Friday, 18 November 2011

My Sleeping Soldier by forest59

My Sleeping Soldier

This is a fictional story containing consensual sex between a teenage
boy and an unrelated adult male. If stories of homosexual activity
disturb you, please do no read any further.

The following tale is unfortunately, mostly fiction. It is a story
about an event that could have happened early in my life if only I'd
had the courage. All names have of course been changed.

My Sleeping Soldier

My name is Trent, I am 18 years old, reasonably good looking, 5'6" tall
with green eyes and dark brown hair. I grew up in an army village
specifically for military personal. All our neighbours were military
families and even the primary school was for military children only.
We had lived there since I was 5 which no doubt fostered my lust for
men in uniform. One day when I was 14 a new family moved into the house
next door. Their names were Betty and Terry Harden and had 2 young
daughters but it was Terry who interested me. He was a Captain, 28
years old, 5'10", sandy hair, green eyes and a body to die for. For the
next two years he monopolised all my fantasies.

Now 18, I was considered responsible enough to babysit the local
children when their parents wanted a night out. Terry and Betty
frequently employed my services in this role. Over the previous few
weeks however, there had been a great deal of yelling and screaming
coming from their house, mostly from Betty. One weekend after a
particularly heated argument, Betty stormed out of the house and drove
off. Apparently to her mothers,(where else).

It was obvious that things were not going well in the Harden household.
Terry had previously arranged for me to babysit their daughters the
next evening while they attended a formal dinner at the army barracks.
I presumed that this was now not going to happen but later that day
Terry came round to tell me was going alone so I was still needed.

I went next door at about 7pm the next evening, just after Terry had
given his girls their dinner so all I had to do was entertain them till
8pm then put them to bed. Terry had already showered and was dressed in
full dress uniform, my legs quivered and my mind went hazy at the
sight. Sadly, he left almost straight away still in a very dark mood.

I did my job entertaining his girls till 8 then put them to bed. After
that I went back to the lounge room to watch some TV. This was just to
kill some time while the girls fell asleep. As soon as I thought it
was safe, I ventured into the master bedroom to see if Terry had left
his dirty clothes there. He had, so I quickly rummaged through the pile
till I found his freshly discarded underpants. Putting them to my face
I inhaled deeply taking in the scent of his body. It was the closest
I ever thought I would get to him.

Taking them back into the lounge room I flopped on the sofa and while
inhaling his scent and gazing at a picture of him on the wall pulled
down my shorts and proceeded to jerk off. I imagined myself bouncing
up and down on his engorged cock while he rapidly stroked mine till we
both cried out, ejaculating at the same time. My juice splashing onto
his chest and face and his flooding my willing arse. After shooting my
load I cleaned myself up, returned his knickers to the bedroom then
returning to the sofa, fell asleep.

Shortly before 2am I woke to the sound of someone fumbling at the front
door. I assumed it was Terry so I got up to let him in. It was him
alright, by now sitting on the front porch swaying back and forth and
totally plastered. Drunk they say, as the proverbial skunk. He
obviously needed help standing so I went outside and helped him to his
feet. He looked at me with partially open eyes, smiled and said
(slurred) "You're a good lad". I helped him inside and steered us both
toward the sofa. "Fuck, I'm wrecked" he slurred "I just wanna crash".

He was barely able to stand so when he tried to move toward the
hallway, promptly slumped back to the floor. Once again I helped him up
taking his jacket off at the same time. "You're a good lad" he kept
slurring as we clumsily staggered down the hallway toward his bedroom.
My biggest fear at this time was that we would wake his daughters who
were asleep in their room but somehow we managed not to disturb them.
We made it to the end of the bed and I basically had to drop him there.
Mumbling incoherently he slumped backward, arms stretched out on each
side falling instantly asleep.

