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Opportunity Knock by Kewtieboy


by kewtieboy

(MM/first time/anal/oral)

We guys are a perverse lot really. Whether straight, bi or gay, we always want what we aren’t getting. Let me illustrate, straight guys fantasise over lesbians. They’re lesbians for God’s sake, so why would they want a straight guy. Still, they fantasise! If you are white, suddenly blacks are attractive, or Asians or anyone that isn’t white! Is this true??

Now I am gay and I’m as perverse as any straight guy. Let some effeminate little thing chat me up in a pub and suddenly I want him to fuck me. The opposite happens if he is built like a brick toilet and covered in tattoos, suddenly I want to bend him over and fuck him! How many of us, like the straight guy with the lesbians, really are attracted to 100% heterosexuals, hoping upon hope that he just hasn’t met the right guy yet and he's secretly in the closet. Be honest now, most of us look at obviously straight guys and dream!

This story is just such a story and I have a feeling that many guys out there will identify with it if not in reality, then certainly in fantasy.

My name isn’t really important but for those of you who need to know, it’s Martin. I have been fortunate in that at only 25, I have a good job within an insurance company in Manchester (UK) heading an office of six staff. Most are female and most are my age or younger and we are a fun team. I have never told them or anyone else in the company that I am gay. I haven’t hidden it, just not told them. I keep my gay life to Friday and Saturday and head for the gay part of the city around Canal Street to meet up with my gay friends. My university education has given me a good, if not great, job, a small two bedroom apartment in a converted mill with a massive mortgage and a BMW mini with only four years left to pay! On the surface, life looks good.

“I have some bad news and some good news,” my boss said one Thursday afternoon.

“O.K. bad first,” I said.

“Due to the success of your little group, I am adding three new members to your staff. We are transferring them in so they should start week after next.”

“Oh come on Richard, I am struggling to keep on top as it is,” I said.

“And the good news,” he continued, “is that a Paul Davidson from the Birmingham office is also joining you as an assistant manager. Paul’s wife has moved back to this area to be close to her parents and he has asked for a transfer which fitted in perfectly to our needs at this office so it’s a ‘win-win’ situation I think.”

I was developing quite a little empire so was actually quite chuffed to have nine staff and an assistant manager under me. This was definitely something to be used to wangle a greater than average increase at my next appraisal.

I walked into the office exactly eleven days later to find three eager faces outside my office door. Two pretty young girls and a spotty eighteen year old boy, all transferred from elsewhere in the building and all waiting to see their new boss. It took the best part of the morning to organise desks, allocate staff members to take them through what was expected of them and then the whole afternoon to take them through our systems in this office before Paul started the following day. Paul would actually share my workload in dealing with the larger commercial clients and also allocate work downstream to the nine staff members.

When I entered the far end of the office the next morning, saying my friendly good mornings to staff, I was not prepared for what faced me in my office. Paul Davidson was about 22 years old, slim, but not skinny, around 5 feet 10 inches tall with black tight curly hair, dark eyebrows, long black lashes which were almost feminine, and the most dazzling white teeth I have ever seen. He had a small loop earring in his right ear. None of the above ingredients appealed to me. I like fair, straight hair, heavier set, older guys and hate jewellery of any sort on a guy. Why then, did I feel like someone had hit me with a sledgehammer? Paul’s outstretched hand in greeting brought me back to life as I recovered. Looking into this guy’s eyes was like being drawn into a murky pool from which you could not escape. My heart was thumping and I felt very hot around the collar.

“Are you all right,” he asked. His voice came from somewhere in the distance and echoed through my head?

“Oh sorry,” I mumbled, “I just remembered something I have to deal with before we start.”

I recovered enough to fake being busy and then turned my head to this stunning man.

“So your wife had to come back here,” I said, trying to make conversation.

“Vikki’s mum hasn’t been well and is having a hip replacement soon. Her father has been trying to cope but is struggling so we decided to move to Manchester. We have bought a small house at Heywood and I’ll bus in each day leaving her the car.”

Further conversation revealed that they had been married three years, still had no children though they had been trying and he was besotted with her. He could hardly say a sentence without Vikki’s name cropping up. Despite the slight femininity brought on by his curly hair and long lashes, he was straight, of that I had no doubt. She was straight but not streetwise. He didn’t say but I definitely had the impression that if she wasn’t the one he lost his virginity too, she wasn’t far behind. As I said at the beginning of this piece, I was heading, once more, into a black hole of fancying guys I couldn’t have.

