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Luke and Ray's Nocturnal Fun by Kewtieboy

Luke and Ray’s Nocturnal Fun


By Kewtieboy

Luke and Ray went to school together, left school at 16 together and worked in the same distribution warehouse together. Luke and Ray were both gay and loved sex together too! Every weekend these wild lads hit the local gay bars and drank a little too much. Sometimes they would hit on some new guy in town and persuade him to join both of them for a threesome back at their rented flat. Rarely did they have sex separately. They were a couple in everything but name.

It was a late Friday night in March and they were weaving their way home across the local common when Ray stopped in his tracks. In the dim light he saw a body lying out on the ground.

“Someone’s been murdered,” he said to Luke!!

Sobering quickly they ran across to the young lad who looked to be around 18, the same age they were, to find him snoring. They managed to lift him a little but he was a dead weight and had also staggered into some thick bush before passing out. They sat him upright on the ground and tried to waken him.

“Fuckin’ bitch,” he mumbled! “She can piss off,” he said, before passing straight back out.

He was a really good looking guy. “We can’t leave him here,” said Luke, “it’s getting quite cold.”

As they tried again to lift him, his shirt lifted out of his trousers exposing a slim waist and the top band of a pair of Calvin Kleins. He slid back down and passed out again.

“God he’s cute” said Luke.

The guy’s hand moved and gripped his crotch, squeezing it. The boys just sat and looked as he squeezed some more. The front was definitely bigger.

“Should we help him,” said Luke?

Ray smiled and helped Luke drag him further into the bushes. When they were off the track, they pulled his shirt up to expose a slim almost hairless chest. Ray leaned over and kissed his body while Luke unclasped the lad’s belt, snapped the top button and let the zip of his jeans slide down. The white CK’s gleamed. The lad’s jeans were then slipped over his bottom followed by his briefs.

The cock was uncut and slightly swollen. It sat about 4 inches long over his fat balls and his dark hair covered the whole area. Ray was on him immediately with his lips engulfing the heterosexual piece of meat. The cock grew quickly and the word “yesss..” hissed out of the lad’s lips.

Luke unclipped his pants and took his 7 inch cock out smearing it over the guy’s face. His precum left traces of moisture on his cheeks and lips and the guy unconsciously licked them. Ray was now licking the guy’s balls and under to his puckered hole. He was moaning in his sleep. Now it was Luke’s turn to suck. Ray unzipped himself and gently eased his cock on to the guy’s lips. They opened slightly and he managed to get the head just inside. The guy sucked slightly on Ray’s cock and it was almost enough to make him cum immediately.

He started snoring again even though his cock was now at a brick hard 6.5 inches and pulsing with his heartbeat. They rolled him on to his side and Ray started to tongue the guy’s hole. Little gasps kept coming from his mouth. Luke went back to sucking the guy while Ray returned his cock to the guy’s lips.

Luke whispered, “I think he’s going to cum.”

His mouth went back over and as he pulled the foreskin back to suck a jet of thin warm cum shot into his mouth and on to his cheeks. Ray saw what was happening and set a blast of cum over the guy’s lips and face. Luke has to grab his own cock and quickly bring himself off as he savoured the straight cum running down his throat.

They mopped him as best they could, redressed him and lifted him on to the park bench, covering him in some newspapers before heading off to finish their journey home and have a second sex session while talking about their encounter.

That night marked a serious change in Luke and Ray’s sex life and set off a fetish that was to become part of their lives.

The next incident happened completely by surprise. Luke’s sister managed to get herself on a live Saturday quiz show during the National Lottery. Her husband, Ron was working on the oil rigs and wasn’t due back until later Saturday afternoon, much too late to go with her to London so his wife’s sister went instead and her husband, Stuart, along with Ron decided to have a lad’s night watching his wife on television. Luke and Ray were invited. Not everyone knew they were gay and the family assumed they just hadn’t met the right girls!!

Saturday came and as well as Ron and Stuart a few of Ron’s off duty oil rig friends appeared too. Seven guys sat watching the television with beer stacked in the fridge and pizzas baking in the oven. The testosterone was making Luke and Ray dizzy. These guys were butch as hell. Ron was a stunning 29 year old, with short cropped hair, medium height, muscled body, and a sprinkling of tattoos. His light brown hair and piercing blue eyes made him model material along with his dark, weather-beaten skin. Stuart was slightly taller and slimmer. He had a dark red hair which was short and curly. Though slimmer, he was also muscled and had dark pools of brown for eyes. He had the statutory tattoos on his arm too showing through the red hairs on his forearm. Hair also bristled out of the top of his t-shirt. These were the two lookers. The other three were rough tough nuts in football tops, who were popping beer cans like fizzy drinks. Luke and Ray felt very out of place, and all the talk of the afternoon’s football and who had shagged the barmaid at the local pub, were way out of their interest zone but they felt they had to be there for the sake of Luke’s sister.

