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Golden Opportunity with the College Heart Throb

Golden Opportunity with the College Heart Thob
by kewtieboy
(drunk, alcohol, drugs, seduce, MM, nc, gay)

You know Todd's a dick!”

That was my Joe best mate from college speaking.

OK what's he done now?” I asked.

I was talking to Leanne and getting on really well when he walked over and said to her that she needs to look out as my feet really stink.”

So surely that didn't put her off Joe. You know it's not true?”

Yea but much as she brushed it off, she made her excuses and walked off,” said a disgruntled Joe.

I had to agree with him, Todd was one of those sporty-type guys that girls swooned for. A year older than Joe and I but he played sport, hung around with all the beautiful guys and had a string of girls in tow. I hadn't really wanted to come to this party anyway but it was a Saturday, and everyone else seemed to be here at the massive house of some girl whose parents obviously had more money than sense. Since we were all over 18, drink was flowing and everyone was in good spirits. Sadly I always got depressed at these things. Gay and quiet, that was me. I didn't tell anyone and got my sexual kicks with the odd fumble in a notorious toilet near at the other side of town from University which had a great big glory hole in the wall.

Joe certainly knew nothing about me and pleasant enough looking though he was, he really wasn't my type. He was a little too chubby to appeal to me sexually but that made having a platonic friendship all the easier. The trouble was, it was guys like Todd turned who me on. They had one thing I liked – being straight. Now how stupid is that, only wanting sex with guys that don't want it!!

I suppose that's where the glory hole was fun as many of the punters were straight. Sometimes you could hear their kids shouting for daddy outside while I was blowing him inside the toilet. That was a big turn on. His straight status guaranteed while his cock was in my mouth!

Todd was swaggering around being pretty obnoxious to everyone, except the pretty girls. He had been drinking before he arrived and was still knocking it back good style. Joe, meantime, was still twittering on in the background.

Zac, do you think Leanne fancies me. Zac are you listening to me?”

In my mind, Todd's cock was being stuck in my mouth and whether Leanne fancied him or not was, to be honest, of no interest to me!

To Todd, of course, I was a wimpy, thin, 5 feet 6 inch, nothing. I might think I was good looking but to Todd I wasn't even competition for the girls. That was true but for different reasons. I drifted away from Joe and found myself wandering through a large conservatory into the garden. Todd was here again having gone out the kitchen door and wandering around to the back garden. He and three of his cronies were laughing loudly and were smoking. Judging from the smell, it wasn't tobacco. I saw him swallow a pill which one of the guys gave him. I'm no expert but it looked triangular and blue and I knew enough to realise it was Viagra. He obviously thought he was going to score tonight. They has a stack of beers beside them and were joking and drinking. I went back inside.

It was around 2.30am when I decided I had had enough of playing the “hard to get heterosexual” and decided to leave. Joe was still panting after Leanne, Todd was arguing with his last remaining friend from the group I had seen earlier and the remaining guests, male and female, weren't the hottest or friendliest from the original group.

Todd was cursing at having been given the elbow by some blonde bimbo who accused him of being uncouth and drunk. She was right on two counts and, as he pushed his friend away, he stormed back out of the kitchen door.

I bade everyone who knew me a fond farewell and, a little merry but not too drunk headed out into the street. The house was about one mile from my home as the crow flew and about 1.5 miles by the road. It was in a very expensive and leafy part of the town. I headed out of the cul de sac it was in and thought about whether to take the road or cut across the playing fields to save the half mile. Though the fields were pitch black they were surrounded by well lit roads so it looked a bit like a black hole but I figured I would be able to see my destination and therefore make it straight across.

The climbed the wooden fence and started my walk. The cool air and the drink made me feel a little horny and as I walked the isolation made me want to wank. I took my cock out and stroked I as I went, surprised at how hard it was. I must have been about one third of the way across when I heard a noise. I jumped.

There was silence. I quickly zipped up.

I heard it again. It sounded like a pig snorting.

I stopped again and listened as it seemed to come from ahead and to the right.

The snort came yet again.

I walked carefully forward and saw a shape on the grass to the right hand side of me. It looked at though someone had fallen. As I edged closer, in the dim light I heard a snore rather than a snort and found a body lying sideways, partly curled up, snoring peacefully. I leaned forward and rolled the body on to its back and immediately recognised Todd, out for the count. In the dim light I could see he had opened his flies and obviously had a pee and then as he struggled to re button his Levis, had fallen over and curled up to sleep. His flies were open and the top of white briefs were visible.

Hey Todd, you can't sleep here,” I said, shaking him.

There was nothing, not even a grunt.

Todd, come on now, get up!”

I shook him really hard and, apart from rolling straight on to his back facing the stars there was still no response. I looked up and down and there was no one in the area. Anyone approaching would have left a silhouette with the street lights in the distance anyway.

As I went to shake him again, I saw his bulge. His cock looked semi-erect. That's when I remembered he had spent his evening trying to get in the blonde bimbo's knickers and to that end had taken a Viagra.

Poor guy,” I thought. “He's gone to all that trouble and its wasted.”

I gave it a squeeze and it responded with a little jump as I did so. I looked around again and the place was desolate. The only sound was Todd's gentle snoring.

I don't need to tell you the thought going through my head as you are probably about three paragraphs ahead of me. I squeezed him again and was rewarded my a little involuntary thrust upwards from Todd. I gently undid his fly to take it further down and pulled the side back to expose the bulge in his white pants. In the dim light I could still make out his profile and the tip of his cock had been caught in the elastic of his pants which meant a piece of cock head was visible.

I told myself it wasn't causing any harm so I pulled the elastic back and cupped it under his balls. Todd was not as well equipped as he would lead us all to believe. Don't get me wrong, I never look a gift horse in the mouth or even a gift cock, but it was an average dick just under 6 inches and not overly thick. One thing, it was brick hard with the foreskin peeling nicely back with a little moisture around the head as I rolled my thumb across it. I had a quite acceptable 7 inch cock so was pleased that I had more to offer than this stud. I took his cock in my hand and gently stroked. His snoring stopped for a couple of seconds and her gave an assuring groan of pleasure before the steady snoring started again.