He now lay before me, spread eagle and face up. It was only then that
the possibilities of the situation began to dawn on me. Here he was,
the man, the soldier I had fantasised over for the last two years and
he was at my mercy. Instantly my gaze fell to his crotch where an
unexpectedly large bulge greeted my eyes. Admittedly, lying backward
with his feet on the floor would have exaggerated it's size but I
preferred not to see it that way.

All I could think was that it could be mine if only I had the courage.
I was already getting hard, my 5" cock began to strain at the front my
shorts. I quickly slid my hand inside and made sure it had room to

Now I faced a problem. I desperately wanted to see his cock so should I
leave him as he was, or try to get him into bed first. As he was, it
would be easy for me to get to the treasure I knew was there and if he
woke, it would be much easier to explain. If I got him in bed properly
and he woke up, I'd probably get beaten to a pulp.

I decided to get a sample before moving him. I knelt on the floor
between his legs and moving a little closer on my knees, reached out
gently and placed my hand on his bulge. With joy I realised the mound
was no exaggeration. Even soft he was a big and my imagination began to
run wild with anticipation. Edging nearer, I moved my face closer to
his crotch. My breathing grew deeper and kneeling between is straddled
legs I pushed my face into his groin, sliding my cheek, nose, cheek and
back forth. My hands moved up and down his muscular legs giving a
squeeze every now and then. I did this for a minute or two breathing in
the cigarette smell that had permeated his clothing when suddenly I
felt a twitch on my cheek. His bulge was getting bigger, he was
starting to swell. I almost shot my load there and then so I pulled my
head back leaving only my hands on his legs. Phew, that was close. To
blow my chance so quickly would have been a total waste of this golden

Coming to my senses, I knew I dare not go any further so I stood up and
moved around to the side of the bed. I touched his shoulder giving a
reasonably strong push and asked, "Mr Harden, are you awake?" I knew I
couldn't possibly move him without his help. He didn't even moan so I
kept shoving till he finally grunted and opened his eyes. "You need to
get into bed properly." I said. He moaned and once again told me what a
good lad I was. Finally, with my help and a good deal of effort, he
managed to get himself to the top of the bed but while struggling to
get his shirt off, fell backward and straight back to sleep.

Now he lay flat on his back with his shirt half off, sadly, covering
his beautiful face. I now realised I would be able to do just about
anything I wanted and he would be none the wiser. Tossing caution to
the wind I pulled his shirt off over his head, snapping off two buttons
in the process. Since he wasn't wearing anything underneath I could now
see his exposed chest which was beautifully chiseled, his nipples, not
to big and not too small surrounded by just a few delicate hairs . His
near hairless arms were thick and strong, his shoulders smooth and
broad, and a six-pack which just ached to be massaged, had a tiny strip
of brown hair running from the bottom of his belly button to the top of
his trousers.

Once again I gave him a good shove asking "Mr Harden, do you want a
blanket?". I was rewarded with total silence. Feeling safe, I drummed
up the courage to go further. I lightly rested my right hand on his
firm chest moving it gently in circles pausing every now and then over
his nipples. I looked intently at his face looking for any sign that he
was aware of what I was doing but there was none.

By this time I was was quivering all over, my cock twitching and
throbbing as my hand continued to caress his body. Goose bumps sprang
up all over me as those lovely man tits gradually began to firm up. My
passions went wild so I leaned down, drawing in a deep breath of his
man scent and gently teased each in turn with the tip of my tongue.

I couldn't believe what I was doing. I had never touched a man in this
way before. I had always been a very closeted and introverted kid
living with the fear of being discovered and beaten up. I spent most of
my spare time roaming the army controlled bushland we lived near. It
was riddled with dirt roads that were often used as dumping grounds.
Consequently I had a plentiful supply of porn magazines that had been
throw away. My total education in the art of sex had been from these,
and it's surprising how much you can learn.

