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Dad and his Mates - part 5 by Spirokram

Subject: Dad and his mates ch 5

This is the last instalment of this particular story, my thanks to all you
guys who wrote to me about the story, it was very much appreciated, thank
you, now sit back, unzip, and enjoy this last chapter.

Charter 5

Dad has been at his knew job for 4 months now, he reckons its great to get
home every evening now and just chill out in the comfort of his own home,
we've got ourselves into a good routine, spending our week nights doing
things together and other things we want to do on our own, but the weekends,
we keep to ourselves, those two days are ours to basically just catch up
with each other and to suck and fuck as and when we please.

But on Thursday nights dad always has 5 of his mates over for a card game,
they were all local except Danny, and if I'm not doing anything that night,
I'll usually play the 'gofer' getting them fresh beers and chips etc, the
guys are very generous too, if any of them are on a roll, they'll give me
something for fetching for them, so I'm happy enough, but this particular
night, the guys were restless, I could hear them bitching with each other
about who was cheating, who's wife wasn't putting out, who's kids weren't
doing well at school, just the usual male moans, when I heard dad say.

"Will you fucking lot stop your moaning, Jesus! its worse than playing with
a bunch of old hags, tell you what we'll do to spice things up, we'll have a
game of strip poker, and then at the end of the game, we can have a circle
jerk off, like we used to have in high school, how's that sound, you guys up
for it?

There was a load chorus of yes! lets go for it, and I was thinking to
myself, this could turn out to be a fun night, cards were boring anyway,
that's why I never played with them, but to see the neighbourhood guys
getting all naked like, could lead to a lot of fun, so I waited 5 minits
when I heard the first shout go up for one of them to get there shirt off,
then a while later, another shout for more stripping, and so it went on for
a good 30 minits, I wandered into the room to see if anyone wanted a refill,
and George the guy from across the street was down to his white briefs, and
the others with their shirts off, things were going well, wont be long
before George and Danny are stark naked, from what I could see they were
both useless at cards, especially this game, dad was the only one sitting
with all his clothes on, and he only had a pair of shorts and a t.shirt on.

I went to get more beers and heard a roar, "Get em off, get em off" when I
got back, both George and Danny were naked, and Danny being Danny, was
sporting a huge hard on! George wasn't far behind him either, so now there
was just dad, and a big burly black man who was a construction worker called
Bob, and Jamie a guy not much older than me who lived with his mom down the
street from us, and last but not least, there was jack! he was the dark
horse of the pack, I went to school with his boy though I never knew him,
he's a football jock, all muscle and no brain, OK to bend over and fuck the
arse of him, but no good in a conversation that didn't involve football, but
his dad was totally different, there was something about the guy, something
I couldn't put my finger on.

Next it was Bob who was naked, I got a good look at his huge black body, he
was awesome, muscle everywhere, dad caught me ogling him and winked at me, I
smiled back, we both knew what the other was thinking, so now they were down
to three, and dad still hadn't taken anything off, Jamie was down to his
shorts, he would be the next one naked, and then it would be between dad and
Jack, and Jack was down to his trousers, so I was thinking dad could win
this game easy, but it didn't happen that way, finally it was down to them
both in their underwear and one remaining hand of cards, dad lost, the cheer
went up and dad had to drop em, the guys just looked at dads cock, it was
half hard, hanging down his leg! Bob piped up and said, "Holy shit Doug,
were the fuck did you get that fucking hosepipe from?" a couple of the
others just whistled, and poor Jamie tried desperately to hide his little
dick and got ribbed for it when the other guys noticed, I watched them all
joking and laughing with each other, pulling on their cocks, Danny and Bob
were both rock hard, dad was nearly there too, and my cock was straining at
my jock pouch just itching to burst free, It was Bob who said, "come on guy,
you too, get them shorts off and join us in a jerk off", I didn't need
telling twice, in less than a minute I was naked just like the rest of em,
and my cock in a semi hard state "Fuck me said Bob, it must run in the
family, look at the size of that kids cock, and then I realised that all the
guys were ogling me.

I took a seat in between big Bob and Jack, who just sat and stared at me,
stroking his cock and making me very nervous, Bob punched me in the arm
telling me to catch up as everyone now had a hard on except me, but I wasn't
far behind, soon enough my cock was up there with the rest of em standing
hard and proud!

"So is this all were gonna do? said Danny, always the first to get a party
going, just sit here jerking off, Jesus! couldn't we come up with a little
something to jazz up this party"

"Like what? said George, what do you have in mind to get this party off the

I knew exactly what Danny had in mind! and I was all for it, I was getting
hot vibes from big Bob beside me, every now and then he would rub my thigh
and stare at my dick asking if I was alright? I wouldn't mind getting fucked
by him at all, in fact the more I thought about it, the hornier I got, I
looked over at dad and winked, he knew what I was getting at as he slowly
shook his head at me.

