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Dad and his Mates - Part 2 by Spirokram

Subject: Dad and his mates chapter 2

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Chapter 2.

After seeing dad getting fucked by Danny, and knowing that he was not passed
out in a drunken stupor, I had to think what to do, should I just come out
with it to dad, drop some discrete hints here and there, what? I didn't
really know what, but one thing I did know though, I wanted in on the
action that was going on in my own house! Danny I knew wanted me, and I
wanted him too, but I wanted dad first, if anyone was gonna pop my cherry it
was gonna be dad, so I had to work this one out, Danny was in dads room, for
how long I didn't know, I had to find out if they were out drinking tonight?
if so, that would be my chance to get together with dad when he came home,
and also to get Danny out of the way, no way was he stopping tonight.

I found out they were headed back to our local for a drinking session later
on, so before they left I got Danny to one side and gave him some excuse
that dad would need his sleep for work next week, so he wouldn't be staying
over tonight, OK, he agreed and off they went to the pub like a couple of
school boys on an outing, now to put my plan into action, first hide all the
booze in the house so dad cant carry on drinking when he got home, get a
towel and some kind of lube to put under his bed, just in case we needed it,
and then wait for him to come home drunk, but hopefully capable. I had a few
cans of lager just to loosen me up, and sure enough I heard dad at the door,
he was saying cheerio to Danny and thanking him for seeing him home, then he
stumbled into the sitting room and slumped onto the sofa.

"Hey son, be a mate and get your old dad a can, I'm dying of thirst here"

"Sorry dad, I just drank the last of them, Id go to the off licence for you
but they'd be shut by now, do you wanna cup of coffee?

"Nah, its OK son, could you help me up to bed before you turn in?

"Yea sure dad, come on then, I'll even help you to get those old clothes off
too and get you all tucked up nice and snug"

Soon we were both in dads bedroom, I threw him on his back and started with
his jeans, got them opened, and grabbing hold of the legs, I yanked them
off, Id never noticed before how tanned and hairy dads legs were, and quite
chunky too, next came his socks,they were the easy part, now I had to tackle
his shirt, and with a bit of huffing and puffin and no help from dad, I got
the damn thing off, now all that was left was his briefs! this was gonna be
the best part! I looked at dad laying there for a mo, he wasn't fast asleep
but he wasn't far off it either, I noticed he had a couple of piss stains on
the front, and I bent down to get a whiff of his briefs, they smelt funky,
not pissy or anything, just funky, so I hooked my fingers into the waistband
and slowly eased them down, suddenly dad grabbed hold of them and yanked
them back up, shit! I thought, I ain't come this far not to get a look at
dads tackle, and if I have to rip his briefs off, I fucking will! so again
I started to ease them down his thighs, this time with no resistance, and
there it all was! dads glorious cock and balls, the place I started out

I tucked his briefs into my pocket for later when I was on my own and horny,
I could hold them up to my nose and wank off to my hearts content, knowing
his cock and balls had been in them, but that was for later, for now, I just
wanted to feel and taste dads cock and balls, and all the rest of his body,
and I could take my time too, dad would be out for ages, I was hoping that
maybe he would be sober enough to play along with me, but never mind, I had
him all to myself for now.

I thought about Danny sucking dads cock last night, so I thought, I'll start
there, if he can get dads cock hard? so can I, even though Id never sucked a
cock before, so I hunched over dad and got his cock in my mouth and started
sucking and wanking at the same time, and sure enough, dads cock started to
harden and began to throb, I was amazed at the size and thickness of it, and
the feel of his thick foreskin, and the more I sucked the harder it got,
oozing pre-cum which I used as a lube on his cock, dad was moaning softly,
moving his hips from side to side, Jesus! I thought, I think he's about to
come, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to swallow his hot spunk or not, but
too late, 'cause suddenly the first burst hit the back of my throat, then
came the second,and the third, by now I was gagging it was coming so fast I
couldn't swallow quick enough, it dribbled out of my mouth running down my
chin like a river, but what I did taste felt creamy and hot! I decided I
like the taste of spunk, dads spunk anyway! I carried on sucking his cock
as it softened, but still stayed slightly hard, then I worked my tongue on
his fat hairy balls, god they were tasty, first one, then the other, then
back to the first, I sucked them, I rolled them around in my mouth savouring
their hot taste, and realising that here is were I started my life, in these
very balls I was sucking so lovingly.

As I was sucking dads balls I spread his legs and that's when it hit me, the
smell from dads arsehole! it was like a hit of poppers, though I was yet to
find out what poppers were, but the smell was incredibly horny, my cock was
throbbing hard and sore in my jeans just smelling dad, so I stripped of too,
now looking down at dad I wanted desperately to see his big arse, Id never
seen dads bum before, and as I looked at him I wondered, will it be hairy,
smooth, big or small? I couldn't hold off any longer, I had to see for
myself, so with a great heave, dad was now laying on his belly, and there
was his magnificent arse! and yes it was hairy, the cheeks full and round
and covered in a light brown fuzz, but the deeper into his crack, the
hairier it was, I nearly come my load just looking at his arse! and I vowed
there and then that I would one day sink my throbbing cock deep into that
hot hole, but not tonight, I wanted dad to be awake and sober when I fucked
him for the first time, assuming of course he lets me.

But for now all I wanted to do was explore and taste, and I did just that, I
spread the cheeks of dads arse and dived in there like a man drowning and
licked for all I was worth, forcing my tongue as deep into his hole as I
could go, I lapped it up, I slobbered all over dads arse, I even got to
finger him for a while, god! but his hole was so hot and moist, I was
sorely tempted to fuck him there and then, I doubt whether he would have
woken up, but I held back, Id waited this long, I could wait a while longer,
but I couldn't hold out any longer, I desperately needed to cum, so if I
wasn't going to fuck dads hot hole, I would do the next best thing, so I lay
on top of dad and wedged my hard cock between the crack of his hairy arse
and fucked him that way, but I was so horned up I came far too quickly,
shooting my hot load all over the cheeks of dads arse, I lay there for a
long while just savouring the feelings you get when you've just cum, then
finally getting up, I got the towel from under the bed to clean my mess off
dads bum, then thought, fuck it! I'll just rub it into the cheeks of his
bum and let it dry there, let him wonder in the morning how it got there.

I tucked dad in, grabbed my clothes then went for a shower then to bed, were
I slept like a log, I woke the following morning to complete silence, just
the birds singing, another day in paradise I thought!

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Wow hot story cant wait for the next part
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