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Out of Control by icum2serve

Jesse saw the pickup in the ditch from a half mile away.

"The dumb fuck." Jesse said under his breath.

Kevin Woodard stood outside his truck in the blowing snow, hands in his pockets, shivering, broken down old cowboy hat in place. Jesse pulled his wrecker up past and then backed in to get at the rear end of the truck. Kevin waved and Jesse gave him a short strained smile and went about his business.

Kevin was a good looking kid, always had some new chick in his truck on Saturday night. Six foot one, dark hair, already sporting a winter beard. Jesse had seen the kid around for years; nicebody. Did sports something or another in high school was in the papers but Jesse couldn't really remember for sure? Chain around the axle Jessie headed up from to see if the brake was off and there he saw it, a half empty bottle of Jim Beam, the cab reeked of alcohol. Five minutes later Jesse had Kevin's truck out of the ditch.

"Kevin smiled, "Cool, thank you man so how much do I owe you?"

Jesse looked him up and down. "You're in no position to be driving anything. You're drunk off your ass, spinning cookies in the snow. You're gonna get your ass in the cab of my wrecker, and I'm gonna drag this thing back to your house and you'll feel fucking lucky that I don't call the cops on you for a DUI!"

"Look man, I ain't drunk and I got places to be, Susie Ann…" Kevin nodding closer, "…wants my dick, you know what I mean man."

Jesse, bearded, five foot seven, glared right back at him, "Well fuckin Susie Ann is gonna have to use her fingers tonight cause you ain't drivin' nowhere. You're out of control!"

At that moment, Jesse's scanner went off, crackling through the open window "Deputy Farrnsworth to base."

Concern crossed Kevin's face, "OK, OK." And headed up to the cab, securing Kevin's truck with lights and signals he turned to see Kevin opening the door of the hoisted pickup. Kevin smiled, grabbed the bottle of JB, "Guess that means I can have another drink."

Jesse shook his head. First thing Jesse noticed in the cab was the bottle of JB on the floorboard empty now. "Fuckin drunk." He spouted at Kevin, who was already passed out in the seat.

The ride out to Kevin's family's farm was quiet; the snow letup although it was cold out. Two dogs came out to meet the wrecker as he pulled in their driveway. Four inches of snow made seeing the ground a little difficult. Jesse slapped Kevin on the thigh. "Wake up man. We're here, where do you want me to park this thing of yours?"

Kevin lay against door, grunted slightly and turned over on his side, his butt pushed out, a tight seam of denim running deep into crevasse of his Wranglers. Jesse looked at it and felt his dick thicken a little. Thinking better of it Jesse patted him on the thigh again, "Hey fucker wake up you're home."

Again Kevin stirred but didn't wake. Ten fifteen at night, Jesse looked at the ass again, "What the fuck…" he said aloud and grabbed the boy's right butt cheek firmly. Kevin grunted in his drunken sleep, and his butt twitched, the sphincter obviously tightening and then relaxing."Well this ain't getting that piece of shit off my hook." Jesse said to the sleeping Kevin and putting the truck in gear, he positioned it and the pickup over by the barn.

In ten minutes, the pickup was down and parked and the problem of what to do with Kevin resurfaced. Jesse went over to the passenger side of the wrecker and slowly opened thedoor. Kevin slumped out of his seat and Jesse caught him and then slapped his face twice, hard. This was sufficient to get Kevin awake enough to at least stand on two feet even if he needed help to stay up on them. Leading his charge up the slope to the house, he knocked at the door. Nobody answered. Jesse knocked again.

At his side, Kevin giggled, "Knock again," he slurred, "knock all you want they're down in River city all weekend."

Jesse tested the knob finding it unlocked. It was nice old farmhouse, turn of the century. Jesse steered Kevin right to the couch in the living room. Kevin was out cold again.

Jesse slapped him, "I want my money, you owe me 40.00 bucks for the tow.

Kevin was started snoring. Jesse started to slap him again and then thought better of it and turned shaking his head in disgust. Looking down at him Jesse saw Kevin's wallet was in his backpocket.

"It's not like stealing," he thought to himself.

Jesse laid his hand on the wallet to see if Kevin would wake. Growing bolder he reached in and pulled the wallet out. Digging through ithe found $75.00, took his forty and put the rest back with a signed receipt. He turned to put it back and found that butt pushed out at him again. Jesse looked up at Kevin's face.

He was so cute, and so drunk."You'll sleep better without all the clothes…"Jesse mumbled lightly and reached around undoing the belt and zipper of Kevin's pants. Jesse paused checking to see if Kevin was aware of what was going on. Jesse started sweating as he eased his hand in to have a feel of the straight boy's equipment. The boy was cut and already half hard. Jesse stepped back and looked the boy up and down again. Realizing the boy's boots would be a problem, he tackled them next. Kevin pulled and struggled with each boot but didn't seem to really waken over their departure. Jesse grabbed the jeans at both hips and pulled them and the white jockeys down to the knees. Kevin's ass was beautiful, tow firm round masses of meat with a crack centered in one spot with curls of black hair. Kevin moaned in his sleep and arched his back pushing his ass out invitingly.

Jesse had his dick out of his pants looking at the boy, "You do that like ac unt in heat," Jesse said aloud, stroking himself.

Jesse looked at the sleeping boy's face, back to his ass and then parting the cheeks he knelt down and spit on the boy's asshole. Then positioning his dick at the entrance to the drunken boy's ass, he plunged his shaft in one stroke! Jesse felt the boy's body go rigid beneath him. Kevin's breathing picking up its pace. Jesse held his dick in place, barely breathing himself. The boys ass was so tight, it was squeezing so hard to push the violator out.