I tried again to shake him awake and didn't even manage to interrupt his snoring. I needed to take advantage of something I might never get to try again so I took his jeans and pulled each side gently to just below his hips. This then allowed me to pull his briefs to the same level exposing cock and balls with the line of fabric just under them. I knelt closer and inhaled his smell. Yes there was a faint smell of pee but I was too far gone to worry about that. I licked his balls, allowing my tongue to venture up to the base of his cock. The hairs on his balls were quite generous. If he had been even slightly gay I'm sure he would have been shaven.

My mouth found the head of his cock and engulfed it. I groaned with the pleasure of sucking Todd, something I could only have dreamed of until a few moments ago. I was able to take his entire cock all the way down my throat and while holding the base, slurped all the way back up again the back down while peeling his skin back to expose his glans. I played a little with my tongue on the exposed head and was rewarded with a large dollop of pre-cum. I pulled his shirt up and licked his nipples one my one, running my tongue around the hairless tips. My own cock was hurting so badly inside the constraints of my jeans so I opened the front and pulled it out stroking as I looked at the semi naked hunk before me. I kneeled at his head and pushed my leaking cock towards his lips. There was little chance of him sucking me but at least I could drip some of my own pre-cum on his lips. He licked them! I put my cock back and he licked again, this time licking the tip of my foreskin. It was like an electric shock. Todd licking my cock!!

I went down to his cock again and started sucking like a wild animal. His cock was absolutely rigid. Those who think sleeping guys can't get hard should have seen this dick as I sucked it. I was so busy doing so, I didn't get any warning at all as I was suddenly aware there was a lot more fluid in my mouth than just saliva. It was filling quickly with his cum. The cock was pulsing as each jet of cum fired into my mouth. I have to say I caught every drop and swallowed it. My own cock responded by firing a stream of cum over Todd's body with just a couple of splats hitting his cheek and lips. He licked again! Todd had swallowed some of my cum.

As I slowly came off the edge of ecstasy I suddenly was afraid and nervous. I quickly wiped his cheek and pulled up his jeans as best I could.

I tried again to rouse Todd but apart from him pushed me away in his sleep he went straight back to snoring. It was a mild and dry night so I decided to leave well alone and headed home the taste of Todd's manhood still in my mouth.

I saw him on Monday at college.

Did you enjoy the party Todd?” I asked.

Yeh cool,” he replied.

Any luck with the ladies?” I asked again.

When do I never get luck with the ladies,” said Todd. “Of course I did.”

I felt like saying, “I was luckier than you were!”

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While Jake Was Sleeping by Blondeguyhack

While Jake was Sleeping

Jake was slowly coming out of his sleepy haze as his throbbing penis and
full bladder urged him into consciousness. It was Friday and almost nine
o'clock in the morning. He had to get moving since he had his one and only
class in an hour. He stretched out and turned off his phone alarm, then
proceeded to yawn and stretch his muscles while feeling the blood rush
tightening his morning wood. He reached down into his white briefs and
squeezed his dick and adjusted his balls. He'd never been able to sleep
comfortably in boxers or shirts as he moved around a lot and hated the
feeling of his clothes constricting when he changed sleeping positions. He
longed for the days when he could sleep naked or pull down his sheets and
jerk his dick in the privacy of his room. Now he had to wait until his
roommate was gone in order to take care of business.

Living with someone wasn't that big of a deal, really. He enjoyed the
company, and so far his roommate had turned out to be really awesome.
Apparently he'd played Lacrosse in high school, but wanted to be
academically focused in college so he was usually home quite a bit. Because
of this, they spent a lot of time hanging out and having fun.

He looked over at Tyler also wrestling his way out of sleep. His brown hair
was reflecting a thin stream of morning light pouring in through one of the
small windows at the top of the wall. Like Jake, Tyler usually just slept
in his underwear, though he opted for boxers or loose boxer briefs. Neither
had seen the other naked, but they felt comfortable enough around each
other to lounge and sleep with little clothing. In fact, it was a rare day
to walk into their room and find Tyler or Jake wearing more than underwear
or gym shorts. Unfortunately, the freshman dorms they lived in had
controlled air conditioning and latent summer temperatures sometimes made
their room uncomfortably warm.

Tyler was fumbling under the sheets with both hands presumably adjusting
his morning condition, also.

"What time is it?" asked Tyler.

"Just after nine. You got class today?"

"No, it was cancelled. Something about the professors kid bein' sick. You
still planning on shopping today?"

"Yea," replied Jake. "Shay and I are going to hit up some thrift shops and
what not."

"Awesome. I really wished I could go to that party, but I promised
Catherine I'd cover for her at the Union."

"Sucks man. Maybe you can come out when you're done?"

"Nah, I'll probably be super tired. Anyway, I hate having to dress up and
shit for parties."

"Yea, I understand. I don't really mind, but doing all that after a double
shift might make me think twice."

Tyler stood out of bed with his semi hidden away under a pair of old plaid
boxers. As he stretched, his obliques flexed while the material in the
front of his boxers protruded as his penis momentarily increased in
size. Tyler absentmindedly rubbed his stomach and scratched his nuts as he
made his way to their shared bathroom.

"Tell me about it. Be right back," he said.

Jake wasn't sure, but he thought Tyler must have a huge dick. Jake thought
of himself as straight, but he definitely noticed what other guys were
packing when the opportunity presented itself. He never understood guys who
denied doing the same. Every guy notices other dicks out of curiosity and
insecurity, he thought to himself. Jake wasn't very hung so he often found
himself a bit nervous about his size, even though he was pretty proud of
his hard seven inches and big balls. He loved feeling and playing with his
balls anytime he was lounging in his underwear or wearing loose fitting

Tyler's flush and exit interrupted Jake's thoughts.

"All yours."

