Wednesday, 16 March 2011

College Suck by Wildcard

It was my freshman year in college. We'd recently moved to the state for my
dad's job and everyone I knew from my home town lived 1,500 miles away. I
literally knew no one in the college town and was a four hour drive from my
parents. To say I felt alone is putting it mildly. Thankfully, I'd met a
couple of people during that first day who told me about the fraternity
parties that would be going on all week for rush week. My first night I got
drunk off my ass but knew frat life was for me. I'd met a couple of guys
who seemed cool at this one frat so I decided I'd give it a shot and rush
that house. As it turned out, my dorm room roommate, Larry, had some
friends from high school who were also rushing that house. Larry told me
that, while it was a cool house with good guys, he wasn't going to rush
there since he wanted to meet new people and too many of his high-school
friends were rushing that frat. In any event, Larry introduced me to his
buddies from high-school and so, when I got accepted into the frat as a
pledge, I already knew some people. It seemed that my college life wouldn't
be as lonely as I'd thought.

The year went along like any other freshman year. I spent most of my free
time at the frat doing what the brothers told us to do. Got drunk too
much. Screwed up some classes, and tried to get laid every chance I had,
which wasn't much. By the end of the school year, I hadn't gotten fucked
once. Finals were done and most of the students were getting ready to
leave town in the next few days. Larry and I went out that night bar
hopping and trying to pick up chicks. As per my usual, I went home empty. I
didn't feel too bad as Larry had likewise struck out. We got back to the
dorm drunk and horny. We laid down in our respective beds and tried to stop
the room from spinning. We started talking about some of the girls we'd
seen that night. The blond roommates who could have been twin sisters both
wearing short shorts. The brunette in the miniskirt who only wanted to know
if we had any blow on us. the dark haired stunner with the green eyes that
looked like she'd bite your dick off. We talked aobut which girls had the
best tits. Which ones we knew from sororities that we thought would put out
and which ones belonged to soroities that were notorious for frigid prudes.

As we talked, I could tell Larry was getting more and more frustrated - as
was I. Finally he blurted out, "I'm so fucking horny I could jerk off right
now!" I replied, "Me too. Go ahead if you really want to." I watched
carefully as Larry slipped his hands under his blanket and I saw the
tell-tale up and down movement of his comforter that told me he was
stroking his cock. Larry was 5'8" and had medium brown curly hair and dark
brown eyes. He was fit and in shape from all the work he had to do as a
pledge at his frat house. I too was 5'8" but I was the polar opposite of
Larry. I was blond with blue eyes. My hair was thick and wavy and a little
longer than Larry's...just down to my shoulders...because I hadn't had
money for a haircut in several months. I was also pretty fit from the work
I'd been doing at my frat house as well. I'd seen Larry's cock in the
shower a few times and when he'd dress in the mornings. His cock was about
the same size as mine, about an average 6" when hard I'd guessed, but his
helmut head flared out more than mine. Several times during the past year
I'd caught myself looking a little too long at his dick and wondering what
it would be like to suck it. I didn't consider myself gay - or even bi - at
that time as I really liked women. I'd sucked a friend once when we were 13
and I'd liked wearing my sister's panties when no one was home and I'd jerk
off, but I never really considered myself to be anything other than
straight. Those times I'd caught myself staring at Larry's cock I just
attreibuted to being extra horny.

Now, though, I began to imagine what larry's cock looked like hard under
those blankets and I didn't bother to stop myself nor to try and kid myself
that I wanted to suck it. My own hands found my prick and I pulled my
underwear off under my sheet and began to stroke myself as well. Larry and
I were watching each other and I was getting more and more turned
on. Suddenly, Larry said, "Hey, you know what Nikki left the last time she
weas here?" Nikki was a girl Larry had dated for all of about five
minutes. He said they'd fucked but I'd never believed him. I shook my head
and Larry jumped out of his bed, swaying slightly, and went over to his
dresser. I stared at his slim, well muscled body and his hard cock poking
out. He had very little hair on his body and a tight ass. I wanted to grab
his ass and run my fingers across his washboard abs and feel his dick in my
mouth, but I just lay there with my hand on my dick.