"Man, don't…" Kevin mumbled his hand fumbling drunkenly at Jesse's side trying to push him out.

Finally he passed out again, Jesse held the boy, his dick deep for a couple more minutes until Kevin relaxed and then he began to piston the boy's ass. Slam fucking, Kevin started moaning with each impact.

Jesse felt himself reaching his peak. . "Fucking smart ass punk," Jesse said as he toppled over the edge……and buried his dick as deep as he could into Kevin's ass.

At that moment Kevin's 17-year-old brother Jeff, and three of his friends walked through the door . .

Part 2

Jesse grunted and sat back on his knees, his dick popping.

At that moment, Greg, a tall and gangly exclaimed, "Your brother's a fag!" and started pointing and laughing at Jeff.

Jesse finally noticed the boys, scratched a nipple looking at them, "You boys shut the fuck up, you don't know what you're talking about. Kevin here tried to screw Jesse on the tow bill, and just so as you kids know nobody screws with Jesse!" Jesse stood up, his dick slowly shrinking, and started dressing, "…cause I'll screw you right back."

Coat and ball cap back on, Jesse paused in front of Jeff, "Your brother was drunk driving in the first place that's why I had to go tow him out'a some ditch. I don't know how your folks administer punishment but he needs his ass straightened out."

With that parting comment, Jesse headed out thedoor. The four boys just stood there speechless. Finally, they all looked over at Kevin. Still passed out, his ass up in the air, the hole still wideopen. As the boys watched a trail of white cum rolled out of Kevens asshole.Greg again broke the silence, "Your brothers a real asshole. What to be out there drunk driving and all."

There was a nervous tension among the four. Vincent kinda edged towards the shadows and the door. "This is kinda weird guys?"

Steve over on the left, blond, muscular, "That's your big brother man, ain't you ashamed of him, look at that he's a cunt." Steve pointed toward Kevin's ass.

Suddenly Jeff's face got serious, "Fucker should feel lucky its only us and not Dad.

"Steve, Greg…"Jeff directed, "grab his arms and pull him over the arm of the sofa here.

Slowly, Jeff removed his belt and eyed his big brothers ass. Smack! Kevin's whole body flinched. Jeff tossed the belt back over his shoulder and brought back around as hard as he could. Kevin , flinched and moaned something loud but incoherent, rolled a little and two hands appeared trying to protect his butt.

Greg cupped his crotch, "I still think you brothers a fag man..but even if he ain't we've all seen it, he's been assfucked. Every time I see him out there driving with some chick I'm gonna think of this moment."

Kevin laid the belt down and looked at his brother's ass, two red welts raising on the upper cheek. Jeff turned to his friends, "You guys are my friends, I know each of you'ddo anything for me, well tonight Jeff has to ask you guys a favor. What we've just seen can't be repeated outside this room. My Daddy would disown the boy and Mamma, well Mama, she'd be seeing his soul blazing in hell from here to doomsday." Looking each of the others in the eye, "A pact, you guys protect my reputation, my families reputation."

Jeff looked down at his feet, "I'm sorry to have to ask you guys this, Steve and I go back to kindergarten." Steve, Greg, and Vince got real solemn.

Steve spoke up, "Course you know you can count on us man. I think we need to cement this pact with a little ceremony and make this fucker pay for putting us in this mess..."

Jeff spoke the words first "Let's fuck him."

The three others boys all sighed audibly and the sounds of belts and zippers filled the room."I'm gonna fuck him first…" Jeff said, "He's such a fucking asshole, always has been." Dropping his jeans Jeff's seven-inch stuck straight up in his jockeys. "Each of us is gonna fuck his ass that way he pays the price for us having to keep his pussy secret."

Jeff spit on his dick and eased it into his big brother's ass. With a look of bliss on Jeff's face the other three crowded around. "He's so fucking tight!" Jeff was moaning.

Kevin turned a little, tried to reposition his body a little but Jeff just jabbed him with his dick deeply and Kevin finally laid over, obviously out of it again. Jeff started humping his brother's ass. The fucking started raising his dander, "You stupid fucking drunk dumb ass of a brother…" he said as he humped his ass faster,"Fucking drunk driving , pussy ass little faggot, how dare you embarrass me…." Jeff screamed and flooded his brother's cunt. Jeff held the position for some thirty seconds, his shaft buried deep, and then finally rolled over on his side on the carpet.

"Next…" Jeff said listlessly.

Greg walked over and fingered Kevin's ass out, "Hey man, you're brother here's a three-finger cunt." Jeff's boner was tall and thin like him. All the boys were stroking their dicks as Greg buried his in Kevin's sleeping ass and humped a few times and in a space of ten seconds it was over.

Jeff watched his friend pull his dripping dick from his brother's ass."That was fucking quick, what's the matter was that your first fuck?"Greg blushed deeply.

"Fuck you!""NO, but you can fuck my brother again if you want."

Vinny started humping Kevin while the two talked. Jeff was distracted when Vinnie's muscular ass with a trail of black hair started flexing in and out as Vinnie fucked his brother. Steve stroked his dick. It had a blond, milky white skin and a pink dick-head. Steve reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom. Smiling at the other three"I don't know where your brother's pussy has been?" Slipping it on he mounted the gaping hole. Riding him, Steve turned to the other 3, "Betcha' when he wakes up he still thinks he's straight."

The other three smiled and watched Steve ride Kevin. As Steve ejaculated into the condom, Greg turned to Jeff and said, "You know your brother's a fag now."Jeff,

"Yeah, I know." Lighting a cigarette, Jeff just stared into space.

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