Jake's morning wood had subsided enough for him to get out of bed and get
to the restroom. Jake hooked his underwear under his balls and peeled back
his foreskin as he started to relieve himself. While he was peeing, his
thoughts drifted to the day's plans.

He couldn't remember the last time he felt so excited about an event. It
was his first year at college and tomorrow was the annual PIKE Halloween
party. He had heard stories about the house's big parties and could only
imagine how awesome it was going to be. He'd already been to a few of their
events and smiled at how drunk he usually got and all the cool people he

He needed to do some costume shopping today. Even though Jake was a
freshman, he had been smart enough to heed the advice of his older brother
and set up his Fridays to be as light as possible thus allowing him longer
weekends. So far he loved the schedule.

After class he texted Shay and asked when he would be ready to get
going. He responded to meet at his dorm around two since he had to workout
before they went anymore.

When Jake arrived, he knocked lightly then proceeded to open the door. He
hadn't known Shay that long, but they'd been instant friends since meeting
at orientation. He was also one of the few people with a single dorm.

"Hey bud," smiled Shay.

"Sup. How was the workout?"

"Oh, pretty good. I didn't work too hard since we have a lot to do today,
but it was nice."

Tyler joked and said, "Gotta keep those guns loaded, right?"

Shay was hunting down a clean shirt, but stopped long enough to flex his
pecs and biceps with a proud smile and "you know it."

Tyler laughed. "You almost ready to go?"

"Yep, let me just find my keys."

An outfit came pretty easily for black haired, brown-eyed Shay. He was 6'2"
with a lean frame and good looks; everything seemed to look great on him no
matter what he tried on. Jake was a couple inches shorter than Shay with a
larger, more filled out frame and had a handsome, rugged appearance. Where
Shay could look good in almost any size, Jake had a hard time finding
things that fit his lean waist and thick thighs. He wasn't particularly
defined or muscular since he didn't work out consistently, but his body
seemed to appreciate the healthy eating choices and occasional weight
lifting sessions with Shay. He was especially proud of his stomach and

Shay ended up putting together a costume that resembled a lumberjack,
albeit one with torn off sleeves showing off those aforementioned
guns. Jake teased him, but Shay rebuked his remarks promising that the
ladies would love the outfit. So far Jake hadn't really hooked up with any
girls while in college, but Shay seemed to have had a few drunken
experiences. Jake, encouraged by all the bravado, picked up a pair of old
brown leather boots and decided he would go as a cowboy.

Saturday evening arrived in a flash. After dinner, went back to his room to
get his costume ready. Jake had been able to get a pair of boots, a hat,
jeans and shirt at various thrift shops. As he was putting on his outfit he
thought his blond cowboy idea was smart. I'm going to look sexy, he

As he struggled to pull the jeans over his thighs, he was glad he wore
briefs; anything else just wouldn't have allowed him to wear these
comfortably. The jeans also had snap buttons, something he wasn't used to,
and struggled to get them buttoned up. He slipped on his boots, tried on
the cowboy hat, and admired himself in the mirror. He looked at the clock
on his computer, muttered "shit" to himself, and rushed to gather the rest
of his things. He was supposed to be at Shay's place ten minutes ago. They
had planned on doing some pre-gaming before heading out. Shay had a handle
of vodka tucked away for such occasions.

Once Shay and Tyler arrived to the party, they grabbed two beers and
started talking with anyone they knew. The beer was starting to hit him
hard, and he was loving every minute of his evening. The music was loud and
seeing all the people in costumes was great. He received lots of
compliments on his cowboy outfit, though he got tired of people stealing
his hat.

Later that night, he found out why PIKE parties were so well known.  The
Black Room. In the back of the house there was a room that opened up after
11:30 full of black lights and surround sound music. Usually a frat brother
would man the DJ station and play music while the influx of drunken
students would pour in through the double doors. He and Shay made their way
onto the dance floors dancing with any willing ladies.

After dancing for a while, Jake realized he needed to find a bathroom. He
was feeling kinda sick and didn't want to puke on the dance floor. Finding
a bathroom ended up being pretty difficult since he was having a hard time
seeing and walking straight through the tight crowds and noise. Once
inside, he splashed some water on his face and relaxed a moment letting his
vision settle. He didn't remember being this drunk before. He sorta wished
he hadn't pre-gamed so much, but that thought was quickly whisked away by a
loud knock on the door.

It was Shay.

They fought their way through the crowd towards one of the brother's
rooms. Shay was friends with one of the frat guys who had asked him to come
up to have a few shots. Shay assured him he would love some Jaeger bombs.

Thirty minutes later, Jake was reeling. Shay had been wrong about him being
fine. Already being so drunk, he found that after a few shots of the black
licorice, his connection with the conscious world was slipping fast.

Seeing that Jake was almost passed out, Shay decided to drain his glass of
beer and get the two of them home. He helped lift Jake off the couch and
hooked his arm over Shay's shoulders. Since Shay was taller he had to
crouch down some. Jake's dorm was pretty close, so getting him home would
be cake. After that he would just need to fumble his way to his floor.

When they got to Jake's door, he awkwardly knocked on the door hoping Tyler
was home. Jake was nearly passed out and offered no help getting the door

No answer.

"Fuck. Jake, where are your keys? We need to get inside."

He let out a few grunts in answer and patted his left pocket. Shay sighed
and brought down his left hand to fish out the keys.

"Damn, how the hell are your nuts not crunched in these jeans? Those are
tight as fuck."

Jake only smiled, mumbled, and rested his head on Shay's shoulder for

After getting the door open, the two wobbled toward Jake's bed. Shay was
suddenly feeling really tired and anxious get back to his dorm to pass
out. He asked Jake if he was okay or if he needed anything. He only wanted
water, so Shay brought a big cup over and left it by Jake's bed. Jake had
already fallen asleep. Shay shrugged and left for his own room.

"Later dude. Sleep well."

After hearing the door slam shut, Tyler lifted himself up a bit and felt
the room spinning. He saw the water and reached for it bringing the cup to
his mouth. After several gulps, he felt a little better. He fumbled to put
the cup back on the nightstand, but instead spilled the contents all over
his pillows, sheets, and blanket. The top half of the bed was soaked, but
he was too messed up to do anything about it. Still spinning, he laid his
head down and closed his eyes again.

