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Touching My Sleeping Friend by Tizz

Touching My Sleeping Friend by Tizz
(gay, tt, sleep, nc, oral, 1st time)

Me, I am 5ft 9ish, 170 lbs. Nice Body, Not really muscular, but not bad. I have darker brown Hair, Blue eyes, and am hairy for a 16 year Old. My stomach is perfectly hairy, sexy, but not wolf crazy hair. My legs and thighs are hairy, too.
I had overnight company one night. He was one of my good friends. His name was Dave. Dave was A lot like me. My height, my build, but 17, less hairy, and darker, with black hair, and deep brown eyes and only had a happy trail, but I was it sexy!

I had invited Dave over for the night pretty late. It was about 8.00pm when I called him. And he was over at 9:15ish. We hung out, and watched some Music videos. Then around 10:30pm we played hide and seek. We were bored. It was fun because it was in the country, so it was pretty dark. Of course I had gotten used to the lighting, so I could see him pretty good but I would pretend not to. I would go look other places and when I came to where he was I would touch him. Like he hid laying on the couch. I went over, and felt near the top first, then I put my hand right on his crotch. He didn’t think it was on purpose so we would laugh, and he would count, and we had a lot of fun. He would hide again and I would pretend I didn’t know it was him. I would run my hands up and down his body. It was great for me, and he didn’t think anything of it.

About 12:30 rolled around, and we were getting tired. We had just got back from a little jog. It was so we could get tired, because my mom liked to wake me up around 10.00. He liked to get a lot of sleep but had trouble going to sleep.

So once we had something to drink we went off to bed. We both slept in my room. It was a large bed and my Dad would come home from work at 7.00 so if Dave or I had slept on the couch, we would have been woken up from my dad watching the news.

I always go to bed a couple hours early because I have trouble going to sleep. Dave was long gone. I was watching TV and flipping through the channels. I saw an infomercial. There was -the- hottest guy I had ever seen. Rock hard abs, hairy chest, toned thighs, and a goatee. I got so horny watching him work on this work out machine. His muscles were convulsing. He was sweating, while another man was pointing at certain places where he was working his muscles the most.

I could have watched it forever. That ended fast and some dumb commercial for a hair removal spray came on. So I turned the TV to a music channel, as I laid there with a massive hard on. I couldn't stop thinking about that guy. His sweaty chest, his rippling muscles, his sexy lips outlined in facial hair. I just got hornier and hornier.

I wanted to get off, but I wanted more. More than to just beat off, and cum everywhere. I wanted an actual guy. Right then it dawned on me, I have a guy lying right next to me.

He was sleeping, what he didn't know, wouldn't hurt him. So I lowered my gym shorts, and took out my cock. It was about 6.5 inches. And I am a cut boy. My friend was sleeping on his back. Perfect for me!

I reached over, and laid my hand against his side. He still kept breathing heavy, almost snoring, so I knew he was asleep. I put my hand right below his belly button and he didn't flinch or anything. So I lowered my hand, and placed it right over his crotch. I laid it there for a few minutes. My heart was beating so fast I could almost hear it. I was so nervous, but so turned on. I didn't want to get caught, yet it was so hot knowing I could. I squeezed and rubbed his crotch. Not quite sure where everything was because he was wearing jean shorts. He started to get hard, which made my dick harder than ever. I felt the outline with my hand while squeezing it, and rubbing it.

I got a lot of guts, and I undid his button and slowly unzipped his pants. I folded the corners down, and could feel the bump where his pubic hair was. That’s all there was to feel. So I had to maneuver his jeans lower, which was a task! I finally got them off, but it took quite a while, I wanted to be sure not to wake him now with his pants down to the middle of his thighs.

I uncovered the blanket from him, so I could see what I was doing. I could see the outline of his half-softened dick resting on his thigh. I placed my hand back on his dick. Feeling his silky boxers. I started to rub his dick long ways back and forth and he got bigger. Once his dick was in the air, I could see there wasn't a button on his boxers. His dick made the opening wide and agape. I could easily get his dick out for a closer look.

So I took the fabric around the open slit, and pulled to give his dick room to adjust and with my other hand, I grabbed the base of his dick and poked it to the hole. I let go of the fabric. There! His dick was out in the open.