Larry opened his dresser drawer and reached way int he back and pulled out
a pair of red nylon and lace bikini cut panties. He held them by the
waistband and showed them to me with a big shit-eating grin on his face. "I
told you I fucked her," he said. "They still smell like her pussy," he
added and held the crotch up to his nose and sniffed. "Wanna smell," he
asked. I nodded and he walked over to my bed and stood right next it. I sat
up and couldn't help but notice his hard dick only inches from my face. I
forced myself to look up as he hadned me the panties. I held them to my
nose and sniffed the crotch as he'd done. Sure enough, I could smell the
faint odor of pussy, a slightly fishy, perfumed scent. I moaned. I looked
up at Larry and grinned back at him. Then I brought the panties under the
covers and slipped them on beneath my blanket. They cupped my cock and
balls and made me even hornier. Larry asked, "What are you doing?"

I threw back the covers to let him see that I was wearing the panties. He
laughe3d and said, "Ohhh sexy," in a teasing manner. I rubbed my cock thru
the panties and looked down from Larry's face. He was sawying a bit
drunkinly and his cock was inching closer to my mouth each time. I noticed
a small droplett of pre-cum oozing from the tip of his pink piss slit and I
licked my lips involuntarily. Suddenly larry sawyed just a bit too close
and the tip of his dick touched my lips. I looked up into his eyes and he
was still grinning at me. "Oops, sorry," he said. I opened my mouth
slightly and waited half a beat. Sure enough, Larry swayed closer again and
this time I felt the head of his dick slip past my lips into my open
waiting mouth. I opened wider and Larry moved his hips and I suddenly had
half his prick in my mouth.

"Oh shit," Larry moaned. I closed my lips around his shaft and began to
move my tongue around the soft spongy head. I tasted the precum ozzing out
and flicked my tongue across his piss slit. I looked up into Larry's eyes
and saw he had them closed. "Oh fuck tat feels so good, don't stop," he
whispered. I began to move my head up and down on his prick tracing the
veins with my tongue and swirling it around the flared glans. I reached out
one hand and cupped his balls and that set him off. He began to thrust
forcefully in and out, fucking my face with his beutiful prick. I rubbed my
cock harder through my panties but didn't want to cum just yet. I closed my
eyes and relished the feeling of having my mouth fucked. I felt Larry's
hands on my head, holding me in place as he continued to face fuck
me. Raping my mouth with his fuckstick and calling me his "Hot fucking
bitch. Fucking cocksucking slut." In and out he pumped his rod. Faster and
harder. His balls slapping my chin. I felt the tip of his cock hit the back
of my throat a couple of times and almost gagged, but it was too quick and
I swallowed hard so I could keep sucking him. Suddenly he gasped and said,
"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I'm gonna cum gonna cum gonna cuuuuuuummmmmmm..."
and I felt his prick twitch and then tasted hot salty sperm flodding my
mouth. I swallowed and swallowed as he shot each load into my hot wet
mouth. Some of his cum leaked out of the corners of my mouth but I felt
most of it go down my throat and warm my belly. He gave one final thrust
and I tasted a few more drops oozing out. I sucked/slurped his softening
prick as he pulled it out of my mouth and, without so much as a thank you,
staggered back to his bed and promptly passed out.

I waited a few minutes. Licking the cum from the corners of my mouth and
then stood up and staggered over to his bed. I shook his shoulder to see if
he was sleeping or really passed out. He was out. There was no way he'd
wake up. I pulled the panties down below my cock but left them covering my
balls. I rubbed my balls on the satiny material and stroked myself once,
twice. Then I rubbed the tip of my prick against Larry's lips. A drop of
pre-cum wet his lips as those I was putting lip gloss on him. I rubbedmy
cock against his mouth and he finally parted his lips some. I slowly
slipped the head of my cock in past his lips and in his drunkin stupor he
sucked me. Perhaps he was dreaming of sucking on a straw or a lolipop. I
didn't care. I'd sucked his cock for him and he was damn well gonna suck
mine. I slipped it in a little deeper but not so deep as to make him
gag. By now I was so horny it didn't take much more than a few sucks from
Larry before I blew my load into his mouth. He coughed and choked a bit but
in his sleep he swallowed and smacked his lips. A drop leaked down from the
corner of his mouth and I leaned down and licked it off him.

