Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Party by John from Tampa

Last weekend I went to a Christmas party held for our office workers and a good deal of of our young executives attended. I must say they came dressed very well. One executive was fairly new to the office and I kind of made it a point to check him out. He must have been a little nervous as he was drinking a lot. so I made a point of engaging him in conversation and we slowly made our way away from the crowd and went out on the terrace where we talked and I pumped him with drinks.

As the evening wore on he was really feeling no pain and he asked me if I would drive him home. I accepted with out haste and he told me where he lived in this condo complex. On the way we were almost there when he passed out. As I pulled into his parking space I managed to lift him out of the car and found his apartment was on the ground floor so it was really easy to get him to his condo. I reached into his suit jacket pocket for his keys and unlocked his door. Once inside I locked the door and laid him on the sofa and looking around I found his bedroom. I returned to the living room and carried him to his bed, laid him down, then sat him up as I removed his jacket, untied his tie and unbuttoned his shirt before laying him back down.

As I sat there I lifted his legs and laid them across my lap and I was feeling his dress shoes and sniffed them, smelling the aroma of new leather mixed with his masculine smell. I licked his shoes and then untied his laces and removed one and sniffed it. Then I took his socks off and sucked his toes. After a while I took his shirt off and his pants and underwear. I then leaned over and kissed him and kissed his chest all the way down to his cock and balls where I licked his hole and then sucked his cock. After I fucked him the first time he was starting to come around and as he opened his eyes I kissed him for a long time and he passed out again so I fucked him a couple more times and then wiped his cock and ass clean with a face cloth.

I then went to his closet and looked at his suits and about a dozen dress shoes he had seeing we were about the same size I tried on a suit and some of his shoes then while wearing a suit of his I fucked him again before leaving him with my phone number saying how much I had enjoyed his company at the party and would like to get to know him better .

Well Monday came and he walked past my office and then 10 minutes later he came by my office to thank me for taking him home saying he couldn't remember anything after we were driving to his condo. He asked if he had made a fool of himself and I told im he hadn't. I just apoligized for undressing him as I didn't want him to sleep in his suit and tie.

He told me it was no problem he appreciated my kindness saying he would like to take me out to dinner and drinks later that night. I accepted and after dinner he invited me up to his condo where we had some drinks and to my surprise he kissed me.

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