It was very sexy. About 6 inches. With extra skin, but not uncut. It was thick, and had little wrinkles. It was dark, darker that he was., and it curved a little, pointing down. Which really turned me on.

I took it and put my hand around it. It felt so good. I moved up, and the skin worked around his head. I stayed up there, and bobbed for a moment. Then went back down. Then I stroked it a few times. I wanted Dave more than anything. I wanted to wake him up and push him down on my dick and suck his at the same time. I wanted to take him all the way, and him to do the same for me. I wanted him so bad. Before I knew it, I was leaning my face towards his dick.

I put it in my mouth and took the head then closed my mouth. He tasted so good. I could feel the warmness, how it became slippery from my spit on his dick. So I opened my mouth, and pushed my head down, until I was about halfway down, and closed my mouth. I raised my head again, feeling my lips pull, still pressed against his shaft. I didn't squeeze with my mouth, just let my lips lay on his dick, and pulled upwards. I did that a few times and then I pushed my head all the way down.

I pulled his balls out with my hand, and held them and his cock with one hand, while going up and down slowly on his cock. I could feel the ridge of his head when I went up. I could feel the veins in his dick. I could feel his pubic hair touching the tip of my nose every time I went down. My face started to go in rhythm but slowly, so not wake him up. The longer I did this, the more comfortable I got.

I didn't think he would wake up. I laid down in the '69' position. I was still sucking his dick. I took his limp hand, and I wrapped it around my dick, helping it hold onto my throbbing hard dick. I helped it up once, and down again and started to go up again, when I felt his hand go up my dick, and back down without my help.

Was he awake?! Was he really letting me suck his dick, while he stroked mine?! Was it real?

I moved my hand. His kept going. So I kept going down on his dick. Going down to the bottom, wiggling my head to make his dick rub around in the back of my throat. Going back up. I was in heaven! He just kept jerking on my dick. I reached down, and put my hand on the back of his head, and pushed it toward my dick. He got the idea quickly.

I put my dick in his mouth. It felt great. He kept his hand around the bottom of my shaft, and bobbed up and down on the upper part. I was still sucking his. I increased rhythm. My head got wobblier so that his dick was rubbing all over on the inside of my mouth and tongue. He must have liked it, because he began to moan. He took my cock out of his mouth. He just watched me go at him for a minute, but was still holding the base of my dick.

He then, after watching me, went farther down on my dick, all the way to the bottom. He did the same techniques as I did. It felt great. If I wanted something, I would do it to him, and he would do it to me.

We sucked each other for a while, when he started to pause, and go in intervals on my dick. He would go down a bit, and stop, and then go a little farther. I felt his stomach tighten with my hand that was rubbing his stomach and playing with his happy trail. I knew he was going to cum. I squeezed my mouth muscles, went down on him, and up, very fast. I felt his dick pulse. I went up to his head. I felt the first stream on my tongue. I was still massaging his dick head with my lips. Stream after stream poured out.

It was warm, really warm. It was kind of tart, and coated my mouth. I put my tongue to the whole of his dick. I felt a stream pour onto the tip of my tongue. I just took it all. I kept it in my mouth until the rest was down my throat. I just swallowed every stream. I pushed down his cock a few more times, as it got softer. I massaged his balls with my lips and tongue while he finished with me.

I was close, and he knew it. He pushed his head all the way down, and back up, I was just about to let my load go free. He put the head of my dick on his tongue. We were in the '69' position, so he tongue was facing the front of the head of my dick. He did waves with his tongue as I came. I came about 4 squirts, and then went back down on me for the 5th and 6th squirt.

He cleaned off the cum from my dick, and stroked it with his hand to make it a little dry, as did I to him. I then kissed the head of his dick, put his dick and balls back in his boxers, and pulled up his shorts. Buttoned and zipped them. I took his meat into my hand one last time, and squeezed. I turned back around, my head now on the pillow adjusted my crotch and lay down to go to sleep.

