week to collect, and you'd better
have your tight little cunt lubed up and ready for me, have you got that

And with that he gave me a sharp jab with his prick, and started to fuck me
slowly, then building up speed, and finally banging the hell outta my
arsehole! I'm sure he was doing it deliberately to try and hurt me in some
way, but it didn't work, he didn't know me well enough to know, I like to be
fucked hard and fast with a bit of pain thrown in!

"Yea lad, get ready, here comes my hot load! I bet old Bob there didn't
fuck you this hard and fast, did you Bob?

"Fuck you Danny, you think your the big hot stud who can out fuck anyone!
but your really just a 'wam bam thank you man' no staying power.

And to prove Bob right, Danny couldn't hold off any longer, his big cock
erupted in my hole, filling me with his hot cum! he was panting over my
back, clutching hold of my hips to steady himself while his cock spewed out
his cum!

"See that, said big Bob, told you he didn't have any saying power!"

Danny dragged himself to his seat and sat down still panting for breath, and
I saw George lean into him to ask him something, but I couldn't hear what it
was, and now it was George's turn, I got a glimpse of his cock, not too
long, maybe 5" or so, but that's not what got me, what got me was the
thickness, his cock looked like a fucking club! and a club that he was just
about to fuck me with! I wasn't sure about this, in fact I was a bit more
than scared, dad picked up on my vibes and for the first time during this
gang bang came up to me and asked me if I was alright? did I want to go
ahead? I couldn't back out now, so I assured dad it would be OK, and told
George to carry on, I felt his cock at my pucker, and held my breath for the
onslaught, but Georges cock just slid up my arsehole with hardly any
problems at all, Jesus! was I relieved, but I could definitely feel his
cock as he thrust in and out, he went on for ages, a good 20 minits, and I
was getting a bit sore, until the guys started complaining, and telling
George to get a fucking move on, that they hadn't all night, that seemed to
spur him on, and he humped me harder and faster, going through the motions
of cumming, but he didnt cum, for some reason he was faking it, I felt a bit
cheated and glanced over my shoulder at him as he withdrew, and as we looked
at each other, he knew Id found him out, but I just smiled at him, and said
nothing, I wasn't about to show the guy up and spoil the party, I was
enjoying myself too much.

And now it was Jacks turn, but he just sat there looking at me, not moving,
Bob said for him to get a move on like sometime tonight preferably! but
still he sat there, I thought he didn't want to fuck me, so made to get
up, when suddenly, he got up and moved behind me, he stood me up straight
and whispered in my ear, that he wanted ME to fuck him! well this was a
turn up for the books! I looked him in the eye and said "Sure I will, be
my pleasure to" the other guys were looking at each other confused,
wondering what the hell was going on? till jack bent over the table and
reaching behind, spread the cheeks of his arse and said, "Do it kid, Fuck me
hard and fast, OK" I aimed my cock at his hole, and I swear his hole sucked
my cock inside, God! but he was tight and hot in there, I stayed still for
a moment while he panted for breath, and heard the other guys say how they
couldn't believe it, that old Jack was taking it up the arse like a whore,
and loving it too.

And old Jack was loving it! wriggling his arse from side to side while I
banged him, moaning softly, now and then urging me to go faster, then
slower, Yea! old Jack was loving it alright, he was getting the fuck of his
life! then suddenly he motioned for dad to come nearer, I wondered what he
was up to? when dad was in range, Jack grabbed hold of dads semi hard cock
and pulled him closer, Wow! he wants fucked in both ends I thought, this is
way better than I ever expected, so while I fucked his tight hairy hole, dad
fucked his mouth, dad winked at me and smiled........ "Hey son! lets see if
we can make old Jacks day, and both come at the same time, both of us dump a
hot load in either end, you up for that Jack?............ Jack, with his
mouth full of dads throbbing cock! could only murmur an answer, but we got
the message, so together me and dad raced to the finish, shoving our cocks
into Jacks arse and mouth at the same time! this was fucking hot, the party
was really humming now!

"Now son, now! I'm nearly there, oh fuck! I'm gonna cum, your gonna get a
mouthful of my hot spunk Jack, are you ready? here it cuuuuuuuuuums"

"Yea dad, fuck his mouth hard! I'm on the verge too, I'm gonna spunk up his
tight arsehole, oh fuck! here it comes! I'm coming, I'm fucking coming"

And there we were, the three of us in the throes of a hot fucking cum
session, dad spunking in his mouth! and me pumping my hot load up his arse!
and all Jack could do was moan loudly, thoroughly enjoying his double
fuck! I looked around at the other guys, they were just sat there in
shocked silence at what they had just witnessed, I don't even think they
believed it them self's.

It was big Bob who made the first move to get dressed, and the other
followed him in silence, not a word was said, I stood there watching them
thinking, "Oh shit, here's were the guilt sets in" they all moved toward
the front door, still silent, and I stood back a little, watching them about
to leave when big Bob turned around and gave me a big cheesy grin.

"Hey kid, you were fucking ace tonight, I ain't had so much fun since high
school, how's about we meet up next week, same time, for another of them
hot card games, are you up for that kid?

"You better believe it Bob, and maybe next week, I'll be the one fucking
your arsehole! are YOU up for that?

Bob just laughed as he left the house, but it broke the ice with the other
guys, they all said sure thing! they too would be back next week for
another round, and they left laughing and slapping each other on the
back, the only one who didn't say goodbye was Jack!, quiet Jack, he just
looked at me for a moment, but before he went through the door, he gave me a
warm smile and nodded, that was Jacks way of saying bye, I was looking
forward to next week, but would I have the stamina to fuck big Bob as well
as Jack? you bet your sweet ass I would,!!! that night, after a hot
shower, and a good rub down from dad, we fell asleep in each others arms, my
hole felt slightly tender, but well satisfied, and I fell into a deep sleep,
the best sleep Ive had in a long, long time.

The final end.

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this final chapter as much as I enjoyed
writing this whole story, as usual, if you have any comments or queries,
please send them to me at

Dad and his Mates - Part 4 by Spirokram

Subject: Dad and his mates. Ch 4

When dad came home at the weekend he was really excited, I could see he had
a few drinks under his belt but at least he wasn't about to pass out.

