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Personal Experiences by Various

These stories have been gleaned from part of a forum which discusses the subject of sleeping guys (mainly) and are the few which fall within the remit of this blog. Many others discuss experiences in youth and/or are too short to be bother copying here. I have had to do a fair amount of spellchecking and grammar checking just to get these ones into a readable state. For anyone interested the forum is at:

There are 33 pages from 2011 to current date. I hope you enjoy these short, edited stories.

By: Shhkeepitasecret 23

One day my co-worker/friend drank a whole fifth to ourselves. He drinks a lot and when he does he passes out. He is light skinned, 6'2, skinny with tattoos, and has the cutest face omg!

Well while he was sleeping and I got curious. So I turned the tv off so if he saw me I could just lay down really quickly. I rubbed his chest and my dick instantly got hard. I licked his abs and my hand went into his shorts. My body quickly got weak. I pulled out 9 inches of the big dick. I started jacking him, then I started sucking him. He was moaning. Omg I was so horny I wanted to ride him raw, but his girlfriend was two rooms away even though she had the door closed. I kept sucking him. Taking breaks because my jaw would get tired. This went on until 5am. He started moving as the drunkenness probably was wearing off. I stopped and put his dick back where it belonged, and went back to the floor. Two minutes rolled by and I touched him again. He was harder than a motherfucka.

He moved his dick up and down and I was thinking, “He wants me to keep going.”

I was jacking him through his shorts, his dick twitched one more time and he woke up. He asked me what I was doing I said I was playing. He told me to stop and ask where his girl was. I told him she was in the room. I asked if I could keep going be he said I couldn't. So I laid down. Over the next month we had arguments about it but we remained friends. Often he winks at me while his girl is not paying attention. I smile. Last week I sucked him again and I think he was awake but never moved or nothing. I decided to stop. I jack off thinking about his fine ass all the time. Today is his birthday. Happy birthday Brandon you sexy mothasucka you!

By: Notion Germany

I always had this fetish with men asleep... they seem so cute totally relaxed and helpless! I also did some moves during the college times. I used to live alone and almost every weekend had friends hanging around. Some of them were deep sleepers and I did not have the nerve to go further then some touching, feet licking and sometimes also kissing their lips.

After that, I had some attempts when sleeping in dorms in youth hostels, but it seemed to be too dangerous even tough sometimes my targets were visibly out of this world on alcohol. I was also caught twice while I was tasting some feet/fingers... ahahahaha

Recently, I met a guy through an app and we had some sex. It was very good, long and intense and I guess he had a few beers before he met me. He fell into a deep sleep immediately after I fucked him. I was also very tired, but could not resist playing with him. He was very hot, tall (more than 1.90), blonde, blue eyes, strong etc. I started to play with him, kissed his lips deeply, sucked him, used his hand to jerk me, put my cock on his mouth and he didn't even changed his breath. Man, it was sooooooo hot! I did it several times during the night, and he has no clue about it! hehehehe

By: HeF26 France

I had some friends over at my house once and I knew one of them was gay, even though he never told anyone. I wanted him to touch me and I could see during the evening that he was looking at me with interest. So during the conversation, I managed to say nonchalantly that the weather was hot these days and that I had to sleep in the nude. Then later, when it was time to sleep, I led my guests to their beds, some of them in the living room on the couch and the others (including him) in the bedrooms upstairs.

We said good night to each other and went to our rooms. I undressed myself completely and lay on my bed on my belly, with my legs lightly spread and my penis pulled back between them. I covered myself with my blanket just over my legs and butt and waited for him to make a move. A few moments later, I was getting sleepy but I woke up when I heard my door opening slowly. I couldn't see him well in the dark but I knew it was him. He came at me and knelt at the edge of my bed. I felt my blanket pulled down slowly, progressively exposing my cheeks to him. My heart was pounding. Then he caressed my cheeks for a while, he was very careful, and then I guess he must have noticed my penis between my legs I felt his hand reaching for it and grabbing it. I got hard almost instantly. He started masturbating me while caressing my cheeks and at a moment, he took his hand off of them, at first I thought he wanted to masturbate himself too but then I heard noises from his mouth, like a kiss, and before I knew it, his hand slid in between my cheeks and he put a finger up my bum. I had to fight the urge to moan as he was fingering me and masturbating me. It didn't take long before I came in his hand. It was awesome. then he just took his finger off, pulled back my blanket up and left my room.

