Thursday, 11 September 2008

While the Wife's Away

So....the wife decides she wants to visit her family for the holidays....which is cool as we all get along really well. Like I said, my brother in law Don and I have some history as we use to fool around during our younger days back in high school. Since we were dating sisters and they were both saving themselves for the wedding night, Don and I walked around in a constant state of "Blue Balls".

One weekend we were going off together to do some fishing or something like that and he asked me to stay over at his house so we could get an early start as I'm not a morning person and I'm notoriously late for any event before noon so I guess Don didn't trust me to get my ass out of bed to meet him in the I stayed at his house. Later that night one thing led to another and we wound up jackin each other off...which later gave way to some mutual sucking and from there we became regular J/O & Suck buddies for the next year .....until he and Sara tied the knot.

Don's a good looking guy, 6'1", good build, Sandy colored hair, great smile and a big fat cock (8" and 4" around...up to 5" at the base). His balls are a little on the small side, but he still manages to churn out a very respectable load of sweet tasting cum. He has a nice ass too, not quite bubble, but a good solid handful with a light dusting of hair. Very tasty butthole too, not funky, but just a hint of that great musky man smell.

So we packed up all the presents and headed to Sara and Don's for the holidays. My wife had worked it out so we could spend about 8 to 10 days with the family and the girls had decided that we should have an "Adults" night out while we were there. You know, leave the kids with the grandparents and all go our separate ways for an evening. Well Don and I jumped on that and we worked out the details once we got there and set things up for a Thursday evening night on the town. Don loves to play pool so I knew that beer and pool would be involved in our "boys" night out. I basically suck at pool, but still enjoy playing...actually, I think I just like seeing guys bent over the table as they take their pun intended.Now before I get to the good stuff let me give you a little backgroud as to how this all got set in motion. My wife and her sister are pretty close and they've grown closer as the years have passed and marriage and kids entered into each family equation etc., etc., so we see each other at least three or four times a year. Its usually a long weekend kind of thing and Don and I never really have time to go off and do anything alone like this. We usually have the girls or kids tagging along or vice versa so its not quite the right atmoshpere for a trip down memory lane. Like I said, Don is a good looking guy, but you get married and have a family and a job and bills, bills, bills and you put on a little weight... a pound here, a pound there, maybe you get a little belly..etc., etc....and even though Don always looked good, he'd put on a few pounds over the years, as have I. Well, when we arrived and they came out to greet us I had to pick my jaw off the ground...seems my hunky brother in law had been working out 3 days a week at the gym and was looking FINE! He grabbed me and gave me a big hug and I felt my dick stir and had to back off before I embarassed myself. Dam he looked good. Had his hair cut short wearing a blue muscle shirt and tight white shorts.....ouch!Now, I have no idea if Don was thinking the same thing I was thinking, but after seeing him the only thing on my mind was how to get him alone so I could have a shot at getting his dick in my mouth again after all these years. Those white shorts he was wearing did a nice job of showing off the goods. I figured that our "boys" night out would be a perfect time and probably my only shot to make this happen.I was pretty confident that If I could get Don alone I wouldn't have to work too hard. Don, like most guys, loves to have his dick sucked and I knew from previous guy talk that Sara wasn't really into it and his size didn't help his cause with her. Man....I had a tough time making it to Thursday night. I must have made two or three trips a day to the john just to jack off thinking about sucking his big dick.Like I said, I really had no clue if Don was on the same page as me, but when Thursday night rolled around he made a point of letting the girls take the sedan and we took the family van. I couldn't stop smiling.We hit the road and Don took me to his favorite watering hole. We played 4 or 5 games of pool, shared a pitcher and some burgers and headed out. As we were walking out to the van Don asked me if I'd mind driving. This caught me off guard just a bit, but I said sure and he tossed me the keys. I figured it was now or never so I asked him what he wanted to do now. He said "your call bud what ya up for". Well...somehow I had enough self control not say what I was thinking and jump him right there in the parking lot so I suggested we check out some of the strip clubs or maybe an adult bookstore or two. I figured if I could get him worked up it would make it easier to get into his jeans later on. Don opted for the bookstore and we headed out.Don gave me directions for a backroad to the local strip where all the bookstores and clubs were located and once we got off the beaten path he produced a nice fat joint and asked if I was interested. He fired that baby up and we passed it back and forth a few times. I let him do most of the smokin as I was driving and figured it could only help my cause to get him relaxed and mellow.Don was feeling real good by the time we got to the bookstore. We spent about 20 minutes looking at mags and videos before we couldn't take it anymore and headed back to the van. "Where to now", I asked. Don smiled and said he wanted to head over to the mall. I thought that was a pretty weird request, but hey I take direction off we went to the mall. Don proceeded to get real comfy on the drive over there. He moved his seat back, took off his jacket, kicked off his shoes and popped the top on a beer he pulled from a cooler in the back.I