"So what are you so excited about dad, you look like you won the lottery or

"Better than that son, I noticed he was grabbing his crutch, and it looked
like he was getting a hard on, Ive got the new job I was telling you about,
the one were I get to come home every night, ain't that the best? and I
start on Monday"

"Dad, that's just great, that's brilliant! now we can do all the things we
planned, you can come watch me at footie, and we can eat dinner together,
and do loads of stuff, that will be so cool, do you realize there's some
mates of mine that you've never even met yet"

"Yea I know son, but that's all gonna change now, were gonna be a family
again, just you and me, best buddies huh"

Then dad grabbed me in a bear hug, and I knew then that he had a hard on! I
could feel it pressing into my stomach, I was dying to put my hand down to
grab it and give it a squeeze, but that would come later, but I wanted dad
to know that I knew he was rock hard, so I said.

"Hey dad, you must be really excited, your cock is rock hard! maybe you
should go and pull one of the wrist before you cum in you pants, eh"

Dad looked at me and blushed crimson, and muttered something I didn't
understand, then said he was off for a shower and to change out of his work
clothes, so I plowed ahead with the dinner, 'Lasagne' his favorite, dad
came bounding down the stairs still in a great mood, he'd changed into grey
woolly cut offs which showed his cock off brilliantly, and a t.shirt, he
smelt great and I couldn't help but admire his body, tight and rippled, and
I could see his thick hairy chest through the thin t.shirt, my cock started
to react! he was so fucking hot looking!

We sat down to dinner and he asked me about school? and what was happening
in the neighbourhood etc, and he told me what his new job would be like, and
he promised he would never take another job were we had to be separated
again, I was chuffed at that, and told dad so, he was really happy, and I
was happy for him, as we ate, I got this urge to see his cock! I wonder, I
thought, if I just accidentally drop my fork and have to bend down to pick
it up, I wonder what else I can see under the table, dad was sat with his
legs spread wide, the leg of his shorts were wide and baggy, and sure
enough, there it was, dads cock! half hard hanging out of his shorts, Wow! I
thought, Id love to crawl over there and give dad a nice long blow job, how
cool would that be? then dad asked what was keeping me? shit! Ive been
rumbled I thought, but dad just carried on talking about the new job and
about this and that.

So with dinner over and the two of us washing up, we went to lay down in the
sitting room, but dad decided to go and get some beers, so we could
celebrate, I was a bit disappointed that I may not get my way with him
tonight, but hell! there would be other nights, besides, dad was in such a
good mood, I couldn't spoil it for him, so I got a DVD and dad got the beers
out, this was great I thought, we can do this every night.

Now I was on my third beer and I was getting a good buzz on, I glanced over
at dad, he was absentmindedly rubbing his cock through his cut offs, I could
see he was getting hard, and that, and the beer was getting me hard to, I
kept looking from dad to the DVD and back again, and then I caught dad
looking at me, as I was rubbing my cock through my jeans, but he quickly
looked away, so now he knew that I was getting hard too, so was this dads
intentions? was he leading up to something, hey, maybe I wasn't gonna be
disappointed tonight after all !

"Hey Mark, why don't you come over here and lay down on the sofa with me, I
haven't cuddled you since you were a boy, come on, it'll be like old times,
just me and you"

"Dad would you behave, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not a little boy
anymore, I'm 17 and taller than you, you know"

"Ah come on, your not embarrassed to lay down here with your old dad are
you? you used to love laying with me while we watched TV, come on, don't be
a woos, its not as if theres anyone to see us is there"

My little show of embarrassment was working, so I got up and dad moved
over to the side, holding his arm up for me to lay down, then he put his arm
over my chest and moved right in close to my back, now his had cock was
rubbing into the small of my back, and dad was obviously enjoying himself,
moving back and forth, pushing his hard cock into my back as if he was
fucking me, and all the while rubbing my chest though my vest, paying lots
of attention to my nipples, it didn't take much stimulation for my nipples
to harden, then dad moved his hand down to my belly, rubbing it gently as we
watched the DVD, though neither of us were taking much notice of the TV by
now, I wondered if dad would be bold enough to go for my crotch? his hand
was only inches away from it now, then suddenly his hand was on my cock,
just holding it, nothing more.

"Dad is that why you wanted me to lay here with you, to feel me up and grab
hold of my cock?

"No son, I just wanted to make you feel good, don't it feel good what I'm
doing? if it don't, I'll stop, if that's what you want"

I didn't answer 'cause I had a feeling that dad damn well knew it was
feeling good to me, he knew I wouldn't ask him to stop, so much for me being
the clever one, my silence let dad know that I was enjoying myself, so now
he grabbed my cock and squeezed hard!

"Jesus son, you've grown up so quick Ive hardly noticed, and your cock I
swear! is bigger and thicker than mine, I'll just bet you get plenty of
pussy at school, I'll bet they flock round you to get you to fuck their
tight little cunts eh?

I didn't dare answer dad, I was getting too excited at what he was doing to
me, and by now he had his hand inside my jeans and was rubbing my throbbing
cock, pulling the foreskin up and down the sensitive head of my cock, I
closed my eyes and moaned a good few times, god! I thought, he's getting me
so worked up, if he keeps rubbing my cock like he's doing, I'm gonna shot my
load in my jeans!

"Dad. could you please stop, I'm on the verge of coming! you've got me so
hot and horny and I don't think we should be doing this with each other, do

Now I was changing tactics, I knew dad was up for it, I just wanted to hear
him coax me into doing what I already wanted to do, what I was dying to do,
I wanted to suck his cock, rim his hairy arsehole, but most of all, I wanted
him to pop my cherry! I wanted him to fuck me, and fuck me hard!

"Is that what you want son, are you sure you don't wanna carry on? after
all its just a bit of harmless fun between a father and his son, wheres the
harm in that, eh! tell you what, Ive had enough beers for tonight, why
don't you sleep in my bed tonight, like you used to when you were a little
boy, come on son, lets go to bed".

Dad got off the sofa and held my hand leading me towards the stairs, I
meekly followed with a huge grin on my face, this has gone way better than I
could have hoped for, now I knew as I went up the stairs, that tonight, dad
was gonna pop my dreaded cherry, at last I was gonna feel what it would be
like to get fucked by a man, and believe me! dad was all man, even if he
was partial to getting fucked occasionally, but tonight it was my turn to
get fucked!

We stripped off in the bedroom, eyeing each other up and down, dad had such
a hot body for his age, hairy chest and belly, muscles in all the right
places, and balls the size of tennis balls, full of hot spunk, and then
there was his cock! that was the best, long and thick, with a heavy
looking foreskin, I was looking forward to chewing on that foreskin, teasing
it, getting it between my teeth and nibbling it, and running my tougne
around the inside to lick out all the pre-cum that's gathered there, and
then there was dads big hairy arse, God it looked magnificent! no wonder
Danny like fucking dads arsehole, it certainly looked fuckable, and given
time, I too would get to fuck dads arse, but not tonight, tonight was dads
turn to fuck.

