Friday, 20 June 2008

Well If You're Just Gonna Sleep by Mr Duhman

Well if Your Just Gonna Sleep... 
When I was 18 my family moved in with my aunt, uncle 
and cousin, Joe who was 2 years older than me.  Joe 
and I shared a bedroom so my sister could have her 
own. Being that we were somewhat close in age, we 
hung around the same friends. He had a set of trundle 
beds that could become the same height if opened 
fully.  If not, the lower bed was about one foot 
lower than the other.
Joe had hidden five or six Penthouse magazines in the 
bathroom cabinet that I spent hours reading and 
masturbating to.  I walked in on Joe once while he 
was in the process of relieving a little testosterone 
pressure in the bathroom.  I was really embarrassed, 
more so for him than myself.
I remember him having kind of a short, but very fat 
penis surrounded by a mass of red pubic hair.  He 
screamed at me and I slammed the door behind me. 
Nothing was ever said about that incident, but it 
left an indelible impression on me.  I started trying 
to get a quick glimpse of his dick whenever possible.  
I didn't want to seem like I was doing it, but I'm 
sure he started to notice, because he started coming 
out of the shower and into our room in just a towel, 
which he would drop as soon as he closed our door.  
His cock fascinated me and I think that he could tell 
because he started to parade around our room nude. 
His cock was always in a semi-hard state when doing 
this.  It made me think he was turned on by showing 
me his naked body.  I also got a good look at his 
balls during these times, and they were huge.  Like 
two big hairy eggs.  They were much bigger than mine. 
At the time I just attributed this to him being a 
couple of years older than me, although now I know he 
really had big balls.
We lived in Texas, so the summers could get brutally 
hot.  His parents wouldn't use the air conditioning, 
so we would open all the windows to create cross 
ventilation using two fans.  We would both sleep in 
nothing more than our jockeys.  Sometimes we would 
lift the trundle bed and sometimes not, depending on 
how lazy we were.  One night, after having lifting 
the bed to sleep, I 
awoke with my hand touching his hairy leg at the 
outer thigh.
While pretending to still be asleep, I moved my hand 
to his upper inner thigh.  It was just barely 
touching his huge, underwear-covered balls.  
Understand that this entire movement took a couple of 
minutes.  I didn't want him to know I was awake.  
That way when confronted, I could always plead the 
sleep alibi.
I finally rolled over and place my hand directly on 
his penis, which was starting to grow even in his 
sleep.  After staying that way for what seemed like 
forever, I  slowly started to move my hand very 
slowly on his cock.  In was starting to really fatten 
up and I could feel a wet spot on his underwear that 
I now knew was pre-cum.
This went on for some time, I'm not sure if he ever 
really woke up, but his dick sure did.  Luckily it 
was summer and I could sleep in, because I got 
absolutely no sleep that night, I just kept playing 
with his cock. He never came but he stayed hard all 
night, at least until I finally did drift off at 
The next night I did the same thing, but much earlier 
in the night.  This time though, I got my hand inside 
his underwear and had my hand all over his fat dick.  
He didn't cum this time either.  I didn't know much 
about a guy shooting sperm, other than what I read in 
magazines.  I wasn't ejaculating at that time, and I 
really didn't know that Joe would either, I just knew 
that it felt good to touch myself and him too for 
that matter.
If he had woken up either night, he wasn't letting me 
The next night I had my hand inside his underwear 
jerking on his dick when I feinted rolling over in my 
sleep and ended up with my head partially on his 
stomach.  His dick was only six inches from my face 
but it was still in his underwear.
I couldn't take off his underwear and still pretend 
to be asleep, so I was kind of at an impasse.  All of 
a sudden he starts to pull his underwear down while 
his eyes were still closed.  I took this opportunity 
to move my face just a little bit closer to his dick.  
It was obvious that Joe was no longer asleep, but he 
was playing the same game I was.
After this repositioning, his dick was now touching 
my chin.  Again I noticed the same wetness I had 
experienced on his underwear, but this time it was on 
my chin.  I left my mouth slack like I was sleeping, 
but still slowly stroked it.  It was very hard and 
soft at the same time.  I couldn't believe how warm 
it was on my face.
Joe started to hump at my face so that his dick would 
move between my loose lips. I tasted the wetness, 
which was trickling out pretty heavy at this point.  
It was then that I figured that this must be his cum.  
Other than being a little salty, it didn't taste bad 
at all.  He was starting to pick up a slight rhythm 
when his hands went down to the back of my head and 
pushed my mouth further onto his dick.  Because of 
the girth, my lips were really starting to stretch 
out.  I know this sounds ridicules, but I was still 
under the guise of being asleep, with this fat cock 
sliding in and out of my mouth.
I was starting to feel his dick in the back of my 
mouth and his thrusts were getting more demanding. I 
was in no way ready for what was about to happen.  
His dick started to twitch and surge and got even 
harder and fatter, when all of a sudden, huge thick 
wads of sperm started shooting out of his dick and 
into my mouth.
The first one went right down into my throat and 
stuck there.  I started gagging terribly as the 
second wad joined the first.  Because I was acting 
like I was asleep, I couldn't make a big move to get 
his ejaculating cock out of my mouth, so I just kind 
of endured it as best I could.  He was pumping 
enormous amounts of his copious sperm into my mouth.
Finally I was able to move back far enough to pull my 
mouth off his cock.  I was then rewarded with a 
couple of shots that hit me on my face and in my 
hair.  One spurt went right in my eye and burnt like 
a son of a bitch.  He was still thrusting against my 
face while holding my head when his orgasm finally 
subsided.  He pushed me off his stomach and used my 
covers to wipe the rest of his cum off himself.
Being as I was supposed to still be asleep, and not 
wanting to confront him after our little tryst, I 
ended up having to sleep with all that sperm on my 
face and in my mouth.  It was so thick it was 
impossible to swallow.  It just stayed in my throat 
all night.
That was one of  the most exciting experiences in my 
life, although I'm not sure that I enjoyed his 
ejaculation, mainly because of the amount and 
thickness of it.  I very quietly humped my mattress 
till I came in my underwear.  Luckily I woke before 
Joe and ran into the bathroom.  I actually burped and 
could distinctly taste his sperm.  My eye was 
literally glued shut and it looked like someone had 
painted my face with Elmer's glue.  Looking back now, 
it still amazes me how much sperm he shot and how 
thick it was.  
Joe and I never discussed our sexual play, even 
though the same sort of thing happened many more 
times.  Amazing, huh?

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