Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Seduced at Last

Courtesy of NM Sleepers:

Seduced at Last!!!

By Lick de Peri

I had the hottest roommate, Shawn, during my Freshman-year at college. I had often fantasized about him, which usually ended up with me spewing cum all over my chest in bed at night even though we had never even talked about guy/guy sex.

Since we had different class schedules, we were hardly ever in the room together during the day. I've gotten quite comfortable with in-home nudity. I let him "accidentally" catch me nude several times: early in the morning, when doing laundry, late at night, after a shower, etc. He was totally straight and didn't seem to mind.

We did share one passion, which bought us together once or twice a week. We both enjoyed working out so became workout buddies. During our last session, things started to change between us. In the locker room, he always changed into his jock and shorts with his back to me. Today was different, however. He faced me while undressing and getting into his gear. When I saw him completely naked, reality did not compare with my fantasies. His body was simply gorgeous. He had a nice flat stomach and great pecs. Although his cock was soft at around five inches, I knew that it would stretch into a nice hefty size. His cock was surrounded by a thick bush of dark pubes and a nice set of balls which hung loosely below in their sack; just the way I like them. Was he doing this because he was trying to tell me something or merely because he felt comfortable being naked around me?

After gearing up, we headed for the weight room. Here too, things were different. We usually worked out separately. Today he spotted me while I was bench-pressing. As I looked up under his gym shorts, I thought I had seen some movement in his jock. After our workout, we hit the showers. Here, too, things were different. Instead of showering off at opposite ends of the room, he stood next to me and asked me to wash his back. I wanted to wash his front and sink to my knees in front of him. I was at a loss as to why things had changed. Nothing had been said overtly, so I was confused. We dried off and dressed and headed back to the dorm.

Once back in our room, he said he was bushed after a long day and the workout, so stepped out of his sweats and fell on his bed in only his boxers. I was really in a horny mood, so when I heard him breathing deeply, I figured he was asleep and knelt down next his bed and just stared at his firm body and exposed large beautiful balls, which were peeking out from the leg of his boxers. I was scared to death that at anytime he would awaken, but he never did, or at least he didn’t let on that he was awake. I put my hand up the leg of his boxers and began to gently feel his balls. I thought he moved slightly, so I stopped dead in my tracks and waited to get caught, but to my surprise, he just spread his legs some to give me a better look at that huge cock of his which was beginning to stir. Becoming braver, I began to pull his leg openings wide and grasped his sleep tool closer to me and gently pulled out at least a 7-inch semi-hard dick. My heart racing about 300 beats per minute I just held it for a few minutes to see if he would “catch” me, still nothing, except the damn thing began to harden. I was surprised but incredibly horny so I threw caution to the wind. I began to wet my fingertip with my tongue and gently rubbed the head of his cock around the piss hole. When I did this, his cock throbbed somewhat. After going this far, I thought what the hell I want to lick this monster with my tongue. I may as well go for the gold. I began to use my tongue and swirled it around the head. I tasted it by putting the head between my lips. I smelled the musky smell from his pubes, which combined with the faint scent of soap and loved it. He moved every once and awhile making me stop. After a while, he started breathing deeply and seemed to be asleep. So I thought what the hell, go for it, it’s now or never. I slid the head of his cock and then the shaft into my mouth. His cock wasn’t even all the way hard but already filled my mouth and it tasted so good. He rolled onto his back and I began to pull at his shorts, inching them down to his ankles. To my surprise he moved his hand down on his cock and sort of stroked it a few times and moaned. I froze again because I did not know if he was awake or not. He stopped stroking his dick and I continued to give him the same kind of head as before, but this time taking more of his cock into my mouth feeling it grow bigger and bigger. Then all of it was in my mouth and soon I began to taste something salty, precum? At first I didn’t know what to think, I had tasted my own before but never anyone else's. This all excited me to a point that I thought I was going to blow my own wad in my shorts.

I continued to gently suck his cock and to my surprise, he began to thrust his cock into my mouth gently as though he was fucking someone, this blew my mind. This went on for awhile probably ten minutes or so and then the pumping became harder and before I knew it, his cock was all the way in the back of my throat and he had his hands on the back of my head and was face fucking me. The face fucking lasted a few more minutes and before I knew it, he let out a big moan and he filled my mouth with his cum. At first I gagged but then relaxed and swallowed. His cum was not as good-tasting as mine, but wasn’t bad either. I had heard that what you eat determines how you cum tastes. So I would suggest a change in diet later, but for now, I gently let his softening cock come out of my mouth and then pulled his shorts back up and looked up at his face. He seemed to be smiling and then he rolled over onto his side curling up in the fetal position and drifted back off into a sound sleep.

This all troubled me for a few days due to the fact that he never mentioned anything about what happened. He was always making a point to pat me on the ass or move real close to me letting me feel the bulge in his pants rub up against me when we were alone in the room. Was it all by accident in the moment or what? Nothing was ever said about it.

Finally, I had it, so confronted him and asked what the hell was going on. He told me that he suspected that I had always wanted him. There had to be a reason for my constant nudity in the room. It took him a while to realize that he wanted the same thing so he decided to drop his own hints, but he was not completely sure. He decided to seduce me by letting me think that I was seducing him. And it worked!!!

“God you’re such a jerk,” I yelled, “why didn’t you just come right out and tell me how you felt? We wasted a lot of time when we could be having fun.”

“Now we both know what we want. This is just the beginning.”

It was just the beginning. We got together a lot in our room. But the best times were when we were in the gym, the locker room and shower.

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