"Well what happens now? I said as we lay there both a bit shy and
embarrassed, Ive never done anything like this before, not sure what to do

"do you wanna play with my cock for a bit, Id play with yours but I'm afraid
you'd cum if I so much as touched it, and I want this to last, Ive waited
so long for this night, I'm not gonna rush it now that its here"

"What do you mean you've waited so long for this night, this night for what?
I don't understand"

"You dope son, did it never occur to you that all those cuddles and all
those touch ups I used to give you, and all the times I used to let you see
my prick, and I always knew when you used to watch me in the shower when you
thought I didn't know, I knew alright! and I used to put on a show for you,
soaping my cock up, getting it hard so you could see it, showing you my
hairy arse, and I remember a few times while I was having a wank on a
Saturday morning that you were watching through the door crack, well it was
all leading up to this night, Ive been dying to get you into my bed since
you were 10 or 12, but I had to wait, till you were old enough to make up
your own mind, you do wanna be here with me don't you son?

"Yea dad, I do wanna be here with you, I want you to teach me all you know
about man to man sex, teach me some of the things you and Danny get up
too, Ive always thought you were hot, and so do some of my mates, they've
told me so often enough, so maybe later we can all get together sometime,
but not tonight, tonight is ours"

"Hold on, how do you know about Danny and me?

"Well there was the time that you were drunk, and Danny put you to bed, and
when I went to check on you an hour later, Danny was hunched over you with
your rock hard cock down his throat, and he was sucking the spunk outta your
balls, I thought it was amazing, 'cause you were still passed out drunk!
then there was the other Saturday when you both came back from the pub and I
passed your room and heard you moaning, and the door was ajar, and when I
peeped in, you were on your belly, and good old Danny was on top of you
fucking your brains out, and no! you weren't passed out that time, you were
loving it"

"Wow, so Ive been rumbled, now you know my dirty little secret, does Danny
know you know, has he tried anything on with you?

I didn't tell dad about me and Danny, he didn't have to know, I wanted him
to think he was the first guy Id ever gone to bed with, so now we got down
to business, we both came together and cuddled, we kissed long and hard,
then dad placed me on my back, and started licking my chest, nibbling my
nipples, making them hard, then moving down my belly with his hot tougne
till he got to my prick, he held it upright with one hand, rolling my balls
in the other hand, then bent over to engulf my throbbing cock in his hot
mouth, Oh fuck! this was heaven, dad sure as hell knew how to suck cock!
he pulled my foreskin back with his lips, swiping the pre-cum of my knob
end, and sucking hard, all at the same time, I was on the verge of coming.

"Dad, dad, I'm nearly there, if you don't stop I'm gonna cum in your mouth,
dad! I'm nearly there, stop dad, stop!

"Let it go son, shoot your hot spunk into my mouth, I wanna taste your hot
boy cum"

Then dads mouth was back on my cock, teasing my foreskin, moving his mouth
up and down my throbbing cock, I felt the spunk bubbling up in my balls,
just waiting to erupt, then I felt that familiar tingling when I'm just
about to cum, I felt the spunk gushing up the length of my cock, then
BANG! it erupted into the back of dads mouth in great creamy ropes of hot
spunk! I lay there frozen, not able to move while I had the most intense
orgasm Ive ever had in my 17 years, when I finished coming dad collapsed
onto my belly gulping great mouthfuls of air, I was gasping myself and
enjoying the sensations of just coming.

"Fucking hell son! are you always that intense when you shoot your load?
Ive never met anyone like you before"

"No dad, I was just so horny and dying to cum, that's just the way you make
me feel, your one hot fucker dad, do you know that?

Dad just looked at me and smiled, but I knew he was pleased at what Id just
said, I looked down at dads cock as he lay there, it was hard and throbbing
for release, the knob end poking out of his thick foreskin, oozing pre-cum,
and it was running onto the sheets, I thought to myself, what a waste, so I
slithered down to lap at his pre-cum, god! it tasted sweet, I licked and
lapped all I could, then got down to the serious business of sucking dads
big hairy cock!

I swallowed as much of his cock as I could, which wasn't much as Id not had
that much experience, I gagged a bit every now an then, but it didn't seem
to bother dad, he grabbed hold of my head and started humping my hot
mouth......... "ah yea! I thought, this is what I want, dad to just fuck my
mouth hard! till he cums his hot load"........... and he didn't disappoint
me, with one final thrust he held my head tight and jammed his cock down my
throat and started coming! thick hot jets of boiling spunk, it filled my
mouth and ran down my chin, it just kept coming, and coming, and dad kept
humping my mouth, suddenly he fell back on the bed gasping for breath, his
cock slipped from my mouth, and still the spunk was oozing out of his cock!
Christ I thought, dos he never stop coming?

I too lay on the bed, enjoying the taste of dads spunk in my mouth, it was
sweet and salty, quite thick and creamy, I couldn't wait to see what it
would feel like up my tight virgin hole, that was yet to come, I looked up
at dads handsome face with his day old stubble, and knew we would do this
again, and again, then dad looked down at me and smiled.

"You okay Mark, did you enjoy that? 'cause I sure as hell did, it was worth
waiting all those years just to taste your hot cum! what do you wanna do
now, do you wanna go to sleep? you must be tired by now"

"Like hell I do, I wanna do a lot more before the night is over, besides
neither of us has to get up in the morning, so we can stay up for as long as
we like, eh"

There was one thing that had always fascinated me about dad, and that was
his big hairy arse! I knew it was hairy 'cause Id seen him bending over in
the shower when he was putting on a show for me, except I didn't know it at
the time, so here was my chance to explore, I got dad to turn over onto his
belly and spread his legs, and Wow! what a sight that greeted me, a big
dark hairy hole, I just sat and gazed for a while, I wanted to remember this
image for a long time, then I dived in, sniffing and licking, rubbing and
squeezing his soft but muscly arse cheeks, god it was so horny, dad squirmed
around on the bed, moaning softly, every now and then, raising his hips to
give me better access to his man cunt, I rimmed his hot hole for ages,
sticking my tougne as far into his hole as I could, I licked and nipped his
arse till my mouth was dry, I couldn't get enough of dads hot funky hole!
finally, I got up and just lay down on dads broad back, feeling his
breathing through my chest.

