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Ian - The Predator

Ian – the Predator

by Roadrunna

I still think of myself as 60-40 straight / gay, in interests if not in sexuality, though I have been exclusively hetero for a good part of my life.

A strange set of circumstances began my gay life in my early 20s. My girlfriend and I had a mutual friend who I suspected was gay but the matter had not been discussed. We had dinner and were drinking at a pub in Carlton…it was a summer’s night and we went back to Ian’s flat for a drink or two more. I really wanted sex with Janet that night…but she had to get up for an early meeting in the morning and left us at Ian’s place watching the cricket, which she wasn’t interested in.

We were both sitting around in shorts and we were of course very young. The cricket wasn’t going too well. The Aussies were getting licked in a one-dayer…I was tired…too much to drink that night and I laid back on the couch almost facing Ian…as he talked and talked…it was going in one ear and out the other…and I guess I fell into a semi-deep sleep.

One of the last things I remember as I was falling asleep was waking up briefly and noting that Ian was watching me…and knowing what I know now…probably had a clear view right up my shorts.

I don’t know how much time had passed…but I vaguely remember Ian calling out to me…”are you alright Keith”…and next thing I knew I had awakened enough to feel a sensation in my groin area...I wasn’t really drunk, although Ian must of thought I was and that I had completely passed out…

I realised immediately that I had an erection and that Ian (I first thought it was Janet) had his hand up my shorts and was playing with my bulge through my briefs.

I had never been touched by another bloke before but oddly enough it didn’t bother me. It felt good. I had been horny during the warm day and had expected sex that night so it wouldn’t have taken much to get me aroused.

I was also slightly embarrassed…had the feeling that I didn’t want Ian to know that I knew he was touching me…and enjoying it…and so I pretended to be asleep and forced my breathing to be heavier so that he had full confidence.

He kept on calling my name quietly….”Keith, Keith” hoping no doubt that I would not stir…and in the next instant, ever so gently slipped his hand under my briefs so that my swollen cock was in the palm of his hands….

This felt so erotic…so unexpected…so different to anything that had happened to me before….ever so gently he slid down my pants….I could feel him shaking nervously as he did it, but I was determined not to wake up…

I could feel my dick slap hard against my stomach as it broke free of the elastic waist-band on my shorts…and Ian couldn’t help himself…he was down on me sucking with a passion I had never, ever experienced before.

Yes, I had been sucked off by women before…but this was different. Women, I know, only go through the motions…and never do it for very long…most of them think it “dirty”…but Ian…this was so good I was almost swooning….

He released my dick and whispered “how was that Keith, did you like that?”…and yes, I wanted more…I groaned a little, to make him think that I was still asleep and when he said...”you poor bugger, you haven’t got a clue, have you” I took that to mean he knew I was asleep and I could do nothing about what he was doing to me…

Then, I couldn’t believe what he did next…one of my legs was raised at a slightly different level on the couch…which meant that he was easily able to slide his hand gently under my arse and probe towards the hole. I was still erect and this was amazingly sensuous. Women love feeling the curves of a man’s arse and squeezing the muscles…but they go no further…the center of gravity is off limits!

Slipping his hand out again he cupped my balls in his hand…and my God, I thought, is this what gay men do…he took both balls into his mouth….my God… I thought I was going to burst there and then…but I couldn’t betray the fact that I was feeling so much pleasure.

One by one he coddled my balls in his mouth and popped them out one by one…I couldn’t believe this…I was close to coming…I could feel the sap rising…but I knew I couldn’t panic…then he was on to my shaft again…oh, no…oh,no…I thought…I am going to come…if he leaves his mouth there, I am going to come in his mouth…oh, no….oh,no…I’m coming…it’s too late to stop…the groans were soft, muffled...urgent…and the explosion was like nothing I’d ever experienced before….or since! Ian didn’t let go until he knew I was drained. If he thought I was awake, he didn’t let on…there was an eerie silence as my heavy breathing subsided…I dare not open my eyes….Ian dabbed at my dick with something soft…gently raised my briefs and my shorts again and left me lying there…I did not want to stir…fearing he might realise I was awake through it all.

He switched off the television and the light and went straight to his own bed…leaving me to wonder what the hell had happened here. It was an incident that changed my life.

