Thursday, 4 December 2008

Two Sleeping Firsts by karlb7

These firsts are both true.

The first time I touched another guy’s dick and balls was a buddy of mine who had gotten drunk and fallen asleep. I helped him get upstairs to his apartment and helped him out of his clothes. He had been working on his car and had gotten some sun. I woke him enough to tell him he needed to put some lotion on it before he went to sleep. He agreed but just lay there and passed out again.

I decided to be a nice guy and put the lotion on for him. Since he was asleep I started exploring. I was nervous as hell but when I touched his dick through his underwear and he didn't wake up, I got bolder and reached inside to touch the real thing. I pulled the underwear down and decided that if he woke up I would say I was putting the lotion on the line of sunburn around his waist and didn't want to get any on his underwear. I ended up pulling them down far enough to see and fondle his dick and balls and although his dick got semi-hard, that was all that happened. I chickened out and pulled his underwear back up and left.

I was young enough that I still hadn't admitted to myself that I was gay. I was in denial and trying to convince myself that it was just a phase I was going through. I was in my early 20's and still hadn't acted on my desires until one night I got a "sign."

I had gone to an adult bookstore and was in one of the booths watching one of the clips of 2 guys fucking. I thought I heard a voice say something in my ear and looked up and pictured a face. A moment later the door to my booth opened and a guy walked into the booth with me. It was his face that I had pictured just before the door opened. We started touching each other and finally I reached out and unzipped him and took out his dick. This was only the second time I had touched another man's dick, but this one was awake and reacted much quicker than my passed out buddies had. By now this guy, Robert, had my dick out as well and he whispered to me, asking if I wanted to come home with him.

I said, "Yes, but I have a confession to make. I am a virgin."

Instead of running away, this seemed to cinch the deal. I followed him out and to our cars. His apartment was only a block away so I didn't have time to chicken out. He understood my nervousness and did his best to calm me down and make the evening’s events as sensual as possible, starting with smoking a joint and then taking a shower together. The warm water of the shower was soothing and the idea of finally having a naked body to explore, one that didn't mind my curiosity, became stimulating. My first real kiss was standing naked in a shower. I finally got to feel what a hard dick felt like in my mouth and how it tasted. I also found out what it felt like to have someone’s warm moist mouth suck my dick. Before we ran out of hot water or got waterlogged, we got out of the shower and dried off.

We went to the bed and started kissing again. He laid back and let me lick and suck him all over, taking breaks while he returned the favors. When we ended up in a 69 he started playing with my asshole. It felt good and he soon had a couple of lubed fingers inside me. It felt good enough that when he asked if I wanted to try getting fucked and I agreed. He went slow and although not as pleasant as everything else that we did, it was enjoyable. After he shot his load inside my ass we rested for a few minutes and then he said it was my turn.

He gave me the choice of fucking him or a blow job. I took the blow job, and I wasn't sorry I did. There is probably no need to describe the first time that someone sucks the cum out of you and the feeling that they are about to suck your balls out as well. After I had cum we cuddled up and fell asleep. The next morning was my other sleeping first. In my sleep I had scooted down in the bed and had gotten myself under the sheets. Later Robert told me he thought I was wide awake and knew what I was doing. I found out something that morning, when you wake up and you have your tongue buried about 3 inches in another guy’s ass, it's probably NOT just a phase, you really are gay. I woke up because he was moaning and talking to me, telling me how good it felt.

Slowly I realized where I was, what we had done the night before, and what I was doing. When I finally stopped, I asked him how this had started. He realized before I did that I had initiated all of our morning activities without being awake. When he stopped laughing he filled me in on the joke.

To close the story, Robert and I stayed fuck buddies for the next few years. I was at his wedding a couple of years later and as a matter of fact, he and I christened the new apartment he would be sharing with his bride before she did.

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