I decided to keep to business and not to fall into the same trap I had in the past of pursuing guys I had not hope of getting; either gay guys who felt I wasn’t their type, or guys like Paul who didn’t even know I lusted after them.

The next few days were spent getting Paul and the new people settled into their new jobs. Thankfully he was smart, considering his lack of university education. The girls liked him, well they at least drooled over him and if any more of us had done so, he would have spent his time wiping saliva off his suit jacket. I watched him as he worked and tried to imagine I could see the outline of his cock at the front of his trousers. I could just make out the dark ring of his nipple through his white shirt when he took his jacket off to work. My rising cock suggested I should get back to work. Paul was completely oblivious to any of this attention as he focused the job in hand.

About two weeks into the stint we were getting along quite well, but mainly on a business basis. Still, his conversation started and ended with “Vikki did this,” or “Vikki likes that.” I was wishing he would bloody shut up about Vikki! He had an armchair interest in football (soccer to our overseas readers) whereas I wouldn’t have known if the ball was square or round. I did a bit of badminton but that was the extent of my sporting interest. Eventually, at the end of week three, I asked him if he fancied a drink after work.

“Sorry, I can’t. Vikki will be expecting me home and she’ll get worried.”

Surprise, bloody surprise,” I thought.

“I could perhaps come for a drink next Thursday if you like,” he added. “Vikki is going to start visiting her mum and dad on a Thursday afternoon and won’t be home until about 10.00 pm so that would give me plenty time to have a drink and get back before she comes in. I’ll clear it with her and let your know.”

Clear it with her!” What kind of wimp was this guy?

Well Thursday came and we went to a trendy little wine bar. I felt Canal Street would have scared him shitless. Conversation was stunted, to say the least but I found out he had met Vikki at aged 17 on the rebound from a love affair he had had since school. He had lost his virginity to his love affair number one, and Vikki was number two. Compared to my sex life, this guy was a monk.

“I don’t know what I would do without her. I just watch her walking around and worship her. I still find her so beautiful and gorgeous and as pretty as the day we met.”

He went on and on.

“The reason I broke up with Lindsey, my first, was that I discovered I wasn’t the only one she was seeing. I let her take my virginity and discovered around five guys including my best friend had been with her. It was really weird having your friend discussing the private parts of your girlfriend and what she liked doing in bed. I had to break up. I didn’t know if it was right or wrong but then I met Vikki and that was it!”

He didn’t ask a single question about me. Perhaps it was just as well.

Well he kind of liked the Thursday thing and we continued, eventually managing to talk about other things than work and Vikki and I found he liked badminton too, though rarely played it. We made a loose arrangement to play one day.

“I think Vikki would like you,” he said one Thursday. “Would you be annoyed if I invited you round for tea on Sunday so you could meet the person I keep talking about?”

“Eh, o.k.” I said, not really that keen to get to know her in case it ruined my fantasy.

I drove over on the Sunday and was introduced to an extremely pretty 22 year old woman with blonde hair and a very fit body. I, of course, am not the best person to give you a sexual description of her but needless to say, I could see what he saw in her. On the other hand, Paul was wearing tight Levis showing a really nice lunch box. His tight t-shirt with a “V” neck, did, indeed show, that despite having black hair, he did not have a particularly hairy chest, just a small patch creeping above the neckline.

We chatted amiably and I declined a drink, though he had a couple of beers and she, a glass on wine. I had my afternoon tea and at around 7.00pm, decided to leave and that was it! Paul was a little funny though and tried to make me stay a little longer. He kept glancing at Vikki and then to me and I put it down to his “puppy-dog love.”

The following Thursday, and into a third glass of wine for the first time, Paul was again, a little peculiar.

“What did you think of Vikki,” he asked me?

“She’s a very pretty girl,” I answered.

“Isn’t she just, I can’t believe she’s mine and all mine,” he said. “I’m so lucky to be the only man she has ever slept with, the only man who has ever seen her beautiful breasts and her lovely pussy.”

Now that woke me up. Paul had never so much as said a sexual work since I had met him and, as he spoke, a glazed look in his eyes; I could swear I saw a bulge in his trousers. He was getting hot over talking about his wife sexually in front of a stranger. I decided to push a little further as straight guys in heat, really get me going.

“I bet she has a lovely pussy,” I said.

“Oh she does Martin. It’s still so tight when we screw and her breasts are still firm. She has a 36" chest you know.”

“Do you have sex much,” I asked, while trying to conceal my erection.

