Friday, 20 June 2008

The Stag Night by Kewtieboy


By kewtieboy


This story of having sex with both my boyfriend and a straight friend of ours while they both slept is true and still excites me even now!

I had lived with Alistair for around 9 years and we had enjoyed our relationship. We were close but had enjoyed some sexual fun both in threesomes and, as we both travelled separately away from home in our respective jobs, we had some sexual fun on our own. We used these experiences to heighten our sexual experiences together. I was never much of a predator (usually waiting for someone else to make the first move) but he was amazingly forward in pursuing people when he fancied them. This had resulted in some unusual subjects for threesomes including quite clearly heterosexual, married men.

During one of our “kiss and tell” sex sessions, he confessed that he had met a married guy and had had sex with him. The sex had been pretty ordinary and with no actual fucking either way. He was “straight” and in fact had a fiancĂ©e. Though he told me they had only had sex once, Charlie, as he was called, started calling round to see us. It was kind of odd as he showed no signs of wanting sex and talked most of the time about his impending marriage. He was a plumber though, and extremely useful and we started acting like a heterosexual group of three lads, going out for a pint and talking football (which I hate). He would drop in and frequently found gay people around the house. On these occasions he would act extremely manly and talk about all the things men do when trying to convince others how straight they are.

He came back to our house after a boozy night out and after even more drinks, I managed to persuade him to take his cock out and got a little suck at it while Alistair watched. It was an uncut and unremarkable 6 inches or so but I found the brief encounter highly erotic probably because I had evened up the score with my other half. More drunken nights ensued and on each of them I got the feeling he was trying to get really drunk so that he could use it as an excuse to go further. Apart from some playful groping he would pull back at the last minute (guilty conscience I assume).

Something odd happened, however when he announced that he wanted to go on his stag night with just the two of us. Now whether he had had another lads’ night without us or not, I don’t know, but I saw the possibility of some fun coming up until he announced that the night would be the night before his wedding. Traditionally here in Scotland, stag nights are a few nights before the wedding day to allow the groom time to remove the red paint from his testicles and get back from being sent to the far corners of the UK with his hands tied behind his back!

The night was a serious drinking night and both he and Alistair were drinking heavily. I presume both thought this would lead to them ending up in bed. We staggered back to Charlie’s house and drank some more. At around 1.30 in the morning, Alistair, who was past caring about anything, announced he was going to sleep with Charlie and would probably fuck him. I was told that Charlie was “not up for a threesome.” I don’t know if this was true, or that Alistair wanted the prime meat for himself but I obliged by saying I would sleep alone in the other room. As a bit of a voyeur, I could see other possibilities anyway.

With that, they headed off to bed, stripped to their briefs. Charlie looked great (even drunk). He was about 5 feet 11 inches, well built in a light muscular sort of way, he had a patch of hair on his chest. His hair was dark mousey brown and very soft. I could see the pubic hair spiral up from the band of his Jockey briefs to his naval and his lunch looked so tasty. I was frustrated but thought perhaps, once they got going, I could at least get to the door and watch the action from the darkness of the hall.

I waited for about thirty minutes to let them get into the heat of it and crept slowly out of bed in the dark. I headed down the corridor and from the light of the street lights outside the room, looked into their love nest. They were both flat on their backs, sound asleep and it looked like they had been that way since going to bed.

Something crept over me and I dropped to my knees and carefully made my way across the floor to Charlie’s side of the bed. I gently put my hand up and under the covers very slowly until I touched bare flesh. His leg moved slightly but his breathing continued. I lifted the covers up more to allow easier access and eventually my hand reached the lump on his briefs. It was semi-hard. I freed more of the covers and started to stroke his cock. It was soon brick hard. I gently folded the covers back and in the process revealed both guys lying alongside each other. I released his cock and balls from the side of his briefs and quickly put my mouth over his cock while stroking my own hard dick. He was absolutely rigid and little drops of pre-cum were coming out of the tip adding to my excitement. An idea suddenly hit me – actually two ideas but I took them one at a time. I climbed on to the bed and knelt in the space between both of them. I gently rolled Alistair on to his back and did exactly the same with him, taking his cock out and sucking it hard. He had around 8 inches of thick cock with a foreskin that slid back to reveal his head. He was quickly hard too. I knelt there with a cock in each hand, stroking them. I then raised Charlie’s knees and pulled his briefs down a little. This allowed me access to his hole. After licking my fingers, I managed my index finger into him as I stroked. He was moaning quietly. The sight of both these sleeping guys was a lot to bear. I climbed up the bed and gently put my stiff cock against his lips. They opened slightly and I managed the tip into his mouth as I continued to stroke his cock. I then returned to the side of the bed. As I did so, Alistair rolled over and put his arms around him. I placed his hands around Charlie’s cock and he instinctively squeezed him. I placed my mouth over the tip of the head and gently sucked up and down with my finger up his hole.

Alistair’s hand slipped off so I kept going and was rewarded with a little squirt of cum accompanied by a groan and the he rolled over away from me to face Alistair. I tried but could not get him to turn back. I took my cock and lay behind him on the bed. He faced Alistair and I spooned into his bum while wanking. I came on his butt hole – a little too copiously. In a panic I wiped my cum on some briefs I found in his dirty clothes basket, covered both guys up and headed downstairs for a drink of water.

All Hell let loose! He had set the downstairs burglar alarm before we all went to bed. It was a really funny end to an erotic evening to see them both pulling up their pants as they ran to see what the noise was.

Of course in the morning, Alistair, remembered that his pants had been down, and assumed that he must have had some sex with the groom on the night before his wedding. Little did both of them know – he hadn’t!

Neither of us had sex with him again and as we were not at the wedding (probably a bit too risky for him) we only saw him a couple of times afterwards. I still remember the night though.

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