"That was great son, you've got a talented tougne there, if you lick the
girls cunts out the same way you just did to my hole, they must be in
seventh heaven! were you getting my hole lubed up with your hot tongue to
fuck your dads hot arsehole? you already know I like to get fucked, yea sure
you've got a bigger cock than Danny's, and I know your cock will probably
hurt a lot, but it will be worth it, go ahead son, fuck my brains out with
your big thick cock!

"Yea dad I do wanna fuck your hot arsehole, badly, but not tonight I don't,
tonight I want you to fuck my brains out, I want you to dump your hot load
up my tight virgin cunt, and make a man of me!

"You really mean it, you want me to fuck you son? if you've never done it
before it can hurt a helluva lot you know, and I don't wanna hurt you, you
know how big and thick my cock is, hell! even Danny wont let me fuck him
'cause he reckons my cock is an offensive weapon, And Ive seen him get
fucked loads of times at school, he used to be a right cum bucket! if you
really want me to I will, but its up to you, OK son!

"Yea dad, I want you to pop my cherry, come on quick! before I change my
mind, (no chance)

That was all the encouragement that dad needed, he flipped me over onto my
belly and got down to rimming my virgin hole, the only lube I was gonna get,
he got me well slicked up and then hovering over me he aimed his cock head
at my hole and pushed forward slightly, I could feel the pressure on my hole
and thought....... "he's never gonna get it in there"......... then suddenly
his cock broke through the barrier, sinking deep into my tight hole, sweet
Jesus! did it hurt, it felt like my arse was on fire, like dad was shoving
an arm up my arse, I grabbed onto the pillow, biting down hard to stifle my
moans, meanwhile dad kept pushing his hard cock deeper! and deeper! till
finally it was all the way in my tight hole! I begged him to stay still for
a while so I could get used to it, I kept feeling sharp jolts of pain and a
fullness up my arse, but gradually it started to feel good too, so after a
while, I told dad to go ahead gently, and he slowly moved in and out, Wow!
now that did feel good, feeling his huge cock throbbing in me as he moved
in and out, he started to slowly pick up speed, really banging my hole which
still felt sore, but good at the same time, dad was clutching my chest and
breathing heavily.

"Cant hold it any longer son, I'm gonna cum in your tight hole, your old dad
is gonna breed your virgin cunt, oh shit, here it cums, get ready
son.............I'm cuuuuuuuuuuming, oh fuck! oh shit! it was never like
this before"

It was then I felt dads spunk flood my hole, hot fiery gobs of cum shooting
deep inside me, he seemed to go on for ages, there was so much of the stuff
it started to leak out of my hole and run down my balls and onto the sheets,
that was it! that all I needed, my cock blasted off, I was coming like a
fountain, shot after shot of hot cum soaking the sheet below me, and with my
dads hard cock still up my arsehole, this fuck was everything and more that
I wanted out of a first fuck, I was exhausted but felt great! Id lost my
dreaded virginity and it was dads big throbbing cock that had done it too!

Dad rolled off me laying on his side to face me, I knew he was a bit
embarrassed that he had just fucked his son, I looked at him and grinned
from ear to ear.

"When can we do it again?

"You mean you really enjoyed me fucking you? weren't you feeling hurt or
anything son, it must have hurt you some time?

"Of course it did dad, for a little while, then it started to feel great,
and the thought that it was you, my dad, who was fucking me was the biggest
turn on of all, I loved it, I want you to fuck me every day if poss, but I
also wanna fuck you too dad, do you reckon you can handle that?

"Yea sure I can son, if you can handle my big cock? then I can handle
yours, besides Id love to feel you pounding my hot hairy arsehole and
dumping a hot load up me, sounds really horny, but now I'm beat son, so what
you say we have a little nap, and see what happens in the morning eh? since
it will be Saturday, we can fuck each others brains out the whole day!

So with that, dad and me dropped off to sleep wrapped in each others arms, I
slept with dad all the time since that first night, and not every night do
we fuck each other, but usually theres not a day goes by when we don't have
a wank, or a blow job, or even a hot fuck with each other, life is great
now, and couldn't be better with dad around full time now.

The end.

Well guys, that's another chapter ended, I hope you all enjoyed it? and
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Dad and his Mates - Part 3 by Spirokram

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Subject: Dad and his mates chapter 3.

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Chapter 3

With the weekend over, dad and me slipped back into our weekly routine, he
went of to work for the week and I went to school and afterwards went to my
par time job in the local deli, and that was pretty much it, but I couldn't
get the thoughts of dads hot body out of my mind, and was wondering when I
was going to have full sex with him, preferably with him awake, Id never
been fucked before and I knew it would probably hurt the first few times,
especially considering the size of dads cock! but I knew I would get to
enjoy it too, all those girls I had fucked, they went crazy for my cock, and
soon I would know what was so great about getting fucked, I couldn't wait.

The week soon rolled by and now it was Wednesday already, school was a pain,
my little job was no better so I was glad to get home and shower, and maybe
have a long slow wank thinking about dads hot bod, hell! there was no maybe
about it, I would probably end up with two or three wanks before the night
was out.

The door bell rang just as I'd finished dinner, I wondered who it was as I
wasn't expecting anyone, I wasn't too surprised when I opened the door and
there stood Danny with a case of beer.

"Hi lad, well ain't you gonna invite me in? I thought you might be lonely
on your own, so I brought you some company and some beers, hows that sound?
good huh.

"Hey Danny, you didn't have to do that, I was gonna have an early night, got
some exams tomorrow so I want to be good and fresh, but come in for a while,
but you cant stay long, OK.

Danny settled himself on the sofa with his big legs spread wide and his
heavy package on full view, I knew it was for my benefit, this was him
coming onto me, and as I was horny myself, I didn't mind, he came round
tonight to try and seduce me, but I was thinking, I'm gonna be the one
doing the seducing, and he was gonna do exactly as I wanted before the night
was over.

I told Danny I was going to change so I nipped upstairs and got on a pair
of tight silky red shorts and a cut off t.shirt with no arms, and no shoes,
then bounced downstairs, when Danny saw me he nearly swallowed his can and
his eyes were popping!

"Fucking hell lad! you go out in public like that and you'll get arrested
for indecent exposure, but Jesus! you sure look hot in them shorts, I swear
I can see your foreskin from here, why don't you come sit over here with
your dads old mate, eh?

"Sure Danny, that's cool, its a bit warm tonight so I just thought Id wear
my shorts to cool off in, you don't think there too short do you Danny? the
girls at school are always staring at me when I wear em, the other guys hate
it though, 'cause the girls just ignore them, I think their cool, and I
usually end up with a hard on when I wear em, see look! my cocks starting
to harden already"

"Yea I can see that lad, and you certainly take after your dad in the cock
department, hey you remember when we was in the pub on Sunday? and I said Id
been watching you since you were 14 or so, well I have, and you've turned
out to be one hot fucker, look at the way my cocks stiffened, I wanna ram
that up your tight little arse and fuck you rotten, you up for it lad? do
you wanna get fucked by a real man?