“About twice a week, three times when she is in the mood. The trouble is that Vikki likes straight up and down sex in the 'flat on the bed' fashion.”

“Missionary position,” I said like a heterosexual would!

“Yea, I suppose, but I start to get fantasies and want to try new things and she won’t,” he said.

“Like what,” I said, my ears suddenly perking up?

“Well, other positions and maybe some oral.”

“She doesn’t do oral,” I shouted, just enough to get a funny look from the couple next to us?

“No,” he whispered. “Lesley did and I loved it. Can I tell you something I have never told anyone?”

You bet,” I thought. “Of course Paul, you can tell me anything,” I said, leaning forward and not wanting to miss a word.

“When I split with Lesley, I wished I hadn’t. I was just so degraded that everyone knew her, if you know what I mean. Afterwards, I started to think about it and it suddenly began to turn me on. I wished I had seen her being done!” He said the last word in a whisper.

“You mean it would have turned you on to see your girlfriend at the time, naked with her legs in the air and your best friends fucking her.” I deliberately said it in a crude fashion to see the response.

“Yes,” he whispered. “Perverted, isn’t it?”

“Sounds like fun to me,” I said.

“Really,” he responded like an eager puppy dog. “Do you really think it would have been?”

“I think you would have loved it,” I said.

He looked at his watch and said he had to dash so that was it. We decided to play a game of badminton the following week, just to ring the changes and I booked a court at a local municipal court. I was also hoping to catch a glimpse of his cock in the showers.

The game was fun, if somewhat limited in skill and I couldn’t wait until we walked through to the locker rooms. I decided to go completely “au naturelle” and not to hide my equipment. I was proud of it anyway. My cock could stretch to eight long inches in full glory and was thick to boot. I was uncut and had sizeable balls beneath so I had nothing to hide. How Paul managed to have a complete shower without giving me a glimpse of his cock, I don’t know. He had a lovely arse that was sure, with an even, light, black hair covering it. His pubic hair was also jet black, with a single stream of black hair heading up to his navel. His chest had a nice sprinkling which spread out to encircle his nipples. Every time I looked, his hand would be covering his cock and balls, or he would be facing the wall. He managed to wash quicker than I did and by the time I made it to the locker room, he was standing in a pair of brilliant white jockeys. The bulge looked nice though and he certainly had enough to please. I flaunted around, my cock on full display, a slight semi brought on by the occasion which took my flaccid meat to around five inches. He certainly saw it and that excited me.

We had one pint that night and nothing more about his love life with Lesley, was mentioned.

The following Thursday, he announced that Vikki was going to stay over at her parents for a few days while her mother had her operation and though she would be popping home from time to time, he would effectively be a bachelor again. He asked if we could go out for a meal one night. I said it would be fine as we settled down to our drinks. He was much quieter than usual but I assumed he was upset at being without his wonderful Vikki. When he did talk, then that certainly seemed to be the case. He told me that this would be the first time they had really been apart since they had married.

After another quiet moment and a rare third pint he suddenly asked me again if I found Vikki attractive. I said he had asked that just a few days ago.

“I talked to her about you last night,” he said.

“I hope it was all good,” I said jokingly.

“Oh yes, it was. I told her how big your dick was.”

“How do you know,” I started to say and then remembered the badminton.

“What did she say to that?”

“She was curious but when I asked her if she would like you to fuck her she flew off the handle.”

“Why would you ask her that anyway,” I asked, thankful in a way that she had declined as I wasn’t sure I could have coped even though it would have gotten me a glimpse and maybe a grip of his lovely dick?

“Martin, I have never really confessed this before but I would love to sit back and watch Vikki being fucked by someone I knew and when I saw how big your dick was soft, I felt sure I could get her hot for it if I told her and maybe she would have let it happen. I have asked her a few times before but she gets really angry and says she wants no one else but me. The trouble is, my fantasy of having a guy with a bigger dick than mine, fuck her while I watch, and maybe let me fuck her after him, is becoming an all consuming desire. I think about it all the time and even toss off when I am alone fantasising.”

“Would she manage mine,” I said, trying to keep him on the boil?

He stuttered a bit and then, in a quiet voice said, “How big is it when it’s hard?”

“Just over eight inches and very thick,” I said. “She would really feel me sticking it in her wouldn’t she?”

His eyes glazed over as he finished his pint and then, once more said he would have to catch his bus.

