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Seducing His Lover by Kewtieboy



by kewtieboy

Rick and Dave had been lovers for 15 years. When they met, Rick was 18 and Dave was 32 and Rick had been a virgin. They had a great life and worked and played together. In those 15 years they had never strayed sexually though they had been in a few threesomes, usually on holiday. Needless to say, Rick sexual appetite was high and he enjoyed these little holiday excursions. On one or two occasions, they had split up in saunas while on holiday and each gone off to separate cubicles with guys. When they met up again, Rick would always say it was “o.k.”

Dave always wondered what Rick was like when he was alone with another guy. Was he really randy? Was he uncontrollable? Did he do things they didn’t do? What started as curiousity, was fast becoming an obsession. This wasn’t jealousy, this was a full blown fantasy. The trouble is, a threesome didn’t fulfil it, he really wanted to know what it would be like to be picked up by his lover, as a stranger and how far his lover would go. He was never wildly adventurous in threesomes and he just wondered if a stranger could push him further.

He thought of cameras, but Rick would know as they shared a house. He then just put it to the back of him mind and realised it would have to stay a fantasy.

One year they went to Canary Islands on holiday. After dinner one night, they drifted into a gay bar and had a few drinks. Dave went to the toilet and noticed a corridor. He went down it and found himself in total darkness. About to turn round, a hand squeezed his crotch. Dave went further in to realise there was a labyrinth of dark corridors full of guys having sex. He groped about for a few minutes then went back to the bar.

When Rick asked where he had been, he told him.

“Do you want us both to have a look together,” he asked Rick

“I don’t have my contacts in,” said Rick,” So if it’s dark I won’t know what I’m doing.”

“Tell you what,” Said Dave,” I’ll stay and watch the drinks and you just go and have a look around. I know you won’t get up to any mischief without me.”

A plan was quickly forming in Dave’s mind.

“You don’t mind,” said Rick?

“Go one said Dave. I’m not feeling like it anyway so take a little time.”

Rick tentatively headed through to the back and no sooner had he disappeared than Dave followed him at a safe distance. Rick was wearing a white and blue top, which glowed slightly with the odd ultra violet light here and there so Dave could keep an eye on him. At first nothing happened and Rick just brushed past most of the dark shadows. All the way in he went until he reached the farthest room. He entered and stopped over in a dark corner. Dave slipped in and waited on the opposite side. He could make out a young guy feeling Rick’s crotch, then he lowered himself and pulled down his zipper. Dave had a raging stiff cock. This was some of his fantasy come true – but he couldn’t get involved unless the numbers around Rick increased. He was not sure of Rick’s attitude to casual semi-public group sex.

Another guy walked across and stood behind Rick, rubbing the front of his crotch against Rick’s rear. Rick was so involved with the guy sucking his stiff cock that he hardly moved.. The guy at the front pulled Rick’s jeans down to his ankles then pulled down his tight, white CK shorts which glowed as the reached his ankles. The guy behind pulled his cock out and started pressing against Rick’s back. Then a third joined and opened the front of Rick’s shirt, sucking on his nipples.

Dave had to move quickly while Rick was distracted so he slipped round the wall and put his hand into the group to feel Rick’s cock which was as hard as he could ever remember it. He felt around and touched a large cock head coming through between Rick’s legs, riding him. By now Rick was almost naked, pants at his ankles and shirt completely off. Dave dropped to his knees and started sucking Rick who was holding the top of Dave’s head and gasping “Yes. Yes, suck it!”

As Dave sucked, he felt a warm blast hit his chin from the cock riding through Rick’s legs and at that moment, Rick fired a load into Dave’s mouth, which was greater than he could ever remember. Dave swallowed every drop he could find of both loads. As Rick suddenly had a slight guilt trip and struggled to dress, Dave quickly adjusted his clothes and slipped back into the bar, wiping the sperm remnants off his face as he went.

Rick followed about three minutes later looking slightly flushed.

“How was it,” Asked Dave?

“O.K.” Said Rick, “But nothing I fancied.”

Dave smirked, his rod still as stiff as he could ever remember it. Far from satisfying his need, this only fed it. He had proven that there was a firebrand inside Rick and he wanted to witness it at full steam. He had to have more.

Rick and Dave enjoyed a drink in the evenings but Rick did not hold wine too well. In fact, if he had a few drinks beforehand and then moved on to wine, Rick became very sleepy and if left for 20 minutes or so would drop into a sound sleep. Many nights he took some shaking to raise his. Even then, he would not even remember going to bed.

It was one of these nights when they were sitting together in their dressing gowns that Dave got annoyed as Rick, once more drifted off. He shook his and he wakened, then drifted again. This went on for about 30 minutes. Dave decided to get him up to bed but as he leaned over he noticed Rick’s uncut 7 inch cock was fully erect. He playfully tugged it to waken Rick, to no avail. Then his little mind started to work overtime again. In his sleepy state, could be convince Rick he was having someone else? Probably not.

He leaned forward and whispered in Rick’s ear, “Hi, what’s your name?”

Runky…” “Came the muffled reply.

“What a lovely cock you have. Can I suck it?”

A grunt came back.

Dave lowered his mouth slowly onto Rick’s cock and slowly licked the head with his tongue.

