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Drinking Beer and Fishing by JamesT

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Authors name: James T. (
Story title : Drinking Beer and Fishing

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Drinking Beer and Fishing (mm/m-teen, 1st gay
experience, oral)
by James T. (


I was drunk as I tried to make myself understood to my
buddies. We were cutting high school had slipped away
for a day of fishing. At sixteen I was feeling "NO
PAIN" after a day in the sun while drinking beer. I was
sitting in the fishing lodge watching the room spin. I
would laugh at almost anything because I was pretty
drunk but Chris and Billy tolerated my childlike

I don't know how the conversation and joking had turned
to "the" topic. With three teenage boys everything
leads to sex. I was listening to Billy tell Chris about
Becky a younger girl from the neighborhood. "She told
me she had sucked off two guys at school. I tried to
get her to give me head but she said I was too old.
Shit was I mad at that, to think the guys younger than
me were using her hot mouth. Why not me?"

Being really drunk I laughed and said, "She probably
didn't want to suck on a small dick."

Billy looked over at me and said, "Fuck you, I have a
bigger cock than you do, you fucking fag."

I giggled at him then said, "Hell Becky probably
doesn't like to suck little boys. She wants her guys to
be able to cum."

Billy was getting mad as he said, "Fuck you fag. If you
keep on I'll show your drunk ass who can cum."

I should have stopped teasing but I came back with,
"Come on give me a break, don't tell me you're the
class stud. Shit I'll bet you're still a virgin. If
Becky had said yes you'd have cum in you pants. Your
little wiener would have been afraid to come out and
play if she had kneeled in front of you."

Billy was really mad as he said, "Asshole, just keep it
up and I'll let little Billy out to play with you. I'll
let him feed you enough cum to shut up that fagot mouth
of yours."


The next morning I felt pain in my head as I opened my
eyes. We were still in the lodge. Chris was up and
making coffee.

I spoke, "Shit my head hurts."

Billy looked over at me and said, "Its good you passed
out last night. With all the crap you were feeding me
you're lucky your mouth and throat doesn't hurt this

I said, "What's that supposed to mean, what did I do?"

Billy laughed as he said, "You don't remember you
wanted to suck my cock. I would have let you but you
passed out."

He stood up in his jockeys and reached down for his
cock and flexed it as it as his fingers closed around
it. He started moving his cock around in his shorts.
Chris laughed as he spoke. "You didn't tell me you
liked to suck cock. Clay, you begged to suck his cock?"

Before I could answer he laughed again and said, "I
guess he'll let you today."

I felt sick as I watched Billy's cock and as he gave
it a few strokes through the material of his jockey

Billy looked me in the eyes and said, "You like it.
You do like hard cock don't you? Are you gonna suck
it? Look, at it, Clay."

I looked at Billy's face as I said, "Wait a minute,
I'm not queer and I'm not gonna suck off anyone."

Billy stroked his cock a few times as he said, "You

With a nervous laugh, "You damn right I'm sure, and
fuck you, you asshole."

I thought, "Shit my head hurts, what did I do last
night? I wish I could remember." I just hoped that I
hadn't done anything like they said I had. Fuck that
would be humiliating.

It was two o'clock when we finished the lower lake and
were heading back to the lodge. I had to ask Billy
again what happened last night. Billy laughed as he
said, "You really don't remember? You just want me to
tell you so you can get hard again?"

I said, "I don't remember anything, um, hard again,
what do you mean by that?"

Chris started laughing so loud he was about to cry.
Billy said, "Chris and I were talking about Becky and
how she likes to give blow jobs. I guess we were all
drunk. I said how she could take on two or three guys
at a time. Then you asked, does she swallow cum? And I
said, yea I guess so, why? You told me just to forget
it but I kept questioning you as to why you asked when
you said that you would."

