Thursday, 26 June 2008

One Night in Spain by Mediaboy9

One Night in Spain by

Myself and some m8s went to Spain on holiday and I was sharing with 2 other guys, Steve and Jon. It was about 5 years ago and we were 18. Although Jon had a girlfriend as did I, I always thought there was something not quite right about his sexuality, like in the showers at school he would stare at other guys’ dicks and his own always seemed to be twitching like he was stifling a hard-on.

Anyway this night we had all been on the drink and I decided I had hadenough and went back to the hotel to grab some sleep. I had been sleeping for about two hours when I was startled with someone creeping about the room, so I got up to find Jon and this other strange lad in the bathroom. When I questioned what the fuck was going on Jon explained that this was a kid he new from navy cadets and he was lending him some money.

So off they went and I thought how strange it was giving him money in the bathroom. Anyway about ten minutes later Steve came back and fell into the room pissed as a newt. I had to strip him and put him to bed as I’m sure we all have many times when our m8s get a little bit more than enough alcohol. Up until this point I had never thought about touching another guy’s dick, but Steve’s was semi-hard as I brushed against it and I couldn’t get the thought of Jon out of my head with this other guy, so I decided to see what it was like just to touch another dick.

I pulled Steve’s briefs to one side and gently stroked his dick. I noticed it getting stiffer and my heart was racing at 300bpm. I pulled his briefs down and just rubbed his dick which was getting harder but not solid. I gently pulled his very short skin back and decided it was time to taste my first cock, so I sucked and licked at it and by this time I was rock solid. In fact I was so hard it hurt slightly as Icontinued to suck him. I could feel myself cumming without any stimulation whatsoever and I quickly shot my load allover the place.

I cleaned up, covered him up and went back to bed. About an hour later I couldn’t believe what I had done and so was unable to sleep for thinking about how his cock made me harder than anything. I started to worry I might be gay just as Jon fell into the room.

"Here we go again," I thought.

I helped him to bed to find he wasn’t wearing any boxers, which I know he had on before he went out as he was showing off his new Cks. Anyway this confirmed my thoughts about him and the young cadet. Having enjoyed my first dick I decided to see if it was as good second time around. Jon’s dick was a lot thinner but longer than Steve’s with a really long foreskin which I chewed for ages and I could taste the salt from it. Iput my tongue inside his skin and before long he was really hard and I felt him thrusting at my mouth. This was awesome! Here I am a str8 guy having two dicks in one night. This one was coming and I could taste
his hot fluid on my tongue. Without warning he shot a small amount into mymouth. I stood up and wanked myself to a finish which I managed to shootover his dick and small pubic area. I then covered him up and let him sleep.

Since that time I’ve had some sessions with other unsuspecting sleepers and a few more with Jon, but I reckon he knows because he done me one night while he thought I was asleep. I’ll tell you about that one another time.

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