About ten minutes later, Tyler came home. The first thing he noticed was
the door unlocked, so he figured Jake was home. He smiled thinking to
himself what a lightweight. It was only one thirty in the morning.

Sure enough, he opened the door and peered inside. Jake was lying face down
on the bed with his legs sticking out into the walking area between their
beds. He came into the room and turned on his desk lamp so it wouldn't
light the room too much. Tyler was tense and wound up from working all day,
but was glad to be home. He celebrated by loading a bowl to help him relax
before bed.

After stripping down to his boxer briefs, he quickly sucked down a couple
hits off his bong. He was comfortably high at his computer reading and
contemplating looking at some porn. He hadn't beat off in days, and his
semi penis was reminding him of the neglect. It didn't help that his
attractive roommie was now passed out across from him. In a cowboy outfit,
no less.

He'd known for a long time he definitely appreciated both girls and
guys. In fact, his only two sexual experiences were with women, but he'd
often imagined what it would be like to be with a guy. He hadn't found the
nerve to tell Jake he might be bi since they were so comfortable around
each other already, and didn't want to mess anything up. He was pretty sure
Jake was straight, but they never really talked about it.

After getting up for another two hits, he realized he was feeling really
high. On his way back to his closet, he accidentally ran into Tyler's big,
clunky cowboy boots. The disturbance roused Jake from his unconscious state
for a few moments, and that's when he noticed Jake's bed was soaked with
what he hoped was water.

"Oh, heeeey Ty. I'm so druuunk, man. Shay made drink this nasty shit,
Jaeger. It tasted like ass. I feel sick," he said with heavy eyes.

Tyler couldn't help but laugh.

"Yea, it looks like you had quite a night. Your bed and clothes are soaked,
how you gonna sleep like that?" he asked asked.

"I have to pee," he responded. He tried moving out of his bed, but looked
like he couldn't stand to save his life.

Tyler shrugged, took one more hit, and sat his bong on Jake's nightstand
while he proceeded to help him up.

Just like that, he was taking care of his roommie. He didn't mind. Their
first week on campus, Jake had had to take care of him after he got super
trashed during a game of beer pong. He figured he was repaying the favor.

Tyler reached down next to Jake and helped lift him off the bed. Jake was
hoisted up into his arms and nearly toppled him over. Regaining their
balance, they made their way to the bathroom. Once inside, Tyler leaned him
against the wall in front of the toilet so he could do his business while
he waited outside. Before he could leave, he saw Jake attacking the buttons
of his jeans trying to get them undone. He felt awkward and wasn't sure
what to do, so he stood there a few minutes to see if Jake would need
help. After barely managing to get one button undone, he mumbled some words
to Tyler asking for help getting the buttons open. He looked pretty
adorable there struggling, thought Tyler.

"Aight, but then I'm going to wait outside."

"Okayyyy, hmmfp," slurred Jake.

Tyler was glad he was feeling high as a kite. He wasn't sure he would have
been able to help Tyler without being overwhelmingly nervous otherwise. He
stepped close to Jake and apprehensively reached his hands inside the two
front flaps of his roommate's jeans. He could smell the alcohol on Jake's
breath and see the rise and fall of his chest and stomach. As his fingers
fumbled and twisted trying to unhook the jean buttons, he could feel the
material of Jake's briefs. He always wore white briefs.

The buttons were more stubborn than he thought they would be. As he got
down to the last two buttons, Tyler could feel the heat, and what was
probably the head, of Jake's package pressing against the back of his
hand. He was tempted to get a better feel, but decided against it.

"All done, buddy. Going to be able to make it?"

"Yea, yea, yea, thanks man."

Tyler stood at the door leaning against the frame with his back to Jake
while he listened to him pee. He was thinking about how anxious he felt and
how warm Jake's package had been.

Jake stumbled out of the bathroom and nearly fell into Tyler who was lost
in his daydreaming. Apparently Jake wasn't able to button the jeans. The
flaps were wide open with the white of his briefs standing out. Hell, from
the looks of it, Jake had barely been able to stuff his dick back into his

With Tyler's help, Jake slammed his body back onto his bed resting on his
back with his feet planted on the floor. Tyler left Jake for a few minutes
and went to use the restroom. He pulled his dick out of his boxer briefs
and admired his thickening size. As he peed, he couldn't stop thinking
about how excited and nervous he felt after helping Jake with his
pants. After a few shakes, he moved back into the room and saw Jake bent
over toward his nightstand taking a huge rip from the bong he had left

"Dude, what are you doing?! You're so drunk already, are you trying to make
yourself sick???"

"It will, I mean, you know, I thought it might stop the room from

"Man, it doesn't work like that. That's going to make you feel super fucked
up, dude, wow, I can't believe you just a hit."

"Two," Jake giggled with a drunken smile.

"Wow," Tyler said while shaking his head.

He watched Jake lean down trying to pull his boots off without much
success. Tyler laughed and leaned down to help pull the heavy shoes off.

"Thaaaaanksxs again, uughhhh, I think I'm goona puke."

"Just lie down and breath, dude, and you'll be fine. I'm surprised you
haven't puked already from everything you've put into your system," Tyler

While fumbling with the buttons of his long sleeve cowboy shirt, Jake
mumbled "So…hot, ugh. Why are my pillows soaked? Gross."

It was already warm in their room, but Tyler assumed the alcohol and sick
feelings weren't helping the situation.

"I think you spilled water on your bed. You don't remember?"

Tyler almost had the second boot off. He took stock of the picture before
him and laughed at the pathetic sight. He had never seen Jake so drunk, let
alone drunk and high. In his experience, those weren't always a great

He felt the pillows and beds sheets. Soaked to the mattress. He decided to
pull off the pillowcases and let the pillows air dry on Jake's desk. Next,
he pulled the bed sheet down, but couldn't finish the job with Jake on top
of them.  He roused Jake and told him he was going to move him to Tyler's
bed for a second so he could pull off the wet sheets and blanket. He didn't
want to wake up to the smell mold. Plus, he figured Jake would appreciate

Once again, Tyler pulled Jake up and deposited the boy on his bed so he
could finish the job.