We decided to forgo the usual Thursday night the following week and went all out for the Friday night. I suggested, rather hopefully, that he might want to stay over, hoping upon hope that I might get a glimpse of his dick at some stage if he drank enough. We went for a drink, then an Italian meal, then on to some wine bars, well away from my usual haunts, just in case I was recognised. By the time we walked back to my place, we were both quite tipsy and I was very horny as this would have been my “trawling time” in the bars. We crashed out in the flat, after I had shown him around and told him where the guest bedroom was. He asked if I had some wine and we opened a bottle of nice white Burgundy. We kicked off shoes and slouched back on opposite chairs.

“What would you like to do to her,” he suddenly asked? “I mean Vikki,” he added.

I had to be convincing. “I would love to slowly kiss her lips, pushing my tongue down her throat while cupping her firm tits with my hands. I would slowly kiss her neck and make my way down, pulling off her top until I could lift her nipples and, one by one, roll my tongue around them. I would make you sit on the chair and watch. I would stay dressed while I slowly strip her until she is standing in just a pair of panties. I would pull off my shirt and ask her to drop my trousers. I would then be in just a pair of white briefs. My cock would be straining against the fabric and she would squeeze it and gasp at the size. She would tell me she could never get such a big cock inside her and I would say that I was going to fuck her senseless anyway. I would push her down until her face was against my massive hard cock and she would kiss the fabric of my pants. I would release my cock until it hit her face. She would tell me she doesn’t suck but I would force it into her mouth until she had to take it. Then I would start to face fuck her as she tried to pull her mouth away. You would be watching and perhaps playing with your dick. You might even have taken it out.

I paused and noticed that Paul had slumped further down in the chair and his erection was very visible in the cotton trousers he was wearing.

“You’re getting me as bad as you,” I said, “fantasising over Vikki. You know watching is quite fun, I think I would get turned on watching you fuck her too.”

“Would you,” he asked eagerly. Attempting to emulate my narrative he then went on saying, “Would you really like to see my six inch cock ploughing into her while you wank?”

“I bet when you’re hard, you’re more than that,” I said, seeing a possible opportunity opening here?

“If she ever sucked me it would get bigger but she just never does. Have you been sucked, Martin?”

“God yes,” I said, “dozens of times and I’ve sucked too.” The words were out before I could stop them.

“You’ve sucked a cock,” he said incredulously?

“Eh, kind of,” I answered trying to think on my feet. “I have had threesomes before and sometimes when you are in the middle of it, sex gets kind of mixed up and I have ended up sucking the wrong person. It’s not so bad when you’re really randy.”

“Are you really more than eight inches long,” he asked, either changing or continuing the conversation, I wasn’t sure which?

“At the moment Paul, I’m definitely over eight inches with all this talk about sinking my dick into your lovely Vikki.”

“I would so love to see her lying there with her legs open and her cunt gaping with you and your massive cock standing over her. I would love to get close and watch you pushing the massive thing slowly into her.”

“Wouldn’t you like to lick her cunt just as I pushed it in,” I asked?

“Yeh,” he said, very quietly. “Jeesus I’m horny.”

I continued, “And my cock would be covered with her juices helping me slip in and out and your mouth would be licking the juices and helping me slide in. Your tongue would touch my cock and Vikki's cunt at the same time. She would be moaning and asking me to fuck her really hard so I would really start hammering at her cunt. You would then start kissing her as I fucked and then she would let you put your cock in her mouth. Can you imagine a warm mouth wrapped around your stiff cock, her tongue playing with you and you struggling not to cum in her mouth. Would you like to cum in a warm mouth Paul?”

“Christ yes, I can think of nothing better right at this moment than a warm mouth wrapped around my cock,” he answered. It was obvious that the excess alcohol had seriously lowered Paul's inhibitions and my chance of getting to this position again might be zero.

“Listen Paul,” I said, “if you’re not offended, I’m going to have to relieve myself as I’m getting so hot thinking about your Vikki. Let’s face it, you’ve seen it all before at the badminton.”

Paul said nothing, he just slid his zip down, unclipped his trousers and slid them to his knees and then finally, his white briefs were dropped down and I saw his cock for the very first time.

“You’ve nothing to be ashamed of,” I said as my eyes took in his six inches of rigid, uncut cock. The skin was slightly slipped back revealing a red tip, with a wet open slit, oozing pre-cum. His pubic area was dark and hairy but the hair looked trimmed as his balls were quite visible, hanging loosely between his legs and slightly larger in proportion to his cock. He was gently stroking his cock.

I quickly followed suit and stripped completely naked before he could say anything.