I took the panties off and stuffed them back in his dresser and passed out
in my own bed. When I awoke hours later it was mid-morning, nearly noon,
and Larry was gone. I had a massive hangover but I remembered everything
that had happened. I wondered howmuch Larry remembered. I took a handful of
aspirin and showered and went to the frat house for breakfast. I didn't see
Larry all that day and he didn't come home that night. I saw him briefly
the following day when I'd come back from the frat house. He'd finished
packing his stuff up and was heading home for the summer. He just gave me a
friendly hug and didn't mention anything aobut the other night and merely
told me to have a good summer and he'd see me around next year. I told him
to have a safe trip and also said I hoped to see him around.

I only saw him a few times after that over the next few years. Since we
were in different frats and didn't have the same majors, we only saw each
other occasionally when we were with our mutual friends. Each time we only
saw each other for a few minutes and didn't talk about that night. I still
wonder how much he remembers.....

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I Love My Boyfriend by Strength and Wisdom

I Love My Boyfriend
by Strength+Wisdom (


What is it about a sleeping man that is so erotic for
me? (MF, voy, mast, cd, alcohol)


I know that is kind of a strange thing to say, or at
least it should be an obvious thing to say. There are
many different reasons why I love him, but right at the
moment I love him because of his dichotomy. I love him
because he is so comfortable having multiple facets to
his personality. Because he is willing to take chances,
and has made me more willing to take chances as well.
Because together, we are more than the sum of our

OK, enough of the mushy stuff. The real reason that I
am feeling so much love for him right now, and more
than just a bit of sexual attraction, would be the fact
that he is lying in our bed, fast asleep. Now, to most
women, having your man in bed asleep when you come home
may not be the most erotic sight in the world. But you
don't know my man. You don't know how just watching him
sleep for a few minutes gets my pussy juice flowing. I
can't help it. There is just something about watching
him sleep; oblivious to me that is such a turn on.
Maybe it is the voyeurism aspect of it?

I went out with the girls tonight. My man works two
jobs right now to help pay off some debts from his
past, so even though I work full time as a beat writer
for the big paper here in town, I still don't see a lot
of him. There are nights that I spend alone on the
couch with a warm blanket and a good movie waiting for
him to come home.

When he does finally walk through the door, I am all
sexed up from thinking about him all evening, and he is
tired from working a 16-hour day. Even though he is
exhausted, he is still a typical male. :) I can just
mention casually as he sits down that I had been
thinking about him all evening and lightly touching my
pussy through my shorts as I watched the movie. Any
mention of touching myself will instantly get him
interested. Then after I casually mention that my pussy
might still be wet, and why doesn't he check for me,
well then, that is usually all it takes.

When he pulls down my shorts and sees the wet spot on
the crotch of my panties, his cock will immediately get
hard, and even though he may have just put in a long
day at work, he is still able to give me a wonderful
fucking before it is time to head to bed. Usually we
don't make it off the couch, he just bends down and
nibbles on my clit through my panties for a minute
while he strokes his cock through his jeans.