Well Julie was kicked out of the quiz quite early but managed to walk off with £2,000 which seemed to please Ron as he opened four bottles of champagne to celebrate. The guys had a feeling he had expected a bigger win but they all got down to drinking. Now if ever you have drunk champagne after already being well drunk on beer, I can assure you the effect is quite devastating, especially when, after the three Neanderthals left, Ron and Stuart started on cider. Luke and Ray managed to keep off the total concoction and tried to make an excuse to follow the other three but Ron was having none of it and insisted they stay until Julie telephoned.

By the time Julie DID phone, Ron was slurring and Stuart was snoring. He managed some kind of conversation before passing out. The guys sat quietly for about 30 minutes before realising the two guys were gone for the night and decided they had better get them into a more comfortable position before closing the house down and going home. Both guys were on the couch and the manhandling did absolutely nothing to waken them. At one stage, Luke actually smacked Ron on the face to waken him and didn’t even get a grunt.

Luke looked at Ray and said, “I wonder what my sister’s getting?”

At first Ray looked quizzical and then it dawned on him.

“We can’t,” he said.

“If they waken, we can say we were trying to get them to bed,” said Luke.

“Get the camera,” said Ray!!

Ray pulled out his slim digital camera as Luke started to unbutton Ron’s jeans. First the belt was slowly unclipped and the zip gently pulled down. His t-shirt was pulled up to expose a neat hairy trail upwards to his chest. Luke then gently tried to rock the jeans down Ron’s leg and Ron actually lifted his backside up to help, while still snoring happily. The boxer shorts wouldn’t have won him any points in a fashion parade so they too they were pulled down, and then the t-shirt was lifted to expose a hairy chest. Ron’s cock didn’t look too much. It was a soft heap of flesh with a longish foreskin and quite large balls sagging between his legs. Hair was copious and only served to make the cock look smaller. Luke dropped between Ron’s legs and started to suck the soft flesh. Nothing much happened as he sucked as best he could on the soft cock, letting it roll around in his mouth. He put his finger between Ron’s legs and gently probed his hole. He didn’t enter but just pressed around the anus. The cock stirred!

It took fully ten minutes before Luke was rewarded with a thick six inch cock standing hard as steel between Ron’s legs. Luke slipped his jeans of but kept his briefs on, his rigid member sticking out through the fly from of his Calvin Klein tight boxers. Still Ray filmed away but soon, he too stripped to his briefs. He put the camera to one side and turned his attention to Stuart who was snoring loudly.

Ray started to expose Stuart in a similar way to Ron. Thankfully he had track suit bottoms on, but pulling them down proved to be difficult as every time Ray tugged, Stuart half woke, swore and pulled them up, still sleeping. Ray then stretched the front down and exposed an already half hard cock. This one looked substantial. Ray licked the tip, pushing his tongue down the foreskin. The cock rose steadily to a full, long eight inches. It wasn’t as thick at Stuarts but was still a beautiful piece of manhood, rising out of a thick red bush. Next time when Ray tried to pull the trackies down, he lifted up and let him. His balls were soft, big and long. They hung in a couple of low sacs between his legs with bright red hair springing from everywhere. Ray’s mouth enveloped the cock and the snoring stopped to be replaced by a soft moan. Stuart obviously loved oral.

Within another five minutes the scene being filmed was of two straight guys lying side by side on a sofa, sleeping. Their chests were exposed, their pants were at their ankles and their legs were wide open revealing two different specimens of erect manhood. Standing over them in just underwear, stiff cocks in their hands, were Luke and Ray. Both knelt between their legs and started sucking again, cupping the guys’ balls in their hands and wanking their own cocks as they went. Luke went up and kissed Ron on the lips. There was little response but it was still erotic.

“I want fucked by him,” said Luke pointing to Ron. I suppose the thought of having your sister’s husband’s straight cock inside you had a certain appeal.

“Just be careful,” said his friend.

Some lubricant was found in a medicine chest in the bathroom and Luke set about lubricating his hole.

“Fuck it,” said Ray, “I’m going for it too!”

