Sunday, 22 June 2008

While You Were Sleeping by Robbie Williams

While you were sleeping
by Robbie Williams

Here are my experiences with my best mate Mark. The first time with Mark was when he invited me back to his. Mark is totally straight and at the time was living with his long term girlfriend Debbie. Debbie cooked us a dinner as she always did from time to time and then we all watched a video and hit the vodka.

About 11 o’clock Mark dropped off to sleep on the sofa and not long after Debbie decided to go up to bed. Debbie tried to wake Mark but to no avail and asked me to try, which I did. Mark was totally out for the count, so Debbie chucked a sleeping bag down for me and a quilt for Mark and went to bed.

I had always wanted to see Mark’s dick, I had seen him in boxers and had once seen his tight butt, but I had never seen his package and decided, tonight is the night. Closing the living room door I shot straight over to the sofa where Mark lay. Mark is 5'11, very cute and nicely built, with a lean hairy chest and gorgeously hard hairy legs. All he was wearing were his grey sweat pants and a black T-shirt.

I started with my hand on his leg, nudging him a little to be sure he was asleep, then, my hands and body shaking I attempted to pull his sweatpants down as carefully as possible. This was quite a difficult exercise due to the way he was lying, and for what seemed an eternity I could only see a beautiful bush of pubic hair, which I have to say nearly done it for me anyway. Then I noticed that his penis was tucked between his legs, so I had to strategically move his legs apart as to be able pull out his dick which I managed, much to my approval. My heart, I remember was running in overdrive. I had touched my best friend’s penis as well as look upon it for the first time.

I began to massage his cock slowly, enjoying what I thought would be a one off experience and then much to my surprise it began to rise, and harden. I had felt up another mate before, after a party, he had fallen asleep in my double bed and I got in next to him, but when I played with him, he had remained soft, but Mark wasn't and now I was looking at him fully hard. This is a guy I love, have loved for the past six years and now I had his hard on in my hand. The fact that he was oblivious to this didn't matter. He was still hard and it was because of me. I took in a deep breath and plucking up some courage I took his uncut cock in my mouth, pulling his foreskin down as I sucked. I was in heaven and he never stirred. I slowly put my hand up his T-Shirt and rubbed his hairy chest, whilst still suckling on his seven inch cock, not actually believing that this was happening, but loving it all the same. My own hard on was trying to burst out my jeans and so I unbuttoned and whilst slowly jacking mark I began to frantically jack myself off. Unsurprisingly this lasted all but a minute. I was far too excited to resist and shot a big load over a cushion. I fumbled played and sucked for another few minutes and feeling myself going hard again. I jacked again, but Debbie had got up, upstairs and so I had to stop and cover Mark up.

About fifteen minutes later I attempted to wake Mark up again and actually managed it, he went up stairs to bed unaware what I had done. I tossed off what must have been a dozen times that night and whilst it has happened again since, I will always remember my first night with mark. My other experiences with him I can remember better though, as Mark use to stay over a night a week, when we used to get pissed out of our brains. Only this time I used my trusty camcorder to record my Southern exploits and so can jack off every day, looking at me toss and suck on Mark’s wonderful cock.

R*bbie xx


BigWang Chow said...

may i see the videos? i have some stories and videos to trade my self :)

BigWang Chow said...

i would love to trade pics and videos with you of passed experiences.

BigWang Chow said...
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BigWang Chow said...

i would love to trade stories and videos with you bro...

zwkl said...

hay i will trade with you as i have done the same was amazing

zwkl said...

hay i will trade with you i had the same experience a view times

zwkl said...

ill trade with you, had the experience took photos and stuff

-(@¿@)- Doc said...

BigWang Chow, Robbie and Zwki ~ are any of you around still❓ Always interested in stories, pics, and especially video ❗️

-(@¿@)- Doc