I usually have to push him away and remind him that
foreplay is always appreciated, but I was wet before he
walked in the door, and he just has to slide his cock
inside of me for both of us to be happy. Again, being a
typical man, he doesn't argue, just unzips his jeans
and pulls out that wonderful meat of his. I will slide
my panties off and spread me legs in invitation,
waiting for that wonderful feeling of his dick inside
of me. And I always get my wish. Usually he comes
inside of me, which is fine for an end of the day fuck.
We can save the facials and pearl necklaces for the
middle of the day when I plan to get him off more than

So I digress. I was talking about why I love my
boyfriend right at this moment. I said that I went out
with the girls tonight. He had to work both jobs today,
and being a Friday, I knew that he would not be home
until around midnight. So I decided at the beginning of
the week that I would get some of the girls together
tonight so that we could go out. Everyone else in the
group was fine with leaving their significant others
home for the evening, so we were able to have a blast.
Dressing up for each other in our best club clothes;
having a wonderful dinner while teasing the poor waiter

He must have had to go in the bathroom and jack off
afterwards as much as he was looking at our tits down
the top of our shirts. Then on to one of our favorite
bars afterwards where we could people watch and talk in
peace, which for us means lots of bitching and bragging
about our mates that we left home that evening. Janice
thinks her husband has an unhealthy fascination with
his sister.

Nancy broke up with her boyfriend last month to start
dating another woman who works in the same building she
does, so of course we had a ton of questions for her,
the first Official Lesbian in our group. And I still
don't believe Heather when she claimed that her man was
7 inches long when soft. She had about six Grey Goose
shots at that point, so she probably would have said
anything to get attention.

So now here I am back home after a night of debauchery.
Nancy dropped me off because I had too much liquid fun
to drive, and already offered to take me back to get my
CRX in the morning. I make sure and take off my sandals
before I walk into the house. They make all sorts of
noise on the hardwood floors, and I don't want my man
awake just yet. I am horny enough that I would love to
just barge in and shove his cock down my throat, but
another part of me wants to be a little subtler. I
think in my inebriated state I would like that better.

His truck was in the driveway, but none of the lights
were on, so I knew he had already gone to bed. He has
to be back at work in the morning, so I am sure he got
clean and went right to sleep. And it appears that he
did just that

So I am standing in the doorway of the bedroom looking
at my man asleep. I can tell that he has only been down
for a little while because the bathroom still smells
like bath soap. It is a warm night, so he has dispensed
with the covers already, which are now lying on the
floor next to the bed. A little bit of light is coming
though the blinds, just enough for my eyes to adjust to
the darkness and see him in all his glory.

His hair is spread out on the pillow behind him, (God I
love to run my fingers through that hair!) and because
he is lying on his side, I can see how long it is
getting. He has been trying to grow it back out for a
while, and just recently has it gotten long enough to
pull back in a ponytail. Or long enough for me to wrap
my fingers in and pull his head down when I am
desperate for a kiss or three.

But the part of the picture that is the most intriguing
for me is what he is wearing. Normally he sleeps in the
nude, but tonight it looks like a different story. He
is wearing a pair of nylon bikini panties that I bought
for him about a month ago. That is the reason that I
haven't gone any further into the bedroom. I am just
looking at his hip and his ass packed into a pair of
panties that I bought for him.

Now, before you go jumping to conclusions, this was not
my particular fetish to begin with. A few months after
we started dating, he started acting really weird one
night, and then finally reached under his bed and
pulled out a box full of panties. I am not the snooping
type, so I never had any idea that it was there.
Apparently it was a serious fetish for him, which would
explain the six different pairs of panties that he had
bought me already at that point.

Not only did he like seeing me in panties, but he also
liked to wear panties on occasion under his regular
clothes. Not in a cross-dresser sense, since he is way
too big to be a convincing woman (6'3", 240 muscular
pounds.) More of like a hetero guy sense who thought
that if panties could be pretty on women, they could
also be pretty on him.

I keep getting distracted. So I am standing in the
doorway of the bedroom looking at my man asleep on the
bed wearing a pair of white nylon bikinis that I bought
him. I also bought myself a matching pair at the same
time, and surprised him one evening with both pairs of
them. He definitely showed his appreciation that night!
So over time, our games have evolved to the point where
if I discover him in a pair of panties it usually means
that he wants to be strapped. Which kind of surprises
me right now.

It also excites the hell out of me, but surprises at
the same time. My brain is turning over a million times
a second thinking about this, but my pussy is only
telling me one thing. I was horny before I even left
the house, and now I am almost desperate to get off.
But why would he want me to take him up the ass when he
is exhausted?