Not a word was said that whole time we sucked each other’s dick and nothing was ever said afterwards.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

After a Lad's Night Out by kewtieboy

After A Lad’s Night Out
by kewtieboy
(gay, MM, 1st exp, alcohol, sleep, drug, nc)

What would you make of your best friend raping you and he doesn’t know he did it. Ok, possibly it might look like it was the other way around but let me explain.

Luis and I had been friends since primary school. We had a circle of friends picked up along the way through secondary school and sports but we were still the nucleus and inseparable. Luis knew everything about me and I, of him with one small exception. In the last 3 years I had realised that I wanted a little more from male friends than most would put out. I looked at them differently and lusted when I caught a glimpse of any of them in changing rooms etc. I tried to push it away and concentrate on “eyeing up the girls” and going on dates but somehow their goodnight kisses just didn’t do it for me.

For me it came to a head on a double date with Luis and a couple of girls who were best friends too. Luis, having had a Spanish father, was easily the sexier of us and the girls knew it so he drew the prettier of the girls. Don’t get me wrong, her friend was also very attractive but I’m just trying to say that good looks and sexy aren’t always the same thing and Luis was sexy. He oozed it, even when he wasn’t chatting girls up. He seemed to be permanently horny or at least he said he was. After the date, I walked mine home and found myself being cornered at the edge of a park with a young lady in heat. She was panting while we kissed and after placing my hand on her breasts, very quickly put her hands on the front of my jeans and started to squeeze. I wasn’t used to predatory girls so sadly didn’t respond as she expected. She assumed she had moved too quickly, apologised and we continued to her house.

I realised after that event, I wasn’t going to respond even to a full frontal attack by an attractive girl and my mind strayed to Luis, wondering how his response would have been, or probably, knowing the girls, how his response was, as I assumed both girls were following the same plan of action. I had never really allowed myself to think of Luis sexually as I considered him like a cousin but the thought of him fucking some girl got me turned on and I beat off that night while thinking of the possibility that he had.

Harry Spencer, you should know a gentleman never tells!”

This was Luis’s response when I asked how far he had gone with the girl. However, he was lying and it seems he didn’t get much further than I did as they were at the side of her house when the fumbling began and after 5 minutes her Mum came out to call her in.

I was solid as a rock too,” he said. “Mind you just as well I wasn’t giving her one when her Mum came out anyway.”

I told him mine had come on to me but got embarrassed and we went no further. It was a white lie.

I suppose then since they seem to come as a pair, I won’t ever get to the pearly gates with her pal,” said Luis, adjusting the front of his jeans as his mind wandered back to his sexy episode.

Just watching him do that brought a hot flush to me and I realised I had some issues that would need attending to some time soon as this situation was going to happen again. We had both turned 18 within a month of each other and with bars now on our radar, going out on the town would have a more meaningful purpose, at least for Luis.

We lived in a decent-sized town in Greater Manchester in the North-West of England which meant that there was a town centre and then a big city centre not too far away. I experimented with Grindr and had been talking to a few guys, finally meeting one. I went to his place, around 3 miles from my house and was thankful I didn’t recognise him. He was around 25 to my 18 and I was thankful for that as he was considerate and patient.

Do you want fucked?” he asked.

My raised eyebrows told him I hadn’t even considered it.
Do you want to fuck me?” he continued.

I nodded. He lubed himself as I watched and he explained how he had to be clean for this. I pulled on a condom and realised my cock had never been so hard. In fact he commented on it’s rigid state. He lay back on the bed and lifted his legs so I could face him as my cock entered him. Once in, I was in heaven. Sadly I didn’t last longer than 3 minutes before I blasted all my pent-up teen sperm inside him. He came without touching himself so that made me feel proud. We arranged to meet again.

On the next visit, I spent some time cleaning myself, even though I felt I wasn’t going to manage a 7 inch cock up my hole. I enjoyed the exercise anyway and felt so clean afterwards so if his hand, finger or tongue headed there I could feel confident. I told him I had cleaned and he smiled, well smirked!

Soon he was lubing me with his finger and the delicious feeling of fingers inside me got me so excited.

Do you want me to try?” he asked.

My nod was slight but he picked up on it. He put me in a doggy position as he said it would be easier for me to control his rate of entry. The initial push was painful followed by a quite sharp sensation as the head of his uncut cock entered. He stayed still, wanking my cock as he did so. I was so very hard.