"Hell Danny, I dunno, acting all Innocent like, Ive never been fucked
before, I'm dying to try it though, tell you what, if you let me fuck you
first? I'll let you fuck me, deal!"

Danny looked at me not knowing whether to take me seriously or not, he was
thinking hard, I knew he was desperate to fuck me, but how desperate? my
cock was rock hard just thinking about it, if he let's me? it will be my
first time fucking a guys arsehole, how cool will that be! I briefly
wondered what dad would think about his son fucking his best mate up the
arse, but why should dad worry? Danny was fucking him up the arsehole on
Sunday afternoon.

"OK, its a deal, I ain't been fucked in a long while and looking at the size
of your cock, I guess its gonna hurt some, but it will be worth it to pop
your hot cherry ass! where we gonna do it, here or upstairs?

Next thing I knew, we were stretched out on my bed, bollock naked! Danny
was all over me like a rash and I let him explore my hot body, he sniffed
and licked everywhere, especially my hairy hole, he love slurping on that!
so did I, he was quite good with his tongue, and not bad at cock sucking
either, as Danny was going to town on my body a plan was forming in my
perverted little mind.

"Hey Danny, are you up for trying out some unusual stuff? I got an idea I'd
like to try out on you if your up for it"

"Yea lad, you know me I'm up for anything, what you got in mind?

"well I always wanted to tie someone up, you know, have them as my slave,
then I could do whatever I wanted to them, that sort of stuff, nothing nasty
like, just a bit of fun"

"Okay lad, I'm up for that, so what you gonna do first, tie me up so I can
be your slave?

"Yea Danny we'll start with that, I'll tie you to the bed and then we'll see
what fun we can have, you OK with that Danny?

"Yea lad, go ahead, do your worst"

To start with, I got Danny to lay on his belly, he wasn't expecting that,
but he did it, then I got various ties of mine, and tied him to the four
corners of the bed, now he was all mine to do exactly what I wanted to do
with him, and boy! was I gonna have some fun.

First I got a large bottle of cream from the bathroom and smeared it all
over his back, his bum, and his legs, then proceeded to rub it in, he liked
that, it felt like a massage to him, so he lay there purring like a cat, I
payed special attention to his hairy arsehole, rubbing the cream well into
his hairy hole, and slipping a finger inside him, then two, then three, and
now I was going for four fingers!

"Mark, what the fuck you doing lad, are you trying to get your whole hand up
my arse? go easy there lad, remember I ain't been fucked in a long while, so
I'm bound to be tight back there"

"Oh shut the fuck up Danny! I'll do whatever the fuck I like, remember your
my slave and I can do what I want with you, and If I wanna fist your tight
man cunt? I will, and you'll fucking enjoy it too, okay big lad"

I saw the look on Danny's face, he suddenly realised the situation he was
in, and there was not a dam thing he could do about it! I had him exactly
were I wanted him, tied down and helpless to do whatever I wanted to do, so
I carried on with my finger fuck, and got the fourth finger wedged up his
hole, and he was moaning like fuck! I didn't know how far I could go, but I
tried for the thumb too, and it slid up his hole to, this was getting
seriously hot now! Danny's hole was stretched real wide, just like a
woman's pussy, it looked so horny as I turned and twisted my hand in his
hole and always shoving at the same time, suddenly my hand was up Danny's
hole and had snapped around my wrist! shit I thought, I hope I can get my
hand back out? Danny meanwhile, was panting for breath and moaning loudly
begging me to take my hand out of his hole, no way, I thought, this is way
to horny to stop now so I made like I was fucking him with my hand, slowly
moving it back and forth, gently at first, then gradually building up speed.

"Ah shit man, this is too fucking much! it hurts like fuck, but it feels
so good too, like I'm being fucked by an elephant, oh lad don't stop! don't
stop! oh fuck it, my cocks never been this hard, I think I'm gonna cum with
a fist up my arse, how perverted is that?

This is just what I wanted, Danny, under my control, and it felt great, I
was so horny if Id just touched my cock I think I would have cum there and
then! I reached under Danny and grabbed his balls, and squeezed them
tightly! he screamed loud enough to wake the dead, then I yanked them
downwards once or twice, he was begging me to go easy, but I was on a roll
now, I wanted Danny to beg me to let him cum! so I grabbed his rock hard
cock and started wanking him, at the same time thrusting my hand in and out
of his tight arse, now he was moaning like fuck! thrusting his arse back
and forth onto my fist, trying desperately to cum, he was nearly there too,
when I let go of his hard cock, and left him humping fresh air!

"My cock lad, get a hold of my cock for fucks sake! and make me cum, come
on, get a hold of it, wank me for fucks sake!

This is were I wanted Danny, begging me to let him cum, so I grabbed hold of
his cock and started wanking again and he gave out a great sigh of relieve,
it was short lived though, as I kept bringing him to the brink then stopping
him from cumming, I kept this up for a good hour, and all the while my fist
was wedged tightly up his arse fucking him, I looked under at his cock, it
was throbbing a deep purple colour, so I thought Id better let him come
soon, so I got my fist out of his arsehole, and he let out a great yelp as
my hand came out with a loud plop! I cleaned my hand up and untied him, he
was too knackered to do anything except lay there panting for breath, so I
bent down to his throbbing cock and put my mouth over the head, and gave him
a long slow blow job, he was moaning softly, his hands on my head, feeding
his cock into my mouth nice and gently, needless to say it didn't take long
before he filled my mouth with his hot load, and I gobbled hard and fast to
swallow the lot! I was so hot and horny by now, I hunched over Danny and
while he gently held my bollocks I yanked my cock, shooting my hot load all
over his hairy belly then collapsed on top of him, exhausted! the two of us
fell into a fast sleep, and there we stayed for a few hours in each others

When I woke up two hours later, we were both messy with cold cum, I woke
Danny up and told him the time, he nearly shit himself as he had to pick his
wife up from work, an hour ago, so he cleaned off his belly, and hurriedly
got dressed and ran out the door, saying cheerio, and that was that! Danny
still didn't get to pop my virgin arsehole, but I didn't get to fuck him
either, maybe next time, but that's another chapter.

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me for the next one, please keep your comments and

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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dad and his Mates - Part 2 by Spirokram

Subject: Dad and his mates chapter 2

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Chapter 2.