Who cares? The thought of going into our toy box,
pulling out one of my dildos, and strapping it on to
use on him is just killing me. I can feel my nipples
getting harder by the second, so I place my sandals
down on the dresser in order to use both hands on my
tits. I pull my shirt up and pinch my nipples through
my bra while I think of lubing up my fingers and
sliding them one at a time into his ass.

The alcohol is making my head spin a little bit, but I
know that finger fucking his ass in preparation for my
cock is a major turn on for both of us. I love to hear
him moan when I slide that first finger into his ass.
It makes my pussy clench every time we do it. Which
isn't a whole lot of times, which makes the idea even
more exciting now.

I can feel my panties begin to stick to my pussy, so I
have to take the time to undo my jeans and pull them
down to my knees. It strikes me as I ironic that I am
wearing a cotton string bikini that he bought me - we
are each wearing gift panties from the other person. My
fingers slide directly into my pussy. It is amazing how
horny I get when I drink. I pull my other hand away
from my tits and use it to flick my clit while I
manipulate my hole at the same time. It is so hard to
stay quiet while I am doing this, but I don't want him
awake. At least not yet.

My brain turns over images of how this scenario could
play out. I see myself crawling onto the bed with my
strap on already in place, and just feeding that
plastic cock to his mouth. I love to pinch my nipples
while he is blowing my cock. Or maybe sliding onto the
bed and putting the head of my cock against his asshole
through the panties while I touch his cock and nibble
on the back of his neck. Or maybe even crawl onto the
bed and then start to use my tongue on his balls and
asshole through his pretty panties.

I know that he just finished with a shower, so
everything down there is nice and clean, and ready for
my tongue. I don't think I have ever heard him moan as
gutturally as when I licked his asshole for the first
time. It surprised the hell out of him, which was
exactly what I wanted at the time. The only problem I
see is that I love to suck his cock so much that I
might not stop in time.

I might start with his ass and balls, and then turn him
over so that I can suck the head of his cock into my
mouth through the panties. He loves for me to tease him
through his panties. But eventually I would have to
pull them down far enough for his cock to get out so
that I could do a proper job of sucking him off. And I
am not sure that I would be able to stop. I would just
continue to suck him while I caressed his balls through
the nylon. I would also have to turn around to that he
could at least use his fingers on my pussy while his
dick was in my mouth.

I don't know if I can take much more of this. My pussy
is so wet; I am starting to make squishing noises with
my hands. I feel like I am ready to get off any second,
and my brain hasn't even gotten to the main event yet.
I guess that doesn't really matter. Every time that I
have fucked him up the ass, I have started coming as
soon as I slid into him, and came about every 30
seconds after that until I watch his come spurt out of
his cock all over both of us.

I like having him on his back so that I can watch him
jerk his cock off while I slam into his ass. The look
on his face when he is just about ready to go over the
edge is priceless. I can feel his ass squeeze my cock
harder, his whole body tenses, and then everything goes
supernova. Watching him come always gets me off.
Always. It's a good thing that we only do this every
once in a while. If I asked him to let me fuck him up
the ass every day, I think he would be worn out and
worthless in a month. It is wonderful to come that hard
every once in a while, but every day would kill him.

I can't take this any more. I have to get off. Even
though I am slumped against the doorframe with my
breasts and pussy in full view frigging myself, he is
still fast asleep. Which is the way that I want it.
Even though he has extended the invitation to me by
wearing those panties to bed, this has become my own
private moment.

This is my time to just look at him sleeping and get
myself off, imagining all of the wonderful things that
we do to keep our sex life interesting. My orgasm
doesn't hit me like a hammer; it's more like rolling
over me like a very large surf wave - all enveloping,
but still feeling safe and secure. I have to stuff my
shirt into my mouth in order to stifle the scream that
is threatening to rip out of my body.