glanced over at Don every now and then and on more than one ocassion I noticed him rubbing or adjusting his crotch. One time we both looked over at each other at the same time. Don just smiled this big shit eating grin and I knew I was gonna be sucking dick very soon.Once we got to the mall Don directed me over to a fairly secluded section of the parking lot. I parked the van so we were facing one of the side entrances of the mall...that way I could see if anyone tried to approach the van. Don pulled out one of those cardboard sunshade things that covers your winshield and helps reduce the heat from the summer sun and placed that in the windshield. That done he cut right to the chase and started rubbing his crotch in earnest. I watched him mesmorized by the excitement of our surroundings and the growing buldge in his jeans. He popped the top button on his jeans and worked his hand down into his shorts and continued to rub and massage his dick. I couldn't take my eyes off him.....he smiled at me at said..."Isn't this what you wanted bob....or did I get my signals crossed" I was so excited I was actually he reached over and grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. "Go for it buddy" "just like old times" as he worked my hand over the mound in his shorts. That sort of broke me out of my trance and I took over and started working his cock on my own. It seemed like it only took a few seconds and his cock was rock hard with the head sticking out the top of his shorts. Don hooked the thumb of his other hand under his shorts and pulled them down under his balls to give me better access to his cock. I massaged the precum leaking from his cock head up and down his shaft and he moaned out loud and thrust his hips at me. "Come on bob...don't make me beg" "Suck it now...please... suck it". I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth....."oh fuck.... yes...that's it bob suck my dick buddy" and his hands moved to the back of my head to help guide my mouth down his shaft.I was in heaven....sucking Don's cock was so wonderful and right out in the open like this...the added danger of being caught....well it was so exciting and stupid at the same time. I mean if we got caught.... Don let me slurp away on his cock for 5 or 6 minutes before he stopped me. He said "let me get more confortable bob and he proceeded to take off his jeans and shorts. So there he is naked from the waist down, 8" cock swinging in the breeze. I managed to squeeze down into the space between the two captains chairs and to get my own jeans and shorts down so I could stroke my dick while I serviced him. Don rolled over on his side and balanced one foot up in the air against the roof of the van to give me better access and himself better leverage. I now had clear access to his cock, balls and ass in that position. It didn't take long before Don was fucking my face good. He was talking dirty tellin me what a good cocksucker I was and at one point he really scared me because the van was rockin' pretty good and I just new someone was gonna see us . I had to slow him down several times. I sucked his cock for a good 30 minutes....worked on his balls and got my tongue into his tight little butthole at one point too. That drove him fucking nuts just like when we were kids. I thought he was gonna blow, but I managed to back off just in time.Like I said, we'd been going at it now for about 30 minutes and I really felt like we were pushing our luck so I moved into overdrive so i could get his ball juice. I just let him go to town and fuck my mouth. I did my best to relax my throat because he is so big and was driving pretty deep. I could tell he was real close as he grabbed the back of my head again, called me all kinds of dirty names and blew his load into my mouth. I mean he drowned me in cum...I was afraid to let go of his cock for fear we'd have cum everywhere and no way to really clean up. Finally, he slowed down and pulled his cock from my mouth. I licked the last few drops from the end of his cock and he gave a small shudder when my tongue touched the tip of his dick.Meanwhile, I had stopped stroking my own cock to focus on Don and I was so worked up that I just stood up aimed my dick at his crotch..gave it a few strokes and blew my own load all over his dick and balls. I really didn't care if anyone saw me stand up at that point...I was too far gone ;>))))I quess it took us a good ten minutes to really calm down, relax and pull ourselves together. As we were dressing I slaped Don on the ass and asked him if he was ready for round two. He gave me this big hearty laugh...."I'm not 16 anymore bob...I need more than a few minutes to recover these days". He gave me a hug and we headed home.We laughed and even snickered a time or two on the way home...talkin about the whole thing and all the drama of my plans to seduce him. He said he knew when he hugged me in the driveway the day we arrived that I was gonna be sucking his cock. I told you sure do like getting your dick get so into it that I can't help but have a good time pleasing you. He gave me another big laugh and said that next time we were gonna get a motel room so he could fuck my face and my ass. I told him he'd have to get me seriously drunk before I'd let him stick that monster cock of his up my ass. "Whatever it takes bob" "Whatever it takes".....His smile was so wicked looking in the darkness of the van that I quickly changed the subject to food. We stopped and devoured a 16 inch pizza and split another pitcher of beer before heading back to the house.What a night....We're going down to visit them again later this summer for a week or two...I wonder if Don will remember his pledge to fuck my ass. I'm drippin just thinking about it :>))Well....I hope everyone enjoyed the story. We never made it down that summer but we did get down for Thanksgiving this past year. Don and I never made it to a motel but we managed to squeeze in another suck off session. This time I did him while he drove around some backroads in the rain no less, but as they say...that's another story.

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