Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Great Train Journeys of the World

Great Train Journeys of the World (A Seducer’s Tale)

By kewtieboy


They say that some small incident in your long forgotten childhood can leave an indelible imprint on your mind and create a fetish or desire that stays with you well into adulthood. I can remember, as though it was yesterday such an incident.

I was still at grammar school so I must have been around 14. I had been up to Carlisle Christmas shopping (with what little pocket money I had) but had somehow mislaid my friend David, meaning I had missed my train home. I telephoned my parents and told them I would have a snack and catch the next (last) train which was due out of Carlisle at around 8.00 pm but would necessitate a change at Maryport on my way to Barrow. Why I hadn’t gone shopping to Lancaster instead I don’t know. I would be home by 10.00-ish anyway so now it didn’t matter.

The train was absolutely dead, with hardly a soul on it so I headed up to the end of the last carriage and huddled up for my trip. The entire carriage was empty except for an old man at the far end who was already asleep. I drew my thick coat around me ready for the trip when I saw a guy get into the carriage and weave his way up to where I was. He slumped opposite me, with me looking down the carriage and him looking at a blank wall and started to make some small talk. I couldn’t make out a single word as he was drunk. He was some kind of manual workman and looked to me, to be about 26 or so. He opened a bottle and took a swig of something, handing it to me afterwards. When I refused he insisted. Since I was never allowed alcohol at home, I took the bottle and had a healthy swig from it. The coughing which ensued, confirmed to the young guy, I was no drinker and he laughed, taking it back and finishing the best part of half a bottle of what I now realised was whisky, in one go.

The whisky burned its way down and felt really nice as my head swam a little. My fellow traveller had slid down in the seat and when the guard came for his ticket neither of us could waken him. I searched his coat pocket and found it for the guard who thanked me and retreated to his cosy little cupboard at the other end of the train. Handling the guy while he was drunk had made me slightly excited and I didn’t know why. He was slouched, down in the seat, his jacket open and his legs splayed. It was then that I noticed his trouser front was open and his cotton shorts were visible inside. A button on them was also open and I could see pink flesh and some hair. My cock stirred.

There was around 25 minutes until the next stop. I moved over to sit next to him. I could see the reflection of the carriage behind me in the glass at the front of the carriage. I let my hand drift on to his leg. He didn’t even stir. I moved it to the gaping front of his trousers and eased my fingers inside, the second button popped on his shorts as I did so. I could feel his dark pubic hair. This guy was very attractive and I saw the gleaming metal on his finger of a new wedding ring so I figured he was married. His trousers were quite loose and the top clip was already undone, the trousers being held in place by his belt. I pulled them slightly apart and managed to slip my whole hand inside, gripping his soft cock. It felt quite small. I pulled it out and then gently eased his balls out too.

My heart thumped as I checked in the glass board in front that no one was moving in the carriage and then dropped to my knees to take his soft cock in my mouth. The speed of its growth was remarkable. Within about two minutes I had a fully erect adult cock in my hand (and mouth). It stood about 6 inches long and had a pretty clump of loose foreskin around the top. I rolled it back and sucked him up and down while stroking his balls.

“Yes bitch,” he slurred under his breath.

I thought he had woken but he immediately went into rhythmic breathing. I started to suck him in earnest, my own cock painfully pressing against my jeans. Without warning my saliva suddenly had another taste with it and I realised he was cumming in my mouth. I could take my mouth off, was scared to swallow and didn’t know what to do. The volume was enormous and I was struggling not to swallow. Some found its way down my throat but I didn’t want to take it all. I quickly tucked his slowly diminishing cock into his pants and managed to partially pull his zip before walking down to the train toilets to spit the cum into the bowl and then to wank furiously and relieve myself.

I sat elsewhere for the rest of the trip, the mild taste of his spent cum in my mouth. I had only fumbled with friends in the past and had never sucked a cock let alone suck someone off so the fact that I was capable of such an act excited me and the feeling of having had sex with a 100% straight guy was the subject of many a late night wank thereafter.

The excitement of that event stayed in my mind and during my later school years I managed a partial repeat with a sleepover school friend after consuming a litre of cider. I managed to get his cock out and erect before he rolled over on his belly and left me looking at his bum. I tried vainly to pull him back over but had to content myself with wanking over his prone body and cumming on his arse. It was still exciting but not enough for me.

It was five years later and I was on my way back home after a longish gap year visit to India. I was taking the train from Varanasi to Delhi to catch my flight home and had splashed out a moderate fee for an air-conditioned first class sleeper. It wasn’t expensive by our standards but I was shocked to find it had two berths and I would be sharing. Generally the two berths are reserved for married couples and singles shared four berth cabins so I suppose I was lucky. A young Indian teenager arrived and in perfect English, introduced himself as Jamil which he told me meant “handsome” and then he blushed. He certainly lived up to his name as he was stunningly beautiful and flashed his white teeth at me. He told me he had just left school and was heading to Delhi having just been waved off by his parents and was joining his grandparents there. His grandfather worked for the government. He looked as my copious supply of beer tucked in a cool bag and I asked if he would like one. His eager acceptance suggested that he wasn’t allowed to drink at home, if at all.

