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Bromance with Tom by Luis

Bromance with Tom by Luis

When I first started my current job, I was excited about the travel component. Traveling would take me away from the routine of home-life. As with any job, I have become friends with the guys I work with most. We hang-out for beers on Friday, go to each other’s place for cookouts and play poker. When the fiscal budget shrank this year and the need for doubling-up in hotel rooms became apparent, I didn’t complain. I have a close friendship with Tom. He’s the total American “good guy” with a great wife, two kids, and nice home. He’s good-looking, funny, serious on the job, and most importantly – a light-weight when he’s drinking. We all tease and call him “Two-beer Tom”.Last month we received an assignment to North Carolina. When we were told we had to share a hotel room, there were no questions or complaints because we’re good buddies. At the summer company picnic, an intern kept saying that Tom and I were in a “bromance” and it’s stuck since then.

So another buddy said, “Hey the bromance can move to the next level.”

On the first night we were all business. The room was typical, two double beds, stupid little pillows and one bathroom. We crashed because the meeting the next day was very early. Once I heard Tom snoring, I used all my will-power to not play with him. The next day I woke-up first and showered. When I went to wake him, I saw that he had kicked-off the blanket and was covered with only the thin sheet. I stood over him and noticed that his morning wood was perfectly outlined. His cock looked so thick; I was aching to trace my finger along the girth.

I called, “Dude, wake-up!”

He stretched, asked for the time, and then sat-up. He stood-up, stretched again, and I saw that his boxer briefs had slid down to reveal half of his ass crack. His round butt was smooth but you could see a tuft of hair coming from between his cheeks. As he walked past toward the bathroom I saw his massive hard-on tenting his underwear. He noticed that I was looking at his crotch, and then he tried to adjust it.

He said, “Whoops, don’t get any ideas, I just gotta piss.”

So I pretended to run after him, trying to grab his ass calling, “But please, just give me a little.”

He laughed and half-heartedly ran and swatted my hand away saying “You couldn’t handle this puppy.”

All during the day I could not take my mind off that huge cock. Although I’ve had a man-crush on Tom for a while, the closest I had been to him was when he got plastered and did the in-your-face frat slur, “I love you man!” as he pressed against me. I always copped a freebie ass grab or felt his waist when I pretended to pull him off of me with a “Get outta here, man.” In reality I couldn’t wait for him to get drunk because I knew he would be all grabby.So the business day ends, we get dinner at a local diner, hit a super market for beers and head to the hotel.

All the time I kept thinking, “This is it, this is gonna happen so drink-up buddy.”

As usual, he got all sloppy by his third beer. Like any light-weight he tried to keep-up with the drinking so by the end of his sixth beer, he was slurring and being goofy. He went to take a piss and came shuffling back with his pants undone, zipper down and belt open. I was already getting hard. I turned-off the lamp, took-off my pants, and lay down on my bed. Sure enough, he started to nod-off, closing his eyes.

He slurred, “I’m so tired, I’m gonna crash.”

I waited for a few minutes. The TV was on and I could see that he was out. I took the beer bottle from his hand, serving as an excuse to be next to him. His eyes suddenly opened and I tried to be all cool about it, “Dude, you’re gonna spill beer on the bed.”

“Thanks, man” he said, sliding down from his seated position and rolling to his side to fall asleep.

After 10 minutes I walked around to the other side of his bed. I tried to wake him, shaking his shoulder – nothing! I knelt down next to him, staring at his face. I slowly moved my hand toward his crotch. I was pissed because his knees were slightly bent which meant that I would need to struggle to get to his dick. Once my hand reached his body I let it rest there for a while. I had my fingers fully extended, working toward his open pants. Slowly I moved my hand further, with my index finger working to open his pants. I was struggling to reach all the way across the bed and I was so uncomfortable because I didn’t want to place any weight on his bed. It was no use, I couldn’t get closer. So I got-up and thought about my next step.

I walked to the foot of his bed and carefully, carefully touched his foot with still no reaction. I slowly wrapped my hand around his foot and then started to slide his foot toward me. I was going so slow, it was painful. As people loudly walked past our hotel room, I freaked-out and released his foot thinking he would wake-up, but he was completely out. So I got bolder, grabbed his foot and in one swift move, pulled his foot toward me as far as it would go. He shifted slightly and was now facing more toward the ceiling.

I didn’t waste any time. I knelt down next to him. He was snoring with his mouth open.I moved my hand to his open pants and pulled both sides apart. He was wearing black boxer briefs with a button fly. I checked his face and started to flick the button. When it opened, I peeled back both sides of his underwear. This is when I discovered that Tom shaves his pubes. I was rock hard. Just above his dick, his pubic area had stubble. I moved my face right next to his crotch and licked his stubble. I worked two fingers into his underwear, found his cut cock, and slowly shifted it up. Once his cock popped out, I slowly wrapped my hand around it. He was so thick, even soft. I started to move my hand up and down his shaft and he started to get hard. I kept checking his face but he was snoring louder now. His cock was smooth, not a lot of veins, and the head was really fat. I moved close again to sniff it and just under his cock-head smelled like piss. He was completely hard now and my hand could barely wrap around his dick. I had no idea he was packing such a thick cock, it was amazing.

I started to lick his dick from the base to the head, back and forth. His cock was flat against his stomach. I started to pull his balls out and it was not easy because they were fully round and massive. I released one and then the other. Now his full cock and balls were straining out of his boxers. I savored those balls, licking one at a time. As he snored, I tried to stuff both of his balls into my mouth. I took his dick and aimed it at my mouth. He was so friggin’ huge, I could barely get my mouth past his head.All this time I was stroking my dick, edging and backing-off. I slowly stroked his and my own dick at the same time, watching his balls move up and down. Suddenly his balls started to tighten-up against his body and his dick got harder and harder. I was afraid to make him cum because I thought he would wake-up for sure. As I moved my hand away it was too late. His first shot of cum landed on his shirt just over his stomach. I freaked-out, grabbed his dick again and placed my mouth over his cock head. I struggled to catch all of his shots into my mouth, I was gagging. His balls finally loosened-up and his cock stopped pulsing. I was raging hard and with his dick still in my mouth I frantically stroked my dick and started to cum on the bed skirt.

I was completely out of breath. I checked his face, he was still out and he started to snore again. Now the real freak-out began. I couldn’t maneuver his huge balls and fat cock back into his underwear. I cleaned my dick and hand on the bed skirt, and tried with both hands to pull his underwear out and away from his body to stuff his dick back in. It was useless. I stood-up in a panic. The TV was on, he was sleeping on his blanket and sheets, and I tried again. With one hand I carefully cupped his balls and with the other hand I struggled to pull away his underwear. Finally, one rolled back in. This made it easier to readjust everything. I buttoned his boxers again, pulled together his pants, turned-off the TV and crashed.

The next day I woke-up first. His beautiful cock was rock hard as he slept. I saw that his first cum shot had dried on his shirt and I smiled. When I got out of the shower he was awake, lying on the bed with his arms over his head. We still had three days left.

This story is true and I played with him again during this trip.

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