Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Sleeping Brother by Quincy Brown

I'm 31 now and this took place back when I was18 yrs old. My brother was about 23-24 yrs old. He and I shared our room and my sisters had their own room. I'd always thought my brother was cute but the way the girls called him on the phone all day and night you'd think he was drop-dead gorgeous! (Maybe hewas?)

Anyway, one night I was up watching tv around 10pm. He walked out the door and was leaving to hangout with the fellas. I assume he probably went to the"nudie" bar to see the female strippers and get drunk. So, I went to bed around midnight and was sound asleep. (I sleep very soundly and it takes a lot to wake me) So, I was out and around 2:30am he walks in the door, drunk as a skunk. I heard the front door close and knew it was him so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

At around 3:40am I heard this LOUD scary noise! It startled me and I listened for a second and knew itwas him snoring like a damn buzz saw!

"Shit!" I thought, "Now I have to listen to his damn noise!"

I lay in bed listening to him for about 10 minutes and wondered how deep asleep he was. We had a bunk bed and I jumped down and turned on the light. I called his name to see if he would hear me but he didn't. When I got a good look at him I noticed he was lying in bed with only his turquoise boxer shorts on. I placed myhand on his chest to try to wake him and he didn't respond. He was OUT! My heart started POUNDING in myears and my hands became very cold and started shaking like I was an old man. I tried to calm myself. I backed off of him and just stared at him a few feet away. I knew that what I was thinking was against what I had been taught. Being raised in a Baptist Church you just don't do the things like I was thinking.

So I got enough courage to place my hand on his crotch and I was in HEAVEN! His snoring changed and I hit the floor! I thought quickly that if he said anything I would say I was trying to waken him. Luckily he was definitely still out, because a few seconds later the heavy snoring started again. This time I figured I could get bolder so I placed my trembling hand on his soft balls and started rubbing them through the shear boxer material. My dick became hard as a rock! I moved my hand back up to his dick and opened his fly and pulled out his limp dark-chocolate colored dick and began massaging it. After a few strokes it began to get hard. I noticed he had a little "notch" on the underside right where the foreskin used to be. It was obviously a little piece left from when he was circumcised. My dick at this point was aching and I had to release it. I started playing with mine as I fondled his. I put my nose down to smell his masculine musk and almost came on myself. My hear was thumping so loud. I licked the tip and tongued the piss slit. I went round and around with my tongue and put the head in my mouth. I started sucking his dick with soft slow pulls. At that point I came in the napkin I had with me.

After I put the napkin down I went back to town on him. I sucked his dick for about 7 min. and thought maybe I should stop before I wakened him. So I let go of his dick and tried as best I could to place it back in his boxers. He definitely had a tent pole. I turned off the light and he was still snoring loud and hard.The next morning he got up very late and nothing was mentioned because he was totally out. There were other times I caught him asleep and snoring but I'll save those for another time. I'm rock hard now just reflecting back to those heady days.

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