While hanging the sheet to dry, he asked, "Jake, when did you last eat?"

No response. He looked up and saw Jake's eyes closed with his hands by the
shirt button they were attempting to undo. He wondered what he should do
with him. He was still fully clothed and in the wrong bed.

Tyler tried to wake Jake up again to ask if he wanted to share a bed, but
Jake wasn't waking. I guess the bud hit him, he thought. Tyler decided he
would help him get undressed and push him next to the wall so they could
share the bed. The beds were small, but there looked to be just enough room
for the two of them. Tyler was both cautious and excited. He had never been
this close to his roommie. never touched him so much or helped him with
personal, intimate stuff. Tyler's dick was starting to swell with these

Embarrassed, Tyler gave his dick head a squeeze and willed it to go
down. He sat on his bed next to Jake's torso and leaned over to start
unbuttoning his shirt. He knew Jake hated sleeping with clothes on. His
shirt was damp from the heat and strain of moving around while dizzy. Not
to mention the water.

After undoing all the buttons, Tyler got up on his knees and tried moving
the shirt around the limp body so he could remove Jake's arms from the
sleeves. It was more difficult than he thought it would be and several
times his package brushed against Jake's left arm and torso as he was
maneuvering his body. Tyler tried to ignore the brushes and focus on the
task at hand. He felt embarrassed at his arousal, but couldn't help feeling
utterly turned on.

After he had the shirt off, he took another hit from his bong and cashed
the bowl. He coughed a little at the size of the hit. He was going to be
feeling really good in a few minutes.

He looked at Jake's shirtless body and exposed briefs with lust. His boxer
briefs started to tent again. This time he didn't worry about making it go
down; Jake was passed out.

Tyler sat back down on his bed and looked at Jake's body. Both of his arms
were resting above his head exposing his blond armpit hair. Tyler ran a
finger through the wispy pits. He could smell they had a clean sweat scent.

He bent over in front of Jake in preparation for getting the jeans off
him. They looked really tight and he groaned this was going to be a
chore. He hooked his hands inside of the jeans and started to tug. They
gave a little bit, but were hung up on Jake's ass. Shit, how am I going to
do this, he wondered. He decided to roll Tyler on his side and scoot down a
little on each side bit by bit.

This method seemed to work and in no time the tight jeans had cleared
Jake's bubble butt. As he was pulling down the jeans, he couldn't help but
notice the feel of Jake's ass cheeks below the thin fabric of the Hanes
briefs. They were so light he could even make out the skin tone below the
material. Tyler's dick throbbed.

After pulling the pants past Jake's crotch, he moved him back onto his back
so he could slip the jeans the rest of the way down. He pulled at the end
of the jeans and they happily slid off. Glad to be done with that task,
Tyler looked at Jake's brief clad body. Tyler wondered if Jake's pubic hair
was blond, too. He'd been in athletics for years and never saw anyone with
both blond hair and blond pubes. For whatever reason, it was usually darker
down south.

He wrestled with himself. Should I take a peek? Will he notice? With what
little light was filling the room, Tyler could see Jake breathing
heavily. Tyler sat beside Jake and once again ran his fingers over his
chest, only this time continuing past his stomach and over his
package. Tyler pulled his hand away before mustering the courage to place
his entire hand over Jake's brief pouch. He was overcome with lust,
anxiety, and hunger. Slowly, as not to awaken Jake, he moved his hand
around feeling Jake's balls and penis.  The material was moist, and Jake's
balls felt loose in their pouch.

With his other hand, Tyler spread Jake's legs more so he could move his
hands below the underwear-clad balls.

After a few minutes of feeling around, Tyler got brave and decided to look
into Jake's underwear.

"Jake, you awake? Hey Jake, wake up. Jake. Jake?"

Tyler placed his hands into the waistband of Jake's briefs and pulled down
the front. He was shocked.

"So you do have blond pubes," he barely whispered to himself. He thought
they looked awesome.  Tyler pulled down a bit more to catch a glimpse of
Jake's dick.

"Holy shit," he muttered. He isn't circumcised.

Tyler had never seen an uncut dick before. At least not in person. Tyler
was driven to investigate more so he pulled Jake's briefs down even more
exposing his large, hefty balls.

For a long time Tyler just started at Jake's penis and balls while he slept
soundly. Tyler placed a hand on Jake's penis and picked up the end. It was
soft, but still had some heft. It felt different than his own with the
foreskin. Tyler decided he wanted to see what it looked and felt like to
pull the skin back, but needed a better angle. He decided to get off the
bed and pull Jake's briefs all the way off. With that done, he sat in front
of Jake on the floor between his spread legs.

The first thing he noticed this close to Jake's crotch was the manly, musky
smell of clean sweat. He was intrigued by the smell and it only seemed to
encourage him. He was, once again, confused by his feelings and behavior.

He took Jake's dick into his hands and started to peel the skin back. It
was neat to watch. Finally the head came into view. It was glistening in a
way his own did not. As he was holding Jake's penis in his hands, he
noticed it was starting to grow. Frightened, he looked up to make sure Jake
was still asleep. When Tyler realized he was, he smiled to himself and
slowly moved his hand up and down Jake's penis daring it to grow larger.

He was intrigued with the way Jake's foreskin seemed to glide over the dick

As Tyler slowly jacked the uncut penis, he leaned back to look at Jake's
balls and taint. He touched them and felt the way the hairs distributed
along the sack and shaft. Jake wasn't too hairy.

Tyler focused back on the enlarging penis in his hand and leaned forward to
smell the tip. He gave it a slight lick. Shocked by what he did, he pulled
his head back. He wasn't sure why he did it, but he enjoyed the
experience. It tasted a little salty, but not unpleasant. He kept jerking
and as he did that, he leaned forward and put the head of Jake's dick in
his mouth. Jake's dick was now rock hard, and Tyler could feel Jake's heart
beat through his pulsing dick.

