Tuesday, 29 July 2008

My Sleeping Friend

My Sleeping Friend by John

I’ve got a great true story which happened a few years ago.

I went to Pennsylvania with another straight friend for a camping/ volleyball tournament and some other guys he knew. I brought my own tent and got my own site and shared it with my friend who also had his own tent. Well when we got there, it was hot out and there were a lot of guys in shorts. We lay by the pool are we were generally drinking, playing volleyball and sweating. Many of these guys were totally hot, athletic types as you might imagine.

When it was early evening and we set up camp as fast as we could and I got a small cooler together with some beers and went to the pool to meet up with these other guys on our team, have some beers and at least see the talent. I realized that this was a totally straight event and I had no to chance to score, but a guy could fantasize for a good beat off later in the tent. It was already getting dark anyway.

There was plenty to see and some seriously hot guys, hot exposed bodies and my favorite turn on, most were drunk! It seemed that a lot of these guys had arrived the night before and had been drinking since morning. This was to be a 5 day event and it looked like it was going to be rough on some of these studs drinking the way that they were.

Of course there was one guy poolside that really got my attention over all the other shirtless studs. He was talking to a guy from our group so I was able to meet him. He looked like a stud from a fitness magazine. He was just my type, nice tan, dark hair, great athletic body, about 5 feet 9 inches and tight abs with a boyish innocent face. He had on surfboarder shorts exposing the nice thick happy trail on some really low shorts so you could see his natural bush. He had slightly hairy defined pecs. The smile was enough to make me realize that this green eyed guy had it all. He looked around 24 years old.

Anyway, I went over, my heart racing, to meet this guy and said “Hi” to Rob, my friend. He introduced me to Ryan. This stud, Ryan was friendly and pretty drunk. We started talking about volleyball, where we are from the basics. I have a good sense of humor and I joke around a lot so he seemed to get a kick out of it. Laughing a lot and we downed a few more beers with Rob who eventually said he had had enough.

I said, “I need to cool off in the pool” and he said he agreed in a slurred voice.

Who knows how long this guy had been drinking. I said I was out of beers and had to go back to my camp site to refill and he said “No problems bud, have some of with mine,” and we placed the cooler and open beers next to the pool and jumped in.

I was surprised to find him immediately behind me pressed up against me and suddenly he put me in a head lock, his dick rubbing against my ass. I didn’t know what to think.

He then said "You owe me man for the beers. The way I am drinking I'll need to borrow some maybe by the end of the week.”

Then he let me go and I turned around to see his smile.

I said, “Dude, what is mine is yours no prob. Just looking to chill and have a good time.”

Things were looking up. We had a couple more and talked about nothing, joking around with some guys in the pool and then he told one guy he had forgotten to bring his tent and was going to sleep out with his sleeping bag.

I got in and said, “How in the Hell did you forget that man?”

He laughed and said, “Just plain stupid I guess,” as he shoved me.

I immediately offered that he could bunk with me if he wasn’t a snorer.

He said, “Cool man.”

I said “Great, it’s better that then you getting malaria from mosquito bites.”

In a drunken voice he said, “That’s cool man,” and gave me a clumsy hug.

It seemed he was the happy and affectionate kind of drunk. Eventually the alcohol ran out and as it was after nine I suggested it was my turn to fill up a cooler and said I wanted to change to vodka and cranberry anyway.

He said, “Hell yeah!”

We got out of the pool and he almost slipped back in losing his balance.

I said, “You are fucked up.”

He laughed and said, “You haven’t seen anything yet,” or something like that with his now very drunk slurred speech.

On the way out I came across Rob and he was totally trashed too.

I said, “Are you going to be able to find your way back to camp?”

He said he would crash with a friend of his if he couldn’t make it.

I said, “Cool” and we went off to camp with me already helping Ryan to walk. When we got back it was totally dark by then and I lit a couple lamps and started making some powerful drink for him with vodka and a splash of cranberry. He went off down the woods by 10 yards his back against me taking a piss and in his drunken state had his tight bubble ass showing full on. What I could see looked nice.

He came back and told me he was trashed. I said that we both were. I gave him his strong drink and he gulped in down like beer without saying a thing. We sat out on some chairs and I started a camp fire and then we talked a while as he got drunker and I went for a piss. When I got back he had his empty tanker on the ground and he was asleep, sagging down in the camp chair with his chin down on his chest. He was a beautiful sight!