We ordered some food and a simple inexpensive curry dish was brought by the attendant. I opened a bottle of wine I had been given by friends before leaving and we washed the curry down using paper cups. He told me he was 18 though he looked surprisingly younger in his smart blazer and white shirt. The journey was to take around 12 hours and as our departure had been in the early hours of the evening, it was soon dark. By 9.30pm, I said I was going to the shower room at the end of the carriage for a quick shower before bed and changed down to my briefs, wrapping a towel around myself. On my return, he did likewise. He had little blue briefs on which clearly showed he was no boy down there.

I had hoped he might have some gay tendencies but he made no overtures in that direction and spoke about a girl he knew back home who he liked very much. I gave him more beer in the hope of loosening him up but by 10.30pm, he was sitting in his bunk slumped sideways and sound asleep. I decided it best to tuck him in so called his name. No response! I called again but still no response. I thought it best to start covering him in and so pulled his damp towel off leaving him in just his blue briefs and started to lift his legs on to the bunk. His bottom was still sticking out so I pushed his buttocks but his briefs slightly slipped down at his bottom. I realised my cock was rising at the warm touch of this smooth, dark-skinned virgin beauty. I lay him on top of his bunk and drank in his features. My cock was obscenely erect inside my briefs. I stroked it as I stood over him.

I bolted the berth door and dimmed the lights slightly. Bending over I gently squeezed his briefs at the front. The softness of his meat was like a drug to me. I squeezed it and quickly had a reaction. He was a hot blooded male after all. I gently eased the front of his briefs down and released his cock. It was sizeable. I would guess at half erection, it was already over 6 inches with a neat foreskin and was much blacker than his visible body. He had blue black pubic hair neatly around the area and surprisingly little elsewhere. I kept stroking. It soon rose to over 7 inches, probably nearer 8, and was thick in my hand. I managed to pull his briefs down more to release his balls and knelt on the floor to kiss the tip. As I did, the cock jumped to full size and strengthened to a rod of iron in my hand. I slipped off my briefs and gently knelt over him with one knee either side. I lay my cock on top of his and wrapped my hand around both cocks gently masturbating us up and down. The blood rushing into his cock made my erection pale into insignificance as far as hardness.

I slid further up his body and let his hard cock rest against my hole. It throbbed against me with each beat of his heart. I slid off him and returned to his side to take his monster into my mouth. It stood away from his prone body and actually stood almost straight up in the air, so powerful was his erection. I fumbled in my travel bag and found my newly purchased digital camera and managed a dozen or so pictures, while hoping the flash wouldn’t waken him. I went to his head and eased my dripping cock to his lips. His tongue involuntarily lapped out and collected some precum which he took back into his mouth. He tried to turn in his sleep but I managed to hold him by the shoulders and he soon settled down on his back, still in a deep sleep. I pushed my cock head a little more but his teeth restricted full entry. My hand then went between his legs and I pushed to find his little rosebud. My wetted finger slid slightly into him and I softly stroked his hole, in and out as I sucked his cock. He moaned in his sleep.

His legs opened and access was easier. The musky boy scent and slight smell of spices from his skin mixed with the sweet aroma of precum from both our cocks. I enveloped as much cock as I could manage and sucked the full length down and up while fingering him. I felt I could do this all night until my throat was suddenly filled with sweet fluid, firing out of his monster, I pulled his cock out slightly and a spray of his cum hit me in the face, I managed to catch the next jet in my mouth but still it came. The familiar ammonia smell filled the cabin and still more cum shot from this sweet young lad. I counted 10 spurts and as I put my hand down to finish myself, I came immediately on the berth floor. My thick jets of hot cum, arced into the air and landed all on the cabin floor. The smell of male sex filled the cabin. I mopped him very quickly, suddenly quite frightened at my own forwardness and managed to tuck him in before retiring for the night.

I have to confess, that at around 2.00 am, I crept once more from my bunk and brought him back to erection, to hold his cock in my mouth while I came again. He did not.

In the morning, he apologised for falling asleep and said he had been a poor companion. I decided to differ and couldn’t help but gloat as I watched the handsome Jamil walk down the platform to meet his doting grandparents, no longer as much a virgin as he had been.

Staying at home, I managed to live quite frugally and took a longish holiday two years later, to the Southern United States. I flew into Miami and spent the four weeks exploring Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Texas. At a British student, I felt very welcome and met many people and had some great times socially and sexually. It was on my last hurdle, the final week when I was on my way from Houston to Tampa for my flight out to London later in the week but I missed the train. I was short of cash and decided to find a hostel in Houston when I young guy, who had seen me in the station area, asked where I was heading. I told him.