By: John – US

I felt my friend up twice when I would sleep in the same bed as him. We were both 18 at the time and he's a really heavy sleeper so I knew I could get away with it as I was pretty curious already. It started with him moving around a lot in his sleep and he would end up laying right on top of me with his face pressed against mine. We both slept shirtless and he wore gym shorts and 'Under Armour' underwear so it was pretty easy to feel him up.

One night when I was feeling pretty brave, I slid my leg up in between his and slowly brought my hand below his shorts. I felt up his massive bulge first and then I slowly slid my hand into his underwear. He was freshly shaved and warm. I pressed my body up against his until our chests were touching. I felt his hot breath against mine and I moved my hips back and forth against him with one hand on his dick and the other around his chest. Each time I would get close to cumming I would stop and wait and then do it again. Eventually I just cupped his balls and dick with my hand and then just fell back asleep there in his arms.

I suddenly woke back up when he moved and quickly pulled my hand out, afraid he was awake. But he wasn' least I don't think he was. We were both sweaty from our skin being pressed against each other for so long, but I wasn't done yet. I wanted him naked. So I pulled his shorts down, but as I was pulling his underwear he moved again. Afraid he would wake up, I just decided to be done so I jacked off. I came so much that night. It was exhilarating enough that I did it all again another night. I feel pretty guilty about it but it was a learning experience. I don't think I'd ever do anything with guys again though. It is still an interesting memory and we're still friends today.

By: Silver pirate – Slough UK

When I was in the Army, aged about 19, I used to go into some of the guys' barrack rooms and watch them asleep. Some of them slept nude, and being squaddies they were quite fit and hot. I would very quietly, with my heart pounding, slip off their bedclothes (no duvets in those days, lol) and see their bodies as they lay asleep in the gloom.

One guy woke up and saw me watching him, and said "Who's that?".

OMG, I was so scared, I ran like a rabbit back across the quad to my side of the barracks, lol.

Another time, I felt a guy up (he had always been so attractive to me) as he slept, and got him hard, but again, I chickened out when he seemed to be waking up, and ran away.

Finally, I crept into the room my friend slept in, full of other guys asleep (lol), and put my hand on his cock. He got stiff (although he was quite small even when hard). He got out of bed and took me by the hand into the block bathroom. We went into a stall and I knelt at his feet and sucked him off. His undies were round his knees, and I cupped his bare ass in my hands and massaged his butt cheeks. He got really excited and began to wank as I sucked him, until boom, I felt his thick cum on my tongue. It was so thick, almost like jelly.
All a long, long time ago, sadly.

By: Unknown – Denver Co.

I am 18 and one night I spent the night At my sister's house and my bro in law was 32. He is really sexy by the way, and his 5'9 build is really muscular with a very nice ass. He has one of the best I have ever seen. It's big but looks very nice with him and he has tattoos on his arms covering his biceps and triceps. He looks like one of those scary big guys and look 100% straight but as we got to know each other he used to make jokes that his dick was huge and that it was bigger than a horse lol but I stayed quiet dreaming about it.

Well back to the night he was sitting next to me and it was around midnight. My sister was sleeping and it was just me and him. He was in soccer shorts and he looked so cute with nice legs and ass and as he had no shirt he brought a cover well we were like three inches away from each other. I felt his hand touching my knee then working itself up to my thigh. He massaged it and I put my hand in his and it was very warm.

I dropped my hand to his balls he said, Hey what the fuck are you doing."