He was being driven mad with lust.

As he continued to play with Jake's penis, he ran his mouth and nose along
his balls smelling and gently tasting his manliness. Tyler reached into his
own underwear and pulled out his meaty eight-inch dick. His balls weren't
as large as Jake's but he definitely had a bigger dick. He was leaking
already and started to slowly stroke his dick. Tyler leaned back enjoying
the feelings of stroking and the view of his naked roommate in front of him
spread eagle.

He was jerking pretty hard when he became curious about Jake's asshole. He
wondered what it looked like, what color it was, and if it would look like

He made sure Jake was still sleeping. Once he was, he pulled Jake's torso
off the bed a little more and spread his legs wider. This allowed him to
see and access Jake's asshole. It was bright pink with red around the edges
and seemed to be pulsing, too!

Inebriation and what felt like raw animal lust fueled Tyler's exploration
as he pulled apart the base of Jake's ass cheeks so he could get a closer
look. He saw golden hairs around the asshole. He took a whiff. Musky and
manly with a hint of bar soap. He didn't know men could smell so
enticing. He didn't understand why he was so attracted to these smells.

He leaned forward and gave Jake's pink asshole a small lick.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what am I doing, he thought. But his rationale had
already surrendered the battle long ago.

Tyler licked his finger and started playing with Jake's hole. He was
enjoying running his index finger over the moistened delicate flesh.

Every now and then Jake would moan or make some other sleepy noise. Tyler
was getting less and less concerned Jake would wake up.

As Tyler continued playing with Jake's hole, he started pushing against the
entrance. A few minutes of this seemed to relax the hole into
submission. It was opening up against the pressure of the digit. Tyler spit
onto his finger and started pushing against the hole again. As it was
opening up, Tyler was jacking his dick with his right hand. He was
enthralled by the hole making room for his finger. It was so tight and

He met some resistance once his finger went in about an inch or two, so he
pulled his finger slowly out and stuck it in his mouth for more lube, not
even thinking about taste.

He dabbed a little spit on his finger and started to push into Jake's hole
again. This time the resistance was less, and Jake's ass seemed to welcome
his finger deeper sucking it in with ease.

When he was all the way in, he felt around with his finger. He knew about
the prostate and was intent on finding it. He'd never been able to find his
own, but was sure he could find Jake's. After some squirming, he was pretty
sure he'd found it. It felt much smaller than he imagined.

When he pressed it, Jake moaned and his dick jumped with seemingly renewed
vigor. Eventually Tyler pulled his finger out.

He was surprised how clean his finger was when he pulled out. This entire
experience was nearly driving him wild. He was jacking off, but didn't want
to cum. He wanted to make Jake cum, but didn't know how. What he really
wanted to do, but didn't want to admit to himself, was stretch that tight
hole with his dick.

He wanted to fuck Jake.

After a few minutes of contemplation, he walked over to his dresser drawers
and pulled out a bottle of silicone lube. He had bought it this summer
after reading about it online and enjoyed jerkin with it. He brought the
bottle over to the floor by Jake's feet. He pulled off his underwear and
leaned down on his knees. He put some of the lube on his finger and started
to play with Jake's hole again. With the aid of the lube, his finger
plunged into Jake's ass. He stroked the firm prostate gently rubbing and
pressing for about five minutes. Jake's dick was still rock hard and now

With his free hand, Tyler touched the end of Jake's dick feeling the precum
gathered under the foreskin. It felt crazy to be so connected to his
roommie by both penetrating him and holding an extension of Jake in his

He pushed on Jake's prostate one more time before pulling out and rubbing
lube onto his cock.

He was worried about fitting his entire dick into Jake's ass, but told
himself he would just put the tip inside. I just want to feel what it's
like, he thought.

Turning Jake over wasn't too difficult. After he repositioned Jake fully on
the bed and on his stomach, he spread Jake's legs enough to offer him free
access to the greased up hole in front of him. He was still shocked at what
he was doing, but couldn't will himself to stop.

He placed the head of his dick at Jake's entrance and held it there sliding
his head up and down. He was loving watching the precum slide up and down
Jake's fuck hole.

Sweat was gathering all over his body.

When he started to put pressure on Jake's hole, it wouldn't give. The girth
of his dick was more than Jake's hole was accustomed. Still, he was patient
and kept up persistent pressure. After a while, Jake's ass started to
relent and Tyler's dick slowly slid inside a little at a time.

He was in rapture at the feeling of Jake's sphincter muscles relaxing but
still tight, creating a canal for his dick to travel in order to reach the
dark recesses of his ass. Jake was starting to stir beneath him, but hadn't
woken yet. He knew he should pull out, but he didn't want to. He only had
about four inches buried in Jake, and wanted to see how much he could
fit. He slid further, inch-by-inch, taking his time. Despite the incredible
tightness, Jake's hole seemed to be accommodating. Tyler was astounded at
how amazing his dick looked buried in Jake's ass, but even more astounded
at the incredible feeling of warmth that made his hard cock feel like it
was glowing.

After a few minutes of stretching Jake's hole, Tyler pulled out a little
and squirted more lube onto the exposed parts of his dick. He then slid his
rod back into the warm and inviting hole. With half his dick buried, he
started to slowly pump his way in and out.

He was silently surprised and thankful that Jake was still sleeping. While
he was slowly stroking with his hands holding him up over Jake's back, he
could see sweat drops from his brow sprinkling Jake's sweaty back. He
thought it looked hot. He felt himself getting close, but didn't want to
end the experience yet so he made himself slow down.

He concentrated on burying more of his cock deeper. He didn't want to hurt
Jake so he stopped when he felt resistance about five inches inside.

Nearly balls deep in Jake's ass, he leaned down to Jake's neck and smelled
his scent. He then started to lick Jake's back and neck slowly drawing Jake
closer to him. He felt his hands around enjoying every moment of this
delicious man under him.