That’s it,” he said.

What?” said I.

I’m right up to hilt,” was his response.

My hand darted round and found he was indeed, right up to the balls. He started to fuck me and it was delicious. There was virtually no further pain, only pleasure, and as he gripped my hips he really started to hammer my arse. As a virgin, it dawned on me I must be a natural bottom. When he came, the sound was almost animal-like and I shot seconds later with just a light touch to my cock.

I knew then I was definitely gay.

I continued my double life as I didn’t want to lose my best friend and I couldn’t think of how I would tell him, or indeed my friends and family. This leads me to the point of this whole tale.

I have the house to myself for the whole weekend,” said Luis. “We could go into Manchester, try our luck and maybe bring a couple of girls back.”

It sounded like my worst nightmare but luck was on my side as 3 of our other friends caught wind and asked to come along. That took some pressure off me and as Luis lived closer to Manchester than me, his house would be there for whoever wanted to stay over.

We were new to the bar scene and didn’t score too well as we headed from bar to bar. It wasn’t helped by the fact that drinking in moderation was not on the agenda so even if Luis had found himself a girl, he would probably have talked himself back out of the pick-up. Eventually I relaxed as I realised this was just going to be a lad’s night out.

Jordan, one of our friends, came across with some “E” tablets to help with the fun. I was new to them so bit the end of it and swallowed to see what happened meaning to finish it later if I liked the effect. The rest swallowed them whole and were soon feeling like the life and soul of the party even if they didn’t look it. One of the guys headed home but Jordan, Mike, Luis and I crawled into a taxi back to his and continued the night with his Dad’s beer collection.

Probably because I only took a corner of a pill, by 2.00am they were all wasted. We headed to the two rooms, his parents and Luis’s room. Both had king-size double beds and after some ribbing, Jordan and Mike started to strip and Luis headed to his bed, leaving me standing.

You’re with me,” said Luis, walking ahead pulling his t-shirt over his head.

Any residual sleepiness disappeared as I watched him drop his jeans and pull off his shoes and socks leaving him in a tight little pair of hipster briefs. They had a fly front and there was enough of a gap to see a tantalising view of piece of dark coloured flesh. He was in bed in a flash so I went to the bathroom and stripped. I had a quick shower as I felt sweaty and I also hoped it might keep me awake long enough to enjoy having this semi-naked hunk lying beside me.

I had a look in the other room and found Jordan and Mike, both stripped of jeans but shirts half off and spread at an angle on the other bed, dead to the world. How I wished it was earlier in the evening and I hadn’t drunk so much as I could have had a field day with my 3 best friends, all passed out. I went into their room, however and fondled both crotches. Neither guy even moved so, grabbing my phone, I pulled down their underwear bands and snapped cock and balls of both. Their cocks were both uncut and soft but showed promise, however I was too scared with both of them to spend the time hoping to get them hard for some fun so I covered them and headed back to Luis.

I was already down to my briefs which were skimpier than Luis’s hipsters. My straining cock didn’t help either. I decided to do a similar thing with him as he was sprawled on his back, legs wide and bulge nicely on display. I stroked his bulge gently but didn’t get much reaction. Slowly I pulled his band down and tucked it under his balls. His cock was bigger than the other two guys and seemed to be cut though he had some loose skin around the head. The dark cock was beautiful so I took some pictures of it and even of my hand stroking him. It filled a little but he seemed incapable of holding an erection in his state. I had an enjoyable 15 minutes or so sucking, feeling and snapping my friend but as I was getting tired decided to call it a day too and crawled into the bed and fell asleep.

I must have been about 5.00am or so but I woke with an odd feeling at my back. It took a few seconds to realise that Luis was spooning me, still asleep, and the soft little cock that wouldn’t grow just 2 hours ago was pressing hard against my buttocks through 2 layers of thin fabric. The bedside light was still on so I gently rolled over and looked. His cock looked huge in the hipsters so I pulled the fabric back down below his balls exposing around 8 inches of thick Latin cock. The phone recorded that for future wank fodder and I leaned over and sucked him. It was like a rod of steel and his body was thrusting into my mouth in his sleep. I assumed that the pills on top of booze had pushed him into a much deeper than normal sleep and the claims made for them had worked, albeit 4 hours late. I got up and raked around his bedside drawer and found a dispenser of lube. I assume Luis used it for wanking. I lubed my arse, fingering well inside and thanked my new hygiene habits, hoping that what I had in mind might just work.