I said, " I'm massaging your legs.”

"That's not my fucking leg," he said as I kept on rubbing. He was so hard and I felt he was about to explode. His cock seemed about eight and a half inches.

Then he seemed to not care. I opened his shorts to stick my hand in there he pulled it out and placed it on his thigh then I worked it out with the same steps and after several tries I started to jerk up and down. He had an uncut dick and he lifted me up and placed my butt crack in his dick. He kept on rubbing until I felt the warm cum in my butt crack after that we fell asleep together and we had sex again around three in the morning. His dick was huge as he had said, so juicy and amazing.

It was my first sex and he kept saying over and over that I was his faggot.

By Vincent – Paris

A few months ago, during the holidays, I was been jerked off every night for a whole week by a guy while I was asleep. He is the son of my uncle's friend so we've met once in a while but that was all. We were spending a week at his house.
Just so you know, I'm straight but I don't mind getting a hand job from a boy. I've always had that effect on some boys since I was a kid, and they found excuses to feel my penis and sometimes when they were bigger than me, I couldn't stop them from playing with it as long as they wanted so I stopped worrying about it.

Anyway, I had to share his room during our stay and he started to touch me the very first night. I had a mattress on the floor next to his bed and we went to sleep around midnight. Then, later, I woke up with him stroking my penis. It was really dark so I couldn't see much and I guess he couldn't see that my eyes has opened a bit either but from where I was laying, I could just distinguish his head and his arm coming down on me. It took me a while to realize that he managed to take off my blanket, pull down my boxers and lift up my shirt without waking me up and that he must have been at it for quite a while because he was really slow and I was very hard and close to ejaculating. I was tired and I knew it would be awkward for both of us to sleep in the same room for a week if I stopped him so I thought I might as well let him finish. I closed my eyes again. I was getting really close and he must have felt it because he aimed at the side of my mattress and made me ejaculate on the floor under his bed. Then he wiped it off with his blanket and put mine back on me after pulling back my boxers.

It happened each night. I tried several times to stay awake to see him go at it from the start but I failed each time. I always fell asleep and woke up only when I was already half naked with my penis in his hand, ready to cum.

In 2 weeks, we're going back to their house again to spent another week and I've been thinking more and more about it because I believe it's going to happen again and I don't know if I should go or try to find an excuse to avoid it because it's kind of weird, even if it gets me a free orgasm every night.

By: Sleeping friend.

I am 22 and my friend is 19 almost 20. I met my friend less than a year ago at a mutual friends graduation party. I was your average 22 year old straight guy. We shook hands that day and I noticed there was something different, but at the time I ignored it. I went to a new church the following day and Bam was there. He came up to me and he gave me this huge hug and squeezed me. Now this wasn't so bad if it wasn't for the fact that Bam is very muscular and is very well built. He had a bulge and it was lined right up to mine.

I gently pulled him away and patted his back and thought to myself, "Did this really just happen?”

Once again I shook it off. Months went by and the little things Bam does got me very interested. It wasn't until we was at another church praying that I noticed. We were holding hands and Bam started to take his thumb and rub it across my hand, gently squeezing it. When we were done praying, he looked at me with a cute smile and looked down at my hand. I moved my hand away but that was when I noticed I had a hard on. I had grown to have sexual feelings for another guy.

We didn't do anything until about September. It was the first night I stayed over. We were both sleeping in sleeping bags and I looked over to see Bam asleep. I got curious. I placed my hand gently under his bag and started to tug at his cock. Then Bam moved almost waking up. Petrified, I lay there. This has happened over and over again. Sometimes I think he knows I am playing with him, but he doesn't ever say anything. Recently he's been making a lot of pervy jokes. Talking about his junk and kissing, Just the other night he called me daddy but Wednesday night was the real kicker. Usually when he goes to bed he always makes sure the zipper to the bag is to his left. That night it was to the right facing me. I asked him why the change-up and he said he likes to be dangerous. So I went to bed and I pulled the zipper down and I went to put my hand on his cock and his hand wass there blocking me. So I tried removing it, but to no avail. All I managed to do was get him to grunt and snort. Finally after a while he hit me with is hand. I paid no attention and ignored it. Once again he hit me. This time I realized he was rock hard and no longer had his hand over his cock. Weird right? So I went on the approach and I felt his hard cock in his pants. I went to unzip then and he moved. Every time I tried to unzip his pants he would pretend to wake up. As long as I didn't make an attempt he would just lie there. I jacked off while rubbing his cock and I feel asleep.