He spread the jelly on his own hole. They set the camera up on the table, hoping there was enough memory, and, facing the guys, lubricated the guy’s cocks before climbing on the sofa and lowering themselves slowly on to the them. Stuart’s big brute of a cock took some pushing to get into Ray’s hole. Normally Luke was the passive one and he was taking the smaller cock. It took some time to guide the cocks and hold them inside but soon, both boys were riding up and down on stiff cock. Simultaneously, their victims were moaning. Even drunk, they knew the feeling of fucking and were gently thrusting up to meet the downward movements.

Ron’s spurting was without any warning. Luke felt the hot cum fire inside him before be even realised it. The jet of creamy brother-in-law sperm, was enough to set his own cock off and a thin jet of cream spurted out and landed on Ron’s mouth and neck. Ray was having less success in getting Stuart to cum, hard though his cock was so he slipped off, realising they had to finish soon and after wiping off the cock, set about gently wanking the tip of the head as his open mouth waited. He was rewarded as the long thin piece of straight sexual organ released its male seed into his mouth in long forceful jets which were almost painful as they hit the roof of his mouth. Ray came in seconds.

Panic set in, even though they guys were already back into a rhythmic sleep pattern. The guys mopped up and carefully redressed the two friends before covering them and leaving the house, with the photographic evidence that it had really happened. God help them if it ever got out.

Once home, the quickly transferred the film to computer and Ray fucked Luke hard as they watched the whole scene again.

This was not a scenario that could be created to order and, though they talked about the session a few times and visits to Luke’s sister were somehow more pleasant once when they could ogle Ron knowing what they had done, the situation didn’t really present itself again until……

It was Cyprus and the two guys were on holiday. Now Cyprus is not known for its gay scene and what little they could find did not entertain the boys much. However they hadn’t some to Limassol for a gay scene, they had just come for a fun holiday. Most of the straight fun took place in Aya Napa and Paphos so the guys had chosen the more mature resort of Limassol. Of course what they hadn’t realised is the close proximity of the town to British Army and Air Force bases.

It was day three and the guys had settled down to a routine of tourist activity until it was too hot to continue, lying by the pool until late afternoon, dinner in town until around 10.00 pm and then moving on to a bar or straight club for a few drinks to take in the fabulous looking guys all in heat looking for available girls. It was around midnight and as they stood at the bar, a young British guy with a short military-style haircut ended up on the stool next to them. He was alone but mentioned that he had couple of days leave and was in town with two friends who had picked up some chick between them and headed off leaving him. He was drinking heavily and bought the guys a round. Constant references were made to the “talent” around them which consisted of the usual holiday bimbos in mini skirts with tight tops and bare midriffs. He was far too drunk to successfully score with anything but the most desperate.

By 1.00 am he was trying to get to the toilet and Luke and Ray had to take him. He whipped out his soft cock to piss and as he held it said, “All this cock and no bird wants it!”

Luke and Ray were amazed. This 19 year old held a dick that was at least 5 inches long and very thick and was at its softest. As he jetted his piss into the urinal, the boys watched in amazement while he pissed away oblivious to the attention his male member was receiving from the two guys.

“Looks like none of us are going to score,” said Luke, “so we’re heading back to the hotel for a nightcap. You’re welcome to join us unless you need to be back at camp.”

“Nah, not due back until midday tomorrow,” he said. “I’ll take you up on the offer if you don’t mind me crashing at your place.”

He introduced himself as “Tosser” which was a nickname he had as he said he was always randy and the guys joked because he wanked every chance he got. The guys looked at each other. No words were required as they both realised an opportunity was raising itself as long as they could get him into their hotel without too much attention. A drunk, randy army private seemed perfect fodder for their new found kink!!

The entrance to the hotel was quiet and the night porter was busy outside at the pool chatting to some late night revellers and having a cigarette so their quick walk across reception and into the elevator was easy and unobtrusive. Once in the room, they opened some booze they had brought in and augmented supplies from their mini-bar. Poor Tosser was, by now, well gone and kept drifting in and out of sleep as he spoke.

Luke stripped down to t-shirt and boxers as even with the aircon, the temperature was quite high. Ray did likewise. “Hope you don’t mind,” Luke said?

“Cool,” said Tosser and pulled off his chinos, his white pants almost following them down his legs ending up in white briefs and white t-shirt. “Pity we didn’t score tonight eh lads?”

He adjusted his cock in his pants and some growth was noticeable. He then settled on to the edge of the bed and swigged another whisky. He had consumed an amount that would have had both guys long unconscious. Ray put MTV on television and the hypnotic music soon had Tosser lying back on the bed, his pronounced dick shaped through his briefs. Ray was brick hard and quietly squeezed Luke’s cock to find he was in a similar state. They would have to wait until Tosser was in a deep sleep as he kept half wakening.

