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My Uncle Jose by Luis

My Uncle Jose by Luis

At 18, I experienced two life altering events. During my senior year in HS, my dad passed away in a car accident. It was a difficult time for me as I was just coming to terms with my sexuality as well. Of course the entire family came to our home to stay during the funeral. My room went to my grandmother. All my aunts, uncles and cousins took any available space on the floor. As tradition dictated, the men sat in the kitchen and drank beer and Cuervo until we were all drunk.

My uncle Jose, the youngest at 35, and I, decided to sleep near the sofa where my uncle Juan slept. (Yes, even our names are traditional) My uncle Jose was, and still is, gorgeous. Our family is light skinned, more Spanish looking than indigenous. Jose is tall with black, thick hair and dark eyes. His wife is also beautiful to this day.When we were drinking, I couldn't help but stare at him. His big smile was masculine and endearing. When we finally lay down next to each other, I couldn't sleep. I had never done anything like this, but I couldn't help it. After a few minutes, he was sleeping on his side, facing me with no sheet or blanket. My face was inches from his and I could smell his alcohol breath. I whispered his name and there was no answer.

I slowly slid my hand down to my side and reached across to him. No movement. I gently cupped my hand around his crotch area. No movement. His jeans were so tight against his skin. My heart was pounding. I had to figure out how to pull the zipper down without waking him. I gently pushed back the jean material covering the zipper. I was so nervous because there were so many relatives all around us. Slowly I tugged at the zipper. My hand was aching because I didn't want to wake him. I would check his breathing and face, my zipper pulling matching his exhales. Finally, I pushed open the jeans and reached in with my fingers. No underwear! I could feel his pubes and I pushed my forefinger further down. His cock was rock hard. I couldn't believe it. With my forefinger and thumb, I gently positioned it alongside his zipper, my hand cramped from nudging his penis. He stirred and shifted which made his cock pop out, straight out. I discovered that he was uncut. I massaged the foreskin back and forth. I was so hard myself, I felt dizzy.

After checking his breathing again, I slowly slid down. I felt like it took forever. I was finally facing his beautiful thick, 8 inch cock (I gauged the length by how much my hand covered, mesmerized). My heart was in my throat. I pushed my head forward, stuck my tongue out and licked it. It was salty and sour. I carefully placed my mouth over the head. I had never sucked a man before but I was so eager to keep it up. I tried to put more of it in my mouth. I could smell soap and sweat mixed together. I was so hungry for it. As I bobbed my head back and forth for a few minutes, his cock suddenly became even stiffer. I could sense him tensing up and I freaked out because I thought I was caught. I never expected him to cum but it kept gushing and gushing out against my throat and mouth. I started to gag but I couldn't make any noise. I was delirious, anxious, excited. I came in my pants, no hands, no touching. My uncle stirred, coughed and rolled over to his other side .I was freaking out, I knew I was caught. What was he thinking? I slowly slid my way back. I finally fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, he was in the shower and relatives were making breakfast and chatting. It was like nothing had happened. I was so out of it that day, my family thought it was because my dad had died, and that was partly it, but it was mostly because of what had happened with Jose, who was acting normal. That night we slept next to each other again, but this time was different.

After my dad's funeral, we all got trashed. I was so freaked because my uncle was acting like nothing had happened. So I started to question if my uncle had slept through the whole thing. It was late and everyone was making plans to head back to CA and Mexico. One by one, all the relatives started to crash. I casually mentioned that I could sleep in a different area (still afraid that my uncle was playing a mind game with me).

"Do I snore that bad?" he asked.

I felt like a little kid. He headed to the bathroom and came out a few minutes later in sweats, his dick swinging freely. I forgot any sheepishness and thought, "It will be a long time before I can have that piece again."Again, he slept facing me. His alcohol breath reeked, but it was a turn on. He started to breath in a heavy steady way. He was out. I reached out and felt for his crotch. He was rock hard. The sweats were so much easier to handle. I carefully hooked my forefinger under the elastic by his hips. I slowly pulled one side down, then the front, over his cock (just under his heavy balls) and finally struggled to slip his sweats down under his weight. I was sweating from the anticipation. I gently reached forward, tentatively touching it with my shaking hand. He was oozing pre-cum. I rubbed it around the head of his penis and then I tasted my finger. It was so bitter and smooth tasting. My heart was thumping more than the previous night.

