Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Roomie by Booker3775

Room Mate by Booker3775

This happened to me 3 days ago. I'm 20 and my room mate is 21. We are best mates. After getting totally smashed on beers, my room mate decided to put a porno in the video machine. Our beds are on opposite sides of the room and we lay there watching the couple fucking on the tv. I pulled my shorts off and got under my duvet naked. I could see out the corner of my eye his cock throbbing in his boxers so I lay on my side facing him and shut my eyes so he would think I was asleep.

Peeping through shut eyes I caught him looking my way twice and then he asked if I was asleep - I kept silent. He looked at me again and then pulled his t-shirt and boxers off and lay there jacking his cock. I had never seen him with a hardon only just limp in the showers and the room, and he looked hung then but now -- WoW!! His cock was massive, easily over 8" maybe 9". He lay there stroking and stroking and then ...... he lifted his legs up over his head, pulled his balls and cock tight down towards him and started sucking his own cock - I could hear the loud sucking sounds as he did it. My cock was by now rock hard. This went on for a while then he looked at me again. He then got off the bed, huge cock throbbing out in front of him and came and stood so close to me that from just peeping through my closed eyes I could see his cock just inches from my mouth. I then felt my duvet being lifted and pulled back, exposing my hard throbbing cock.

He stood for while looking at my cock all the while jacking his own dick slowly. Then he moved closer and I felt his hot breathe on my cock. He licked the tip and then lifted my cock and I felt it slide deep into his hot mouth. He worked faster and faster on me and I knew I was close to cumming. He stopped and I watched him jacking his cock over me right close to mine - his arse muscles were pulled in tight as he really beat his cock hard. If elt his cum splash all over me, most on my cock and balls, running down my side. As soon as he was finnished cumming he started to lick all his cum off me and get back to sucking my cock. I filled his mouth so fast, thrusting my hips into his face as he sucked and sucked harder, eating every drop.

He then pulled the duvet back over - got into his ownbed and whispered,"Cheers mate, I needed that!"

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