“That’s a monster,” he said as he looked at my cock. “Would you be offended if I asked to hold it? I would love to know that this might be the cock that is going into Vikki!

I walked over to him and stood as he slumped back on the couch. He lifted his hand and very softly gripped my cock. It jumped and he let go and laughed before taking it again. He slowly held and slid it up and down, his left hand stroking his own cock as he did so.

“I would love, just love, to see you in action,” he said.

I noted that Vikki had suddenly disappeared from his descriptions.

“We could pretend she’s here if you want,” I said.

“How would we do that,” he answered?

“What would you do if my cock was dry and Vikki was waiting for it?”

“Get her to suck it,” he said.

“Why don’t you then?”

There was silence, then, without a word, he sat up and moved closer to my cock until it was staring straight at his nose. I could feel his breath. His mouth gently opened and his tongue darted out and touched the tip. He sat like that for about thirty seconds, and then he opened and enveloped his first ever cock. Once he started he was like a caged animal. He slurped and licked, pulled back the foreskin and sucked the head. He gripped my balls and in between, when he could speak, he kept making comments about how much he wished she was doing it. For that moment, he seemed to become Vikki. I certainly started treating his as such.

I took his head and face fucked him, I gripped his nipples and gently squeezed them before extracting my cock, pushing him back on the sofa and dropping to my knees to take his cock in my mouth. I held and looked at it.

“I bet she loves this in her,” I said.

I took the entire cock in my mouth and the gasp as he received his first blow job in years was loud.

“Oh my God, that’s so amazing. Don’t make me cum please, I need more.”

I licked his balls then lifted his legs in the air, taking in his musky, but thankfully clean aroma as my tongue delved down lower and tickled his rosebud.

“I would lick her out before having her,” I said.

My words were lost. His eyes were closed, his cock was standing like an iron pole straight upwards, his legs were lifted and I was rimming my little treasure, something I could never believe was going to happen.

“I would have to kiss her too,” I continued.

I slid up his body and kissed him. The initial resistance and shock quickly disappeared and within second he was all over me. He took the lead and I let him as his tongue entered my mouth and explored every corner. I kissed his nose his lips, sucked his tongue. The speed was frantic and I knew whatever happened this was not going to be a long session. I stood him up so we were both together and I stripped the last of his clothes from him. He was absolutely beautiful. His arse was perfect with two little bubbles behind his lean body. He dropped down and started on my cock again. He was improving quickly and groaned as he loudly slurped, the saliva dripping on to the carpet with his urgent movements.

“Take care or I will cum,” I warned.

He stopped, that would have been too much in the first lesson! I pulled him down and made him kneel doggy fashion so that I could explore his arse again as I knelt behind him. He loved it, gently stroking his cock as I did so. I continued my narrative about what was going to happen to his wife as I knew this was the fuel for the fire that was burning so brightly at the moment. I told him I would rim her too before finally entering her and cumming inside her. I pulled him down to lie sideways on the carpet, with me behind him. I knew fucking him would not be an option at this moment but I could simulate. I slid my wet cock between his legs from the back, the head sticking out under his balls and he gently stroked it from the front. I started to simulate fucking while I explained what she would be feeling and it didn’t take long before I fired my volley on to his fingers. As I came he massaged my cum over the head of my cock and his own balls until he was in quite some mess.

I had never done this before after cumming but was determined. I rolled him on to his back and knelt between his legs, taking his cock in my mouth and started to blow him. Little “O’s” escaped his mouth as I did so and within two minutes his cock went rigid and blasted into my mouth. I actually swallowed the lot. It was a thin consistency thankfully, else I would have surely gagged. The quantity was copious, however, a lot of pent up fantasy wrapped up in it.

I waited, for the guilt.

“Fucking Hell that was amazing,” he said. “Can we do it again some time?”

“If you’re sure,” I said, surprised at the response so soon after him cumming. Usually as guys cum, their courage goes.

“Can I stay the night,” he asked, “and sleep with you.”

Bloody Hell,” my brain said, “this one has been frustrated.”

My heart was pounding. My head was all over the place. I couldn’t work out if I was happy I had succeeded in having him, or guilty that I had used his lovely wife as the bait to get us there.

We slept soundly and he lay with his arms wrapped around me.

I woke suddenly at around 7 am to find him up on one arm, looking at me.

“Have you ever had a cock inside you,” he asked.

“Yes, when I was at school,” I lied, knowing it had been a heck of lot more recent than that!

“Would you fuck me,” he said?