Summoning up more courage I slowly slid my left hand down his chest,
over his firm stomach to the top of his trousers. Briefly pausing to
play with the soft hairs on his belly then slid my fingers under his
belt to feel the as yet still hidden thicket that lay beneath. With my
tongue still on his nipples I moved my hand down from the top of his
trousers and reaching his bulge, once again cupped it, squeezing
gently. He still didn't stir, just lay there snoring softly.

Gently I began to massage his bulge, alternately rubbing and squeezing.
At first soft, it gradually started to get firmer and bigger. As I
squeezed I thought could feel the outline of his cock head beneath the
fabric but it was trapped and seemed to be pointing downward. It felt
like he might be, like myself, circumcised and it definitely needed
more room.

Reluctantly I left his nipples, now firm and standing tall and moved to
pay more attention to the mountain growing between his legs. Pushing
his legs apart, I climbed onto the bed and knelt between them and once
again began to massage his cock with my face. I was in heaven but knew
heaven was soon the get much, much better. With my breath rapid and my
cock stretching the stitches in my shorts I lifted my hands above my
head and began to undo the buckle on his belt. While still rubbing his
crotch with my face, the buckle quickly came undone shortly followed by
the top button of his trousers. Now all that lay between me and my
prize was a zipper and and a pair of nickers.

Raising my head, I reached for the zipper and ever so slowly, began to
pull in down. His trousers were now rather tight with the bulge his
cock formed but it moved smoothly over the mound exposing the white
undies that held my dreams hostage. I wanted to savour this moment for
as long as I could so after pulling his trousers down as much as
possible, I once again lowered my face and buried it in his groin. Now
I could smell the real man, that musky man scent that once again almost
sent me over the edge. Desperately, I controlled my breathing, I didn't
want it to end just yet.

Sitting up again I looked at his peaceful face, still snoring gently,
oblivious to the pleasure he was giving the 16 year old boy who lived
next door. His beautiful body was toned and shaped by the duties of a
soldier, he was the embodiment of masculinity but with none of the
course rough edges. Slowly my eyes moved dreamily downward caressing
his body with their gaze. Every muscle, freckle, ripple and nipple
rising and falling with his sleeping breaths. At last my eyes fell on
the now enormous white bulge protruding from his open trousers. I was
now beyond caring.

I began massaging his groin with both hands, squeezing and rubbing till
his cock grew bigger and firmer. It now formed a thick arch, the shape
of a circumcised head, still pointing downwards became obvious through
the fabric and screamed for release. Moving my hands to the top of his
whites, one on each side of his swelling cock, I began to slowly pull
the elastic downward. At first, all I could see was his light brown
pubic hair getting thicker till finally, in the middle, appeared a
patch of bare flesh. Slowly it got larger, longer, pushing hard against
the elastic. My breathing began to speed up again as more and more of
his shaft was exposed.

Suddenly his cock could no longer be restrained springing outward and
upward and with a soft slap hit his lightly haired belly. My god! it
was huge! Well, huge to someone who had never seen a full grown mans cock
before. I stared at it transfixed, my heart pounding in my chest and my
cock throbbing in my shorts. Reaching out, I tucked the elastic of his
underpants under his lightly haired balls (I would attend to them
later) then paused again to survey the incredible sight before me. My
first cock was, at a guess about 8" and reasonably thick. The head was
nicely formed and in proportion to the shaft. I licked my lips in
anticipation, I could wait to taste it.

With one last check to make sure he was still asleep I reached out and
gently wrapped my fingers around his shaft and realised he wasn't even
fully hard. Once again goose bumps spread over my body and my hand
trembled as I felt his blood pulsing in my grip. Raising his cock
skyward I slowly lowered my head and moved in for a closer look. It was
was a thing of beauty but was starting to go limp, something that had
to be remedied.

Swapping hands I worked up a good mouth of spit and thoroughly wet the
palm of my right hand which quickly took hold of his cock once more.
Slowly at first but with increasing speed I began to slide my hand up
and down his shaft stroking gently being careful not to touch the head
too often. I didn't want him to shoot his load too soon. It didn't take
long before he was rock hard and I marvelled at the thick vein that
rose from his ball sack almost reaching the head.