I woke up with my hand in his pants and his butt up against me. I removed my hand and got up and checked the time. It was 3 am in the morning. I use the bathroom and got a drink and decided it was time for some sleep. When we woke up he was rubbing his cock saying how good it felt and said that was fun.

I asked him what was fun and he said "Oh something that happened in a dream.”

I asked him what but he said it was a secret.

As we got up he looked down and said " By the way your dick is hard and touched my shorts with his finger has he left the room

By: Daddy Rayoner - Littleton Co

It's been about a year since I've blown one of my best friends. He is 26 and I am 19. We are straight. He is my cousin's, boyfriend and the baby's father, and my only close friend. He and my cousin have been together for about 6 years. It all started one night after we had been drinking and smoking. My cousin, him, and myself were all passed out in my cousin's bed. They didn't like me sleeping on the floor or on the couch. My cousin and her man are deep sleepers without alcohol or weed, so that gives you an idea of how deep in sleep they were. I would always just lightly play with his cock through his basketball shorts, or put my hand in there. One time I got really brave and decided to give him head. All night I gave him head. He would wake up and move a little bit then be out cold again. The morning came and it was pretty light in the room. I decided I would try again while daylight. My cousin stayed sleeping through all of this. That morning I was giving him head and I noticed he was not snoring any more. I looked up as my mouth was full of his dick and he was awake looking at me!!! My heart dropped to my stomach in fear, but to my surprise he shook his head as if yo say “yes” letting me know to keep going. I stayed on it for a few minutes until he turned over and passed out again. He didn't cum but it was amazing. Later that day everything was normal between us as if nothing ever happened.

Monday, 12 October 2015

One Time

 Reprinted from

one time

My best friend in HS was on the wrestling team.
I became his opponent when we would wrestle at home all the time.
We’d get to the point of both of us sweating all over until one of us pinned the other.
I loved having him press his body up against mine during these moves.
I would grind on him some too. 
We always did this with clothes on and Jim always came across as str8.
We both had girl friends who were best friends with each other too.
We would go out together all the time and party together.
Jim loved to drink but couldn’t hold his booze too good.
He passed out cold all the time.
So one night I decided to creep on him as he was passed out cold.
I grabbed his cock thru his jeans and gently squeezed. He didn’t move or change his slight snoring.
I unbuttoned his jeans and peeled down the zipper.
I pulled his jeans open and down a little until I could see his bulge in his white briefs.
I reached down and played rubbed his cock with my fingers thru his underwear.
I grabbed his balls and moved them around a little.
Then I got bolder and pulled the waist band of his underwear away from his body.
I could see his bush and his soft cock.
He had no shirt on and his chest was gently rising and falling as he breathed.
I pulled the underwear down and held it there when I reached for his cock with my other hand.
I gently stroked his soft cock with my thumb and 2 fingers.
He got semi hard and I leaned down and sucked his cock.
It really didn’t get hard but I loved sucking on it and I kissed his balls.
Jim was out cold and his cock would not really get hard.
I was hard as a rock and was stroking my cock.
I reached down and grabbed Jim’s hand with mine and used his hand to stroke my hard on.
I also turned around and used his hand on my ass.
That’s when I shot my load. 
Jim never woke up. I kissed his cock head one more time and buttoned him back up.
I messed around with him several times when he was passed out.
He never really got a hard on though - cause he was shit face drunk passed out.
A few years later… when Jim had broken up with his GF, we went camping and ended up wrestling around our big tent completely naked. 
That’s another story.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Eposed by Hammerdog

EXPOSED by Hammerdog

I saw you standing over me. Though you thought I was asleep
Twas my plan for me to see if you would actually take a peek.
With my boxers pulled up tight, I made sure my thighs were wide spread,
And the leg hole I arranged just right so you could see from overhead.