“Mmmm” he heard

Gently pulling back the skin, he licked some more.

“You’ve got a big cock,” said Dave

“Mmmm” came back

Dave then stripped quickly and lubricated himself. Though he was always top, he had a feeling that perhaps the hidden Rick would like to try. As Rick lay on the sofa, he straddled him and lowered his hole down on Rick’s stiff cock. It slipped all the way in. He rose up and down while he hears the low moans behind him. Suddenly Dave shot his load without even touching his cock. He slipped off Rick. And tried to wank him but every time Rick’s cock seemed to be reaching orgasm, Rick started to waken. He didn’t want to take risks so cleaned up before half carrying Rick to bed, his heart still thumping from excitement..

Over the next few months, Dave managed a few evenings like that and still Rick did not catch on that anything as happening. He always knew when Rick was at that level of “no return,” before attempting anything.

Next holiday was planned and this was to be to Thailand. The idea was to spend a few nights in Bangkok then go to a beach resort. They thought they might hire a young man or two to entertain them on a couple of evenings and their fantasies for the few months prior to the visit were full of what they would do with them.

When they arrived in Bangkok, it didn’t take too long to organise a good looking Thai lad to come back to their hotel and be fucked. It was an enjoyable session and they wanked off afterwards talking about it. Someone in a bar mentioned a sauna/club in town where both Thais and tourist met. They said it was more like a gentlemen’s club than a seedy sauna. The guys decided to give it a try.

One night after quite a few beers and even more wine, they decided to try. Dave ensured Rick was very drunk before going to the sauna. When they arrived, it was rather cruisy and they had some fun and a few feels here and there in the sauna. They arranged to meet up every now and then just to check they were each all right. The whole place was like a maze. Once again, Dave found a quiet area upstairs which was really dark. It had one entrance the split in two directions to enter one room from two sides. There were one or two people in the dark room and he had a little fun – even letting a guy cum over his face. It was in a really quiet part of the building so there was not much activity.

When he met up with Rick (without his contacts again – thank goodness), a plan was already formulating to make his ultimate fantasy come true. He led Rick upstairs and told him he had just had this big German guy with a really nice uncut cock who was so randy he was prepared to do absolutely anything. He asked to piss on him, fuck him, and cum on his face. Dave said it was way too much and he had come out but as far as he could see, the guy was still in there. The description Dave had given was more or less himself. Rick said it was amazing what people would do in these saunas when they were randy. Dave then said he was going to have a final walk round and if he didn’t get a wank he would be ready to leave in about 30 minutes. Rick agreed and Dave wondered off.

Of course in the semi-dark, all Dave did was slip round the first corner and look back. As expected, Rick checked the road was clear and slipped into the room. Dave quickly followed, ensuring he took the other entrance. Rick, being unsure, was walking in very gingerly while Dave managed to slip in quietly, stand against a corner and bring his already semi-hard cock to full size. Within a minute, Rick shuffled along and bumped into him, brushing against his erection. Without ado, he grabbed it, dropped to his knees and took the entire cock in his mouth. Dave started mumbling a few German encouragements (thank goodness for their Continental video collection). Rick was sucking like a wild animal. Dave had to be careful not to get face to face so he pulled Rick up and turned him round, bending him over he stuck his tongue up Rick’s arse. The gasp was loud as he rimmed heavily into the open hole. He pulled a condom out of the little strap on his wrist, pulled it on his cock and started to enter Rick. Rick had always said no else would be allowed to fuck him. Within one minute, Dave’s entire cock was inside Rick and fucking like mad while Rick screamed “Fuck me, fuck me!”

Dave was no where near finished yet. As he felt a climax building, he pulled out and rolled the condom off. He stretched it carefully and put on over Rick’s cock, then bent over to offer Rick his arse. Rick rimmed Dave and slipped his slim cock into him. Dave was wild. Of course as Dave was always top, this took any possible doubt out of the situation. Rick started to scream as he got near climax and Dave said “No.”

He turned round and pushed Rick to his knees to suck him again. As Rick was gently playing with his cock, he started to piss on him. The gasp was very loud. This was something they would never do. Rick was well gone and started to slurp some of the liquid as it streamed out over his face and body. When he was done Rick licked the remains off Dave’s cock. Dave returned quickly to full erection and put his second and last condom on. He turned Rick round and entered him for the finale. The fucking was violent and unforgiving and Rick pleaded and begged for more while Dave held and wanked Rick’s cock. Then together and very noisily, they both came together. Rick screamed as Dave felt the force of the liquid shoot up his cock and out into the air. Dave filled the condom at the same time.

They dropped to the floor. Dave quickly did a “Danke” and left immediately while Rick gathered his thoughts. He slipped downstairs had a shower and into the bar area to wait. He saw Rick slip into the shower then join him.

“Well, did you find the German.” He asked.

“No, I didn’t like the idea of going into that room. You know what I’m like.” Replied Rick

Dave did know what he was like. The great think is that his partner had been an anonymous slut with him.

The fantasy had been fulfilled. Still the odd nocturnal activities continued. Now Dave fancied the idea of getting a stranger to come and have sex with Rick while he was asleep. Now that would take some planning.

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