Billy kept up his story as Chris laughed and I blushed,
"You said you would suck me and swallow my cum and I
said prove it. You knelt in front of me and opened my
zipper. Then you pulled out my dick and opened your
mouth but you passed out before you could finish. I
jerked off on you as you slept with your face at my
feet. You were on the bone at my feet."

I was blushing as I was standing between my two
friends. Did I want to press my mouth to Billy's dick?
Could I be a queer ready to blow one of my friends?

Billy started to stroke his cock through his pants
again, looking at me. I was mesmerized by his actions.
After a few minutes he started to whisper, "You gonna
do it Clay, you gonna go down on me? I could really use
a blowjob Clay."

I said, "I'm not queer I must a been really fucking
drunk to do what you said I did."

Billy started laughing with Chris and said, "You better
get Clay a beer then."

I watched Billy sit on the bed and spread his legs. I
knew he wanted me to help him with his throbbing pole
but I was not ready to crawl between the legs of one of
my buddies. I said, "Listen, I don't remember what
happened last night and I don't know why I almost
sucked your cock, but you guys have to keep what we do
here, when we're drunk to just us. You guys are my best
friends and I think we should keep this between us."

Billy said, "Sure Clay I would never tell anyone you
hit on me and pulled on my cock and tried to suck it.
Hell I would have liked it if you had finish the job.
Maybe after you have a beer or two you can try it, you
know before you pass out."

The Billy stood up and stepped out of his pants and
jockeys. He was naked as I stared at him before my eyes
moved toward his dick. I was nervous because I didn't
want the world to think I was gay, but I was also
strangely aroused as we sat around drinking more beer.
Billy just lay back on the bed naked like he was
offering himself to me. Fuck he was even semi-hard.

I think on my third beer Billy had me between his naked
thighs staring at his rigid pole. He reached down and
pushed the back of my neck downward, "Take it in your
mouth Clay."

I gagged as the cock slid into my mouth. It seemed huge
as Billy applied some more pressure to the back of my
head forcing more of his rod into my open mouth. He
pushed his hard dick half way into my mouth and started
fucking it in and out slow and smooth.

I heard Chris's say, "Shit guy, it was all a joke. You
never tried to hit on Billy, that was all bullshit."
Yet here I was kneeling in front of Billy with his dick
fucking my mouth and I could taste his him as he kept
moving faster and deeper into my throat. I had all six
inches of Billy's cock pushing against the back of my

I couldn't believe how stupid I had been to let Billy
trick me like this but my nose was pressing into his
black pubic hairs. He was pulling his dick all the way
out of my suctioning mouth and shoving it in until my
lips nuzzled at the base of his dick. He moaned, "I'm
gonna cum, ahhhh FUCK." My suctioning mouth caused his
spurting cum to flow from his teenage dick. I swallowed
spurt after spurt of his warm cum. "Clay did you just
swallow Billy's cum?" Chris asked with a surprised and
shocked tone.

I pulled off Billy's dick and licked the mess from my
lips. I walked over and grabbed another beer. As I
looked at Chris I said, "I guess I just needed another
beer." I moved over in front of Chris and knelt down.
He looked surprised as he said, "What are you going to
do?" I moved my hands to his zipper and started pull it
down. As I hooked my hands in his pants and jockeys he
lifted up so I could remove his pants. His cock stood
rigid in my jerking hand. Even though I was full of
embarrassment, I wanted Chris's dick. His dick was warm
as it entered my mouth. I sighed as the second cock
slid into my mouth. Chris pushed his hard teenage dick
all the way into my mouth and started fucking it in and
out like Billy had just done.

I wanted to taste his cum as I was kneeling with the
large dick fucking my mouth. He was shoving it in just
as Billy had with my lips nuzzled at the base of his
dick. Chris asked, "You ready for me to shoot?"

His spurting shots hit the back of my mouth and I
swallowed all of his cum. "Wow you just swallow my cum
too?" Chris said.

As I knelt there looking at my friends, licking my cum
covered lips, I wondered to myself what life would be
like from now on; with the taste of Chris's cum still
in my mouth.

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