My penis was hard, but not because it was becoming morn.
Nor did I have to piss at all that made my limp a horn.
But to reveal my cock and balls to my best friend's sexy dad.
What made my dick so stiff, was the thought that you'd be bad.

I could tell you wanta touch it, through my peeking eyelids, see.
And I thought, when your head came so close, you would fulfill my fantasy.
It's really quite a surprise and delight to see a man so cute.
To be looking so intently, at my stirring boyhood salute.

I would pretend to not wake up, if you decided to partake.
I'd let you stroke my throbbing cock, and squeeze my nuts that ache.
There'd be nothing sweeter, then to fell my peter slide across you lips, I confess .
I was hoping you would not be afraid, to fondle, stroke, and corers.

But to my deep disappointment, I was sorry to see you retreat.
I wanted, for you, my cum to spew. You would have thought It quite a treat.
But I now do know, you admire me so, your son's friendly young horny lad.
I'll make sure that I show, my desire below, to you, my friend's sexy dad.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Source for some stories

Yuki has asked where one particular story "Dylan" came from. Though I write some, find some on other sites and have some sent to me, that story and a few other short experiences which I don't republish due to the content, were taken from:


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Camping Trip by Yellowfeaver

Camping Trip


My friend's dad had took us camping and he had stay up the whole night trying to catch some fish. I end up sleeping in J's truck cause it was a lot warmer sleeping there. When I woke up in the morning, I saw J had come in some time that morning and slept in the truck with me. He was sleeping straight with his hand crossed and legs slightly apart. He was wearing a jacket and had his hood over his head. I looked down at his bugle admiring how big it was. Knowing that J was a deep sleeper, I wasn't that afraid to do more with him. I slowly unzipped his jeans. The sound of unzipping jeans was music to my ears. I pulled his uncut cock out started to play with it. I lubed his head and played around the edges of his cock. I stroked him slowly until suddenly I noticed his cock throbbed before slowly growing. I continue to stroke him slowly and played with his semi hard cock for a good while. 

When  I  was about to add more lube, he turned to his side. I quickly pull away and  pretended to be asleep. I was so scared he might wake up and say something to me. His back was facing towards me. My eyes were slightly open cause I didn't know what he was going to do. Suddenly, he zipped himself back up. 

I was too scared to notice that he was probably enjoying the hand job. I pretended to be asleep for the next 10 or 15 minutes then as I was about to get up, he got up and moved to the back seat to sleep. His legs were too long so he crossed one of his leg towards the driver side. He was sleeping pretty close to the edge of the seats. I didn't move a inch for the next 20 or 30 minutes. After 30 minutes or so had passed and I could hear him snoring away, I continued where I left off. Now he was sleeping, it was a lot easier put his cock out and play with it. I caressed his cock for 5 to 10 minutes before unzipping his jeans again. His cock was semi hard by the time I pulled it out. I lubed my hand and started to stroke him gently and slowly. 

I pulled his foreskin all the way back revealing the whole head of his cock. I couldn't give him a blow job because of the tight space so I ended up just giving him a hand job instead. I stroked him for the next 5 to 10minutes and with each stroke his cock just kept on getting bigger and harder. He was now near his climax. His face had turned red. and his cock had reach it's maximum growth. All the blood was rushing towards the head of his cock pre-cum was overflowing like a water stream. I stroked him harder and faster. He was edging then suddenly he gave the biggest grunt I ever heard from him. I quickly pulled away as I thought he was going to wake up but he didn't. I waited about 10 seconds before I quickly grabbed his cock and stroked him again. Faster and faster I stroked him. My hand was filled with lube and his pre-cum. Then he gave another grunt and a burst of thick cum came pouring out non stop. His thick cum had covered a good portion of my palm. I pulled my hand away and licked all the cum off. I figured that since his cock was still hard, I wouldn't be able to put it back inside his underwear.

