Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hot Brother by Quincy


I'm 30 now. This took place back when I was 18.

I always knew my older brother was very handsome because girls would call him at least every other hour all day long. At that time he was about 21-24yrs old. I too thought he was cute. Anyway one morning I woke up as most guys do with my morning boner on. I jumped down off our bunk bed while he was still asleep and to my surprise he was laying there with only his light blue boxer shorts on! This did not help ease the tension in my boner. I quickly had to decide if I would act on my impulse to touch his soft dick or just leave the room. Being raised in a black Baptist church, I knew this was against what Ihad been taught, so I just left the room went to the bathroom to jack off. However that wasn't the last time I would see him looking as sexy as he did in only his underwear. I soon got my chance about a week later.

I watched t.v.and went to bed around midnight. He went out with his friends to the "nudy-booty" club to see the female strippers and get drunk. He stumbled in after 2am. I'm usually a sound/hard sleeper and don't hear much but I heard him come in only because he turned on the light.I just turned over and kept on sleeping. At around 3:15am I heard this LOUD strange noise and wondered what the hell it was. It was my brother snoring reallyl oudly. He was so loud he woke me out of a sound sleep! I tried to lay there and go back but it was no use. After a few minutes I began to wonder if he was on top of his sheets or under the covers like he was the previous week. I looked down in the dark and could see he was on top of his sheets in his checkered boxers!!! My heart started pounding and I began shaking! I lay there looking down at him and started playing with my dick. I was totally turned on by him. I called his name loudly to see if he would waken. He didn't! He was OUT!!

So I jumped down from the top bunk and flicked the light on. I just stood and stared at him for about 10 minutes listening to his snoring and still playing with myself. I finally got up enough nerve to kneel down beside his bed. I placed my shaking cold hand on his chest to test him. If he had wakened I would've told him he was too loud. Luckily, it didn't bother him. He was really out! My heart was now pounding in my ears! I thought I was going to have a heart attack it was beating so hard!!! I started playing with his lightly haired nipples. My hand really started shaking now!

I was so nervous, excited and horny I couldn't believe it! What a rush! I watched his breathing and it was still the same. I gently placed my hand on his soft cock and applied light pressure. This was the first time I'd seen another dick "up close"! I'd seen guys in gymclass shower but this was different! This was "in myface" up close! His black dick was so soft and spongy under his boxers. Suddenly he twitched and I hit the floor! I was petrified! Not sure what to say if he was to waken! I lay there for 10 seconds and slowly stood up again. He was still snoring like a buzz saw. So I touched his dick again but this time I added a little more pressure. It started to get a little firmer but was still soft. I took my dick out and started jacking my dick off. I looked at his face and there was a sort of smirk about his lips. I knew it was a nice dream he was in. So now it was time. I got a little bolder and opened his fly and for the first time saw his tightly curled pubic hair. I let go of my dick in an effort to hold back and not to cum to soon! I wanted to enjoy this! I noticed my hands were shaking and felt ice cold so I put them under my armpits for a few seconds to thaw them out before I performed this delicate procedure.

Once they warmed up I stuck my thumb and index finger in his fly and took his dick out. IT WAS PERFECT!!!! It looked like it should've been one of those models in a sex ed. class. The tip was pointy like an arrow and underneath he had a little "notch". I guess it was the way he was circumcised. He was about 3-4 inches soft. I bent down and smelled his musky man aroma and was just engulfed by it. I began to play with his dick and it began to grow, & grow, & grow. It grew to well over 6 inches easily and I was fascinated! I played with his dickf or a while, jacking him very slowly as to not alarm him. I licked it a little and then took his dick in my mouth and tasted a little pre cum. It was delicious! I sucked and sucked for a few minutes until I came on a napkin that was already soaked from my own pre-cum. I placed his hard throbbing dick as best I could back in his boxers and just went back to bed. I was too scared to try to make him cum and too scared to find out how he'd react to me if he did.

There were several more times I tasted him during the following couple ofyears. I'm not sure if he ever knew or not what happened. He's never said anything and neither have I, but a sleeping/out man was from then until today is my number one fetish!!!!

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