"Tell you what guys, I said, why don't we turn this into a 'fuck fest' why
don't we fuck each other since there's no pussy about, and I heard some of
you complaining that your wife's weren't putting out, so come on, are you
game? what bout you Bob, you wanna fuck me here and now?

"You bet your sweet ass I wanna fuck you, why don't you lay yourself over
this here table while I get my cock lubed up"

I did as big Bob said and got over the table facing dad who winked at me,
next thing I knew Bob was rimming my hot hole with his big tougne, digging
it deep inside of me, spitting and slurping all over my hole, the other guys
just sat there stunned! not believing what they were seeing, but not able to
tear there eyes away from the hot scene in front of them, then Bob got
behind me, I felt the head of his cock at my pucker, pushing inwards, then
pop! he was inside me, I knew this was gonna be a good hard fuck and my
cock was rock hard under the table and out of reach, damn it!

"You ready for this youngster? I'm gonna fuck you hard and fast! 'cause
that's the way I like to fuck my pussy"

"Go ahead Bob, ride my hot boy cunt as hard and fast as you like, I can take

Then Bob just slammed his cock deep inside my hot cunt, his crinkly pubes
and big balls tickling my hole, he stayed still for a while and I could feel
his thick cock throbbing inside me, then he started to fuck me, and he was
true to his word, Id never been fucked so hard and fast! dad had to keep
hold of his end of the table, otherwise we would have ended up in the
sitting room, but all to soon it was over, and Bob was shooting his hot load
up my arse! and then he slumped back in his chair giving the cheeks of my
arse a good slap and thanking me for a good fuck.

"So come on guys, who's next, anyone want sloppy seconds? Danny got up to
move towards me, his cock in his hand hard and throbbing! but it was young
Jamie who beat him to it, he was behind me in a second, thrusting his hot
tool up my hole, to be honest, I couldn't feel much, but he humped me hard
and fast and soon blew his load deep inside of me, then collapsing on my
back, exhausted, It was Danny who got him back to his chair while the other
guys cheered him, I lay over the table waiting for number three, now who was
it gonna be? Danny, George, or the quiet man Jack, I didn't mind as long as
I got fucked again, I was really enjoying this hot gang bang, two down,
three to go.

"It was to be Danny, suddenly he was behind me, one hand on my hip, the
other grasping his throbbing cock which he had aimed at my hole, when dad
suddenly stopped him, fuck! what now, surely dad wont stop Danny from
fucking me? not after letting the other two guy's, I needn't have worried
though, dad only wanted to wipe my arse clean of the previous two guys, then
Danny was back at my hole, thrusting his hard cock into me, it went in easy
enough with the minimum amount of pain, Bobs cock had my hole well
stretched, so taking Danny was no problem, but before he started fucking me,
he leaned close to my ear so no one could hear and whispered.

"And don't think this makes up for the fuck you promised me a while back,
when you ended up fisting my arsehole, and making me sore for days! 'cause
it don't lad, so I'll be round later this week to collect, and you'd better
have your tight little cunt lubed up and ready for me, have you got that

And with that he gave me a sharp jab with his prick, and started to fuck me
slowly, then building up speed, and finally banging the hell outta my
arsehole! I'm sure he was doing it deliberately to try and hurt me in some
way, but it didn't work, he didn't know me well enough to know, I like to be
fucked hard and fast with a bit of pain thrown in!

"Yea lad, get ready, here comes my hot load! I bet old Bob there didn't
fuck you this hard and fast, did you Bob?

"Fuck you Danny, you think your the big hot stud who can out fuck anyone!
but your really just a 'wam bam thank you man' no staying power.

And to prove Bob right, Danny couldn't hold off any longer, his big cock
erupted in my hole, filling me with his hot cum! he was panting over my
back, clutching hold of my hips to steady himself while his cock spewed out
his cum!

"See that, said big Bob, told you he didn't have any saying power!"