Once I had lubed well, I slid my briefs down below my bottom, climbed back into bed, took Luis’s right arm back over my shoulder and snuggled back into his groin, at the same time ensuring his pants were as low as mine. I lay still then gently pushed back against his cock, rubbing my buttock against him. He was grinding back. After a few minutes I put my hand behind and gripped his cock, aligning it with my hole. Once it was pressed against me I slowly pushed back, still holding his stiff beast of a cock. Suddenly then head popped inside. It was Heaven.

I left it for a moment to get used to it but the unconscious Luis obviously has realised something was good in his erotic dream as he started to push his cock into me. It was a little sore but nothing was going to stop me so I thrust back and soon the entire 8 inches were inside and he was actually fucking me. Between his slow pushes forward and my thrusts back into him I was genuinely being fucked by him and the feeling was exquisite. I stroked my own cock and kept thrusting backwards. If we woke I would feign sleep and leave him to pick up the guilty conscience when he realised that he had “defiled” me.

Thankfully his staying power was good. He slipped out at one stage and slightly rolled on to his back. Emboldened by the fact that he was sleeping through all this I rolled him flat on his back, pulled off my briefs and clambered on him, facing him and lowered my arse straight down to his cock taking it deeply into my arse. I started to buck up and down with no regard to the risk at all.

Luis’s movements had slowed and I only had a token thrust now and then but his penetration into me was total. I heard a grunt from him and though he was wakening but his hands gripped my hips and he started thrusting upwards. I realised he was cumming in my arse. My own cock shot a wad that splattered on his headboard and wallpaper.

His body slumped and he tried to roll over so I quickly slid off his cock and dived to the other side of the bed as he turned over with his back to me. I waited before tidying everything and putting my briefs back on but I left him with his hipsters wrapped around his thighs.

In the morning when I rose he was still asleep but my movement slowly woke him.

Hi Buddy,” he said. “Fuck my head hurts.”

He pulled back the covers to get out of bed and exposed his cock and balls.

What the fuck!” he said.

That’s what happens when you wank late at night,” I said.

Fuck I didn’t, did I?”

I didn’t mind,” I said. “When a guy’s horny and guy’s horny.”

Did you….watch me?”

Couldn’t help it mate, as you were determined to show me how good you were.”

Shit, sorry,” he said.

Hey we’re all boys together aren’t we?”

Did you, like, wank too?”

Couldn’t help it once you got going,” I said.

For a moment I detected a slight disappointment that he hadn’t remembered it. I got a brief feeling that he would have liked us to wank together but the bravado, came back and he jumped out of bed and went back to being Luis.

I smiled. My straight friend had fucked me and cum in my arse and I had lots and lots of still and movie footage to wank over for some time to come. My thoughts drifted to the possibility of another night out, another drinking session and another supply of pills. This time Jordan and Mike’s hard cocks filled my head with fantasy.

I’m not sure if this story stimulates many of you but if it does, let me know as I have some ideas for a follow on.

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My First Sleepover - Greg Scott


My First Sleepover
by Greg Scott

All the usual stuff about you must be old enough in your jurisdiction, etc. In other words, if you are underage, don't read this unless you have a really cool teacher who assigned it. Otherwise, come back in a few years, when nobody will yell at you.

For my regular readers, I want to point out that this story is not part of The Lavender Line series.