He reached under his friends's body and was surprised to find Jake's dick
still rock hard and making a precum mess. He wanted to see what it looked
like to fuck Jake and watch his dick leak, so he pulled out ever so slowly
and turned Jake over back onto his back.

Jake shuffled his arms a bit, then went back to breathing heavily. Tyler
lifted Jake's legs some and stuffed one of his pillows under his ass to
lift it up more. Tyler put Jake's legs against his shoulders and reinserted
his large cock into his roommate's asshole. He started to pump slowly
again, only this time watching Jake's dick pulse with every thrust. Precum
was pooling on Jake's happy trail. He looked past Jake's dick to his
own. In and out he saw his dick diving into Jake's willing ass only to
resurface for a moment then plunge back in. Tyler could feel the muscles in
his ass and legs tighten with each thrust, could feel his groin controlling
the speed and depth his penis would sink.

At one point, he started to fuck too vigorously and roused Jake awake.

"Dude, OOOoooowwww, wat the fuck is goin on man what are you doing, what
the fuck?"

For a moment, Tyler was scared shitless. Then he thought what the hell, and
grabbed Jake's hard dick again and went back to fucking him while
concentrating on pile driving Jake's prostate. With his left hand, he
covered Jake's mouth so he wouldn't make too much noise and whispered into
his right ear to relax and enjoy the feelings.

After a few minutes of Tyler pumping Jake's very relaxed hole and stroking
his wet seven inch dick, Jake started to moan in a lustful way.

Was he really enjoying himself??

Encouraged by his response, Tyler pulled his hand away from Jake's mouth
and kept thrusting into his ass while doing everything he could to give his
roommie as much pleasure as he was feeling.

In this moment, Tyler felt rapturous with Jake. He started kissing and
licking around Jake's neck, tasting his sweat. With his left hand, he was
holding Jake's head back by grabbing his hair while furiously hand fucking
Jake's dick with his right. Tyler could feel his own balls slap against
Jake's ass while Jake's balls were tightening.

After a few more minutes of this, Jake's back arched upward as his eyes
rolled back, and he let out a long scream that seemed more like a war
cry. Jake grabbed Tyler's neck with both of his hands as his fuckhole
started to tighten and convulse around Tyler's cock. His body quaked with
orgasmic fury.

About fifteen seconds later, deep inside Jake, Tyler could feel his
roommate's dick finally starting to erupt. Several long ropes of hot cum
spewed from Jake's dick. Tyler felt close to cumming and started pumping
even harder. Since Jake was already in the throes of his orgasm, the
intensity of the rough and hard fucking only prolonged and increased his

With sweat pouring off his face and chest, Tyler let out a series of moans
like he'd never heard himself make before. Jake's hole was clamped down
tight on Tyler's dick as he pistoned in and out with an accompaniment of
slapping noises. He felt his balls pull up as high as they would possibly
go, and he started to release his flood of fuck juice up Jake's ass. While
he was thrusting his cum deep into Jake's bowels, he rested his body weight
on top of Jake moaning, breathing, and drooling into Jake's flushed neck
and shoulders.

He could feel the sweat and warmth radiating between them. He heard the
rapid beats of their hearts and their breathing starting to slow down. Once
his orgasm subsided, reality came rushing back to him in a flash.

Stricken with fear at the thought of what Jake might do, he looked up and
saw Jake smiling stupidly at him.

Tyler's dick was still hard inside of Jake. He could see drops of his own
sweat on Jake's face. He leaned down and kissed Jake. He was more than a
little surprised when Jake kissed back. It was a sloppy kiss, but Tyler
didn't care. As the two boys held each other, Tyler finally had the
courage, and the breath, to speak.

"Why aren't you mad?"

"Uh, that felt amazing? By the time I realized what was happening, I was so
close to cumming I couldn't think about anything else. The room was still
spinning…that felt so surreal."

"Yea, tell me about it."

"Pull your giant dick out, it's starting to hurt. Anyway, I want to see
what you stuffed inside of me," Jake said.

"That was fucking incredible, Jake!"

With a laugh, Tyler pulled out slowly and let Jake inspect him. Even though
he was still obviously drunk and sleepy, he seemed to have regained some of
his coherency.

Tyler rolled beside Jake and put his arms around the boy. He couldn't
explain what had happened, but this experience seemed to have unleashed
something inside. Vulnerability had given way to the content feeling of

As they were worming their way to Tyler's pillows, Jake said, "Tomorrow
you're gonna have to tell me how I ended up like this."

"Okay," was all Tyler could reply.

"And Tyler? Next time it's your turn."

"Uh, okay," he replied again with a bit of a nervous laugh.

Tyler turned out the lamp and scooted next to Jake, pulling him into a
tight spoon position. He could feel Jake's load smeared across his stomach
and chest, as well as his own leaking out of Jake's ass. Smiling, he closed
his eyes and invited sleep.

Both boys were out before their cum dried.

Sucking my Roommate by antcup

Sucking my roommate by antcup

I went to a small Midwest college in the late 80's-- I was a much better
than average looking guy and quite the ladies man or so I thought.  I had
never even thought about ever being with another guy until my senior year
when a new roommate of mine lured me in if you will because of a dick that
no one could overlook and end up not wanting.  John was simply a
lady-killer and his cock was well known in the sorority circles.  He was
probably a 7 on the scale but because of his "reputation" he was clearly a
10 in most of the ladies eyes!

JR and I moved into a big house off campus and literally the first day as
he was getting out of the shower I could not help stare at his cock as he
came out of the shower - but of course I felt funny so I kept this to
myself at that time from taking it any further in my head.  But as the
weeks rolled by and the fact we didn't have a shower curtain on the shower,
I caught myself taking more and more looks.  Finally something happened
that put me overboard.  One day I came home to find john straddling a chick
in the middle of the TV room with his monster between the tits of some
chick I had never saw.  For one we were all freaked out about me walking
in, but when I saw that thing hard, I think that put me over -- it was
easily the largest dick I had ever seen in person.  That night I came home
alone from some party and yep my mind took me to that scene and I ended up
jacking off to thinking about it -- I remembered how close I got and the
fact I could actually see his veins and how big his cock head was.  It was
a great fantasy and orgasm and I felt real guilty afterwards, but soon I
was doing it all the time.

