Wednesday, 27 August 2008

True Story from College by Mark B.L.Simon

I was a college sophomore and still living in the dormitory. Across the hall were 2 really good-looking freshmen. Both were straight. I thought I was too back then.

One night, after a party and too much beer, Mike (the Italian freshman) told me he was in the mood to watch an Arnold Schwartzenegger movie. As luck would have it, I had one in my room right across the hall. My roommate was out. We both swayed across the 4 feet into my little cell, and Mike collapsed onto my bed as I got the video rolling and turned off the lights. He passed out almost immediately.

Curiosity overpowered my better judgment, and I tentatively touched the crotch of his shorts. I was shocked and overjoyed to find him completely aroused. Touching his fabric-sheathed erection instantly sobered me and forced me to continue my manual exploration. I untied the drawstring of his shorts and carefully maneuvered them down past his hips. I could smell the musky scent of him as his cock was unleashed from its cotton prison. Like a man possessed, I drew nearer to him and allowed my tongue to caress the swollen head of his more-than-average sized dick. That wasn't enough. I pushed my mouth over the warm and sweat-sticky skin of that gorgeous piece of meat. He moaned and tried to put his hands on my head to guide me, but he was still trashed and not in complete control of his arms. I sucked his cock slowly at first and then more furiously. I was having a great time!! My dick was about ready to push its way out of my jeans, but I knew I'd blow a wad if I touched myself, so I kept my attention on this great man before me.

Emboldened by my lustful trip down Gay Street, I moved off his dick and licked and sucked his nuts into my mouth. They weren't huge, but I loved the taste and feel of them. My mind wandered to his lips...what would his lips feel like against mine? Why wait? His balls popped out of my hungry mouth, and I moved up his dark, hairy body until my face hovered above his. I had my hand wrapped around that inflated prick and brought my lips down upon his in a soft, whispering kiss. I received a minor response to this, but he just fell asleep again. I moved down his body, kissing his neck, his shoulders, stopping at his nipples. Engorged and demanding attention, I licked...then sucked...then bit those nubs of skin. A quick intake of his breath alarmed me, and I backed off. Only seconds later, when I realized he was still out did I go back to his cock, which was still hard and eager for my return.

Like I was born to it (and I guess I was) I threw my mouth over his fat dick and sucked on it like it was my last (it wasn't). It only took a few minutes until I was blessed with a loud moan and an enormous gusher of Mike's cum hitting the back of my throat. Hot and salty, I would never lose my love for that nectar. As his convulsions subsided, I heard a key being inserted into the lock in my door!! I had only seconds to yank the sheet over Mike's nearly naked body and collapse on the floor before my roommate walked in.

Later that week, as Mike and I were shooting pool, he made a really terrific shot. Hurling the popular phrase, "Fuck you!".

I made a whispered reply, "only when I'm drunk!"

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