Finally I leaned forward, stuck out my tongue and rested it on the tip
of his knob. Using only my tongue I started licking the deep pink
mushroom, every now and then concentrating on the small slit that would
soon provide me with his essence. I then ventured to the shaft, moving
my mouth up and down covering it with more spit. With his shaft good
and wet, I moved back up finally allowed my lips to come in contact
with the tip of his cock.

Hovering for a moment, I opened my mouth a little and sliding my wet
lips over the head moved downward. My tongue probed his pee hole as my
lips slid over the pink head then proceeded further down his shaft. As
much as I wanted to, I knew for certain I would never be able to take
it all but I would certainly try. I pulled back letting my lips gently
slide up till they once again reached the head then back down, each
time trying to get more in my mouth. I faded in and out of reality as
the sensation of his cock sliding against my lips and caressing the
inside of my mouth swallowed me as much as I swallowed him.

After several minutes I had to give up at about half way mark. Any more
and I would have gagged. Making sure I sucked slowly and gently, I
continued working on his meat. I savoured every moment, thrilled at
finally having a cock in my mouth. It wasn't just any cock either, it
was HIS! My head was spinning with erotic delight, as I devoured the
most beautiful dick I was ever likely to see. It was a wet dream come

It was only then that I realised I had neglected my own hard on but
then again, I would probably explode the moment I touched it. Better
leave it till later and besides, how could my 5" weener compare to this
magnificent beast. I continued sucking slowly, savouring his scent when
suddenly he tasted different and at first I thought he had started to
cum. I felt disappointed but quickly realised it was only his precum I
tasted. Better slow down. I suppose now was a good time to pay
attention to his balls.

Giving up on his cock ended up being harder than I thought so I decided
to stay a bit longer. Soon however he began to twitch and I knew he was
getting close. Lifting my head, I once again looked up at his face,
still serene in sleep. Shuffling back a bit I tried to pull his pants
down further but realised I would have to take them off completely if I
was to get easy access to his testicles. It took some doing but I
finally had him completely naked except for his socks (I have a thing
for socks). I stared at the stunning body lying before me, trying to
burn the image in my mind but I knew this was a memory I would never
ever forget.

Now lying flat on my stomach, I crept up between his legs which I
spread as wide as I could. There they were, suspended before my eyes,
two good sized globes in a slightly wrinkled sack and a light covering
of brown hair. His scent down here was even stronger than higher up.
I breathed it in deeply, intoxicated by it's strong musky pungency.
My tongue was out instantly licking each in turn while sticking my nose
into the warm areas between his balls and inner thigh. I tried to suck
one into my mouth but a moan from above made me freeze. Was he awake?
God help me if he was. Moments passed but he gave no sign he knew what
was happening. He did however move one of his legs further out which
encouraged me to try again. Soon my tongue was rolling one of his nuts
around the inside my mouth. Now I could actually taste his musky scent
and I felt like I was sucking on a tasty treat. Soon, I moved to the
other and gave it the same treatment.

With his legs now farther apart, I decided to explore further. I cupped
and lifted his now very wet balls with one hand exposing his arse
crack. With my other hand, I probed that lightly haired crevice with my
fingers pushing in more and more till they found the entry point I was
searching for. While gently caressing his hole it suddenly contracted
partly pulling one finger in, just a bit mind you but I felt it.
Withdrawing my hand I licked as many fingers as I could and slicking
them up nicely I went back in. It didn't take me long to find it again
and this time I wouldn't need his help explore it more deeply. Running
my fingers around his pucker brought another sigh and contraction and
once again I froze. Again nothing happened so I continued.