 I gently put his cock back inside his jeans and zipped him back up. Just as soon as I was able to put his cock back, one of J's buddy walked up to the truck and asked if we are up. I was startled because if he had been about 1 minute earlier he might had caught me. I told his buddy that I was up but J was still asleep. About 5 minutes after my conversation with J's buddy, J woke up and got out of the truck. During the whole camping trip, I kept thinking if he was awake the whole time or was he really asleep?

After the Gathering by Yellowfeaver

After the Gathering

It was the night of a family gathering and J and few of his buddies had stayed over at my place cause we still had lots of beer left over. J said that he hadn't had beer for awhile so he drank quite a lot that night. About a hour or two afterwards he was tired and fell asleep on the sofa. It was around 3 or 4am before else everyone finally left.

J was knocked out and he lived pretty close too so his buddy decided to just let him sleep over in my house for the night. As soon as everyone left, I went to sit next to his side. I was in-awe to have J sleeping in my place and all to myself.  I slowly laid my hand on his cock. He was wearing jeans and a button t-shirt. The instant I rested on his cock, it grew.

I continued to squeeze him and his cock grew bigger. As I was about to unzip his jeans, his cell rang. I jumped and backed away as fast as I could but to my surprise, he was still out cold despite the loudness of his ring tone. After the ringing stopped, I waited a few minutes before squeezing his cock again. His phone rang four more times but he was still asleep. Finally when his phone ring again, I took his phone out from his shirt's pocket and hid it under the sofa. It was his wife calling but I didn't care cause I knew that he was out cold so I didn't want to waste any more time.

 I quickly unzipped his jeans and reach down to pull his 7' cock out. It was semi-hard but as soon as I put my watery mouth on it, He instantly got hard. I started out slow then speeded up while gripping him firmly. His pre-cum was leaking like an ice cream melting on a hot Summer day. It tasted sweeter than ever. J fidgeted few times but never did woke up. After 10 to 15 minutes into blowing, deep throat, and teasing his hard cock his left arm fell to the side of the sofa. I was startled but I knew it was still okay.

I moved in a little closer so that my cock would be resting on his left hand and within minutes, his hand was slowly caressing on my cock. I was wearing basketball shorts so when he started to caress me, I instantly got even more turned on and started to leak. As I was stroking him, his hand was stroking and tugging on the head of my wet cock. I stroked him harder and suddenly he moved and woke up! I backed away as fast as I could.

He then said "You're doing this again!? GET on your knees!"

 I was shocked but I also knew what it meant so I crawled over to his side and started to blow him. To my surprise, he didn't stop me or beat the shit out of me. Instead, he was forcing me to deep throat him! No words could describe the sensation I was feeling. All those fantasies about what I want to do to J couldn't compare to what he was allowing and doing to me! He was fucking my face while laying down on the sofa. I was gagging but his cock never left my mouth. Then he grabbed his cock and start to stroke it faster. I knew he was near his climax so I then took control and pushed his hand away and sucked his cock faster and harder. Suddenly a burst of warm cum flowed inside my mouth. I didn't swallow it this time.  Instead I quickly ran to the bathroom and spit it all out into a water bottle. As soon as I came back, He had already zipped himself back up and was heading out the door. I then lay on where he was sleeping and jerk myself and busted an amazing nut.

To those who are curious to what happen to the bottle of J's cum....I still have it till this day as a keepsake.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

RE: Google policy on adult blogs

After my last message on the above, Google have apparently had a change of heart and are not now proceeding with the policy of taking down adult sites with nudity after many protests so it looks like it will be "business as usual."


