Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Sleeping Experiment by Voyeurism26

The Sleeping Experiment by

My boyfriend Eddie is a hot, Latin, boyish, smooth 25 year old guy. He's uncut with a great 7 inch cock. I have, over the last few months,been experimenting with playing with his cock while he sleeps. I find it very fascinating that while he sleeps and I play with his cock I have total control. What I have found out is that if I make sure that he does not jerk off or we refrain from sex for about a week it makes him hornier. I tell him that I do not want to have sex becauseI want to see him shoot a really hot load when we do have sex. In actuality I am building up his cum levels and his sexual appetite to do my experimentation on him.

Last night, like many other nights that I have experimented on him. I usually do it when we go to a club or a party at a friend’s house. I urge Eddie to smoke lots of pot and I get him really drunk so the time we get home he passes out. He always sleeps only in white underwear and when he hits the bed he falls asleep very fast and in a very deep sleep. My secret is that I pretend to fall asleep next to him but when I hear him snore I get up and play on the computer for about 2 hours so he falls deeper into sleep. I then proceed back into the bedroom and try to wake him up.

"Eddie"!, "Are you up?” I call, while I am asking if he's awake,I push him on his shoulder lightly to a degree to see how deeply he is asleep.

Of course with no response and his snoring continuing I slide into bed next to him and I gently put my hand on his bulge feeling the fabric of the underwear and the outline of his cock. Most of the time it’s already hard and easy to access as Eddie usually sleeps on his back with his legs apart.

Still in his underwear I play with his hard cock and I listen very carefully for his snoring/breathing pattern. Usually at this point in time his dick is hard and it’s trying to make its way out of his white Fruit of the Loom underwear and his snoring/breathing is very steady.I get a bit more daring and take the covers off him and bring them down to his knees. Baring his upper part of his smooth slender boyish body with his arms to the side or sometimes over his head or even curled up near his chest I see from the dim light that my eyes have adjusted to the tent that is rising from his underwear with a few twitches. I take my fingers and gently raise the waistband of his underwear and releasing his strong throbbing cock. I take the front and the sides of his underwear and I gently lower them. Still asleep my boyfriend is unaware of what is happening to him.

I gently wrap my hand around his cock and slowly but gently stroke it up and down for a few minutes. His body reacts a bit when I notice his hips move up and down and his pelvic area tightens. Yet his snoring/breathing remains the same just his face moves from side to side. I then move my fingers and lightly play with the tip of his dick head and force the drops of pre-cum dripping from his now pulsating cock. I use the pre-cum as lube while playing with the head of his dick. This must feel very sensitive to him because his cock becomes very hard and twitches even more. I usually play with his head for about 1/2 hour and I notice that he pre-cums a great deal. At this point his hips are frequently moving more, his snoring turns more into long moans. My heart races with excitement and I am ready to cum but I get control of myself and the situation.

I continue a combination of stroking his shaft up and down and playing with his cockhead which makes his pelvic area tense up. Since he did not cum in over a week and I am sure that he is very horny my actions are causing his dream to turn into a sexual fantasy. As I continue for about another hour and his moaning becomes more steady and his body moves more frequently he stops breathing and a quick silence surrounds the bedroom I feel his cock become engorged with more blood and with a few more strokes I feel his cock pulsate and the cum works up his shaft of his cock and hot streams of cum spews out the tip of his dick...with each stroke of my hand in the upwards position large amounts of hot cum pours out of his throbbing cock onto my hand and his tightened stomach muscles, with at least three good strokes and three good spews his breathing starts again sounding louder before returning to it’s normal pace as I stroke the last few drops out of his dick.

I roll back to my place in bed and it doesn’t take me long to stroke my now very hard and horny cock blowing my load across my chest. I replace the blanket over our bodies and fall asleep.

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