Friday, 8 August 2008

Sweet Dreaming by Whootas

Sweet dreaming
By Whootsas

One of my best mates has looks to die for and as far as I know is totally straight. I had known him only for a short time but we spent a lot of time partying with the boys and chasing skirt. Usually we get so pie eyed that we missed out anyway. This night in question, we had been out until 3am and Brett asked if he could crash at my place.

When we got home we had a couple more Bourbons. At this time I noticed that he had not 'shaken' properly when he pissed and he had a small wet spot on the front of his jeans. This made my eyes focus I and I saw that he dressed to the left and I could see the outline of a nice size cock. I've always wondered what his dick looked like. I thought nothing more of it, knowing that my thoughts were all that I would have. I decided to go to bed as I was spent. I left Brett on the sofa.About 4am I woke up feeling someone lying beside me. I looked over and it was Bret. He was laying on his back but right up beside me. I felt an electric charge run through the length of my body. Here I was with this Adonis on my bed! I had an instant hard on just thinking about it.

I started to think about his cock and my heart started to beat quickly, this was my chance to satisfy my thoughts. Brett was wearing only a brief pair of white briefs. The filtered light into the room allowed me to see the rounded bulge of his cock and balls. This turned me on to no end. I slid my hand over the top of his briefs and my hand was shaking like a leaf. I gently touched him on the side of his leg and called out his name. There was nothing but heavy breathing, no, not me, although I was breathless. I gingerly reached over and felt his cock, it was about 3-4", soft and warm. I pulled down the top of his briefs and his uncut cock rolled out. I was taken aback, as I thought that he was circumcised like me and my other mates. My heart was beating even faster. I had never touched another mans cock before, let alone an uncut one.

Brett was sleeping soundly the thought of pulling a foreskin back electrified me and terrified me. I held his cock in my hand for, what seemed like ages. I decided to go for it and retracted his foreskin, revealing a perfectly formed shiny knob. My cock was rock hard. The more I stroke Brett’s cock, the thicker it got. He moved closer to me and I panicked, quickly pulling his briefs back up. I lay there and started to rub the pre-cum on my knob.I just had to do it. I pulled his briefs down and started to roll his cock and foreskin in my hand. His cock got harder and harder and as this happened I blew in my shorts. Almost instantaneously Brett came, shooting cum all over his stomach. I thought, ‘God, he's woken up.’ but he was still breathing heavily and appeared to be out of it. I picked up the nearest thing lying on the bed and wiped the cum off his tight stomach. I then pulled his briefs up and decided to sleep in the spare room.

In the morning I got up and went out to the kitchen. I heard Brett awake and he came out of the room. To my horror he was wearing a dark blue T shirt and it had dried white cum all over the side of it. This is what I used to wipe him clean! I was mortified. He walked out as if he noticed nothing. My heart was pumping. Brett walked up to me and slowly reached into my shorts..... As I said I was shocked to say the least. Brett hand put his hand down the front of my shorts and grabbed hold of my throbbing cock. He told me, what had happened last night, He said he had always dreamt of happening to him and now he owed me. He told me that he was asleep but woke just before he came.Several weeks later he returned the favour except when I woke I found my cock in his mouth just as I was about to blow. When we talked about it, Brett told me that he was not gay (he is married) but the fact of fondling a sleeping man turned him on. My thoughts exactly!

Anyway since this time I have only ever done it once and the thought of getting caught terrifies me. What I don't know is can a man be so deeply asleep or passed out that he can come? Perhaps I will have to experiment further.

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