“Gotta fucking headache,” he said.

Ill get you a pill,” said Luke.

While rummaging through his toilet bag he came across some diazepam he had been prescribed some month before and quickly took one for Tosser to take with his water. He swallowed it, mumbled “thanks” and soon dropped back into sleep. Luke told Ray what he had done.

“Christ, I hope there’s no adverse effect,” said Ray.

“I doubt it,” said Luke, who knew that one low dosage pill would only have the effect of consolidating his already deep sleep.

They waited for over 30 minutes until Tosser was in a really deep sleep and then tried to waken him. There was no response. Luke even groped his package to no response. They quickly set up the camera to record the event for their collection and moved over. Ray knelt on the floor between the hunk’s legs and gently pulled his shorts downwards. Heavy, soft balls plopped out followed by the thick chunk of meat, its foreskin gathered at the top in ruffles. Ray enveloped it with his mouth and rolled the soft, thick cock while cupping Tosser’s balls in his hand. His own cock was erect between his legs. Luke has set up the camera on movie mode and clambered over to kiss Tosser’s face and lips. He pushed his tongue into the soldier’s mouth and the lips opened slightly, the tongue partially responding. Luke found it highly erotic.

Ray felt the cock expand ever so slightly in his mouth. It was a very slow process as he slurped the semi-hard dick around but once the movement upwards started, so did the speed of erection. His expert lips slid down and upwards and as the blood filled his cock, the sucking became easier and more rewarding. Luke joined him and sucked alternatively. Soon a thick 9 inch cock stood absolutely brick hard and upright without any visible means of support. It looked almost obscene. This naked guy slumped on the edge of the bed, his legs wide open, heavy balls between his legs and a 9 inch chunk of flesh standing upright without any support.

Luke sat astride him and aligned his cock with Tosser’s, gripping both, he gently wanked. The cock beneath his was as hard as iron. This guy definitely WAS randy.

“I need it in me,” said Luke.

Then Luke stretched a condom over the cock, which made it even harder, then lubricated his arse. They then slurped some KY jelly on the cock and Luke sat stride the prone guy and started to lower himself. His hole stretched painfully at first at the large head forced its way into his hole. Gradually the cock entered him and he gently rose up and down while Ray zoomed in to film it. Luke’s own dick stuck straight out and looked fit to shoot without help. His riding got harder, up and down, as Ray sucked his cock for him.

“Me now,” said Ray as he spread lube on his hole and gently tried to expand it for the forthcoming onslaught.

Luke reluctantly pulled off and let Ray have his moment. The entry was harder for him but with patience the entire 9 inches were soon deep inside him. His riding was quite violent once he got going and it was thankful that Tosser was dead to the world. Despite riding on the hard cock for over 15 minutes, Tosser did not cum and both boys were feeling a need to ejaculate.

Ray climbed off and stripped the cock of the condom. He took the rigid member in his hand and gently started to masturbate it. The head responded each time his fingers ran over it. “I think he might cum,” he said.

Ray dropped down so that his mouth and face were in the firing zone, while Luke expertly rubbed his fingers up and down on Tosser’s cock. The shot when it came, was a surprise. There was no warning except for a quick increase in blood through his cock before a massive arc of spunk fired out of the tip and into Ray’s waiting mouth and face. Luke dropped down to share this copious load. There were 8 massive spurts each containing a great volume. The texture was quite thick so where it landed, it stayed. Ray had slow rivulets of cum trickling off his forehead, down his nose and on to his mouth to join the initial shots which were trickling out of the corner of his mouth.

Tosser’s breathing, which had halted slightly, returned to its steady rhythm. Both boys took cock in hand and knelt either side of Tosser to wank themselves. Their loads came simultaneously and were jetted on to Tosser’s waiting belly, cock and balls, covering his sex organs in a thick creamy quantity of cum which they filmed before mopping up. Tosser was covered where he lay and both Ray and Luke used the other double bed.

In the morning, Tosser seemed none the wiser of his first gay threesome. Even his head seemed clear as he slurped a coffee down, thanked the guys for s “great” night and rushed to hit base before he was reported as AWOL.

The remainder of the holiday went without any further luck but the memory and recorded footage, gave the lads wanking material for some time.

Their interests were played out on a number of other occasions but none had the excitement of these first few times. Luke and Ray continued with their relationship and had many fun times but seducing those straight guys stayed high in their “top ten.”

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