As I quietly slump to the floor, the fire works begin
to go off in front of my eyes. I guess with my
concentrated effort to keep quiet and not wake him up,
I was holding my breath. Slumped in the corner, coming
down off a very satisfying orgasm, I have to remind my
body to breath for a while until it begins to come
naturally again.

Through my whole mental adventure just now, my
boyfriend has not moved an inch. He must have been very
tired, because usually he would have at least stirred
when he heard me walk in. I know that he wants me to be
in the mood to play - the panties he is wearing tell me
so - but I think I will let him sleep tonight.

I will just grab a shower to get the smoke smell out of
my hair, and then join him in bed. Maybe when he wakes
up in the morning and finds me wearing the same pair of
panties that he is, along with the matching camisole
that I bought for myself, he will forgive me for not
waking him tonight. I hope.

I love my boyfriend.

Freshman Roommate by The Badman

Freshman Roommate (MM, college)
By The Badman (c) 1987


The dorm was a modern and colorless building. Midwestern
had not followed the lead of many other schools and started coed
dorms. The president of the college was an old-fashioned man and
he didn't feel that girls and boys who were still teenagers
should live together.

Robbie went to the desk in the lobby and got his room
assignment. It was quite late at night by this time and Robbie
was hoping that his roomie was asleep. He took the elevator up
to the sixth floor and headed for his room.
He unlocked it and walked in. The first thing that he heard
was a loud snoring. He switched on a small light which he felt
next to the bed that the snoring wasn't coming from. The light
came on and Robbie saw a note on his desk.

"Dear new roomie. Welcome to school. Make as much noise as
you want, I sleep like a log. Your new pal, Tommy."

Robbie smiled and looked over at Tommy. The boy was laying
on his stomach and there was a little smile on his face. Robbie
thought that it was really decent of the guy to have left that
little note. It made Robbie feel more comfortable.
Robbie unpacked a few of his things and sat on the bed and
lit a joint. He was finally starting to relax. Robbie was kind
of glad that his dorm was all male. He imagined all the boys
sleeping in all the rooms. He thought of all their cocks and all
their balls.

Suddenly, he heard a loud snort and he saw that Tommy was
rolling over in bed. Now his blond roomie was laying on his
back. His cock was hard! Robbie felt his heart start to pump as
he looked at the covers tenting up over the boy's crotch. Tommy
looked like a young surfer, all tan and blond and with very
smooth-looking skin. That cock looked like it was pretty damn
big, the way it was making those covers tent up.
Robbie wanted to see that cock with no covers on it. He
quietly got out of bed and walked over to his roommate's bed.
Robbie knew he was being very bold and that Tommy would be pretty
weirded out if he woke up and found Robbie doing this, but Robbie
really didn't care. He wanted to see that cock. He NEEDED to
see that cock.

Robbie couldn't take his eyes off that tented cover as he
stepped lightly across the room. The light from the lamp was
hitting the side of the tent and Robbie could make out the slight
shadow where the head met the shaft. That head looked huge!
Robbie wished that Tommy would toss off the covers on his own and
expose himself.

"Lucy...Lucy," Tommy moaned.

Robbie stopped, not daring to breathe.

" love you..."

Tommy started to toss and turn on the bed. He rolled on his
side and the covers slipped down to his waist, exposing him from
the waist up but still covering his jewels.
Robbie quickly went back to his own bed. He was sure that,
given time, Tommy would push the covers off completely.
Robbie drank in the sight of the naked upper torso. The boy
was a real beauty, with a surfer body that was a perfect match
for his surfer head. Tommy's totally hairless chest was a
beautiful tan color. His nipples were large and they jutted out
from that perfectly formed chest. The boy's naked stomach was a
perfect washboard. His arms were well shaped and well muscled.
All in all, the boy was the all-American California surfer dream.
His cock was still rock hard, but since he was on his side, it
was not as visible, being lost in the folds of his covers.
Robbie's cock was rock hard as he watched his roomie.

He reached down and pushed his jeans over his hips. His huge cock
sprang up from between his legs, and he reached down and started
to pull on it.

" me..." Tommy sprawled out, turning over
completely as he dreamed about his girl.