I took my hand out again and lubed it up once more. On reaching his
hole for the third time I eased one finger inside, only a little at
first as I realised he had one incredibly tight arse. It had probably
never been penetrated before which meant my finger was now entering
unexplored territory. Finally my finger was as far in as I could get it
and I slowly began to slide it in and out while my mouth went back to
suck and lick those tasty treats. With my finger fucking his arse and
his balls in my mouth, I began to fantasise about him doing this to me.
Soon though, my odd position became uncomfortable so I decided it was
time to return to his cock. After all, isn't that what we all crave?
Slowly I slid my finger out of his warm moist hole, gave his balls one
last going over and sat up once again between his muscular legs. He was
still sound asleep and I thought to myself: may the gods bless he who
invented alcohol!

By now of course, his dick was once again soft. Still big, but it
would now be easier to get it all in my mouth. Very gently I lifted his
limp dick, leaned forward and took it all. At first it just bent to
fill the empty space which rapidly ran out so I just started sucking
and pushing it around with my tongue. It wasn't long before it began
to swell again and push it's way out. Soon I was at the halfway mark
again but at least he was once more good and hard. I continued to suck
and lick his manhood while one hand moved down to gently fondle his
balls. My hungry mouth sucked and licked, sucked and licked
occasionally venturing down to the base of his shaft to suck each of
his nuts again.

As I had managed to get only half his cock in my mouth, I was now
determined to get it all. Savouring the taste of a new spurt of precum,
I kept going. I could feel it pushing at the back of my mouth but knew
it could go further. Relaxing and breathing through my nose I felt the
fat cock head move ever so slightly further in, but this time the
feeling was different. It was moving past my mouth and into my throat.
Relaxing my throat muscles I pushed down harder. I could feel it going
deeper but the urge to gag was getting unbearable. Time to pause and
calm myself. Breathing deeply I gathered myself for the final push and
with a couple of deep breaths through my nose I...

Suddenly I felt his thick shaft sliding easily down my throat till my
nose came to rest in his light brown pubes. His entire cock was now in
my mouth and deep in my throat, I could smell his scent as his pubes
tickled my face and feel his thick cock pushing outward within my
throat. I found I was still able to breathe through my nose so I pulled
back a little then in again. Deep throating him, I realised I enjoyed
it more if I just used my mouth. Slowly, I pulled back till just his
cock head was resting in my mouth. I felt triumphant, I had done it,
swallowed his whole 8".

Still holding his dick in my mouth I took a few deep breaths then
raised my eyes to look at the handsome face that usually owned what now
belonged to me. This time however his eyes were open. I instantly froze
then shot bolt upright. His wet cock, sprang from my mouth and slapped
back down on his belly flicking saliva over his stomach. I was now
shaking, terrified at what would probably happen next. The seconds
seemed to drag on eternally when to my surprise and delight he smiled,
spread his legs further apart and slowly closed his eyes again. Still
somewhat worried, I slowly returned to that wonderful piece of manhood
and putting the head back in my mouth, gently bit down with my teeth.
Terry rewarded me with a delicate twitch and soft moans of pleasure.
Immediately, I began to suck him for all it was worth.

Up and down my head bobbed, every now and then sliding my lips and
tongue down his shaft to give his balls a quick going over. Soft moans
of pleasure continued to drift toward me so I doubled my efforts.
I wanted to taste his spunk so bad. I wanted him to fill my mouth with
his hot juice. I wanted to feel it slide down my throat and warm my
belly. I increased my speed and found I was taking more of him than
before. Soon his moans became louder, more frantic, as his thick shaft
rapidly slid in and out of my mouth. He began to twitch and squirm then
arching his back, forced himself even deeper into my mouth.

With my mind whirling in anticipation, I tried desperately to prepare
myself for the blast I knew was to come, a split second later he
erupted. His fists clenched tightly, his body thrust upward again as a
thick gush of warm, salty man juice flooded my mouth. I didn't think I
could take it all, it was just too much and I almost gagged before I
was able to swallow his load. As soon as I did however, another
torrent surged into my still hungry mouth quickly followed by three
more enormous bursts. I desperately tried to swallow it all but some
managed to ooze out at the corner of my lips. I slurped up what I
could and continued to suck on his throbbing cock but all too quickly
his spasms began to diminish, the pulsing grew less and less till I was
left sucking on a still stiff dick desperately trying to get as much of
his nectar as I could.