What I had been waiting for was finally about to happen. My best friend, Lee, was going to be spending the night at my house. In the morning we would go to Six Flags for a day of roller coaster rides, junk food and all around fun. It would be my first ever sleepover.
Now, I know what you're thinking. Every little kid gets excited at the prospect of having a friend spend the night for the first time. I'm sure that's true, but I'm definitely not a little kid. In fact, I'm seventeen years old and a junior in high school.
What had delayed this event well beyond the time when most of my friends were spending nights at each others' houses was my dad. My dad is the strictest father I know. I'm sure every teenager thinks their parents are too restrictive, but it was especially true in my case. Well, not my mom so much but definitely my father.
Dad controlled everything in our house. He decided what my mother would cook for dinner. He decided what we would watch on television. He even decided what after-school organizations I would join.
If I ever challenged his authority over me, something I pretty much stopped doing entirely by the time I was about twelve, he would take out the fraternity paddle that he had kept since college and beat me with it until my butt was actually bruised a deep purple color.
A few times, my mother would take my side. She would pay the price for what my dad interpreted to be her insolence. He didn't use the paddle on her. Instead, he would stomp through the house breaking anything that he knew she loved.
He smashed a figurine that my mom had inherited from her grandmother when my mother said that I shouldn't have to join the sixth grade football team if I didn't want to. Another time he broke every one of her CDs when she said that she couldn't see any harm in me spending the night at Lee's house along with two other friends of mine.
I don't know why my mother put up with his abuse, but she did. I used to pray that she would divorce him or that the cops would come to our house and take him away. Then I remembered that I didn't believe in any god, so there wasn't really much point in my praying.
It was about the time of that realization that I just stopped complaining. I obeyed any rule that he made, no matter how stupid it seemed to me. I stopped asking my mother for permission to do anything, because I was afraid that her response might just get her into trouble with my father.
I think that it was our complete acceptance of his authority that eventually saved us. I believe he grew bored so he went out looking for other things he could control.
What he found was another woman. This past summer he moved out of the house to go live with her. He managed to beat my mother one last time and destroy the remaining things she cared about after she protested his departure. Despite the tantrum he threw, I was as happy as I had ever been watching him carrying out his clothing.
My mother gradually began to suspend his lingering rules. It was as if she slowly became aware that she was free to make her own decisions for the first time in almost twenty years. As she began to live this fresh liberation, I saw her mood change from fear and lonleiness to a sense of freedom and hope.
My sense of relief had come more quickly. I felt it as soon as my dad's car pulled away from our driveway.
Lee followed me home from school in his car and parked in the driveway immediately behind mine. I was allowed to have my own car, now, so I wanted to drive it that Friday even though it would have made more sense for me to just have Lee stop by to pick me up.
One of the reasons that my dad had been so strict with me was that he sensed, even before I did, that I didn't really have any interest in girls. No, I liked boys, and he could see that somehow, even though nobody else could.
There was nothing my father hated more than "fags," as he called them; as he called us, I guess. I think that was why I was supposed to be on the football team, although once he saw how poorly I played, he was willing for me to convert to wrestling by the time I reached high school. I also think that is the reason I could never stay over at any friend's house. In fact he told me as much on more than one occasion.
I don't know if he ever shared his hunch with my mom. If he did, it must not have scared her as much as it did him.
Mom cooked fried chicken for dinner for Lee and me, because she knew that was Lee's favorite meal. After we ate, we went up to my room where I was now allowed to keep my computer and have my own television.
After about an hour of playing video games, my mother brought up two pieces of fresh cherry pie for our dessert. Lee and I decided to watch some television movie. It wasn't that good, and we talked more than we watched.
I had a plan for Lee. I wanted to get him involved in a little wrestling match. We never got to wrestle each other in practice, because Lee was taller and just bigger in general. So he was three weight classes above mine, and the coach never matched up two guys that far apart.
To be honest, though, I had wanted to wrestle Lee for as long as I had been on the team. I didn't try to kid myself about beating him. I just wanted to be close to him physically, to be able to touch him and maybe have him prone across me so that I could feel his weight on top of me.