"Why would you want that," I asked, "it's not as easy as porn movies might suggest?"

"I want to feel what Vikki is missing to get some idea of the excitement."

It seemed a rather perverse reason for asking someone to put eight inches of hard flesh up your arse and as well as that, I was not a "virgin" fan. Being a rather selfish individual, I could never understand why I should do all the hard work breaking someone in, for the next guy in line to get all the pleasure. However, I felt that I might be the 'next' guy with this one too.

I led him to the bathroom and told him how to clean, having great fun helping him to soap up. His six inch dick hardly went down once. We had a light breakfast and returned to bed where I kissed him both on the lips and all the way down his body, taking his hard cock in my mouth. He had already adopted a passive role, as though he knew he would have to think like Vikki. I used a really slippery lubricant of the 'liquid silk' variety to slowly slide my finger into him.

"Have you ever done anything like this before," I asked him?

"When I was in my teens, I sometimes used to try putting things in me, like candles and even a cucumber one. I have no idea why but I quite enjoyed it."

He had the secret of relaxation at least and I was able to slip the single digit in and out quite easily without any pain. He was lying on the bed on his side, his knees curled up and I was behind him, my left hand stroking his stiff cock and my right fingering him. I spent a good ten minutes here, slipping in and out and wiggling a little before trying a second finger. That took a little longer and involved a few withdrawals. When I suggested that perhaps he was not going to make it, he told me he would "one way or the other." About thirty minutes after starting, I had two fingers inside him and was gently moving them around, in and out. The third was my next goal. More lube was applied and I started to slowly stretch his ring with my third finger. Nothing at all was said apart from the odd sharp intake of breath as I probed. We reached forty five minutes from start and I was never a patient sexual partner so again, I suggested that we might have done enough for one day and perhaps he might care to give me a good old rogering but he was having none of it.

Three fingers allowed me to make a slight circle at the entrance to his arse and to lube in a roundabout fashion.

"I think we're ready for the real thing," I said. "Stop me at any time and just tell me what you want, o.k?"


I decided that, virgin or not, I would use a condom and I stretched it over my engorged penis, surprisingly hard considering its inactivity for almost an hour. We lay in a 'spooning' position with me to his rear, as I felt entry was easier to reject if he needed to. I lubed well and started to push against his sphincter.

"Relax and don't fight it," I said, having long forgotten the 'rules' for the first time.

When the head of my cock plopped past the entrance, there was an audible gasp and I stopped. We both waited and nothing was said. I slowly pushed a little further, letting about two to three inches enter and he gasped. I pulled back again and allowed the free movement from the base of my head to the three inch level to open his up. I slipped in and out one inch at a time. He lay very still. I took another thirty minutes so this whole process was almost an hour and a half before nearly all my cock was in him. At no stage had his erection subsided.

I was now freely fucking him in the same sideways position, though not all of my eight inches was inside, a great deal was. I lifted him to the 'doggy' position and started in earnest, holding his hips as handles. Every thrust met with a little "Uhh," as I started to pump and then he really got going.

"Oh fuck me like you would fuck Vikki and let me feel your cock in my pussy. She's missing oh so much. How I would love to be watching you as you fuck her. I would love you fuck her and put your cum inside her so that we wouldn't know whose baby came out."

This guy was certainly fantasising. Obviously my views on being a father didn't come into his fantasy so I played along giving him similar suggestions about what my big cock would do to his beloved wife while he drifted in and out from being the dutiful husband wanting what was best for his beloved wife, to actually playing the role of his wife. I decided to help him choose his role and leaned round to grip his tits as I fucked.

"What lovely tits you have Vikki, Paul is so lucky to have the them and I am so lucky to be playing with them. Your cunt is so tight and I bet you have never had a cock as big as me inside you."

He loved this and was taking the female lead only too well, responding to words like 'cunt' in a similar fashion. His whole body was now humping up and down as I reached the point where I was going to empty into his arse.

"I'm going to cum in your pussy, Vikki, would you like me to cum in your pussy?"

"Yes, yes please," he said as he touched his own cock and it erupted like a fountain, only about five seconds before I did.

We collapsed on the bed, my cock finally dwindling and slipping out of his arse.

"She's missed a lot," he finally said.

"Your gain," I said.

"Martin," he asked once our breathing had returned to normal, "until I can talk Vikki round to letting you fuck her, would you mind terribly if we came here on a Thursday night instead of the pub."

"That's seems a good idea Paul, a very good idea," I said.

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