Monday, 18 August 2008

On the Plane by William Wolfsbane

This is a true story which happened only recently.

I was on a red-eye flight from L.A. to N.Y. and the flight was just about fully booked. A few minutes after I got into my seat (54-J) alongside the window, the next two seats were taken by the two kids of a couple in the middle section. One kid was about 18, tall and skinny and pretty average looking, and the other was his younger sister, about 6 or 7.

About an hour into the flight (which took off at 9pm), the movie began and the lights went down. The 18 yr. old next to me settled down to watch the flick and the sister was out like a light. To clarify the scene, the kid was wearing a jumble of clothes consisting of a zippered sweatshirt, at-shirt and army-green shorts. Not much time passed during the film before he also dozed off and shifted his position in the seat so that he was half-way turned towards me with one leg lifted up on his tote bag and the other stretched out.

The pay-off was that in this position, and from my viewpoint, his shorts parted at his thighvery widely. The sight was memorable. Even in the dim light I had very close and very direct view of blue checkered flannel boxer shorts protruding beneath the shorts and pretty much the bottom half of his penis laying against his inner leg. As he slept I reclined my seat to the point where I had the best view and when he eventually sprawled out a bit more, the side of his leg pressed against my hand on the arm-rest we shared. At one point he coughed and shifted more in his seat and reached down to pull down the fabric of his army shorts which had bunched up. In doing this, the boxers were also un-bunched and the view increased.

Now I could see half of his balls and all of his penis laying down the side of his leg although nothing actually hung out of the shorts to his knowledge he didn't realize what could be seen from the right angle. The ultimate was soon to come. Maybe 1/2 hour later he moved his pillow from under his head and put it on top of his lap. Maybe he felt something coming on? Little by little, within the space of five or so minutes this snoozing kid developed a semi-hardon. Again, nothing poked out, but it elongated and raised upwards.

After a minute he instinctively put his hand over his crotch under the pillow and squeezed it a couple of times before pulling his hand back out. It soon shrunk down to normal but what a sight!! Not huge by any means, maybe four inches but the head went from a pale pink to a deep red and all around it were stray strands of jet black pubic hair. Soon after his hard-on vanished he changed position again and reached between his legs to tuck himself back up inside his shorts. Before landing when the lights went up and everyone was awake we exchanged a few words.

Very innocent. But as we spoke I was zoned out by the inner-thought that this awkward dull kid had no idea that I had seen everything that he usually kept so hidden.

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