As I stood there I boned up immediately with one of the hardest cocks I had had in a while. In the dark with exception of the light from the dimming fire and the full moon, this stud looked stunning, his hard built chest with that dark hair and that flat stomach slowly and steadily moving up and down with his breathing. I walked up to his limp, hot sleeping body and stood in front of him. His legs were slightly apart and I got in between them and shook his chest. There was no response. Then I shook him really hard and he barely moved or said anything.

I said, “Ryan, buddy, need to get up before the mosquitoes get you man.”

I rubbed his chest and moved my hands down his tight stomach and his happy trail but still no reaction. Then I had an idea. I went back to my tent behind him and got my toiletry kit and took out some Ambien I had brought in case sleeping in a tent didn’t agree with me. I had brought a thick queen size air mattress and basic bedding and comforter and it had to be blown up in the tent to make it fit. I got some bottled water from the cooler by the bench and opened it and went back to Ryan and shook him semi awake.

“Hey Dude, take these aspirin and water so you aren’t hung-over tomorrow and we can hit the sack.”

He did as I asked and as he did it and I grabbed him under his arms and lifted him. He fell forward onto me, his naked chest touching my naked chest and me with a serious boner, but I knew he wouldn’t notice at this point. I was going to have this stud all to myself all night. I brought him to the open tent flaps and had a tough time getting him in but he finally flopped far enough in on his stomach for me to get in and close the tent up so it could be just him and me. I told him to move over as he was in the middle of the bed but had no response whatsoever.

I scooted over him pressing my hard cock against his firm ass. I could have exploded right there in my shorts but I wanted to save it for something much, much hotter. I climbed right on top of him and whispered his name in his ear. All I heard was steady breathing, unconscious breathing. I started feeling him up without waiting for the pills to take even more of an effect on him. I smelt the chlorine in his hair and over his chest. I straddled him sitting on his bubble butt and fondling his back and masculine arms. I bent down and kissed the cheek that was exposed and moved my tongue over to his slightly open mouth half buried in the pillow and probed his teeth and mouth flexing my cock against his still covered ass. I got off to his side facing his face and struggled to get my shorts off my cock as it flopped hard against my abs as I pulled them below my balls, and then I pushed him over on his side exposing his face and full lips, hot chest and stomach and that trail which went down and showed part of his hairy pubic bush then the rest hidden from me due to his surfboarder shorts.

I licked his lips with no response, sliding against him, chest to chest fondling the exposed ribs and moving the arm on his exposed side over his head, I left it kind of dangling with those hairy dark armpit exposed, his great arms and ribs showing and tight stomach. I fondled and caressed him, licking his nips till they got pointy and hard and taking my one hand down his shorts to feel that bush then damp but meaty cock of about 5 inches totally soft and hairy balls. I felt I could cum at any moment but I wanted more first. I went into his mouth again with my mouth, kissing, licking and fondling his body with my hand and groping his hot ass as I snuggled him close to me. My hand went around him down his shorts to feel that ass, handling his smooth butt cheeks and hairy crack. I knew I had, to have that so I got up over him while he was still on his side and untied the shorts strings and they were loose against that small waist of his. I moved down to his legs and pulled the shorts slowly down. I pushed him on his back with one arm above his head showing his muscled front shoulder hot armpits. Finally I got his shorts off, showing that bush and seeing where the trail ended in a thick soft cock and big hairy balls.

I then slid on top of him, feeling and fondling the whole way up and humping his tight stomach against my pre-cumming cock. I was moving his arms, licking his mouth looking down at his sides and ribs climaxing heavily against his stomach shooting a massive, hot load all across his chest. His body moved from my final orgasm but there were still no signs of waking. He was still totally out. I slumped over on him wanting more from this stud but my drained cock and own alcohol intake prevented any more fun that night. I decided there and then I had made a new friend and I intended keeping in touch with him!


John Strudrige said...

Great story, I really really love it... but i'd like to read the second part!!!
What else did you do??
Please continue

John Strudrige said...

God, I loved it... I really like this, is SO HOT!!! But I'd like to know the rest of the story, please continue!