About half way through the movie, I tried to implement my plan, but he wouldn't go for the idea. He explained that we wouldn't be a good match because of our size difference. He didn't seem to know that my plan had nothing to do with actually getting in a good practice session.
Since we wanted to get an early start to the amusement park, we decided to go to bed after the movie ended. We each stripped to our underwear, a condition we had seen each other many times in the locker room, climbed into our respective beds, and I turned out the light on the stand between us.
I was thrilled to be able to listen to my friend's breathing so close to me. I know it wouldn't seem like a big deal to most guys my age, but it was something that I had looked forward to for so long.
I could tell that Lee wasn't sleeping yet. I wasn't really at all sleepy. The only reason that we were in bed this early on a Friday night was so that we could get up early and make the most of our day at Six Flags.
"Are you sleepy," I asked.
"No," he replied. "Want to talk?"
"Sure. What do you want to talk about?" I asked.
"I don't care. Anything," Lee responded.
We were quiet in the darkness for a while. It's hard to come up with something to talk about when that's what you're thinking about. Besides, since the movie hadn't really maintained our interest, we had pretty much already brought each other up to date on any news in our lives.
"I got something," Lee finally said.
"Okay, go ahead."
"It might be kind of embarrassing," Lee said in a way that was almost a question.
"That's okay," I said. "We're the only ones here."
"How often do you jack off?" Lee whispered the question.
I was caught off guard. A few times during our friendship, Lee had tried to talk about sex. Really what he had talked about were things like what girl he would like to fuck and which girls had the best breasts. Since I didn't join in the conversation, Lee eventually stopped bringing up the topic.
"What makes you think I jack off?" I replied with my own question, trying to figure out if I could trust him with the truth, even though I knew that I could.
"You're a guy," Lee pointed out the obvious. "All guys jack off, even old guys, but especially teen guys."
"Do you really think old guys jack off?" I asked, finding it hard to believe that my dad had ever done something like that.
"Just answer the question," Lee said, frustrated by my delay.
"Almost every day," I said, purposefully understating the truth. "What about you? How often do you jack off?"
"Every day, at least twice. Sometimes I do it three times a day," Lee confessed.
"No kidding?" I said. "Me, too. I can't remember the last day I didn't."
The topic of our conversation was already making my dick stir in my underwear.
"Have you done it today?" Lee asked.
"Yeah, this morning when I woke up, before I got out of bed," I said.
"I did it this morning in the shower. I can't do it in the bed when I first wake up because my brother's there," he explained.
Lee has a brother who is a senior. He's just as hot to look at as Lee is. I've actually thought about both of them during my jack off sessions.
"Are you hard now?" Lee asked.
"Yeah, I am."
"Me, too" said Lee. "Do you want to jack off now?"
I couldn't believe this was happening. This was almost as good as my wrestling idea that had failed.
"I guess...if you want to," I said, trying to sound much more reluctant than I really felt.
"I'm going to take off my underwear," Lee told me.
I could hear him throw back the covers. I strained to watch the movement. I couldn't make out the details, but my imagination filled in the blanks as he dropped his briefs onto the floor.
I imitated his actions, removing and discarding my own boxers in the space between us.
I could barely see that he had already begun his stroking movements, and I wished I could see better. If only the night had a full moon and no clouds.
I grasped my own cock, which felt harder and maybe even a little larger than it had ever felt before. I began my familiar up and down movements, and I felt a bit of precum form on my tip. I concentrated my visual and mental attention on what was happening in the bed about four feet away. I wished that I could see better.
"I'm watching you," Lee said to my surprise.
"I'm watching you, too," I said.
"I can't see you very well," he said. "Would it be okay if I came over there?"
"Yeah," I whispered, but it sort of caught in my throat, so I tried again. "Yes, absolutely."
I watched as Lee came toward me. I moved over so that he would have a place awaiting him in my bed.
He filled the vacant space. I felt his left shoulder contact my right one. I felt his hip against mine. I felt his thigh firmly press my own. A surge like electricity swept through my entire body.
I could now see his cock better if not perfectly. Of course, I had seen it many times before in the locker room showers. This, though, was the first time that I had ever seen his erect cock or any hard cock that was not in porn. I was so mesmerized by the sight that I actually stopped my strokes for a while.