After seeing dad getting fucked by Danny, and knowing that he was not passed
out in a drunken stupor, I had to think what to do, should I just come out
with it to dad, drop some discrete hints here and there, what? I didn't
really know what, but one thing I did know though, I wanted in on the
action that was going on in my own house! Danny I knew wanted me, and I
wanted him too, but I wanted dad first, if anyone was gonna pop my cherry it
was gonna be dad, so I had to work this one out, Danny was in dads room, for
how long I didn't know, I had to find out if they were out drinking tonight?
if so, that would be my chance to get together with dad when he came home,
and also to get Danny out of the way, no way was he stopping tonight.

I found out they were headed back to our local for a drinking session later
on, so before they left I got Danny to one side and gave him some excuse
that dad would need his sleep for work next week, so he wouldn't be staying
over tonight, OK, he agreed and off they went to the pub like a couple of
school boys on an outing, now to put my plan into action, first hide all the
booze in the house so dad cant carry on drinking when he got home, get a
towel and some kind of lube to put under his bed, just in case we needed it,
and then wait for him to come home drunk, but hopefully capable. I had a few
cans of lager just to loosen me up, and sure enough I heard dad at the door,
he was saying cheerio to Danny and thanking him for seeing him home, then he
stumbled into the sitting room and slumped onto the sofa.

"Hey son, be a mate and get your old dad a can, I'm dying of thirst here"

"Sorry dad, I just drank the last of them, Id go to the off licence for you
but they'd be shut by now, do you wanna cup of coffee?

"Nah, its OK son, could you help me up to bed before you turn in?

"Yea sure dad, come on then, I'll even help you to get those old clothes off
too and get you all tucked up nice and snug"

Soon we were both in dads bedroom, I threw him on his back and started with
his jeans, got them opened, and grabbing hold of the legs, I yanked them
off, Id never noticed before how tanned and hairy dads legs were, and quite
chunky too, next came his socks,they were the easy part, now I had to tackle
his shirt, and with a bit of huffing and puffin and no help from dad, I got
the damn thing off, now all that was left was his briefs! this was gonna be
the best part! I looked at dad laying there for a mo, he wasn't fast asleep
but he wasn't far off it either, I noticed he had a couple of piss stains on
the front, and I bent down to get a whiff of his briefs, they smelt funky,
not pissy or anything, just funky, so I hooked my fingers into the waistband
and slowly eased them down, suddenly dad grabbed hold of them and yanked
them back up, shit! I thought, I ain't come this far not to get a look at
dads tackle, and if I have to rip his briefs off, I fucking will! so again
I started to ease them down his thighs, this time with no resistance, and
there it all was! dads glorious cock and balls, the place I started out

I tucked his briefs into my pocket for later when I was on my own and horny,
I could hold them up to my nose and wank off to my hearts content, knowing
his cock and balls had been in them, but that was for later, for now, I just
wanted to feel and taste dads cock and balls, and all the rest of his body,
and I could take my time too, dad would be out for ages, I was hoping that
maybe he would be sober enough to play along with me, but never mind, I had
him all to myself for now.

I thought about Danny sucking dads cock last night, so I thought, I'll start
there, if he can get dads cock hard? so can I, even though Id never sucked a
cock before, so I hunched over dad and got his cock in my mouth and started
sucking and wanking at the same time, and sure enough, dads cock started to
harden and began to throb, I was amazed at the size and thickness of it, and
the feel of his thick foreskin, and the more I sucked the harder it got,
oozing pre-cum which I used as a lube on his cock, dad was moaning softly,
moving his hips from side to side, Jesus! I thought, I think he's about to
come, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to swallow his hot spunk or not, but
too late, 'cause suddenly the first burst hit the back of my throat, then
came the second,and the third, by now I was gagging it was coming so fast I
couldn't swallow quick enough, it dribbled out of my mouth running down my
chin like a river, but what I did taste felt creamy and hot! I decided I
like the taste of spunk, dads spunk anyway! I carried on sucking his cock
as it softened, but still stayed slightly hard, then I worked my tongue on
his fat hairy balls, god they were tasty, first one, then the other, then
back to the first, I sucked them, I rolled them around in my mouth savouring
their hot taste, and realising that here is were I started my life, in these
very balls I was sucking so lovingly.

As I was sucking dads balls I spread his legs and that's when it hit me, the
smell from dads arsehole! it was like a hit of poppers, though I was yet to
find out what poppers were, but the smell was incredibly horny, my cock was
throbbing hard and sore in my jeans just smelling dad, so I stripped of too,
now looking down at dad I wanted desperately to see his big arse, Id never
seen dads bum before, and as I looked at him I wondered, will it be hairy,
smooth, big or small? I couldn't hold off any longer, I had to see for
myself, so with a great heave, dad was now laying on his belly, and there
was his magnificent arse! and yes it was hairy, the cheeks full and round
and covered in a light brown fuzz, but the deeper into his crack, the
hairier it was, I nearly come my load just looking at his arse! and I vowed
there and then that I would one day sink my throbbing cock deep into that
hot hole, but not tonight, I wanted dad to be awake and sober when I fucked
him for the first time, assuming of course he lets me.

But for now all I wanted to do was explore and taste, and I did just that, I
spread the cheeks of dads arse and dived in there like a man drowning and
licked for all I was worth, forcing my tongue as deep into his hole as I
could go, I lapped it up, I slobbered all over dads arse, I even got to
finger him for a while, god! but his hole was so hot and moist, I was
sorely tempted to fuck him there and then, I doubt whether he would have
woken up, but I held back, Id waited this long, I could wait a while longer,
but I couldn't hold out any longer, I desperately needed to cum, so if I
wasn't going to fuck dads hot hole, I would do the next best thing, so I lay
on top of dad and wedged my hard cock between the crack of his hairy arse
and fucked him that way, but I was so horned up I came far too quickly,
shooting my hot load all over the cheeks of dads arse, I lay there for a
long while just savouring the feelings you get when you've just cum, then
finally getting up, I got the towel from under the bed to clean my mess off
dads bum, then thought, fuck it! I'll just rub it into the cheeks of his
bum and let it dry there, let him wonder in the morning how it got there.

I tucked dad in, grabbed my clothes then went for a shower then to bed, were
I slept like a log, I woke the following morning to complete silence, just
the birds singing, another day in paradise I thought!

