Thursday, 3 July 2008

St Patrick's Day by Doc

Subject: St. Patrick's Day by

Here we are again! No action yet today, but there may be achance late night today...This is the day to find drunks galore!A great day and night to find some that otherwise might NOT be drunk. Plan ahead and you may get lucky.

When I was much younger, I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. Yes, it was late in the afternoon on St. Patrick's Day. I was walking on my way to an appointment when I saw 5 or 6 older teens come out of the back door of an Irish pub. They were all wasted, but one unfortunate lad was out cold and they had him on a hand truck that they had borrowed from the bar and were trying to wheel him along the street as he was completely out. He kept falling off of the cart and I just had to help out. He fell off again and I took charge.

"Here, let me help," I said.

They all seemed afraid to put their hands on him. Not having that reservation, once we had his feet well placed on the hand truck platform, I removed his belt and used it to secure his legs just above the knees to the hand truck. Then while one of his friends pushed the cart and not wanting him to get a chill in the cool, overcast night, I covered him with my trench coat. While I held his upper body to the cart this also gave cover to my other hand which had to see how out of it he was. After opening the waist band of his trousers, I eased the zipper down part way. He was out for the count. It seemed they were headed to a Catholic School nearby where they were known and the janitor let us take the lad down to the locker room. They seemed to think that a cold shower would bring him around. It took a while to procure the key and I took full advantage of this time to get to know the most intimate details of this unconscious young man.

He still didn't stir at all when we put him on the cold cement locker room floor and he was quickly stripped out of his shirt and t-shirt. Then his friends removed his socks and shoes and one pulled the already unfastened slacks by the legs and we were left with a beautiful young man, well defined, lean and only wearing his jockey shorts. If only we had digital cameras back then.

Someone said "Let's get his shorts off and get him in the shower."

Someone else reached to do it and then said "I can't do it."

Having already been there, but not had a chance to look, I needed no further invitation, so I reached over and removed his last vestige of clothing and cover. We carried him to the shower and turned on the cold water trying to hold him up without getting wet. Most tried to look anywhere but at the unfortunate violated young man which left me free for some last exploration and it was only on the third time I pulled out some pubic hair that he started to come around.

I made my exit and took his jockey shorts on my way out. They and the pubic hair were souvenirs for years and many jack-offs have been fueled by the memories.


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