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

True Life Stories (7) by Dylan

I came home one summer night when I was in college, and my 18 year old brother and his friend Ethan had gotten shitfaced on my Dad’s bourbon. They were sprawled out on the 2 sofas in the den, shirtless just wearing shorts. I turned off the TV and shook my brother awake, but he was so out of it, I had to help him to the bathroom, where he took a leak, and then got him to his bed. 

I went back downstairs and stared at Ethan. God he was such a little hottie. Thin waist, just a hint of a 6 pack, nice pecs. Got him up, and with my arm around that hot little waist and my hand on his hard tummy, helped him upstairs. I figured what the hell, might as well see if I can see what he’s packing, so I lead him to the toilet, and holding his hips told him to take a leak. 

He put both arms against the wall, and I slid his shorts down, and told him again. I looked over his shoulder, and see just a perfect long snake dangling there. So I reach my hand around, grabbed it, give it a gentle squeeze, and told him again to piss. He started going, and  just loved holding his meat. He finished, I pulled up his shorts and got him to the guest room. 

He laid down, and as I started to take care of my now raging boner.

 He slurred “That felt good”. 

I stopped but his eyes were shut, and his hand was lightly rubbing his nipple. I sat down, stared at his crotch, and then squeezed it. I asked him if he liked that, and he just moaned. I slipped his shorts off, and started rubbing him, watching it grow and harden. I jerked him, and he never opened his eyes After a couple of minutes his breathing got heavy, his stomach crunched, his hips pushed up, and he spurted onto his stomach 4 goods loads. I grabbed a tissue, cleaned him up, and pulled his shorts back up. Went to my room, and while sniffing his jizz had a great session. 

Next morning my Dad screamed at both of them, then I drove poor hung over Ethan home. 

As he left the car, he said, "Thanks for the handjob”.

True life Stories (6) by Heller

Me and my cousin have fun all the time now . He knew I was gay and I was asleep and I woke up with him asleep too but his hand was in my compression shorts. Talk about caught..... 

When I actually realized that I was getting hard over it,  I carefully put my hand down in his briefs and slowly stroked him and he started light moans so I pulled my hand out and licked my finger and started rubbing it on his hole and he moaned more. It was kinda obvious he was awake and as his hole loosened up I stuck it in slowly and eventually worked up to two fingers.

The whole time I was doing it he was just slightly playing with me trying to pretend to be asleep. As I did that he shot his load in his briefs so I moved them out so I could lick it up and I also put a little on my finger for lube for my fingers and he kept moaning and I finally came and shot it on his stomach. I licked all his cum off of him and pretended to sleep and waited for him to think I was asleep and when he did he started wiping my cum off and swallowed it.

 When I woke up that morning and went in the kitchen my brother was passed out drunk on the couch with a major Boner. He was about 9 inches hard and he was fuckin hot as hell!! I knew he was a super heavy sleeper when he's drunk and would sleep through a hurricane and earthquake... So I slowly went over and undid his jeans and pulled his cock out of the flap of his boxers and slowly stroked it watching for him to wake up. I slowly started going faster until I was beating his cock pretty hard just like he does it to himself. Within a few minutes he started to shoot so I took his cock as far down my throat as I could and he shot his load in my mouth and swallowed all of it.... I zipped him up, got up and gave him a kiss on the cheek and left back to the room. He's never suspected a thing.

Google Blogs policy on adult blogs

Google have announced that from 23rd March 2015, blogs showing nudity will no longer be searchable and so will effectively be useless to all except members.

Luckily this blog has always followed a policy of not showing frontal nudity on any of the pictures and I have deliberately not published stories about minors. I am hoping that this means the blog is still acceptable within the new policy but one never knows.

We'll just have to wait and see.


Saturday, 14 February 2015

True Life Stories (5) by Adam, Manchester UK.

A while ago I had four friends stay at mine, all in one room. One was on a sofa, one in a sleeping bag, one in a chair and one on a blow up bed, I was sleeping on loads of double quilts on the floor.

