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Camp - by AndyG

Archive name: camp.txt (MM, alcohol, nc)
Authors name: Andy G. (
Story title : Camp

Camp (MM, alcohol, nc)
by Andy G. (
Two friends get snot-flying-drunk and the one that 
remained conscious decided to have some fun with his 
passed out buddy.
Jerry was looking forward to the weekend. He was going to 
his camp with his two buddies and they would fish a bit, 
eat well, and have a few drinks. He did not know it at 
the time but this was going to be a unique weekend for 
The three men all in their forties met at the camp. It 
was on a small lake in Arkansas and had a fantastic view. 
Jerry liked most to just sit on the deck and watch the 
sun set. Tonight he was watching the son set as he 
prepared three large rib eye steaks. They were going to 
eat well tonight and they were already drinking well. 
"Hi John," Jerry said as John walked up the steps.
"Hey guy, where's Jim?" John asked.
"He's on his way."
"Those steaks smell good and I am hungry," John said as 
he poured him a Scotch on the rocks.
Jerry had known his two friends for a very long time. 
They were normal sort of guys each in a different line of 
work. Jerry was married with no children and worked at 
factory; John was married with two children and worked 
for the State of Arkansas; Jim was single having never 
been married and work as a private building contractor. 
None of them were rich but they did okay.
Tonight was a normal night at the camp except Jim had to 
leave early. He had some business on the other side of 
the lake. He was meeting someone at around 9:00 pm and 
then they were going to a late night dinner party. He 
planned to spend the night at his friend's home and then 
return to the camp on Saturday. As a result he was only 
drinking a beer since he had about a 30-minute drive to 
Jerry liked their Scotch. John did not usually drink much 
but tonight he wanted a good buzz and was already almost 
there. As they sat and ate steak John finished his third 
"John you'd better go easy on that Scotch," Jerry said.
"Don't worry about me," John said as he tilted his glass 
in a salute to John.
"Well, I got to go. See you guys tomorrow," Jim said as 
he got up from the table. "I hate to eat and run but I 
got to take care of this crap tonight."
"Ok, Jim, have fun," Jerry said as Jim walked out the 
"Take care of John, the alcoholic," Jim laughing said as 
he walked out the door.
"Yeah, you know it," Jerry replied.
"Hey you bastards, I'm not drunk yet," John said as he 
took another sip.
"Don't you think you have had about enough," Jerry said 
as John prepared another drink.
"One more," he said. His speech was beginning to slur 
after his fifth drink of mostly straight Scotch.
"Ok, one more and that is it," Jerry replied.
John wobbled out to the deck and gulped his drink. Jerry 
watched him sit there and watched as he almost fell down 
as he got up.
"You have had enough," Jerry said and went to help him.
"I don't feel so good," John whispered. With that he 
began to vomit. It went everywhere but most all over 
John's clothes.
Jerry let John slipped down to the floor. "Damn, you are 
grossing me out Jerry. You Son of a Bitch," Jerry cussed.
John vomited some and then collapsed on the deck in his 
own vomit.
"Damn you, you Bastard," Jerry cussed. "Get up and clean 
yourself up," Jerry said as he nudged the drunken John.
John moaned but did not move.
"Ah hell, I can't let him lie in that vomit," Jerry said 
as he looked down at John.
The camp was well isolated and there was no one anywhere 
near so Jerry reached down and began to unbutton Jerry's 
soiled shirt. He had to turn him over to get it off but 
managed. He unbuckled Jerry's belt, unbuttoned his jeans 
and pulled them off. As he tugged on John's pants John's 
briefs also came off. Jerry was now lying on the deck 
"You gross Son of a Bitch," Jerry said to the still 
nonmoving friend.
Luckily John was not a large man. Jerry pulled him into 
the camp and into the bathroom. Jerry was semiconscious 
as he sat him in the shower. When the cold water hit him, 
John screamed, "What the hell are you doing?"
"Shut the fuck up, I cleaning off your vomit," Jerry 
John continued to cuss as Jerry managed to wash John's 
vomit out of his hair. When he felt John was clean enough 
for bed he shut the water off and John just sat there in 
the shower.
"Come on, let's get you to bed," Jerry said as he 
attempted to make John stand. There was no chance in this 
so he managed to drag him out of the bathroom. There was 
a den between the bathroom and two bedrooms. Jerry made 
it to the den and then let John dropped on the floor. 
John was heavier than he looked and the drinks that Jerry 
had were not helping.
Jerry sat down in a chair next to where John was lying on 
a rug.
"Just look at you John," Jerry said and he looked at 
John. It was then a strange idea popped into his mind.
"No, I can't do that," Jerry said to himself as he knelt 
down on the floor. 
None of these guys had ever had any homosexual thoughts 
and would have never thought of doing anything to each 
other. But there was John lying nude on the floor and 
Jerry had always wondered about touching another man's 
cock.  John's cock was flaccid and small at the moment 