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Dad and His Mates - Part 1 by Spirokram

Subject: Dad and His Mates (incest)

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Chapter 1

Friday night and I was out with my mates as usual, down the pub, feeling
horny and looking for some pussy to shag, Brian my mate has scored with some
fat bird and the two of them have disappeared, he's probably got her behind
the pub with her knickers around her ankles and his cock wedged up her hot
cunt giving her a good shagging, good old Brian, anything with a hole and
he'll shag it, there's been many a night we've gone home as horny as we went
out, but Brian always managed to score.

Me and Terry were busy scanning the pub for any single girls, I thought I
saw one who was passable, but she just scowled at me when I offered her a
drink, and Terry wasn't doing much better,

"I think we may as well go home and fuck each other Terry, at least that way
we'll get a shag tonight"

Terry agreed with me, but never took me up on my offer, I wouldn't have
accepted him anyway he's an ugly bastard, later on Brian reappeared with a
huge grin on his face, the bastard had definitely scored.

"Well lads, that's me for the night, Jesus she was some fat bird, took me
ages to find her pussy, but boy when I did! it was so tight, she might even
have been a virgin, hey! how cool is that, I might have shagged my first

Terry and me just told him to shut the fuck up, we'd had enough of him
rubbing our noses in the shit 'cause we hadn't scored yet, and as it was
nearly closing time we decided to call it a night and go home, so we said
our goodbyes agreeing to meet up tomorrow at 10am for footie practice.

When I got home the house was still lit up so I knew dad had probably passed
out drunk again, I couldn't blame him for getting wasted at the weekend, he
worked away all week driving a delivery truck all over the country, so he
deserved his me time, Id usually have to put him to bed were he would sleep
it off till the following day and wake up with a hangover, and then start
all over again, but when I got into the house his mate Danny was there with
dad, still drinking, Id known Danny for years, him and my dad were at school
together so they went back a long way, I got myself a beer and sat down to
chat with them, looking at dad it was obvious he was wasted, he was slurring
and his eyes were drooping, eventually he dropped off to sleep while me and
Danny carried on drinking and chatting.

"You not score tonight then lad?

"Nah, thought I had at one point but she was with her mates and didn't want
to know"

"You should come out with me and your dad one night, we'll show you how to
pull the birds, we never failed when we was your age lad"

Yea right, but now your just two old farts, so who's gonna give you two a
second look now? some old grannies" I laughed.

"You'd be surprised lad, said Danny grabbing his crotch, me and your dad can
still spring a good hard on you know, we ain't that old yet"

I had a quick look at Danny, he was the same age as dad and still in good
nick, trim waist, no beer belly for him, still got all his hair, dressed
quite smartly, and I wondered why Id rarely seen him with a woman, he always
seemed to be on his own, I knew he'd been married once and had a daughter my
age, 17, but she lived with her mother, just like me and dad really, he was
divorced from my mum, except she didn't want me spoiling her fun when she
got divorced, and dad always said he would have fought tooth and nail to
keep me, besides I wouldn't have stayed with mum.

Finally it was time for bed, I asked Danny if he was staying over, and he
said he would sleep on the sofa, so I suggested since dads bed was a double,
he could bunk up with him like they did when they were kids, so we both got
a hold of dad and got him upstairs to his bedroom, Danny said it would be
OK, that he would get dad undressed, so I left him to it and went to my
room, I played around on the computer for an hour or so, and then decided to
check on dad and Danny before I turned in, so I crept down the hall in case
they were asleep, and slowly opened the door, I could hear some rustling and
creaking of the bed, and fleetingly wondered if Danny was having a wank, so
I just opened the door enough so I could see them in bed through the
wardrobe mirror, as there was only the moonlight lighting up the room I had
to adjust my eyes to see inside, I could see Danny crouching on the bed, but
what was he doing? and then I realised he was crouching over dad, when
suddenly it hit me, he was sucking dads cock! yea I could see it quite
clearly now, his head was bobbing up and down and he was rubbing his hands
up and down dads chest, I just stood there gobsmacked!

I kept looking at dad to see if there was any movement from him but there
wasn't, he was still out cold but his cock I could plainly see was rock
hard! Danny was really sucking dads cock for all he was worth, now and then
licking dads big hairy balls, then he did something that really surprised
me, he threw dads legs over his shoulders and nearly bent him double so he
could get to rim dads arsehole, Id heard about people doing this, but Id
never seen it before, and it looked really hot and horny the way Danny was
trying to get his tougne into dads hole, he kept doing it for quite a while
then he let dad down again and carried on licking his balls and sucking on
his cock, which never lost its hardness, dad might have been passed out, but
he was clearly horny at what Danny was doing to him, I also realised then
that my own cock was rock hard watching them, I had so much pre-cum leaking
out, the front of my briefs were soaked with it, I grabbed hold of my cock,
squeezing it while I watched them, and wanting to be in there with them.

Danny's head was really going up and down while he wanked dads cock, I knew
that he was nearly there, he was about to cum and Danny was gonna get a
mouthful of his hot cum! fuck, I was on the verge of cumming myself,
watching this hot scene, then I heard Danny slurping and knew dad
was shooting his hot load, he just kept sucking and sucking to get every
last drop, dad moaned softly, moving his hips slightly as Danny swallowed
the last drop, fucking hell! I thought, Ive just watched my dad get sucked
off by his mate while he was passed out drunk, and my cock was rock hard
watching them, In fact, I thought it was way better than any porn flick I
ever watched!

I slipped back to my bedroom and had one of the best wanks Id ever had, in
fact I had three wanks before the morning came along, I woke up around 7am,
and just lay there listening for any sounds of movement but there was none,
I was dying for a pee and got up to go to the bathroom, sneaking down the
hall I slipped into the bathroom and there stood Danny, bollock naked after
having a shower, If I thought he looked in good nick with his clothes on?
he looked even better with them off! he had a great hairy chest Id never
noticed before, why should I have? I never saw him in a sexual way before,
his belly was flat and tight and his legs muscular and very hairy, but it
was his crotch that held my gaze, his cock looked to be about 6" soft, and
quite thick and uncut, his balls looked huge and hairy hanging between his
thighs, I couldn't tear my eyes of him, he looked so fucking masculine and

"Hey, I hope you don't mind me using the shower? just thought Id get in
there before the house woke up, wish I had a unit like that instead of the
crappy old stuff I got at home"

"Yea sure......... I heared myself saying, still staring at his
crotch........ come round, use ours whenever you want, help yourself,
anytime you want to"

