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The Brother by Joe Borgman

The Brother By Joe Borgman

One summer, my roommate’s brother came for a visit. I had placed an ad on a bulletin board earlier looking for a roommate. A guy knocked on my door and he was basically a slob but I was desperate for the rent money, so I let him move in. He was an "okay" roommate, the usual boring straight guy who talked about fags and cocksuckers and such. I let him alone and basically ignored him. I wasn’t at all attracted to him. He worked ten hour shifts from midnight to 10AM, so we didn’t see each other much. One day, he told me his brother was coming to visit and wanted to know if he could bunk out on the couch for the weekend. I said it was okay.

It was a Friday night and the brother arrived around 10PM. The reason he was visiting was that he had gotten married at age 19 and now, a year later, he was separating from his wife and needed a break, so he wanted to visit his brother. When his brother walked through the door, I nearly shit a brick. He was one good-looking guy, not a slob like his brother. We were introduced and I had problems keeping my eyes off of him. I excused myself to give them time to talk before my roommate had to leave for work at 11:30PM. I could hear them talking at the kitchen table in the distance while I watched TV in my room.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember, Tom (his brother) was lightly tapping on my door frame and I heard him say, "Joe, sorry to bother you, but can I take a shower?"

I said it was fine and directed him to the bathroom and showed him the shampoo and soap and such then returned to my room. I was watching TV when he tapped on my door again and thanked me for letting him stay for a couple of nights. He was dressed in boxers with wet hair. I got up and went out to the kitchen and offered him a beer. We sat in the kitchen sipping beer and chatting. I really liked him, nice guy and friendly and NOT the slob his brother was.

He surprised me by saying, "I knew you had to be a nice guy because having my brother as a roommate would take a nice guy."

Being diplomatic, I replied, "Well, he can be difficult at times."

We both laughed and kept on chatting. Then he said, "Can I talk to you about something?"

I said, "Sure, go ahead, I am a good listener."

He then began telling me about his failed marriage and how that he had been miserable for the entire year. He said that the sex was terrible and they hadn’t screwed for the last 6 months. He said that the morning he decided to break it off, he had gone into the bathroom and she was bent over the toilet vomiting. He asked if she was sick and that was when she revealed to him she was pregnant by some guy she worked with. He said that this gave him all the motive he needed to end what had been a big mistake so they agreed to divorce. He moved out that night. All the time he was talking, I would sneak glances at his upper body and his legs. He would get up to get beer and go to the bathroom to pee and I was able to check out his body.

It was around 1:30AM and he said, "Joe, I am keeping you up. You have to work in the morning."

I said, "Not really, they let me off tomorrow and I enjoy talking with you” (mostly listening and agreeing with him).

He smiled and said, " I needed somebody to talk to and for sure my brother is not the guy for that.”

I don’t why, but I got the nerve to ask him if he wanted to flop up on my bed and watch TV. He agreed and followed me to my bedroom. I found a couple of extra pillows and we leaned back on the headboard. I was running channels on my satellite and told him to stop me when he saw something he liked.

I ran past the porn channel and he said, "Go back to that one."

I returned to it and we began watching it. I noticed a healthy sized lump in his boxers and saw him adjust it several times. The usual, nice tits or good ass comments came out of him. I noticed his leg was slowly getting closer to mine, so I helped things along by shifting occasionally and before long we were touching legs.

He said, "Man, I should have known better than watch porn, it has been too long since I got any action."

I said, "I can get lost in the kitchen if you need some privacy."

He laughed and said, "Thanks man. If you don’t mind, I'll take care of it now while you take care of yours."

I had pretty much been unable to do any hiding of the boner in my shorts. With that remark, he raised his hips and slid his boxers off his butt and off his ankles and revealed a tool much bigger than the average guy.

I laughed and said, "I can’t believe she didn’t want that every night."

He laughed and said, "That was the problem, she would let me get half of it in before saying it was too big and hurt and I would end up jerking off in the bathroom." He started jerking it slowly and I quit watching the porn film and just watched him stroke it. He seemed to enjoy having me watch him and said, "Wanna help me out?"

Not being one to play hard to get, I scooted closer and lent a helping hand. Before long, I leaned over and started giving him head. I noticed he spread his legs wider and would take his hand and rub the area below his balls, so my mouth began the ball licking and then went below and started licking below his balls.

I noticed he was doing lots of moaning and humping when I heard him say, "Eat me, man."

I went between his legs and began rimming him. I did that for a long time and then slowly worked one finger into his pucker and found his prostate gland and it really got him moving and humping.

I had him close to cumming when he said, "Can I fuck you, man?"

I said, “Sure” and got on top of him.

After lubing up his cock I gave him his first piece of male ass. I had to slow him down often by whispering, "Take it easy. Slow down, use long strokes." He finally erupted in me, which sent me over the edge depositing my load on his tummy. I got up and cleaned myself in the bathroom and brought out a washcloth and cleaned him up. We lay talking and he told me he had never done anything with a guy before but had wondered what it would be like. By then he had rolled over to his tummy and I was rubbing his back and talking. He fell asleep, so I snuggled in beside him and fell asleep also.

I forgot to disengage my alarm, so it went off at 7AM. I had to reach over him to stop it buzzing. I said, "Sorry" and fell back to sleep.

I don’t know what woke me up, but I looked at the clock and it was 10AM. I panicked and woke him up and told him to go to the sofa. I threw him some blankets and pillows and escaped to my room. His brother came in. He was sharp. He pretended to wake up and they chatted a few minutes and then his brother went to his room.

In about a half hour he came back into my room and crawled in with me. I whispered, "Are you crazy, he might wake up?"

He laughed softly and whispered, "He sleeps like a log". Then he surprised me by kissing me and then he whispered, "Now its your turn."

He did everything to me that I had done to him including getting on top of me and riding my cock. We had no more both came when I heard the door to his brother's room open. He put on his boxers and walked out of my door and said, "Well that oughta make the mattress better. It needed to be turned."

Then I heard him walk into the kitchen and say to his brother. "We just turned Joe's mattress want us to turn yours over?"

Then he walked back into my room and said, "Okay, Joe. Help me turn his mattress over."

When we had finished doing the brother's mattress, we walked back into the kitchen. He spent the next night in my bed and then left the following morning after he told his brother goodbye. He visited often after that and the sofa never once was used but for a few minutes each morning. His brother moved into his girlfriend’s house and of course, I made his room available to Tom who found work in our town. The extra bedroom or the sofa was never used again.

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