Sunday, 22 June 2008

Visiting Daddy (anon)


Ever since I was a little kid I have found my father sexy. I can remember us being out in the fields during planting time and him having to piss and walking beside the pickup truck and pulling his long foreskin draped cock out and taking a piss right in front of me. I always played like I wasn’t watching, but I was. Later after I had helped him fill the planter hoppers full of corn and he was back on the tractor, I would jack off over the spot where he pissed.

My father used to drink heavily! Sometime he would go on drinking binges and stay drunk for a week at a time. Once when he was on one of his binges he came home so drunk he could hardly walk. I was eighteen at the time and still remember mama telling him to go to bed and she wasn’t sleeping with him while he was drunk! He did as she ordered and at bedtime my mother slept with my younger sister.

Oh, how vivid I remember waking up around midnight that night with a roaring hard on. I started thinking of my father and jacking off and that only got me hotter. Then I suddenly had the idea of sneaking in his room and taking a peak at his cock while he was sleeping. Damn, even now I recall how I was trembling with fear as I slowly opened the door to my parent’s bedroom and slipped inside.

From the street light that filtered through the bedroom window, I saw my father lying on the bed naked except for his boxer shorts. I remember holding my breath as I stepped to the side of the bed and leaned over and touched the soft skin of his cock poking out the fly of his boxer shorts. I couldn’t stop my self for rubbing his soft cock. I loved the feel of his foreskin.

When my actions didn’t awaken my father, I gently tugged on his cock until I pulled it out of his boxer shorts. GOD! I remember how beautiful it looked soft with all his extra foreskin hanging down from the head of his cock. I should have stopped there, but I couldn’t! I suddenly found myself jacking his cock slowly and to my surprise it began to grow longer and longer.

The damn thing just wouldn’t stop growing. I placed my hand against the base of his cock and measured it. I couldn’t believe how far up my arm it reached. I used my thumbnail the scratch how far on my arm his cock head reached.

I really should have stopped there, but I just couldn’t! I had to taste my father long cock. I leaned my face over him and slowly lower it unto I could kiss the soft skin of his cock shaft. I kissed it several times before finally getting up enough courage to take his foreskin draped cock head in my mouth. Even to this day, I can recall how delicious his cock tasted as I sucked on it. I don’t know how long I suck on it, but it was long enough that his cock was throbbing in my mouth before my father awake.

“What in the hell!” my father suddenly called out.

I glanced at up and saw that he had raised himself into a half-sitting position and was staring directly at me.

“Can’t a man get some sleep around here!” he added as I ran from the room.

God! Man, was I frightened as I hid in my room. I thought surely he would come looking for me, but he didn’t. Later after I calmed down, I remember jacking off three times in a row thinking about what I had just done to my father.

Daddy never said anything about that night and figuring that he had been so drunk that he didn‘t remember the incident, I never brought up the subject either.

That was back in 1965. Recently after my mother passed away, I visited him. He asked me if I want to look over the farm. I told him yes and we drove down to the old farmhouse. It was almost a ruin. We had moved from it into a new brick house that daddy had build in 1968 with indoor plumbing, telephone and all the modern conveniences of the time.

As we were walking around the old falling down barn I pointed to an old poster of a rooster crowing just inside the barn with the words “is your cock up today?” I pointed to it and we both laughed.

Then I asked daddy. “Can you still get a hard on?”

My old man looked shocked that I would ask such a question. He remained silent for a moment then said. “Yea, I still get a hard on but not too often.”

“Good!” I told him. Then I cleared my throat nervously and added. “You ever jack off?”

Daddy glanced at me hard before answering “Once in a while.”

“I like to jack off too.” I spoke fast before I lost my nerve. “Let’s jack off together!” I added.

Daddy turned and started walking back to the truck. “Let’s get back to the house.” He said.

“Sure.” I answered as I followed him to the truck.

Daddy got in and I walked around to my passenger side and climbed inside.

Suddenly I was desperate. I wanted more than anything to have sex with the old man. “Daddy, can I show you my cock?” I asked as he started the truck‘s engine.

He glanced over at me and shut the truck off. “Yea, go ahead,” he shocked me by saying.

The old man watched as I unzipped my jeans and struggled to get my cock out. My cock is not quite as long as my father’s but it is very thick. And I saw my father smile when I finally got my rock cock out of my jeans.

Then as he watched me I jacked my huge swollen cock until it felt like it was going to explode. I glanced at him and he was watching me intensely. Thinking it was now or never, I reached over and touched his crotch.

“I don’t think it’ll get hard.” My father surprised me by say. I had thought he would surely reprimand me for touching him.

“Do you mind if I try to get it hard, Daddy?” I asked.

“Go ahead.” He told me calmly.

My fingers were shaking as I unzipped his pants and reached inside his boxer shorts. His cock was tiny. I pulled it out not believing that it could be the same cock as I had played with that night when he was drunk.

“It’s little.” Daddy said.

Without asking, I lend over and started sucking my father’s cock. The old man started moaning as he placed his hand on the back of my head and rubbed his hand back and forth. His cock didn’t stay small long. Suddenly it was growing inside my mouth. I tried to keep it all inside my mouth but it started reaching so deep down my throat that I couldn’t taken it all.

“That’s the way, Son, bring it back to life!” Daddy called out as he stroked my hair as I started working over the head of his cock.

Again, I attempted to deep throat all of his cock and failed. It was just too long. Damn, if anything my old man’s cock was longer than I had remembered.

“I remembered when you sucked on it that night when you were a kid and I was drunk.” Daddy told me. “I always wanted you to say something about that night but you never did.” Daddy added as he began to send his hips upward to force more of his long cock into my throat. “I used to jack off thinking how nice it felt when you sucked on me that night.”

Daddy’s words were getting me near to cumming. It was like music to my ears to hear him saying those words. I too had always wanted to talk to him about that night but was afraid to bring it up thinking he hadn’t remembered, that he had been too drunk.

“I’m going to cum. You ready for it?” Daddy asked as he pressed my face hard against his crotch. “Get ready!”

Suddenly I tasted my own father’s cum. I shot of immediately without out touching my cock as I drank his load. I was wonderful. I kept sucking on his cock until he pulled my head away.

“That’s all for now! Maybe I’ll give it to you again before you leave,” he told me as he pushed his deflated cock back into his pants.

Daddy did give it to me again before my visit was over. In fact he let me suck him off three more times. He wouldn’t touch my cock. He told me he wasn’t queer. But he liked it when I sucked him off. And once after I sucked him off, he told me what a big fat cock I had while he watched me jacking off.

I love to call him on the phone now. We have phone sex. I get him to pull his cock out while we are talking and I do the same. Then I ask him if he going to let me suck it when I come back for another visit. He tells me yea that I can have it as much as I want. Then after we talk and play with ourselves a while he’s tell me. “You ready for it. Get ready!” and I know he is cumming. I always shoot off when he says those words!

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