and Jerry wondered if in his current stated could he 
achieve an erection.
"Wake up John," Jerry said as he sat on the rug next to 
John. He pushed John and shook him but John did not stir.
Jerry moved down John's body and was sitting next to his 
waste. There was John's cock lying on his leg. Jerry 
reached over and prodded it with his finger and it moved. 
John lay still. Jerry then took his thumb and two fingers 
and raised John's cock to take a good look at it. Jerry 
had never held another man's cock and found it quite an 
interesting experience. Jerry also noticed his own cock 
was beginning to swell. John had not moved.
"Damn this is turning me on," Jerry said mostly to 
Jerry began rubbing the pinkish head of John's dick and 
felt it tighten a bit. 
"I wondered if he can get a hard on as drunk as he is?" 
Jerry thought to himself.
John's cock seemed to respond to his touch so encouraged 
by this he stroked John's cock a few times. He could not 
believe but even as drunk as John was his cock was 
responding. It had risen and now stood about half erect. 
John was amazed at how different John's cock felt than 
when he stroked his own cock. He was also amazed at how 
turn on he was becoming and how hard his cock felt as it 
pressed against his shorts.
John's cock became harder as Jerry stroked it. 
"What the hell," Jerry decided it was now or never. He 
leaned over and licked a bit of pre-cum off the head of 
John's cock. Again John did not move but his cock grew 
harder. Jerry was beside himself. Whether it was the 
Scotch or the surreal nature of his situation, Jerry 
opened his mouth and began to suck on his friend's cock 
just like the girls in the porno movies did and just like 
he liked his wife to do to him. He could feel John's cock 
respond to his ministration and it swell even more. 
"I can't believe I'm sitting here sucking John's cock. I 
can't believe I like it," John thought to himself with 
his mouth engulfing John's dick with its purple head 
moving in and out between Jerry's lips.
Suddenly Jerry felt John's cock pulsate and the head 
swelled ever larger. 
"Mmmmm," John grunted in his sleep. John was still 
unconscious but his hips began to push against Jerry's 
"The son of a bitch is fucking my mouth," Jerry thought.
As Jerry allowed his mouth to be fucked John's cock 
erupted into his mouth. Jerry knew this was going to 
happen but was not prepared for the glob of cum that hit 
the back of his throat.  He gulped as he pulled John cock 
out of his mouth and swallowed an ample portion of cum. 
The next squirt caught him directly in the face and then 
another on his shirt. As John's cock gave up its sperm it 
slowly swank and returned to its flaccid state. Jerry was 
still holding the limp dick and in a last impulse licked 
the last glob of cum on its head. 
"It doesn't taste good but it doesn't taste bad," Jerry 
said to himself.
Jerry sat back and looked at John. John did not move but 
had a smile on his face.
"Well buddy for all I have done for you maybe you should 
do something for me," Jerry said.
Jerry undressed and freed his very hard cock. Jerry's 
cock was about 5 inches and it was so hard it was 
hurting. He got up and went to the kitchen for a paper 
cup. He then returned and sitting looking at Jerry he 
pumped on his cock. He rubbed his cock around John's lip 
and even pressed it between them. John did not seem to 
Jerry rolled John over and spread his butt cheeks and 
consider John's butt hole. 
"I don't think I can go that far with John," Jerry 
thought to himself although the idea was very 
stimulating. He did however rub John's butt hole and slip 
a finger insider his buddy. It did not take long for his 
balls to contract and his dick shot its first wad into 
the cup. Jerry sat there pumping his cock with his finger 
in John's ass and had never quite produced so much cum. 
He filled the little cup.
"Just for you pal," Jerry said.
Jerry rolled John over on his back. John's mouth was 
slightly open. Jerry used his finger that he been in 
John's butt and opened his mouth a little. John did not 
seem to care and just lay there with a goofy smile on his 
face. Jerry slowly dribbled his cum from the cup into 
John's mouth. John coughed a little but Jerry was able to 
pour the entire content into John's mouth and he 
swallowed it all.
"Was it good?" Jerry asked.
Doug did not answer.
Jerry obtained a blanket and covered the still nude John 
lying on the rub. Early that morning he heard John 
cursing as he went to the bathroom and threw up. Later 
that morning after Jerry awakened John was not looking 
very good.
"So how is my hung over friend today," Jerry asked as he 
walked in on John half sitting half lying on the couch.
"I feel like shit," John said.
"You look like shit," Jerry said and laughed.
"I woke up with the strangest taste in mouth," John 
Jerry laughed, "Well with all the puking you did it is no 
wonder you have a bad taste in your mouth."
"The funny thing is as sick as this taste is kind of 
nice. I wish I knew what the hell it was. I would like 
some more of whatever it was I ate."
Jerry did not say anything.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. 

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