“I travel free,” he said. “Want to go to Florida?”

I nodded and he started to walk away from the station beckoning me to follow. Sensing that this rough diamond could be trouble, he led me firstly to a supermarket where we bought some food and some liquor and then round to the goods yards.

He joked about catching, “the midnight choo choo leaving for Alabam.” “Goods trains,” he said. They leave here every night and trundle to the next major city. All you have to do is be careful about getting on board and just look for an empty carriage which is usually unlocked if there are no goods.

I heard him whistle as he called me and we climbed on board a large closed wagon before he pulled the door almost shut, leaving just a little outside light. The train trundled out a little after midnight and we started our picnic. He enjoyed a lot more of my twelve pack than I did and promptly passed out. I looked at him. In another life he was a good looking guy. I would put him at 21 though he looked to be much older at first glance. He was unshaven but his clothes were in good order and he didn’t seem to be too dirty. He was slim and in the warm summer night, his jacket had been removed as a makeshift pillow and his shirt lay open exposing a lightly hairy chest, just visible in the moonlight. My cock knew what was coming before my brain did. A stiff erection told me that my third opportunity was in front of me.

Quite forceful attempts to waken him had little effect. I realised that the 8 or so cans he had consumed were not the only drinks he had had that day. I undid the leather belt on his jeans and found that even my struggle to unclip the buckle didn’t bring about a change in his slumber pattern. I undid the stud and pulled the front open, the zipper sliding all the way down in one yank. He wore dark cotton shorts of which I am not a fan (why can’t Americans wear nice sexy briefs as most Europeans, Asians and Australians do). Still beggars can’t be choosers.

I was able to actually pull his pants down and in his sleep he lifted his buttocks up to help without even missing a snore. I undid his shirt, exposing his almost hairless chest and finally slipped the boxers down. His cock lay in a patch of dark hair. The circumcised dick lay over his balls and looked to be healthy (probably about 4 inches soft and quite thick). I held it and gently rubbed it up and down. It had little effect. I pulled my own pants down to release my hard cock and gently wanked with my left hand as I stroked him with my right. Still there was no reaction. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. There was a faint odour of piss from it but nothing too distasteful. I started to suck. At first there was still no movement then I felt a gentle stirring. Once it started, it didn’t stop and the cock grew quite swiftly in my mouth until it was at full mast and I couldn’t get it all in. I looked at it and saw a good sized 7.5 inch cock, thicker than normal and hard as a rock. I plunged back down on it and cupped his balls as I slurped on the full length. My other hand stretched up and pinched his nipples. Apart from his erection was no sign of life other than a steady quiet snore, just noticeable above the rattle of the goods train.

I pulled my pants off completely and knelt alongside him, licking his balls and his cock length and then made a decision. I went over to my bag and took out a packet of condoms and some lube. As I slid the condom on to his cock, it jerked with the extra attention and the tightness of the rubber. I lubed his shaft and then my hole and then sat across his prone body facing him as I lowered my bum on to his cock. I took it easy as I held his shaft and guided it into my bottom. It felt very big and when it first popped past my butt hole, it made me gasp. I was able to lower my entire body on to him until my bottom was resting on his thighs. I started to ride up and down. I could feel his massive cock pulsing inside me as I continued the ride, steadying myself as the train rattled along the track. I leaned forward and gently kissed his lips. His breathing slowed and I panicked. For the first time I realised if he came around, I would have quite some difficulty explaining it as anything other than what it so obviously was.

Breathing balanced out again and I continued, my rhythm picking up speed. I felt the iron shaft tense inside me and I slowed but kept the rhythm steady. His cock seemed to lose some of its stamina so I pulled my body off him and the cock plopped out with the sac in the condom filled with a healthy quantity of cum. I had actually made him shoot inside me. I drizzled his cum on to my balls as I wanked and shot my wad on to the truck floor. My arse hurt but felt really good.

I quickly pulled his jeans up as best I could though I had difficulty tucking in his shirt, and I dressed. I slumped on the hard floor and tried to sleep. Sometime around 7.00am, I noticed we had slowed almost to a halt as we passed into a medium sized town and decided that perhaps I should desert ship just in case I had left some evidence of my nocturnal activities.

It took me another two days to get to Tampa and my flight home but notch number three was on my belt.

These opportunities are just that. They are moments to be ignored to chances to grasp. They can’t be planned and they carry risk. The excitement of having sex with someone who would never normally do it is exhilarating. The desire is in many of us. How many guys have fondled their sleeping wife? How many of you did it with a schoolmate when you were sleeping over?

Hopefully another opportunity will come along on or off the railroad track and, if it does, I won’t let it pass!

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