I stayed there for a while slowly sucking on his shaft eventually
lifting my eyes again. He was again looking down on me with a serene
smile of pleasure on his face. With one last soft moan, he closed his
eyes and went back to sleep. Reluctantly I released his dick from my
mouth, squeezing it upwards from the base to get any leftover cum then
backed off the bed and walked to the side of my sleeping soldier.

It was my turn now. Pulling off my T shirt and dropping my shorts and
nickers to the floor I grabbed my rock hard cock which was bigger and
harder than I'd ever seen it before. Gripping it firmly I started
stroking myself. Starting slowly then a little faster, speeding up then
slowing down till I felt I was getting close. I reached down and took
his left hand and gently placed my cock in it closing his thick fingers
around it. Then, placing one hand on the bed head for balance and with
his fingers wrapped snugly around my dick I began to buck my hips.

Slowly at first, then picking up speed, I slid my cock in and out of
his closed fist repeatedly faster then slower. It felt so different and
so much better when it's someone else jacking you off. I closed my eyes
lost in a sexual frenzy and soon I could feel the pressure building.
I quickly raised my left hand and slipped the middle finger into my
mouth. Working up some spit which was no doubt liberally mixed with his
spunk, I made it nice and slick then reaching around, moved it toward
my arse and gently began fingering my tight butt hole. It didn't take
long before I began plunging it in and out all the while imagining it
was Terry's tongue.

That did it. Waves of unimaginable pleasure pulsed throughout my body
my legs became weak as an intense tingling sensation began in my balls
and spread outward. My cock was now rapidly sliding in and out of his
strong hand, his imaginary tongue was being gripped tighter and tighter
by my arse when suddenly my whole body stiffened and my cock exploded.
Load after load of boy juice erupted from my piss hole landing on my
sleeping soldiers arm and slowly heaving chest. I racked back and forth
as as I grunted and moaned hysterically. Every nerve screamed with
delirious pleasure and the world dissolved around me as my body
shuddered and shivered. The spasms continued longer than ever before
but slowly began to subside leaving me weak and whimpering.

Thoroughly exhausted, I slumped against the wall only then noticing I
had shot my load further than I thought possible leaving creamy ropes
of cum stretched up his arm and onto that beautiful, beautiful body.
Slowly I pulled myself together and removing my dick from his cum
drenched hand wearily sat on the down side of the bed. Once again I
took hold of his cock and started to gently massaged it when to my
surprise and joy, Terry slowly reached for mine and returned the
favour. Even though totally exhausted I leaned over and proceeded to
lick up my own love juice from his body. It tasted different to his,
slightly sweeter and I savoured every drop. My tongue ventured to
places it had not yet explored and particularly enjoyed getting itself
tangled in the hair under his arms. When finished, I decided to give
him another lick down just in case I missed any then planted just one
gentle kiss on his lips.

I sat back up still massaging his dick, his hand had fallen away from
mine and I wondered what would happen next. Would he think it was just
a dream and ignore it, or once sober in the morning, kick the shit out
of me? Should I snuggle up next to him or return to the sofa?

My dilemma was soon resolved when an arm slowly rose up and while
caressing my neck, gently pulled me into it's embrace. I melted inside
as I raised my legs to the bed and lay down beside him. I was in love.
With an eager smile on his lips he pulled me closer, rolled on his
side and making sure I faced the same way slipped his once again
swelling manhood between my butt cheeks. I could feel him growing
thicker in my crack as his muscular chest, warm and firm heaved
against my back. With his strong arms holding me close and as his legs
wrapped around mine he softly whispered, "You're a good lad".

I almost started to cry.