Robbie was holding his breath and praying.
His prayers were answered. The handsome surfer pushed his
covers down and kicked them off in his sleep. Now the blond
beauty was naked, on his back.
Robbie couldn't believe the body on the kid. It was like
something from a painting. It was a model of well-defined
perfection. The legs were perfectly shaped and Robbie could see
that they were covered with a furry blond fuzz. Tommy's cock was
huge, almost as big as Robbie's, and it was sticking up with
burning passsion, pushing into his stomach. His legs were spread
and two large balls hung down from the cock and spread out over
the bed.

Robbie started to really beat his own meat as he drank in
the incredibly erotic sight of the naked boy across the room.
The light from the dim lamp was highlighting the naked teen in
such as a way that only served to make his wild natural beauty
more enticing.

Robbie looked at that cock and those balls and he knew once
again with certainty that he was gay, and he loved cock more than
anything else in the world. He toked deeply on his joint and
looked at his new roomie. His eyes roamed freely over the expanse
of naked teenage flesh. But those roving eyes always returned to
the same place. That cock. Those balls. That crotch.
The light was playing off the blond hair that coated the
large balls, making the hair glisten and shimmer. Robbie looked
at that cock, those balls. They were calling to him; to some
primal part of his very soul.

Cock. Balls. Boycrotch. As if in a dream, the sweetest of
dreams, Robbie got up off his bed and started across the small
room. His eyes, his very soul, were riveted on that huge and
throbbing cock and those massive balls which hung down below.


Robbie saw a thick drop of cum appear on the head of that
huge cock. The light from the lamp hit that thick drop and made
it glisten and shine. That cum was calling to Robbie.
Robbie knew that he had to taste that cum, he had to feel
those balls. He had to suck that cock.The air in the dorm room was dense with teenlust.

The sleeping boy was lost in a lustful dream. The waking boy was
also lost in a lustful, a waking dream, the most exquisite dream
of all.

Robbie pushed his jeans down and stepped out of them. He
wanted to be naked. He pulled his tee-shirt up over his head and
now he was naked like his roomie. He made it across the room and
now he was standing over the bed looking down at the naked blond.
He was sure that he could smell the boy's balls, all sweaty
and dense and masculine. The first drop of pre-cum that had been
glistening on that huge cockhead was replaced by a second drop
and the first drop started to ooze down the cockhead towards the

Robbie quietly, gently reached down towards that cock. His
whole body was buzzing with boylust, with cockneed. He touched
that glistening drop ever so lightly; so lightly that he did not
touch cockflesh, only the thick drop of boyjuice.
Robbie pulled his fingertip away and the strand of precum
stretched out between cock and fingertip, looking like a spider's
web, picking up the light and shining in mute glory to the
virility of the male. He brought his fingertip to his mouth and
licked it. The precum tasted bitter and sweet and masculine.
Robbie knew that he wanted more. More cum. He wanted to swallow
the boy's cum. He wanted to serve that cock.

"Oh Lucy baby. Suck it...suck it." Tommy was moaning and
his cock was jerking through the air.

Robbie looked at that massive cock and those beautiful balls
and then he slowly leaned down and placed his lips gently on the
cockhead. Damn, was it hot!

"Oh yeah, Lucy baby. Suck it."

Robbie opened his mouth and took that huge cockhead inside.

"Oh Lucy...your fucking hot"

Robbie let himself get used to the huge intruder. He lived
in fear that Tommy would wake up and find him there like that, a
cocksucking faggot. But his cockneed was greater than his fear.
Far greater. He loved the way that huge and throbbing cockhead
felt in his mouth. It seemed to fill his whole mouth and he
could taste the bitter boycum.

"Oh Lucy...take it. Take it all hot. So hot

Robbie went out of his skull when he heard those words. He
imagined that he was Lucy, that he was a bitch, that he was a
pussy. He started to take more and more of the shaft in his
mouth. He let inch after thick inch slide down his gullet.

"Lucy...bitch...pussy. Take my cock. Suck it...your hot
mouth. I love it. Suck it bitch."