We'd all gone to sleep and at like 2 in the morning one of my friends, Luis, who was on a blow up bed by the couch, got accidentally kicked by someone and woke up. I woke up and asked what was wrong, He said he couldn't sleep there and as there wasn't anywhere else he lay down next to me and fell asleep straight away. About five minutes later he rolled over and ended up half on top of me. I asked him to move but he was still sleeping, so I gently pushed him next to me. I pulled up the cover to see where he was and saw that he was hard. He was only wearing tight boxers (which he'd borrowed from me) and it was obvious he was in the middle of a wet dream. He let out quiet moans as his cock twitched.

I pulled him closer and straddled him. He was sleeping heavily as we'd been up the previous night. I pulled down his boxers and began to fiddle with his cock. He had a lot of foreskin and wasn't fully erect so I swirled my fingers around inside his skin and played with his balls until he was. I leaned over and began to lick his lips and tongue him as I slowly pumped him. I licked his bare chest and nipples and then his slit. He came into my hands and I then knelt over him and wanked, using his cum as lube, I came onto his cock and abs and I rubbed it over him. I wiped my cock and hands on the inside of the boxers he had on and pulled them up on him.

I rolled back over and a few minutes later, when another of my friends coughed, he woke up. I was facing him now and I opened one eye to look. He was wiping my cum on his hands, thinking it was his own, and eating it. He was already hard again and he quietly got up and walked into the bathroom. I got up and went over to the door, I went in and saw him sitting on the toilet wanking, stared at me and said he'd had a wet dream and was cleaning up. I said sorry and left. He never knew!

True Life stories (4) by Andrew Lubbock, Texas

I'm 18 and gay. My best friend's is a girl and her older brother who is 21 is so sexy to me. The trouble is. he's straight. The kind of straight guy that's uncomfortable with gay guys.

One night I was staying at her house and we were drinking. When I get I really drunk I need to suck some dick. Everyone went to sleep and it was like 5:30 AM. I continued drinking alone and was getting horny. Her brother was sleeping on the couch, and I don't know what I was thinking, I could've gotten killed by him. He's very violent but I knew he had drinking a lot and had smoked a ton of weed, so I knew he was gone and in deep sleep. So I walked to him, and tried to nudge him a little to see if he'd wake up. He wouldn't. Then I put my hand under his blanket, and touched his junk over his jeans. I slowly unbuttoned & unzipped them. I put my hand on his dick, boxers still on. My heart was beating so hard and fast. He was still sound asleep. I moved my hand under his boxer shorts, and grabbed his cock. It felt soft and average size. I couldn't feel his balls. I guessed they were pretty big and low. I was so horny at this point and I pull his boxers up, and pulled his dick out of the little slit in them. Then I put my mouth on it and just start sucking. He stayed soft for a bit. Then he suddenly turned on his back. I got so scared. My mouth stayed on his dick. Then I heard him breathing heavily. Like how guys sound when they get head. That excited me, since it sounded like he was awake and letting it happen.

Then he got really fucking hard in my mouth and he pushed his body up, so his dick could go deeper in my mouth. While he did that, he grabbed the back of my head pushed it down on his cock, really hard. I'm going to add that it was pitch black dark in this room. So we couldn't see each other, and I also had really long hair at the time. There were two other friends that stayed there that were girls. Maybe he thought I was one of them? Or maybe he was just so gone that he was just going with it. Anyway. He kept his hand on the back of my head while I deep-throated his huge dick. It was so big and then he started to softly play with my hair while I kept sucking him. It was pretty hot. He stared to tighten up his body, I knew he was about to cum. So I sucked faster. He came in the back of throat. I swallowed it all and I kept sucking after it. He then pulled up his pants and rolled back over to continue sleeping. Now I don't know if he was just thinking it was a dream, or what, but I know he would never do anything with a guy. I'm just so lucky and happy I did it.