"Mark! Mark! are you OK Mark? you were looking a bit lost there mate"

suddenly I realised that Danny was talking to me and I snapped out of my
trance, I couldn't say anything to him 'cause I knew it would come out as
babble, and he would probably think Id lost it, so I just turned and went
back to my bedroom completely forgetting that I was still dying for a pee,
as I lay there listening for Danny to leave the bathroom, there was a
thousand things running through my mind......... was I queer, why was I
turned on watching Danny sucking dads cock, why did I want to be sucking
dads cock, why did I find looking at Danny's naked body, such a turn on? I
only knew I was horny and needed another wank, so thinking about Danny and
his amazing body, I grabbed hold of my hard cock and started yanking,
suddenly the door was thrown open and there stood Danny, towel wrapped
around his waist, with his mouth open, ready to tell me something but
stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me wanking, we just stared at each
other, then Danny stammered " I'm sorry, I'm sorry," and left me to it,
but by now I was burning with embarrassment, that's twice in the space of an
hour I had been caught out, and both times by Danny! shit, how am I gonna
look him in the eye now, for sure he will probably be thinking I'm a right
little poof! and I'm not, up until yesterday, I thought I was as straight
as they come, Id never thought of guys having sex, I was always into pussy,
at least I thought I was.

So with all these questions in my head, I forgot about my wank and dropped
off to sleep, I woke up a couple of hours later when dad brought me in a mug
of tea, he sat on the side of the bed shaking me awake.

"Morning sleepy head, sleep well did you, how did you get on last night,
find yourself a girlfriend down the pub did you, I never heard you come in,
what time was it?

"Dad, you never heard me come in 'cause you were passed out cold in a
drunken stupor, how do you think you got to bed? it was me and Danny who got
you to bed, I left Danny to it, its him you got to thank for getting you
undressed and into bed, and the poor sod had to sleep beside you in your
drunken state.

I watched dad closely to see if there were any signs that he knew what went
on last night, but he showed nothing, surely he couldn't have been fast
asleep while Danny was sucking his cock and then him coming too, could he?

"Now you wouldn't begrudge your dad a drink after a hard weeks work would
you son? its the only bit of fun I get these days because of that fucking
driving job, but things may be on the up and up, Ive put in for a new job,
delivering locally, and then I will be home every night, and still have the
weekends off, so we can do loads of stuff together, go to matches, cinema,
have some guys round for some drinks and a card game, hell! I might even get
myself a girlfriend, its been so long now, my old cocks forgetting what he's
there for, ha, ha"

"Oh dad, that would be great if you did get the job, its OK your sis coming
round and all, and its great I can call her when your away, but its not the
same as having you around dad, I miss that, and sure, we can do all the
thing you say too, sometimes it gets really lonely without you here"

"Well even if I don't get the job son, I'll keep looking for something
local, OK"

"Sure dad, that's great, what have you got on for today, Ive got footie
later on, do you want a takeaway when I come home?

"Yes that would be good son, then I have to meet Danny down the pub at 2pm,
you wanna come, have a few drinks with your old man?

"OK dad"

With that dad left me alone, I wondered if Danny was still downstairs, I was
dreading facing him again, and then thought, fuck it! why should I be
embarrassed, we can be adults about it.

In the pub later on and with 2pints down me, and Dad and Danny with a good
buzz on, I thought I saw Danny giving me some funny looks, like he was
checking me out for something, nothing I could put my finger on, I decided I
needed the loo and no sooner was I in there when Danny was right next to me,
he stood just a bit too far away from the stall and as I glanced over at
him, he wasn't even peeing, just waving his cock about, pulling the foreskin
back and forth over his knob end and then said.

"Ive been watching you lad, since you were about 14, Ive been watching you,
and I'm liking what I see, your turning out to be a hot young man, bet you
got loads of girls running after that big cock of yours ain't you, eh lad?

"Danny are you drunk already, I thought you could hold your beer, and how
the hell would you know how big my cock is, you've never seen it soft or
hard, so how would you know?

"Oh yea, Ive seen it lad, last night when I was having some fun with your
dad and you were standing at the bedroom door with your big prick in your
hand, just a shame you didn't come in and join us for a three sum, I could
have shown you how good I am at sucking cock, your dad reckons I'm the best!

"Fuck off Danny, I spat, your so full of shit! and don't think my dads a
queer like you are, you were the one sucking his cock remember, and he was
passed out cold!

With that I left him standing and went back to dad at the bar, Danny came
back like nothing had happened, but I knew now that he knew I was watching
last night, suddenly the penny dropped, that's why he was giving me funny
looks, he was eyeing me up, probably imagining what my arse looked like,
what my cock tasted like, would I let him fuck me, or me fuck him? I knew he
was thinking all those questions, 'cause I was thinking the same about him,
and the more I drank the hornier I was getting for him, and he knew it,
every now and then his hand would steal down to his crutch and he would
squeeze it, or rub his cock eyeing me at the same time and winking at me, my
mind was doing flip flops, I was really getting turned on by this guy, so
when dad went to the loo, Danny grabbed the opportunity to stand next to me
and discreetly grabbed the cheeks of my arse and squeezed, he leaned close
at one point and whispered.

" I wanna fuck that tight virgin boy cunt of yours, you are a virgin ain't
you lad? arse wise anyway,

I just smiled at him, then dad was back at the bar with us, a few more pints
later and I was ready for a nap, so I left the two of them in the bar and
headed home, Id have to sleep of my afternoon drink before I met the lads
tonight, so I went straight to bed and fell fast asleep, I woke up about a
couple of hours later and just lay there thinking about Danny, and what he
was up to? when I heard a noise on the landing, and thinking dad must be
back from the pub, I continued to lay in bed, about half an hour later I got
up and headed for the loo and as I passed dads door it was slightly open, I
peered in to see if dad was there? and sure enough there was dad, laying on
his bed with Danny on top of him giving dads arse a good shagging, and dad
moaning and groaning like fuck, now I was confused! okay, dad got his cock
sucked by Danny last night, and yea, he shot his load down Danny's throat,
but dad was passed out, he wasn't to blame, but here he was now, taking it
up the arse from Danny, and he's moaning and groaning, and definitely not
passed out! I went to the loo making as much noise as possible so they
would know I was about, then I went back to my bedroom and lay there,
confused and thinking to myself, not only was I a little queer, but so was
dad, fucking hell! did it run in the family was it hereditary, was grandad
and my uncles homo's too? it was all to much, so I decided, fuck it! I'm
just gonna take it as it comes, if dads into cock and getting shagged? who
was I to criticise, its his life, it was only then that I realised, dad
wasn't queer, he was bisexual, that sounded a lot better than a plain old

That's the end of chapter 1, but theres lots more to come, first dad, then
Danny, but best of all, the card games!

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