Robbie realized from his roommate's language that he must be
a pretty tough cookie and that turned Robbie on even more. He
just kept taking more and more of the shaft into his mouth until
he had it buried right up to the hilt and his nose was pressing
into Tommy's pubic bush.

"Oh Lucy. You took it. You took it all. That's my bitch.
Suck it. Now suck it. Cunt...bitch."

Robbie was going out of his skull. Robbie started to really
pump on Tommy's cock with his mouth. He let the cock slide
almost all the way out and then he slid back down on it quickly.
He reached down with his hands and played with Tommy's huge
balls. He loved the way they felt in his hands and he wanted to
suck on them, too.

"Lucy. Lick my balls, baby. Lick those balls..."

Robbie let the cock slip from his mouth and he went down
between the boy's spread legs. He took the balls into his mouth
and started to suck. They tasted all dense and masculine and
sweaty. He loved being stoned and naked, groveling between a
teenager's legs and sucking his balls.

Robbie reached down and started to stroke his own cock. He
realized that he was hot as hell and could pop in a second. He
sucked those balls for a while and then he let them slip from his
mouth and started to lick his way back up the throbbing shaft to
the head. He was only a little way up that huge shaft when he
started to taste cum and he realized that the cock was really
oozing now.

"Oh Lucy baby. That feels so nice. I'm close...real

Robbie didn't want the boy to cum, not yet. He wanted to
play with that cock some more. He wanted to serve that cock and
those balls. He gently slipped the cock into his mouth and
sucked. He sucked very gently, just barely pressing against the
shaft. He didn't want that cock to cum. Not yet.
Robbie reached back and felt his own asshole. He moaned
with excitement. His asshole was steaming with cockneed. He
realized that where he really wanted that cock was up his

Robbie let the cock slip from his mouth. He leaned back on
his haunches and looked at it. It looked so beautiful in the dim
light. It was like some monster from centuries past, all massive
and fierce and proud. Cum was oozing steadily out of the slit.
The balls hung down below and spread out over the bed, completing
the picture of masculine sexual arousal. Robbie knew that he had
to have that cock up his asshole. He had to get fucked by the
young blond beauty.

Robbie crouched on the bed and felt his heart pounding in
his chest. If Tommy woke up he would be in big trouble. Everyone
on campus would know that he was a stoned cocksucker.

"Lucy...where are you? My cock needs..."

Robbie looked at the cock. Now that it wasn't receiving any
attention it was bobbing and throbbing angrily through the air.
Robbie moved forward on the bed in a crouch. He was going to try
and sit right down on that big cock.

"Lucy. I want to fuck your pussy with my cock. Give me...
pussy bitch. My cock needs pussy..."

Tommy was starting to writhe around on the bed. Robbie
moved himself into position on top of the cock. He wetted up his
asshole and aimed it for the huge cockhead and started to lower
himself. He grabbed the base of the cock and aimed it straight

"Oh yeah Lucy. Take my cock. Put it in that hot pussy."
Robbie loved to think of himself as Lucy. He loved to think
of his asshole as a pussy.

Slowly, slowly, Robbie lowered himself. His asshole reached
that cockhead and he rubbed the wet meat over his steaming
boycunt. Robbie felt that huge cockhead part his pussy lips and
slip inside.

" a pussy..."

Tommy's cock felt incredibly hot to Robbie and he just kept
taking it. Finally he had the whole thing up his ass. He
started to hump up and down on that cock. He was going into a
frenzy and he felt his balls contract and he knew that he was
about to cum.

"Lucy...bitch. You got me Going to...

Robbie felt that huge cock shooting its load deep in his
bowels. Robbie knew that if he came right then his cum would
shoot all over Tommy's face. He waited until the boy was
finished shooting his load and then he quickly climbed off the
bed. He crouched on the floor beside the bed and looked at the
huge cock that had just fucked him. It was still rock hard.
Like a good little faggot, Robbie jerked off looking at that
cock. It was going to be some freshman year.