For years afterwards I was in denial…Janet soon disappeared off the scene…Ian and I were never alone again…I never let on that I knew what had happened between us…and he departed for Sydney even before I had seen the last of Janet.

A few inactive years later, I was still around, I guess in my mid 20s and looking younger. The incident with Ian all but forgotten, the suntan still there, a picture of health and muscled, lean, a competitive runner who still needed semi-regular massage…

I was undergoing a legit sports massage with whom I presumed to be a straight masseur. He is married and has children. I had been to see him before, but on this occasion when I was specific about him working on my glutes which were in strain from running, his fingers briefly slipped into my crack and brushed my balls. I'm sure it was accidental because he immediately apologised. I did not get an erection and was not “turned on" by the incident, but on reflection, I felt the situation was erotic and wondered what it might be like to be massaged by a gay or bi masseur.
It was years since my first innocent experience with Ian…I was still very fit…still exclusively heterosexual, working out at the gym in those days so had more muscle than I have now, since the running has taken over.
But I still needed massage; didn’t care where I got it…and made a booking with a complete stranger in St Kilda, near where I lived at the time.
Some sports masseurs (the straight ones anyway) don’t even remove your briefs…but this guy preferred them off and draped a towel over me. No harm done. I didn’t think twice about it.
He was very, very good. I was enjoying the massage…which was conducted on mats on the floor. I was face down, silent and so relaxed that I felt that I was almost asleep…before I realised it…the masseur, Max…had straddled me and was working on my back…the towel was still over my bum, a bit askew I could tell, but the massage was very, very effective and the straddling, while different, didn't bother me because I know from previous massage that they all have different techniques.
I was completely relaxed, almost drowsy, as if I had been given a drug (he did, I recall, give me water before the massage) or the aromatherapy which he had placed in a swab at my nostrils was some kind of knockout drop! In this state of suspended consciousness he might have thought I was asleep and as he straddled me, I had the faintest sensation that his dick was brushing my bum…I really couldn’t tell if he was naked or not with the towel between us…but by the position he was in, straddling me, I thought, this thing I can feel, it must be his dick!
He was a bloody good masseur…I didn’t stir and and lied completely still…slightly nervous, slight outraged and slightly aroused...he slipped the towel down to work on my glutes with the oil…no harm done there…my glutes had been worked on before, but when he reached forward lengthwise again, to get into my shoulders and my back…the feeling was unmistakable…that was definitely his dick sliding between my parted legs and cheeks…he was erect, all right, and hard…

Instantly I thought of what had happened with Ian and decided not to resist…pretending to be completely relaxed…even asleep…I don’t remember being erect myself…I don’t think I was…but I allowed him to push my legs wider with his knees…again this was an experience I had never had before and it was exciting and more than a little scary.

Max was now smoothing the oil between my cheeks…nothing was said…almost imperceptively, a finger or a thumb slipped into me…I had never, ever even played with myself down there…had never even thought of a bum hole as a sexual organ…and yet here was a perfect stranger probing into me as I had never been probed before.

Now, I knew that men screwed other men…but my only unconscious M 2 M experience had been with Ian…and I found myself wondering…this finger work is really beautiful…but I don't want to be screwed by this guy…what does it feel like…does it hurt…?

But he must have been some kind of magician. His dick slipped into me almost before I realised it…I realise now that he had worked on me so well; I was so loose that he was able to slip inside without me knowing I was being fucked for the first time! There was no pain…It seemed no natural…again I didn’t panic…Max didn’t last long. A few thrusts and he was done. He withdrew and I hardly knew he had been there. There was no real sensation for me, being fucked, in fact being raped, but I was curiously satisfied. Someone had wanted to take me and took me…I had been raped…there was something awesome about that.

I lay there for a few minutes, recovering. Not knowing what to say..perhaps wanting him to think that, whatever he had done to induce sleep, I was still out to it. He wiped me down, replaced the towels and left the room. After a few minutes, I got up dressed and got money out of my wallet to pay him.

I was as surprised by his question as he seemed surprised to see me: "Oh," he said, "are you awake already?" I never saw him again.

I do very little M 2 M sex…still…but these two experiences were so extraordinary to me at the time that I have never got over the fantasy of being “fast asleep” or prone on a massage table. So, here I am. This was for real.

The Roadrunna

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