Sunday, 21 September 2008

Camping with Drunk Friends by clay8383

This might be lame to some of you...but hot as hell to me!

A group of my friends and I liked to go camping and partying. One particular night, we really drank WAY too much. One of my friends got so sick that he was heaving everywhere, uncontrollably! It was NASTY! He was so wasted, I swear I thought he was going to die from alcohol poisoning. Anyway, the other guy who was there was almost as smashed but not quite!

I had remained somewhat coherent. I really had stopped drinking because I thought I might become the rescue dude if my friend had stopped breathing or something. To give you an idea about this guy, he was on the lean side, very slim, but tight. He had an awesome smooth chest and killer abs. He had auburn hair, and an auburn trail from his belly button. He's got one of those killer smiles with dimples and crystal-blue eyes that just light up. Perfect teeth and a contagious laugh. Really a great guy to be around, and an awesome guy to sleep next to! However I had better get to the story!

He had drank so damn much and the other guy there was loaded as well. We were so fucked up that we were only able to put up one tent. It was a hot summer's night, so we really just wanted to get away from the bugs, and have something over our heads. Me and Chris (the one that wasn't so loaded) did all of the work. That was one fucked up looking tent, but it worked. It was all crooked and shit, the pole in the tent was leaning like hell, but it was all good. We were too fucked up to care! Walt was cooked!!!!! He had barfed all over his pants, shirt, socks, shoes, etc. Chris and I got his clothes off him trying not to touch the mess. He stunk like hell!!!!! Beer and hotdogs. The guy had actually ralphed 1/4 of a whole dog. I don't mean to be gross, just giving you the picture of the night. We carted Walt down to this creek close to where we had camped. It was nice cool running water, but not so cold that it made you gasp for air....just refreshing really. We got him down to the water's edge and splashed water on him to get the funk off of him. He had his 'Fruit of the Loom' briefs on, and we were too 'straight' to take those off....I wasn't going to do it (even though I would have in a second if Chris hadn't been there...damn!) Chris was a wrestler type. Big guy, and not that attractive really....but....I knew he had a schlong. He was a dumb jock type who was a little out of shape, but still good looking in a butch sort of way. Really hairy legs, hairy stomach and hair in the center of his chest with painfully hairy airpits. Dark hair and eyes with an olive complexion. On the italian side--but not italian.

OK--I am no writer and I'm sorry to keep jumping. I wanted to stay on the story-but had to let you know the players. Oh--I am an average guy really. Little hair on chest, toned, a little thin but not skinny. I had plenty of girlfriends--good looking ones--because their brothers were usually cute--HAHAHAHA!OK--

We got Walt back to the tent and had to push and drag his drunk ass in the tent. It was more a two man tent with 3 guys packed in there -Heaven to me!!!!!! I positioned myself between them because--well--because I wanted to, damn it! Walt was out like a light and Chris was quickly sawing logs. I layed there in between them and was simply HORNY AS HELL. I don't think my dick had ever been so hard, or has been since. I completely took advantage of the situation. Walt was so smashed, but I was still scared to try to grab him or anything. It was dark, but with every breath they took, I felt their skin rubbing up against mine. I kept imagining it was their hands touching me gently. Sometimes I would breath rhymically, and sometimes the opposite. After about 20 minutes of this. I just had to do something. Never had I been in a position like this before, and I thought possibly never again....FUCK IT. I will make them think I am asleep if they wake up and blame it on that!

I put my hands down towards my sides. My knee was bent up so that it was in contact with Chris's. I worked my hand down between our legs, on the outside of each of our legs. with every fake deep-sleep breath I would let it fall as it would--naturally going with gravity. I felt Chris's thick, coarse hairy ass legs as the back of my hand fell against it. I was rock hard. My dick was coming up poking up out of my briefs and I was oozing precum with every pulsation. I actually reached down and got a glob on my finger and stuck it in my mouth. I wanted to fantasize that it was one of them. It took a few minutes to reach our hips. I was fucking shaking. It took everything I had, not to reach up and to the left and just hold his dick. Finally I gave in a little. I compromised and lifted my hand and let it fall into his crotch area. Not with a thud, I didn't want to wake him but just gently. I felt it laying on his soft dick but as I let my hand rest there, I guess I must have triggered something. I know he was straight, no doubt, but I guess in a passed out drunken state, it was just enough stimulation to cause a rise. I felt that monster cock getting hard under my still, limp, "sleeping" hand. I felt it start to move, slowly at first, then it picked up speed. I felt it get girthy. I felt his nuts moving up in his boxers. I couldn't see shit--but for that night, I had become Helen Keller. I could imagine it through the touch. It must have been pointed down because I felt it arching against my hand. My fingers were perfectly place--like a gentle cupping of his sack. Just my finger tips touched them. They MOVED.....OH MY GOD! His dick did the around to the left away from me then worked it's way back to center stage. As it came around, I could feel the skin of it breaking the fly open on his boxers. It wouldn't come through as the damn thing was too long, but my thumb was touching the skin. I could feel the softness of his skin. I was about to stop breathing but then with one mighty roll it was over. All I felt was his back pressing against my shoulder......DAMN!!!!!