I finally broke my stare and looked into his face. I could tell that he was staring at my dick. He must have felt me looking at him, because he looked into my face, although I really couldn't see his deep blue eyes very well.
"Is it okay if I turn on the light?" Lee asked.
"Yes, please," I said, maybe a bit too enthusiastically.
As he twisted the switch knob, the light blinded me for a moment, but then my eyes adjusted. I was still looking at his face, and his eyes looked more beautiful to me than they ever had before. Of course, I had never seen them this close.
He was staring at my cock and my hand that was wrapped around it. I had resumed my movement. I lowered my gaze to watch as he caressed his own.
"Did you cum?" he asked.
"No," I said, surprised and confused by his question.
"Then, what's that on top of your cock?"
"Oh," I said, noticing that he didn't produce precum. "It's called precum. It's like a lubricant. Some guys make it; some guys don't."
"Oh, yeah," Lee said. "I've read about that."
He suddenly sat up in bed to examine my sticky fluid more closely.
"You can touch it if you want," I offered. "It feels different from cum."
I wondered if I had gone too far with my offer or my admission that I knew what both precum and cum felt like. Apparently I had nothing to worry about, because Lee reached out with his index finger. He touched the tip of my cock, gathering the substance. He showed no hesitation at all, and I wondered how much more experienced he might be at this sort of thing.
Lee rubbed his finger against his thumb to get a sense of the texture of the precum. He pulled apart his two digits and seemed fascinated by the little thread that developed between them.
"Does it taste like cum?" he asked, as I wondered if he realized how much he had revealed with his question.
"It's sweeter than cum. You can try it if you want."
Apparently he did want to, because he touched my cock head again, gathering as much as he could, then he brought his finger to his mouth.
"It's kind of good," he reported.
He returned to his previous prone position. Instead of resuming his masturbation, though, he reached for my cock with his left hand. He wrapped his fingers around me and squeezed gently. Shortly after that, he began the familiar up and down movement.
It felt strange to have someone else's hand performing the act that I knew so well. His grip was different from mine, as was his pacing. His hand, which was somewhat bigger than mine, covered a greater proportion of my shaft, although he still had plenty of room for his strokes.
I wanted to take his cock into my hand, but I decided to concentrate just a while longer on the act that he was performing for me. Here was this ladies man, this dear friend after whom I had lusted for several years, jacking me off. I wanted to process that fact for a moment. I shivered as it sunk fully into my mind.
At last I grasped his dick. I could immediately tell that his circumference was greater than mine. As I moved my hand upward toward the head, Lee moaned. The motion let me know that his cock was a bit shorter than mine, although I didn't care one way or the other. What was important to me was that this was my friend's dick. I wouldn't have cared if it was huge or tiny, which it was neither. I only cared that it was Lee's.
"Have you ever done this with anyone before?" Lee asked.
"No, never," I replied. "Have you?"
"Yes," he replied. "A couple guys."
"Who?" I asked, hoping to add to my masturbation fantasy list.
"I can't tell you that."
"I guess not," I admitted.
"But I'm you're first?" he asked again.
"Yes," I said. "But I've wanted to do something with you for a long time. I've jacked off a lot thinking about it."
As soon as I finished that sentence, he started to squirm and shoot his semen onto his chin and chest. I stroked harder and faster as I watched his excitement and the projection of the liquid I had longed to see for so long.
Once his ejaculation had completely stopped, I ended my stroking of his wonderful cock. I looked at his face to see that he was smiling broadly.
"That was the best ever," he said enthusiastically, well above the whisper that we had been using.
"I'm glad," I said in an understatement of my genuinely enthusiastic reaction to his words.
He had stopped jacking my cock, so I took over. I was so close to cumming that I knew it wouldn't take long.
He sat in the bed, again, and watched my work intently. Then he bent over as I was stroking and licked my tip. I felt the surge rising inside me.
My mind had already begun its climax. I closed my eyes as I continued my feverish strokes and he continued his greedy licks. Just as I realized that the cum was going to gush on the next stroke, I felt Lee's warm mouth envelop my cock. His lips pushed away my hand, and he began to suck.
I exploded with a force that I didn't know I could produce. I opened my eyes so that I could watch my dick launch my seed into Lee's eager mouth.
Once I had come down a bit from my extreme high, I thought to myself that my dad had been right about a sleepover allowing for homosexual activities.
I thought to myself that if I ever had a chance, I was going to tell my dad in the greatest detail possible about my first blow job in the house that he had paid for. Then I would say, "Take that, you bastard!"