Again, I slowly slid down, trying not to stir too much or make noise. As I met his cock, I pulled the foreskin back and took in as much as I could. I wasn't very good at it, but I was so excited, I had to have it all (or most) of it in my mouth. I couldn't breath, it was too thick and I didn't want to scrape my teeth against it, I was afraid he would wake up. I moved back and forth and tried not to slurp. I was so hard in my pants, I had to unzip for some relief. When I unlocked my jaw from his cock, he coughed and rolled over to the other side. I was frozen. I didn't move or breathe. I kept hoping that he wouldn't tell my Mom, or lose it. I was regretting my foolishness and thought I could somehow blame the drinking. As I began to create a story in my head, I noticed that my uncle's ass was closer to my face. He slid a little closer, closer still. My nose was touching his round ass. I was delirious. I didn't care now. I took in a deep silent breath. His ass smelled like Zest soap (I use it to this day). I carefully lifted my hands up and slowly spread his cheeks. I stuck my tongue in and started to lap up like a puppy. He had a fine line of black hair up his ass. I swear he pushed his ass against my face. I was a 18 year old kid, licking his uncle's ass.

After a few minutes, he coughed again and rolled over. I thought, "What the hell!" I was all over it now as I put my mouth on his cock and started sucking full blast. He came in my mouth after a few bobs of my head. I wanted to cum so much. I started to slide back up next to my uncle and then I felt a hand on my dick.

Remember, this was my first experience and we were drunk. When I felt the hand on my dick, I was shocked. In my innocence, I really believed my uncle had been sleeping. I was so nervous, there were no sheets or blankets to spare as I mentioned before. My dick was sticking straight out from my jeans. I had no idea what was going to happen. Since my uncle had pretended to sleep, I thought, "Maybe I'm supposed to pretend to sleep also." So, I just lay there, I even started to breathe heavier to "snore".Slowly, he started to unbutton my jeans. I took in a deep breath to make it easier. He gently opened my jeans and started to pull them down. I didn't help at all and he struggled to slip them under my butt. When my jeans reached my thighs, I thought he would stop. I was aching, my dick actually hurt. But he kept sliding them down, past my knees, down my legs. He carefully slipped them off, first one leg and then the other. Now I was lying there, ram-rod stiff through my tighty-whities. He slipped his fingers under my briefs and started to slip them down also. I couldn't figure it out. If he was going to reciprocate, why didn't he just take advantage of the access he had. He had a tough time slipping my dick back through my underwear to take them down, but he gently, quietly tugged them down, carefully lifting one ankle at a time to take them off. I still pretended to sleep, naked from the waist down.I was so nervous. Every sound was magnified, the clock, the breathing of my uncles all around us, the fridge buzzing in the kitchen. He gently spread my legs apart, and then fondled my hefty balls (back then they were hairless). I couldn't help it. I lifted my head slightly and squinted to catch him sucking his middle finger. I eased my head back down on the pillow and then felt his finger push up against my butt. He massaged and wiggled his finger further and further up. It hurt like hell at first. I was having a hard time breathing and I didn't want anyone to catch us. Then, with one finger tickling my ass, he put his mouth on my dick, swirled his tongue around and took it all down his throat. I wanted to pass out. (I felt guilty; I knew I hadn't the mastery to make him feel the same) He pushed his finger up and sucked, at the same time, with the same movement. He didn't use his other hand to hold my dick. It was only his mouth, one hand working my ass, the other hand resting on my stomach. I had to cum,I couldn't take it. The first blast caught him by surprise, he backed off at first and then plunged back down and took in every spurt. I literally saw stars (Do you guys know what I'm talking about?).

It was too much. I was semi-erect for days. My uncle let me relax and then he carefully slipped my underwear back on. The jeans were too much. (The next day I said it got too hot during the night) I rolled over to my side, facing my uncle Jose. His breath was pure alcohol. (I love that breath on a guy to this day) He patted my ass and then started to snore a minute later. We didn't see each other again until my wedding 8 years later. The night before my wedding, we all crashed at my apartment, no beds and boxes all around.

My uncle Jose slept next to me!

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