I didn't try anything else with him because I was soooo scared I would waken him up. He would have kicked my ass, and would to this day if he had only known! Now Walt was a different story. I was still lying next to him. He was laying on his back. His left arm was laying next to me for a while, but then he sung it over his head. I could smell his musky odor. It wasn't gross though, it was a turn on. He smelt like a guy, but didn't stink. You know what I mean? I rolled to my right side and put my hand on his chest, kind of like we were spooning or something. My arm felt his smooth chest moving up and down. He was breathing irregularly, but breathing. I was really afraid he might just stop--the drunk thing! I kept imagining his face, his laugh, his teeth. The way he would crinkle up his nose when he was really laughing hard then lick his front teeth. Those perfectly white, straight teeth. I ran my hand gently down his chest. I was being so careful not to wake him, but I didn't think that would do it. He was OUT! I worked my fingers--like tinsling down. I worked down his smooth stomach, and felt his auburn trail. I went down it softly, then smack, I felt his hand pop mine. I gasped, holding my breath.!

"Oh shit," I thought, "I am busted!"

Nope--it was a reflex and not an intentional move. My hand froze where it was. My pinky was touching the top of his briefs, the other four touching the trail. Carefully I worked my fingers around the mound that was his dick in his briefs. I could feel the contour of his cock like a silloutte really. I could feel where it started, the head of his dick was definitely circumcised, down to the base. I could feel the start of his balls. He was packed tightly in those briefs. I reached under his balls and felt the space between his sack and his asshole. I was working my fingers up when I realized one of his nuts was just barely hanging out. I felt his soft pubes poking out with it. My finger tips froze there. I moved them so slowly. I could feel the infrequent pubes on that nut. His hand moved again. I froze again. He moved his hand up to adjust himself. His hand came into contact with mine. He actually used my hand to adjust himself. He pressed it into his crotch. I was feeling like I was pressing my luck and I was so wishing that Walt would get a hard on. He didn't! Even so, I could feel the river of precum I had created on my stomach. It was slick. I reached down and got another glob. It tasted sweet. I got another glob on my finger tips and touched Walt's bare nut with it. It was wild feeling the slickness of myself against this beautiful guy's nut.

Walt reached up again putting his fingers through the side of his briefs, as if to itch the nut I had been toying with. My fingers went in with his but then it happened. Boom, I shot! A totally free handed orgasm. I was covered in cum from my nipples all the way down. I looked like a cinnamon bun after being iced. I had to control myself to keep from shouting. Instead a sighed a muffled breath. Toes pointing straight out the tent. I layed there for a while, then carefully sat up so I didn't dump my goo inside the tent. It went to my briefs.

I got out of the tent and headed straight for the creek and after washing myself off, I put back on the shorts I had on. I tossed the underwear afraid of any residue that might give clues to what I had been up to the night before. I crawled back into the tent and drifted of to sleep. It took FOREVER because the sexual tension was still there. When I woke up early that morning I felt Walt stirring around. He was awake, but hungover big time. Chris woke feeling the movement as well. We hung out for a while, then broke camp down. Walt was so hungover, we had to go back home early. He was miserable. Chris wasn't that bad off, but you could tell he was feeling the drinking from the night before. I felt great! I acted like I had a headache to play the "hungover" role, but I was fine.

I have never forgotten that night, and never will. I would love to find a guy who wanted to do nothing more than come over and party, pass out and then let me "secretly" get away with what happened that night. I just thought I would share my experience with you guys--I know it might be lame, but for me---it was awesome!!!!!!!!!

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