Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Festive Season in Australia - anon

I'm a voyeur at heart and my greatest thrill is to feel up straight drunken lads. The urge started in my late teens through an incident I might tell you about but not this time around. This time around it was almost an orgy of feeling up some nice looking lads.

The Festive Season in Australia, like most parts of the world has it's fair share of intoxicated young men. The main difference with most of the world is that it's summer here with hot days and balmy nights. The consequence of these two things is that drunk men sleep outdoors on benches or in parks. Now, if you wanted to you could patrol the outer fringes of the CBD most Fridays (popular drinking night without the females) and find some nice looking drunk somewhere. Maybe I'm not that keen because I don't usually do that. I like to think that I'm getting the maximum benefit and the best time to do that is the last working day before the Festive Season; it helps if it's a Friday too because Friday is anyway the traditional boy's night out.

The last time I did it I ended up setting the alarm for 3:00am and was in the City at 3:30. I did see drunken sleepers within a few minutes of walking around but there were a bit too many people around to take advantage of these young guys. I therefore started looking around the small inner city parks and I found a young fellow, well maybe early thirties, longish hair, well dressed, completely out of it on a park bench. He was on his side with his back to the bench. Although the park was just off the central city shops it was quiet and dark enough to get away with some mischief. What I did was sit in front of his crotch and then begin unbuttoning and unzipping. I was checking all the time if he showed any signs of waking but he was really dead to the world. I'm feeling behind me with glee and found he was uncircumcised, very clean (could smell the talc) and well proportioned, say 4 inches on the slack. Lovely to feel all that wobbly stuff behind you.

There was always the possibility for getting caught but when someone did pass I sat with my head in my hands pretending, obviously successfully, to be a mate of this young drunk. Anyone who did pass never looked at us twice and I didn't feel bad about it since I wasn't robbing him of anything.

I handled that cock for over an hour and in that time it was starting to show the beginnings of a hardon and that gave a thrill. This guy was however still dead to the world and it wasn't through conscious choice. It was still great to me and I handled that semi-hardon for at least another 30 minutes before I decided to move on. As a gentlemen I made sure he wasn't hanging out of his pants before I did.

There's a huge parkland area in my time where the major festivities are held an I knew by 4:45am there would be somewhere worthy of attention. I found this well proportioned, say 20 year old, obviously an athlete of some kind. He had a bit too much Christmas cheer because there was no sign of life. I started opening his very tight jeans only to find the comic touch he had on green boxers with Christmas emblems on him.

I found difficulty getting at him because of the tight jeans so I slipped my fingers through the fly of the boxers and an uncircumcised cock slipped out, 3 inches and sturdy. I tried as I might to get at the balls but to no avail.

I had to be careful where I was because it was now quite light and the slope was on a main pathway. Of course not many people around on the 'day after the night before' but a few stragglers. One couple did pass, late teens or early twenties and the male came back to speak to me - I thought I'd been sprung. It turned out that he thought I was rolling him and wanted a piece of the action. I told this young thug that I was his mate, which I don't think he believed but he did heed my warning not to touch my sleeper.

I had tucked my young drunks cock inside his pants and took it out one more time for a fondle, zipped him up and went back to the CBD so see if there was some more action. I got another two and if your interested I'll tell you about that another time.

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gary_j18 said...

Wow, what a story. You really had nerves by doing this in public. And I'm curious about the rest of the story.