Danny dragged himself to his seat and sat down still panting for breath, and
I saw George lean into him to ask him something, but I couldn't hear what it
was, and now it was George's turn, I got a glimpse of his cock, not too
long, maybe 5" or so, but that's not what got me, what got me was the
thickness, his cock looked like a fucking club! and a club that he was just
about to fuck me with! I wasn't sure about this, in fact I was a bit more
than scared, dad picked up on my vibes and for the first time during this
gang bang came up to me and asked me if I was alright? did I want to go
ahead? I couldn't back out now, so I assured dad it would be OK, and told
George to carry on, I felt his cock at my pucker, and held my breath for the
onslaught, but Georges cock just slid up my arsehole with hardly any
problems at all, Jesus! was I relieved, but I could definitely feel his
cock as he thrust in and out, he went on for ages, a good 20 minits, and I
was getting a bit sore, until the guys started complaining, and telling
George to get a fucking move on, that they hadn't all night, that seemed to
spur him on, and he humped me harder and faster, going through the motions
of cumming, but he didnt cum, for some reason he was faking it, I felt a bit
cheated and glanced over my shoulder at him as he withdrew, and as we looked
at each other, he knew Id found him out, but I just smiled at him, and said
nothing, I wasn't about to show the guy up and spoil the party, I was
enjoying myself too much.

And now it was Jacks turn, but he just sat there looking at me, not moving,
Bob said for him to get a move on like sometime tonight preferably! but
still he sat there, I thought he didn't want to fuck me, so made to get
up, when suddenly, he got up and moved behind me, he stood me up straight
and whispered in my ear, that he wanted ME to fuck him! well this was a
turn up for the books! I looked him in the eye and said "Sure I will, be
my pleasure to" the other guys were looking at each other confused,
wondering what the hell was going on? till jack bent over the table and
reaching behind, spread the cheeks of his arse and said, "Do it kid, Fuck me
hard and fast, OK" I aimed my cock at his hole, and I swear his hole sucked
my cock inside, God! but he was tight and hot in there, I stayed still for
a moment while he panted for breath, and heard the other guys say how they
couldn't believe it, that old Jack was taking it up the arse like a whore,
and loving it too.

And old Jack was loving it! wriggling his arse from side to side while I
banged him, moaning softly, now and then urging me to go faster, then
slower, Yea! old Jack was loving it alright, he was getting the fuck of his
life! then suddenly he motioned for dad to come nearer, I wondered what he
was up to? when dad was in range, Jack grabbed hold of dads semi hard cock
and pulled him closer, Wow! he wants fucked in both ends I thought, this is
way better than I ever expected, so while I fucked his tight hairy hole, dad
fucked his mouth, dad winked at me and smiled........ "Hey son! lets see if
we can make old Jacks day, and both come at the same time, both of us dump a
hot load in either end, you up for that Jack?............ Jack, with his
mouth full of dads throbbing cock! could only murmur an answer, but we got
the message, so together me and dad raced to the finish, shoving our cocks
into Jacks arse and mouth at the same time! this was fucking hot, the party
was really humming now!

"Now son, now! I'm nearly there, oh fuck! I'm gonna cum, your gonna get a
mouthful of my hot spunk Jack, are you ready? here it cuuuuuuuuuums"

"Yea dad, fuck his mouth hard! I'm on the verge too, I'm gonna spunk up his
tight arsehole, oh fuck! here it comes! I'm coming, I'm fucking coming"

And there we were, the three of us in the throes of a hot fucking cum
session, dad spunking in his mouth! and me pumping my hot load up his arse!
and all Jack could do was moan loudly, thoroughly enjoying his double
fuck! I looked around at the other guys, they were just sat there in
shocked silence at what they had just witnessed, I don't even think they
believed it them self's.

It was big Bob who made the first move to get dressed, and the other
followed him in silence, not a word was said, I stood there watching them
thinking, "Oh shit, here's were the guilt sets in" they all moved toward
the front door, still silent, and I stood back a little, watching them about
to leave when big Bob turned around and gave me a big cheesy grin.

"Hey kid, you were fucking ace tonight, I ain't had so much fun since high
school, how's about we meet up next week, same time, for another of them
hot card games, are you up for that kid?

"You better believe it Bob, and maybe next week, I'll be the one fucking
your arsehole! are YOU up for that?

Bob just laughed as he left the house, but it broke the ice with the other
guys, they all said sure thing! they too would be back next week for
another round, and they left laughing and slapping each other on the
back, the only one who didn't say goodbye was Jack!, quiet Jack, he just
looked at me for a moment, but before he went through the door, he gave me a
warm smile and nodded, that was Jacks way of saying bye, I was looking
forward to next week, but would I have the stamina to fuck big Bob as well
as Jack? you bet your sweet ass I would,!!! that night, after a hot
shower, and a good rub down from dad, we fell asleep in each others arms, my
hole felt slightly tender, but well satisfied, and I fell into a deep sleep,
the best sleep Ive had in a long, long time.

The final end.

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this final chapter as much as I enjoyed
writing this whole story, as usual, if you have any comments or queries,
please send them to me at

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