Then I wanted to take it a little further -- I wondered what it would be
like to hold it, suck it and or taste it - I new I could somehow find the
infamous cum towel every guy has by his bed somewhere and savor smelling
and maybe tasting his cum.  I simply could not believe I was thinking this
but I kept going farther and farther in my mind night after night
wondering.  And finally that day came one morning as john left for class
and sure enough a huge glob of cum on a towel next to his bed.  My heart
was racing and my 7.5-inch cock was never harder.  I stroked and stroked
and finally took some of his juice for lubrication and quickly blew a
teenage load, which hit me in the face and was all over his bed.  Now I was
freaking but hooked on my roommates cock -- what was happening.

Then something made things even more interesting and ultimately made the
whole thing eventually turn into a 10-year story.  One day my girlfriend
mentioned that my room mates girls friend who was close to my girl friend
told him that she thought something was funny about John and his former
college --she basically told my girlfriend that she had found some letter
between John and another former room-mate when he was at another college.
Basically she alluded to the words and tone was from a relationship of more
than just room-mates.  As amazed, as I was to hear this and shocked hearing
about John the lady-killer.  My cock got stiff thinking about the
possibility of him being bi.  My heart raced and my mind then went to the
next level.

As the weeks passed I kept coping looks, jacking off and my fantasies got
deeper and deeper.  Basically all I wanted to do was have that cock in my
mouth and taste him.  As much as I thought about my girlfriend telling me
that story, I never really though it could be true until of course a night
that changed it all.

John and I were drunk and his chick was back home.  We were sitting on the
couch and of course the subject of us being so Horney came up.  It was late
and he was crouched down on the couch and the bulge of just his flaccid
dick filled his shorts -- it was unreal what his cock was like not hard
compared to any other cocks I had seen.  All of a sudden he started talking
about Blowjobs and the fact half the chicks just jack him off more or less
because of his size.  This was the first time we ever started talking about
his dick and size.  JR told me he urned for someone to really suck him off
all the way and for god sake swallow his come and not stop in the middle of
him coming.  As the conversation continued, he said that he could care less
who it was, all he wanted is his cock sucked.  So now we are half drunk
talking about cocks and sucking and I am dying.  I laughed and said oh so
your saying anyone could suck it boy, girl and you could care less.  JR
said yep -- a good blowjob is just that.  I laughed and then it just came
out -- ok whip it out and I blow you.  He laughed and said you would do
that for me roomy and I said absolutely anything for you buddy.  The whole
time I'm thinking this is no way a move by me but just a joke, and then JR
stands up and pulls his cock out of his shorts and stood up in front of me
as I was sitting on the couch.  It was the closest I had ever been to a
cock let alone his -- he moved over and said "ok buddy it's all yours suck
me off".  I was starting to get inkling that maybe this wasn't a joke.
With that I moved closer and said ok here I go and quickly grabbed his half
hard cock and gave it a tug.  Again we laughed but he did not jump away or
move.  He then grabbed his cock and pumped it a few times and again I
laughed and just said he had the hugest dick I had ever seen.  He kept
stroking it in front of me as it wa probably now half hard and said c'mon
please suck me or make me cum -- I am so Horney.  Finally I though I would
make a move that I could regret forever -- I was going to jokingly lick his
cock since he did not seem to care when I touched it -- so I said ok buddy
come closer and I'll suck away.  He took a step and literally his head was
at my mouth and then I did it -- I licked him quickly and all he did was
grab his cock so he could steer it into my virgin mouth.  Next thing I know
I have his head in my mouth and am actually sucking up and down and he is
just standing there and then comes the moan.  That's when I understood my
fantasy was in my mouth and really going to happen.  I then anted to savor
it all and make sure if it never happened again, that at least I would
remember everything about his cock.  The look, his taste his actions of
moaning and humping.  His cock was unreal, beautifully hung and
proportioned with monstrous balls that of course where shaven.  As I
continued to work his cock in my mouth more and more he was moaning how
turned on he was and how good I was -- with that I pulled my cock out of my
shorts and started jacking.  I could taste what I knew was some of his cum
and god it was awesome.  I hade him in my mouth and totally in control --
now he would be mine as he wasn't going anywhere until he came.

Then he kind of freaked about being in the TV room with all the windows and
all so he said he wanted to go up to the room -- god this was just unreal I
thought.  We ran upstairs and got naked and jumped on the mattress.  I
grabbed his cock and keeps sucking away, he asked me if I could take his
load and I just moaned with his monster probably reality only a quarter in
my mouth.  It was so big and frankly my mouth was killing me but I wanted
to taste him.  He started humping faster and faster and then grabbed my
head -- yelled are your sure you want it and again I moaned -- he was
bucking really hard and we were both sweating I remember as we had no ac --
then I felt it -- a rifle shot of his young cum and then what felt like a
thousand more and what I though was a bucket full -- I was so turned on and
sucking as much as I could, but the forth or fifth shot made me gag and I
pulled him out of me.  There was cum everywhere and I remember the strong
smell and taste of him -- it was better than I thought it would ever be.
As I laid there we started laughing but he was also stroking my cum soaked
hair -- it was great because I know as a guy when you cum and show any
effect ion -- the other partner must have been pretty darn good -- JR stood
up with his 9 inch cock still hard and said that he hoped we could do this
every day -- I laughed and said we'll see - thought maybe I could tease him
a little.  I went down to get a beer and when I returned there he was naked
on the bed with his huge cock sleeping -- I laid on the bed a jacked off so
hard with the taste of him still in my mouth -- I blew in 1 minute.

That was the first of many blowjobs I gave JR.  Even after we graduated I
would visit him often and usually I would be sucking his cock in the car
from the airport.