Friday, 4 July 2008

The College Roommate by CHP914

College Roommate by

I had been to college for two years, before I decided what I really wanted to do. After some thought I decided to transfer to another college in another city and study Graphic Design.

During the Freshman orientation week, I met some really cool guys, really artsy fartsy types, afterall, we were studying advertising design. The crazier you were the better.I became quite close with a guy named Anthony who was from a small town, and it was his first year of college, and away from his parents. He was 5'10", 170lbs, solid hockey player build, blonde shaggy hair, and blue eyes. He was a character, a small town boy, with a creative side to him...wanting to take in all the city had to offer.It was a ritual for the design students to knock off classes on Friday afternoons and hit the pubs.

There was one in particular that was a favorite of ours. A couple of the students would bring their guitars, and we would all sit around a bunch of tables and sing and drink several pitchers of beer. This Friday night in particular Anthony and I had gotten quite wasted and were hamming it up for the other students, making fun of "fags".

He would run his fingers through my hair, and say, "My god you are one hot stud."

I would reciprocate with my hand running up his thigh, and say, "My what a big boy you are!"

This went on all evening, to great chuckles from the rest of the students. Anthony and I were the last two to leave the pub that night. He was rather drunk, and his apartment was quite a distance away. My apartment was only a couple of blocks, so I told him he could crash at my place. He agreed, and we stumbled our way home.

By the time we got to my place, he had his arm around my neck, to help him walk. I took him into my room and flopped him on my bed. I went to get a drink of water and brush my teeth, and came back to my room to find him laying on his back in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. I undressed to my white jockeys and crawled over him to the inside of the bed. It wasn't long and he was snoring up a storm. I lay there looking at him, with the street lamp dimly lighting my bedroom. I could see his bulge in his boxer shorts, and one of his hands lazily cupping his balls through the thin fabric of his boxers. My heart was racing, I had to see what was inside, I gently moved a little closer to him, and started massaging his bulge through his shorts. He let a soft moan escape his lips, and I could feel his cock growing beneath my hands. He started to stir a bit, so I quickly let my hand go, and his stirring had caused his cock to peek out the button hole of his boxers. It didn't take me long to put my hand back on that hard 7.5 inches of uncut meat. I started jerking his cock and was inspired by the drops of precum glistening on his foreskin. I slowly pulled back the foreskin, as it was very tight around his larege cock head. Once I had the foreskin pulled completely back over the head, I moved down so that I was head to head with his cock, I stuck my tongue out and gently swirled it around his cock head, licking all the precum. He started to moan, I was going crazy at this point!

"What am I doing, sucking my friend's cock?" I thought.

I don't know whether it was the beer or the silly flirtation we were doing at the pub earlier that evening that had gotten me so worked up but I couldn't help myself. I slid my white jockeys off and spit on my hand and rubbed into my ass hole, greasing it up real good, I got up on my knees beside him, and just looked at his beautiful face, sleeping so peacefully. I just couldn't help myself, I needed him inside me, so I straddled him, and gently worked his cock head into my tight ass, immediately he started moving his hips in a fucking motion, all the while still snoring. I bent forward and kissed his lips gently at first, and then began kissing him like a wild man. He was still grinding his hips all the while driving his cock deeper inside my ass. He suddenly opened his eyes wide and just looked deep into mine. I was like a deer caught in headlights,. I didn't know what to do, he didn't say anything, all I could do was whisper that I loved him, this sly grin came over his face, and he closed his eyes and started to really pump my ass. I was grinding my ass down and he was pumping his cock upwards into my tight ass, I was getting ready to shoot the biggest load of my life.

I could really feel his cock deep inside of me now and he was moaning deep from within his stomach. I could feel him getting ready to explode so I gave one last grind of my ass on his hard cock, and he shot deep inside my ass for what seemed like an eternity. As he was shooting, I shot the biggest, thickest, creamiest load of my life, the first landed on his chest, the second and third landed on his goatee and the fourth landed on his right cheek. I gently leaned forward and licked my hot cum off of his face, and collapsed on his chest and let my first load squish between our chests.

After a few minutes, his cock became soft and slipped out of my ass, and I rolled over and went to sleep. The next morning, I could hear him stirring, and I woke up just as he was sitting up on the side of the bed, I was buck ass naked and laying on my stomach.

He turned around and slapped my on my ass and said, "Wake up buddy, and put some damn clothes on. I need some breakfast."

I got up and quickly got dressed and nothing was ever mentioned about the night before, except for how drunk we both were.

Our second year of Graphics proved to be interesting, as he and another classmate all got an apartment together.

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